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was eating eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al jazeera. ah, russia says it's war ambitions extend beyond on best to include southern ukraine, keith corset, imperialist. ah, 11 o'clock, this is al jazeera life from there. ha. also coming up. the un confirms the unlawful killing of civilians in the ukrainian town of boucher. it says it may amount to war crimes. it is a loss to have campaigning for. the 2 presidential contenders in france will be reporting from both camps 850000 people at 10 friday prayers at the isle acts of mosque. after days of tensions, including a
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russian general has told state meteor of plans to seize all of southern and eastern ukraine, but so far wide, a military aim than acknowledged so far in the war. rusty minnie cave is so quoted with plans to seize don bass and link it with crimea, which was annexed by russian forces in 2014, and then capture the entire south of ukraine's. you connect russia to trans nice through that c breakaway region. internationally recognized as part of moldova, a rush already has hundreds of troops, sir. when he cranes, defense ministry responded on twitter saying they stopped hiding it. and that russia had acknowledged that the goal of the 2nd phase of the war is not victory over the mythical nazis, but simply the occupation of easton and southern ukraine. imperialism, as it is also jabbar, is in moscow, and has more on the next phase of russia's military operation. well, according to the acton commander of the countries central,
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a military units at the task of the 2nd phase of this so called special military operation, is to secure the areas in eastern and southern ukraine. and to establish a at land corridor that would stretch from bratia all the way across to crimea at this commander saying that this is the number one priority for the russian military . now he also made a comment that his egg, very interesting. at this stage he said that this land corridor will also provide a further opportunity for russian forces to get closer to an area in moldova, known as chance trans, this trio, which is a break away region in moldova, that is a alongside the border with ukraine that the area shares about a 400 kilometer at to ukraine. and also the idea is that the, a russian speaking population in that area are in need of russian assistance,
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according to this military pro general who was speaking earlier on friday. now this is the 1st time we've heard about the any kind of aspirations, the russian military would have beyond the borders of ukraine. but also it indicates that there is a possibility that at the russians would be looking at the towns and areas of. and nikolai, of, as well as odessa in southern ukraine, where the u. n. has confirmed that have been under from killing soap civilians in the credit on a breach that says that may amount to war crimes or double hammered has more from richer we've been speaking all day with the prosecutors who are investigating these alleged war crimes. we've also been speaking to the police has been digging out and exhibiting bodies ever since the russians pulled out more than 2 weeks ago. and what do you end is saying goes very much along the lines of what
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we have been hearing. we've been hearing that they found several bodies, for example, in the basement of a summer camp that men who were executed point black with their hands tied behind their back. we've also been told that they and they showed us pictures quite gruesome pictures of men who had been executed and then burned their bodies completely charged that were found in another basement. and then there's also we saw some pictures of another 8 men who were also tied up and executed on this tree. so certainly the team we were talking to said that they alone had found 18 bodies. now we are at the morgue. and since this morning, really just had to see families coming to, to try to figure out where they loved ones. we were speaking earlier to a young lady and she said that her husband had to stay behind because men of
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fighting age weren't, are not allowed to leave ukraine at the moment. and then as her neighbors told her, well, when he was going out of his house, going to the basement of his has to get some stuff. he was shot point blank in the back where the un human rights agency is condemned. would it cause the horrors of the crimes against civilians in ukraine? there is evidence of work being committed and the computer industry. channing embalming are activated areas summary execution indians. and as i said there, the vast majority violations are attributable to the ration. if you just look at the civilian casual, bigger, i 92.3 percent of what the managed records were recorded in government control territories. so attribute health workers in easton, ukraine, say russia has deliberately targeting hospitals. ukrainian health ministry says at
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least 3 dozen hospitals have been hit by shells. place the front lines. soldiers have been treated in field hospitals whose locations are being kept secret to protect them. are reported. charles stratford got rare access to one field hospital in his new claim. incredible scenes overnight act as you say, this military field hospital, the shared dedication of professionalism of the medics. many of them volunteers working there, taking in ukrainian soldiers with shrapnel wounds, bullet wounds, many suffering shell shock. we saw one man who potentially was going to have to have both. his legs amputated, the medics. they're saying that her hospitals are being targeted in these areas where russia has been shelling russians are they say targeting hospitals. this is consistent with what the ministry of health says. yes, the last week saying that at least 36 ukrainian hospitals had been hit by russian
