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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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on a john falls a handsome with civilians document their experiences as they tried to survive and maintain some normality in a reality. turn upside down. a rare glimpse of life under the ball. you cream city under siege on a just 0. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm fully back to bo, this is in use, our live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, antonio terrace meets vladimir putin in moscow. the un chief calls on russia to work with the world body to set up humanitarian corridors in ukraine. a series of attacks in the russian baths, breakaway region of trans mysteria, moldova is president condemns. attempts to involve
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a country and actions that could threaten its speeds. ah, this our parade of power north korea's leader says is strengthening his country's nuclear arsenal. and the world's richest man has a new venture. but what does the future hold for free speech on twitter after on mosque by supplies? now santa hamilton, i have all the latest news. we'll look ahead to the champions league semi finals as manchester city get ready to face at 13 time champions. real madrid, ah, thank you for joining as the united nations secretary general antonio terrace has hauled a face to face meeting in moscow with russia's president. this the 1st time the un chief has visited russia since the war in ukraine began. the terrace has offered for the united nations to help directly with the st. evacuation of the as all star
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plant in the besieged ukrainian city of merrier poll as way at least a 1000 civilians remained trapped, reddened, president putin has called what's unfolding in my appall a difficult and tragic situation and said, he hopes that talks with ukraine would yield positive results, the movie to be removed. there are no military actions being conducted in the eval style steel factory. we heard from the ukranian government that there are civilians inside the compound. in that case, ukrainian military personnel are obliged to let them go. the simple thing is with regards to evacuating those people. mister secretary general, you have been deceived and misled. over a 100000 people have left mary paul. they can go anywhere they want. some people want to go to russia, some to ukraine. so pros do we need to work together with the armed forces of russia and the armed forces of ukraine, so that we can resolve the problem. this would be an initial operation to evacuate
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civilians from the factory. russia has constantly accused that this evacuation was never carried out. russia also declared that safe passage has never been used to evacuate those civilians. now in a moment we will be speaking to our diplomatic editor, james space at the united nations about the importance of this trip for the un secretary general, but 1st to da such a barry in moscow door. so what more has come out of that meeting between the russian leader and the u. n. chief? ah, well, in the un secretary general, i was here on a mission for peace. and we have just received a read out from the united nations press office, who issued a statement following a to our meeting between slaughter me a prudent and antonio the terrorist. and according to the un as statements, the russian president vladimir putin has agreed in principle to an agreement that
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would see the united nations and the international committee for the red cross. it facilitates the exits of those civilians that are held a hold up in the as of salt steel plants. and this evacuation could, of course be with the coordination of the russian defense ministry as well as ukrainian officials. according to this as statement from the united nations at the russian president, her and the secretary general have agreed to conduct a follow up discussion with the un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs, as well as the russian defense ministry. so seemingly the impossible task of achieving any kind of a resolution to any of the ongoing crises that are happening in ukraine has been achieved for now, in theory by antonio terrace. now, we understand that this meeting that lasted 2 hours, between with her as an putin was seemingly cordial and they had
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a lot to discuss and be prior to that meeting. at the 2 men spoke briefly at the russian president saying that he valued the core principles of a which the united nations was founded on and russia, as one of the founding members will continue to support this organization. and the important work that it does he acknowledge that to the un is tasked with resolving at crises that occur urgently round the world. and this situation in ukraine is certainly one of them. for his part, the secretary general did not mince any words. he held his ground firmly when addressing vladimir putin and it re affirming his belief that this is so called special military operation by the russian forces is very much an invasion. as far as the united nations is concerned, based on their charter and it is it, the russian forces that have invaded sovereign territory as
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a result of what they believe to be a just cause. but regardless, he said that they view it as an invasion. now the 2 men also discussed, of course, the, an ongoing negotiations that are taking place between the appraising end or russian side. and the russian president said that although he believes they are at a standstill or dead end at the moment, there is still hope that they will achieve something in the end. and they, in that hope are continuing the daily discussions between the 2 sides door. so thank you very much for that daughter, jabari ly, for his stay in moscow. let now bring in our diplomatic editor james space at the united nations. james talked to us about the importance of this visit for the united nations. secretary general is not just going to moscow, but also to keep later he is personally investing himself in diplomacy. after 2 months of war, he's decided this is the right time. he believes that he can make a difference, but he knows that this was always going to be
