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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2022 11:00am-11:30am AST

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aah! al jazeera ah, with blue russia spat, overtone bass expands. further it's foreign minister accuses nato of starting proxy war by sending weapons to ukraine. and keeping their language alive. we hear from people in ukraine who is shunning anything washing. ah, hello, i'm adrian again. this is al 0 life and though ha, also coming up china up against mass testing it's capital as it battles to contain . mother covet 19 outbreak of success for ellen musk. the wealth which is man,
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is buying twitter for $44000000000.00. but it's a move that's dividing. social media rushes . foreign minister says this a real threat of a 3rd world war. so gay lever off his accusing nature of waging a proxy war with moscow by supplying weapons to ukraine. all the ukrainian side, it's foreign minister says the rhetoric from moscow means it's sensing defeat. both sides though, say there are obstacles to a cease fire. no cut will you born glue bomb o? as in any situation where armed forces is used, everything will end with the treaty, but its parameters will be determined by the stage of hostilities at which this treaty becomes a reality, a water both up to that. i don't think he's ready for a serious conversation. i don't think russia is ready for i'm finding solutions at the negotiating table. but if i see that they change this attitude and they are
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ready to seriously look for mutual acceptable solutions, i will overcome my my disgust and sit down with him and talk on the ground rushing forces of targeted railways and critical infrastructure in ukraine. moscow is trying to block the supply of foreign weapons, ukrainian reinforcements to the front lines in the east. the class need train station near these was one of 5 targets struck by russian missiles. will ukrainian forces are confronting the russian military in the east of the country. the russian forces pushing south and advancing north from russian control on yeske. l. 0. charles stamford reports now from sloppy and near one of the front lines. a ukrainian military abilene speeds south towards soviet sc. evacuated civilians arrived in a van. it's a ukrainian army checkpoint north east of the city. the military won't allow us to fill inside the vehicle, our spit, lada, delia:
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as nearly as 86 year old bother tanita. my husband is still in their home. i bury, afraid for him, said, darling, breaking down to the person in ukraine. what's this water n says nadia and we can say that's imputed stop this dreadful war and put it to the we're hearing a lot of shelling. as you can hear that possibly that shelling coming from this direction. we've also hearing from that direction about 7 kilometers up that road is the town of newman. now we, we know that russian forces control a village very close to it. we also understand that most of the civilians have left and the military are telling us that what the russians are trying to do, fly attacking the man is move closer to the city of savanski, which is down this road. bloody told a case lie on the ground close to the checkpoint,
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cut from the limbs of soldiers or civilians. injured them like before. a military ambulance arrives, had injured ukrainian. soldier is helped to waiting on medics who refused to let us vill oh, stop filming. now he says, what are these crater is from what the ukrainian army say was a russian rocket. the landed near another check point on a different road into sloppy, and it leads to the russian controls city of elysium. the ukrainian army says it's holding back at least a 2 if not 3 pronged russian army evolves. sloppy. ask along with neighboring cremmit also. only a 10 minute drive further south of the 2 biggest cities in the door, best region still on the full ukrainian army control. we drive it detailed the streets of virtually empty. the people still here shop at the occasional
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supermarket, still open. many of the shelves of bare close by we find marina and said a gay by him 6 years then you like, you know, of course we're afraid it's going to happen. the russians are pushing, but we hope the army can protect us and defend the city. we have a basement and that's our only plan. the main thing is that we've sent our children away from a school was damaged when a russian bull blended close by. but sloppy ads because escaped. the heavy rushing shelling suffered by some towns in the dawn. it's gretchen in the evening light, a siren whales warning those who remain to get inside or under ground an almost deserted city in the russian armies. sites. just wrap it out 0. sloppy ask. following the invasion, many ukrainians are choosing to shun all things. russian. one thing that's changing
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fast is the use of the russian language houses here. so as we'll sit reports now from the vive, the service at the orthodox church of saint george in libby has continued for centuries. and it has not been interrupted by the ongoing war. though it has seen some change in the rights are now being performed mostly in ukrainian or russian. some other, it was decided by the community itself that the service should be exclusively ukrainians. the reject the or sub own language which is commonly used by the russian orthodox church. and they want to hear the ukrainian language because they say she is closer to them. what you're, you're true in ukraine went around 30 percent off the population speaks, russian. things have changed since the russian invasion in february verification, as many koreans are calling it is spreading fast across the country. even the 3
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named after the russian historical figures are now given ukrainian names. it's about the colonization to have independent country. we have independent feet that we have own history, and so we'll do according to our history and not that what the fullest on, on, on our, on off by a huge money. all the is called the re, to what russia has presented as a key reason for taking you crazy. if you know the city of much of the, say d on needs to be raised from start to finish, it's been poisoning the lives of slavic people. for 100 years, in reality, russian people, even the name itself, is insulting to be one of the russian peoples and to suddenly become ukrainians. this idea needs to be totally eradicated, but before we start eradicated them, for us, they have to be convincingly defeated. ukraine's society has been deeply polarized