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shells. certainly we saw video evidence given to us by a soldier in this field hospital of the hospital in the town that he had been evacuated from having been wounded. that hospital having been completely destroyed speaking to emetics, it was incredible. one man said that some he had been trained as a medic. he had decades of experience operating in other conflicts, so will be kosovo, syria, iraq. he said he been trained to save lives, but he said that he was so angry by what russia has done here. russia, he said, was turning him potentially into a murderer. because he now was that determined to defend his country in his prime minister says he's discuss the urgent need for sci fi in ukraine with the british liter bras. johnson, you k is encouraging india to reduce its economic and defense links with moscow, alexia brown, as us hand shakes and congratulations as britain
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and india announced new deals on defense and green energy, as well as plans to fast track a free trade agreement with her memorandum of understanding between prime minister boris johnson saying he and indian counterpart and arraigned ramadi, have committed to trade and investment worth $14000000000.00, which will create $11000.00 jobs in the u. k. a decades long commitment that will not only forge tighter bonds between us, but support your go and the renderer of make in india. he's the latest western leader in new delhi to try to entice india away from its reliance on moscow by promising to step up co operation. johnson said britain would help india build its own fighter jets, and they'd agreed to work together to meet military threats from land sea air space and cyber attacks to russia is india's biggest military supplier. and indian
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leaders have refused to condemn moscow for invading ukraine. while the kremlin faces crippling sanctions, india has increased oil imports from russia. analysts suggests india is focused closer to home. john, i have been reading border aggression accused india, and no west leader has condemned the chinese regression. so india is not willing to take sides in a conflict in which india has no sticks. directly. modi did though, push for an end to the war. i'm the euchre inmate. we emphasized the need for an immediate cease fire your brain and the use of dialogue. and diplomacy for resolving issues. i know johnson says he doesn't expect india to change its position on russia, but said moti hes tried to use his influence on president putin. prezis intervene several times with, with vladimir putin really to ask you more. you know what on earth he thinks a he's do, and what he thinks this is going munsey. while johnson is walking away from his
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india trip with promises of a lucrative free trade deal, his visit didn't go without a hitch. there's been outrage in some quarters after this photo opportunity at the british construction equipment firm j. c. b owned by conservative party donor just days after j. c. b boom doses for st. flattening properties in a largely muslim neighborhood. rights group say the demolitions are part of a pattern of religious polarization. i modi's, hindu nationalist, b j. p. amnesty international, criticized johnson's photo op as ignorant saying that his silence on the incident was deafening. alexia brian al jazeera, at least $33.00 people to be killed in an explosion at a mosque in afghanistan. according to the taliban, it happened in condos province. 43 people wounded. that comes a day after a series of bombings across the country killed 18 beetle. i've gone to stance, i saw affiliate claim responsibility for thursday to touch. the group has stepped
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up, attacked in recent weeks. frances presidential contenders have been making their final pictures before sundays run off vote, centrist incumbent to monro micron. as far right rival marine la pen. both trying to win over left wing voters under smith. marina pan has softened her image and concentrated her campaign for the presidency on the sore in cost of living. her far right national rally party still promises to crack down on immigration and stop muslim women from wearing had scarves in public places. but the focus has been on the struggle to make ends meet and lap and has constantly attacked emanuel micron where he is perhaps most vulnerable a common perception he is detached. imagine my call of izzie annual not car had tried once again to create division. once again, had fallen into outrageousness aggressiveness, brutality by brutalizing me. he is in fact, also brutalizing, the millions of voters who voted for me. this is a trace of his character. this trace, it will worse, and if by misfortune,
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manuel my car is reelected, every french person must think about this microns last day of campaigning was in friendly territory. he won the 1st round here in pisec in the lot region of southern france. la penn was beaten into 3rd place by the fall left john mellencamp here. macklin was energized casting sunday's vote as a referendum on france's place in the world. no one can cover in the 24th of april is a referendum for or against fidelity to our values. to our history, what we really are and what we are for 2nd. so it's all to play for. let's go and show them. the 24th of april will be the start of a new, challenging time of battling of kindness and of ambition for france and europe. they decided it in the 2017 election macro one not only because he was seen as a new face. there was also a so called republican front, the idea that people should vote to stop afar right candidate seen as a threat to french democracy. in this election i will again be those who vote to