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a very difficult meeting with president putin. he got the long table treatment from the russian president, and there was a pretty frank exchange of views in the bill that was on camera that you certainly got the russian president saying some of those things he said in the past, i am repeating some of the lines that he said in the past, and the secretary general holding his ground to say at one point, i strongly believe in international law. we believe there was an invasion of ukraine. now he knows your audience is not just in moscow. he wants to persuade the russians of his, his aims, which are humanitarian, but also he's got to go to keep whether also a little bit unhappy that he went to moscow. first presence lensky said that was the wrong order. and that they're little bit miffed that he's traveled to moscow 1st and i think that's why one of the reasons why the secretary general has been quite tough in his meetings with president putin at what he's focusing on very narrowly is humanitarian affairs because that's where he thinks he can do something
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. they're going to have a new humanitarian contact group if he gets his way with ukraine, russia and the united nations to try and solve some of the urgent humanitarian mission about problems around the country. but i think the urgent thing is mary or paul, and there you've got the un and the international committee, the red cross planning, a new effort at evacuation. and when i asked her a un spokesperson a short time ago about that, about whether this new effort could take place while the secretary general is on ukrainian soil and he's traveling to ukraine in the next 24 hours. i was told that working as hard as they can to make this happen as fast as possible at the 2nd general's trip has been arranged pretty last minute. they're still lots of security concerns about the trip. so very fluid situation, very fluid in terms of what he's achieving. certainly he's got the russians to say they are, they'll accept this new initiative of mary or pull. but there's now work to be done between you and officials, humanitarian officials,
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and the russian defense ministry. and then of course, they got to add in the ukranian side to this. james, thank you very much. jane space is our diplomatic editor. live there at the united nations. meanwhile, the us defense secretary lloyd austin has said, washington and its allies will hold monthly meeting to discuss arming ukraine. the u. s. hosted tom said the ramstein air base in germany focus on helping ukraine defend itself. politicians and military experts from up to 40 countries to part to ensure that we continue to build on our progress. we're going to extend this for on beyond today. i'm proud to announce that today's gathering will become a monthly contact group on ukraine's so the fish and the contact group will be a vehicle for nations of good will to intensify our efforts and coordinate our assistance and focus on winning today's fight. and the struggles to come set bass
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and has been following the meeting for us at the ramstein air base. the u. s. has travelled here to europe to pick up this leading a leadership role or what often are saying is things need to be strapped up, but also speeded up, we need to move at the speed of war. he sat and basically he's sort of hinting at the slow pace in which germany has been reacting to the war and ukraine. her germany has been heavily criticized. germany, of course, is the largest economy here in europe for not doing enough until yesterday. even germany was very reluctant to send to have the weapons. well, what do you watch and what also has achieved by holding this meeting is that germany has made this turn around to just an hour ago. so the minister of defense from germany has announced that they will, will send, he's a gay parker, she tanks anti aircraft aircraft systems to ukraine, which is a complete turnaround. and germany was one of the country's very reluctant because
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of this fear that there would be a 3rd world war that would be a nuclear attack. it's something that the chancellor, all of schultz has said just a few days ago during an interview. so now the u. s is here, they're really making a big fist bringing all these countries together and basically pushing also germany a bit further in the, in its actions towards helping ukraine. the u. s. secretary said, says washington and its allies will continue to provide ukraine with military 8, antony blank in his soul. the senate foreign relations committee that the u. s. and ukrainian governments are in agreement about what is needed. their success is primarily because of their incredible courage and determination, but it's also because we were able to equip them with what they needed for every tank that the russians have had in ukraine. we've managed with 30 allies and partners and one way or another to provide about 10 anti armor systems for every plane that the russians have fallen in the skies. there been about 10 anti aircraft,
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munitions, of one kind or another. or we're doing this very quickly. um, in the past, it's taken from the time a president made a drawdown decision to getting equipment into the hands of the people who needed it . weeks now are often it's 72 hours. now on the ground in ukraine, russian rockets have hit a commercial center in the city of chaperone, shackling one person entering another. it's a last major city under ukrainian control in the southeast. so far it's been a destination for people fleeing the front lines, but reinforcements are being sent and trenches, being dug in. expectation of an assault and ukrainian forces are confronting the russian military in the east. russian forces are pushing south and advancing north from done yet as controlled by russian back separatists. not safe in their homes homes. families are trying to find shelter where they can, including in re purpose, industrial buildings, al jazeera chance stratford reports from our left guy in russian back separate is
