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its way towards the west coast of madagascar taking the heavy rain and stronger winds with it. ah, ah . when it comes to russia's warriors, russia is failing. ukraine to succeed in the u. s. pledges more military on financial support for ukraine during the highest level american visit to keep since the war began. ah, who are watching out 0 life from headquarters and ohio daddy navigator also coming up in my new on my chrome becomes the 1st french president in 20 years to be reelected. but he faces major challenges ahead. china's fight to contain
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coven, 19 beijing's biggest district begins testing more than 3000000 residence. after dozens of new cases, a political newcomer defeats lavinia as 3 time prime minister and parliamentary elections. exit polls suggest a landslide victory. russell is failing in ukraine. that's according to the u. s. secretary of state who's just wrapped up a visit to keith. during the trip anthony blinkin and secretary of defense lloyd austin also said that the u. s. will continue to provide weapons to ukraine to help it pushed back the russian invasion. this is the highest level face to face meeting between keys in the white house since the war began. blinkin also said you as diplomats would start to return to ukraine starting next week that russia is failing. ukraine is succeeding. russia has sought,
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as is principally to totally subjugate ukraine to take away its sovereignty, to take away its independence. that has fail. it sought to assert the power of its military and its economy. we're forcing just the opposite military that is dramatically under performing an economy as a result of sanctions. as a result of the mass exodus from russia, that is in shambles. thursday, the broke president biden signed a, you know, a drop down and on saturday, ours was worth join up from that draw down package. that is a unimaginable speed. and it's due to the hard work of all the men and women who are working day out day in a day out to, to do the kinds of things that they're doing. what we're going to remain focused on giving him what he needs to be successful in the future, and that, that's what you, you'd expect you'd expect for him to say thanks but, and he's really grateful. but you know,
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let's focus on what needs to be done. when courtney is a former white house senior director for russia, ukraine and eurasian affairs, he says having allies travel to ukraine help zalinski is image as a legitimate war time leader. visits of the western leaders have shown some of support for present soleski and ukraine. silly, courageous defense of its counter, but they've also shown a measure of confidence that ukrainian government has made okay of secure. so there are 2 purposes there. now, 3rd purpose is to get a measure of zalinski as a war time president. he's become a war time, winston churchill, to the surprise of a lot of people. a lot of western leaders had not known zalinski in that context of getting a personal feel for him and for the figures around him is an important step. well, the where says moved, it's a red line if you will, throughout you at the beginning,
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the west is emphasizing that it was providing all the defensive equipment, including javelin ante armor and stinger anti air systems. but now as the fight has changed, its move to the east of ukraine, where there is more open country. so longer range, artillery tanks are more useful there. so the west has stepped up, the kind of military equipment that was provided earlier. the u. s. president turned down the big 20 and i'm transferred from poland to your crime, apparently thinking that might be provocative. but if that issue were to come up today for the 1st time, us might have a different response. well, you crane is trying to repel russ as offensive in the south found in the eastern don bass region. charl. stratford is near the front line in soviet the town of lee man, which is about 20 kilometers and also have a channel that we were literally unable to get to today because the shelling was so
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heavy we did, however speak to civilians coming out of it. they yeah, confirming what we could have saying that they were families sheltering in bunkers . we smoked one person to describe the crater in the center of town that was believed to be changed from an air strike. we cannot confirm that. and just as indication of the difficulties that people are facing here is this, as it was, continues, there was a young family that will actually trying to get into lehman. at one stage we said, well, where are you going? can you hear the shelley? and they said, well, we have no choice, our home is there and we cannot afford to live in denise pro, and that's where they fled to. they played that every once before and now they were going into it. just as it seems, russian forces are making a concerted effort to push towards the city of sylvia and where we are now in other areas. we also know is ongoing fighting south east of here in a town called pop sana,
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which we understand is half controlled by the russian rules is heavily contested. and as i say, is an indication of the russian army trying to surround savanski here as sofa so far, at least the ukrainians, ukrainian forces seem to be keeping, keeping them back. the emanuel macro has been re elected as france as president. he comfortably beat far right challenger marine the pen, but he's acknowledged voter as dissatisfaction with his 1st term. and with almost all the votes counted, macro has an estimated 58.54 percent in the presidential runoff. while the pan leader of the national rally party has 41.46 percent, here's bernard smith reporting from paris manual micro gamble that a short but tense election campaign would be enough. it was his comfortable margin
