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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  April 25, 2022 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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ex rocket, but at least they had some extra value. bad weather meant the 9 day trip was extended to 17 days. look at them. remember, you can find much more in our website's the address for that is w w. w dot al jazeera dot com ah, a reminder of the top stories here when al jazeera twitter has condemned as confirmed rather, it's been bought by a law mosque for 44000000000 dollars. earlier shes being traded in the company were halted because of reports masks, beds to buy the social media giant would be successful. the sale raises questions as to how the billionaire will reform the social media john mosque has previously said he wants to unlock twitters, extraordinary potential, and make it a platform for free speech around the world. the u. s. secretary of state says
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russia has failed in ukraine. antony blinkin, and defense secretary lloyd austin, have wrapped up a visit in keith, and pledge to step up u. s. military aid, including more advanced weapons, ukrainian president, florida, me as a lensky said, the meeting was an important moment for his country. ukrainians are standing up. they're standing strong in their doing that with the support that we have coordinated from literally around the world. the strategy that we've put in place massive support for ukraine, masser pressure against russia. solidarity with more than 30 countries engaged in these efforts is having real results. and we're seeing that when it comes to russia's warnings, russia is failing. ukraine is succeeding a turkish court, a sentence rights activists, osman kabbalah to life in prison. and a case that is caused tensions between president reptile,
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otto and several western countries. corvana was found guilty of attempting to overthrow the government by organizing anti government protest in 20136. other people was sentenced to 18 years each. the french bold businessman had been held for 5 years without trial earning condemnation from the european court of human rights. germany has already demanded his immediate release. if he appears to cry rebels who are fighting a war with a government to the north of the country, say they have made a tactical retreat. that decry people's liberation. frontal t p l f says it's completely would draw all of its forces from the neighboring afar region. they say the hope the withdrawal will allow a to reach family hit to cry. why more than 90 percent of the population needs food aid? those are the top stories stay with us because the stream is next and going ah
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i i as i me okay, you're watching the stream on today's episode. we delve into cutting in politics as can yet bits good bye to the late president. why tobacco? we look ahead to see who might be the next president of kenya. so we are going to do a preview of the upcoming general election, the voters, the issues the candidates be part of that discussion as well, by jumping into you chief. and he can be part of today's ah,
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welcome the re my she co fire tricks. i good to have you all here. marina, please introduce yourself to our international audience. thanks for having me. i'm near my walk or the executive director of c. s to please. and it's basically are you still going to zation? we teach them about the constitution and engage them in elections and politics. get to have a she co welcome to the screen. please introduce yourself. thank you for me. my name is sure he can walk with tribe last year. we worked with young people and then created a list. we basically do a lot of advocacy around leadership a 2nd to have you and patrick, welcome back to the stream. nice to have you remind an international view as who you are on what you do. thanks barbara. my name is patrick. i'm the curator achieve the elephant. i'm also a political cartoonist and a writer based in all right, so friends is this the very best that can you can do in terms of the next president
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of kenya. these are likely to be the main candidates rayleigh dinger. and william router is that the best, the cream of politics in kenya. patrick, you start? well, i don't think it's an issue of whether it's a beth. it's really all that we have to be quite honest. i think i look at who has the capacity to actually get elected, who got the name recognition, who've been there long enough, who do people sort of who are the guys, people who gravitate to whether they are the best i would speak to that. i don't think they are. but what do you look across separate carina? i can say they that much better to be on. she can, your face is giving you away your face and that shaking of your head. tell us more go ahead. i just like, i think we do saw elections to something i call and i'm sorry to say that it's the
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civil. well, we will decide to we are going to vote for the not. we are going to vote because it's tribesman, we don't care what his son for. right land boots are not the best house. we have so many good people, but we just overlook that because they have not stolen enough. they have not shouted enough. they have not done anything to because as because vehicles may be who are these good people? will we have one coming up the mr. mit is most adventure guest that you have. we are not talking about. we have the money to go and that's why i agree with chico where the media portrays it as i to hoss race. but there are other candidates who don't even make it to their prime time, or we don't even get to see them or their campaign or anything like that. and so
