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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  April 23, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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publicly it's you can only thank for this a business possibly which and routinely for hinuit low claim because the pose are very safe and very friendly and neighbors for ukraine that i think this is yeah for very long time and will be very serious for a long time in terms of visiting balance. i visited angie dude, i a number of times we've always met. i always was get paid to to, to, to see him or to visit him by his invitation. i often come there. maybe i don't feel like it go because it ho my feel only in ukraine but still isn't. i have a very good to clearly and when i am in poland, something very close to my people to my peers, country man. so, and i'm once again, i'm extremely grateful to both for their support and natalie,
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not only for humanitarian united since very beginning i, we've shared sir excellent relations with the president of a lot of all and so with angie duda and in the indian con has always helped us with weapons. well, i'm a person who is not. i cannot always say thank you and thank you. some times i have to say something. there is one, the, an unresolved issue with jess, with jets. we must agree with this, but compared to what pollen has already done for us, it's nothing even a thing that i have no rights to go to. poland or in other countries until the war has ended, represent a for the public india in the center to the left la on in is to be tresley out and about the new world order.
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you're saying that the world order has changed and the face and is new and gresh, and don't you feel that it's necessary to create a new alliance of countries with and what size you expect him from asian countries. now discussion with dr. for our teacher, we, which was during the 1st phase of this operation, did you feel that there was something now which asian countries didn't assist you with enough stuff? thank you for your question about building walls a security system and i cannot influence the alliance. we are not members of nato, so i believe that it was a gross mistake. that nato over this years didn't find a time and place and opportunity so much. i invited to crane to
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the alliance to accept, to grant as a member. and now we all see that that would star met their port chat co v needs a book, gracie, that's a high probability that that would not be started by russian federation. this is my strong believe and says the very beginning of my presidency, i talked about there's to the secretary general lead to the leaders of european states, big european states. my file just say the big because i'm not going to want to name the countries in only when they started speak in oakland. there were there. but those who influenced the membership of this of that state, both in the nature lance and in the european union. that's why i believe that this was as through a teaching mistake made by the allies, greece of the ukraine. let me know the g expect said that our state will be so strong. nobody expected that. where would stand for so many days are in many
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rep could some representatives of european and nato says even openly said that to do would be no was sent to implement sanctions. if in 3 days you would be occupied even you post. so that was the big mistake in terms of attitude to your crane c v. but to with our resolve with our unity and towers, friends, we managed to change the attitude of their lives and the european member states. yeah, we managed to change the attitude to us. i want very much the asian countries to change that to, to, to ukraine as well. do i feel that the changed? no, not okay. that day change. not all that may be. i think that people of this science, yes, maybe this can be
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a pause of this stage. no us unable and i feel that the lives of these countries are coming closer to us before. historically, there were so close to the soviet union. therefore, after the fall of the soviet union, the historical aware close to russian federation a, b, c i v, successor of the soviet union, and the biggest country as part of former soviet union. that's why most of their relations remain strong with russia. but ukraine sheet, somehow, these relations and now we see that this relation side more and more inclined towards us. this is a big issue and, but this is a very difficult question. historically, african and asian called shows, historically has been close to historic for soviet culture and russian foundation. but there is always and tends to every story,
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just leave you for the non signs. think that in. but this is, dan said they are 1st question about the structure in or system of security. and it's clear moment i states non european station and the americans, we don't feel that any other country should not be allowed. so a to violate the world's order to take the territory of other countries. but yet even on all the others, different continents. but everybody's afraid of this. you see, this is the challenge. you see what challenges are. so a big country to african countries, for example, very simple example. supply of our grainy year we owed to miser where we are. one of the leading producers, $110000000.00 tons, $20000000.00 tons would be enough to fill the ukrainians market and $90000000.00
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dance. both these countries will not receive from us and that will be deficit. in some countries there will be famine. and this is what the russian federation did. this is what they do. that's why you understand that there were ukraine is not just the water in ukraine, but even through blocking of supply of food, see that this is not war in europe. this is a war on the continent printing cars these steps because of this was the next respect to leave the beans to all live in the, to the world order for the later. so this is who started understanding in the home that prime minister, moody, who my man space and i had a number of meetings with him. we talked to him a number of times on the bicycle,
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missing in glasgow, environmental for him that we had a telephone conversation of to the yes, i feel really full leaders and i believe he is a real leader. the biggest democracy in the world as, as much as i feel that they see that the course and it a good girl. but they said that every such step should should be defended. democracy should be defended or someone can see the to the right specialist in. thank you, mr. president. we've been way guess what, what, what do you think mr. to has and what the bus about that will be another meeting in turkey and to continue in negotiations was freshman
