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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 27, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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investigative program, fault lines were ties with a special series on abuse in the boy scouts of america. lebanon goes to the polls, but will political change hope the country find its way out of its cripple. economic crisis may on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm lauren taylor. this is the amazon news i live in london coming up. you and sexy general holds face to face. talks with russia's president is agreed in principle to let the un and red cross help evacuate civilians from mario poll, rejoined detectives, digging up bodies in the hunt for evidence of war crimes in ukraine. russia says
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its cutting gas applies to poland and bulgaria from wednesday. and beijing extends its covert testing to 20000000 people as it races to avoid crippling locked down by the one in shanghai. and i'm santa hamilton. i have the latest sports news. majesty city score for 3 home when over al madrid in the 1st leg of their champions league semi final ah, russia has agreed in principle to allow the un and red cross to help evacuate civilians from the as of style steel plant in the besieged city of marie poe, the agreement was reached during face to face talks between the united nation sector general antonio good cherish, and russian president vladimir putin in moscow. while it talks in germany, the u. s. and its allies have promised to send more heavy weaponry to ukraine will
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and 40 countries agreed to meet monthly to discuss arming keith, and after weeks of threats, russia says it will turn off the gas to poland and bulgaria on wednesday because they refused to pay for it in, rubles, though such a barrier begins our coverage with his report from moscow. the world's most senior diplomat is in moscow on a mission, un secretary general antonio terrace says he has come to the russian capital as a messenger of peace. his audience, the most controversial world leader at the moment. russian president vladimir putin who received the secretary general with high praise for his organisation. russia, as one of the founding countries of the united nations and a permanent member of the security council has always supported this universe localization. and we believe that it is not just universal but unique in its kind. there is no such organization in the international community, and we strongly support the principles on which it is based on we intend to do so
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in the future. good, harris seemingly not missing any words about how the united nations seize russia, so called special military operation in ukraine with i understand these grievances. but from our perspective, the grievances must be solved according to the different instruments that the un charter has at its disposal. and the one thing that we firmly believe is that the violation of the territorial integrity of the country is completely out of order in relation to the charter. earlier in the day, good harris kicked off his trip with a meeting at the russian foreign ministry and a working lunch with survey love robin. the 2 officials discuss for nearly 2 hours the situation in ukraine. they emerged from what was described as a frank conversation. this is clears that there are due to the front positions on what is happening in ukraine, according to the russian federation. what is taking place is
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a special me 30 operation with the objectives that were announced. according to the un in line with the resolutions fast by the general assembly rushes invasion of you could aid is a violation of his very thought and integrity and against the charge. that of united nations in the russian foreign minister, once again defended his country's decision. lee was shoshone, but a show show confused. this was happening as a result of the actions of the us and its allies, and during the polar world to the council. as for our geopolitical sphere, it was done in the interest of containing russia. and to that end, for many years, green has been used as a springboard to stream our contract with one of the main initiatives put forward by the secretary general involved ending the humanitarian crisis in the besieged port city of mary, your pulse. the city is now under russian control, according to the defense ministry. but thousands of civilians are unable to leave
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it. something vladimir putin dismissed as mis information. cuz harris has proposed setting up a contact working group made up of russian, ukrainian, an un members to ensure that all residents wishing to leave can do so. and to allow aid into the area. after a 2 hour meeting with the russian president, the u. n. says latter me are putting, has agreed in principle to the involvement of the agency along with the international committee of the red cross to oversee the evacuation of civilians. from the hours of solstio plants and mary opal, the un secretary general seemingly managed to achieve what many world leaders have failed to do so far. as he travels ukraine, he will be looking for officials. they're to approve this plan as well. all the while to nearly 1000 civilians continued to wait to get out of the underground tunnels. in one of europe's largest steel plants. doors such a bari al jazeera moscow. at least 3 people have been killed and 7 injured in the
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latest russian air strikes and shelling in the city of hock eve about according to the regional governor, ukraine's 2nd largest city has been some of the worst fighting since russian forces withdrew from around kings. ukraine says russia rockets flew at a low altitude over europe, the largest nuclear power plant before hitting a nearby commercial center in the city of separation killing one person is parisha is the last large city under ukrainian control in the southeast. many ukrainians fleeing the front lines have headed there. but reinforcements are being sent and trenches, being dug in. expectation of an assault ukraine state from the atomic energy company has worn below flying missiles, risk causing nuclear catastrophe. well ahead of you and nuclear watchdog, as described the seizure of each unknown nuclear plant, by russian troops as very dangerous and says another accident could have occurred the affair. grosse made the comments during a visit to the decommission site on the $36.00 of us rivets meltdown. russian
