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it definitely changed my life in a good way with exclusive interviews and in depth reports. there's no one hardly anybody left here because al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live nice. ah, russia agrees in principle to involve the un and red cross and evacuating civilians truck to marry a pulse or to you and secretary, china and russia president meet in moscow. ah, i'm carry johnson. mrs. al jazeera la from dough also coming up. germany is to send 50 anti air cross systems to ukraine. the major policy shift as more than 40 countries agree to meet monthly to discuss and q. singapore executes
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a mentally disabled malaysian man convicted of drug trafficking despite international calls for clemency. north korea's leader bows to boost his country's nuclear weapons during a military parade showing off its latest ballistic missiles. russia has agreed in principle to allow the un in red cross to help with evacuation or civilians from the as of stone steel plant and besieged ukrainian city of maria pope. the agreement was reached during talks between the un secretary general attorney, good cherish, and russian president vladimir putin in moscow. some ukrainian troops are also tracked inside the plant, where they've rejected the russian ultimatums to surrender. dawson, jabari reports the world's most senior diplomat is in moscow, an emission un secretary general antonio terrace,
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says he has come to the russian capital as a messenger of peace. his audience, the most controversial world leader at the moment. russian president vladimir putin who received the secretary general with high praise for his organisation. russia, as one of the founding countries of the united nations and a permanent member of the security council has always supported this universal organization. and we believe that it is not just universal but unique in its kind. there is no such organization in the international community, and we strongly support the principles on which it is based on we intend to do so in the future. good, harris seemingly not missing any words about how the united nations seize russia, so called the special military operation in ukraine replacing i, i understand these grievances, but from our perspective, the grievances must be solved according to the different instruments that the un charter has at its disposal, and the one thing that we firmly believe is that the violation of the territorial
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integrity of the country is completely out of order in relation to the charter. earlier in the day. but harris kicked off his trip with a meeting at the russian foreign ministry and a working lunch with survey love robin version the 2 officials discussed for nearly 2 hours. their situation in ukraine. they emerged from what was described as a frank conversation. this is clear that there are do 2 different positions on what is happening in ukraine, according to the russian federation. what is taking place is a special me 3rd, your promotion with your objectives. that's what analysis, according to the where in line with the resolutions 1st by the general assembly rushes invasion of ukraine is a violation of his very thought of the integrity and against the chart that of united nations in the russian foreign minister once again defended his country's decision li, shoshone will show, show control this was happening as
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a result of the actions of the us and its allies and unipolar world too. because as for our geopolitical sphere, it was done in the interest of containing russia. and to that end, for many years green has been used as a springboard to restrain our country. one of the main initiatives put forward by the secretary general involved entering the humanitarian crisis in the besieged port city of mario paul. the city is now under russian control. according to the defense ministry that thousands of civilians are unable to leave it. something vladimir putin dismissed as mis information. cuz harris has proposed setting up a contact working group made up of russian, ukrainian, an un members to ensure that all residents wishing to leave can do so. and to allow aid into the area. after to our meeting with the russian president, the un says lottery, or has agreed in principle to the involvement of the agency along with the
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international committee of the red cross to overseas. the evacuation of civilians from the as of the plan to mary o for the un secretary general seemingly managed to achieve what many world leaders have failed to do so far. i see travel ukraine. he will be looking for officials there to approve this plan as well. all the walls, nearly 1000 civilians continue to wait to get out of the underground tunnels, in one of europe's largest field glass door such a bar, a l t 0 must set again. monica is a former spokesman for president putin. he says russia made its demands clear at the beginning of the war and is picking 2 them. russia, i publish it, claim it demands a whole stock political oppression, liberty to call all new to computers on us. and i'm also a mom because those political crews on my plan. for
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example, if you did a john get up and i put in france and liter over, i mean a position 5233. and of course now you capture it. and on a status of your grade. also, it's denise, if you cation of your grade, it's me and saw all fascist organizations with an all precious war criminals or should be on charge and a musician. it's meetings that no military operation of nate, all countries also you can enter direct, it's made a rush on demand. russia during q just say all depend on good concert applause rules and many of this was a successful minutes and i get it.
