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tv   Al Jazeera World Turkeys Senkaya Bus  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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right, obviously the country in theory is law to prod, investigation, one or 18th reveals, exploit validation, a police corruption. what out of the europe? ah, hello, lauren taylor, london, the top stories and now to sierra. russia has agreed in principle to allow a u. n. and red cross to help with a safe evacuation of civilians. from the as of style steel plant in the besieged city of mario po. as, according to the united nations secretary general, whose health face to face talks with vladimir putin in moscow, the russian president described the situation in mario paul as difficult and tragic . it's believed at least a 1000 civilians remain trapped in the plant with ukrainian troops making a last stand in the devastation city. a boot in secretary,
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she had been misled about the situation on the ground. to meet you to be released. there are no military actions being conducted in the as of storm steel factory. we heard from the ukrainian government that there are civilians inside the compound, if that's the case, ukrainian military personnel are obliged to let them go regarding evacuating people . mister secretary general, you have been deceived or misled over a 100000 people have left maria paul. they can go anywhere they want. some people want to go to russia, some to ukraine. we need to work together with the armed forces of russia and the armed forces of ukraine, so that we can resolve the problem. this would be an initial operation to evacuate civilians from the factory. russia has constantly accused that this evacuation was never carried out. russia also declared that safe passage has never been used to evacuate those civilians. thus jabari was monitoring the talks from moscow. the un secretary general, i was here on a mission for peace. and we have just received
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a read out from the united nations press office, who are issued a statement following a 2 hour meeting between vladimir putin and antonio the terrace. and according to the un as statements, the russian president vladimir putin has agreed in principle to i an agreement that would see the united nations and the international committee for the red cross. it facilitates the exits of those civilians that are held a hold up in the as of salt steel plants. and this evacuation would, of course be with the coordination of the russian defense ministry as well as ukrainian officials. according to this as statement from the united nations at the russian president, her and the secretary general have agreed to conduct a follow up discussion with at the un office for the coordination of humanitarian
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affairs, as well as the russian defense ministry. so seemingly the impossible task of achieving any kind of a resolution to any of the ongoing crises that are happening in ukraine has been achieved for now. in theory, by antonia with harris over 40 countries have agreed to meet monthly to discuss arming ukraine. the 1st meeting of the broad cornish was held at the u. s. air base ramstein in germany, where the u. s. and its allies promised to send more heavy weaponry to ukraine. among them was the german government, which in a major policy you turn said it would send anti aircraft tanks all dover says it's stepped up security after 3 explosions in 24 hours in the breakaway region of trans mystery. to soviet era radio antennas and a miniature unit were targeted. the masts were used to broadcast russian radio from the village of my ag. on monday, the ministry of state security, interesting history was also hit over held an urgent security meeting. following
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the attacks, a female suicide bomber his skill at least 4 people and injured several others in southern pakistan. last ripped through a minibus travelling near the university of karachi lea say 3 chinese nationals employed at the confucius institute were killed. a separatist group known as the by the liberation army has claimed responsibility at all, and beijing is extended its mass testing drive, almost all its 21000000 residents. as the city struggles to contain a surgeon current of virus cases, people have been panic buying at supermarkets, stalking up on food and essential items. fearing a city wide lockdown like the one in post or shanghai. china's capital has rolled out strict measures under the countries 0 cubic piracy. there's a stop for us to stay with us out of their world is up next on that with more news after that. thanks for watching bye for now. ah
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well, we'll do you know what to do tomorrow? i'll shove on top of that and i was not covered very tribute of on want to model. i'm like, you know, the
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service sure that i will not do it here or not as challenged and we're all going to show no shot. you just turn on you to get out your news do real. everybody all wish to cost you. also not one of them were put in the photo was work force from the shelf was approved. miss tamara shuddered. i'm a modem on the union. said she thought or you know, then, you know,
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are only a year that we should huddle a year that to recreate you miss claudia. mother you bit doesn't miss. mitchell must. crockett at crockett stephen autumn was dismissed. she was kind of like you. so for suzanne zacalo, the sea, there are those who met walcott will top run, little gone of this will cut off and that bit the letter from ed subject called him, well, had an older brother. he should em, chicka. i was running a should owe
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us members report was hoping you get back to us as of some money to get your modem as far as letting you know for muscles on the job is going be does fish that loom on nice to cut them? let me get that pulled up because the machine has have a lift tub. it will be able to go to the school letting you know they can finish check yours. awesome. i you. so can you show the children in the me matos this m? they can be show, they haven't caught it, it is in some area other yet i can show you our local says our 10 pop up on our do not want to get your local justly. i just got it or do i have to
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go in there? oh i see that i should i use ah ah ah ah
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ah, we have no need for you. i'll just love general touch your general the little do not have been a lot of us. you non touch them vision i was i'm on are going to me up with good them. bush mom. yeah, well the every me appealed over mother natasha. you the but what
