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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 23, 2022 3:00am-3:30am AST

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investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera aah! ukraine's president says russia is planning to invade more countries after a general declares intentions to take all of southern ukraine. ah! alonzo robin watching i was there alive. my headquarters here in dover, also coming up ukrainian medics are overwhelmed despite intensifies the east with an exclusive report from a front line field hospital. also, i so claims responsibility for a bombing at a mosque in northern afghanistan that killed at least 33 people. and leaders in latin america marker, stay with a landmark agreement to protect environmentalists. welcome
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to the program ukrainian president vladimir zalinski says russia's invasion of ukraine is just the start of a wider plan to evade other places in europe. that's after arrest them at mina care . they top russian general outline plans to seize don bass and link it with crimea, which was annexed by russian forces in 2014. now the general says russia wants to open a land corridor all the way to a trans mystery or as a breakaway russian back part of moldova, a daily money, which is a whole booty grade. the invasion to ukraine can be considered just the beginning. they will want to invade other countries. of course, we will resist for as long as possible to break this ambition of the russian federation. but also of the nations that believe in the victory of life over death or they have to fight together with us. they have to help us dosage of all his
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a moscow with more of the next phase of russia's military operation. well, according to the acton commander of the countries central and military units, at the task of the 2nd phase of the so called special military operation, is to secure the areas in eastern and southern ukraine. and to establish a at land corridor that would stretch from russia all the way across to crimea at this command are saying that this is the number one priority for the russian military. now he also made a comment that his egg, very interesting. at this stage he said that this land corridor were also provide a further opportunity for russian forces to get closer to an area in moldova, known as chance trends, this trio, which is a break away region in moldova, that is a alongside the border with ukraine. the area shares about
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a 400 kilometer at to ukraine. and also the idea is that the, a russian speaking population in that area are in need of russian assistance, according to this military or general who was speaking earlier on friday. now this is the 1st time we've heard about the any kind of aspirations, the russian military would have beyond the borders of ukraine. but also it indicates that there is a possibility that at the russians would be looking at the towns and areas of an nikolai, of, as well as odessa in southern ukraine. william called me as a former us diplomat. now he says, russia's ambitions to expand the new crane of being made public before but have never been achieved. or the general actually may have been talking out of school. and it is not a very classical pass builder in spring 2014. when russia invaded ukraine,
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the 1st time president began talking about noval recipe. that is the russian empire term for eastern and southern ukraine. he implied that those would be the areas that would be russia goal them to take. busy my summer, 2014, he stopped talking about this go because your craniums were pushing back the russian practices that were in eastern ukraine in boston. and so it was clear that russians were not going to be successful in that effort. so this is not a new goal, it's with all the shared years ago. but it is clear now that russian is not going to be able to achieve a major russian political strategy. objectives are not usually unveiled by a general as far down the totem pole as this general. so this person may have been speaking out of school speaking, saying something that maybe truthful,
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but he shouldn't have said. so i would not worry too much about this particular general. the key issue is whether russia will be more successful than has been in east in your grade, and moving toward odessa. and so far it doesn't look like that will happen. now the man of the port city of mario, poland, called for the accusation of old trump civilians. we had them boy chain coast around a 100000 people remain there. that europe and council president is calling on russian president main page to allow humanitarian access to the city. it comes after plans to implement several humanitarian corridors, or cold off. russia's defense ministry says reports that ukrainian forces are still holding grounds. the steel miller merrier poll. a fake, a spokesman says russian forces working to bring a level of normality to the besieged city. what everything have to know there's a situation and mary awful of normalized city residents got the possibility to
