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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  April 25, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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there will be a peaceful solution to all of this. even in the heat of the cold war, berlin could only protect 27500 people in its bunkers and a population of 2100000. so the government plan to upgrade them is seen as a way to reassure its citizens, rather than aiming to offer protection for every one step. fasten al jazeera in berlin. ah. so this is our desert. these are the top stories, a new secretary of state, and me blinkin has promised that ukraine's forces continued support from the white house. he met the cranium president and cave. on sunday, along with us defense secretary, lloyd austin, both men, crazy cranes efforts to defend itself. and said it would ultimately prevail over russia, that the u. s. has also announced that it's resuming its diplomatic presence in ukraine. my cana in washington, as more on our back, the reason we're back all of these factors together. very important in terms of the
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u. s. r presence in ukraine saying as well that it's sending diplomats back in the coming week. those diplomats having been brought out to the beginning of the war and also significantly the u. s. is going to resume training of ukrainian military on what it says are and disclosed weapon systems. so all of these factors together show an uptick in the biden administration's involvement in that war, new grade rushes president vladimir putin has claim moscow's enemies are trying to cause unrest in the country in a bid to limit its territorial gains in ukraine. putin says, is not working at a skull, which prices go august. the other task is coming forward to break russia from within. but he can't do it because our society showing its unity and support our armed forces and our efforts to maintain the security of russia and the citizens of don bass. russian media outlets are reporting a series of blasts in moldova, breakaway region of trans mystery. there, the explosions reportedly happened at the ministry of state security. in the city
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of toronto so far there have been no reports of casualties. a turkish quarter sentence businessman osmond kabbalah to life in prison cabala had been on trial on charges related to anti government protest back in 2013 was found guilty of attempting to overthrow the government. french president, a man or macro, has been reelected. the defeated far right challenge emory le pen micron has acknowledged votes. his dissatisfaction with his 1st mast testing to cope 19 has begun in bay jeans. largest district china is trying to track an outbreak that may have been spreading in the capital for a week. the 1st verdict in one of several. charles, amir mazda posed civilian leader, has been delayed. ang santucci, was arrested by the army when it sees power a year ago. yes, there were lines more news after inside story with mamma jam, g buckner. ah,
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what will the french president's 2nd term look like? emanuel mac hall is reelected, but only after defeating the far right and gaining votes from people who chose him . reluctantly. how will he deal with a divided electorate? this is inside story. ah. hello and welcome to the program. i'm hammer, jim jim emanuel mccaul is re elected president of france for a 2nd term. he's the 1st person in 20 years to achieve the feat. but the result
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from the 2nd round run off seems more a sigh of relief than a grand victory. micron defeated marine le pen who achieved the strongest ever result for a far right candidate. 28 percent of eligible voters didn't cast about. that's the highest abstention rate since 1969 makram promised to be a president for everyone, including those who only voted for him to keep le pen out attention now turns the legislative elections in june. both the far right and far left hope to win more seats and put pressure on microns agenda. bernard smith reports from paris ah, emanuel micron gamble that a short but intense election campaign would be enough. it was his comfortable margin of victory over marina pan, gives him a 2nd term of the lease a palace. only 2 presidents before him have managed that. in his victory speech, makram promised that his next 5 year term would be different, said the new readiness of up this new era will not be
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a continuity of the 5 previous years. but the collected invention of a revised method for 5 better years for our country. and are you faced supporters? this is a win that endorses what they believe is their country's role at the heart of the european union. much as you said to my, i'm very happy up to the last minute i thought i would have fainted. you never know in life anything can happen. josie loves us with up to day extensions were significant that emanuel macaroni did a good job in the 1st years of his mandate and he deserves to lead france again. marine la penn gave the far right the highest share of the vote in a french election. but her path to the presidency was blocked again by a republican front. in other words, many voters who supported other candidates in the 1st round voted this time to keep le pen out. now, but in it, but did officially the game is not over in a few weeks, will have the legislative elections. ah,
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which as we know, are a distortion of the political trend and create a risk of emanuel mackerel, concentrating on executive and legislative powers. sir john lew, melanie shown the far left presidential candidate, took just one percent less of the vote than the pen in the 1st round. he wants his party, france on bowed to win enough support in the legislative elections. the macro is forced to appoint him prime minister, yet to should, to all of you, i say, do not resign yourself. on the contrary, go candidly and completely into the action. democracy could once again, is the means to change direction. the war, a new crane, and the rising cost of living with main concerns for french voters, both issues will likely dominate the start of microns 2nd term. that probably won't be much like grace period to the president, especially on the left. many lumens weren't voted for him. reluctant, her mind runs promise to raise the retirement age. he'll make it easier to hire and
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fire workers on it with full unemployment benefits. protest scotty's 1st. i think this could erupt again. punishment al jazeera ah. all right, let's go ahead and bring in our guests from one toy france tomorrow. generally, a political scientist in paris, jesse and vapor program coordinator at the german marshall fund of the united states. and then bought in the united kingdom earlier model, a senior lecturer and politics at the university of bath and author of reactionary democracy i racism. and the populace far right became mainstream. a warm welcome to you all and thanks so much for joining us today on inside story already on let me start with you today. there are those who have said that the result of this election is a rejection of the far right. but marine le pen achieved the strongest ever results for a far right candidate. so is it too early to celebrate?
