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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera Inger Andersen  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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i think on that front he sailed none sally because of its it's his fault because of the circumstances because of the russian ambition because of the american interest and you know, recreating nato and so on, so forth. because for those of us, remember in the early part of his presidency, macro said natal was brain dead and it was time for a european army. he said, a european army that would stand for russia and believe it or not would stand against the united states. he said back then, right, that this would be a european army to defend europe. what all of that, of course now is in the past. no, obviously a man or the, your lilian defense is now is dependent on, on america more than ever before. a lot of the international rhetoric care for a minute. my chrome though is one him support internationally from other european leaders and lead us further of feel. but he was criticized during campaigning for perhaps, ignoring domestic issues and putting for instance, cutting a, a deal with vladimir putin as a, as a priority. do you think that's
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a fair assessment? did he neglect what was going on in his own country? well, you know, i think it was a practical strategy on his part to avoid those bitter and long debates with 9 other candidates to drag him into the gutter as it were. they dragged each other and he was basically left clean, you know, talking about european presidency and talking to with put in and talking about important did not international crises and looking presidential. so that might have been criticized by certain segment of the population for saying he cares more about europe and white ukraine, than he cares about, you know, average of the french laborer and so on, so forth. but then they help him. he not a couple of points in the polls because he look for essential. he looks like a man who can carry the importance of french role within europe. busy in the way
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that he led forward, you know, some mediation, but yes, as you said in the ends of the day, he failed. he failed, not only in the last few weeks that's over. remember back in 2019, it was my call who led the normal, the process between fulton and zalinski. and that normally the process led to nowhere. if that's not the process succeeded, we wouldn't have the war today. so friends is important, role in mediating between you, praying and russia back in 2019, did not lead to positive results in the situation in eastern grade continued to escalate. and of course, after that we had the invasion against the wishes against desires, against the insistence and persistence of my call. and i kept in touch with both of them. and still he does today in order to reach a mediated supplement. but clearly, when it came to foreign policy, it needs whatever macro touched. and i don't say that against his capacities or
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talents, but for somehow, whether it's in africa and whether it is russia and ukraine, whether is griggs, it, whether it's lebanon with visited twice in order to do something about that, whether it is denisia, egypt, whether it is palestine, whether it is e m, n clearly in libya and other and other places, whatever it whenever he tried to mediate whenever he tried to interfere whatever he tried to make frances or presents felt. it did not work out very well for him. he in fact, did worse on foreign policy that he did domestically, even though he looked like the young and restless and ambitious french leader that is able to do things and wants to do things. but the results were not as satisfied a mo, an you could almost hear the collective sigh of relief, former european or e. u. leaders in brussels. i mean, hypothetically,
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what would it have meant for le pen to have one this me, france is a hugely important power in europe. and as i was just saying earlier, without france in german, there would be no european union without france and germany, there would be no progress towards a european union from the european markets, from the repeal common market. and we want to be talking about european situations and europe and currency, all of that the you are on, so on, so forth. this is a french, german initiative, french, german drive, french general program. if you would have someone like look, pen presiding in the, in the say, someone who is not only unenthusiastic, intrinsically hostile to the idea of the opinion because it feels or she feels, it takes away from practice prestige from fantasist edition as a historical power. you know, throughout the history of so so forth, repair is a nation that has like trump, as a nationalist, like, put in as
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a nationalist care is more about french, a sovereignty than, than european unity. even though, for any average french that you ask, everyone understands in france, that france today is no longer the french of napoleon prior to the although it start carrying vito member of the un security council. it's a medium sized power. and france can only only multiply its power through the union. france is the most important power within the european union in terms of foreign policy. it is the nuclear power, especially now that england is out. and so france can multiply, can, can really speak loudly, can carry a big stick when, when it is part of the union. if under the fenn, hypothetically, it would have been of france leading with europe. will have seen a disaster for friendship, for stage. and for europe and unity by when we're looking at life inches of a manual micron and his wife walking along the shelter miles next to the eiffel
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tower flanked by some of his supporters cease walking slowly, ease arms in the air overseer. delighted man. very much. the band of the moment and you can hear in the back ground, the low rumble of large numbers of his support is an indication of exactly the kind of level of cheering. i suppose we're going to hear very, very shortly. this is a hugely important moment for a minute. my crohn back in 2017. he addressed his supporters outside the louvre museum. he was the new kid on the political block back then, but his own marsh party, as now, once again try m t is the 1st president in 20 years to get a 2nd round of the presidency at what he says that this crucial. busy meant full freedom for, for on sam didn't for european politics, will undoubtedly resonate it across the rest of the european union as well. who
