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the other stories part 2 of abdur is that gonna react to ane we can bring in. all of these other qualities are not necessarily struck in the ways that we've been taught them. i feel like that's potentially a really exciting prospect studio be unscripted on al jazeera russia agrees in principle to involve the un and red cross in evacuating civilians trapped in mario pulse of the un secretary general and russia's president meets in moscow. ah, con carry johnson. mrs. al jazeera life and also coming in germany, is to send that 50 anti aircraft systems to crane the major policy shift as more than 40 countries agree to meet monthly to discuss arming q
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a court in man. mom has sentence ousted leader on sunday suit. she to 5 years jail, after convicting her of corruption. singapore executes him mentally disabled malaysian man convicted of drug trafficking, despite international calls for candidates. for russia has agreed in principle to allow the un and red cross to help evacuate civilians from the ass off style steel plant in the besieged ukrainian city of mario pope. the agreement was reached during talks between the un secretary general antonio good cherish and russian president vladimir putin in moscow. some ukrainian soldiers are also trapped inside the plant, with rejected russian ultimatums to surrender dos. such a merry reports. the world's most senior diplomat is in moscow on a mission. and secretary general antonio terrace says he has come to the russian
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capital as a messenger of peace. his audience, the most controversial world leader at the moment. russian president vladimir putin who received the secretary general with high praise for his organisation. russia, as one of the founding countries of the united nations and a permanent member of the security council has always supported this universal organization. and we believe that it is not just universal but unique in its kind. there is no such organization in the international community, and we strongly support the principles on which it is based and we intend to do so in the future. good, harris seemingly not missing any words about how the united nations sees russia so called the special military operation in ukraine repeating, i, i understand these grievances, but from our perspective, the grievances must be solved according to the different instruments that the un charter has at its disposal, and the one thing that we firmly believe is that the violation of the territorial
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integrity of the country is completely out of order in relation to the charter. earlier in the day. but harris kicked off his trip with a meeting at the russian foreign ministry and a working lunch with survey love robin boucher, the 2 officials discussed for nearly 2 hours their situation in ukraine. they emerged from what was described as a frank conversation that is clear that there are due to different positions on what is happening in ukraine. according to the russian federation, what is taking place is a special new 30 open ocean with the objectives as what a lot, according to the un in line with resolutions fast by the general assembly. russia's invasion of ukraine is a violation of his theory, thought integrity, and against the chart that of united nations in the russian foreign minister once again defended his country's decision,
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was shoshone will show sham. conceal this was happening as a result of the actions of the us and its allies and unipolar world. because as for our geopolitical sphere, it was done in the interest of containing russia and to that. and for many years green has been used as a springboard to restrain our country. one of the main initiatives put forward by the secretary general, involved entering the humanitarian crisis in the besieged port city of mer. your paul. the city is now under russian control. according to the defense ministry, but thousands of civilians are unable to leave it. something vladimir putin dismissed as mis information. cuz harris has proposed setting up a contact working group made up of russian, ukrainian, an un members to ensure that all residents wishing to leave can do so. and to allow aid into the area. after a 2 hour meeting with the russian president, the u. n. says latter me appointment has agreed in principle to the involvement of
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the agency along with the international committee of the red cross to overseas. the evacuation of civilians from the as of solstio plants and mary opal, the un secretary general seemingly managed to achieve what many world leaders have failed to do so far. as he travels to ukraine, he will be looking for officials there to approve this plan as well. all the while to nearly 1000 civilians continue to wait to get out of the underground tunnels in one of europe's largest steel plants. door such a bari al jazeera, moscow sh for more than 40 countries, have agreed to meet monthly to discuss arming ukraine. the 1st meeting of this broad coalition was held at a u. s. air base in germany. after coming under pressure for refusing to provide kid with heavy weapons, the german government has performed a major policy. you turn set boston reports from at ramstein air base. after his surprised visit to key if last weekend u. s. defense faculty, lloyd austin,