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troops moving moved into the radiation contaminated chernobyl exclusions own in february, but withdrew late last month. communications and international monitoring were disrupted at the time. but ross, he says his team is working to get the plant back on line. i don't know if we were very closely to that, but if it was absolutely abnormal and very, very dangerous, there is a lot of work to be done after the occupations of these plans we have been working with the regulator with the printer regulator. we have to set the situation, we have to do some repair work, so we can restore the connectivity that we have with the us. so we can provide good information to that, the ukraine, people to the rest of the world. this fighting is continuing in eastern ukraine. russian forces pushing south and north from the nets, which is controlled by russian back separatist civilians in the area trying to find
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shelter where they can, including in bunkers underneath industrial buildings. char stratford reports from near the russian control town of holy cow. this bunker is built under a soviet built brick factory. and it's typical of some of the giant grade cabinet spaces on the ground. underneath many of the soviet built industrial plants in this region. now it's being used as a place of shelter for around 4 families. so far. they tell us that they came down here a couple of weeks ago when the shelling in this area got particularly bad. you can see one of the areas where they stole their food he he come through. ready this in here is the main living area where people sleep where they eat. now the reason why nobody's here is because people are afraid of going on camera. they are that nervous about being identified and potentially being targeted. and
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bear in mind that we were speaking to the people here earlier, and the majority of them are pensioners, but such is the degree of fear and paranoia that this russian invasion is generating amongst people. as you can see, there's a lot of food here that has been brought down by very brave volunteers, men and women that drive into this area every few days, delivering food to people in bunkers like this wall. and this is absolutely fascinating. these was gross diagrams who put up during the soviet times and they are basically civil defense morning's advice given to people who may have to be may have had to have come here in the event of a nuclear or chemical weapons attack by the west. i'm fascinating. to see that they still hear, you know, possibly more than 40 years. 40 years later. now,
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in other news, we are hearing reports of heavy shelling and streaked street fighting in the towns of rubia and papa santa papa sna, i apologize. and we know that those air is a very heavily contested, and we understand that russian forces controller at half the, the town of pasta, and had been heavy casualties there. a lot of ukrainian soldiers have died. we know that having visited a field hospital in the area recently, the ukrainian military also saying that sir, at least 3 children, died of their injuries as a result of shelling of the town of leman. that is north of slave janski's last night. and the shelling there, we understand ongoing part of the russian forces attempts to push on into the area around the city of sloppy. ernst and cremmit tossed ukrainian military so far
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saying that they are managing to hold their positions and repel those attacks from russian forces. as i say, the families here had put the word out to other villages in this area. this is a place of shelter. and they say that they expect many more families to come in the coming days. in crane is investigating more than 500 suspects for committing thousands of potential war crimes. evidence has been gathered across the country, out of the hamid travel to towns, north of caves, where detectives, the sifting through the rubble family. ever since the russians pulled out a few weeks ago. detective victoria namir rover and her team have been examining bodies at least 10 day leave, a task she never thought she would be doing when she 1st joined the police. a few on this time, her team is unearthing the body of a person buried in the backyard of a house. they carefully dig, carving around the body, trying to figure out how it's positioned
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a bit more to the who. these are the feet, so the head is over there. she says at 1st assessment revealed, it's a man who appears to be in his sixties. it's only when they flipped a body over that she finds a clue into the cause of death, not put on any of your thumb, not for foolish in each athenian. he's got a wanted the back of the hat, most likely it's from a bullet because he had blood coming out of the mouse. the body is the composing, and the skin is stuck to the clothes. so in order not to damage it more, we will take him away and then the forensic expert will investigate further. the found his fawn, we will charge it and hopefully find out more about him. the full scope of what happened when the russian soldiers left the towns north of keith is still not clear, but the trail of destruction left behind is evident. civilians have been
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telling about how they were diagonally targeted as they were trying to flee. they had bullet holes all over this windshield, but this car was hit by some large caliber ammunition from the side here. and you can see still the remains of what appears to be a white flag marking the fact that they were civilians in this vehicle. and then here on this side of the car, you see the point of exit, of whatever ripped through the car. and inside it may have you still actually have blood stains everywhere. and in the middle of all that, a passport it belongs to a young man who was born in september 1990 children who, who killed all our business number and char children. but again, we don't. it's another example of a ledge war, crowns. among the thousands of cases that investigators have been documenting says, ukraine's prosecutor general. she has dispatched teams around the country to gather