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was going to break into that report, go live to the prime, start at base in germany, where politicians and military experts from up to 40 countries, a meeting to discuss the next steps for ukraine. among them, the us defense secretary lloyd austin, who's speaking lips listening are right. we will be very, very good. so i only in so quickly wanted historical media, few brain defense. wholesale group is an extraordinary gathering with more than 40 countries represent here. today. we're here in praying when the might against russia. i'm just and maybe and the bill, the crate dimensions for tomorrow travels. as you know, i came here after traveling to key with my friend the secretary of state, when you attended and productive discussion with president zalinski to
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see about support that we're providing the capabilities that you frame the and you crazy changing require us as a biologist, the law into those are the only under, for my sense of urgency and urgency. i know that we've all here of today to lee was a comma and transparent understanding of the pre near term security requirement. because we're fully having an hour so that we can meet. and then you'll hear from your office, the coordination mechanism that we have in place to even stronger with all we can do or, or to continue to help brain cell even more capable. we're joined today by my here for you,
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bringing in the vendors residence or a t as well. we're all here because of your brain for it because of the innocent civilians who have been going because of the suffering that your people still in your country has been reading. your hospitals have been bother your citizen executed. your children have been promised and sovereignty against rushes unprovoked in your brain valor scale down in military. you know, with the bellow, balls
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a day and ukrainian, or russian military or 62. so your resistance is broad inspiration to the free world. and even greater is often h o glory, your prayer. we provide our assistance that writers v about, you know, imagine that the world would riley behind your brain so swiftly. and you've raised a v, l e i have to rush is a v. i v a. a a is who i, whose pretext for my phone is playing on us. so let's see here.
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right? is it? and so all russian try we all a russia is way more of a choice. it is all see a vision of one man. you crazy. his fighting or of necessity is available. and so our russian atrocities we all start today from a position of moral clarity. russia is waging a war of choice till you indulge the ambitions of one man. ukraine is fighting a war of necessity to defend its democracy. its sovereignty and its citizens, but the stakes reach beyond ukraine and even beyond europe. rushes invasion is
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baseless, reckless and lawless. it is an affront to the rules based international order. it is a challenge to free people everywhere. and as we see this morning, nations of good will from around the world stand united and are resolved to support ukraine in its fight against russia's imperial aggression. and that's the way it should be. this gathering and reflects the galvanized world says russia's invasion on february 24th. more than 30 of our allies and partners from across the globe have joined the united states to rush security assistance to ukraine. and together we have committed more than $5000000000.00 of equipment to support ukraine. self defense. that includes some $3700000000.00 that president buying has committed to help ukraine since russia it russia's invasion,
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began my trip to keith, reinforce my admiration for the way that the ukrainian armed forces are deploying these capabilities. ukraine clearly believes that it can win. and so does everyone here now to inform our common understanding of the situation you'll be hearing later from several of several of my teammates, including our chair by the joint chiefs of staff, general milly. and i look forward to hearing from all of you as well. i know that we're all determined to do everything we can to meet ukraine's needs as a fight evolves. and that includes talking today about a framework for good for continuing to work together and look ahead. we have much more to do ukraine. these are helped to win today, and they will still need our help when the war is over. as president biden says,
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our security assistance has gone directly to the front lines of freedom and to the fearless and skill ukrainian fighters who are standing in the breach. by ukrainian friends we know the burden that you all carry and we know and you should know that all of us have your back. and that's why we're here to day to strengthen the arsenault of ukrainian democracy . i'm proud to be here with all of you. and i look forward to our vital discussions and so we'll pause for a minute and allow our colleagues in the media to the part and then we'll continue . thank you very much for that was set us to vent secretary lloyd austin. they're speaking at the ramstein air basin, germany, politicians,
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and military expos. from up to 40 countries meeting there to discuss the next steps to fort rather ukraine, also at the ramps on their basis ounces here, assessed at boston at step. what's this meeting all about? yet? austin has called at the historical and it is indeed very unusual to have an international meeting at the u. s. largest air base with outside of the united states at def, definitely give assign assigned to europe, that it should step up its support. according to the u. s. to ukraine, as you say, more than 40 nations are invited. it's not only nato nations, all the defense ministry of ministers from a ne 2 are here. but also beyond that, there are countries in asia, countries in the middle east and from africa are invited. and what is also significant here is that it's at the ramstein air base in germany,
