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an intimate life in cuba. get ya mouth did a lot each up on or gary. yeah, i live with my cuba on al jazeera. ah, russia agrees in principle to let the u. n. n. a red cross help evacuate civilians drop the matter. you poll falling a meeting between the u. n. g and president vladimir putin. ah, i'm darn jordan. this is out there alive from doha. also coming up. germany is to send 50 antea crop system to ukraine and a major policy shift. as more than 40 countries agree to meet monthly discuss army keys with uncertainty surrounding an agreement with iran,
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the u. s. warrens tara might be weeks away and building a nuclear bomb. and colombian military command is acknowledged their role in thousands of extra judicial killings. to falsify progress in the context of fox news, russia has agreed in principle to allow the un and red cross to help with evacuation of synonyms from the as of style steel plants and the besieged ukrainian city of matthew polt. the agreement was reached during talks between the un secretary general antonio cottage and russian president vladimir putin in moscow. some ukrainian troops are also trapped inside the plant, where they have rejected russian demands for surrender dosage. bobby report the world's most senior diplomat is in moscow on a mission, un secretary general, antonio gutierrez says he has come to the russian capital as a messenger of peace. his audience,
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the most controversial world leader at the moment. russian president vladimir putin who received the secretary general with high praise for his organization. russia, as one of the founding countries of the united nations and a permanent member of the security council has always supported this universal organization. and we believe that it is not just universal but unique in its kind. there is no such organization in the international community, and we strongly support the principles on which it is based and we intend to do so in the future. good, harris seemingly not mincing any words about how the united nations seize russia, so called special military operation in ukraine with but i understand these grievances, but from our perspective, the grievances must be solved according to the different instruments that the un charter has at its disposal. and the one thing that we firmly believe is that the violation of the territorial integrity of the country is completely out of order in relation to the charter. earlier in the day. but harris kicked off his trip with
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a meeting at the russian foreign ministry and a working lunch with survey love robin boucher, the 2 officials discussed for nearly 2 hours the situation in ukraine. they emerged from what was described as a frank conversation. it is clear that there are due to different positions on what is happening in ukraine, according to the russian federation. what is taking place is a special needs that your promotion with your objectives. that's what a lot according to the un in line with the resolutions fast by the general assembly roches invasion of ukraine is a violation of his very thought of the integrity and against the chart. that of united nations in the russian foreign minister, once again defended his country's decision, was shoshone will show sham. conceal this was happening as a result of the actions of to us and its allies and unipolar world. because as for
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our geopolitical sphere, it was done in the interest of containing russia and to that. and for many years green has been used as a springboard to strain our country english. one of the main initiatives put forward by the secretary general involved entering the humanitarian crisis in the besieged port city of mer, your pulse. the city is now under russian control. according to the defense ministry, but thousands of civilians are unable to leave it. something vladimir putin dismissed as mis information, cuz harris has proposed setting up a contact working group made up of russian, ukrainian, an un members to ensure that all residents wishing to leave can do so. and to allow aid into the area. after a 2 hour meeting with the russian president, that you and says latter me are putting, has agreed in principle to the involvement of the agency along with the international committee of the red cross to overseas. the evacuation of civilians
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from the adult solstio plants and mary opal, the un secretary general seemingly managed to achieve what many world leaders have failed to do so far. as he travels ukraine, he will be looking for officials there to approve this plan as well. all the while the nearly 1000 civilians continue to wait to get out of the underground tunnels. in one of europe's largest steel plants. doors such a bari al jazeera moscow. at least 3 people had been killed and 7 injured in the latest rush of air strikes and shilling and car keys that's according to the regional governor. ukraine's 2nd largest city has seen some of the worst fighting since russian forces withdrew. were on the capital, keith, russia says it will turn off a gas to poland and bulgaria at 0600 g m t on wednesday because they refuse to pay for it in roubles. it's the 1st time since the start of the war, but russia has made such a move. last, hootin had warned unfriendly foreign buyers to pay the russians state own gas company in roubles instead of dollars and euro's bulgaria says it's made