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evidence here and bro, junkyard, they set up in a classroom and is full of people telling their stories. again, hillan civilians, samo them over after tortured torture civilians. we are now started to prosecute sexual crimes raping. we see eat unfortunately with the then they talk, what property officer the lance. oh we see again there they bombed again and again, they bombed civilian trust. actually hospitals came to harder and schools more than 1000 into kish or institutions destroyed in ukraine. what is this? of course it's military. it is what crime. nearby boucher do. mortgage overwhelmed refrigerator trucks are also overflowing with bodies. olga finally found her husband after coming here for several days. he was killed while she was away in
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poland. i put to move her sister there for the rest of the neighbors called and said me, he was shot on march 22nd. he was going to the garage to get some food to russian. soldier saw him ran after him and shot him twice. the russians didn't allow the body to be picked up for 3 days. bratia denies committing any atrocities suggesting they've been staged. but do you and human rights offers says, there is growing evidence of war crimes committed by russian soldiers and fears. many more could emerge as the fighting continues in the east and south of the country, where the little hamid elder z route north of keefe you case intelligence agency says about 15000 russian troops have been killed since the war began. russia has only acknowledged 1300 deaths and says fewer than 4000 others have been injured. but britain is defense. secretary told parliament to the actual figure is fall
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higher. russia is also believed to last 2000 our vehicles along with 60 helicopters and fighter jets. of and 40 countries agreed to meet monthly to discuss arming ukraine. the 1st meeting of the broad coalition was held at the u. s. a base ramstein in germany, where the us and its allies promised to send more heavy weaponry to ukraine. among them was the german government, which in a major policy yuton said it would send anti aircraft tanks. steadfastly was there after his surprised visit to key if last weekend us defense faculty, lloyd austin told more than 40 defense ministers and officials of countries worldwide that they needed to do more for ukraine to win the war. so we don't have any time to waste the briefings today laid out clearly why the coming weeks will be so crucial for ukraine. so we've got to move at the speed of war. and i know that all the leaders leave today more resolve than ever to support ukraine
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in his fight against russian aggression and atrocities. he used ramstein airbase in germany, the largest us based outside of the us to bring natal ministers. but also those from the middle east, africa and asia together, the location was significant because especially germany had been reluctant to send heavy weapons to ukraine. not anymore. guest and she does. we decided on monday to support ukraine with a pod across system, which is exactly what you cry needs right now to security is face from the ground. this has become clear again today about the gay part or teter, anti aircraft systems are not the combat. thanks. ukraine had asked 4 weeks ago, but it is seen as a breakthrough after the german government was worried about being drawn into a war with russia. and chancellor all of shows want a few days ago for the possibility of
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a nuclear war. while many in europe are looking at germany to lead efforts to support your grandeur, united states has now stepped in. with this meeting on german soil, united states has managed to convince countries like germany who were still reluctant to send happy weapons to make a turn around. but the main question now is how nervous this will make people hear that the war will expand beyond ukraine. steadfast and from the ramstein base in germany park areas energy ministry says there's no need for restrictions on it's gas consumption yet of us despite russia announcing its halting supplies to bulgaria and poland from wednesday, the 1st suspension since president putin warned last month that on the friendly foreign buyers would have to pay state and gas from in rubles, instead of dollars and euro's garrett officials say they have alternative arrangements for natural gas deliveries. opponent says it's gas storage facilities are 76 percent full of management truck. yeah. garage business. we have received
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threats from the russian federation, from gas problem. they are related with the method of payment in poland, sticks to the arrangements, and perhaps russia will try to punish potent in this way. as i have emphasized many times, poland had previously prepared, diversified gas supplies, and to obtain gas from various directions. and even before the baltic gas pipeline is launched, we will be able to protect our economy, protect households. i'm polls against such a dramatic stem by russia at franklin bridge is a senior lecturer, minutes you can receive in strategy at the university of portsmouth here, and you can join us for scott promote. so thanks for being with us. again, just want to ask you about the line that's being pushed again by the us defense secretary lloyd austin, wanting to see if we can russia as he put it in the free ukraine. how much difference would it make to be stating that aim openly about russia? yes, law. and it's significant, of course, because it leaves the way open for russia to allege that nato's using ukraine is