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keep out pen rather than full. busy michael, this time. oh, here, there is a vision for the president and that might affect who failed to vote for the latest polls. if my conviction, december shell vote on our, on our 2 percent, i learned smithville al jazeera patient. i still had aaron al jazeera, a former president accused of running a null co state in honduras has been extradited to the u. s. plus how latin america is trying to overturn its reputation. is one of the world's worst regions for environmental. ah, we have some showers, dancing around the middle east. hello everyone. let's pinpoint exactly where this
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is. it's for that northwest slice of saudis. so we go in for a closer look. i think out lula, you're in store for some showers on saturday with the high 35 degrees more cloud cover for re at his wall. and the winds are slightly spinning around the sand and dust to some hazy sunshine across the gulf states. now for is a bucket stun. the hor, we saw those winds whip up to about 50 to 60 kilometers per hour. they back off on saturday. some showers around for that eastern side of the iran also not too far away from cobble with the height of 23 degrees on saturday. but more cloud cover though, for is stumble and maybe the potential is seen as spurts of rain here on saturday as well with the hiv 21 degrees looking good in antalya 27. the number 3 central africa are usual plentiful storms here, but more intense around the coastal areas of gap on cameroon and nigeria. and as we slide toward the south, we may see a tropical cyclone develop in the mozambie channel. either way it's going to spread a lot of rain and wind for northern and central portions of mozambique over the
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course of the weekend, and also some rain returning for the eastern cape, pushing into quasi luna tall. this includes durbin on saturday with the high of 22 degrees. ah frank assessments, what are the political risks, automatic russian oil? a gas for western leaders will sanctions, on rosh, another jewish sports. i was informed opinions, he's not abandoning defined to gaze yet is to resume media who a to be packaging from nisha and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou.
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ah, again, you're watching out 0 reminder about top stories and ukraine's defense ministry has accused russia of imperialism. after a russian general told state media of plans to seize all of southern in easton, ukraine, it's a far, wide military game been acknowledged so from the un has confirmed that be nominal from killings of civilians and ukrainian ton of future says that made multiple crimes denies killing frances presidential contenders are making their final pitches to vote for sunday runoff. election. interesting commented mental macro. and it's fall right. rival, marine, the pen trying to we know with the undecided calm has returned to the i so, mos compound, unoccupied, east jerusalem off to violence earlier in the day is already forced to say most men threw stones or the police station. and they responded by deploying pig earlier.
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they fired robert pulitzer palestinians at the most, at least 31 people were injured, including 3 journalists, one paramedic, 2 people are in a serious condition because used by jewish, ultra national groups brought the recent on rest. i'll just hear a stephanie deca as we are damascus gate. we've seen a huge number, tens of thousands of worshipers making their way through the morning to access the a lot of the most hometown fires on the 3rd friday and now the grady police i haven't posted a real restrictions on the roads around this area have been close, interestingly, we were told that they told the ultra orthodox jews, many of whom use this gate to access the city, not to use it today. certainly also a lot of diplomatic efforts behind the scenes to calm the situation on the ground. we've seen an escalation over the last couple of weeks of certainly when it came to
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the altar far right, we do nationalist use accessing deluxe, the most compound, known as the temple mount to jews. they're allowed to visit for a couple of hours a for many days during the week of palestinians will tell you that there has been a change despite the status quo, which is agreed upon by jordan and israel. the only muslim you're allowed to pray that non muslims can visit these lightly. jews, according increasingly for right to pray. this is causing huge provocations and certainly israel, i keep saying it is adhering to the status quo. but this is why many people here will tell you that alex is a red line, but certainly on the 3rd friday of ramadan for the next 10 days is groups will not be allowed to visit this site. everything passed very peacefully. the violence at the most compound and occupied east jerusalem has provoked to protest in bangladesh group calling for the introduction of islamic law. the organized demonstration in the capital of dhaka some carry bangladesh in palestinian, like all the dogs christians from around the world have been gathering in occupied