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alternative arrangements. poland says it's gas storage facilities are nearly 80 percent full, not more than 40 countries of agreed to meet monthly to discuss arming ukraine. the 1st meeting of this broad coalition was held at a usa base in germany. and after coming under pressure for refusing to provide key with heavy weapons, the german government performed a major policy. you turn steadfast reports from ramstein ebay. after his surprised visit to key if last weekend u. s. defense equity, lloyd austin, told more than 40 defense ministers and officials of countries worldwide that they needed to do more for ukraine to win the war. we don't have any time to waste the briefings. let today, laid out clearly why the coming weeks will be so crucial for ukraine. so we got to move at the speed of war. and i know that all the leaders leave today
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more resolve an error to support ukraine in his fight against russian aggression an atrocities. use ramstein air base in germany, the largest u. s. air base outside of the u. s. to bring ne to ministers, but also those from the middle east, africa and asia. together, the location was significant because especially germany had been reluctant to sent happy weapons to ukraine. not any more. the hum guest on and she does feel we decided on monday to support ukraine with capehart anti aircraft systems, which is exactly what you cry needs right now to security. a space from the ground from this has become clear again today which go on the gay part or cheater anti aircraft systems are not the combat. thanks. ukraine had asked 4 weeks ago, but it is seen as a breakthrough after the german government was worried about being drawn into a war with russia. and chancellor olive shoals warned a few days ago for the possibility of
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a nuclear war. while many in europe are looking at germany to lead efforts to support ukraine, the united states has now stepped in with this meeting on german soil, united states as managed to convince countries like germany who are still reluctant to st. happy weapons to make a turn around. but the main question now is how nervous this will make people hear that the war will expand beyond ukraine step, fasten from the ramstein air base in germany. so let's bring in glen coll, he's a former deputy national intelligence officer for trans national threats to the caea. he joins us via skype from boston. good, good job. back with our so what's your assessment of this nature of policy to give you more aid to you, crated, while western western allies making it public, surely they should be keeping a lid and all these weapons being sent to ukraine. well i, on the whole, i agree with you. i certainly personally, if i were making policy would support as vigorous a provision of weapons to ukraine as possible. and i even would support
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the strategic long term objective. now, the war aim really of united states, apparently of degrading russia's military, however, in a serious and lasting way. however, its diplomacy is the art of lying for your country. and you always want to leave your opponent some way out if he has no way out, then he has no reason whatsoever to change his policy. so i personally think that it was certainly surprising and perhaps unwise to announce so baldly that we now have made this what share the elaborate said, which is a proxy to destroy rushes military capability. yeah, and glen, as you say, we had this rather worrying statement from russia. foreign minister said a lot of that if the west continues to supply ukraine weapons,
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it could even lead to world war 3. now event, just say that rattling or it's a real horrifying prospect. well, since 945, specifically since 949, when the soviet union obtained an atomic weapon, both superpowers and all the great powers have done everything to avoid a direct clash between nuclear powers. because that risks are me again, and we are now the closest we have come to a direct clash between nuclear, russia, russia, and nuclear, united states, and nato. so it, to that extent, it is, it is the most of our encourages like in $45.00. however, a sturdy, elaborate comment i also interpret simply as, as you say, saber rattling to show we are a big power don't do this. this is bad consequences. awful. and i don't think there's any real intent. the russians are not entirely insane. the sense that would
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mean the destruction of everybody. yeah, glenn. i mean the war ukraine is forced other countries like finland, sweden and now georgia to seek the safety of nature membership. but isn't this just reinforcing russian fears about natives eastwood expansion? well, hi, everybody couldn't, has been the most successful agent for nato and united states policy since 945. all of the things in the last 3 months. all of the things that he seeks to forestall, stop and, and his said are on acceptable. he is, is bringing to pass the nato, which was somnolent, is now more vigorous than ever neutral countries which have a neutral for 3 generations are seeking the security of the nato umbrella, which is despite what russian propaganda has always maintained. and the russians actually believe is a defense of alliance, rather than an offensive one. it did not in the ukraine, russia did,
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and so prudent his is achieving all the things he says he went to war, stop. it's a lunatic decision he made to start with. ok, glen color, really good to get your thoughts. thank you very much. indeed for talking to you now, but you case intelligence agencies say about 15000 russian troops have been killed since the war began. moscow has only acknowledged 1300 true depth and says fewer than 4000 others have been injured. but britons defense secretary toll parliament, the actual figure is far higher. russia's also believed of last 2000 and vehicles, along with 60 helicopters and fighter jets. not, not as a company or not as air, including high and dry in the himalayas. tappman do's rapidly growing population. great. a water crisis plus him juggling balance to ramp up north korea's nuclear arsenal. military parade showing of its latest ballistic missiles warner steamers.