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what we have some breaking news for you now, according to the reuters news agency caught in the military build me in law, has found the deposed leader al santucci guilty of corruption and sentence here to 5 years in jail. that's according to a source with knowledge. all the proceedings of course, will bring you more in that here on out there. as soon as we get it. now at least 3 people have been killed and 7 injured in the latest russian air strikes and ukraine and shunning and how to keep that's according to the regional governor. ukraine's 2nd largest city has seen it some of the worst fighting since russian forces in june around the capital q. more than 40 countries have agreed to meet monthly to discuss arming ukraine. the 1st meeting of this broad coalition was held at u. s. air base in germany, not to coming under pressure for refusing to provide kids with the heavy weapons. the german government performed a major policy. you turn,
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set vast reports not from ramstein epis. after his surprised visit to key if last weekend u. s. defense equity lloyd austin, told more than 40 defense ministers, an official of countries worldwide that they needed to do more for ukraine to win the war. we don't have any time to waste the briefings left today, laid out clearly why the coming weeks will be so crucial for ukraine. so we gotta move at the speed of war. and i know that all the leaders leave today more resolve an error to support ukraine in his fight against russian aggression an atrocities used ramstein air base in germany, the largest u. s. air beat outside of the u. s. to bring ne to ministers, but also those from the middle east, africa and asia. together, the location was significant because especially germany had been reluctant to st. happy weapons to ukraine. not any more. the hum guest on and she didn't,
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does via the okay. we decided on monday to support ukraine with capehart anti aircraft systems, which is exactly what you cry needs right now to security. a space from the ground from this has become clear again today which go on the gay part or cheater anti aircraft systems are not the combat. thanks. ukraine had asked 4 weeks ago, but it is seen as a breakthrough after the german government was worried about being drawn into a war with russia. and chancellor, all of shoals warned a few days ago for the possibility of a nuclear war. while many in europe are looking at germany to lead efforts to support ukraine, the united states has now stepped in with this meeting on german soil, united states as managed to convince countries like germany who was still reluctant to send happy weapons to make a turn around but the main question now is how nervous this will make people hear that the war will expand beyond ukraine step, fasten from the ramstein air base in germany. the u. k,
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his intelligence agencies claimed that around 15000 russian troops had been killed since the war began. or moscow has only acknowledged 1300 troop deaths and says few than 4000 others have been injured. for britons defense secretary toll parliament, the actual figure is far higher. russia is also believed to have lost 2000 armored vehicles, long with 60 helicopters and 4 of jets where russia says it will turn off a gas supplies to poland and bulgaria on wednesday. because they refuse to pay for it. in roubles is the 1st time since the start of the ukraine war, that russia has made such a move. last month, i think that guten had warned so called unfriendly foreign bias to pay the russian state and gas company roubles instead of dollars. and euro's oak area says it has made alternative arrangements. meanwhile, opponents says it's at gas stores, facilities are 76 percent food and the worn ukraine dominated the hearing about
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next year's us budget on the capitol hill. secretary of state antony lincoln was pressed on why he wasn't doing enough to wean away european eyes from russian gas supplies. is our state department correspondent roseman join. us senators had a lot of questions for the secretary of state antony blank and about ukraine. and while they generally are pleased with the administration's efforts to get more weapons and more money into the ukranian government's hands to fight russia, there is growing concern around washington and here on capitol hill that the coalition, the u. s. has put together, could be in danger of fracturing, and that's because many european countries still purchase energy from russia. there was the question, is the u. s. willing to sanction those countries, unless they give up their energy purchases? the secretary of state said that the u. s. is working hard to replace russian energy with other sources that the europeans can count on. but he also said it's
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a balancing act. we have to do it, not only effectively, we have to be as smart as possible about how we do it. and when we do it, and so for example, we want to make sure that we are not taking actions in the near term that may have the result of spiking energy prices and thus lining putin's pockets, instead of taking resources away as this was a hearing on the fiscal 23 budget, the ukranian war wasn't factored into the calculations. and so the bind administration says it's going to have to send a supplemental budget request to congress to help pay for its ongoing support of the ukrainian government authorities in t of have demolished a monument symbolizing soviet era ties between ukraine and russia. cities. maritally crisco says a 2nd part of the study will be removed later, joined to arch will be renamed and lit up in with the colors of ukrainian flag. also says their plans to demolish 60 other monuments related to russia. and the
