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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2022 10:00pm-10:30pm AST

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ah, al jazeera selects ah, the un take to general holds face to face talks with russia as president. his agreed in principle to let the un and red cross help evacuate civilians from ru paul. and germany is to send 50 anti aircraft tax to ukraine and a major policy shift. as 140 countries agree to meet monthly to discuss arming, keith. the me, retaining their life from london was coming up. while david steps up,
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security off the new explosions targeting radio mos in the russian backed breakaway trans mystery, a region you can go to run up north korea's nuclear arsenal, to military parade, showing off its largest intercontinental ballistic missiles. and beijing extends its cobit testing to 20000000 people as it races to avoid crippling locked down shanghai. ah and russia, it is agreed in principle to allow the un and red cross to help with the safe evacuation of civilians. from the as of style still plant in the besieged city of mary will go into the united nations secretary general, his old face to face talks with that in the future. and in moscow, the russian president described the situation in maryville as difficult and tragic . believe that needs to found civilians remain trapped in the plant with ukrainian
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troops making a last stand in the devastated city. putin said garish. have been misled about the situation on ground. do you remember? there are no military actions being conducted in the style steel factory. we had from the ukrainian government that there are civilians inside the compound. in that case, ukrainian military personnel are obliged to let them go. the simple thing is with regard to evacuating those people. mister secretary general, you have been deceived. under misled over a 100000 people have left mary paul. they can go anywhere they want. some people want to go to russia, some to ukraine. we need to work together with the armed forces of russia and the armed forces of ukraine, so that we can resolve the problem. this would be an initial operation to evacuate . the villas from the factory. russia has constantly accused that this evacuation was never coded, doubts. russia also declared that safe passage has never been used to. if i could
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go civilians proposed closer to mary was monitoring the talks from moscow. the un secretary general, i was here on a mission for peace and we have just received a read out from the united nations press office who are issued a statement following a 2 hour meeting between flatter me a prudent and antonio terrace. and according to, as the un as statements, the russian president vladimir putin has agreed in principle to i an agreement that would see the united nations and the international committee for the red cross. it facilitates the exits of those civilians that are held. i hold up in the as of salt steel plants and this evacuation would, of course be with the coordination of the russian defense ministry as well as ukrainian officials. according to this as statement from the united nations at the
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russian president, her and the as secretary general have agreed to conduct a follow up discussion with at the un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs, as well as the russian defense ministry. so seemingly the impossible task of achieving any kind of a resolution to any of the ongoing crises that are happening in ukraine has been achieved for now. in theory by antonio terrace, you guys intelligence agency says about 15000 russian troops have been killed since the war began. russia has only acknowledged $1300.00 trip deaths and says a few than $4000.00 others have been injured. versus defense secretary told parliament the actual figure is far higher. russia is also believed to have lost 2000 and vehicles along with 60 helicopters. and fighter jets or 40 countries have agreed to meet monthly to discuss arming ukraine. the 1st meeting of the broad coalition was held at the u. s. s. ramstein in germany,
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and after coming under pressure for refusing to provide ukraine with heavy weapons, the german government performed a major policy you 10 step with that. after his surprised visit to key if last weekend u. s. defense faculty, lloyd austin, more than 40 defense ministers and officials of countries worldwide that they needed to do more for ukraine to win the war. so we don't have any time to waste the briefings today laid out clearly why the coming weeks will be so crucial for ukraine. so we gotta move at the speed of war. and i know that all the leaders leave today more resolve than ever to support ukraine in his fight against russian aggression and atrocities. he used ramstein, airbase in germany, the largest us be outside africa and asia together. the location was significant
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because especially germany had been reluctant to send heavy weapons to ukraine, not anymore. guest and she does. we decided on monday to support ukraine with a pot anti aircraft system, which is exactly what you cry needs right now to security is face from the ground. this has become clear again today about the gay part or teter, anti aircraft systems are not the combat. thanks ukraine had asked 4 weeks ago, but it is seen as a breakthrough after the german government was worried about being drawn into a war with russia. and chancellor all of shows want a few days ago for the possibility of a nuclear war. while many in europe are looking at germany to lead efforts to support your grand united states has now stepped in. with this meeting on german soil, united states has managed to convince countries like germany who were still reluctant to send happy weapons to make a turn around. but the main question now is how nervous this will make people hear that the war will expand beyond ukraine. steadfast and from the ramstein base in