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it is that so for marcella sort of a while let them all him that him ball lumber shut a tv watch and there is no knowledge in our homes. so on the corner we do all the much the, all you enjoy, the puppy or you to cherish in the corner of the cushion i love him. will call you the ottoman sean, the brother machine from the la hover, bish that as your yet ginger will not the automatic man. we are new unless it says it says here, these are the things that is published. irma then audio share with them when he laid a date the hold on to huddle in san wilson. immeasurably she heated a upon the other off on a, protect them, a call on them. be sure to involve a minimum of to start on a call on
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a much they use or to schoolgirl them. although you for success other than bulletin than us all the saw some it would be to show some feel sophia minus f one under shane. a check, yours, any dotted line was what you call them a saturday is a rarity of the near future. wish yet that i've done as soon as that johnny had to leave me as long as i went out and then i thought i had it again. yeah. yeah, yeah yeah, yeah. well
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yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, i had this anytime you send us up a level of us to take some medical necessity, photos, and call me a couple of them as well as other ones. this is molecular numbers and i get is hope of such a hold on this going over a couple more levels of skill level. you can also visit us and
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so on that and some of said in yada paloma, you the got it. yeah, that's right on my you the jump suddenly up a little it had his me, she loser mom, prepare the organ kit as it may say. organ cannot have no to own. envision now hopefully hello to kind of work with us. yeah. yeah. no one in love, plenty with russia. him to no problem. so then there is, you know,
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a new through the acoustic hubs. now if you're not too long, no, not, i'm not. ready my name is sean over the world college that raphael i come on. ok of as if it's your dad said he has them. yeah. because you know the last few years. so that's because you know the sooner rather than as well. and she'll be able to come after she bought this tumor,
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they said they didn't know that. so do the money on this. i can come in resistance. so squared room a la city that was given to daniel to you or somebody, a lot of my son a shave then yellow by. i'm jimmy of fish. that probably i event up almost come mr. that i'm asking pending. check. yep. my dad of us. oh son shaday, he's a lawyer publisher jim?
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yeah. now assume that omission move bang up auto as day up on the modem. bit doesn't go amazed. oh, who lives in san jose obasi begin watching you on our behalf. ernestine, ah ah, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, but oh, go, yeah, i would with
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o struggles full of pleasure. i represent a battery of mars puleo with an intimate life in cuba,
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your mouth already or gary young. i live with my cuba on al jazeera, our coverage of africa is what i'm most proud of. every time i travel there, whether it's east or west africa, people stop me and tell me how much they appreciate coverage. and our focus is not just on their suffering, but also on the more uplifted and inspiring story. people trust algebra to tell them what's happening in their community in a clear and unbiased way. and as an african, i couldn't be more proud to be part of, you know, a, a
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with, [000:00:00;00] with hello lauren taylor and on the top stories are now to 0. russia has agreed in principle to allow the un and red cross to help directly with a safe evacuation of civilians from the as of style steel plant in the procedure that you po, was holding to the united nations secretary general, who's held a face to face meeting with vladimir putin in moscow, russian president describe the situation in full as difficult and tragic is believed at least a 1000 civilians remain trapped in the plant ukrainian troops making
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a last stand in the devastation. city of putin says that tara should be misled about the situation on the ground. maybe there are no military actions being conducted in the as of storm steel factory. we heard from the ukrainian government that there are civilians inside the compound, if that's the case, ukrainian military personnel are obliged to let them go regarding evacuating people . mister secretary general, you have been deceived and misled. over a 100000 people have left maria pole. they can go anywhere they want. some people want to go to russia, some to ukraine. over 40 countries have agreed to meet monthly to discuss arming ukraine. a 1st meeting of the broad coalition was held at the ramstein base in germany, where the u. s. and allies promised to send more heavy weaponry to ukraine. among them was the german government, which in a major policy you turn. so that would send anti aircraft tanks. small davis as it
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stepped up security after 3 explosions in 24 hours in the breakaway region of trans mystery. a to soviet era radio antennas and the military unit were targeted. the mosque we used to broadcast russian radio from the village of my act. a monday, the ministry of state security in trans mystery. i was also hit mold over held an urgent security meeting. following the attack, a female suicide bomber has killed at least 4 people and injured several others in southern pakistan. last ripped, through many of us traveling to the university of karachi, say 3 chinese nationals employed at the confucius institute killed a separatist group known as the liberation army has claimed responsibility of stores to stay with us out of the world continues next or be back straight after that, with a new user to join me, then if you can the meantime to get websites out of here dot com bye for now.
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in the me. the to meet is lou. that crystal magazine, who said that was quite up as a family it has almost almost just legacy and yet in its end of their job could i do today will send her that in then i mark to one of the new zone, the color of a child center while i'm not sure what was going to do and i read about my up of villa. well, no,
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no. i just said it was and i'm sure you tell you that i love you up to me. i wanna get that into the form of i will send this house. ok. the other movie houses with your guy gave you a didn't what you all funded. i don't be the about russia. i dropped them in the corner more now were there i need to let well i didn't the model that you got to do
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with . ringback number, well order one, not a good all a journal. mama. laza. now i'm the one on one of my my go to him deal. what? i'm, what i'm, what i'm not sure. but yeah, yeah. i think that neal is john grammar with
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a neighbor. how exactly ah ah the channel to upon and you can do more than that history city. hope that some shooting step you paula again you can any but let me do this if it gets up to the good ellis.