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a proxy. but look, this decision was made in early april, inside. i think before that when the u. s. congress decided to pass the lend lease arrangements making us once again the arsenal of democracy. so in terms of what's going to happen on the ground, it means little. but it is a significant development in terms of the rhetoric and given how much equipment and the west is promising to keep sending to, to ukraine. how difficult will it be to, for russia to, to maintain the kind of losses it's, it's had off until now. while today they once again have found it difficult to break through ukrainian lines. in fact, the crane is a counter attacking in some places and there's no question that the losses that the ukrainians have taken tapping significantly don't know about and quite right ukrainians. don't tell us about them are being made up. i think, to some extent material by these western reinforcements in terms of heavy armor, lighter armor and county, i clap, commit equipment of the kind of britain promised yesterday. with that with star
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st. massage. and today with the gap pods. and so what we see is a stream, a conveyor belt, a weapons heading on and containing head on the claim, which is what we should be saying. really if the west is serious about, about helping the country defend itself. and with nothing rougher the single, it'll stop the supply of gas to poland and bulgaria is a potentially a switch and tactics because of the pressure on no, do you think it's just it was due to becoming anyway, most part of that playbook, i suspect will be seeing a lot more of this as time goes on, threats against against europe, particularly, which is quite vulnerable as you know, to, to energy pressure from russia. and this would be a 1st step on that escalator, a path i think that, that russia is going to take. but it's to be expected on. i'm certain that the e u on the west. and nate, of course, have aimed against that. we see that because both already has all kinds of supplies . i think the point we out that we've had, again, from lack of a thing,
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especially nuclear conflict, should not be underestimated in general. saying talk of nuclear was completely responsible. what is the kind of level of danger associated with the rhetoric here? yeah, there is some danger learn, i think, in the, in catastrophic success. if that happens on part of the ukrainian armed forces. we're not seeing that we're seeing them hold there. the russians in the don barzyk some ferocious fighting in the main cities that ukraine has fortified. if they succeed in driving the russians off and counter attacking, i don't see them succeeding in driving the russians back too far. then we could see a real problem with russia, with russia taking other steps, including escalation in terms of the weapons they use. that would be a very serious, very serious step. we're talking here with while we're talking very serious sir. matters such as weapons of mass destruction, but i think we're a long way from that and for the moment ukrainians holding. are you crazy holding on? and in the meantime, is that what about the potential her? the conflict to had a spill over into other areas. we've seen in on monday and tuesday where she was
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explosions in at trans mystery or what, what do you make of that? yes such introducing trans nustar to the war is clearly russian provocation. moldova, of course, will soon mobilize the, the, the next step we should look for is perhaps in a couple of weeks time. russia changing the nature of this war, from a self declared special operation to an out military mobilization for war. that will be another dangerous step. so on an escalator path is no doubt about it. thank you. that's thank you very much and the death your analysis. thank you. lauren. coming up on the news i from london, moldova stepped some security after new explosions targeting at radio mass in russian. back to breakaway trans, mr. region. former colombian soldiers fully recognized their role in the killing of civilians presented as rebels killed in combat. and his sport, the boston celtics, take a step closer to the n b, a finals. possible action coming out ah,
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a female suicide bomber has killed at least 4 people and injured several others in southern pakistan. blast ripped through a minibus travelling near the university of karachi. please say 3 chinese nationals employed at the confucius institute were killed a separatist group known as the better liberation army has claim. responsibility comma hider is following developments from islamabad. important to understand that this particular attacker would be made within the 1st time that that particular group had used their female suicide bomber dog shop, skin lake, which was carrying dogs. chinese professors day, of course, are based ad that got out, you know, vote your date of confusion center also for chinese language for budget on you do again. but it is important to know that the balloon liberation army
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a band outfit by the united states by the united kingdom and buckets on what formed by our slum are to call him general r to in his outburst. he was killed back and grinned. date of december, just a month after deadlier dag by the my gate group, which is part of the balloon liberation army or tag the chinese considered in karachi. they're also related to radio and waste the command where did faith ways and i've got surrounded by at least a wall for wi fi. you're dressed in desert camouflage, i just stopped message for the buggers on the security 40. and the chinese, in particular saying that there was a continuing operation and that the chinese and the buckets i knew will be targeted by god. they said that the balloon who are not party to join up august on the economic corded off
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a colombian general and other high ranking army offices are expected to acknowledge that part in the extra judicial killings of thousands of civilians. there was a special court investigating the country's so called false positive scandal, and the tribunal found the columbia army murdered moore was $6400.00 civilians and declared them combat casualties to falsify progress. its conflict with fog rebels. i sent from betsy, joined us alive from buttah. so tell us more about these this hearing about the traditional killings. yes, lauren, as it truly has been our powerful and often heartbreaking hearing, listening to. busy both the victims and the family, the relatives of the victims, remembering their family members that were cruelly killed the by these militaries.