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germany. again, my cough is director of institute of political studies and a former spokesman for president putin jones. his lie from moscow, thanks very much for being with us. we saw antonia good tears just visit that to, to russia. and he said, one thing that was true and obvious and no arguments can change that we have no ukrainian troops in the territory, the russian federation. but we have russian troops in the territory of the ukrainian federation. what will it take for russia to come to seize, fall and to remove those troops from ukraine? ah, russia publish a claim in the months of all stopped political depression liberating called all difficult prisoners and the most support trended or lessons of what you paid him on because those political prisoners, my friend, for example, if you need to get up and put your friends and we do all that, i mean,
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a position to train the new course. now you capture it, and there's a room in texas and cetera. so if you great also didn't cation of your grades, it's me and all passion a sense will be good. but i have it in all precious war criminals should be uncharged. and so the military station, its meaning that no military division of the nato countries all that you can direct me on demand to your demand a similar to the store. but in the meantime, you, there have been a lot of losses. we've had from say, from us defensive to note austin today that russia's arsenal is being depleted. he reiterated what he said on monday, we want to see russia, we can, to the degree that it can't do the kinds of things that it does in invading ukraine, does putin, except that there will be a risk for russia if it continues with the war and ukraine that it will essentially
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keep on losing material and people to know great avail. you know, russia during kids i should say, often defend them. good country because of the loss was many of this was started out from not successful mid term, but you lost the flagship of the black sea fleet. the mascara you've apparently lost, according to the defense of trees, lost a quarter of russia's pre invasion strength, more than 2000 ahmed vehicles. out at least $530.00 tanks, 60 a craft. how long can russia keep on with those kind of losses? because to the russian people, russians submit a strong belief that now the united states are medical supply, your grades and making on pay rasa. rome you create yes,
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and we have to pull this on the russia anyway. it will be much more biggest threats in the future. what will you do the, the moment at least 5000000 people have left ukraine. so the suggestion that people were wanted to be liberated, this is perhaps people watching from the outside. perhaps rather incredible. what you can do if you keep these areas and people don't want to go back to them, you can move people forcibly from russia into ukraine to occupy them. what you're going to do. because well, people left not from russia, people left the rooms at war digits of people like and people with conditions which they kept in europe in the concert as a union concert was a social subsidies. and it just, i think i did it and i would be upset after recovering calls, normal government, if you create one so that people will be back. and as you may know,
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most of the criminals doesn't like me on that. it's not to get a couple of support, no more than 2 percent, but nevertheless not to play a bit important role is that ukranian government, if you look at the structure, but that seems to be very few neo nazis as far as we can figure out. actually operating and you can, there may be some right wing groups, but it's not certainly the government lensky is not a no, no he's, he's jewish isn't. he's not unlikely to be a no, no, not see. if i can bring you back to what you have to general, so to raise today, the issue of war crime is during the visit to moscow will rush back an independent investigation into crime. this in ukraine, of course, would be fully support independent nation. but depending mitigation meetings have been home, i joined a job, a native members imongary investigations and granted us which is june and july
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all the united states of america such as japan and south. but i did vendor to the case investigation. such cancers like south africa or a z, d, indonesia, malaysia. it's really built relcom by us. so you're michael, thank you very much need for taking the term shorter us. nice. 3 people have been killed and 7 injured in the latest rush and asked strikes and shelling in the city of hawk eve as, according to the regional governor, ukraine's 2nd largest city is seen some of the worst fighting since russian forces withdrew from around keith. are you crazy? russian rockets flew at a low altitude over europe's largest nuclear power plant before hitting a nearby commercial center. and this is use of richer killing one person. parisha is the last large city under ukrainian control in the southeast when ukrainians fleeing the front lines have headed there. but reinforcements are being sent and