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controlled east ukraine. this bunker is built under a soviet built brick factory. and it's typical of some of the giant greg cabinet spaces on the ground underneath many of the soviet built industrial plums in this region. now it's being used as a place of shelter for around 4 families. so far. they tell us that they came down here a couple of weeks ago when the shelling in this area got particularly bad. you can see one of the areas where they stole their food. her who comes through this in here is the main living area where people sleep where they eat. now the reason why nobody is here is because people are afraid of going on camera. they are that nervous about being identified and potentially being targeted and bear in mind that we were speaking to the people here earlier, and the majority of them, a pensioners,
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but such is the degree of fear and paranoia that this russian invasion is generating amongst people as you can see there's a lot of food here that has been brought down by very brave volunteers, men and women, that driving to this area every few days, delivering food to people in bunkers like this fall. and this is absolutely fascinating. these photographs diagrams will put up during the soviet times and they are basically civil defense morning's advice given to people who may have to be may have had to have come here in the event of a nuclear or chemical weapons attack by the west. i'm fascinating to see that they still hear, you know, possibly more than 40 years. 40 years later. now, in all the news, we are hearing reports of heavy shelling and streaked street fighting in the towns
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of rubia and papa santa polka sna. i apologize. and we know that those areas a very heavily contested and we understand that russian forces controller at half the, the town of pasta, and have been heavy casualties there. a lot of ukrainian soldiers have died. we know that having visited a field hospital in the area recently, the ukrainian military also saying that say at least 3 children died of their injuries as a result of shelling of the town of leman. that is north of slim janski's last night. and the shelling there, we understand ongoing part of the russian forces attempts to push on into the area around the city of slip against and cremmit tossed ukrainian military so far saying that they are managing to hold their positions and repel those attacks from russian forces as i say the families here had put the word out to other villages in this
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area. this is a place of shelter, and they say that they expect many more families to come in the coming days. still ahead on al jazeera, china's scramble to contain another corona virus outbreak. this time, the capital b. j. vast. the great job wherewith investigate is gathering evidence of potentially thousands of war crimes committed by russian forces in ukraine in sport . the boston celtics take a step closer to the n b, a finals. basketball actions coming up later with sun. ah now 3 explosions have taken place in 24 hours in the breakaway, moldova region of trans mystery. they targeted to soviet era radio antennas and a military unit. the antennas were used to broadcast russian radio from the village
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of my yak. on monday, the ministry of state security inter aspell was also hit. mont overs present says the attacks are an attempt to destabilize the country. did you send simpler than we can really do? what's happened in the past 24 hours and the reason of dance? nestea is an escalation of tensions. i will like to remind you there for a few weeks. there has been several bomb alerts in the region in schools and medical institutions. mal jovan authorities are following with caution and vigilance. events that are happening on the territory controlled by to ross poll. the law or analysis indicates there are attentions between different forces within the region. we're interested in these stabilizing the situation. we condemn any provocation or attempts to involve moldova in actions that could threaten the country's peace. what is the russian backed head of the breakaway region is blaming ukraine for the attacks. we reduced view grenier of to the beginning of the military operation in ukraine. trans mystery. i stayed neutral and we openly say
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that we didn't want to take part in any aggression mutable in you believe, to renew the oil government. i suppose that those who organized these attacks aimed to take drugs destroyer in 2 armed conflict. i can confidently say you will not succeed trans, miss drea can defend itself with the music. i have to warn every one who is complicit. you will not succeed in dragging us into the military action. now ukraine says, unexpected resistance has force russia to shift its focus to occupying eastern in southern regions. analysts say that's why a tank st transistor. yeah, i so significant the kremlin recently suggested he could establish a code or there that could extend through southern ukraine after failing to capture the capital key. russia switch its attention to regions in east and ukraine, including the regions antoniette scam. no, hans. moscow also continues to claim and ask control of dissertation for city of mary apple. a small pockets of ukrainian resists and sale, appear to be holding out. samuel romani is an associate fellow at the royal united
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services institute. he says, moldova is worried. it may be russia next targets or molder, was very concerned about this because this follows along a trajectory of ask literary rhetoric for marcia towards moldova, with the russians have been warning that they could cut off gas to moldova. because moldova does not have the funds to be able to pay for it. there was a major gas dispute that unfolded over the course of the fall. also, there were 1000 troops and transistors that held a drill right before the invasion of ukraine. and ukraine is repeatedly warned. the transistor has major city curious ball could be a staging ground for aerial operations in solving ukraine. almost always walking over a fine line here, right? it's also unusual countries, all part of nato, right. and it's vowed to keep that to appease russia. also, it has pro russian elements like for president, very eager to don't to one closer economic interaction with russia. so at when dad, the united states is tell him aldo which di vasta from russia is not as easy as it