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of victory over marina pan, gives him a 2nd term of the lease a palace, only 2 presidents before him of manage that in his victory speech, makram promised that his next 5 year term would be different. said there are new readiness up this new era will not be a continuity of the 5 previous years. but the collected invention of a revised method for 5 better years for our country. and are you faced supporters? this is a when that endorse is what they believe is their country's role at the heart of the european union. what have you said to my wife? i'm very happy up to the last minute i thought i would have fainted. you never know in life, anything can happen. rosie that's already been up to day extensions were significant that emanuel macaroni did a good job in the 1st years of his mandate and he deserves to lead france again. marine la, penn, gave the far right the highest share of the vote in a french election, but her path to the presidency was blocked again by a republican front. in other words,
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many voters who supported other candidates in the 1st round voted this time to keep le pen out. now, but in a button that is we, the game is not over since in 3 weeks time we will have the legislative elections. ah, that is we know, or a distortion of the political trend and create a risk of a manual macro. concentrating all executive and legislative powers. john lew, melanie shown the far left presidential candidate, took just one percent less of the vote than the pen in the 1st round. he wants his party, france on bowed to with enough support in the legislative elections. the macro is forced to appoint him prime minister. yet to should, to all of you, i say, do not resign yourself. on the contrary, go candidly and completely into the action has on democracy, can once again give us the means to change direction. the war in ukraine and the raw, using cost of living were main concerns for french voters. both issues will likely
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dominate the start of micron. the 2nd term that probably won't be much of a grace period for the president on the left with many of them and voted for him, reluctant to raise the retirement, easy to hire and fire workers, reform on employment benefit program. the 1st thing just put in ramps again, algebra. nicholas tanser is a guest professor of government and political theory of sciences po university in paris, and he says, micro faces a challenge and uniting the country. i think one of the men difficult people for macros that is perfectly knows that he cannot, of course, run again because of the ro under consideration basically. so we certainly have, we will have to probably not designate but to choose a kind of person who could replace him next elections. and i think that we have also to focus on the 4th saying,
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which is very important. if we consider the 1st round of the 1st presidential elections, we had basically more than 50 fard. our entire system voters are from the far right. approximately 35 percent. all from the fall list about 2021 percent. so i think it's a huge number of people that we have to convince. i mean, the classical political parties are classical political poses from the left all from the light, from the center, like michael to convince that there is absolutely no future for those on time system forces. i think that's one of the main challenges. in fact, as a frenchman, i am not very proud of the fact that we have still 42 percent of the voters who voted for the far right candidate. you see that the 1st time, the 3rd time that you have a far right candidate present in the 2nd round of the presidential election. and i
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think we are all responsible even guilty for this kind of situation. china is racing to track a cover 19 outbreak that may have been spreading in the capital for a week. mass testing has begun and beijing largest district char young, homeless, more than 3000000 people. residents have been rushing to buy essential items amid fears that widespread loft on may be imposed. katrina, you has more from beijing. people here and aging are extremely anxious and nervous . supermarkets across the city, especially in the eastern part, have been stripped of many of their supplies of people panic, buying over the weekend. of people think that any day now locked down could be announced. and this is because the authorities in the city said that they were 41 cases reported in charlie young district, which is actually where we are located in the past few days. now 41 doesn't sound like a very big number, but they said that the situation is particularly concerning because these cases
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have been, they said, spreading silently throughout the capital over the past week. and because of this, we've seen 28 neighborhoods put under lockdown that at least 20000 people confined to their homes. 1200 had been identified as close contacts, and they were swiftly moved to quarantine centers for isolation. now, authorities say that they're going to conduct 3 rounds of mass testing in china district this week. that's about 5000000 people who have to be tested 3 times over the next few days. and they've also discouraged any form of travel in and out of the city, especially with the upcoming may public holiday, which starts on sunday, which goes for about 4 days is and is really typically when a lot of families leave the city for travel. still ahead on al jazeera, we go underground and germany for a look at why it's upgrading old bunkers. built to protect people from possible