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that's way it looks like it's so much focused on these 2 particular individuals. and these 2 particular parties, kelley sion but they, i think the visuals actually more than 10. i. okay. so that's that. but at any time i patrick ahead. yeah. the head patrick. yeah. i mean the question was about quality of candidates. it whether these are the best that we have. and my argument is, i mean, really trying to gauge or the one is better than the other in the system that we have is with the a crapshoot it. oh, if you look at to elections, for example, 2002, when we thought you were getting the best that we had, you know, we ended up with people who behaved very much of the thieves that we had. these are replaced. so in essence, when we focus on, well, let's look for a good leader. let's look for a good president. i think we missed the point. the problem is the system we are
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putting them in. so, um, when i look around, i don't think we are going to get any mess i, as will, was to turn up intervals, fix all problems. they don't event we but you know, in the system that we are a that's, that's all we need to get rid of but the lack of going on. what for carla? i know, i mean i feel that they've been individuals in the races including chasing one of their 1st women to go for presidency by trace, know it took about 2 months back. i was also another woman, they stick and meant to go for presidency and she might be gleaned for deputy. but she's somebody that i believe in some would be that i've waited for previously. and i think she's an individual who can make a good president even though that's not the position she's going for now. so i think they are good people. i think we just don't book with them because last time how board came to about 100 and i mean, can i go but she was there,
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then we may in june in july. if, if i'm a friends in july of 2017, we had to show all female politicians from kenya talking about the struggle to get into politics. this is what esther told us in 2017. how terrific to day have a look. i think kenya has really progressed in the sense that we've actually got it in our constitution that not more than 2 thirds of one gender. so it's there. unfortunately, women have not been empowered financially so that they can actually go for these positions and they're doing it on their own. political parties have still not been able to feel women and women have not really come forward. as daisy said, even if all the women were elected, we still would not get the numbers right. she can. so that was 5 years ago. how we doing right now? how many women all have prospects? so i will say a kids who had more women trying to come out and bought,
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but unfortunately the situation is more or less the same with thing in the last with this but, but just of we just completed last week, we didn't women being told to give up their positions because of how much of action they're going to be. no minute to women who are very popular, who have come pain for the longest, some big. so there's no, you know what you need to set up. so we're still seeing political parties looking a good, so women who are trying to buy and amazing me we've, if it doesn't get on top of some of the women, what intentionally removed from the bottle of us. why his tell you that i really it is visiting them off because more popular them because it is. why would they do that? i know the answer. i should not ask a question when i know the answer. all right, patrick, explain why we would be pushed off the ballot. ah, well,
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it is an all boys club to be honest. i ha, i've heard the men are taking care of their friends mamma, and they're turned to put in people with whom they're comfortable with people who they think they can are work with to rob the rest of us. and i think in the end the it's, it's, it's, i'm all boys network are that's there that will try to push out. i'm women, we're really seen as interlopers. and i mean, you can think about a re must book about, i'm not in the. i was beside you, spoke about the truth as gender rule and how they've refused to implement it in our way comes to elections for parliament. so, but there is clearly no political desire or will amongst the man who ran kenya to expand it. so they can include women into this. so i'm just going to play. i'm just gonna go back out. remind a little bit to march the 122022. this is in violet. a. dingo accepted the
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nomination to be our presidential candidate. knowing the will you listen very carefully, what policies are you're hearing? what's the mandate that he's promising? what is that campaign price? as heavily from hamlet? i accept his nomination with absolute good digits and dedication, draw our country and all the other parties that have endorsed this nomination yonder to me as drawn, broad and unified blood phone was turned on. an additional pair of hands drilled stood. it is ship. well, it's interesting because there's been so many parties actually almost 20 that have come behind for my pre minister re loading to support his candidacy. and that's where he think that it is such
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a strong platform for him. and he's something that we have never quite seen the last time that we saw, such as togetherness, i would say, would be 2002. where it took out that we did national re alliance and many political parties that individuals came together behind for my president wake you. becky, who you mentioned has passed on and the whole country just basically wanted to get rid of president more at the time. oh, that's why we've seen so much of a push and he's just basically saying that now that i have this kind of stuff what that meant. then i'm going to make sure that i go through and focus on the people in kenya and what they wish for and what they want full. of course, everybody's heading to what e corner me, although they're trying to use, afraid me where as the new is trying to look like they are one. and they're talking themselves as the one alliance, which is unity and bringing all the tribes together. so that's kind of the link