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freely move on the streets without hiding from shelling of the ukrainian nazi humanitarian assistance is being delivered food, water, and basic commodities. the authorities of the don units, people's republic organize the cleaning of streets from debris and the removal of damage to ukrainian military equipment. but in state media has released footage of an alms depth and car keith, but it says, have been captured by russia's military. moscow says the depose, filled with thousands of tons by munition, ukraine says russian forces that increase tax along the whole eastern frontline, including mounting a renewed offensive in the car cave region. while rushes given its 1st mission of losses from the sinking of its flagship miss on cruiser of southern ukraine. last week, the defense industry says one sailor died and 27. the missing almost 400 crew members . it says rescued. now the kremlin says the must plus sank after an ammunition fine, but ukraine says it hit the ship with
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a missile strike. the un human rights agency has condemned what it calls the horrors of the crimes against civilians in ukraine. there is evidence mounting of war crimes being committed and these include indiscriminate shedding and bombing of populated areas. summary execution up to the indians. as i said, the vast majority of nations by far are attribute to the russian forces. so if you just look at the civilian casualties bigger, 92.3 percent of what we've managed to record were recorded in government control territories, so attribute to the russian forces. bellamy has moved from butcher where russia has been accused of committing atrocities. we've been speaking all day with the prosecutors who are investigating these alleged war crimes. we've also been speaking to the police has been digging out and exhibiting bodies ever since the
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russians pulled out more than 2 weeks ago. and what the un is saying goes very much along the lines of what we have been hearing. we have been hearing that they found several bodies, for example, in the basement of a summer camp that men who were executed point black with their hands tied behind their back. we've also been told that they and they showed us pictures quite gruesome pictures of men who had been executed and then burned their bodies completely charred that were found in another basement. and then there's also we saw some pictures of another 8 men who were also tied up and executed on the street. so certainly the team we were talking to said that they alone had found 18 bodies. now we are at the morgue. and since this morning, really just had to see families coming to, to try to figure out where they loved one. we were speaking earlier to a young lady and she said that her husband had to stay behind because men of
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fighting age weren't, are not allowed to leave ukraine at the moment. and then as her neighbors told her, well, when he was going out of his house, going to the basement of his has to get some stuff. he was shot point blank in the back. and another of all correspondence, charles stratford sent the nights out a ukrainian army field hospital close to the front line in the east. but we do, we'll need his exclusive report contains images that some of you may find distressing. ukrainian army medics carry a wounded soldier into a field hospital close to the front line. a piece of shrapnel has written through his side. the wound looks small but the sharp metal franklin inside will kill him if not dealt with fast. medics pump the soldier with anesthetic and pure oxygen. they prank the wound. he will be evacuated to
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a hospital further back from the frontline to have the shot removed. the team say some nights they have to treat up to 70 men wounded as they defend their positions against the russian army advance. in a town close by. many of the medics have worked in foreign wars, owns the decades, but they never expected one day. they would be saving lives home, many of my whole professional life. i've been treating people. i love people. i love life in all ways. i shall, i feel because death is the worst enemy russians is worth. the deed is that it turned me to the defender of life into a killer. i have had to shoot in this war at most likely. i hit the target some medic sleeping rooms next to the make shift trauma treatment area. before this shift starts, the shelves are full of medicine vital for saving lives, but it's not medicine we need. the surgeons told me it's weapons. more
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soldiers arrive, nurses, prepare, re hide ration fluid. others search for veins in the men's arms so they can fit candles. and administer medicine fast. men are exhausted and dazed. i mean, we have hired and show chart says the soldier, but it's to be expected. war myoma co, cooper and the most common injuries from shrapnel gun shop was blown off lin, brain trauma and shell shop. we re chelsea chuck with simple symptomatic medicine. there's not much as we can do. and other soldiers brought him with a gunshot wound under his arm in the medics calmly clean the area. 55 year old louis ma seems relaxed, but the bullet was only millimeters away from potentially ending his life. lieberman, of a gunshot wound yesterday afternoon. the medic sir say he is incredibly lucky.
