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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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we cover major global offense, but our passion lies in making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like how this find libya, men beside region, and so many other we go to them, you make the efforts, we care with state. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, this is in use our on al jazeera, fully back to go live in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. ukraine's military says more than 20000 russian soldiers have been killed in the conflict. we go inside a ukrainian military field hospital, why russia intensifies its assault in the east. also this our, the u. k. and india agreed to step up defense in economic corporation,
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part of western efforts to move new delhi away from its dependence on russia. and israel forces fire rubber bullets that palestinians inside the ox, a moss compound, injuring 31 people and on piece similar to the sports news. the memphis grizzlies pull off one of the greatest comeback winds in india, play of history. while the golden state warriors cruise to another when so you have 3, you know, league in their series against the denver nuggets. thank you for joining us. we begin with ukraine and the 2nd phase of russia's military offensive in the east rushes army says it plans to take full control of the dumbass reaching. let's go straight to dos, jibari who's in moscow forest. what more can you tell us about this latest operation in the east and what is the objective? well, we've just been hearing from the actor commander of that,
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russia's central military units. and he was an event where he said that the as 2nd phase of russia. so called special military operation began 2 days ago. and that's their main task of the russian army is to establish full control of the dumbass region as well as areas in eastern ukraine. and that is because they would like to establish a land corridor between at the eastern part of ukraine and a crimea, which russia annexed in 2014. now, this is the 1st time we've heard any official acknowledging the fact that this land corridor is what they really want to achieve as a result of this so called special military operation, which they launched on february 24th. we are now on day 58 of this assault, and the russians have been saying that they are moving into this 2nd phase, which will focus at their troops in the eastern part of ukraine. and we now
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understand why that is the 1st phase of course, included a focus on the city of mary, a poll, which the ukrainians claiming, has not fallen. but that's not what the russians are saying. no, as there was an announcement by as the country's defense minister and later on on thursday, the u. s. officials in the state department said that they believe the russian claims to be misinformation about the fact that they are now in control of the port city of variable except that area in the as of sol, plant area of the city at the speaker of the kremlin ed dmitri past coff has just been asked about the u. s. comments, and he said that there are information about the accusations are meeting against the russian claims is also this information. so it's the same back and forth. were getting from the americans and the russians about who is actually dead telling the
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truth or their version as they understand it. now, as i said on thursday, the country's defense minister made the announcement a to the commander in chief of the armed forces, or that is the president vladimir putin. let's take a look at how the day unfold it. this is what victory looks like for the russian military, nearly 2 months into moscow's so called special military operation. and its defense minister is now declaring his 1st major successor of the armed forces. so the russian federation and the peoples michelle danielle peoples republic heavily berated maribelle. the remnants of the formation of nationalists took refuge in industrials on of those old style plant. the as of cell plant remains the last stronghold for ukrainian troops in mario pole who have refused to surrender. officials believe there are nearly 2000 ukrainian fighters hold up in and around the steel plant. for days,
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russian officials have been saying they are willing to allow sporadic ceasefire periods to let them surrender, or they would have to storm to plant. now, the commander in chief of russia's armed forces has other ideas, bigler group. i consider the proposed storming of the industrial area, pointless. i order to aborted. this is the case when we must think that is we must always think, but even more so in this case, about preserving the life and health of our soldiers and offices. there's no need to climb into these catacombs and crawl under ground through these industrial facilities block off this industrial area so that not even a fly comes through. but i'm leaving tomorrow, shuffling dormer. i know they captured most of mary paul a long time ago. we are very well aware of that, but as a part of the city where our service men remain, might have, they will stay there for now. the whole bloom, this once thriving port city was home to more than 400000 people. now,
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fewer than $50000.00 are left unable to escape the fighting. as vladimir putin was being told of victory in mary opal, russian back separatists fighters of daniel and our school was back in session for the 1st time since the invasion on february 24th. according to the don, yet sc people's republic, 721 children are going to school and marry a book under its supervision. the separatist say moscow has sent school books for these children, including text books on the russian language and russian history. you are children, neglect, to be alive, to communicate with each other. they respect to elders, some of them of the teachers, their school directors, from previous schools, posters, reading for homeland, for russians, for don bass, all in russian cover the walls in the schools. an indication of what's likely to come as russian officials say it is now safe for residence to return home russian
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forces entered mary opal on march 11th. now, 42 days later they have claimed victory. but at what cause, it's not clear if any one will return to this ruined area to live under russian occupation, or who will be expected to rebuild a city which now lays in ruins. doors of jibari al jazeera, moscow. all the united nations as confirmed they have been unlawful killings of civilians in the ukrainian town of boucher. it says that may amount to war crimes hold. abdul hamid joins is now live from butcher on the news hour. hold on. what more can you tell us about what the u. n has uncovered in butcher? well, actually i can say that we've been speaking all day early with the prosecutors. we're investigating these alleged war crimes. we've also been speaking to the
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police has been digging out and exuding bodies ever since the russians pulled out more than 2 weeks ago. and what the u. n is saying goes very much along the lines of what we have been hearing. we've been hearing that they have found several bodies, for example, in the basement of a summer camp dead and men who were executed point black with their hands tied behind their back. we've also been told that they and they showed us pictures quite gruesome pictures of men who had been executed and then burned to their bodies completely charred that were found in another basement. and then there's also we so some pictures of another 8 men who were also is tied up and executed on this cheese. so certainly the team we were talking to said that they alone had found 18 bodies. now we here at the morgue. and since this morning, really just had to see families coming to try to figure out where they loved ones.