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and also listening a hearing from these officers, colonel sergeants, that explained their responsibility in the killings of civilians as the way to a boost the result of their military operations. explaining how they were operating under increasing pressure from their superiors, from the head of the military. or in many ways this has been an unprecedented the hearing in columbia, and which military lawyer are recognizing their responsibility in war crimes and crimes against humanity in there were many the tales that were surprising for many listeners among them. the fact that they actually planned out many of these killings did writing down a list of the names of the people, especially poor farmers. people with disabilities,
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poor young people that they could at kidnap, kill and dress up as the rebels in them a present to as combat dancer. that's a very strong and powerful a day here in columbia. one that many hope will not only help reveal the truth of one of the darkest chapters of columbia civil conflict. but also assured that it will not happen again. and in the meantime, can be, as congress is holding a debate over and no confidence vote against the defense minister, an army rate which can at least for civilians what, what was going on there. yeah, what it that shows us is that even if the colombian military as it changed its policies and improved greatly from 20 years ago, it still has a way to go when it comes to respecting human rights. in particular, when it comes to military operations in rural parts of the country,
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in this particular case, this has to do with the controversial operation that happened a month ago close to the border. 3 with equity in the town of puerto league, some of the military said that they did this operation to go after the commander of a new armed a group, a dissidence group of former 5 arrivals. and that in this operation, 11 of these sir, members of this on group to where were killed in another for captured about the since then a family members of the victims. busy angels and also. busy reports from columbia, media of showed them many of those killed were he said civilians that the attack happened in the middle of a bazaar in the town, a sort of a community festivity over over the weekend. so that's where the opposition is going after the administer of the fans and also shows that the military still has
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some way to go to avoid this kind of situation where it puts civilians at risk as under. hm, kathy, thank you very much. that's more still to come this hour, including yes. kindle only vows to ramp up north korea's nuclear arsenal. community parade chain off its largest intercontinental ballistic missiles. high and dry in the himalayas kept men do, is rapidly growing. population creates a water crisis in the city. and is why never talk of it will have no trouble getting to defend his title at wimbledon. ah hello, it's warming up nicely. now we're cross southeast and parts of europe are lots of lovely, warm sunshine, clear skies here, blue sky,
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beautiful weather there for central and eastern pass off, but it's radian pushed further north. we have got a week where the system just making his way across scandinavia. high pressure still influencing the weather is where the system not producing too much, right. but it will intra to some cooler air across scandinavia falling on mat, recent hot spell in between low pressure keeping things very unsettled there into central parts. so if you have some wet weather coming in across austria, sliding down through hungry easing over towards the black sea, there's that hot sunshine down towards the south, east 25 in athens. not too bad. a tool. good deal cooler farther north temperatures now struggling to get up into double figures. therefore, all slower is pushed a little further west scout and re once again coming back into the forecast. therefore, spain and portugal, not just on wednesday, thursday, slide a little further east was more what by the coming in. and that is that where to whether also feeding into west southern parts of ukraine as we go on into the latter part of the week. the weather that we have across the western side of the
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mediterranean, bringing some lively showers there into northern parts, morocco and algeria, and sundry showers right across the gulf of kinney. ah, oh, oh, that's where ever you go in the world. one airline goes to make it feel exceptional. katara always going places to go. when the war on ukraine commenced, people in power reached out to inhabitants of the nation, 2nd city, less than 40 miles from the russian border. as the carnage on falls, a handful of civilians document their experiences as they try to survive and
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maintain some normality in a reality. turn upside down. a rare glimpse of life under the forms you crave a city under siege on just either. oh, i want to talk to 0 nations chief antonia gutierrez, shes held talks with russia's president in moscow. the us says vladimir putin agreed in principle to allow it on the red cross to help evacuate civilians from the as a steel plant in the besieged merrier poles. on 40 countries agreed to meet monthly to discuss arming ukraine. the us and its allies promise to send more heavy weapons
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for their 1st meeting at the us based in germany. at least 3 people have been killed and 7 injured in ongoing russian strikes and shilling. and this to do, coffee's another person, was killed in a rocket attack on the city of declaration. se city under ukrainian control. ukraine nightclub owner has helped more than 200 people escape the besieged city of nor you pull that 6 year old. me kind of putting chef drove his van into the port area 6 times last month to get civilians out. repaired. his van between trips off to strikes, destroyed the windshield side, windows and door. chef says he, how's people in his clubs, bomb shelter until it was safe enough to drive out of marian year. it so happened that i was bringing insulin and who dover, and i wanted to have records on people, but i couldn't believe for 6 days in those sick days. every day i went around and
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gather people. i went to bomb shelters, but conditions were worse, where they were pregnant women, the children. i took them home there and broke them to my bumps, sheltered up. this is how 163 people turned into 200. although they stayed in my shelter. and all of these $200.00 people, we were able to get out whatever said stepped up security after several explosions in 24 hours in the break way region of trans mystery and to soviet era radio antennas and a military unit were targeted. on monday, the ministry of state security and trans mystery was also hit. transistor is a region of mold over along the border with ukraine, which was a population of about half a 1000000 people. and it under the control of separatist authorities. although the forces went to war against russian backed separatists, there in 1991 when rolled over broke away from the soviet union. russian soldiers has since been stationed there. normally, as peacekeepers,
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guarding one of the largest ammunition deaf o as in eastern europe. last week, russian commander suggested creating a land corridor from the don bus region to crimea. and through to the russian speaking population in trans mystery. some analysts believe russia doesn't have a forces to do that. they're all concerns. it could use trans mystery to attack ukraine from the west. go ahead this report. the aftermath of explosions in the capital of the self declared territory of trans mystery. and on soviet era radio and 10 i used to broadcast russian radio and military unit was also targeted. this small sliver of land that sits on the mold domon border with ukraine is on high alert. since the start of the war, more dover has feared that it could be in danger of being pulled into the conflict with russia. because here in this unrecognized breakaway state, is home to some 1500 russian troops. that moscow called peacekeeping forces.