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tell him if i let me tell you will holler them as you get it. slim le? yup, realtors passion. take each. take i and i will listen,
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cindy and i went on the w 2 cushions check to use a local condition. you know, i'm sure love you i use ah,
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i wish that yours is true that there's a show to reach. that is a joke buddy. all right, let me visit with joe just not sure what kind of freaking out in the chat just took mama from him, so it kind of put them out and then shut a chum years. i found him. so one of the group time was it should be one, nab,
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you didn't some shot gotta be more than shot. it was done. a lot of the readers for one of the gentle that'd be there's i let and that's, it was almost shot that a shot. not a man or them a ton of them. sure, the color, so through maybe this was them years or is you know, to be to me to use i don't question than on a party. he will, i guess you also fancied him hon. toploader popular the this machine was popular with all of your shift, with all of them on saturdays or no, you can just hold on all the homie tongues. i'm on the checks yet shitty. there was
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monday. so i should or the emission order the was one little selection of mac has always stood but was one with them. the proportion turning us on the classic christina, she thought that again any ulten us on the been the on the on bush this honeycomb sharp cut the la unit and then i get this part of the so loosely on the chalk car. this model was with the letter, heard her phone us if you wish, if you was i know, lots of alternate. so to come, shorter caisson, very kids all on the books on be sure he put all the article
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i believe a with such it ah, well i . 7 just. 4 0 my god
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oh. 7 0 i oh, oh my god. oh wow. wow wow. oh i didn't get it moved down
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a. a with them to put them with that then let him then i thought it was done columbia to put . busy on her, chloe, and i know you had to be tough, a tougher a didn't jo at a company to sit, took that vision oil. the us is us us at a 100 and did it not showing on your exam?
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not. i'm not sure. i'm not you know, you did you talk to either this earth thunder for much to this stuff up and fish up on the on the much, much less about it for those of you all caught it. although you had to do this in the on. so i thought the hollow to someone, you know, use an alternate one or listen to this one when you know, sort of and i'll be going on, i guess there's been a lot of yellows. and i guess in did a few minute and get these. i'm going to do one. thank you. ok, sure. america did watson quit on or near that of all us and fish and polish. i'll talk to her what all this was done when do you want? it is up to 100 kid this told us,
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and we don't want all of the we went on the troubleshoot food. don't troubleshoot jokers that ro instead of you. that didn't truck they sent you, they do receive homes that was under the jan. joking with the memo. look that i have to do or i wasn't
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sure what exactly was going on then why did them just be my home of that? a good day. i know, you know, well, we'll have it. oh, oh, oh oh,
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i live in a in a month
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with just someone. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. all right. as a bizarre to do that, i'll, i'll got rid of them of a. so i've got a really, that is, why did you need that baldwin's, or my battery? is that good with a who? a done about all the mug of the sure. not
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a lot on with that as well. oh i ah, with frank assessments, what are the political risks of panic russian or the gas for western leaders?
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will sanctions on russian energy exports for recession informed opinions? he's not abandoning to fight against yet. he still is a media debt going to be attaching from the share and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis? today's global headlines inside story on al jazeera, understand the differences and similarities of cultures across a news and current affairs that matter to you. hello, we have seen some very heavy rain recently into our central australia tuesday. in the south australian outback, we had 69 millimeters of brain, the wet a single day for 33 years. that where to where that now moves a little further southwards in east with sweeping across victoria,
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the south wells. we'll see some live the shower in this more rain where that came from. this cold front over to ward. so south australia pushing across a certain parts of western australia will sweep through some rain coming through here them as we go. 13, wednesday, 21 celsius in perth. and notice from where to weather. once again into a good part of new south wales into the out, back here easing over towards sidney. we'll continue to drive its way further eastwards tasmania. also see some of that, sharon, a few showers there into were victoria and good scattering a shower toward so western parts of queensland, the far north of the cape york peninsula for new zealand. it's largely dry. high pressure dominates the weather here, so it does keep it lousy. settled and funny. over the next couple of days, just bits of fair weather cloud. we will crash, you see sunny weather making its way back into japan after a very wet spell of weather on wednesday. bright disguised, come back in behind the heavy,
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shasta central china. ah, the african stories from african perspective. i'm a marine biologist, a business. when short documentaries from african peel, i'm going to do that from south africa, ethiopia. and nigeria. we been to go over some stuff in this class. she saw this as my, and my role africa direct on al jazeera, me on out is iraq from climb reporting an in depth analysis. we bring you the latest on ukraine war on the unfolding humanitarian crisis. documentaries that inspire with me screens world issues into focus through compelling human stories almost 6 decades after fidel castro's proclamation of the communist republic of
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cuba. we explore the issues shaping the countries future. al jazeera investigative program fault lines were tons with a special series on abuse in the boy scouts of america. lebanon goes to the polls, but will political change help the country find its way out of its crippling economic crisis may on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm lauren taylor. this is the engineer news i live in london coming up. the you in text you general holds face to face. talks with russia's president is agreed in principle to let the un and red cross help evacuate civilians from mario poll, rejoined detectives,


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