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just to give you a reminder, all of the projected results, micron has 58.5 percent of the votes. while his far right rival got a share of $41.00 and a half percent, these figures are an estimation based on early counting. le pen was very quick to concede. she said the result put her party in an excellent place for the upcoming legislative elections because of course, the winning the presidency is only the 1st hurdle of the next president, of course, will be instrumental in the formation of a new government with a whole range of new complications and challenges ahead of for francis, somewhat divide data electorates. many turning this time around in terms of giving their supports to the far right. others frame gotcha had to go over what a pretty much amounted to a process vote to my you my crohn,
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even though he may not have been the 1st choice, i switched and to mo and bizarre, he's helping us and pick up the friendship election mo and a lot of voters that we've been hearing comments upon this election and said, well look, we've had no choice at all one vote or even described. it is like choosing between the, the plague or cholera. i mean, what does that say about democracy in france? what does it say about the health of democracy across the eve? what an awful, awful metaphor, right. i mean this is really, it tells you a lot about the malaise in europe. there's a whole working class and middle class in europe in france in particular, that is not happy. that feels that globalization is taking it by storm. feels it's lost between the big powers like china and the united states. and it doesn't feel a place for itself in this modern world that it's helped create. and that's why
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when it comes to my chrome, i would say the following need, i would say, today, micro made history. make notes that have only, he's the 1st one to run twice and when twice since 2002. he's the 1st one to win twice since 958 with holding a majority in parliament. because those who one twice did not have a majority of parliament, he has a majority in parliament and one twice. this is new forefront, but of course, this is a 5 year term, not the old 7 year term. so as in as much as he made the history today, the czar li french history made him president twice. and why? because of the bitterness towards the political system and the political elite in the country, and on the continence the french center, right. and the french center light front left has basically to launch the socialist party and the republican party on basically under 10 percent together. they're not,
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they have not done well at all. and we don't know much about if they have any anymore future on the macro level in the country. so he made for history today, but bizarrely, because of the way things have turned out, history has made him a leader. and his, the question is, as a leader with twice mandate, how will he use this mandate in order to leave both in europe and to allow france to lead a story for him to lead in france and for france to lead in europe? he has 5 years to prove the 58 percent of the french right. that this is not just only a vote against the pen. and the far right, this is also a vote towards a new center, a center that's able to provide answers that the centers left in the center right could not offer to the french are looking at live pitches of minute micro making
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his way through the crowd or of supporters in the shop to march way, marsh miles rather where he will address a large crowd that obviously these image is televised around the world. and this is a man of course sir, who is very, very aware of what this will look like. the optics of all of this, we can see you flags of the background mar, we can see what we can hear. also the tail end of that will important beethoven piece of music the, the anthem, if the european union, of course, micron very much a corner stone over of the european union's identity after the departure of the u. k. from the, you know, the think about michael was that as you were saying back in 2017 when he walked from the louvre to the concord, you know, he was criticized for being or looking like a little napoleon right at the time he really took the the trappings of the
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president's away too far then, and he's clearly enjoying doing it again, you know, giving that was french presidency, a new sort of trapping. but because we also all know that he was put a shooting on the eliza. he was parachuted on the presidency in, unlike all his predecessors. and i remember most of them having lippitt and studied here at the country molla, you know, the year that had to interrupt you because the amount of momentum under macro is just about to speak. this is just for me. thank you. dear friends, shackle bentley, our dear compatriots, you see about here in paris. it back to were and everywhere we to up throughout the territory there. and but it 20 as well as what you see is churches and abroad. first of all, before anything. thank you. a
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good psycho new following 5 years. de la fontose, your transformation? these exceptional of exceptional crises of difficult times. you won't get pub in the mid on the 24th of april. 2022. don't one word. majority of us made of april choice, so he did a trust me to preside over thank your public following the next 5 years. and also the sample i want to design, go all the berlin to bear the volunteers the company will do the dose your company made room on the route from the very beginning of my campaign office and you made the selection possible