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soviet union was still ahead on al jazeera, moldova steps up security, osh explosions in a rush and back to break away reach. and the u. s. warns act iran might be weeks away. building a nuclear ah . the journey has begun. the 34 world camp is on its way to cat hook your travel package today. hello, the weather looks pretty unsettled across the middle east, over the next couple of days. a fair amounts of cloud sharing up here, cost saudi arabia up towards q. wait some showers, they're just spinning out of eastern turkey, cristilla caucuses, northern parts of iran, seeing some bits and pieces of cloud and rain couldn't catch a shower or 2. it'll be light hair and cutter. some showers. they are a wet weather will be over towards that western side of saudi western pass of yemen
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. over the next couple of days, we can still see a little more cloud there showing up across central parts of the arabian peninsula . not too much clouded, he hop across the red sea into the north east of africa. brisk when they are lifting some dust and sand for northern parts of libya and all them areas of algeria, some showers, they are just leaking out of, but it's raining where it stays on, settle for iberia, and of course to very unsettled across west africa. now, sierra leone, liberia garner, benito, southern parts of nigeria, seeing some very heavy downpours over the next few days, linking up with the central parts of africa, or old tropical system, thus making its way across the far south of madagascar. so the possibility of some localized flooding coming through here, dry weather comes back in behind bellagio, fine, and i am pleased to say for south africa casa, airway official airline of the journey. healing the debate. there is no, he job bad little, you know, i mean, if anyone, you're not women's, idaho,
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so does this seem to have been says no topic is off the table. we were taught to see abortion as a one way ticket street to help all of the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources and the power to fix it, where a global audience becomes a global community. a comment section is right here. be part of today's program through iep on al jazeera. ah ah, be watching elders here. a reminder about top stories is how the un that says moscow has agreed in principle to allow it to help with the evacuation of civilians from the as off stout steel. the procedure ukrainian institute. mario pope un
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secretary general antonio good cherish met russia's president. i didn't have newton in moscow. at least 3 people have been killed in the russian air strikes and shedding the city of keith. another person was killed in the rocket attack region. the last southeastern city on the credit control over 40 countries have agreed to meet monthly to discuss on the crate. first meeting was held in the us air base with germany earlier tuesday with change of policy berlin. it says it will now provide kids with every weapons. a malaysian man found the guilty of a drug trafficking in singapore has been executed. 34 year old negro entrance da millennium had been on death row if more than a decade after he was caught bringing 44 grams of heroine into singapore. the last ditch legal challenge followed by his mother failed for florence. louis is live 1st
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now in calling them para florence. what more to me now about the circumstances over this execution? this was a highly contentious execution and it went ahead despite public outcry in singapore and abroad, that were candlelight vigils protests in singapore and in malaysia in support of an agenda. and that with celebrities and billionaires who spoke out on his behalf and his lawyer say, and again, and should not have been executed in the 1st place because he suffers from an intellectual disability. he has a lower than average i q of 69. but the singapore high court disagreed with that and said, having considered expert psychiatric evidence, it found that negative had no abnormality of the mind when it commit, when he committed the offense. and that he could distinguish between right and wrong. that a single poor government's position is that the general was accorded for due process under the law. he was legally represented throughout the process from trial
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to his numerous appeals. and the other reason why the verification is so contentious is the use of the death penalty against or for drug related offences. activists in some research, as announcing that there is now more and more evidence that the death penalty does not work as a deterrent. and that this kind of law that's kind of penalty, really targets drug meals more than drug laws. singapore has a 0 tolerance policy towards drugs, but they're now increasing colds for it to rethink some of its laws. the you and human rights folks person issued a statement, 2 days before and attendance shadowed execution urging singapore to hold it execution of mackenzie and other death row inmates. and she said in the statement that the use of the death penalty for drug related offences is not compatible with international human rights law. and that countries that have yet to abolish the death penalty can only use it for the most serious crimes. and there is no