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we were speaking earlier to a young lady and she said that her husband had to stay behind because men of fighting age weren't, are not allowed to leave ukraine at the moment. and then as her neighbors told her, well, when he was going out of his house, going to the basement of his has to get some stuff. he was as shot point blank in the back. and then he was buried by the neighbors in their garden. now she is waiting for his body. many stories like this. i think the full scope really of what happened not only here in boucher but in nearby it been for the north in bora, junker is still not completely uncovered at the at this moment really use. i have these sucks that keep on arriving with body bags one after the other, and people sitting here, women waiting anxiously to figure out where are their loved ones,
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mostly men that had to stay behind some terrible stories and sad ones. indeed, i meanwhile harder ukraine is saying that 21000 russian soldiers have been killed since the start of the war. how credible this is? well to, to new ukraine has been giving since the beginning of the war, these numbers of as to how many russian soldiers were killed or wounded since it all began on the 24th of february. no one could imagine that maybe those numbers are a bit higher than they, they what they really are. what i can tell you is that yesterday we were speaking to another investigating team in hostile mail, which is not very far from here. and they were saying that they were still russian body is the russian soldiers, bodies that were laying around that they were, they had to also find a way to get to be, to take them away, especially in the field surrounding the cities. now it's possible that ukraine is
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giving a higher number. this is the, this is war time. so you can hear that kind of clustering happening is quite normal . but what we, what we can say, and what we have seen is definitely the russians have had a very hard time, especially in this area, especially when they had, if you remember that very long convoy waiting for weeks trying to advance stewards cave and they were sitting there in some areas like shooting ducks and they were attacked from the side many a time, but you by ukrainian forces. so the number of russian losses is high. is it as high as what do you clean and says that say that's difficult to figure out at this stage . obviously, most go is giving completely different figures much, much, much lower, figured it hasn't responded yet to this latest claim and to this latest figure. but certainly, it has been a very difficult war for the russian army. thank you for that means reporting their
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life from not far from ukraine's capital while house workers in eastern ukraine say, russia is deliberately targeting hospitals. the gradient, how ukrainian health ministry says at least 36 hospitals have been hit by shells close to the front line. soldiers are being treated in field. hospitals with locations are being kept secret to protect them. i'll just aris child stratford visited one such field hospital in easton ukraine, and he told us what he thought. incredible scenes overnight at as you say, this military field hospital, the shared dedication and professionalism of the medics. many of them volunteers working there, taking in ukrainian soldiers with a shrapnel wounds, bullet wounds, many suffering shell, shatka. we saw one man who were potentially was gonna have to have both, his legs amputated, the maddox. they're saying that her hospitals are being targeted in these areas
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where russia has been shelling russians are they say targeting hospitals. this is consistent with what the ministry of health said. yes, the last week saying that at least 36 ukrainian hospitals had been hit by russian shells. suddenly we saw video evidence given to us by a soldier in this field hospital of the hospital in the town that he had been evacuated from having been wounded. that hospital having been completely destroyed, am speaking to other medics. it was incredible. one man said that to him he had been trained as a medic. he'd had decades of experience operating in other conflicts. i will be kosovo, syria, iraq. he said he been trained to save lives, but he said that he was so angry by what russia has done here. russia, he said, was turning him potentially into a murderer. because he now was that determined to defend his country.