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ah hello. and please say we have got some quiet weather now starting to push his way to central parts of north america. high pressure dominating things over the next day. as our recent spell of winter weather and sundry showers fats in the process of getting squeezed further, reese was because of that high things will start to calm down. still a few winfrey flurries into new england into the canadian maritime. you can see an improvement coming in for wednesday, across at east and 3rd of the us. so we are going to see a few showers into central parts just pushing up towards the mountain states. we have got to now the weather system just waiting to sweep in into the pacific northwest into british columbia. you'll see that snow driving its way across the mountain, stay still some lively showers into central parts of the us up towards kansas. east
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of that they go fine and try not particularly warm but good to try and find them. we have seen recently 13 celsius for new york 15 celsius. therefore dc in the sunshine, the more the wire sunshine on please to say coming in the cross. see great ranted his cuba hispaniola to make a not too bad chance of one or 2 showers, some showers, therefore the lee was gradually pushing up across the wind was. we have got plenty of showers central america. ah, the, from the front lines, al jazeera correspondents continue to report every angle of the war cray. we've been given access to this special unit, making sure there's no threats behind those front lines. there is almost complete destruction fighting back a russian assault, holding background forces. the scale of destruction is just now being will be old as we arrived, nikolai is, there is panic. a russian war played is suspected of being closed by stay with al
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jazeera for the latest developments. lou ah, welcome back. a quick reminder about top stories here at this hour the you and says moscow has agreed in principle to allow it to help with the evacuation of civilians from the as a style steel plant and the besieged ukrainian city of mario pope, the u. m. second to general antonio cottage, met russia's president, putin and moscow. more than 40 countries of agreed to meet monthly to discuss on ukraine their 1st meeting was held at the usa basin germany early on tuesday. and a change of policy burden says it will not provide, keep with heavy weapons and at least 3 people have been killed in russia, mass,
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price and shelling in the city of car keys. another person was killed a rocket attack on the city of parisha. the last southeastern city under cranial control. well, mona, on ukraine, where families not feeling safe in their own homes are trying to find shelter anywhere they can, including and re purpose industrial buildings. out to zeros. charl stratford reports now from hor, live cup in russian back shepherds controlled eastern ukraine. this bunker is built under a soviet built brick factory and it is typical of some of the giant great cabinet spaces under ground. underneath many of the soviet built industrial plants in this region. now it's being used as a place of shelter for round full families. so far. they tell us that they came down here a couple of weeks ago when the shedding in this area got particularly bad. you can see one of the areas where they stole their food. he,
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he come through this in here is the main living area where people sleep where they eat. now the reason why nobody's here is because people are afraid of going on camera. they are that nervous about being identified and potentially being targeted. and bear in mind that we were speaking to the people here earlier, and the majority of them are pensioners. but such is the degree of fear and paranoia that this russian invasion is generating amongst people. as you can see, there's a lot of food here that has been brought down by very brave volunteers, men and women, that driving to this area every few days, delivering food to people in bunkers like this fall. and this is absolutely fascinating. these photographs diagrams will put up during the soviet times and they are basically civil defense morning's advice given to people who
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may have to be may have had to have come here in the event of a nuclear or chemical weapons attack by the west. i'm fascinating to see that they still hear, you know, possibly more than 40 years. 40 years later. now, in all the news, we are hearing reports of heavy shelling and streaked street fighting in the towns of rubia and papa santa papa. now i apologize. and we know that those areas a very heavily contested and we understand that russian forces controller at half the, the town of pasta, and have been heavy casualties there. a lot of ukrainian soldiers have died. we know that having visited a field hospital in the area recently, the ukrainian military also saying that say at least 3 children died of their injuries as