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to see i know you would have if i'm in as it was a fall that you did it on the nosey, you put in the so much effort with so much of your convictions with a hot girl striking the 8th in the heart of truth. thank you. i know what i owe you. thank you. ah, good, i want to come, oh, the french people g. o who if you're good in the 1st and then the 2nd round, jumps up other sell me that just in the future. all the project for more in pendant francis strong
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a euro. this is more than normal investment and decreasing changes it continue to make specific progress beyond everyone by freeing a crate of innovation in our country and to make for on this you're a great nation just to see. i also know good no to look at that. the on many of our compassionate normal did vote for me because of not to support my ideas, but as the discipline dot that of those ideas of extreme rights v. and here, i want to thank them. you know, you could just say to them, mobily, i'm aware of this mobilization for future years deposit there. i am a deposit tre. does one of their sense of duty attachment to the populate or
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risk backing of different things that have been expressed these past few weeks? the boss is he, i'm also thinking but yet of all our compatriots to abstain got it off their silent galaxy the for the shows a or getting a lot of wish the little to refuse to stay silent and we must respond to them. so often i'm finally thinking you're with them. are those voted for mr. c. n. so as well. and i know that they are disappointed tonight from the beginning, i asked you never to whistle after, because this is a prison from now,
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this is blue. look on the duncan, i'm no longer the candle of one camps, but i'm the president of all women. and oh, man isn't good. we'll know what to look. i know that for many of our compatriots, yours, lizzie, wasn't really and why did they chose the extreme right? is this a good anger and disagreement? we have people which would lead them to vote for that project enables must to find areas for pansy that would be my responsibility. and those who surround me. oliver, this is because the votes of this days are both listen, elation means we have to consider victory. all the difficulties people have lived through as a scholar upon to their anger to that disappointment. michelle,
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but my dear friend of the pancreas, my friends were is laundry to day was ever fit a song made many choice for humanism, her po, not a bundle. ambitious independence about our country for our europe, per se, a gun republic project, which adheres to it says values a social project, an ecological project there for a project, based on what they assume and creation jose to leave your house, your project of liberation, of our academic when i cultural entrepreneurial forces, do this project so closely this project isn't about there is a one i want to bring about with strength for the coming years. is it being the deposit tree or so? did you also, that didn't revisions that had been exceed bradshaw and the different sales is your sexual and ensuring is day,
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the restaurant back of every one hot in insinuating the city for a more fair society, for a quality, a mother's home between women and men. and i also said for that, you know, for the i think these are, will you have to be demanding the thought and ambitious we have. so my only law and the war in ukraine was there. so that reminds us of the tragedy. for francis was a got this of we were must the move here show us the celerity of our choice. is it about your thought and to build, ask you to good rank in all areas and we will be there. we will do this info, he will or so my friend is so beautiful,
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you have to insure it for carefully and respectfully, but it be all good to country, which is a ball of doubts and divisions alone for the i for, for he must be strong men knew necessarily, but nobody emma can stop us from being on this path. hello, logan, our saw so together that you need the ball again. so we must have unity look as only through this. can we be heard of the live and happy away and re rise to challenge is in the coming years to be more 2nd year secure because these years will not be thought com, but they will be historical god. together, we will be able to write a history for the future generations a,
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so my dear compatriots, mosacco, but my dear compatriots, city because it is with ambition, you know, and care of been for our country to, for all of us because of, of what i want to be able to a lot that is i can give yen look towards the next 5 years with this new era here, which will not be a continuity of the previous 5 years. but i thought a better a better 5 years for the service of our country for our youth. salgado who knew every one of us your home as well had a responsibility shut down on when every one of us saw? well, yoga he'd have to commit themselves because knew every one of us,
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particularly men, counts on more than selves. that is what makes up of the french pitfalls a singular strang resend that i love so deeply them all so intensely and that i am route to be serving you again long. if the republic long run in there, you have it in my you my crohn standing together with his wife for bridgets,
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looking somewhat emotional. i think it's fair to say it's not hugely believed. he's the 1st present in 20 years and for us to get a 2nd run of the presidency. and this of course, will be his last 5 year term. the constitution prevents him standing again in 2027 and a very important speech he gave listening in to all of that is natasha butler. i now live from paris. natasha some very, very interesting points raised by my chrome to them of course about so reaching out to those who didn't vote for him. and those who chose not to to vote at all. he said that he wants to be a president of all camps and all men and women in france, do you think people would believe him? what we'll have to say yes. let him out. you micron did make a point to it. he said he sees the force of the i feel how incredibly symbolic location, paris, he can make the point that he mean that many in the selection simply to