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you are from target? yes. well, gression better go to these again, the possibility to contain english asians in turkey, us will go mobile at the middle. probably to question 2 and not the lead didn't like the middle of the middle of it. it depends on the wish of that will lead them and read the image city. it's a national group, but then we're supposed to meet in of our groups. depends on that. so we love to ok, but you know, now the worries here and there is no time for us for a creation and to go. resorts we are not in that mode. i see that right. even before the orthodox leave me east because it's a big, big celebration. it's a big it is and ukraine 7 miss last year. chris
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7 really killa miss sounds like yes. his but this today right. vm was right at the is almost there are 2 of them were intercept question. monica on. what depends on the fans? it's on 7 miss house. its the multi sewer residential house hall abutment know them when she died. but that is for her sometime 18 or 20 moved that 3 months will be died just they killed 3 months old baby by 9 o'clock. and then when he built me more thought that when this baby was one months old, managine. okay, you were managing what's happening and i just bought the, you know,
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just but i don't have any other words to use in these context. jeff box. read me the money but that's why i said to me, but i don't have the pleasure to enjoy the sunshine together with the goody that we talk and then we will end and we must and the unity least shami in order to avoid such a person, sasha tragic as they went, as we get the day when the 3 month old baby was killed. as soon as you actually, they don't care about any one. you had to go back up more sort of what we believe in the more short of value that you have. what is the christian world? what does russian well, you made a just,
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i don't and i knew what to say. it may sell objects. they used to say that some of me, some money, you cook so well. they just come there to enjoy that. so i think on the pros, seed for buy it by the central sense throw, i'll leave so definitely a good evening mr. prince and then this is tina channel. you have a chance to talk about the po, grow misstep fransisco and what do you think about it? well, in these general growth, as you see in vertical land that prince. this is the east brain. yes. oh. when he is facing in
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the phrase, the events in the events. so celebration he different that he's sick for your brain. he come, gretchen and i am grateful to him for his. they said and they said, and we, i have met him and we had a chance to talk at that meeting, i get the chance for him. this story with the military service, melissa martin. he failed to breed and came back from the prison and the actually that he must fight for ever and stuff and every 2nd life. and i want very much for him to come and who came to the point? what people in the east, what i wanted him to ride on. lot of the diary and those still matter you.
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that was exactly that last week. we may there are some signal, but we wait. we are waiting for him because say she's nation mission, the s, i'm still him from the lord. i was on the phone. i tried to pay my bill in for college or using this was in relation to your grade. that way i would like to use every possible up with you and that's why i told you for using this, what do you in relation to become silly? you do your year of being who is at back being of the shopping. there was the main effect they will jump through. most rooms that were in the interview
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was changed to paperless methods to solve and back of your brain. and we are asking for help in this context ever and what the metric on is not exception tv channels are added to the right. i moved up the non public medalist under which we follow of one of them and is doing and you say that you have asked the special council on what the function and what that the power and the lease people will remember. some of your credit will be that are present, it will, the government didn't present presidential administration. they come so greg has just been created and there is already the least governmental presidential office about facials, who will be
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a member of the store because the program was initiated by us by his ride. the program in in detail are to date with you. i yes so, so, so now my michelle is the for the program. now. now in addition to that, we let our discussions about raise your, your brain. we as a lead, as you can see then that spain and several other for example, they do the same. we then hold the same and, and she and we are talking about the retail lease this year. both starts or start
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out because your brain is not to worry sounds and then your grade issue is not the only issue is not only the finance issue in foster or not being to actually implies not only the finances, but also the the professionals. we are very much in financial architect professionals and so we are very much interested in a lot of professions and that will arrive in the region of your grade for the u. k. is to get the way that the prime minister johnson. we agreed that that the u. k. will be, will be responsible for journal. when we read that, that says day and we'll say gal micro live in the library generally. and my whole
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lives calling me and the you call is just that, it's my why the dash? because the not that we decided but probably more to say you your graham people have decided to join you and i believe we shall be a bell to spray. we got you from the god where be implementing such a big step for our storage of the brain and base when you might get to that that he then he because they, well they have made that you should of your brand got the victory of your frame and the big problem, thank you in the european court. and then right now it looks
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like the, the mom, the what the land will be its own land on the gym. oh, i'd be be surprise yourself, florence ration on your frame, and that you leave all of us. we'll be participating in that project. but there we will be participating. nothing. this will watch next to find the correct one. because so what nice was the concept? the aware people web what, which mean meant that people were doing a lot of work in working hours so we have to find a good word for that. so and now i'm not tv. those are douglas on the present. i'm here very much miss. are you ready for them? on my tv? i pronounced that correctly. yeah,
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yeah. the military, so mom, that's the claim. did they want to control the guy off your brain? they want to actually record all let the door by the question. you don't get them to be in the got before you. great and from your great you can do you have the numbers? are many children for sure. if they legally got the numbers, i want to apologize for the incorrect number because because because the people who were killed in the base rent battery, we cannot rec number the number.