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470000 people, mostly russian speakers live in this strip of land, while not internationally recognized, it has its own currency and its own leader, redeemed castle cell ski. there is also a military guard, but what's causing concern is not just the russian troops who have been here since the civil war in the early 19 ninety's. it's also the $40000.00 tons of weaponry and ammunition that remain at norm's depot. here since the collapse of the soviet union, although as president my a son do vowed a peaceful negotiation but condemned what she said. wet any attempts to ruin the country with neutral status. and when we remain open to continue dialogue so as to solve the conflict in the region in a peaceful manner negotiated through diplomatic channels. when that would offer people in moldova, including those in the region of trans nice drea, a chance to a peaceful and prosperous life. ukraine has warned
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a false flag attacks by moscow. last week, a senior russian commander said the next colon it's offensive was to access trans in this year to seize control of southern ukraine. further increasing tensions, even so it remains a huge technical risk for russia to drag over into the conflict. russia would need to have a successful offensive in solving ukraine. was you mean major cities, mckelly, which is currently a battle ground. odessa, which is even bigger battleground, would have to fall 1st, and then they could think of what me heal, ambridge and sister. so as long as that answer remains outside of russian hands, that's illusory. goal right now. meanwhile, many watch and wait to see what will happen here in this territory that could define the next phase of russia's campaign. sonia eagle al jazeera beijing is extended its mass testing drive to almost all of its 21000000 residents. as the city struggles to contain a surge and current of our cases, people have been panic,
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buying supermarkets, stocking up on food and essential items bearing a city wide knocked down by the one imposed on shanghai. china's capital has rolled out strict measures on the country 0 cobra policy. katrina, you has more from beijing. well, baiting authority say they found cases in 8 new districts across aging, bringing that person of ac karone of ours cases identified here in the capital since friday. so what that means that there's mandatory testing order has been extended to law district and basically will cover most of the people living in beijing. and that includes more than 20000000 people who will have to go from that testing. so far they've tested about 4000000 in this initial round, including myself and our team as well. and we're still waiting on our results from that initial test. now here's the thing. we won't have to do just once this week, not twice. we'll have to do the test 3 times before the weekend. i think that's
12:40 am
a recognition that this is the highly infectious on the chrome strain and it's very difficult to catch at time. now, after older test results, the after those 3 round the test results are discovered and completed on the weekend. it we're expecting on sunday that authority will make a judgment call as to whether there will be any lockdown or any further restrictions imposed. health officials investigating a surgeon hepatitis infections in children around the globe. european center for disease prevention and control says 190 cases have been reported. 111 of them in the u. k, mostly in children, under 10 of a new cases do not feature the viruses typically responsible for acute liver information for me on this, which one by dr. deep to go to san a. she's a clinical, if you me, on a just at, and senior lecturer at queen mary university of london. she joins us, was skype from cambridge, thanks very much for being with us. so what do you think is happening here?
12:41 am
what's behind the surgeon in severe have taught as cases it seems quite complex. there's no single cause a completely explains what's going on. i mean, there, number of possibilities. so a large proportion of these cases have been shown to be infected with. i don't know, virus, but this is not a virus that usually causes severe hepatitis in children how the children so it's not something we expect to see with that. i mean, there are other possibilities that it might be sort of an infection. alongside corvette ceasar school we to or infection out with prior co written and that's what's for example, been reported israel, where the majority of their cases has had, had co would recently. so all of these are, are currently under investigation and it's quite likely that it's not a single cause, but rather combination courses and have looked turns plate any paulton in reducing people's kind of resistance of these kinds of things. so i think natalie by themselves would be hard to explain what's happening right now. i mean,
12:42 am
certainly many respiratory infections reduced in children during mitigations and, and lot downs. and you can expect to see a sort of resilience after that. but, you know, as i said before, at no virus which does seem to be at higher levels is not typically associated with the symptoms. so if that is to explain, it would have to be a long site. something else, for example, coin fiction with our school. we to or perhaps increase susceptibility because of another virus or a new type of 5. no virus. by itself. i don't think mitigations would explain it. but one thing i would say is it is likely to be infectious disease related, given how wide spread it is across the world and things like medications against, oh, you know, airborne disease and sanitation would go away, whatever the cause, it, whether it is at no wider so whether it is cool, it raises what symptoms would people be looking out for? so the symptoms that are commonly reported are abdominal pain, diarrhea, war meting,
12:43 am
then followed by jaundice which you could usually see if you look at the outer part of the white part of the eye, which tends to look yeah, no. later on, children can also develop pale stools are so, you know, if, if you're seeing these symptoms in a child particularly, you ran to 10, please go to a health professional and get them assessed immediately. how serious can it be for children to, to have for hepatitis so this is quite a serious manifestation. 10 percent of children who are with this have require trans plans, which is quite unusual. so it is rare, but it does appear to be quite severe and, and that's why experts are concerned about finding out what is causing this. so it's something that we can try and prevent tip to good as ali, thank you very much indeed to your expertise. thank you. her north korea, her van to run pop it's nuclear arsenal. with maximum speed leader came over and made the announcement during a ministry parade which showcase the country's largest and newest intercontinental