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trenches being dug in expectation of an assault ukraine's state. one atomic energy company has worn the low flying missiles risk causing nuclear catastrophe. the head of nuclear ends, nuclear watched august described the seizure of the each interval. nuclear plant by russian troops is very dangerous and says another accident could have occurred that raphael grossly made the comments during a visit to the decommission side. on the $36.00 anniversary of its meltdown, russian troops moved into the radiation contaminant novel exclusion zone in february, but withdrew late last month. communications and international monitoring were disrupted at the time because he says his team is working to get the plant back on line. i don't know if we were very closely just by this equation was absolutely abnormal and very, very vigorous. there is a lot of work to be done after the occupation of this plant that we have been working with. the regulator here with your green,
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your regulator. we have to assess the situation, we have to do some repair work, so we can restore the connectivity that we have with the anatomy. we can provide good information to that. to do that, you bring of people at the rest of the world still to come when i was era digging up bodies in the hunt for war, criminals, detectives face a grin, task in a search for justice and warnings of a global sam shortage. the un edge is the world assurance and disappearing natural resources. ah hello, it's warming up nicely now across southeastern parts of europe for loss of lovely warm sunshine, clear skies here, blue sky. beautiful weather left. the central and eastern pass off, but it's radiant. push farther north, we have got
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a week where the system just making its way across scandinavia. high pressure still influencing the weather is where the system not producing too much rain, but it will introduce some cooler air across scandinavia. falling on mat, recent hot spell in between low pressure keeping things very unsettled, aren't the central part. so if you have some wet weather coming in, a crosser austria sliding down through hungry easing over towards the black seat as that hot sunshine down towards a se 25 in athens. not too bad a tool. good deal cooler farther north temperatures now struggling to get up into double figures. therefore, all slower is push a little further west. scout and ray once again, coming back to the full cost. therefore, spain and portugal, not just on wednesday, thursday slides a little further race was more wet by the coming in. and that is set to weather, also fading in to west southern parts. if you crate as we go on into the latter part of the way, the weather that we have across the western side of the mediterranean bringing some lively showers. the avenue in north america,
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and algeria and sundry showers run across the gulf of guinea. ah. where temperatures reach minus 35 degrees celsius and mountain roads become barely possible. one small, many bus serves as a lifeline for community facing environmental and cultural change. out is there a well joined the regulars on board techies? she announced lou ah, ah,
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reminder of our top story on our 0, united nations sector general antonio terrace has met russia's president vladimir putin in moscow. the un says moscow has agreed in principle to allow it and the red cross to help with the evacuation of civilians from the as of style steel plant in the besieged city of merrier pole. over 40 countries have agreed to meet monthly to discuss arm in ukraine. the 1st meeting of the broad coronation was held at the u. s. air base ramstein in germany. and at least 3 people been killed and 7 injured in ongoing russian ass trice and shelling in the city of hockey. another person was killed in a rocket attack on the city of parisha, the last se hm. city under ukrainian control. ukraine is investigating more than $500.00 suspects for committing thousands of potential war crimes. evidence has been gathered across the country or dr. hamid or travel to towns north of keith,
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where the tech detectives, a sifting through rubble. fireplaces, ever since the russians pulled out a few weeks ago, detective victoria and the mirror rover and her team have been exhibit bodies. at least 10 day leave, a task she never thought she would be doing when she 1st joined the police. a few on this time, her team is unearthing the body of a person buried in the backyard of her house. they carefully big, carving around the body, trying to figure out how it's positioned a bit more to the who. these are the feet, so the head is over there. she says at 1st assessment reveals it's a man who appears to be in his sixties. it's only when they flipped a body over that she finds a clue into the cause of death. more. what awning of your thumb lamp affiliation each? a senior. he's got a wanted the back of the hat. most likely it's from a bullet because he had blood coming out of the mouse, the buddies, the composing,