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india's prime minister says is discussed the urgent need for a ceasefire in ukraine with britain's voice johnson and the prime minister of the you case on a 2 day visit to india to announce new defense deals and free trade plans, fitness, encouraging the indians to loose in economic and defense links to moscow near the chocolate m as high yield on it, but it be so we have agreed to increase our co operation in the defense sector. we welcome the u. k. support for a self reliant india in all sectors. manufacturing, technology, design and development up my i'm new catherine met. we emphasize the need for an immediate cease fire in crane and the use of dialogue and diplomacy for resolving issues. dialogue we reiterated the importance of respect for the regional integrity and sovereignty of all nation is funky chip 3. what we're doing is taking forward an ambitious 10 year road map, but british indian relations that we agreed last year was great to see you at the g
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7 a. but, oh, since then, the threats of, of autocratic coercion have grown even further. and it's that full vital that we deepen our cooperation. so today we've agreed a new and expanded defense and security partnership, a decades long commitment that will not only forge tighter bonds between us, but support your go and the render of make in india. or let's speak to brahman celine about this is a professor of strategic studies at the center for policy research. and a former member of indian national security advisory board is joining us from new delhi. thank you very much, mr. chil. any for being with us, our knowledge is here. so boys johnson and the ranger morty, today, agreeing to corporate more. but when he comes to ukraine, they have very divergent perspectives. india, we know as refutes, refused to condemn the russian invasion. just how difficult is it for johnson and
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the west in general to convince the render mowdy to drop its neutral, san for, and reduce its reliance on russian arms in the west, in russia, ukraine. it's a, remember that much of the non listing as taking a dependent on neutral stance. in fact, all the leading non western democracies from south africa and brazil to mexico and indonesia have taken a neutral scan. so gravity is not unique, but i think the western particular bully and the us are seeing depression to, to take sides because india was the largest democracy and india. he undermines the us narrative that a mock procedure was a talk prosy,
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shrugging that ukraine symbolizes. but one other point that it's often missed out in the west and they're based on ukraine and russia. is that in current key faces. and so the question china has been reaching border aggression against india and no west leader has condemned the chinese water aggression. or even the asked to pull by the large gun was deployed against india. so india is focused on combining its own aggression. it is not willing to take sides in a conflict in which india has no sticks directly, but they have been infected by the fallout from that, you're great because it is affecting the economy that's contributing to inflation and too high energy and prices. but other alternative,
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alternative options that the u. k and other western nations could offer india in terms of defense and energy because this is their main concern, isn't it? that india is getting arm surprise from the russians? what can they offer india today to, to make it change? it stands perhaps so barbara johnson is, and god, security as it is part of that listen effort to get in to reduce its reliance on russia, especially for weapons. for example, in this broad security agreement that johnson signing with the government, the government is going to scream, i'm a licensing rules for exporting military. you're going to india. it will also be willing to corporate use weapon systems within there. these are all long term initiatives. it'll take years to rectify and in any case has been
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diversifying it's when it was over the past 2 decades. for example, india is major, major sellers of weapons today, the us trans and those for russia to maintain important supply of weapons, india. but in terms of, of you have been purchases. the us has overtaken russia in the last 3 years at the number one set up in india. as you talk, i mentioned earlier, china is a key concern for india and it would seem that china is one thing that the u. k. and india. agree on what sort of corporation do you see them having on that? and you know, in terms of boosting, you know, security corporation in the india in the pacific region. i think johnson focused on pretty playing a big role in the, in the pacific. india is
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a member of the quad, along with the us, japan and australia, and was trying to ensure, quote, unquote, if free and open into pacific, which essentially means serving as a work case, chinese expansionism. it's not very clear as to how present them contribution to ensuring a free and open ended. attorney johnson once went into play a big role and then took the subject. and then your role comes in in larger role britain and then the pacific, including and they can also reach them. thank you so much for talking to us about this. thank you for your inside brom celine professor of strategic studies at the center for policy research in new delhi. thus, morehead on this news, our including will be live on the campaign trail in france as both presidential
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candidates prepare for sundays crucial runoff. and, and look back at the life of kenya's former president y k baki who's died at the age of 90 and sort of very casual catch minus baseball fan in california. that's coming up with peter. ah, let's turn our attention to our the world use and he's really forces of again fired rubber bullets said palestinian. said the alex from mos compound in occupied east jerusalem. ah and he's 31. people have been injured including 3 journalists and one paramedic. 2 people are in serious condition, is really police, say stones, and fireworks were thrown towards them and the western war, there's been more than a week of height intentions in the area, incursions by jewish alternation. his group sparked the recent unrest. life to