12:44 am
ballistic missile. robert bride reports from neighboring south korea. the parade march, the 90th anniversary of the founding of north korea's military. and it was meant to show off the power of its modern de weaponry on display with some of the newest weapons. it has recently been testing such as hypersonic missiles and a more advanced longer rain submarine launched ballistic missile. after several years of attempted negotiations aimed at the nuclear zation leader kim jong gun seems to have abandoned all such efforts that conciliation him was she me in the world today where powers are fierce the clashing with other powers, national dignity, sovereignty, and truth. peace can only be guaranteed by strong self defense to overcome enemies . north korea star of the show was what it says is it's most powerful intercontinental ballistic missiles. to date, the 4 songs 70,
12:45 am
it's the same type of weapon. it says it launched at the end of march, the 1st fully fledged test of an icbm since 2017 it things north korea has nothing to lose by putting on a big show of military force right now. us and south korean forces have gone ahead with that joint spring exercises, south korea has just chosen a conservative administration that's likely to take a much tougher stand with the north. and us president joe biden will soon be visiting northeast asia. president biden will be attempting to bolster support from the united states allies, south korea and japan. but that is mounting speculation that north korea might even be planning. turn to underground nuclear weapon testy for the 1st time in 5 years, and would have yeah, humans had the basic mission of our nuclear capabilities to deter war. but our
12:46 am
nuclear weapons are not just for the sold mission of deterrence study, if any attempts are made to usurp our interests, we might have no choice. but to call on those weapons, pyongyang seems as determined as ever to be accepted by the international community as a nuclear power to be reckoned with. rob mcbride, al jazeera, so on the pool, that's plenty of water from annual monsoon rains, as well as rivers fed by melting glasses in the himalayas. it each year the capital suffers shortages due to its rapidly growing population from cat lendue. i'm yet limby report every morning sand m i a booster collects water from the centuries old stone tabs, indoor be got a suburb of cut man do once a week. water is also piped into her home, but it's barely enough for her family's needs. it allison while dollar the implemented on line so many people come here and wait in line to collect water.
12:47 am
it's never empty. it's crowded in the mornings. some people come as early as 3 a. m. dana didn't like the hinterlands up across the road. women paid to use pond water to wash clothes, cut manners rapidly. growing population is straining the cities already overwhelmed, municipal water system. most people have to buy water from tankers at high prices. the city relies on aquifers fed by monsoon rains, but as it expands and demand for water rises, they're running dry. got man to his home to 4000000 people. the 50 y full 130000000 pieces of water a day. less than half that demand is being supplied. residents, hope vicious and long delayed milan water supply projects to pipe water from the river to the city will reduce demands. that project is run by the public utility k u k l. that's now upgrading infrastructure to protect water supplies from the melancholy river. thousands of our to kill companies to distribute the abbey labor
12:48 am
water. you could believe. and without the minimum, without water leak is as easy as a network of mono valley or more than under the it. so there is a lot of problem of the case. what are the case? that is, why are we out of the shipping from orlando to new network without on they're going now organizations like smart bonnie, are also seeking solutions to the cities, water shortages that are very many pools in cassandra valley, which are struggling to manage water and provide water to their kids. so that's why we work with public schools, where there is a dire need of water and support them with an alternate source of water by harvesting the water that is falling on their own rooftop, just filtering it and ensuring that it can be reused. unpredictable monsoon rains under rapidly growing city are clearly big challenges here,
12:49 am
but many hope that by conserving water they'll at least start to reduce them from the other liberal al jazeera cut mandel, a global sand crisis, is looming. urgent action isn't taken. united nations environment program warns in its latest report that the world is using sand faster than it can be replaced. global demand, a said to $50000000000.00 tons a year because of population growth and innovation, found the world's most consumed rule material love to watch it. its primary substance used in the construction of roads, bridges, and land regeneration projects. and you end up calling for a ban on beach extraction and you rules for sand. my name. i had this news out when it could be efforts being made to help ukraine's sports community details . coming up with some stuff and coming face to face with an ancient goddess. a gosselin farmer finds a 4 and a half 1000 year old canaanite deity,
12:50 am
all digging his land. ah, cats are always official ally of the john with a
12:51 am
pool shot an official and line of the journey. lou ah, i know where the sport thank you very much. lauren, while manchester city will take a slim advantage into the 2nd leg of their champions league semi final guess where l. madrid is a dramatic night at the it to hide stadium having school twice early on, most of the city it might be left, kick him themself, they would relinquish a 2 goal advantage on 3 occasions. most pivotal moment at perhaps
12:52 am