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and the skin is stuck to the clothes. so in order not to damage it more, we will take him away and then the forensic expert will investigate further. the found his fawn. we will charge it and hopefully find out more about him for the full scope of what happened when the russian soldiers left towns. north of keith is still not clear, but the trail of destruction left behind is evident. civilians have been telling about how they were diagonally targeted as they were trying to flee. they had bullet holes all over this windshield, but this car was hit by some large caliber ammunition from the side here. and you can see still the remains of what appears to be a white flag marking the fact that they were civilians in this vehicle. and then here on this side of the car, you see the point of exit, of whatever ripped through the car. and inside it may harm you still actually have
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blood stains everywhere. and in the middle of all that a passport it belongs to a young man who was born in september 1990 children who, who killed all our business number and jar children. but again, we don't, it's another example of a ledge war crimes. among the thousands of cases that investigators have been documenting says, ukraine's prosecutor general. she has dispatched teams around the country to gather evidence here and bro. danco, they set up in a classroom and is full of people telling their stories. again, killing civilians, samo them over, after tortured torture civilians. we are now started to prosecute her sexual crimes raped. we see eat unfortunately with the then they talk with the property officer, the lance. oh, we see again there they bombed again and again they bumped civilian infrastructure
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. hospitals came to hardens schools more than 1000 into kish or institutions destroyed in ukraine water. this of course it's military, it is what crime knew by boucher do. mortgage overwhelmed refrigerator trucks are also overflowing with bodies. olga finally found her husband after coming here for several days. he was killed while she was away in poland. are put to move her to sit there for the rest of the neighbors called and said me, he was shot on march 22nd. he was going to the garage to get some food. 2 russian soldiers saw him, ran after him, and shot him twice. the russians didn't allow the body to be picked up for 3 days. ah, russia denies committing any atrocities suggesting they've been staged. but do you and human rights offers says, there is growing evidence of war crimes committed by russian soldiers and fears.
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many more could emerge as the fighting continues in the east and south of the country. for the bill, hamid elder z route north of keefe mold over says it stepped up security after 3 explosions in 24 hours in the breakaway region of trans. this trip to soviet era radio antennas and a military unit were targeted. the mass we used to broadcast russian radio from the village of my art. on monday, the ministry of state security, interesting history was also hit, won't, over held an urgent security meeting following the attacks. transistor is a region of mold over along the border with ukraine, which has a population of about half a 1000000 people and is under the control of separatist authorities. while driving forces went to war against russian back separatists there in 1991. when mulder broke away from the soviet union, russian soldiers have since been stationed there. nominally, as peacekeepers, guarding one of the largest ammunition deposed in eastern europe. last week,
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a russian commander suggested creating a land corridor from the dumbass region to crimea, and through to the russian speaking population in trans history of some analysts. but russia doesn't have the forces to do that. they're all concerns that it could use trans mystery to attack ukraine from the west. while dave, as president says, the tax are an attempt to destabilize the country. did you sent him to do what's happened in the past 24 hours in the region of tense? mr. as an escalation of tensions, i would like to remind you that for a few weeks there has been several bomb alerts in the region in schools and medical institutions. all jovan authorities are following with caution and a visual and see events that are happening on the territory controlled by to ross pull. our analysis indicates there are tensions between different forces within the region. we're interested in the stabilizing the situation. we condemn any provocation or attempts to involve moldova and actions that could threaten the country's peace. female suicide bomber has killed at least 4 people and injured
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several others in southern pakistan, bloss ripped through many bus traveling near the university of karachi. say 3 chinese nationals employed at the confucius institute were killed a separatist group known as the liberation on the claim responsibility. north korea has bound to ramp up its nuclear arsenal with maximum speed needed him don't and maybe not spent during a military parade which showcase the country's largest and newest intercontinental ballistic missile. broken bride reports from neighboring south korea. the parade march. the 90th anniversary of the founding of north korea's military and it was meant to show off the power of its modern de weaponry on display with some of the newest weapons. it has recently been testing such as hypersonic missiles and a more advanced longer rain submarine launched ballistic missile. after several years of attempted negotiations aimed at the nuclear rise ation leader kim jong and