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told more than 40 defense ministers and officials of countries worldwide that they needed to do more for ukraine to win the war. we don't have any time to waste the briefings. let today, laid out clearly why the coming weeks will be so crucial for ukraine. so we gotta move at the speed of war. and i know that all the leaders leave to day more resolve than ever are to support ukraine in his fight against russian aggression. and atrocities. he used ramstein air base in germany, the largest u. s. air base outside of the u. s. to bring ne to ministers, but also those from the middle east, africa and asia together to location was significant because especially germany had been reluctant to st. happy weapons to ukraine, not any more. hum guest on. and she does feel we decided on monday to support ukraine with capehart anti aircraft systems,
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which is exactly what you cry needs right now to security. a space from the ground from this has become clear again today which cover the gay part or cheater anti aircraft systems are not the combat. thanks. ukraine had asked 4 weeks ago, but it is seen as a breakthrough after the german government was worried about being drawn into a war with russia. and chancellor olive shoals warned a few days ago for the possibility of a nuclear war. while many in europe are looking at germany to lead efforts to support your grandeur, united states has now stepped in. with this meeting on german soil, united states has managed to convince countries like germany who were still reluctant to send happy weapons to make a turn around. but the main question now is how nervous this will make people hear that the war will expand beyond ukraine. steadfast and from the ramstein base in germany. now of course mamma has found ousted leader. i'm fancy cheese guilty of corruption in fenton say to 5 years in jail. the trial is close to the media and
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was the 1st of 11 corruption cases against her. she's previously been convicted of offensive, including possession of unlicensed walkie talkies and breaching cobit 19 rules rights activists denounced the charges, nobel laureate, has been detained since the minute. she's takeover in february 2021 before it's louis is life and quality impact for us now. so we're florence, what more do we know about the sentencing? well, we know that she's been sentenced to 5 years in prison. the maximum term for this offense that she was facing with 15 years in prison. now, she's already been found guilty of other charges and she's been sentenced to 6 years in prison. for those charges, we don't yet know whether she is going to be taken to prison. it is unlikely that she will be, she is being held in an undisclosed location and the june day said she will be
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allowed to be to remain there until the other cases against her have been disposed of. so we are expecting that she will continue to stay where she is and not be taken to prison immediately down. she corruption charges are not the only charges against her. she has another 10 more corruption cases going up against her. but she also faces other charges, including at breaching state laws, committing electro of electro offenses now on time suit. she has been, she's not been seen in public since she was detained by the military. on the 1st day of the coo lawyers have also had very def, had had a lot of difficulty speaking to her, a source who's close to the who's familiar with the proceedings in the child said that her lawyers were not able to speak to her on wednesday which is the day the verdict was given. now, this trial and the child's against all santucci. they have been criticized by
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rights activists as being a political sham. and that they are designed to keep her out of a political career. then the june has said that they intend to hold elections, but from what we're seeing, it is, you know, it is, it's conceivable that it's believable and, and what many people believe that they basically one have to be out of the picture when elections are finally held for its li, live in quite a limb for forest. thank you. now the u. s. a secretary of state has also warned that iran that could be the position to develop a nuclear weapon in weeks that's down from previous assessments of about a year. and in the blink, and it says, a return to the 2015 nuclear deal is a best way to reduce any threat. you also said that terran has accelerated its nuclear program in recent years. why cannot, has more in this, from washington dc while the setting in which the secretary of state chose to make us information public was in
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a senate committee hearing the secretary of state essentially defending the bite and administration's policy to re engage with iran to attempt to put back into place that joint comprehensive plan of action, which was established in 2015 and then abolished by then president trump. in 2018. later in the day we heard from the press secretary jennifer saki who made very clear that the administration was deeply worried about this increased pace with which iran appears to be improving it's nuclear weapons program. at the same time, she said this was a consequence of the previous administration, and this is why when president biden came to power, one of his 1st actions was to draw up a plan in an attempt to reengage iran. and to re establish that joint comprehensive plan of action, the secretary of state making clear that it would be better to engage iran, limited nuclear development rather than to carry on as it is at the moment with