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block the fall, rightly delivering the pain natashae. i'm gonna have to jump in there. i'm afraid i'm, i'm afraid we're having some sound difficulty said in hearing ye, but just to take us back to live images of a i might your my chrome and his wife standing on the stage there in central paris, underneath the iconic eiffel tower they, they, french national anthem, i think is being sung yes, it is in indeed being wave there of course. european union flags along with the french flags macaroni very much an important leader in the european union. this when will of course, no doubt to lead to huge size of relief amongst the politicians and other leaders and brussels, who let's go back to natasha who i believe we can now he, you, natasha. we were talking about whether or not french people will believe whether micron is capable of bridging the divide and appealing perhaps so those people that didn't lend him their support this tom ran well,
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it's going to be the big challenge for him. he has to try and convince people across france, many of whom didn't vote for him as well, that he can bring people together. that he really does want to be the president of all french people. as he says he does. it was interesting, his victory speed that he did reach out to those. he voted for him, not because they support him or his policies, but because they want to block the far right leader marine the pen. they want to block a far right agenda. they can see a fall, right, a presidency for france, he said he knows that those people are out there that they did. they did vote for him in order to support him again. so there also, there are many people who simply didn't go out to vote a quarter french people decided to abstain. he said that he also wanted to be a present for them, that in some way he said he was going to owe them over the next 5 years. and what he then went on to say is that he wanted to concentrate on areas that might,
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you'd imagine appeal to some of those voters. he talks about climate change or social issues. cultural issues are doing more for entrepreneurs. many areas that people over the last 5 years have said that emmanuel macro has ignored because he is a centrist. but for some voters, he has moved too far to the right, with policies on immigration and security, and that sort of thing and left let down many left when voters. what we did see though, over the past 2 weeks, is emanuel macro. acknowledge that and really campaign are to try and get some of those left wing voters on board. some of them did now support him in this election . he knows though, in a way, as he says that he owes them a debt. a natasha very briefly, a lot of people have repeatedly said so during the course of this election campaign or that they felt they didn't have any choice or that they of course of had to vote strategically. for instance, to keep the right person or at least the, the more appropriate person empower what's i say about the health of democracy in
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france if people feel so divided what is something that we've seen in elections over the past few years, whether they've been parliamentary elections the european elections or a presidential elections, this sense amongst voters that they are increasingly fed up of politics fed up of politicians. they don't have any faith in the political system any more that they feel that the candidates on offer simply don't represent them. and then even when people do get elected, people so often feel that their demands their needs, their voices are simply ignored by politicians. there's a lot of distrust and we heard a lot about that during their selection from people who you know, we talk to people on the contrary often say i thank you. tasha. we're gonna have to wrap up their natasha. but thank you so much. we're about to 0, back in just a moment with ball on the french election. this is al jazeera. don't go away.
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ah aah! from the ruins of mosul, music as re emerged. these are some of 40 musicians who make up the weather orchestra in iraq, 2nd largest city, despite being banned. when mosul was occupied by, i saw the melodies arrived. derfin christian curd are absurd needs and she has these young men and women represent the diversity of iraq to be able to hear music . i mean, the ruins of muscles all city feel strange, but it brings home the resilience of residents who say that despite the destruction and lack of help him in committed to bringing the city back to life. nay. on out his era from climb reporting an in depth analysis,
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we bring you the latest on the ukraine war on the unfolding humanitarian crisis. documentary that is fine. with me screens, world issues into focus through compelling human stories almost 6 decades after fidel castro's proclamation of the communist republic of cuba. we explore the issues shaping the country's future out as it was investigative program. phone lines were times with a special series on abuse in the boy scouts of america. lebanon goes to the polls, but will political change help the country find its way out to which crippling economic crisis may on al jazeera. from the al jazeera london broker center t people, unprompted uninterrupted. there is a form of knowledge which is kind of not acknowledged though, there isn't only one story to be told even about colonialism, the other stories thought to if after was that gun and then that all 3 out to 18 we can bring in all of these other ecology that not necessarily struck in the ways
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that we've been taught them. i feel like that's potentially a really exciting prospect studio, be unfit. good on al jazeera ah, ah, celebrations in france's estimate show. emmanuel micron has won the presidential election with more than 58 percent of the vote of his father. rival marie le pen concedes defeat, but turns our focus to legislative elections later this year. ah, i'll be here. this is i'll just hear a life of love that also coming up on the front line and ukraine's east. this russian forces pushed towards the city of sloppy. ask.


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