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clear. tar. ah. it's surprising. when for the arena's election details coming up after the break. ah hello there. the weather wasn't very pleasant across the iberian peninsula over the weekend, but things are going to change its gonna dry up and we will see some sunshine, at least on monday, for the wet weather. well, that can be found across continental europe. up in the north, it's dryer, but a little bit cooler. we look to the north west for britain and island on monday, we are seeing some sunshine through the clouds. it is going to be cold. however, thanks to a cold wind blowing down the north sea. that's going to be felt across eastern
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areas of england, but still since sunshine to be enjoyed and the sun shines dominating for a lot of scandinavia, it is cooler here as well. but for the wet weather we have to head to eastern areas of europe. that's going to intensify pushing into western russia as well as best bela roost. by the time we get into tuesday now for the south of this, it is wessa for france as well. on monday, some snow falling on the alps as well as northern areas of leasing. some of the heavy arrange to come. it does why up might be however, for the se, across the balkans, within a lot of wounds come in for romania, bucharest, at $25.00 degrees. them a story for athens, as well as greece and turkey thing, a lot of sunshine here, and we're going to see the sun come back into madrid on monday. but it's going to be rainy from tuesday that should weather update. ah frank assessments, what are the political risks about russian oil gas for western leaders,
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co sanctions. on rosh, another jewish force informed opinions about the name to fight against judges to resume india and going to be marketing from asia from china. clinical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of the crate in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera oh, a pillow top stories, and i'll just say we're this, our us sector, state and city blinking has promised ukraine's forces continued support from the white house, he met the ukrainian president and chief on sunday along with the us defense
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secretary, lloyd austin, french president's money when my call has been reelected, comfortably beating for right challenge him or in the pan microns, the college. the dissatisfaction with his 1st term, while the parent says she's in a good position for upcoming for elementary elections. mass testing has begun in beijing largest district child yang. china has been racing to track with 1900 outbreak that may have been spreading in the capital for a week. there are fears that a widespread lockdown could be imposed. a verdict is expected on monday in the trial of turkish business. mon osmond cavallo has been in prison for 5 years without conviction. cavellas on trial, along with 15, others on charges related to 2013 wave protests initially linked to the urban development of a stumble toxic guess he park. he faces life imprisonment if he's convicted. cynical smuggler is joining us from outside the courthouse and stumble. how do we expect the day to play out and, and are we expecting a verdict today?
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send him naturally. this is the final hearing and starts of last friday. i but it's too long because the defendants made the final available, the final statements to the court. so in the thirty's hi, criminal court of the stumble today, a verdict is highly expected. and the cover and co workers are, as you said, facing a life sentence imprisonment. because the court argues that a small kabbalah was the one who organized that gives e a protests, a nation wide protest which turned out to be anti government protest in 2013. that's why he's accused of trying to overthrow the got elected government debt, which means targeting the constitutional order and according to turkish law, at this crime, it described deserves aggravated life sentence. however, there also my osmond cover has been behind bars already more than 4 and
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a half years without any combination. and his supporters, a, his friends are asking, demanding his release. i have spoken to some judicial sources since friday they, they've been to a but they have been also telling me that a release an acquittal doesn't seem possible as this file has been criticized by international environment, international organizations, the opposition european council of human rights. a very important international human rights watchdog, and they believe that this case is highly politicized, because of the government is fry, esper, them. the government is trying to silence the descent. and that's why if a life sentence is given to these people, this can also harm took his relations with the u. s. special. thinking that a turkey's the earpiece council member, a turkey turkey can be suspended. but some argued that since o smock abala has been behind bars for more than 4 and a half is