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a result of shelling of the town of li man. that is north of slave janski's last night. and the shelling there, we understand ongoing part of the russian forces attempts to push on into the area around the city of sloppy ernst and cremmit horse ukrainian military so far saying that they are managing to hold their positions and repel those attacks from russian forces as i say the families here had put the word out to other villages in this area. this is a place of shelter. and they say that they expect many more families to come in the calling days. your effective state has warned that iran could be in a position to develop a nuclear weapon in a matter of weeks that's down from previous assessments of about a year. anthony blink and says, a return to the 2015 nuclear deal is the best way to reduce any threat seals. i said tara has accelerated its nuclear program in recent years. we've now tested 2
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propositions. one was the nuclear agreement that was originally reached and that significantly set back armenian capabilities to pursue a nuclear weapon, particularly the facade material for such weapons. ah, and that agreement was working by all objective accounts. we've tested the other proposition which was pulling out of the agreement, trying to exert more pressure. and we've also seen the result. and the result has been that that nuclear program, which had pushed back the breakout time to a year in terms of being able to produce for sa, mature, for a weapon that's now down to a matter of weeks. and my kind of joint us live now from washington dc. mikes of the u. s. is expressing concerns about the speed at which iran is developing nuclear weapons. what's the context of all this? them well, a few hours after that statement there by antony, blinkin at the white house press secretary, jennifer, saki was asked precisely the same question. and she said very clearly, the biden administration is very worried about the apparent speed with which iran
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is developing its nuclear weapons. capability she to attributed this to the fact that the previous president donald trump pulled out of the iran program in terms of which iran agreed to stop nuclear development or weaponized nuclear development. in exchange for the lifting of sanctions. i jumped the saki making very clear the administration's belief at that because of this. basically, iran was lost control of it, developed or continued develop its nuclear weapons program, a direct consequence of the decision to pull out of the joint comprehensive plan of action that was taken by president trump. this she says is why president biden immediately came into office, started attempts to get this plan resurrected and my come despite those concerns, the u. s. sector of state is continuing to defend attempts to resurrect the nuclear deal. that's correct, i mean,
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antony blinking was talking there to a senate committee saying once again that the control exerted by the joint comprehensive plan of action meant that iran a limited or did not carry out at all. it's nuclear weapons program. this changed, he said, when the whole agreement stopped. so he says, this is why the u. s. is continuing on an indirect basis to negotiate with iran, to get that plan back in place. it's been all sorts of sticking points over the root posture. busy of these bilateral, all a removed discussions, the us moving through into agencies talking to iranian representatives. but very clearly there's another aspect to this as well. and to me blinking is attempting to get domestic support for the bite and administration's attempt to get that deal going again, one of the ways in which you can do this is to reveal the full extent of the threats that faces the u. s. and indeed, the world, i should the plan not be brought back into action. all right. my kind of life was
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there in washington dc. mike, thank it. now north korea has staged a nighttime military parades of the streets of the capital pyongyang which the later ship falls by kim johnson. who's about to quickly ramp up his country's nuclear arsenal. rum upright reports from a south korean capital sol. the parade marked the 90th anniversary of the founding of north korea's military and it was meant to show off the power of its modern de weaponry on display with some of the newest weapons. it has recently been testing such as hypersonic missiles and a more advanced longer rain submarine launched ballistic missiles. after several years of attempted negotiations aimed at the nuclear zation leader kim jong and seems to have abandoned all such efforts that conciliation him was she me in the world today where powers are fiercely clashing with other powers, national dignity,
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sovereignty and truth. peace can only be guaranteed by strong self defense to overcome enemies. north korea star of the show was what it says. it's most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile to date for song 17. it's the same type of weapon. it says it launched at the end of march. the 1st fully fledged test of an icbm since 2017 it things north korea has nothing to lose by putting on a big show of military force right now. us and south korean forces have gone ahead with that joint spring exercise in south korea has just chosen a conservative administration that is likely to take a much tougher stand with the north. i do as president joe biden will soon be visiting northeast asia. president biden will be attempting to both to support from the united states allies, south korea and japan. but they've mounting speculation that north korea might even