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looks because his elements, you believe that engaging with russia is the best way to predict moldova security. but there's been some small movements right? mother was been removed from the russian power grid, much like ukraine and moved towards european paragraphs. that's the positive side madeau, as you remember, your prospects much like georgia's and even, arguably, ukraine's before this war were very slim. so moldova is arguing that it's economic integration. that's presume with europe, europe, for his country, had to deal disproportionately, obviously, with the refugee crisis, has only been getting piecemeal assistance from germany and some other european countries. and that has nothing to do with their security orientation of being anti russian. but obviously russia had a tendency to view economic integration with the last as a prelude job security integration, and therefore is reacting a quite unpredictably towards moldova. now the useful people have been killed and several others, angered off to a suicide bomb attack. targeted a vine at the university of karachi in pakistan, but he say several people were inside the vehicle when it grew up. command hider is
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falling developments from his, from a pot. important to understand that this particular attack would be made within the 1st time that this particular group had used. a female suicide bama dog shop, skin, raiko, raiko, carrion, going chinese. professors day i've got a based ad that got, you know, voted date at the confusion center, which is also for chinese language for budgets on the still game. but it is important to know that the balloon liberation army a band outfit by the united states, by the united kingdom and buckets on what formed by r 2, they call him general archer and his outburst. he was getting back in grim date of december. just a month after deadlier dag by the my gate group, which is part of the balloon liberation army attack the chinese consulate in karachi. they're all to relate the radio and reach the command where did faith
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ways and of god surrounded by at least for the fight. you're dressed in desert camouflage address dog message for the budget on the security for it. and the chinese in particular saying that there was a continuing operation and that the chinese and budgets i knew will be targeted by god. they said that the balloon who are not party to join the buckets on economic corded off. north korea has stage and nighttime military parade through the streets, the capital young young. it's the latest show forced by kim john own who's from is to quickly ramp up his country's nuclear arsenal. from sol, south career of my binary course. the parade. march. the 90th anniversary of the founding of north korea's military. and it was meant to show off the power of its modern de weaponry on display with some of the newest weapons. it has recently been
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testing such as hypersonic missiles and a more advanced longer rain submarine launched ballistic missile. after several years of attempted negotiations aimed at the nuclear zation leader kim jong gun seems to have abandoned all such efforts that conciliation him was she me in the world today. we're powers our fears, the clashing with other powers, national dignity, sovereignty and truth. peace can only be guaranteed by strong self defense to overcome enemies. north korea is dara. the show was what it says is it's the most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile. to date, the 4 songs 17, it's the same type of weapon. it says it launched at the end of march, the 1st fully fledged test of an icbm since 2017 it things north korea has nothing to lose by putting on a big show of military force right now. us and south korean forces have gone ahead
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with that joint spring exercise in south korea has just chosen a conservative administration. that's likely to take a much top a stand with the north and us president joe biden will soon be visiting northeast asia. president biden will be attempting to both to support from the united states allies, south career in japan. but they've mounting speculation that north korea might even be planning a return to underground nuclear and testing for the 1st time in 5 years. can. will you be the key ones? i'm the basic mission of our nuclear capable to is to deter war. but our nuclear weapons are not just for the sold mission of the turn study. if any attempts are made to usurp our interests, we might have no choice, but to call on those weapons, pyongyang seems as determined as ever to be accepted by the international community as a nuclear power to be reckoned with. rob mcbride al jazeera,
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so you as vice president come the harris as tested positive for for call with 19 the white house says she is in isolation and will continue to work from home. harry, so recently returned from a week long trip to california hasn't had close contact with present joe biden, or the 1st lady, lady, there's been an increase of positive covered 19 cases among white house staffers. begging is to introduce mass testing for most of its 21000000 residents. as authority. struggle to contain a surgeon corona, various cases. people have been panic. buying at supermarket stocking up on food. any central i tennis. china's capital has rolled out strict measures under its 0 covey policy. i still ahead on al jazeera. we look at how the war in ukraine has sent prices spiraling on supermarket shelves in libya. the world's oldest person has died. we look at the extraordinary life of a woman who lived 419 years and in sport, why novak joker,
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which will have no trouble getting to defend his title of wimbledon details coming up, meet with santa, to stay with us. we're back after the break. ah hello, they will south in southern africa and southern areas of madagascar are expecting some very heavy rain thanks to the remnants of tropical cyclone jasmine. now we are expecting to see that where the creep up, the east coast bringing some heavy falls here. but as we go towards the end of the week, it is going to skirt off for the east, leaving behind a lot of dry weather, particularly for eastern areas of south africa. as well as the cape town, we've seen the temperature touch up to 30 degrees celsius. lots of sunshine extending all the way up to that central band of africa where we are seeing some fierce thunderstorms roll across the congos. cameroon,