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stephanie decker was in occupied east jerusalem for his tell us about the situation today. at the alex mos compound friday prayers, i think address ending were about to end. how tense or things ah, absolutely which is why is completely empty behind me. we're at damascus gate and it's, it's not tense. i have to say from one what we've been observing here over the last couple of hours. i think probably pretty much tens of thousands of worshippers making their way streaming in their we're backlog to numbers that we haven't seen in a very long time. there are no restrictions in place, said is really police have court and off the roads around this area, which they usually do. interestingly, they did tell the ultra orthodox jews who often use this gate as well to enter the old city. not to use it today, but certainly the numbers, the biggest, very much business as usual. so i, you know, over the last week or so i won't, if we see this escalation of tension at the moment, certainly a things
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a very common, as you mentioned, you know, the, the, the turing, the access given to these far right wing jewish groups is really what has been in flaming provoking palestinians who say that this is an attempt, many will tell you that it already has changed the status quo, which is that muslims can worship on the site. a non muslims can visit and you have these a far right wing groups that are calling for the right to worship that are trying to pray on the site and they're protected by forces when they access the site for a couple of hours for a few days. a week so this is rudy. what is contentious but at the moment funny until the end of ramadan for the next 10 days, those visits will no longer be allowed to happen. this is procedural, but at the same time, it is hoped that there's been a lot of diplomatic efforts behind the scenes as well as to try and de escalate the tension. because certainly when it comes to the alex the most compound, it is very much a red line. stephanie, thank you for that. stephanie deca reporting there live from occupied east jerusalem to france now where the 2 presidential contenders are meeting voters on
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the last day of campaigning ahead of sundays. run off. mary lou, ben is in italy in northern france. she faces incumbent emanuel mac or in the final round in what is expected to be a tight race lives. natasha butler, whose falling main le pen on the campaign trail in a tap in northern france. so how is the far right, kansas spending a last day of campaigning for the fall, right. a candidate marina pen has been walking around this while the picturesque food market behind me here in it tablets, a small fishing town on the northern french coast. she's been talking to people about some of their concerns in this election. this is a 2nd day in the north of france. it is a part of the country where support for her is high, where she is popular and that is why she has come here for the last day of campaigning in this election because she wants the images that are going to be seen
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around france of her to be positive, she wants to be seen to be surrounded by people who are very likely to vote for her . in fact, a short time ago though, people just behind me who were campaigning for her rival in this rate, the race, the encompass century sta. emmanuel mike, although handing out leaflets. but they were having a very hard time listening to say that they had no intention to vote for mackerel because they feel that he hasn't done enough for them during the past 5 years. if that is their, his presidency, that he hasn't looked off to some of that concerns and they're big concern. he is really the cost of living people have really struggled financially. they say over the last few years, they're worried. it's only going to get worse. we've had business owners here talking to marina penn in this market about some of their problems. so this is, this is really the picture here is a place where there is high unemployment, where, because there is not much industry, there are fewer jobs. and that is why there is such a strong support. former in the pen was focused on the cost of living in this campaign, right? that's overshadowed some of the other areas of her agenda,
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but i still very much, they're anti immigrant immigration, anti islam. and what is president mccoy focusing on natasha on this last fail campaigning. what am i doing? my calls taken a very different approach, a tumor in the pen, where she has decided to go to parts of france, where she has a lot of support where she is popular. he has chosen to go to places where he has less support. he was in the northern paris a suburbs on thursday to day. he is in the southwest, the fraud summer town. cool. a few jackie will be a speaking to people lead doing a walk about these areas where there are lots of left wing votes as people who voted for the fall left a candidate in this race charlie menu on the 1st round those voters. now if you like up the grab some emmanuel michael was very much trying to target them as well as many of the people who are undecided in this, on this last a day of campaigning. he is slightly a hate in the polls. at least that's what the polls
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a suggest that could give him some confidence. but everybody in his campaign team knows his place is tight and it is far from over. natasha. thank you for that. natasha battle reporting live from a topic in northern france. still ahead on the news our a court attempts to settle a century old dispute between nicaragua and columbia over maritime borders. and we've heard of swamping seats. but what about swapping planes? said mid air he to have the sewing source fated to stay with us. ah, it's friday. here's your weather report for europe in africa. hello everyone. good to see you. so we've got some disturbed weather for italy. the western balkans weather alerts for a huge swath of italy may power up some thunderstorms here, some of which could be severe. also drenching rain croatia bosnia into albania,
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berlin, take it further toward the west right now, cause another portion of it bind sick. moisture is going to fall at snow over the higher ground. so northwest of madrid and disappointing temperature sir. lisbon, 13 and the trig as a height of 11 degrees easter mediterranean pleasant condition. so is stumble has a high of $22.00 and the sun's out. okay, look at this, a cool breeze off the north sea that's going to put a cap on temperature is monday to just 15, but high temperature is well above average for oslo 90. and i think we may actually get you up to 20. now for the top end of africa, sandstorms still seemed likely for central parts of libya. some showers in tunis with a hive 20 degrees. and over the next few days, a tropical cycle may form in the booze and be channeled either way. a lot of rain and wind for northern mozambie and a feat of some showers for these strength. kate pushing into quote zulu natal. it's dry and durbin on friday, but that will change on saturday. okay,