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these through some 4 eastern celebrations. many carried crosses through the streets of the old city to mark good friday. our forces more well, this is the 3rd friday of ramadan you have lived in worship, is coming to the old city alleyways towards the a lot. so most the friday prez, this is a rare event, the confidence of 3 festivals for the 3 abrahamic fates, the jewish pulse over and the orthodox christian eastern as well. and so we have these good friday processions coming through the old city as well. there were concerns about possible restrictions to access both to the old city and to the church of the holy separate where these people are heading for. but after a court verdict, those restrictions have been lifted. and so good friday is happening as these people wanted to see happen. this is very unusual. if it is, this is something, what can i say you can dream or life happen for the day and you cannot deliver it
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because this is, i say for our soul, you know, it sounds very special. and let's say this is the kind of like and this is the destination for all of these pilgrimages. the church of the holy settle in the heart of the old city where christians believe christ was laid to rest. the concerns about access were chiefly about what happens on saturday. the holy fire ritual, where usually thousands of people access the church in the surroundings israeli authorities. we're talking about restricting access to quite a low number off of the court challenge that has been lifted back to the usual 4000 or so the context rule of this has been pretty bad relations between the church leaders and he's ready government in recent months. the church accusing the government and the police are not doing enough to preserve and protect christian life in the holy city. the israeli government saying that they would distorting the truth so low. i've been relations concerns about access, but so far things are proceeding as i have during previous easters in turkey, jail,
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businessmen, an activist osmond kabbalah has made his final appeal before a court verdict. prosecutor say he financed the 2013 anti government protest and played a role in a coup attempt. 3 years later, corolla has been in custody since october, 2017. and last october, the president rested typo and threatened to expel the ambassadors of 10 countries after they criticized turkey for the trial to conceal his mona from a stumbled is a trial innovative turkish business man, an activist. so one call on his co workers have been tried. it's going to resume on april 25. monday morning. it was a very busy day at the court house today with attendance from international watched, awkward, and foreign country diplomats trying to oversee the court procedure. international human rights groups and the opposition have been criticizing the turkish judiciary for highly highly politicizing of the case i because was one call law has been behind bars for 4 and a half years and he stayed behind bars more than one and
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a half years without an indictment, and currently he is accused of trying to overthrow the government. it's through the 2013 nationwide protests which turned out to be anti government protests later on. and he's also accused of being involved in the a 2016, failed quarter temp, along with some espionage facilities. however, international watch groups like european cancer, the food and rise, they all say that the case flex, any proper evidence of the accusation and call us wife said recently to press that she is not expecting justice from the turkish judiciary . i've been speaking to some judiciary sources and they told me that an acquittal is not expected. but the court procedure might continue by transferring the case to the court of appeal. french authorities puts out an international arrest warrant
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for call us go. he is the former chairman of car companies, nissen reno mitsubishi. the 68 year old businessman was arrested in japan, 3 years ago, accused of fraud, and fled to lebanon. by hiding in a box, you store musical equipment. he said he had no chance of federal and japan the head of the electoral commission, and julia says it will no longer be independent because of what he called unauthorized changes by the president. k said issued a decree to replace members of the commission with handpick once a critic say, it's his latest paragraph to impose one man rule off to dissolving parliament last month. so he says changes are necessary to save changes here from political paralysis and economic stagnation caused by a corrupt belief. the former president of honduras has been expedited to the united states to face drug related charges. one, orlando hernandez is accused of helping to move cocaine across the u. s. board of finale 20 years. one time us ally denies the allegations, throws
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a bow as more mama he was once at close united states ally, but has now been expedited to face drug trafficking. charges in new york city. i went orlando to man. this was being held at a special forces military base in on the west capital t a. we see guy, he was transferred in the middle of a massive security operation to an air force airport, where he was taken in a u. s. drug enforcement agency planed back to the us. he said, used of conspiring to smuggle hundreds of tons of drugs to the united states. hernandez and his co conspirators help push 500000 kilograms of cocaine into the united states. that's 500 tons of cocaine. poison that landed in this country on our streets. and as we are legend, the indictment, that's exactly what hernandez wanted. realized that during a meeting with the co conspirator,