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edging into coastal areas of nigeria, you can see those fierce thunderstorms they will by the time we get into thursday. they do eat the way it's going to get wet and windy for the north, west for morocco and algeria. but it's all about the wind. when it comes to libya, we are expecting some gale force winds that are expecting to lift the sand and create some sand storms here. now talking about sandstorms as we move to the middle east, we've seen some very unsettled weather for southern areas of jordan, as well as q 8 and saudi arabia, sandstorms expected to continue here with a few showers popping off across southern areas of saudi arabia. the temperature in riyadh dipping down to 34. ah. the african stories from african perspectives. i'm a marine biologist, a business when a short documentary from african feel major. i'm going to do that from south africa
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. ethiopia. and i, we been to pull both from stuff in this classroom. she saw this. as my name's maya obama, africa direct on al jazeera. ah, [000:00:00;00] with
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lou. ah, you're watching the news are on al jazeera with me for the back table. a reminder of our top stories russian president vladimir putin has met with the un secretary general antonio terrace in moscow. putting has agreed in principle to the u. n. n. the international committee of the red cross helping with the evacuation of civilians from the as off style plant in the besieged, ukrainian city of merrier poll. the 1st time the un chief has visited russia since the war in ukraine began 2 months ago. the us defense secretary lloyd off and says, washington and his allies will hold monthly meetings to discuss army ukraine. the u . s. has been hosting talked at devonshire airbase in germany, focus on helping ukraine defend itself against russia and on the ground in ukraine
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. russian rockets have hit a commercial center in the city of chaper re jacqueline, one person in injuring another. it's a last major city under ukrainian control in the southeast. now ukraine is investigating more than $500.00 suspects for committing thousands of potential war crimes. evidence is being gathered across the country. algiers here is hold abdel. i me travel to villages north of keith and has this report family ever since the russians pulled out a few weeks ago. detective victoria namir rover and her team have been zooming bodies at least 10 day leave a task she never thought she would be doing when she 1st joined the police. a few on this style. her team is unearthing the body of a person buried in the backyard of a house. they carefully dig, carving around the body, trying to figure out how it's positioned a good morning to the who. these are the feet, so the head is over there. she says, a post assessment revealed, it's
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a man who appears to be in his sixties. it's only when they flipped a body over that she finds a clue into the cause of death. more. what awning on your thumb, mark, population each athenian his go to wanted the back of the hat. most likely it's from a bullet because he had blood coming out of the mouse. the body is the composing, and the skin is stuck to the clothes. so in order not to damage it more, we will take him away and then the forensic expert will investigate further. we found his form, we will charge it and hopefully find out more about him. both the full scope of what happened when the russian soldiers left the town north of keith is still not clear, but the trail of destruction left behind is evident. civilians have been telling about how they were directly targeted as they were trying to flee. they had bullet holes all over this windshield, but this car was hit by some large caliber ammunition from the
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side here. and you can see still the remains of what appears to be a white flag marking the fact that they were civilians in this vehicle. and then here on this side of the car, you see the point of exit, of whatever rip through the car. and inside it may have, you still actually have blood stains everywhere. and in the middle of all that, a passport it belongs to a young man who was born in september 1990 children who, who killed oh, our business number in char children. but again, we don't. it's another example of a ledge war crimes. among the thousands of cases that investigators have been documenting says, ukraine's prosecutor general. she has dispatched teams around the country to gather evidence here and borrowed yankee. they're set up in a classroom and it's full of people telling their stories. again, hill and civilians,
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samo them over after tortured torture civilians. we are now started to prosecute sexual crimes raping. we see eat unfortunately with the then they talk o property or city lance. oh we see again, then they bombed again and again they bumped civilian infrastructure. hospitals came to harder and schools more than 1000 into kish or institutions destroyed in ukraine. what is this? of course it's military. it is what crime knew by boucher do. more gets overwhelmed, refrigerated trucks are also overflowing with bodies. olga finally found her husband after coming here for several days. he was killed while she was away in poland, upper to move her to sit there for the rest of the neighbors called and said me, he was shot on march 20. so he was going to the garage to get some foot. 2 russian
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soldiers saw him ran after him and shot him twice. the russians didn't allow the body to be picked up for 3 days. russia denies committing any atrocities suggesting they've been staged. but do you and human rights offers says, there is growing evidence of war crimes committed by russian soldiers and fears. many more could emerge as the fighting continues in the east and south of the country, where the little hamid elder 0, north of keefe to columbia. now where a general and other high ranking army officers are expected to admit playing a part in the extra judicial killings of dozens of civilians, they are at a special court investigating the country so called false positives scandal. the tribunal found the army murdered 6 and a half 1000 innocent people and declared them combat casualties. it was a way to falsify progress in this conflict with voc rebels. from on this. let's
9:35 pm