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that they're utilizing. but i don't think that that different when you look at both come this summer and i also sheila, yes, she can go ahead sir, for me. but look, i feel like with this as a male clinician, this something that they of course wanted to emulate what's happened didn't cheetos until when could like to was coming in. but i kind of feel like one thing that gets in wrong is that within that clearly shows they're also beaten seats with are they're written by calisha when it's happens. when it happened, all the petitions had to kind of the sold their parties to come in from one coalition. so it was a for them. it was very lying in terms of their coping. and this is also the tribal grouping between kenya. oh really? she can vigilant, homeless with chica, this is what you call the idiots festival, correct. the idea that yes and my groups in can you a wit top, do you off examining the deadly if at the election? i thank you. in moving on, we got your vote, all right, and patching have
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a listen to this. for me, this is a william router. there is so much intrigue behind who is supporting who the current president should be supporting his deputy president. but he is not. is a whole soap opera going home, but it's happened listened to that as with the deputy president and what he says he's going to be campaigning for. if people vote for him here he is, patrick, we at the back of it while cut him will not be a mom. boy i'm, i'm a lock on my daughter cannot view when you're telling us about power and government positions. we want to tell you of the boat bobo and those pulling hand carts, vegetable vendors, totes barbershop owners and cobblers charmers. they are also business owners. we should respect them and uplift them. so that can, you can move forward. she moved to us idea, duke and a with a grant, a big i should just say the abortive order is a very efficient form, a transport you on the back of a bike. good luck with that. hope you make it to your destination. i go ahead,
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go ahead and i mean obviously the, the, the deputy president, his tried to frame his campaign as a sort of something new in canyon politics. there are, it's no longer about appealing to ethnic blocks by appealing to almost, ah, the, and her out of it, the under developed classes. the, the people who've been ignored by the system are for, for a long time. and those are the but one of the people he calls the hospice. but there is a chink in what he saying, i mean days or a lie embedded in there. because who has been ignoring these people. these guy has been in office reader are martz's 2013. that are are his be the deputy president of the republic. and for a long time was a very loyal deputy president had been promised to get his 10 years after get
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cannetta was done. um, so i think our in essence, he is just utilizing, ah, i to be done as utilizing a narrative. but there is nothing really embedded in it. in fact, john gone would describe, ah, this election as a electron about nothing at all. and it's really the 1st time we've got an election where did both candidates, none of them is actually proposing anything that is serious. so a root was his stock. so be game about asked miss, but no proposals, no, nothing policy wise. that he is put you know at the same thing mama with what's his name? i'm always i low dingo. yeah. you know with as a meal it talk like i know what you right now. all right. are you cheap? you huge that, that this was given to me. yes. offer me. yeah. guy panama both no rima and shook off compared this election to the 2002 and i think the more passionate elections is
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2013. what are in 2002, you had a huge source of grouping and coalition on one side 2013. it was split and the same we're, we're, we're, we're split now between as a mule and rotors outfit. it on our, my interest in 2002, we were very invested in getting more out the door and that was really the driving sport in 2013. we knew you're back, he was going and just us today people, noy who is going, you know, so i think the middle, i'm surprised when it gets, if i may, i'm just going to bringing some of id to people audience because you are inspiring them to, to actually talk to you a couple thoughts. i want you to react this as quickly as you can. and we might going to put this one to you from. are you from you chip? same old candidates, can we get some new young guys? answer that question in a sentence, is that possible this year?
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this year it's gonna be difficult just because of their finances that it takes to run a campaign. their finance act try to put a cap, but we're talking about 4000000000 shillings that a lot of young people don't have access to. so this time around is going to be difficult and know. all right, patrick, this one also very quickly. this is from call on you chip i it wants to know what router and a dingus terms of development policies are going forward. do they have development policies for kenya? are you hearing them? i'm well, no, all they have already just a general or generalized statements and positions, but there's nothing specific that you're getting out of them. they'll keep saying, wait for the manifestos, but i know in canyon a history and politicking, the manifestos don't really all look the same or problem is the same thing. i
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serve. can you the elections project? i to talk about the efficacy of elections? no, because we keep pushing people to participate in them, but they never seem to deliver for anything that is a changes in the lives of can. yes, and i'll to jump my face. and i think we really need to get a bit more more serious about how people participate in the years in between elections, which is when the stealing opens, which is a when the policies are meant to be implemented. the election is a specter calling for the politicians and they have managed to convince us that that is where we should do about it right now. let me know what you think and then she can get a 2nd. let me just bring in a because who's watching right now because thank you so much because says this will be the apathy election. we won't know exactly that is exactly what i want to say.