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that bullet did not sever the archery in his arm. he will now go from here be taken from here by ambulance to one of the local hospitals, further back from the front line for further treatment. some of the volunteers don't want to be identified because they say russian forces at targeting medics, treating ukrainian soldiers after being treated. louis man eats breakfast while waiting to be evacuated before the war. he was a construction worker renovating the chernobyl nuclear plant. available market was there, mortar guys can get really close to us and they're difficult to see and shoot. they approach our trenches and throw grenades before lunch. yesterday there were 50 shells that hit new position. russian artillery shells and mortars talking ukrainian positions in fields close by. no one knows how many wounded will be
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brought to the field hospital in the hours ahead. shall strap al jazeera, least in ukraine. still had here on out is there a dozen more palestinians are injured by israeli forces inside the acts of mos compound and dissolving the magic kingdom? my florida is no longer the happiest place on earth. the disney ah, the journey has begun. the 34 world carp is on its way to cattle. your travel package to day right. the seas, no rain appears to have started. now we've had more than one bout of worthwhile raid in southern china, south the exit, and we're doing the same again, which is stretches up towards southern parts of japan as well. the little orange center suggesting some of it will be heavy. so that's the line to watch and that's
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bout sees me, right. it's not a little bit early. it's not particularly cold weather, but of course it's only april, but there is hot between this band of rain. next one come again, just look up here. 29th, 30 degrees in beijing. it's above the average. actually, beijing should be around about $21.00. we're up to near 30 by time you get to monday and overnight is equally warm, but it's a passing phase. ill cool down a bit. southwell, this and these, the wet season has been faltering a little bit. i mean, it should be disappearing now, but it's pretty widespread. big shouts at through borneo through will se asia and increasingly places like cambodia and charlotte and the shells are increasing in the central popped the philippines to the reins, trying to edge up through st lanka and southern and europe come north. it's gone south of getting some way north. there's a pretty poky lot shower in berth, bangladesh and north east india. most of india, of course, is still hot and well above where it should be. official and
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line of the john. the climate has changed every year for millions of years, decades of talk, but the little action is all about distract, create confusion to create smoke and mirrors. the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically, some photos, the oil industry was a main bank roller or opposition to climate act. the campaign against the climate. do you think that's a bad thing? more shoots with? absolutely. on all 0 for ah, what about your, what your desert with me said robin. a reminder of our top stories ukraine's
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president is wanting the rest of europe. that rushes expansionist ambitions won't stop in his country. it's in response to a russian general who says moscow plans to seize all of southern and eastern ukraine brushes, defense ministry has admitted for the 1st time that one sailor died when its flagship. michelle cruz of musfar sank last week. it added that $27.00 is still missing, and almost $400.00 were rescued. and the un she been rice off. it says the spring evidence of russian war crimes in ukraine, including signs of indiscriminate shelling and executions. russia denies, it's committed any atrocities other nisa and india's prime minister says he's discussed the urgent need for a cease fire in ukraine with the british devoris johnson. the u. k. is encouraging india to reduce us economic and defense thinks with moscow, alexia brown reports handshakes,
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and congratulations as britain and india announced new deals on defense and green energy, as well as plans to funds track a free trade agreement is a memorandum of understanding between prime minister barak johnson saying he and indian counterpart and arraigned ramadi, have committed to trade and investment worth $14000000000.00, which will create $11000.00 jobs in the u. k. a decades long commitment that will not only forge tighter bonds between us, but support your go and the renderer of make in india. he's the latest western leader in new delhi to try to entice india away from its reliance on moscow by promising to step up co operation. johnson said britain would help india build its own fighter jets, and they'd agreed to work together to meet military threats from land sea air space and cyber attacks to russia is india's biggest military supplier. and indian leaders have refused to condemn moscow for invading ukraine. while the kremlin