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iran, essentially out in the wild with no controls through nuclear inspectors or in terms of that agreement with the u. s. and other entities. but there's another aspect to this as well. the secretary of state doing this in a public setting, making very clear that he's seeking domestic support for the biden administration program of re establishing connections with iran and re establishing that plan that was abolished and putting it in public like this is a way in which the abide and administration as a whole can attempt to garner domestic support for a policy that is unpopular among many within congress. but still ahead on al jazeera, the u. s. wants act. hereon might be weeks away from building nuclear bomb. colombian, he commanders acknowledged their role in thousands of extra judicial kidneys
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and we look at more in ukraine cent price. aspiring supermarket shelves in libya, ah hello, the weather less pretty unsettled across the middle east, over the next couple days. a fair amounts of cloud sharing up here, or saudi arabia, up towards q. wait some shall, was there to spinning out of eastern turkey, costio caucuses, northern parts of iran, seeing some bits and pieces of cloud. and rain couldn't catch a shower or 2. it'll be light here in carter. some showers, say our feet wet weather will be over towards that western side of saudi western parts of yemen. over the next couple of days, we can still see a little more cloud they're showing up across central parts of the arabian peninsula. not too much cloud if you hop across the red sea into the northeast of
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africa. brisk when they are lifting some dust and sand for northern parts of libya, northern areas of algeria, some showers, they are just sneaking out of, but it's raining where it stays unsettle for iberia, and of course, to very unsettled across west africa. now, sierra leone. liberia, gotta many togo southern parts of nigeria, seeing some very heavy downpours over the next few days, linking up with the central parts of africa, our old tropical system, thus making its way across the far south of madagascar. so the possibility of some localized flooding coming through here, dry weather comes back in behind. but lottie, fine and dry, i'm pleased to say the south africa ah, mainstream coverage of big stories can sometimes deliver more heat than life in any or tar scenario. there's always a force to simplify. narratives. nuance is always called for even in the case of an
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aggressive war, the listening page, delve into the news, narrative and dissect them. there is not our great deal of subtlety. we're talking about the barbarism as unfolding as though re somehow unique. it's not unique covering the way the news is covered. on al jazeera lou. ah, you're watching out as the reminder of our top stories is how the un says moscow has agreed in principle to allow it to help with evacuation or civilians. from the as off stout steel thought the besieged ukrainian city of mario un secretary general antonio. good cherish met russian president vladimir putin in moscow. more
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than 40 countries have agreed to meet monthly to discuss arming ukraine. their 1st meeting was held at the u. s. air base in germany. earlier on tuesday, the change of policy berlin says it will now provide keith with heavy weapons. are caught in me and mar, has found ousted leader. i was sent to cheat guilty of corruption and sentence to 5 years in jail. she's been detained since the military takeover. in february 2021. russia says it will turn off gas supplies to poland and bulgaria on wednesday because they refuse to pay in roubles. is the 1st time since the start of the crane war that russia has made such a move. last month, the putin warned what he called unfriendly foreign buyers to pay the russian state own gas company rubles, instead of dollars and euro's. oh, gary, i says it's made all tentative arrangements. meanwhile, pohden says it's gas storage facilities are 76 percent full. on the war and ukraine
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dominated a hearing about next year's at u. s. budget on capitol hill, secretary of state antony lincoln was pressed on why he wasn't doing enough to win away. you appear allies from russian gas supplies. his our state department corresponded roseman join. us senators had a lot of questions for the secretary of state antony blank and about ukraine. and while they generally are pleased with the administration's efforts to get more weapons and more money into the ukranian government's hands to fight russia, there is growing concern around washington and here on capitol hill that the coalition, the u. s. has put together, could be in danger of fracturing, and that's because many european countries still purchase energy from russia. there was the question, is the u. s. willing to sanction those countries, unless they give up their energy purchases? the secretary of state said that the u. s. is working hard to replace russian
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energy with other sources that the europeans can count on. but he also said it's a balancing act. we have to do it, not only effectively, we have to be as smart as possible about how we do it. and when we do it, and so for example, we want to make sure that we are not taking actions in the near term that may have the result of spiking energy prices and thus lining putin's pockets, instead of taking resources away as this was a hearing on the fiscal 23 budget, the ukranian war wasn't factored into the calculations. and so the bind administration says it's going to have to send a supplemental budget request to congress to help pay for its ongoing support of the ukrainian government. ukraine's government is investigating more than 500 people suspected of committing thousands of possible war crimes. evidence is been gathered across the country, order until jaime, that travelled to villages north of kia and sent this report. ever since the