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i'm out of time soon. ah. as climate change heat up, the planet, one scientist intend to take his back to the i think he said the permafrost below, he's real picky thing animal to the grasslands above starting with the living creatures that planning to resurrect an extinct species. ah, could this appraise save our wealth? witness the zim of hypothesis on al jazeera, investigative journalism. my role in this fire type, the information about global experts and discussion the pandemic didn't create all of these problems. it showed us our true colors, voices from different corners. we don't need to sensationalize how we fail these stories. what journalists do best is look at the heart of the story. programs that
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open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today. oh no, just 0. lou ah, plugin you're watching the news out on al jazeera with me fully valuable. our reminder of our top stories, rushes defense minis. 3 says ukrainian troop and equipment bases are among 58 targets hit overnight. russia says it's military offensive in the east is now in its 2nd phase. it plans it phase to take full control of the dumbass region. if i minutes is of britain and india have announced plans to deepen defense and tre ties force. johnson met with an avenger moldy in new delhi as part of
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a 2 day visit. they also discussed the urgent need for a cease fire in ukraine. and is there any forces or fire rubber, bullets, and palestinians at the out on some loss? compound the latest sunrise in antibodies juice, fin 3 journalists and a paramedic are among $31.00 people injured now. former kenyon, president mikey baki, has died at the age of 19. he served from 2002 to 2013, but his re election was disputed and led to post election violence. catherine soy takes a look back at his life why cuba was inaugurated as president in 2002 after lunch light inexorably ccci. a unified opposition made it possible to defeat that. then president dangler up morning after 24 years of what was seen as moist autocratic will key back, he was in a wheelchair when he was sworn in following a car accident during the campaign. lucy suffered
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a stroke shortly after his inauguration. i am calling up board, all of you to come out. i buy a garage and he was dominant in can in politics for almost 5 decades. for 10 years from 1978. he served as vice president under moines and held various ministerial positions. but he and boy fell out and key bacchus to this presidential candidate in 1992 in 1997 losing both times and saying the elections were rigged on economies by profession as president key back, he was credited with improving their economy, introducing 3 primary education launching a new progressive constitution that allowed for devolution and expanding the countries infrastructure. he believed in these institutions and rather led institutions do their work. ah, well, there was room to delegate. it provide delegation than doing everything himself.
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and thirdly, and goodbye. k did not like chip talk. i, on the, i've been to that extent he was able to focus on what was important to the public as a whole. after a dispute at pole in 2007 wiki baki was declared winner post election violence that went on 4 months left. 1200 people that and many thousands displeased politicians from both the opposition and ruling party. what blamed for the chaos into the international mediation and upon sharing, be able to stop the fighting. that was one of the lowest moments of posting dependent kenya under his leadership. we as those who are in charge, lost on opportunity to really craft our kenya without negative ethnicity, to bring canyons together as one by the time that
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a friend um was coming between 5 referendum become 2 or so rid display, some people say the 20072008 election violence overshadowed the good key back his government did in the fast 5 years in office. others argue that he did not do enough to raining on corruption and tribalism, but mainly agreed that when it came to development democracy and they economy, he out, it boots, his predecessors in turkey, a verdict is expected after the final hearing of jails, businessman and activist osman kabbalah prosecutors say he financed the 2013 anti government protests and played a role in a coup attempt. 3 years later, corolla has been in custody since october 2017. last october. present rash had tapered on, threatened to expel him busters of 10 countries. after they criticized turkey for the trial, live to cynical seal blues outside the court house, any stumble where the tron is being her house. so a verdict is due today. give us
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a background to his case and him, and what sort of decision we can expect on osmond caballo? fully in the, in the court still hasn't decided there. then there was a half an hour, 4 to 5 minute break for the session. so they are combining it again in a couple of minutes. we have been a listening to the defendants making they late of statements because they have older the given their defenses is since in the previous trial, back in march. oh, small, come on a has been behind bars for more than 4 and a half years. and even the indictment for, for his case was prepared a one and a half years later after his arrest fully. so all international organizations and the opposition in turkey, a who will write scripts, and they are also claiming that the indictment against a spunk of allah and his coworkers are
1:36 pm
a basis of the indictment and the claims lack evidence. that's why, in 2019 the european court of human rights, it asked for his release, but the turkish court turned the thorn turned out to request stump. turkey is the european council member, and it has some commitments to abide by international law as requested by d e. c h r. european court of human rights. but turkey has accused are those international organizations for interfering? it's domestic judiciary issues. so. so we house mon koala, and his culver behind bars. some of them were acquitted in last year. there are 2 options, actually. no one expects an acquittal, as the case is seen, highly politicized by the government actually. so the prosecutor, the judge, may ask for an opinion from the prosecutor, and there can be another trial in the coming days or months. which means prolonging