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faces crippling sanctions, india has increased oil imports from russia. analysts suggests india is focused closer to home. john, i have been reading border aggression against india. and no wesley leader has condemned the chinese water aggression. so india is not willing to take sides in a conflict in which india has no sticks directly. mowdy did though, push for an end to the war. i'm new berlin met. we emphasized the need for an immediate cease fire in your brain and the use of dialogue and diplomacy for resolving issues. i know johnson says he doesn't expect india to change its position on russia, but said modi hes tried to use his influence on president putin. prezis intervene several times with, with letting me put in really to ask you more, you know, whatever he thinks a he's do. and what he thinks this is going monthly while johnson is walking away from his india trip with promises of
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a lucrative free trade deal. his visit didn't go without a hitch. there has been outrage in some quarters after this photo opportunity at the british construction equipment firm j. c. b owned by a conservative party donor. just days after j. c. b, bulldozers were st. flattening properties in a largely muslim neighborhood rights group, say, the demolitions are part of a pattern of religious polarization. i modi's, hindu nationalist, b j. p. amnesty international, criticized johnson's photo op as ignorant saying that his silence on the incident was deafening. alexia brian al jazeera, the telephone says at least 33 people are being killed. an explosion is motzkin. i've got to stand the blast and conduce province injured. more than 43 people. that comes after a series of bombings across the country killed 18 on thursday of guns. i so affiliate claim responsibility for those attacks. the group has stepped up attacks
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in recent weeks over the law. here is electra at the american university of of gun his son. he says, such violence is likely to continue. one of the claims at that time it been made was that they had brought these 2 up and a son. unfortunately, others used to say that it wasn't peace that had arrived. it was just the absence of war. and that could only stay for so long. the idea is that the vacuum available, the feeling state right now are all contributors to the situation that are being exploited by groups such as ice k. remember that 911 happened when there was a feeling state within afghanistan when there was a vacuum of security with the new plan as donna. and we're approaching that. if the international community keeps on talking, the of hon, that one country, we will keep having more and more reasons for people to join insurgencies. and unless the taliban do their bit, the international community sits down, compliments, non taliban dissidence efforts to engage in dialogue with the taliban. we have to
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make something sustainable out of this because we are currently in the absence of war. we haven't entered piece, we need to go towards a positive piece that is sustainable. that is prosperous for all of lands, which currently isn't the case. at least 57 palestinians have been injured in violence of the al acts a most compound. it occupies east jerusalem. israeli forces fired robert tipp, bullets unused drones to spray tear gas, the palestinians who threw rocks, incursions by jewish ultra nationalists group spark the recent and rest. i force a report from occupied east jerusalem. the 3rd friday of the muslim holy month of ramadan and more violence of the alexa most compound, palestinian protested some flying hamas flags and chanting support to the group threw stones at israeli forces. they fired rubber bullets and stung grenades. and in a 1st, at the sight dropped t a gas from a drone, dozens were reported injured. israeli government has now ban jews from accessing
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the site known to them as the temple mount. as in past years until the end of ramadan, west bank, palestinian women, and men of the 50 allowed through israeli checkpoints for pres. but after weeks of violence and years of growing concern among palestinians about jewish prayer in the courtyards, this latest tension is not yet open. well, let him know that there is no eating of restrictions. it's a lie. they only announced it in the media outlets, but in reality they banned women and elderly people because they didn't have permits in gaza whether been exchanges of rocket fire and is ready air strikes this week. the 1st and months there was a how much lead protest against israel's actions during the main prayer of the day, however, the scene was memorable for the numbers worshipping. the muslim trust that runs the side said 150000 people had come to prayed as lamps, 3rd holiest site. and this wasn't the only master religious event in the old city.