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absolutely, i don't think there should be any celebration to be honest. the panels broken a new record for for the fall. right. and for, for both of them on not sure now she has done much better than father ever did. she has done much better than she ever did as well. so it's not a victory by, by any stretch of the imagination. and i think worse than that, in fact, she won against the candidate. he spent the best of the past 5 years mainstreaming . a lot of our right ideas and basically pushing a lot of islam who eat politics into the mainstream as well. so i think what it may be an electron defeat for the far right the far right. are you still winning, ideologically? in france at the moment, tomorrow president mac crohn had attempted to appeal to the left, especially in the past few weeks in order to win this election. do you think we're going to see more attempts from him at a left word shift going forward? is he going to pay, for example, more attention to social issues going forward?
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well, if we, if we believe with what he said during these acceptance speech, while he victory speech yesterday evening, he said that you knew he was aware of the fact that millions of left wing voters voted for him on need to make sure far right. not see spouse so, and that you would take that into account. why did, why framing a new way to ok, but what we actually do, what he should do, obviously, is to try to, to create a, what we call a multinational in french, which is basically a specific, a global political union, national unity governments with everyone except far right and maybe far left. so that's what, that's what he should do in order to, to, to,
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to bring political appeasement to the country. but we are, we have absolutely no evidence. that is actually what he's going to do that, what should politically, but we don't know if he's going to do that, is in, i imagine this must have been a huge sigh of relief out of brussels and, and also out of washington with, with the result of the selection, correct? yeah, exactly. i think it was a sigh of relief in basically all european capitals and of course also on the other side of the atlantic. because if we think through the scenario and the pen as a french president, that would have been devastating consequences for the european union because the pen was broken was basically all the key principles of european integration, such as the principle of supremacy. if you know of a national law and also i know the unwritten principle,
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but the very well established practice of french german cooperation are key issues . so yes indeed, it is a very good news for europe, but also for trans atlantic cooperation that my coal has long presidency again. and particularly in brussels. we're still holding the rotating presidency up the council of the news. that means that we can most likely expect more initiatives from the french side and more also very ambitious initiatives from the french side over the next 2 and a half months. that is the time remaining officer sitting presidency. and yeah, that is a good that to advance on many issues of european integration already and i just wanted to speak with you for a moment about the the far right in france and the moment they find themselves in right now, i mean, eric's more had campaigned on a much more extreme platform and in the run up to the 1st round of the presidential
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elections. did his campaign make marine and the pen seem moderate by comparison? and i guess what i'm asking is, did his campaign normalize marine la pen? absolutely. yeah. i think in fact, money depend benefited both from a more making her look moderate by comparison, as you said, because there was a lot more extreme on bias positions you know, where you, what this pouting old kind of fall, right for us in other positions which made her look more wonder, even her program was actually put potentially more radical than been in 2017. but i think she was to benefit it from from the continuous mainstreaming of foreign politics in france, which we've witnessed in the past 20 years, at least. and but mac was pushed as well further. so at the same time loop it was, she did not run it by li. very good campaign campaign was around january. she benefited from actually the both, both sites around her who, one of a,
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one of making her look more moderate and the other one looking her more, making a little more legitimate and mainstream so. so i think she was very lucky with the way the campaign find out. she is more so allowed her to avoid some of the flag. i think she would have gotten regarding russia and her leaves to russia. and it seems, but it's the more who has suffered most from these to my, let's speak for a moment with you about what's going on with the left at this moment in france. what has this election cycle meant for the left? jean luc mental shawn, he got very, very close to reaching the 2nd round in the presidential election. what happens now? well, and you have to keep in mind that among dirt 22 percent among friends, reuters, who voted for commercial. all of them are left wing and a half of them voted for him because they agreed with this platform. the other half
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voted for voting for him only to try to get the left wing candidate or the 2nd round of the election. what does it mean? it means that 22 percent is not the actual strength, political strength, electoral strength of misdemeanor, mental show on the spot. it is the almost the total strength of the left wing all command in france. that's what it means. so for those who think that there is nothing else now or on the left side of the political spectrum, nothing else on the left, bob, them on the middle school in my opinion, misleading. because again, half of these voters, in fact, lettering voters who would have voted for something else if it was not, if it were not for the specific rule of the 2nd round as you know in the presidential election. so now the question for the left wing is how to maximize