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thank you a, because i say yes, i feel like this is one election where we're seeing a lot of young people are just saying, you know what, forget it. i don't want to be involved in it. and i think that is going to continue to grow in a way i think that this rebel non what's happening right now, and i don't think we even quite understand that. i don't think our elections boundaries commission understands that as well. and it's in a we young people going against what their parents want them to do was parents are saying get you with us. god get out there, participate. and the youth are saying, no, i don't want to. and i've had so many parents come up to me and say, i don't know what to tell my kids in the mall. and so in a sense, i think we're seeing a shift in our country that we're not even beginning to understand. and it's only gonna change when young people see people that they don't defy with who are making sense to them of the way it is. we're going to continue to see
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a decline even satisfaction of elections. a full a do. it's numa and also to adam. but those covian covered happened in the politicians, yet we saw them after could be doing out and they kept them paid. so they came back to life. as of they have all of hut yet they are. hipaa lost jobs. over 60 percent of that money. no jobless, hopeless wrath. so the simple additions for having to tell us never to provide jobs, that they were not there to push them as when called it. so those are people who cannot even trust, but then because elections has been put as a 1st of all that we all have to come out. we have to what someone, we have to just pick up books that other end of the day i was feeling like this is not for us. let those who benefit from it than gone into it or she can let me play this for you. this is from alchemy and she, patrick, how tight for moment just i can get a little bit of space from a couple of our community that we spoke to earlier. and they talked about hate
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speech and hate politics. she co, this is ground that i know you know very well, have a listen to our community and them respect, respond immediately afterwards. the commission responsible for money telling the little speech on social con you to call and we get platforms us back it in its mandate, while because we shall last the legal mackenzie to persecute property. i saw it speech and missing from mission. this means that the political class and they were taken very seriously and as election visually hotly contested, whereby political candidates use tribal politics to incite and influence voting patterns. as a result, kenneth democratic processes are made by violence, mostly enabled by hateful and discriminatory politics. for contin, what are issued by facebook to try and pick talk is dangerously feeling propaganda . well, i let the fuck leather, the lust guess book about propaganda because right now election is being run by
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propaganda misinformation. and it is information always seen all the politicians know how long does end up being young. people are those and shillings that is equivalent to $10.00 or something a to know, go on and hate attack each other short people on line. so it does become chaotic bookings. i will talk about the commission that is monday to, to regulate hits rich, where we think, oh, i know is a just las dog. and i'm sorry, because we have seen them again and again throwing outlets that they don't take anywhere. we have a commission that cannot prosecute to have a commission. the other end of the day cannot do anything of what from produce statements. but this still sitting on kenyon allowances finan, sucks is and still feeding on these. apart from the fuel campaigns, we've seen them driving one light to be honest. what is the impact they have on the ground? we've seen them. um, listen, someone been that i said patrol for insights in cripple was say, put to got
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a statement that was insightful. and then after to this because they have the money . they know sewing st probably come out and nothing up. it's. we now know that the commission is working with the government. so at the end of the day, it's not going. the government is, are a detective site, so it does not work to be done, but it is not going to solve the people it, it'll be subbing the interest of someone ah, in the structure of i wanted to know how our audience that you recommended that i watch an mtv documentary called crowds for hire. it's that behind the scenes is the shenanigans that what politicians do to make crowds happen, how they spread the influence. how may be, what you're seeing in the campaign will not be reflected at the ballot box. this gentleman that without he from his coat immobilizing, he whips up the campaigns. he had to speak using a secret identity. but i think is a really interesting placed the end because as we see war more rallies happening.
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can we believe our eyes heavily is another look ethically? so the one you want to lose one of the term old, so we'll do a job over here. oh, good. with got to live in church. you shouldn't see. most of them got blue shield included in short copies, linda tacoma. won't be a good will. will i ever believe a crowd that i ever seeing? can you ever get and i have to say, of course it's not just, can you this happens the world over all right? day we full amongst before a general election coorlet i norama who's going to be the next president of kenya in a sentence. i only 2 outcomes,
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i don't know who their president will be. will either have a very terrible 10 out of very good 10 out because it's too close and everyone will be trying to get every single word because every single she got. well, last sentence, you're going to leave us with you know, i feel like young with the moment because this it means you're watching for the wrong. but at the end of the day, yes, but we feel like it's a destruct job. so we need to plan ourselves, but patrick, your final sentence is, what is dondo got the election? don't put too much stake in. it doesn't really matter who gets in. okay, what happens after the lecture they'll, if i tried the old palmer, i read my you got us thinking you tube audience. we appreciate you. thanks for watching everybody cnx time. ah
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ah. and a witness face witness. bravery, witness. frida, witness? slavery, witness. people, witness? power, witness. and lifetime witness and our witness, man, witness bees, witness prejudice, witness. peace, witness. love, witness. ball witness. the world witness. next door. witness
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life witness. era. in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to heidi toxic, had beside, with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive instance of chemical warfare a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge brain something they didn't even see the case. the 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange. on al jazeera bowl and, and home stories and asia and the pacific. i'm out, lou. lou.
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ah, wherever you go in the world, one airline goes to make it for you. exceptional katara always going places to go. ah, i'm the barker in london. the top stories on al jazeera twitter has confirmed it's been bought by eli busk for $44000000000.00 a year. she's being traded in the company were halted because of reports masks paid to by the social media giant would be successful. the sale raises questions as to how the billionaire will reform the social media john mosque has previously said he wants to unlocked, which is extraordinary potential and make it a platform for free speech around the world. must could tweeted on monday that he hopes even his worst critics remain on the platform. because quote,
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that's what free speech means. gabrielle is on, bo has more from the new york stock exchange. they're saying that about 25 point.


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