bring in al jazeera is alessandra pity in bogota. tell us about what's been happening so far, the hearing alley, federal yes, folly. this has been in many way on a story, a hearing and a very powerful and heartbreaking one, which is under way in the city of canyon. the northeast of columbia, in a region called the cat that tumble, where, according to what the courts, investigations were able to prove a some, a 120 innocent people were killed between 2007 in 2000 and 8th by the colombian military. why to try and boost their statistics their results in the war that. a columbia was raging against the armed groups so such as far grabel yellen, rebels in the country at that time. and we heard the some truly harrowing,
9:36 pm
good testimonies from some of these former military in particular this morning from a sergeant again, a gutierrez to explained in great detail as to how he and other officers planned to essentially misled farmers. other young people, people with disabilities who were den kidnapped, killed, dressed as a rebel at the end, and then photographed at times that to be presented as a combat deaths with the weapons that the military received from paramilitary groups. they were working with the to get there, and there were against the rebels. truly, truly powerful test them on. then finally the possibility to get you some truth of what happened before the relatives of the victims and is just one of many hearings
9:37 pm
on extra judicial killing. santa sandra. yes, that is, this is the case. the situation is that doable? it's just one of many. so the court has been investigating, they have been able to determine that the west at board and 6400 people have been killed this way by the military. now, the columbia military has insisted that there wasn't a systematic plan to kill, in essence, the people that many of the former soldiers, and even in some cases, cardinals, in general's, that have been talking to the peace tribunal, have said that they were under great pressure by the government at the time of president the avo audi, but to show results be it as it may. this was a way essentially to insure for financing by the u. s. for their war and
9:38 pm
also to show political results for the government. one of many human rights violations and crimes against humanity that happened doing the columbia and civil war in that are now being investigated. little for the most of the truth might come to the surface. thank you for that. alexander, i'm p t in boca time. now reaction to eat on masks, purchase of twitter has divided social media. u. s. republican politicians are welcoming the move. but some democrats say it's dangerous for democracy to it. his board unanimously approved the $44000000.00 deal to sell the company gave it a listen to reports of meal. the deal is done the month long saga of who will own twitter appears over in one of the largest and most unusual tech acquisitions ever . the board of directors at twitter unanimously agreed to sell the social media company to eland musk for $44000000000.00. up until the deal was announced,
9:39 pm
there was doubt on wall street. that musk could cobbled together the financing needed. but he did musk help pay for the deal with $25500000000.00 in debt financing by a group of banks lead by morgan stanley. in a press release announcing the deal must talked about improving the platform by getting rid of automated spam accounts and making its algorithms open to the public and authenticating all users. but for musk buying twitter is about free speech, or at least his version of it potentially ending twitters, current content, moderation, or stopping the platforming of users who break the rules you on mosque is not buying twitter or financial reasons, although he thinks he can make some money on it, he's buying it for ideological reasons and i think that's the really important part and all this. and that's ultimately what's scary with musk in control. they fear a return to the unruly spread of disinformation on the platform. so as today,
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a good day or bad day for twitter users, that is probably the most important question here. and i think it's also the question that's going to be hardest to answer. i think that if he does a lot of the work that has been done trying to protect against sort of normative lee, bad speech such as this information and especially he's speech that's going to be a bad day for but you know, there's a chance that he takes over and doesn't sort of have quite a sweeping of a reform agenda as he's that he's put forth in over the last couple. it's been a tumultuous month for twitter. the saw must take a 9 percent stake in the company, making him it's larger shareholder. he was then offered a seat on the board of directors, only to have it abruptly revoked, followed by his cash offer to buy the entire company, all within the last few weeks. ultimately, you law must got what he wanted to,
9:41 pm
not only be a twitter user, but to also be its owner. gabriel's ando, al jazeera new york, and never before has so much media influence been concentrated in the hands of so few people with the power to regulate free speech. finding a delicate balance between keeping twitter profitable and honest will be one of the many challenges facing eat on musk. the world's richest person considers himself a free speech absolutist that could mean loosening the content, moderation policies of one of the world's most influential social media platforms. but as a business model, twitter is flawed in comparison to social media giant, twitters annual revenue is 5000000000 compared to google's 257000000000 and facebook's 117000000000. so how will he turn a profit on his 44000000000 investment and retain people's trust upon from reforming the moderation process? the platform has not changed much since its creation,
9:42 pm
which many say is part of the appeal, but difficult to monetize. well, let's make to jacob and john gamma about all. this is the author of the book, free speech, a history from socrates to social media. he joins a slide from copenhagen. thank you so much for being with us, jacob. so 1st of all, where do you stand on this whole debate? is this going to be the beginning of the end of twitter, or is it going to continue on? was you thank i think there are a lot of hop takes on this acquisition. and i think the most fair thing to say is that we just don't know yet. i doubt very much that the my school drop all content moderation but is unlikely to to function i can see a case for strengthen in free speech by so. so i think that twitter have have air sometimes on, on the side of removing too much. and sometimes even affecting the minorities that you want to protect. true,