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the results for the parliamentary elections. obviously, the, the logical and reasonable bath would be for a complete unity, a complete union, a complete left wing alliance. we've all political forces left french left wing. the problem is meant also middle school and his dance either said no to another to an alliance. the said that to the socialist party, which is center left in france or, or this said yes, but we have conditions that were obviously an acceptable because they were, they were giving so few to their potential partners. that's what they med, that's what they have done with green budgets. so more or less that will not be actual unity for folder french policy in missouri elections because your notion is lieutenant preferred to be the kings in a lonely, lonely situation. instead of trying to build a fair alliance, so it's offensive us,
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you know, it sort of a choice. it's that they are free to do that design. so now that a manual micron has been reelected and there is a huge sense of relief from the you. but of course, there are now the legislative elections that are coming up. and what i'm curious about is, is there a sense of worry in brussels about what might happen in those legislative elections if micron does not. if his party does not keep it's majority, what does that mean for his championing of the you going forward? so 1st of all, what we have to bear in mind from the context that the french president has traditionally a big mountain of maneuver for his action in terms of foreign policy, which is what we call foreign policy. and do men read me so kind of reserve the domain of the president. so even if he doesn't have the majority in parliament,
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this would only have a limited direct impact on what you can do in your because he and his team could still pitch the ideas and try to advance things on the level of the counter. but also through the punishment, so that would not be directly affected. and also when it comes to defense from the 1st side, that would also work. however, we have to bear in mind that, for example, the french punishment has to authorize every deployment of the french armed forces that goes in yonge forman. and particularly with you to have a potential deployment of french forces or potential new deployment of french forces to the saw how because you know that francis now withdrawing from mommy discussions already ongoing. how european involvement and also friendship movement and reach. and that could become
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a factor of concern or of major interest in brussels and all quinn, other member states. and overall, we have to bear in mind that particularly if my car does not win the presidential majority, the parliamentary majority building consensus with the other parties and having good relations and working relations with parliament to get domestic agenda points implemented were taken out of presidential resources and then potentially resources that would then be missing on the european never. so let's see how relations between my call as parliament when they was, let's see when, whether the french as they used to do equip him with the parliamentary majority to govern. but i am currently not very optimistic that his popular mash will have this majority to might look to me like you were reacting to
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some of what jesse was saying there. did you want to jump in? oh, respectfully, yes. and if we look at the french government elections, you will just need to know that for the past 2 decades now, we are had parliamentary elections a few weeks after the presidential election. and here's what happens again and again. and again. all electro race all voting blocks. if i may have got demobilized, you know, really, really a drop of the voting rate, but the voters that voted for the window of the presidential election. there demobilize way less than the others. so in terms of actual votes cast it what you see, a landslide in favor of the guy won the presidential election. so if things keep
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being the same and they have been so for the past 20 years, and we will see a landslide majority in favor of i mean in my coin, the next find a material actions. not because there is an overwhelming support in favor, but just because of what we call in french absence, she'll do several shell, which would be, i think, in english. the difference of abstention rate between the different blogs after the presidential election already in marine, la penn. in her speech, after the results were announced, said that she was going to fight on to secure a large number of representatives in these legislative elections. does it look to you like her party could do quite well in those elections? no, i don't believe so. i think, i think my summarized kind of wider context very well, and i think it's even more difficult for, for the rational national in the far right in general. because they are, again facing a to round election. and generally in the parliamentary election,
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not only varies more attention, but tends to benefit always differential extension, but tends to benefit the party on the other media elected president. but it also tends to be more lie and see in the 2nd round against the far right and parties dropping off from, from the convention to, to make sure that before i doesn't go through and this is why the problem on that's not under 1000. that only ever had a handful of, of states in parliament except in 986 when the bus printing was changed to a promotion or vote so. so no, i don't think she will do very well, but i think it would be interesting to see actually if she managed to keep her electro mobilized, or whether actually a lot of the electorate. but she be gods be starting around. may have been also a protest and will tend towards either abstention or towards other parties. so i think, i think that would be lessons to be learned, but i can not imagine, but the problem honest. and i will do particularly well in the abutment, reelections and really,