1:37 pm
of the case and the continuation of the rest of the defendant. this is one scenario . and another scenario is that the court may transfer this case to the court of appeal, which is immediate body between the supreme court and the regular court. again, it's means for a longing of the case i'm gaining time. and these are the 2 options that we can expect today, but we are waiting for the final decision, the burden we have to come to you as soon as a decision come through seen him go see the live in the stumble, the former president of honduras has been extradited to the u. s. to face drug related charges on orlando mandate is a keys of helping to move cocaine across the us border for nearly 20 years. at one time us ally denies the allegations today. several has more money. my mom, he was ones at close united states ally, but has now been expedited to face drug trafficking charges in new york city. or
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when orlando, ma'am, this was being held at a special forces military base in on the west capital t. a. we see, guided by he was transferred in the middle of a massive security operation to an air force airport, where he was taken in a u. s. drug enforcement agency plane. back to the u. s. he said, used of conspiring to smuggler hundreds of tons of drugs to the united states. hernandez and his co conspirators help push 500000 kilograms of cocaine into the united states. that's 500 tons of cocaine. poison that landed in this country on our streets. and as we allege in the indictment, that's exactly what hernandez wanted. realized that during a meeting with a co conspirator, hernandez declared that he wanted. and i quote to stuff the drugs right up, the noses of the gringos at madness, says he is innocent. and that justice will prevail. sodium listen,
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if i'm innocent, i've been submitted unfairly to trial. i want to say some potent words, injustices are a threat to justice in every place. you know, i worked tirelessly with the purpose of recovering peace in honduras, and i gave all my it to my country. it is regrettable that those who turn honduras into one of the most violent countries in the world, those villains may want to be heroes. when orlando or man, this was elected president in 2014, while in office, he was considered partner of the us and was loaded for his alleged efforts to fight drug trafficking, any legal migration. his mandate ended earlier this year and was the pain 19 days after leaving office, his brother tonia man. this was sentenced to life in prison in the us and drug trafficking charges. during his brothers trial, prosecutors claimed mexican drug lloyd, what king chapel was man handed,
1:40 pm
the man this brothers, $1000000.00 for the presidential campaign. losing on do the same. corruption has infiltrated the highest level of under their fate and they need international help to clean it up. with the concentration of power we saw while hernandez was in office, weakened, all the institutions and the country now needs to repair. we need to do lots of structural reforms to improve our discovery. we have requested help from the u. n. to help us do this at a man, this expedition is the 1st time a former precedent is to be tried on drug trafficking charges in the us. many fear that the possibility of a u. s. trial will deter politicians in the region from polluting with criminal organizations ever again. that is, i will, i just, pita french authorities have put on, put out an international arrest warrant for carlos go. and he's the former chairman of car companies. nissan, renault and mitsubishi. the 68 year old,
1:41 pm
a 68 year old businessman, was arrested in japan, 3 years ago accused a fraud, gone, fled to lebanon. by hiding in a box, you saw musical equipment. he said he had no chance of a fair trial in japan. frequent attacks in the kurdish region of northern iraq have destroyed livelihoods enforced hundreds of families to flee. kurdish b k. k fighters are being hunted by turkey's armed forces across the border. as osama bin javin reports, the presence of turkish soldiers in iraqi territory is controversial. both for iraqis and the kurtz. oh, good green loves his sheep. he knows each one individually. they replaced his human friends when he and his family had to leave their home near the picked border. because of the continuing conflict between goodish speaking fighters and the turkish military lesson, we left all our possessions. the village was burned, we lost everything. we do not have all the prospects apart from these animals. the
1:42 pm
situation is not comparable to the old village. nothing. here is like a village. hundreds of families have had to move in the last few years. as you get closer to the border, clusters of abandoned homes can be seen every few miles empty villages like this mean the hook is facing its 3rd wave of displacement. for the 1st one's game during this period revolution, then there was the fight against eiffel. and now the fighting between the turkish government and the p k. k mean, more people are forced to leave their homes and moved towards the city. the northern, the whole province in iraq scottish region has 16 camps for displaced people and 5 more for migrants. and i'm more than $200.00 families were forced out. recently, the population into a hook was doubled over not, but we welcomed them. they, our is ourselves. we try not to make them feel like displace 2 immigrants living among the 30s military regularly posts videos to show tunnels and weapons. it says
1:43 pm
we're used by members of the p k. k kurdistan. workers party, a group designated as terrorists by turkey, the united states and the european union. but turkish military posts deep in erotic territory or controversial issue for the semi autonomous good region and iraq. the authorities. everyone near the border has lost family members or their own livelihoods to the conflicts. ramsey was displaced 2 decades ago, and is now having to move again. beginning here, i'm talking at a video. i've lived here all my life or houses now destroy due to the fighting, but we used to live in peace, but for more than 2 years we have not been able to reach our villages or farmer lands because of the turkish showing one. man. it's a difficult life for those who say they're caught in the middle. if fight is knock on their doors for food or shelter, they're compelled to help. but then seen as collaborators by soldiers who she may, would it is no secret that the p k. k. are present in the area, however,