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what we said is that our cough and mail be so wed be for from by 5. so your brain installed the battery of the russian federation. so the, that authority by the we believe that the number you're merely a new and now we don't have the number. i remember only one i thought was 5000. that was 5005. so that was the number which we said, and we can go, what is the current number? i don't know, i'm not sure that number is correct. the, the read chick. all my stuff in the to be a number is that the number is this 5000 or even
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just the number. and the 1st part of your question, i just put the graph every day you get some signal coming from ration, ration military and the ship a day. talk about carrying or desired for important or synthetic that we've had about this many done. the risks we mentioned today exists from the point of view of the design. but from the point though, you know, so the outcome we built for children and our seats that lead the to the 2nd row just let the president. thank you mister president. why, columbia look at that lead in 2 days. and this day
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we shall be paying you to our services where i've been gauge. some people should not be compassionate by some people from fad that way as your friend and some of the lead. but that you have to surrender that the some of your people. what is your view of such proposals, so green as they show. thank you very much gray, hans. don't surrender, we're sell to southern lin knowledge. so read them. and i believe that we have proven it not when they work, but the we have problems with each day with each that we, we are leaving in rush in that direction. you know,
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what they're doing to us is the next is that wait feeling they were telling what they had done, but more to britain, why lead and again the baby, a small kids and raping the baby. this is not merely the manifestation plays and will do mom, mom and dad. it was food. and historically the custodian books will include the web, which is already very far beyond that, in your bread and the in the, in the world. that's what they're doing in the web is that we knew that they act and read the very least you are they to naples? 80 said go to, you analyze through ation and our songs. and then,
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what are you in our content then you, you realize that these are the crashes months. so we'll be, we'll be getting into historical mo, throughout the well, we'll, we'll be teaching what was thought that and who prevailed in this fight for the freedom against this terrible crashing judge here rob lee said the central iowa. mr. president press and then i represent the cause we say that both them
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l. m, they want to go so nice to chat with. you are very happy to be a weapon, but if this is their very operational, you will you will be that you can actually join us for a moment. we see a bill and so you love it so much talking about in the world as malibu, the crime scene, you provide both the messenger what would you like the cry, walker, i my the special review or the hey i don't care how this read, you know, will be called the, i'm interested in the result and all that they did. and so your brain will be,
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will be some way your brain will be the growth. frankly speaking, it's not then, then we each both as me or the mazda is what number of people will begin watching years in prison. many. so the real issue, as many people will be in prison, and maybe i want to tell you. and so the 2nd question i went to his office is that with our european partners, we have already joined the investigation group. we see we believe that it will be international that you know, and the process is done. no, no, no recent loss of what bill and i see a lot of providers and at the
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bank are the chief justice of the national walker. and i'll look for what's coming to us just as experts. and i said, the meeting with the minister of their expert will be joining pro european, rejoining the spirit with this because everybody wants to be healed. to see it. everybody understands who is to blame and who has guilt, the end to the mystery area and most, all lab and we'll, we'll, we'll, and not that much of that. i did. you may, you may of thousands of 1000. so what we call the the russian federation is mounting law to all man. dave wants to have the core a door and they have
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a whole lot. that's what they said, they what they call it. there's nothing more that they may, they know that what they want to get out of that for sure. i don't believe that. oh and they don't even say they will not be here. we are able to strengthen our position that their front line, then our position in that she asian will be friends in my position. and then you go to, asians will be great. 7, i believe i believe that we can through when i, that's the same, caught the ball or to wait we as the, the source on strings. and we actually watch all methods, but what they will be doing. and after that, what they have done in the vision,
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people are hating them old, a shot already a fascist. then they 5 die. you watch, they have done. what did you learn? that the moment when they were enjoying something differential restaurant, what every cheap people loving them now they it is 800100 gmc and 9 pm in the ukraine and capital of keith. where we've been watching this unlikely scene really unfolding of a quite highly produce press conference lot of man landscape. the created president speaking from what i thought was a bunk or a basement it transpired. it was a subway station and train is funded by one point and such as the reality of this war. what has he been saying? he said that we will be meeting with the secretary of state, the secretary state entity blinking on sunday and the defense secretary lloyd austin. he said that.


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