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russians pulled out a few weeks ago, detective victoria namir rover and her team have been examining bodies at least 10 day leave a task. she never thought she would be doing when she 1st joined the police. a few on this time. her team is unearthing the body of a person buried in the backyard of a house. they carefully dig, carving around the body, trying to figure out how it's positioned a good morning to the who. these are the feet, so the head is over there. she says. at 1st assessment revealed, it's a man who appears to be in his sixties. it's only when they flip the body over that she finds a clue into the cause of death, not running on your thumb, not fulfilling each a thing. if he's got a wanted the back of the hat, most likely it's from a bullet because he had blood coming out of the mouse. the body is the composing and the skinny, stuck to the clothes. so in order not to damage it more,
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we will take him away and then the forensic expert will investigate further. the found his fawn, we will charge it and hopefully find out more about him. both the full scope of what happened when the russian soldiers left the towns north of keith is still not clear, but the trail of destruction left behind is evident. civilians have been telling about how they were directly targeted as they were trying to flee. they had bullet holes all over this windshield, but this car was hit by some large caliber ammunition from the side here. and you can see still the remains of what appears to be a white flag marking the fact that they were civilians in this vehicle. and then here on this side of the car, you see the point of exit, of whatever rip through the car. and inside it may ham, you still actually have blood stains everywhere. and in the middle of all that,
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a passport it belongs to a young man who was born in september 1990 children who, who killed. oh, our business number in char children. but again, we don't. it's another example of a ledge war crimes. among the thousands of cases that investigators have been documenting says, ukraine's prosecutor general from about she has dispatched teams around the country to gather evidence. here and bro junkyard, they set up in a classroom and is full of people telling their stories. again, killing civilians, samo them over after tortured torture civilians. we are now started to prosecute sexual crimes raped with c eat unfortunately with the then they talk, what property officer the lance. oh we see again there they bombed again and again, they bombed civilian infrastructure. hospitals came to honda and schools,
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more than 1000 into kish or institutions destroyed in ukraine water. this, of course, it's military. it is walk right near by butcher do mortgage overwhelmed? refrigerated trucks are also overflowing with bodies. olga finally found her husband after coming here for several days. he was killed while she was away in poland. a put to move her to sit there for the lowest of the neighbors called and said me, he was shot on march 22nd. he was going to the garage to get some food. 2 russian soldiers saw him, ran after him and shot him twice. the russians didn't allow the body to be picked up for 3 days. why should denies committing any atrocities suggesting they've been staged? but do you and human rights offers says, there is growing evidence of war crimes committed by russian soldiers and fears. many more could emerge as the fighting continues in the east and south of the
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country are doubly hamid elder z route. north of keefe, well thought is in the key of have demolished monuments symbolizing soviet era times between ukraine and russia. citizen may have a tonic coach, coach says a 2nd part of the starchy will be removed later. john to arch will be renamed and lit in the colors of the ukrainian flag. he also says there are plans to demolish 60 other monuments related to russia and the soviet union. the mentally disabled malaysian man, the found guilty of drug trafficking in singapore has been executed in front of him, had been on death row for more than a decade. after being caught bringing 44 grams of harrington into single pool. a last ditch legal challenge found by his mother failed east on is a principal advisor at the pacific research center. he says, singapore still vigorously enforces the death penalty for serious drug related
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crimes. why i think over the past few decades, a lot on drought related crime sometimes you know, extra day on the one and not the live site malaysia next friday that is on citizens to see know and knowing that sort of a post on it. so i think you don't believe so it's currently having a moratorium. and as the present case, you haven't seen that you need to be sure reaction from the foundation side. a colombian general and other high ranking army offices of knowledge. their part in the extra judicial killings of a $120.00 civilians is the 1st time members of the military have publicly told the truth. about one of the darkest chapters of the country's civil war. a sancho from