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seems to have abandoned all such efforts that conciliation him was she me in the world today were powers our fears, the clashing with other powers, national dignity, sovereignty and true peace can only be guaranteed by strong self defense to overcome enemies. north korea is dara. the show was what it says is it's the most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile. to date, the 4 songs 17, it's the same type of weapon. it says it launched at the end of march, the 1st fully fledged test of an icbm since 2017 it things north korea has nothing to lose by putting on a big show of military force right now. us and south korean forces have gone ahead with that joint spring exercise in south korea has just chosen the conservative administration that's likely to take a much tougher stand with the north. i do as president joe biden will soon be
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visiting northeast asia. president biden will be attempting to boast, a support from the united states allies, south korea and japan. but they mounting speculation that north korea might even be planning a return to under ground nuclear weapons testing for the 1st time in 5 years. can, will you be the key ones? i mean, the basic mission of our nuclear capability is to deter war. but our nuclear weapons are not just for the sold mission of deterring study. if any attempts are made to usurp our interests, we might have no choice, but to call on those weapons, pyongyang seems as determined as ever to be accepted by the international community as a nuclear power to be reckoned with. rob mcbride al jazeera, so aging has extended its mass testing drive, almost all its 21000000 residents. as the city struggles to contain a surgeon corona virus cases,
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people have been panic buying at supermarkets stocking up on food and essential items, fearing a city wide lockdown like the one imposed on shanghai, china's capital as rolled outstretched measures under their countries. 0 cubic policy. now beatrice ledger king pilot, i support the 0 covey policy. massey testing is a very effective measure to keep the outbreaks under control. way of way. i will corporate with the government, but you know me, i don't, i don't think there is anything i need to worry about. the new says that there are lots of vegetables in the shops and the suppliers can provide them for 30 days. so i'm not worried at all. katrina, you has more from bathing well, baiting authority say they found cases in 8 new districts across aging, bringing that person of 80 percent of our cases identified here in the capital since friday. so what that means that the mandatory testing order has been extended to law district and basically will cover most of the people living in beijing. and
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that includes more than 20000000 people who will have to go from math testing. so far they've tested about 4000000 in this initial round, including myself and our team as well. and we're still waiting on our results from that initial test. now here's the thing. we won't have to do just once this week, not twice. we'll have to do the test 3 times before the weekend. i think that's a recognition that this is the highly infectious on the chrome strain and it's very difficult to catch up time. now, after all those test results, the after those 3 round of test results are discovered and collated on the weekend . it we're expecting on sunday that authority will make a judgment call as to whether there will be any lockdown or any further restrictions imposed columbia in general. and other high ranking on the officers expecting to acknowledge their part in the extra digital killings of dozens of civilians. at the special court investigating the country so called false positive
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scandal tribunal from the columbia army murdered, more than $6400.00 civilians and declared them combat casualties to falsify progress in its conflict with fog rebels. a global san crisis is looming. if urgent action isn't taken, the united nations environment program owns its latest report that the world is using sand fast and then it can be replaced. global demand, a search to 50000000000 tons a year because the population growth and urbanized ation. san is the world's most consumed raw material after water is the primary substance used in the construction of roads, bridges, trains, and land regeneration projects. un is calling for a ban on beach extraction and new rules for sand mining, plumbing, ease that san is produced to very slow erosion, georgia gold process. we thinks hundreds of thousands of years to bring to go from rocks to grain of salt, of sand. and we beauman are using $50000000000.00 tones of sand and gravel per year
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. and you might thing like, what is 50000000000 terms? well, to given id, it's, you could build a wall of 27 me to high 27 meter wide, all around planet for us every single year. that's the amount of sun we are using. and of course, you can pick so much so much sand are such a high volume of anything actually without having a large impact on the environment. ah, or might of the top stories are now to 0. russia has agreed in principle to allow the u. n. and red cross to help directly with a safe evacuation of civilians from the as of style steel plant in the besieged city of mary jo pal, escorting to the united nations secretary general, who's held a face to face meeting with vladimir putin in moscow. russia president describe the situation where you pull as difficult and tragic.


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