1:44 pm
we hope that our lands are not taken as a better field between the 2 parties, p k, k, and turkish army. we have been living here for a long time. our livelihood is yes and we cannot pay the price for the conflict on the scenic part of northern iraq. used to be popular with tourists and was good farmland. now the sounds of bombs, sheldon bullets are heard more often than filling water and tripping birds. solomon java down to the for the iraq turkey border. nicaragua has won a territorial dispute with columbia, the international court of justice in the latest, twice the long running legal battle. judges rule that columbia violated nicaraguan maritime writes in the caribbean sea. alexander, i'm p explains from columbia capital over to please be seated after years of legal battles, the international court of justice ordered columbia to immediately cease naval and fishing activities in waters that the court ruled belong to nicaragua,
1:45 pm
by interfering with fishing and marine scientific research activities of nicaragua and flag, or nicaraguan licensed vessels and with the operations of nicaragua and naval vessels in the republic of nicaragua, exclusive economics, the republic of columbia has violated the republic of nicaragua as sovereign rights and jurisdiction in this matter. time zone after ruling is the latest in a century old dispute between the 2 countries over a number of islands in the western caribbean that are home to one of the world's largest coral reefs. nicaragua filed this case in 2013, after a previous 2012 ruling confirmed columbia sovereignty over the main islands, but reduced the expense of c belonging to columbia, giving me access to under water oil and gas deposits, as well as fishing rights. continue or a big but then colombian,
1:46 pm
president one manuel center said colombia could not agree to changing its territory or boundaries without a bilateral treaty, a treaty that has never been pursued. give us a thought, go and get it to the national. columbia is responsibility despite the court orders, columbia, the current president, the van do insist it will not allow me to limit any of what he says or columbia is rights. then we will defend colombia, hyphen track in the caribbean sea matter. there is no room for hesitation or faith . this kind of responsibility. some political observers say, consecutive colombian, governments have tried to avoid reaching a settlement, fearing the political consequences of any perceived secession of sovereignty. so the only way to put an end to this today is via a bilateral negotiation. and the decision today actually makes it quite a bit more even more difficult to continue postponing that. now it remains to be seen how the 2 countries sit down given existing tensions between the governments
1:47 pm
of nicaragua and columbia. columbia said it will not negotiate with the government, it considers that dictatorship, but the court's ruling are final and legally binding, which might force them to do so potentially bringing to an end that this longstanding dispute. allison that i'm 50 al jesse. i believe that it is earth day, the world wide event celebrating our planets. biodiversity, which highlights ways to protect it. many say the need to act now is greater than ever because of climate change and ada damage to our home. his environment, dad is in the clock. planet, earth dad's home, and as they say, there is no planet b and time is running out to protect it. here's why. this is the man alert observatory in hawaii, whether be monitoring global carbon dioxide levels for more than 60 years. and when they started back in 1958, scientists recorded c o 2 levels of 316 parts per 1000000. this month,
1:48 pm
the light is a top $420.00 parts per 1000000, and that's never been seen before in all human history. and the science is now undisputed fossil fuel emissions are to blame mankind. it's responsible pushing temperatures outwards, and increasing the number of extreme weather events from deadly heat waves and droughts to catastrophic floods, such as these in the past week in south africa, which killed more than 440 people. and the call for action is growing. we need to increase our investment employment adaptation measures to better safeguard communities. is the effects of climate change and the, the most recent united national reports that there must be rapid deep, i'm immediate cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. but the question is, will the world i, what the you and she fantastic a terrorist called a code read for humanity. a protest as dress says animals in trees have rally that
1:49 pm
international monetary fund headquarters. the urging executives in the u. s. capital to push governments invest in nature and long term environmental sustainability. the i m f, has announced new funding to help countries address climate change. protests organizers say the initiative will fail unless by diversity is included in the funding criteria. still ahead on al jazeera, some stunning action from the n b r, and one of the biggest, come back to the level has hung up next with he to mm
1:50 pm
mm mm. mm pool lou ah,
1:51 pm
support his peter ali. thank you very much. we'll start with the n b a playoffs where we've seen the golden state warriors take control in their series against the denver nuggets. the dallas mavericks hold of the utah jazz and the memphis grizzlies pull up one of the biggest ever come backs in india history. david stokes rounds up the action. laura, the memphis grizzlies were away from home and 26 points down against the minnesota to boobs. burners walk for they produce the 3rd largest playoff. come back in the modern era to win game 3 kicked to the outside trade. yes sir, that's been played lead to way with 26 and there was a triple double pajama rent the grizzlies one by knowing to take a to one lead in the series. the message was, you know, just continue to fight waterbaugh and we all know, you know, the game is, you know, never over to you know, 0 on the clock at the air. so i'll pretty much miss a message and just stand again. greg, i'm over in salt lake city. there was some stunning place by the utah jazz widigar
1:52 pm
bear and donovan mitchell really getting the crowd going but it wasn't enough against the dallas mavericks who came up with some magic of their own regular things. devi dallas had 7 if their players record scores in the double digits, making up the absence of an engine style. you could don't judge who's out with a cough strain. they want a 126 to 118 mother and lead their series to one. i mean, everything we do, everything we don't do is basic, comes back to just our to machine accountability and i'm making sure that now we're on the same page. raw cooking, we're all talking, the communicative piece. i'm just making sure all is on the same page. no matter what we're doing, ski mize or anything, just make sure on the same page for the golden state warriors cruise to another