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hernandez declared that he wanted. and i quote to stuff the drugs right up the noses of the gringos. at amanda says he's innocent and that just his will prevail. williamson is i'm innocent of been submitted unfairly to trial. i want to share some potent words. injustices are a threat to justice in every place. you know, i worked tirelessly with the purpose of recovering peace in honduras. i gave all my it to my country. it is regrettable that those who turn honduras into one of the most violent countries in the world, those villains mer want to be heroes. when orlando hernandez was elected president in 2014 wiley north face, he was considered partner of the us and was loaded for his alleged efforts to fight drug trafficking, any legal migration. his mandate ended earlier this year and was detained 19 days after leaving office. his brother, tony hernandez,
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was sentenced to life in prison in the u. s. on drug trafficking charges. during his brothers trial, prosecutors claimed mexican drug, lord whacking chapels, man handed, the a man. this brothers, $1000000.00 for the presidential campaign lawyers in on today say corruption has infiltrated the highest levers of on to their state. and they need international help to clean it up. for the concentration of power we saw while hernandez was in office, weakened over institutions, and the country now needs to repair what we need to do. lots of structural reforms to improve our judiciary. we have requested help from the u. n. to help us students at mann, this expedition is the 1st time a former precedent is to be tried on drug trafficking charges in the us. many fear that the possibility of a u. s. trial will deter politicians in the region from colluding with criminal organizations ever again, that is, i will,
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i'll just cedar. the many cubans who want to immigrate to the united states have been the main focus of the 1st high level government talk for 4 years around 100000 cuban relatives of american citizens. a waiting for decisions on the visa applications. and cubans are the 2nd largest group trying to enter the states from mexico. regular bilateral meeting on migration was suspended when donald trump was president. it is us day, the worldwide events celebrating our planets by diversity and latin american leaders in chile to work on implementing a 2018 agreement. that is a conference 1st climate treaty. it includes pioneering protection for environmental defenders. latin america is the most dangerous region in the world for environmentalists. hundreds remote that last year and latin america editor and it's in human. is that the summit? in santiago? it is a landmark agreement. first of all, it aims to guarantee access to information guaranteed access to protection and
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access to justice for environmental activist and defenders. and why is this so important? because latin america is the most dangerous region in the entire world, for anybody who wants to denounce abuses against the environment, against regulations, dealing with the environment our against their communities. we're talking about this is home to the amazon basin, for example, the rain forest and a whole series of other economic interests. and there are people who are continually murdering those who are trying to draw attention to these abuses. that is why this is such an important agreement. it has been in the making for a long, long time. but it really still doesn't have the teeth that are necessary because they are reduced 12, very, very important countries in the region who have not ratified that tree. viet, brazil, the largest country in the region, has not ratified a columbia one of the largest countries in the region. and the one where the largest number ah, per capita of activists are murdered. one of the reasons that the government give
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or that because it has to be ratified by their parliament or congresses, is that it could be either a, considered an infringement on sovereignty because it is a binding agreement or simply because of pressure from economic interest. and that really seems to be the key for the, for leaders in the region to try to find a common ground with the private sector, particularly both legal and illegal interest. and to show that both defending the environment and economic growth are not mutually exclusive. so you pour is removing the loss of its covered 19 restrictions is both the easing entry requirements for business from shoes. the it's health department says this is in response to a drop in new daily infection numbers. there will be no more size limits on group meetings, and all employees can return to the offices. it's carnival time on the streets of rio de janeiro. ah,
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yes, the famous fiesta in brazil is back in full swing of the pandemic cancelled celebrations for 2 years. 7000000 visitors were at the last campbell, c, a individual parties on the sidelines. the main events were initially banned, but the mass has police won't enforce restriction on the fun. ah, so bizarre deserve these all the top stories and ukraine's defense ministry who's accused russia of imperialism after a russian general told state media of plans to seize all of southern and east and ukraine. that's a far, wide, military aim and acknowledge so far. those jibari has worn out from moscow according to the acting commander of the countries central and military units at the.


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