9:43 pm
hey speech rules and removing generally news where the story is due to misinformation and so on. but i think there are ways forward that would not concentrate so much power in the hands of the law must because that that, of course is a legitimate worry he's the world spoke us man. so if, if people write critical things about tesla or space x or his interest is going to, he really going to stay true to reconstruct the principle that is of cause a worry, a genuine word. right? and total jacob has had an intervention role in shaping other types of media journalism. what does the long mosque purchasing twitter mean for journalism and news? will they be safeguards? well i, i think there's an important division of labor between social media platforms and traditional media. and i think viewing social media platforms in the same light as traditional new. there is a mistake. and i think sometimes traditional media is,
9:44 pm
feels threatening by, by social media and then tends to, to focus on all the negative thing. but certainly there are some social media by and not focusing enough on the fact that social media is actually also given a voice to many people who would not have been heard. who might have been given a given advice. and this includes some of the minorities, you know, imagine black lives matter without twitter and social media, it would have been a very different movement to mobilize it in the same manner. right? but i mean, does it matter if he loosens the algorithms and allows more unrestricted speech on twitter when, when you have governments around the world who are looking to regulate social media and this is, this is of course the huge challenge. so only yesterday, the european union adopted in principle, the digital services act, and that is a regulation which requires social media platforms and others to remove illegal
9:45 pm
content when, when notified by uses. and of course, you must, you know, i'm assuming that he also wants to, to, to make money out of this deal. so if he wants to operate on the european market, he will have to comply with those rules that and european free speech restrictions, much narrower than american free speech restriction. so he will have to comply with that. and there is the so called brussels effect. that means that law is regulated in adopted by the european union tend to have an outside effect around the world. so it may very well be the brussels adopted tools that will also be adopted in other parts of the world and shape content, moderation. and that's a huge challenge to, to masks ambition about, expand increase beach on twitter, jacob. it's very good to talk to you about this. thank you so much for joining us. jacob john gamma is the author of free speech or history from socrates to social media with joining us from copenhagen. thank you for your time. thank you. that people have protested outside lebanon's parliament against
9:46 pm
a bill that would limit how much they can withdraw from their savings. union say they'll go on strike if the lies pass, but it's the requirement of the international monetary fund before it provides $3000000000.00 in loans or lebanon, the countries in the worst economic crisis. in its modern history. in sri lanka, the main opposition party has begun a 6 day anti government protest. march said you'd prima dasa is leading hundreds of protesters from the central town of candy to march all the way to colombo, the capital, as over 100 kilometers. there connie for president, go to buy a raj, a proxy and his government to resign. oh testers, blaine shall anchors government for the country's worst economic crisis in recent history. from a don is a spiritual time when muslims around the world fast during the daylight hours, but in libya this year it's been a difficult period for many, libya has africa launches crude reserves. but a decade of conflict has devastated his economy and food prices are rising mileage . trina,
9:47 pm
reports of tripoli. it's ramadan. the holiest month in the islamic calendar. muslims around the world are fasting from sunrise to sunset. in previous years, it's been the busiest time for markets and libya, but shop owner mohammed booming geo, as prices for basic goods have doubled. and that means business is not great. did the purchasing power for people this ramadan is much less than before. prices arising every day and that's had an impact on our business. last year, the average customer was spending around $7.00 for their daily needs. this ramadan, it's $13.00 to $15.00. many can't afford that rama bon is also a chance for family members to spend time together and share a meal to break their fast. but rising prices have made it difficult for many to meet their basic needs. of all they are. i ask that god helps us all. during this
9:48 pm
blizzard month of ramadan, the situation is dire for many people to, to be connect circumstance. our country faces. those of 4 or 5 kids are really struggling to feel the families, libya, imports at least 650000 tons of russian and ukrainian week, or about half of what the country needs at the moment. there isn't a shortage here in libya, but prices for bread have increased. if russia's war in ukraine continues. countries in this region, including egypt and tunisia, may soon run out of red. if authorities here don't act soon, libya can face the same problem. a current rebekah is head of the economic committee for the city of tripoli. he says the government has a 6 month strategic wheat reserve and is working to increase domestic production. evansville air, asthma to last, prices for goods, a soaring globally due to the russian ukranian war,
9:49 pm
especially the price of wheat before basic goods like wheat, oil, rice, and tomato paste was subsidized by the government. but that stopped due to the political crisis and conflict. according to un, more than $800000.00 people are in need of humanitarian assistance in libya, the average income is less than $200.00 a month if prices increase further. many more may find themselves struggling to cope while trina, o 0 triple. the wiles, oldest person, has died in japan at the age of a 100. 19 canadian aka was born in 19 o 3 the same year. the wright brothers made their 1st powered flight. a mother for lived through 2 world wars, the 198018 spanish flew and survived cancer and twice. she spent her final years in every time in home where she enjoyed math, calligraphy,
9:50 pm
and chocolates. still ahead on al jazeera things get rather heated in the n b payoff details. next would santa stay with us. ah.