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indication that singapore is ready to rethink this part of its law or that is even considering a moratorium on death sentences. there are thought to be more than 50 people on death row in singapore. and there are, at least for others, found guilty for more found guilty of drug related offenses. who are at risk of imminent execution. ok, florence louis, thanks for that update. we're staying with this a song. oh is a principal advisor at the pacific research center. he says, singapore still vigorously enforces the death penalty for seamless drug related crimes. why i think over the past few decades, a lot on drought related crime sometimes, you know, extra dating the on the one and not the malaysian sites malaysia. next friday that is on citizens to senior or and knowing that sort of drug
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abuse will be imposed on such as citizens. so i think that you don't believe cell is currently having a moratorium death. and the as the present case, you haven't seen that you need to be sure reaction from the foundation side of u. s. secretary states has warned that iran that could be in a position to develop a nuclear weapon in weeks that's down from previous assessments of about a year. and so the lincoln says, a return to the 2015 nuclear deal is the best way to reduce any threat you also said to iran has accelerated its nuclear program. in recent years. we've now tested 2 propositions. one was the nuclear agreement that was originally reached and that significantly set back iranian capabilities to pursue a nuclear weapon, particularly the facade material for such weapons. and that agreement was working
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by all objective accounts. we've tested the other proposition which was pulling out of the agreement, trying to exert more pressure. and we've also seen the result. and the result has been that that nuclear program, which had pushed back the breakout time to a year in terms of being able to produce hassan, mature for a weapon that's down to a matter of weeks or mike hannah has more on this now from washington d. c, while the setting in which the secretary of state chose to make this information public was in a senate committee hearing the secretary of state essentially defending the bite and administration's policy to re engage with iran to attempt to put back into place that joint comprehensive plan of action, which was established in 2015 and then abolished by then president trump in 2018. later in the day we heard from the press secretary jennifer saki who made very clear that the administration was deeply worried about this increased pace with
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which iran appears to be improving its nuclear weapons program. at the same time, she said this was a consequence of the previous administration, and this is why when president biden came to power, one of his 1st actions was to draw up a plan in an attempt to reengage iran. and to re establish that joint comprehensive plan of action, the secretary of state making clear that it would be better to engage iran, limited nuclear development rather than to carry on as it is at the moment with iran, essentially out in the wild with no controls through nuclear inspectors or in terms of that agreement with the u. s. and other entities. but there's another aspect to this as well. the secretary of state doing this in a public setting, making very clear that he's seeking domestic support for the biden administration program of re establishing connections with iran and re establishing that plan that was abolished and putting it in public like this is
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a way in which the abide and administration as a whole can attempt to garner domestic support for a policy that is unpopular among many within congress about now to the war in ukraine. and some analysts believe that russia could use a breakaway reasonable dover to attack ukraine from the west. or dover says it's stepped up security after southern explosions in it trans. this trail to the soviet area at radio antennas and the military unit were targeted. on monday, the ministry of state security in the region was also it trans at mr. borders. ukraine, and he's under the control of russian batt, separatists, or open forces, went to war against the separatist there in 1991. when all, dover broke away from the soviet union, russian soldiers have been there ever since. last week, a russian commander suggested creating a land corridor or from ukraine's dumbass region to crimea and through to the russian speaking population in that trans mistrial. sonia miller reports
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the aftermath of explosions in the capital of the south declared territory of trans new history and on soviet era radio and 10 i used to broadcast russian radio and military unit was also targeted. this small sliver of land that sits on the mold domon border with ukraine is on high alert. since the start of the war more dover has feared that it could be in danger of being pulled into the conflict with russia . because here in this unrecognized breakaway state is home to some 1500 russian troops that moscow called peacekeeping forces. 470000 people most the russian speakers live in this strip of land. while not internationally recognized, it has its own currency and its own leader regime castle sail ski. there is also a military guard,