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a court according to turkish laws. a person who is behind bars for my fears, without a conviction, can be released, pending gun trials. so as some argue that at the court may play with time and a because with the judicial a holiday, it can end up like this, but we will see this afternoon. okay, we will check back with you later on. thank your seneca saw the report from istanbul while the 1st verdict, and one of several trials of me in mars. the post civilian leader has been delayed on since she was arrested by the army. when it sees power more than a year ago. she's facing a series of corruption tribes. a guilty verdict could mean a sentence up to 15 years. she is accused of influencing the 2020 vote to win a 2nd term in office. lawrence louis has more from qual, i'm for. well, this is the 1st of several corruption trials she faces and for this case, there is a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison that carries
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a much heavy attend the other cases. and the other trials i have gone on against her. they were for relatively minor offenses with much shorter, maximum prison terms. and she has been found guilty in those cases ranging from possessing on license walkie talkies to breaching corona virus, ruth and rather sadly, she was sentenced to prison in those cases. so many people watching this case are expecting a guilty verdict as well. now, in this particular case, she is accused of having received bribes from a former yang, gone chief minister. his name is pure maintain, and he was considered a prosser. jay. of all answered she considered by some to be a possible successor. now, a few months, a few weeks after the cool, he appeared in a video broadcast on military run tv, saying that he had given gold and us dollars to own santucci as bribes. and in october last year, he testified in court. now at the time, when did the video appeared? many people had denounced it as fake,
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but then he appeared in court in october. and so he seen as a key witness in this case. and many people are expecting on fancy g to be found guilty. partly because of this, but also partly because of the way the other trials have been conducted as well. the way the gender has conducted the trials. of course, many people have also denounced the cases against authenticity as politically motivated and designed by the jury to ensure that she cannot stage a politically a political come back. several people have been killed in violence between our groups and sudan dar for region. rival 5 excuse each other of triggering it military reinforcements have been deployed to the region of morgan reports from hard to while the rita of west r 4 has been witnessing into coming on violence between the ethnic arabs in west are 4 in the region of korea. nick, which is about 80 kilometers from the capital janina, that's the capital of west are for now the mythology tribe that to non arab ethnic tribe in west are for accused the arabs,
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a grading them on friday and attacking them, killing at least 8 people. the situation was largely calm on saturday, but on sunday morning, the muscles accused the arabs of raiding the area. once again, they say that's our armed men came from all directions and burned villages. displacing people in the area of greening again, which is about 80 kilometers from the capital janina. that's the capital of west. dar for now west are 4 and our 4 generally has been witnessing inter communist violence despite the fact that a peace agreement was signed between the transitional government, an arm groups in 2020 with the aims of ending the conflict that started into 2003 the intercom violence between the arabs and non arab tribes have displaced tens of thousands over the past couple of years, especially over the past few months. that's largely because of resources. there's really army says that they're attacking targets in lebanon after rocket was fired
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into israel overnight. the projectile landed in an open area near the town of slowly. it's close to the border without causing damage or injuries. this flare up comes after weeks of tensions between palestinians and is really forces at an exhaust compound that occupied east jerusalem. us president joe biden has accepted an invitation from israel's prime minister of tele bennett to visit the white house as biden will make the trip. in the coming months. the cheerleaders spoke on the phone about the 10 situation at the end of some aust, compound and occupied his jerusalem. this will be biden's 1st visits to israel as president, idaho. castro was following these developments from washington, dc. he nor this really side gave any dates as far as when this visit would take place. but both countries indeed confirming that biden accepted bennett's invitation, and in that this would happen quote, in the coming months. this announcement, following that phone call between the 2 leaders in which 2 important subjects were
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raised, one being the tension surrounding the alex, a mosque in jerusalem, where clashes between palestinians and israelis, security forces since april have led to hundreds of arrests of palestinians. and on friday reports of some 57 palestinians, injured by israeli security forces. the why house read out of this call saying that president biden told bennett that he was taking note of the ongoing efforts between israeli and palestinian officials to lower attentions and ensure a peaceful conclusion to the holy season of ramadan. now the other topic here, of course, being iran with the benefits office saying that he asked biden not to de list the iranian, a republican national guard as a terrorist organization as it's currently listed. now this is a something that is real considers as the largest harris group in the world. a detailed at the white house read out of this phone call left out instead saying