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and i just want to ask you about something you were kind of touching on there. i mean, the idea of the republican front that people will join together to, to try to prevent a far right candidate from winning the presidency. is that something that's, that's been stripped away by, by the result of the selection? i mean, is that a concept that's sort of crumbling right now, or is it still strong? it is certainly something that is crumbling and i think this is something that has been crumbling for quite a long time. now. it could be can be we can front is no longer as strong as it used to be in 2002 for example. and we've noticed more and more about presidential candidates calling to vote for ben. we had one in 2017. we had to be time around. i think there's more and more invitation as well on the, on the right wing of a political spectrum. we reached out to alliances. so i think it would be again, one of the lessons of responding to re election to see what kind of alliances come out. i suspect they will still be assembling. so for repre begin from but,
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but will be strong enough to prevent before us or not from gaining too many m. p. 's. but again, i think it would be very important to keep an eye on, on actually how mainstream on us and that you're becoming and how weak the republican front is becoming, as well as a result of the mainstreaming of our right politics in france. partly partly because of the actions of the mainstream itself, rather than just because of the action of a fall, right? judging from your standpoint, how much has the war in ukraine impacted what went on in this election cycle and the results of the election? oh, basically we saw when mac or when the war in ukraine iraq troops in or when russia invaded ukraine in february 2022. then we saw that there was kind of already around just like effect. so we saw popularity, of course, on the intention of vote for my call skyrocket, but later on it dropped down. and that is basically a classic really around the flake effect that we see here. meaning bad leaders and
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times of crisis in terms of acute crisis. also, a given a bit more credit or risk have a bit more popularity among the public than they would have normally. but we saw that my calls score then dropped down a little bit to the old will to the almost to the level that is said before. so i wouldn't say that it has significantly impact of the campaign because we have seen that the major topic and from here is the cost of living. however, it had of course, an impact even if that was most likely not as significant as to the based on the living. it shows me saw, for example, during the debate between the pen and michael that the pen was really struggling to defend herself against the points brought up by michael regarding the loan. she still has the ration bang her or her relations with letting me protein that she has
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that she has been maintaining since quite a few years. so there, that definitely has played a role. and when it comes to the question of capability of french leadership, i assume that that also has played a role because my call has already manifested that he has to paste the teacher lead and that's kind of coughing. so that might have benefit of him. but in the end, as i said, the dominating topic here was the cost of living tomorrow. from your perspective, what are some of the biggest challenges the president micron will face these next 5 years? and what do you think his next term is really going to look like? well, the thing is, is what is fence for, but it includes several major reforms on the social, social and economic from. and by that, i mean, reform of our pension system. we form of our insurance system,
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you know, labor marketing system and also a reform of our house protection system. the problem is all 3 kinds of reforms. the problem is that it would damage the, chasing boe out to the living standards of millions and millions of frenchmen. and as janine already mentioned, the cost of living is already the major. a rated the most important priority for half of the french population, which means that in fact, the dns already don't meet full half of the french population nowadays. and to, to, to speak about the things the way they are. you know, on the on field do price of bread is rising, the price of fuel is brought is rising, the price of it. in fact,
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most of the things you have to buy to feed your family is rising. it's not particularly happening in france. it's in fact all over the world currently. but what we have among democracies, as a reaction to the situation is obviously a trend, a growing trend of basically voting against the system. and in fact though, the far right, if i may, i'm sorry for the tone, joke that neil fascism is the new black in terms of political trends. right, well we have run out of time, so we're gonna have to leave the conversation there. thanks so much to all of our guest tomorrow, generally does he neighbor and or alien model? and thank you for watching. you can see the program again. any time i visiting our website, al jazeera dot com, and for further discussion, go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash ha. inside stuart. you can also join the conversation on twitter or handle is at ha,
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you think that's a bad thing more to to and did was here's a good thing. absolutely. on august eve, oh, unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from our london bro casenita on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, over there, i'm a clog. this is a news our life from the hall coming up the next 60 minutes. when it comes to rushes, warren's russia is failing. ukraine is succeeding. the united states promises more military aid for ukraine during the highest level american visit to keep since the war with russia begun from guilty of trying to overthrow turkey's government.


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