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but what's causing concern is not just the russian troops who have been here since the civil war in the early 19 ninety's. it's also the $40000.00 tons of weaponry and ammunition that remain at norm's depot. here since the collapse of the soviet union, although as president my asunder vowed a peaceful negotiation but condemned what she said, what any attempts to ruin the country was neutral status. and when we remain open to continue dialogue so as to solve conflict in the region in a peaceful manner negotiated through diplomatic channels. when that would offer people in moldova, including those in the region of trans nice drea, a chance to a peaceful and prosperous life. ukraine has warned a false flag attacks by moscow. last week, a senior russian commander said the next goal in it's offensive was to access trans anesthesia to seize control of southern ukraine. further increasing tensions, even so it remains a huge tactical risk for russia to drag malt over into the conflict. russia would
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need to have a successful offensive in solving new grain. would you mean that majors? it is a mccully, which is currently a battle ground. odessa, which is even bigger battle ground, would after fall 1st, and then they could think of what me heal, ambridge and sister. so long as with assa remains outside of russian hands, that's a illusory goal right now. meanwhile, many watch and wait to see what will happen here in this territory that could define the next phase of russia's campaign. sonya eagle al jazeera, a permanent opposition figure, and politician and sudan has been released from prison. former cabinet minister colored yusef was freed on bail on tuesday. he was one of several politicians arrested in february 4 months after takeover by the military. leaders yourself is a member of the sideline group. the forces of freedom and change. north korea has staged a night time military parade. the streets of the capital till young is the latest
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show of force by him. children whose pledge too quickly ran pump his country's nuclear austell. robert mcbride reports from the south korean capital. so the parade, march, the 90th anniversary of the founding of north korea military. and it was meant to show off the power of its modern de weaponry on display with some of the newest weapons. it has recently been testing such as hypersonic missiles and a more advanced longer rain submarine launched ballistic missiles. after several years of attempted negotiations aimed at the nuclear zation leader kim jong and seems to have abandoned all such efforts that conciliation him was she me in the world today. we're powers our fears. the clashing with other powers, national dignity, sovereignty and true peace can only be guaranteed by strong self defense to overcome enemies. north korea star of the show was what it says is,
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it's the most powerful intercontinental ballistic missiles. to date for song 17, it's the same type of weapon. it says it launched at the end of march. the 1st fully fledged test of an icbm. since 2017. it things north korea has nothing to lose by putting on a big show of military force right now. u. s. and south korean forces have gone ahead with their joint spring exercises. south korea has just chosen a conservative administration that's likely to take a much tougher stand with the north and u. s. president joe biden will soon be visiting northeast asia. president biden will be attempting to bolster support from the united states allies, south career and japan. but there's mounting speculation that north korea might even be planning a return to underground nuclear weapons testing for the 1st time in 5 years. king
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would have yankee once i'm the basic mission of our nuclear capabilities, to deter war. but our nuclear weapons are not just for the sold mission of deterrence study, if any attempts are made to usurp our interests, we might have no choice. but to call on those weapons, pyongyang seems as determined as ever to be accepted by the international community as a nuclear power to be reckoned with. rob mcbride al jazeera, so the world's 1st vert he poured for flying taxes and drones is now open in the u . k h i think will be several years before the vehicles are operational. the verde port is similar to an airport with a lounge security gates and the take off area. or when i say the a mr. have the transportation hobbs being used by flying taxes, taking passengers on short trips to and from cities. japanese it start up has created a robot that looks and acts like a child for use in dental training. petty read as it's known can react, like
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a child to a dentist probing inside his or her mouth. human. i'd also mimics of a variety of health conditions making potentially useful for other medical training . the cost of $1.00 of these robots is almost $200000.00 brazil. now, where the top prize in rio de janeiro is carnival has been won by display highlights brazil's african roots and the theme of religious tolerance. grand summer school was crowned champion for the 1st time officially. closing brazil's festivities issues highlighted this year or in the spotlights as present year or sonora, who has faced frequent accusations of racism and intolerance gears up to seek reelection in october. ah, this is out there and these are the top.


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