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and germany has been criticized for not doing enough, not sandy weapons, not sending heavy weapons most particularly to ukraine. and it's interesting also to know that germany seems to have to make, have made this turn around just a hat of this very important meeting by saying that they're now gonna st. chapper to jeep are tanks to ukraine. it's different than ukraine had asked for initially. and until last week, until yesterday, even germany was saying they were not gonna sent these tanks to ukraine. they were worried that germany would be involved in the war with russia, which they definitely wanted to prevent. also, the german chancellor has warned for this 3rd world war, he was worried about a nuclear weapons being used. but now germany under pressure from the united states has confirmed that they are going to send these happy weapons as well, which is quite significant. but it will be also talks about longer term security
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support for ukraine, not only immediate, but also for the long term. what is nato and all the, these countries this broad coalition for the defense of ukraine, going to do to help ukraine to have this security guarantees. that's all on the table. it asked me the defense, minnesota ukraine is here as awesome as sad, but also nato steve. yeah. stalled to burgers. here they will all speak later on and we will hear from them in a couple of hours. i'd stepped for the moment. many thanks. d don't. is there a step 1st that live at the ramstein base in germany? north korea's leader kim jong and says that his country will strengthen and develop its nuclear arsenal at maximum speed. speaking it operate in pyongyang, kim added that north korea could not limit its nuclear forces to just to terence. the horse on 17 was among the missiles on display. it said to be pyongyang biggest intercontinental ballistic missile. both korea says that it successfully launched the weapon in march. one of 13 tests so far this year. beijing is to introduce
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mass testing for most of its 21000000 residents. as authority struggle to contain a surgeon corona virus cases, people have been panic buying at supermarkets, stalking up on food essential items. china's capital is rolled out strict measures under the countries 0 coven policy. now just here as katrina year reports now from aging. well making authority say they found cases in 8 new districts across aging, bringing herself of ac karone of ours cases identified here in the capital since friday. so what that means that the mandatory testing order has been extended to law district, basically will cover most of the people living in beijing and not include more than 20000000 people who will have to go from math testing. so far they've tested about 4000000 in this initial round, including myself and our team as well. and we're still waiting on our results from that initial test. now here's the thing we have to do just once this week,
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not twice. we'll have to do the test 3 times before the weekend. i think that's a recognition that this is the highly infectious on the chrome strain and it's very difficult to catch at time. now, after all those test results, the after those 3 rounds of test results are discovered and correlated on the weekend. it we're expecting on sunday that authority will make a judgment call as to whether there'll be any lockdown or any further restrictions imposed in aging. but already people are extremely nervous, it's been very anxious here on the capital sunday, there's been panic, buying reaction to even masks, punches of twitter has divided social media. us republican politicians are welcoming the move. but some democrats say that it's dangerous for democracy to his board. unanimously approved the 44000000000 dollar deal to sell the company to 0 as gabriel, as on their reports now from new york. the deal is done the month long saga of who
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will own twitter appears over in one of the largest and most unusual tech acquisitions ever. the board of directors and twitter unanimously agreed to sell the social media company to even musk for $44000000000.00. up until the deal was announced, there was doubt on wall street. that musk could cobble together the financing needed, but he did. must help pay for the deal with $25500000000.00 in debt financing by a group of banks lead by morgan stanley. in a press release announcing the deal must talked about improving the platform by getting rid of automated spam accounts and making its algorithms open to the public and authenticating all users. but for musk buying twitter is about free speech, or at least his version of it potentially ending twitters, current content, moderation, or stopping the platforming of users who break the rules you on mosque is not
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buying twitter or financial reasons, although he thinks he can make some money on it, he's buying it for ideological reasons and i think that's the really important part and all this. and that's ultimately what's scary with musk in control. they fear a return to the unruly spread of disinformation on the platform. so as today, a good day or bad day for twitter users, that is probably the most important question here. and i think it's also the question that's going to be hardest to answer. i think that if he does a lot of the work that has been done trying to protect against sort of normative lee, bad speech such as this information and especially his speech that's going to be a bad day for twitter. but you know, there's a chance that he takes over and doesn't sort of have quite a sweeping of a reform agenda. as he said he's put forth in over the last couple its finish to
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mulch you a month for twitter. this must take a 9 percent stake in the company, making him its largest shareholder. he was then offered a seat on the board of directors, only to have it up roughly revoked, followed by his cash offer to buy the entire company all within the last few weeks . ultimately, eli and musk got what he wanted to not only be a twitter user, but to also be its owner. gabriel is on dough. how just new york mosques acquisition of twitter brought a cautious response from the white house. i'm not going to comment on a specific transaction. what i can tell you as a general matter, no matter who owns or runs twitter, the president has long been concerned about the power of large social media platforms. what they have the power they have over everyday lives. as long argued, the tech platforms must be held accountable for the harms they cause he's been a strong supporter, a fundamental reformed to achieve that goal. i still don't have