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pietro reports from book atop. holding pictures of their loved ones, relatives of the victims of extra traditional killings streamed into this hearing in the northeast region of cattle, tomba were 10 former military members among them a general at mid to committing war crimes and ask for forgiveness. your assistance . i killed family members of people who are here. i misled them and cruelly and cowardly assassinated them pretending that rebels tarnishing their name, leaving children without fathers, as mothers with children. and i know you won't forgive me, but i hope this will avoid this happening again. the military supposed to protect pharmacy, they trusted us, and we lie to them and kill them. come, we'll get to the data while facing each other. victims and perpetrators detailed the killing of over a 100 civilians falsely portrayed as rebels killed in combat. the court determined that 6402 people were murdered this way between 20022008 in
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a scandal known as false positive. the goal was to boost that statistics and justify u. s. military aid. the soldiers involved were rewarded with promotions in time, off, luck while we're going to loony coffee in the requirement was to produce casualties in combat. no matter what this according to the policies of the army come on, demanded peter indifferently. cologne's command officers explained how they planned the killings making less the wall, neural farmers disabled people in youth. they said they conspired with paramilitary groups that offered them weapons in uniforms to the skies. the killings, many victims are wondering why there has been so much impunity or a guess that the whole get. why did we have to make a public scandal for 14 years to reach this point? yes. what would have happened if we had given up what we did? we need another 6402 victims in the courts that you see behind me is also
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investigating the military high command that has always denied that the killings were part of a systematic policy. but a number of officials have said that they were under pressure to inflate the success of their military operations. most one that you'll say low, natalie. these weren't isolated events. nobody apples responsible for the killings . this is the result of failed state policies. and this is what the judiciary hasn't determined yet. could you minute negate rafielli so many and, but despite the trials limitation, the fact that the soldiers are admitting that they committed war crimes is unprecedented. and an important step in overcoming one of the darkest chapters of columbus long civil conflict. allison the happy if the al jazeera buttah, yet no ramadan is a spiritual a time when was limbs around the world fast during the daylight hours. but in libya, this year, it has been a difficult period for many. the country has africa's largest crude reserves, but
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a decade of conflict has devastated this economy in food prices are rising. i like train and reports from tripoli. it's ramadan. the holiest month in the islamic calendar, muslims around the world are fasting from sunrise to sunset. in previous years, it's been the busiest time for markets and libya, but shop owner mohammed booming jeers as prices for basic goods have doubled. and that means business is not great, did the purchasing power for people? this ramadan is much less than before. prices arising every day and that's had an impact on our business. last year, the average customer was spending around $7.00 for their daily needs. this ramadan, it's $13.00 to $15.00. many can't afford that. rama von is also a chance for family members to spend time together and share a meal to break their fast. but rising prices have made it difficult for many to
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meet their basic needs of alumni. if i ask that god helps us all during this blizzard month of ramadan, the situation is dire for many people due to the economy, circumstance, our country faces. those of 4 or 5 kids are really struggling to feel the families, libya, imports at least 650000 tons of russian and ukrainian week, or about half of what the country needs. at the moment. there isn't a shortage here in libya for prices for breath have increased. if russia's war in ukraine continues. countries in this region, including egypt and tunisia, may soon run out of red. if authorities here don't act soon, libya to face the same problem. a current rebekah is head of the economic committee for the city of tripoli. he says the government as a 6 month strategic wheat reserve and is working to increase domestic production,
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evansville air, as meticulous prices for goods, a soaring globally due to the russian ukranian war, especially the price of wheat before basic goods like wheat, oil, rice, and tomato paste was subsidized by the government, but that stopped due to the political crisis and conflict. according to the un, more than 800000 people are in need of humanitarian assistance. in libya, the average income is less than $200.00 among if prices increase further, many more may find themselves struggling to cope while trina, o, 0, triple. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. the un that says russia has agreed in principle to allow it to help evacuate civilians from the as of stout steel plant besieged ukraine.


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