a coming late in the 2nd hall for the home side, giving away a penalty for handle at 42 up can embeds them. i stepped up and converted that for his 2nd goal of the might final school for 3. the city ukraine's national olympic committee president that sergei bukosa says that his country must remain on the international sporting state. the 1988 po, volt olympic champion, the has been visiting ukrainian. i see that home and cross europe to check on their living and training conditions. solidarity fund that was set up by the i you see it to help ukraine's olympic community woman, $2000000.00 that has already been allocated to it. we must be present in international sports events. and in this regard, when they spoke was prime minister. i tried to convince him that our presence in
12:53 am
the international competition of all championships wold copy ruffian championship. it's important for ukraine for, believe in our victory and to be united and to be strong. but in president vladimir putin has insisted that his country will continue to host a world sporting events and only invites it's true partners. while he made the comment on tuesday in moscow, i have he congratulated members of the russian team who took part in february's winter olympic games. among them was controversial. a teenager figure skater, camilla by neva, russia won the women's team event in beijing, but no metals were handed out after emerged. she failed a doping test. russians cases are currently banned from taking part and international events because of the invasion of ukraine. he, chairman of wimbledon has defended the it's been. d of players from russia and better us to add that this year's championships saying it was the only viable
12:54 am
option. the decision has strong criticism for top plays about he pulled politicizing of sports men and women. we can recognize that there's many players who will be affected by this and we sincerely hope that the player community will recognize the very challenging position marion under. this is not an easy option discrimination. we believe that we have taken the right decision, which is the proper decision for wimbledon and the whole circumstances. i don't think i want to speculate on particular courses of action, but i'm often from life. it is not discrimination in the form that is being said, it is considered view or wimbledon have also confirmed alcove. at 19 vaccination will not be mandatory for players competing at the 2022
12:55 am
a torment. it means no back joke of it will be able to defend his title, and there will be no repeat of his deforestation from melbourne when he arrived for the australian open. the boston celtics, the are the 1st team at school to the 2nd round of the m b. a. playoffs. after completing for a neil series, a white wash on monday. it was a must win home game for the brooklyn that says to keep their hopes alive. and kevin toronto led the way with 39 points on the celtics, were able to stay out in front. as the game progressed, jason tatum, it's called 29 for boston, and the crucial moment came at the end of the final quarter with 22 seconds on the clock and the nets trailing by 2 points to want missed a free throw attempt to which the celtics converted into school of their own. it finished $11612.00 tonight was a close our game. just the hardest thing to win in basketball. you know,
12:56 am
especially against guys like guy out of pressure was on us. for us to finish nets. q was big. you know, as being a marcia, i think that was fantastic as well. i'm mondays, game say all got rather heated as the dallas mavericks took a 3 to lead in their series with the utah jazz. the visitors were struggling to contain luca dante, who was in great form for the math. he scored to 3 points in the 100 to 277. when utah shorted to some heavy fall and get to the big lavine late in the game, which led to some angry moments, james was not to. i tried to duncan was successful successful. but his last, my niece, this things happened and i was just trying to get my guys who had the right uniform on out of there and at a harm's way just
12:57 am
a physical in the supply. i also know you know, everybody's excited. campers are, you know, i was fighting for inch was not a big deal. and the raptors kept serious with the 76 is alive and not helped by toronto forward. precious. assure us coin and the basketball equivalent of an uncle bus. because com with 23 points and the wraps his now trail 32 and also support for me. i hand you back to learn in london. thanks. and i know a stone statue dating back 4 and a half 1000 years has been found by a farmer in southern gaza. a 22 centimeter high limestone statute depicts the face of the ancient canaanite, dirty or not, who was the goddess of love and war? she was on us by farmer while he was working on his land in hon eunice, passing forties. so the statue was discovered on what was an important overland trade route for several early civilizations. from me on titus news up on the back.
12:58 am
in a moment with more news. thanks for watching. ah me ah. and a in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to heidi talks to cub the side with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive instruments for chemical warfare. a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge, bringing something they didn't even see the foot 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus
12:59 am
agent orange on al jazeera. from the al jazeera london, bro cost center t people, unprompted and into updates. there is a form of knowledge which is kind of not acknowledged. so there isn't only one story to be told, even about colonialism. the other stories thought to of abdur is that good and then that all 3 out to 18 we can bring in all of these other ecology that not necessarily struck in the ways that we've been taught them. i feel like that's potentially a really exciting prospect studio be unpredicted on al jazeera. this one's feared war lord, during lay barriers, decade long civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord josh replied he has done with treat children. it has attracted their public sin and as protected in effect from public prosecution despite the recommendation is made by the truth and
1:00 am
reconciliation commission. for this former warlord, liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes and for his country. ah, the un sexy general holds face to face talks with russia's president who's agreed in principle to let the un and red cross help evacuate civilians from ru paul. and germany is to send anti aircraft tanks to ukraine in a major policy shift. over 40 countries agree to meet monthly to discuss arming, keith ah. lauren taylor. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming.


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