1:53 pm
victory. i've been nuggets in denver, t i. steph curry and children who bought school 27 point one in clay. thompson chipped him 26 seconds. the warriors take a commanding 3. nothing lead in the series. oh, what a play by oh, we knew that there or come i would approach in the 2nd half and as they did. and then how we're going to respond. wow. and prouder where everybody played competed, you going to an a poser change build, and you can shut their crowd up. oh, it doesn't get much better than that. there is no brochure. oh, nuggets have lost 7 straight playoff game stating back to last season, only to win on sunday to stop the warriors closing out the series of david stokes out his era leaders, tennis world number whenever talk of it you through to the semi final to his home tournament this rubia open jock of it was up against countrymen, the meal made catch men of ich,
1:54 pm
in the quarter's despite dropping the 1st set in belgrade. he came back to win 466363. in the semi finals he were faced russians according kutrovitch i well, i'm very pleased that i'm not going to play a serbian blue. you know, it's going to be nice for a change because it's a very strange feeling, you know, sharing the court with your compatriots. obviously the crowd was a phenomenal for, for both players. also in my yes, that is mentioned today and they are very rare occasions when i'm able to play at home and experienced the sadness or so i'm trying to enjoy every single morning. so football and spanish giants barcelona back to winning ways. thanks to striker pierre america. obama young chevy side. that the best of late, the crash out of the rosalie last week. and then last to cut the, the on monday in the league. bats and obama young girl was enough to give them
1:55 pm
a one know when the rail saucier bad on thursday, results, new thing into 2nd in league erickson. hark, says he's excited about the challenge of taking over at manchester, united and restoring them to their former glory. the dutchman who is currently in charge of i x will be the 5th manager since alex ferguson retired and united have not won the premier league since then and are currently on a 5 year run without a trophy. i think he's brilliant. i think he's fantastic anne tratta progressive manager, something that the club really needs am. hopefully it'll be star avenue where i could be the new ferguson what, what is the new the league? he's got a petty gray. well respected just absolutely over the me mates couldn't be happy. i would doubt it very much on a given time. i think the funds are more realistic now. we know that we're for side . so i think the funds will given which i am anyway. i read the board whether or
1:56 pm
not we're the only man will us and other matters. it was to say, friday's free practice is currently being held up by rain ahead of the 4th round and formally one will championship. the drivers are at emily in san marina. if will be emilio romania, grant free ferrari's shawl. mcclay is the current champ job leader. already with a 34 point lead of a george russell of mercedes. as i said, it's been a wet, starts for the weekend with more rain predicted for the next few days. kind of unpredictable looking at the weather forecast and i've been looking the last few days, gives tenzing sometimes raining on for on, on a day and on the other. and then it's sending the the next day. so i'm just, i'll cl, opened the curtains every morning and see what we get. we've got a few eye catching sporting moments to bring it out starting with gulf. this was scotlands broad mcintyre taking a t shots at the zurich classic pga tournament in new orleans. you probably priced
1:57 pm
women as left the club and was happy with revolts as it went straight in for a home in one switching to major league baseball in california, baltimore, re all the anthony sent and then it a foul bo check out this very casual. katherine and at least expanding the stand up and make it even more impressive result in the child. never move what it was so suddenly was so suddenly. but if you thought he had a cool head, how about these 2 american pilots who were attempting to swap planes in mid a look? akins and andy farrington, who are cousins, have been training over southern california for weeks. a plan to intentionally nosedive the aircraft. then simultaneously jump from one to the other before taking the controls and landing safely, all in under one minute. and while plummeting 140 miles per hour, the attempt to set to take place on sunday over the arizona desert. that's all we'll leave it for now. i'll be here again with most full slater polly. peter,
1:58 pm
thank you very much. that's it for his niece. our to stay with his diary navigator has more the days to his next on october. ah, ah, upon with the climate has changed every year for millions of years, decades of talk. but little action is all about distract, create confusion to crate, smoke and mirrors. the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically so furtive, the oral industry was a main bank roller or opposition back to campaign against the climate. do you think
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that's a bad thing, more you to and that was, here's a good thing. absolutely. on august eve use from al jazeera on the go and me tonight, out is there is only a mobile app. is that the, this is where we dissects analyze. i got to find what thing and i guess going from algy, there is mobile app available in your favorite app store. just set for it and tap them out. and you up from out there. i mean at your fingertips. are trying to m u. s. re balking their way to war in the struggle over ukraine. here's the test for president joe biden, with proven, is really trying to do is rewrite the security architecture in europe. it's your personal united states. you, sir, if you go to walking through gum at the same time, you're weekly, take on us politics and beside me, that's the bottom line. ah,
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al jazeera, when ever you o . ukraine's military says more than 20000 russian soldiers have been killed in the conflict. ah, for watering al jazeera life from headquarters in delphi and dirty navigator, also a heads. we go inside a ukrainian military field hospital. well russia intensifies its are sold, and the east is really forces fire rubber, bullets of palestinians inside they occupied an ox on last.


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