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be planning a return to underground nuclear weapon testing for the 1st time in 5 years. and we do get coupons, basic mission for nuclear capabilities to deter war. but our nuclear weapons are not just the sold mission of deter, and if any attempts are made to you, sir, by interests, you might have no choice. but to call on those weapons, pyongyang seems as determined as ever, to be accepted by the international community. as a nuclear power, to be reckoned with, rob mcbride, al jazeera, so now colombian general and other high ranking army officers are expected to acknowledge their part in the extra judicial killings of dozens of civilians. there was a special court in investigating the so called false positives, gambling in the tribunal found the columbian army murdered more than $6400.00 civilians and declared them combat casualties to falsify progress and its conflict with fock rebels are sandra petty has worn out from boca tell,
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listening to about the victims, the family, the relatives of the victims, remembering their family members were cruelly killed by these militaries. and also listening hearing from these officers, colonel sergeants, that explained their responsibility in the killings of civilians as a way to boost the result of their military operations. explaining how they were operating under increasing pressure from their superiors from the head of the military. in many ways, this has been an unprecedented hearing in columbia in which military are recognizing their responsibility in war crimes and crimes against humanity is in. there were many the tales that were surprising for many listeners among them. the
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fact that they actually planned out many of these killings writing down a list of the names of the people, especially poor farmers, people with disabilities, poor young people that they could kidnap, kill and dress up rebels in them at present as calm, but then that's a very strong and powerful day here in columbia, and one that many hope will not only help reveal the truth of one of the darkest chapters of columbia civil conflict. but also sure that it will not happen again. now in the pool, has plenty of water from annual monsoon rains and rivers fed by melting glass years in the himalayas. yet every year the capital cat man do suffer shortages from ya selling. bu when to find out why every morning sun am i, a booster collects water from these centuries old stone tabs, in derby, got
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a suburb of cut one do once a week. water is also piped into her home, but it's barely enough for her family's needs. steady and wild holiday implemented on the line. when so many people come here and wait in line to collect water, it's never empty. it's crowded in the mornings. some people come as early as 3 a. m. dana. then why did they nail in south across the road? women pay to use pont water to wash clothes, cut manners rapidly. growing population is straining the cities already overwhelmed, municipal water system. most people have to buy water from tankers at high prices. the city relies on aquifers fed by monsoon rains, but as it expands and demand for water rises, they're running dry. got the man to his home to 4000000 people. the 50 y 430000000 pieces of water a day. less than half that demand is being supplied, resident hope vicious and long delayed milan water supply project to pipe water
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from the river to the city will reduce demands. that project is run by the public utility k u k l. that's now upgrading infrastructure to protect water supply from the melancholy river target of our google companies to distribute the abbey labor water. you could and without the minimum, without water leak is as easy as a network of got more, no valley or more than under the it. so there is a lot of problem of the case. what are the case? that is, why are we out of the 15 from all nitro nunez without undergoing no organisations like smart bonnie, are also seeking solutions to the cities water shortages that are very many schools in sun valley which are struggling to manage water and provide free of water to their kids, so that's why we work with public schools where there is a dire need of water and support them with an alternate source of water by
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harvesting that in what that is falling on their own rooftop, just filtering it and ensuring that it can be reused unpredictable monsoon rains under rapidly growing city are clearly big challenges here, but many hope that by conserving water they'll at least start to reduce them from the other liberal al jazeera cut mandel. so a stone statue, dating back for the half 1000 years, is unsound by a farmer in southern garza. the 22 centimeter high limestone statute depicts the face of the ancient came the night deity i met. it was the goddess of love and war . it was on earth by a farmer while he was working on his land in hon. eunice, the palestinian authorities say the stature was discovered and what was unimportant overland trade route. ah, i have a quick check of the headlines here on al jazeera,
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you and says moscow has agreed in principle to allow it to help with evacuation of civilians as of style steel plant and he besieged ukrainian city of matthew polt un .


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