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that biden and bennett discussed the threat posed by ran and its proxies. elections in is, lavinia have delivered a shock and a new prime minister. the opposition candidate, robert golub from the freedom moving party, won the most votes. the newcomers though, expectancy form a coalition government. his party won nearly 34 percent of the votes, compared to 24 percent for its conservative rivals. this is a major defeat for the o going prime minister janese onshore, who's accused of pushing the country to the rights. gasper rush has more from the civilian capital. this was supposed to be a fight through between the robbers, up from freedom movement, and prime minister deanna found shot by robert go up on in a landslide. one of the reasons is that he has a lot of new orders who weren't went to the election before. on the other hand, on his answer was criticized for suppressing media for suppressing civil society
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and organization. so civil society, we're going into the 3 selling people for 12. so the very high turn out is one of the key issue in the selection in 2018. there was a 53 percent walters coming out. now it's very close to 70 percent. we expect that the robert op will form a government which other left the parties. on the other hand, yana, sasha will staying a position. he's a political vector and he's he will be waiting for his next chance. he was prime minister for 3 times and he couldn't do it the 4th time. so we are expecting that the parliament will have for less parties. it would be easier for, rather go up to form a government. think rockwell has withdrawn from the organization of american states . the government president daniel ortega also close the organizations offices in
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the capital. the block had condemned ortega's reelection after several opponents were detained before the vote. nicaragua announced the split from what it calls the infamous organisation. in november, germany is planning to strengthen its bunker system after russia's invasion of ukraine. the interior minister, once old, base and shelter, is upgraded after years of neglect. country has about 600 such bunkers. the boston reports from berlin, in a city with a law unto metric war history like berlin, you don't have to look far to find old bunkers. in 1977, this subway station was constructed as an atomic bunker to protect 3 and a half 1000 people from a possible nuclear attack by the soviet union. behind his door, the cold war seemed still very real. every people come in here said gap. a few things which is what she needs. she needs 2 rolls of
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toilet paper for 2 weeks. piece of so a towel and a boat and a cup. the bunker was designed so people would have enough oxygen, water, and food for 2 weeks, hoping the worst radiation would be gone by then for decade, the government maintained hundreds of these bunkers. and since 2007, nobody spending a cent anymore because they believed in germany. the threat is over. not many in germany had expected just a few months ago that something like this would possibly be needed again, an underground emergency kitchen, well hidden behind thick concrete walls, but with a threat from russia becoming more real in people's minds. some here realize the country is not ready. not only have old bankers be neglected, many have been sold and found new destinations like this one, which now is
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a museum for asian art. others have turned into galleries, nightclubs or private houses. the nearly $600.00 bunkers, the government still owned and not ready for use, according to military experts that would be reusable within a particular financial constraints, they're gonna have to spend money. this whole thing is a very vosta expensive undertaking. the thought of needing to seek shelter in a bunker feels unreal to some of those just finished a tour overwhelming to see how much argues hole had a feeling must be in the war when you were here outside the plains, the bombs, we have had so many decades of peace in europe, this is a very difficult situation. i hope there will be a peaceful solution to all of this. even in the heat of the cold war, berlin could only protect 27500 people in its bunkers on
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a population of 2100000. so the government plan to upgrade them is seen as a way to reassure its citizens. rather than aiming to offer protection for every one step, fasten elgin sierra in berlin. the 1st, all private mission to the international space station is on its way home after a string of delays. the acts, one machine was supposed to last 10 days, but it's taken a weeks longer because of bad weather before astronauts on board and through 3 businessman who each paid $55000000.00 for that trip to space dragon itself says, ah, hello again. these are the headlines on al jazeera. you are sectors dancing, and lincoln has promised ukraine's forces continued support from the white house. he met the ukrainian president in chief on sunday along with us defense secretary lloyd austin. russia is failing. ukraine is succeeding. russia has sought as
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his principal way to totally subjugate ukraine to take away.


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