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a specific comments on this specific transaction. and at this point, we don't have any sense of what the policies will look like. turkey is customer tonight, the conviction of business, one activist, osman kabbalah is politically motivated. he's been sentenced to life in prison for attempting to overthrow the government. the united states called the decision, unjust, sent him concealed reports from assemble. well, i really calling for justice protesting against ensemble court's decision to jail. turkish business men, an activist of montgomery law for life. come on, us france cried and hugged as he was convicted of trying to overthrow the government by financing nationwide to government processed in 2013 other charges of espionage were thrown out. you could, if this is a lawful decision, we would be able to comment on it, but it's not. this is a summary of a k
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b government's revenge. can forget park protests the pac courtroom watched on us. several of callers friends were convicted of helping him and each jailed for 18 years. so not the manufactured charges and accusations against the defendant should be dropped. cover law has been behind bars for 4 and a half years has always denied the charges against him, saying they are politically motivated. took his government denies there's but the europe in court of human rights as well as activists and turkeys. western nato allies say the trial and the verdict are part of a crackdown on peson under present friendship type. i dropped the courts aggravate to blush tension, for vala must have to find the court of appeal, and then the supreme court. this can take months or longer, but this may not be the end of the process for cabala. if the appeals court
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overturns the verdict, come follow may be released, spending triumph for now. friends and supporters live in hope. however narrow view to st because solar sounds a serious stumble, more explosions of hip. moldova is breakaway region of trans, nice area, knocking out to radio antennas, the broadcast washing radio. it happened early on tuesday in the village of mac, blast struck the state security ministry building and the city of us fall. no casualties have been reported around 1500 russian soldiers based in trends based on the ukraine's western border. is yolk as to glad rebels fighting government forces in the north. so they've made a tactical retreat to gray people's liberation. frontal tpl f says it's completely withdrawn, its forces from neighboring are far. it says it hopes the withdrawal will allow aid to reach from an hit to gray. or the 90 percent of the population there needs food
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. last month, prime minister abbey alma declared, a surprised truce. in order to improve humanitarian access, the testers in mexico are demanding justice for women has been murdered. the outrage follows the killing of a law student in little them city of monterey trotter. lopez holly on report protons like this one and mexico's capital had been held across the country, calling for a search and violence against women to stop. it follows the murder of an 18 year old student in the northern city of monterey dub. any escobar, his body was found on thursday decomposing in a water tank nearly 2 weeks after she'd gone missing. she was left on the site of the road late at night after a taxi driver allegedly tried to fondle her moments later he took this picture. he says it's proved that she was alive when she got out of the car. the taxi driver claims he wasn't involved in the woman's death. it's
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a case that still under investigation and has outrage the country. i have to be honest. it happens too often. it's not just this case. several women have been murdered in a month. that's why we're here fighting posters of missing girls and women were taped outside the attorney general's office act of his say, police and prosecutors have been slow and ineffective in investigating these cases . what can i felt only that it wasn't gonna get. authorities don't do what they're supposed to do in a timely fashion against when someone goes missing, they continue arguing that we need to wait 72 hours to start searching. instead of going forward, we seem to be going backwards. killings of women have increased in recent years in mexico and 2020 records show. there were 977 registered cases. a year later, $38.00 more were reported. this year. we are not fools. we do not need to be
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noise or have a degree to see that there is no justice, not even in death. despite years of protest, the number of disappearances remains high. around 1600 women have been reported missing so far this year. officials say nearly 830 are still unaccounted for. in 16 have been found dead now that devanie has been laid to rest calls are mounting for justice. along with thousands of unsolved cases, cartier lopez with the young al jazeera aviation authorities in the us are investigating a plane swapping stunt that went wrong in the arizona desert. cousin was luke akins sold only farrington plant on those dies for the aircraft. and since a misty jump from one to the other, before taking the controls, landing akins made it into foreign gms, plain frightens. if i tried to abandon his attempt,
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he safely parachuted to were the ground. the world's oldest person has died in japan at the age of $119.00 kind of tanaka was born in 19 o 3 the same year that the white brothers 1st made their power flight. the mother of 4 lived through 2 world wars. the 1918 spanish flew and survived cancer twice. she spent a final years in a retirement home where she enjoyed maths caligraphy and chocolate. ah, it is good to have you with us. hello, adrian said, i can hear it though. are the headlines and al jazeera, the u. s. is hosting ukraine focus. defense talks that it's ramstein air by bass and germany, politicians and military experts from up to 40 countries of their secretary of defense, lloyd austin.


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