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well this is the 3rd friday of ramadan you have was in worship is coming to the city alley way towards the a lot. so most the friday prez, this is a rare event, the conference of 3 festivals for the 3 abrahamic fates, the jewish passover and the orthodox christian eastern as well. and so we have these good friday processions coming through the city as well. groups of pilgrims, many from overseas making the most of post pandemic travel, walking slowly along the via dolorosa following jesus his path to what is now the church of the holy, sceptical for our soul, you know, very special. and this is the kind of like, this rest synchronicity in the religious calendar. reminder that all the ugliness of recent weeks. this is a place wholly to jews, muslims and christians alike. hurry, full, set out a 0 occupied east jerusalem. the 6 people have been killed in the somali capital following an explosion. gunman stormed the hotel in on the beach area of mogadishu
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. following the blast. the smalley police chief was at the hotel, but wasn't injured. the officer by bomb group carried out a major attack on the busy leisure side in 202016 people. now the head of the electoral commission into nicea says it will be no longer independent because of what he calls an authorized changes by the president chi side issued a decree to replace members of the commission with handpicked ones that critic say . it's his latest paragraph to impose one man rule. after dissolving parliament last month. sites as changes are necessary to save 2 in his ear from political paralysis and economic stagnation caused by a corrupt elite. this o at that i, the latest change is illegal, unconstitutional, and it contradicts with the international treaties and norms that organized the election process. we are faced with a clear breach of the law. it is also an attempt to destroy the election commission
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and its independence by the president, naming the full council and its leader. this undermines the independence of that unity in institutions. the next election will be managed from the presidential palace. our french authorities have issued an international arrest warrant for carlos goshen. he is the former chairman of car company niss um the 6 to 8 year old businessman was arrested in japan. 3 years ago accused a fraud. he fled to lebanon by hiding in a box used to store musical equipment. he said he had no chance for fair trial in japan would be good at all. florida's governor rhonda santa's hand signed the bill stripping the walt disney company of the right to self govern. disney's managed 810002 district in orlando since 1967. it's where the disney world theme parks are located. critic, se desantis is retaliating against disney's opposition to a law limiting the teaching of l. g. b t. issues in schools. the new law affects
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all special districts formed before 1968. we believe an important component of freedom is that in the state of florida, is the freedom from having oppressive idiology opposed upon you without your consent, whether it be in the classroom or whether it be in the workplace. and we decided to do something about it. a u. s. judge has ordered formal honduran present one, orlando lenders to be detained, pending a possible bail application, and has appeared via video link in a new york court a day, or to be extradited to the u. s. and mendez is accused of receiving millions of dollars from drug traffickers, while in office from 2014 to january, the sheer prosecutors allowed. she is money to enrich himself and finance his political campaigns. latin american leaders have mart earth day with a landmark agreement that guarantees the protection of environmental. it's on the right to information it prioritize as indigenous groups on communities his lives
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are risk of sounding. the alarm are latin america. editor lucio newman. reports are from santiago in chile. well, right now, the new color poacher, la la b, a washer. and miguel g might ies represent environmental defenders who live in the amazon rain forest in 9 latin american countries that come to the united nations headquarters in chile for the inaugural meeting of the escort sewer port. latin america's 1st finding environmental agreement for not to represent them with emma they, we represent more than $500.00 tribes of the day to tells us that every 2 days an indigenous activist is murdered and the amazon basin for defending their territories. yet what is one of the latest was 14 year old colombian bryan? no. david goodman, i mean a member of an indigenous environmental guard. in the last decade alone in estimated 1000 activists have been killed in latin america. the majority in
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conflicts with mining land and agricultural interests escape to accord aims to provide a mechanism for access to information, public participation and justice on environmental matters. if that would have been as well with this agreement, it was born as a response to the urgent needs of our region. look at that. a fortune has become the most dangerous region in the world, then warmed for those who to finance the environment and foot, ambient, belly, and governor. the accord includes providing protection for those who denounce great violations, but a dozen latin american countries have yet to ratify the escrow so accord, including brazil, columbia, and peru, 3 of the most dangerous countries for environmentalists. the reason is the belief that a binding agreement would hurt economic interests. and the us and wish argues that is casso is in fact and contribution is not a threat to the private sector. and the answer is from us,
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is that know that this will provide more channels, 2 channels in those conflicts and betterment and conflicts that they are already there that we have a lot. fittingly, the 1st is the sewell court meeting ended on earth day with a message that safeguarding the environment is not a choice, but an act of survival. is he, in human al jazeera santiago? the people around the world have been marcie earth day in different ways. in thailand, buddhist monks let 300000 lady lanterns and candles around a golden shrine shaped like a spaceship. the lights are arranged and the forms of continents and buddhas. the monks belong to the controversial damica sect known for its wealth and unorthodox teachings. and in beijing, chinese performers, artist cong mean war and outward made of banana, leaf umbrellas,
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and the headpiece representing the earth to draw attention to environmental issues . 66 year old conquerors showcased her wearable r pieces every day for over a decade. often using everyday objects. ah, ah, you out there with lisa who robbins though hot. reminder of our top stories, ukraine's president is warning the rest of europe that rushes expansionist ambitions when stop in his country. it's in response to a russian general who says moscow plan.


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