9:51 pm
with a whole lou. ah ah, i'm not for sports his santa thank you very much a folly while the semifinals of the european champions league gets underway shortly with majesty's city set to pay through our madrid. both sides lead their respected domestic leagues at the p. r and lead eager 1st leg happens at the high stadium at city, yet have never won the competition. whereas we all, madrid lifted the trophy
9:52 pm
a record 13 times. well if we have to compete with these to root will have any chance they are better. so is to speak for yourself. so who have no desire to compete an exam? ah, for us, blake, and see how much it is incredible. there's some proof and, and we wanna wanna try it. rails coach a colony chill out. he says, nobody expected his side to reach the last 4. and although angelo, he says that his teacher, about facing city, he isn't faced as normal term. we're very close to playing another final and the most important competition in the world. and we're worried because we're facing a very strong time of dollars. we're used to this because in the c s champions league, we're faced very strong opposition and things went away. so we'll keep fighting, no doubt. your current national olympic committee present that sergei bukosa says that his country must remain on the international sporting state. in 1988 at pole
9:53 pm
vault olympic champion has been visiting ukrainian athletes at home and across europe to check on their living and training conditions. solidarity fund that was set up a by the i o. c, to help ukraine's olympic community more than $2000000.00 has already been allocated to it. we must be present in international sports events. and in this regard, when they spoke was prime minister. i tried to convince him that i would presence in the international competition role championships. wold can you repeat championship? it's important for ukraine for believe in our victory and to be united and to be strong. russian president vladimir putin has assisted his country will continue to host a wolf sporting events and only invite its true partners. he made the comments on tuesday in moscow as he congratulated members of the russian team who took part in
9:54 pm
february's winter olympic games. among them was controversial at teenage a figure skater, camilla of oliver. while russia won the women's team event in beijing, but no metals were handed out after emerged, she'd failed a doping test. russians. kate is our country band from taking part in international events because of the invasion of ukraine. a chairman of wimbledon has defended its ban of players that from russia and by the us at this he has championships, saying it was only a viable option or the decision has strong criticism for top plays about the pull sizing of sportsmen and women. we can recognize that this many players who will be affected by this and we sincerely hope that the player community will recognize the very challenging position wherein and this is not an easy auction is
9:55 pm
a discrimination. we believe that we have taken the right decision, which is the proper decision for wimbledon and the whole circumstances. i don't think i want to speculate on particular courses of action when i'm often criminal. it is not discrimination in the form that is being said, it is considered view. well, wimbledon have also confirmed that coven 19 vaccination will not be mandatory for players that competing on the 2022 torment. it means no joke of it will be able to defend his title, and there will be no repeat of his deputation from melbourne when he arrived that for the australian open. the boston celtics, the 1st team through to the 2nd round of the n b a playoffs. after completing a 4 nail series, white wash on monday, it was a must win home game for the brooklyn net to keep their hopes alive. and kevin
9:56 pm
drawn, led the way with 39 points on the celtics, were able to stay out in front. as the game progressed, jason tatum scored 29 for boston, and a crucial moment came at the end of the final quarter with 22 seconds on the clock and the next, trailing by 2 points dropped, missed a free throw attempt, which the celtics converted into a score of their own, it finished the 100. 16. 212. boston await the winners between the milwaukee bucks and the chicago bulls. elsewhere monday's game, it all got rather heated. the, as the dallas mavericks took a 3 to lead in their series with the utah jazz visitors who are struggling to contain look, i don't teach who is in great form for the math that he's called 33 points in the 100 to 277 when you tell resorted to some heavy falling to stop the big sylvania later in the game, which led to some angry moments. this one saw half an whiteside and read the book
9:57 pm
ejected, so i was not to, i tried to, duncan was successful, successful. but this was my niece, this things happened to pass. i was just trying to, i had to write uniform on out of there and i had a harm's way, just a physical, you know, the supply. i also know, you know, everybody is excited to present, you know, was fighting for inch. was a big deal. the raps is kept there sir, is with the 76 is alive, not helped by tor, until forward the precious nashua score and the basketball equivalent of an own goal. pos garcia, come with $23.00 points and the raptors now trail 3 to the philadelphia fans had been enough. well, before the end, i've seen enough as if we folly santa. thank you very much for that. that is it. for this news our on al jazeera, don't forget, there's always more news on our website at al jazeera dot com,
9:58 pm
the very latest on all of our top stories on may from me fully back to bonham. news our team. thank you for watching. we alive moorland, a new center next with lauren taylor. i from app. ah mm hm with ah
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ah, the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek god. he beneath the waves for millennia. until a palestinian fisherman on earth, the priceless relic. the story continues, that as the world's attention was drawn to casa mysteriously, the deity disappeared once again, the apollo of casa on a jessia, we in the sand, the differences and similarities of culture is the cost, the world no matter what moves in winter been used, and kind to pause that matter to you, short films of hope and inspiration for a series of short puzzles. stories that highlight the human triumph against the
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odds. ah, al jazeera selects ah the you and take to general holds face to face talks with russia as president, who's agreed in principle to let the un and red cross help evacuate civilians from ru paul. and germany is to send 50 anti aircraft tax to ukraine and a major policy shift. as 140 countries agree to meet monthly to discuss online keith. ah,


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