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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2022 2:00pm-2:30pm AST

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and reconciliation, permission for this former warlord liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes. and for his country ah, in the ruins of ukraine's destroyed towns, the un secretary general witnesses, the horrors of the wool and coals for accountability the war. he's an absurdity in the twins, and so since the war, he's busy, ah, hello, i'm emily and gwen. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming out, i left the mess drive by. she lincoln's work is put
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down their tools and businesses close to pal pressure on the president to step down the world's largest producer, palm oil. indonesia imposes a ban on exports because of shortages more than 2 months since russia began its invasion of ukraine, the un secretary general is there to see the devastation 1st hand. he's been visiting towns on the outskirts of the capitol, where russia is accused of committing war crimes. and tony a good terror as to it, a char, residential tower in irvin, where more than 70 percent of the infrastructure has been damaged during the fighting. earlier gutierrez was at the side of a mass grave in boucher, that's the town where bodies of civilians were found, with their hands tied behind their backs. earlier this month when ukraine we
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captured it from russian forces could saras was also in a bardy anchor an hour away from the capital cave. it's one of many towns which was occupied by the russian forces and nearly flattened by their onslaught. like food shot mass graves were found there, and the craniums have accused russian forces of committing atrocities. there is no way a war can be acceptable in the 21st century. look, i imagine my family. you'd want to go home with his droid blood. i see my, my grand daughter running away in about with harder abdel her me. it was in her pin during the secretary general's visit. now the secretary general a seeing up and close for himself. what do you create is have been talking about,
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and that is something that president zalinski wanted him to see before adding to moscow. he said that lay publicly during a press conference. he thought it was a bit ambiguous. to go and visit 1st, the aggressor and then come to the victims. i think the secretary general made a point to come here of 1st he is going then have these high level meetings later on in the day with both the foreign minister and president zalinski. he's going around with very heavy security and a large number of journalists, as you can see, has had very little contact with local red is residents from what we have seen. these have been very quick pit stops with i say he's 1st started in board younger than boots and this is his final as his stop of this, a short trip in north of cave. but in general, a lot of ukrainians had expressed frustration and conversations that had with them before they said, do you and should be the body,
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the mechanism that should be able to interfere and all of that and stop this war. they thought that even before the war started, do you and was in doing a much it might have been very difficult for the secretary general to have the 2 side see eye to eye is certainly is difficult at the moment and is quite clear that that's why he's concentrating under humanitarian efforts that the un in coordination with international red cross could give rather than try to bring about some sort of choose a ceasefire. that is not out the table on the table at the moment for president zaleski said he was willing to kick start the negotiations again. he said that he's willing to me personally with president putin, but that's there is no indication that that could happen at any time. soon on the battlefield, ukraine says russia has increased the pace of its offensive in the east has been fierce fighting in the dumbass region. russian forces have taken these 2 towns in
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the east. they're pushing towards the cities of lie, man and pa, pass. now on the front line, defended by ukrainian troops. satellite imagery from mary paul is revealing the damage done there by russian shelling on the as off stool, a steel plant where ukrainian soldiers and civilians as sheltering russia has continued its air strikes on the facility. despite agreeing in principle with the un to allow for evacuations to take place, thousands are hiding in the steel plants underground tunnels. as rushing forces in circle, the city will issue to fi only get a new or over 600 wounded men in our group with different levels of wounds. they really need medical attention and health care. there is no medical personnel or medication. there are also wounded civilians are hundreds of people. the dozens of children with many people have limited mobility. the situation is very difficult for a huge problems with water and food completely extraction procedure. today is not
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19 forties. 2022 year old people will simply die here. at least one person's been killed in car cave and another 2 injured after russian shelling on a residential area on wednesday. emergency cruise rush to the same to trade, the wounded and put out a fire concave, which is ukraine. second largest city has been struck by shelling almost every day since the war began. shall stratford is near the town of back motion east in ukraine. he says there's been a concerted effort from russian forces overnight. we're hearing today from the ukrainian military that the russian forces have taken control of 2 tales close to a town called him that they already control pushing further south and south west towards sloppy. and there was also reports by the ukrainian military saying that they'd seen russian a russian movement of at least $500.00 pieces of weaponry and military machinery
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in that area. also ongoing attacks in a town called lehman, which again is increasingly close to slip. also with respect to the net which is south from here, an area that thus far in this, since the russian invasion has, has been relatively speaking relatively quiet. we're hearing that there has been a lot of shilling overnight. ukrainian only ukrainian controls have which is very close to the next. and also south of an area called murray in that only last week the ukrainians said they had re taken control back from the pro russian forces. having lost control in the early stages of this russian campaign, what remains to be seen, what is going to be very interesting is the fact that now that the weather has changed, the sun is out the fields in this area and this region a draw up. there's
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a lot, and i list the se, questioning as to whether we could actually see more movement of russian troops across fields in large areas like this. now that the ground is firmer, of course that's according to analysts. but as i say, older indications suggest that there has been a concerted effort in the last 24 hours by russian forces to make more territorial gains. moscow says incidents in a pro russian breakaway region of moldova are an attempt to drag the region into conflict. security has been ties and border checkpoints. after reported attacks in trans mystery. the interior ministry says shots were fired from crane on wednesday toward the village, having an ammunition. it says 2 explosions, damage to radio and tennis in another village named buck has more from kitchen out ukraine's interpretation of what's happened in france. nisha is that this is very much a false flag operation, orchestrated by russia or to justify possibly bolstering russia's troop presence
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within the trans nice year. there is a sizable russian speaking population in the region. and of course, we know historically that russia has used the defense of russian speakers as a reason for moving military into regions. of course, as happened in the done yes, because half a little hamster in the 2008 warwick georgia that happened in south of sasha as well, the moldova, and believe that they may well be some internal dispute going on in trends. these dad, what we're seeing are acts of sabotage from within the russians have said that they watching what's going on in transit. they're very, very closely indeed saying that they don't want to see the area being drawn into a wider conflict. the question is really logistically whether russia could actually, if it wanted to send troops into the area, it's failed to a stage or some. phoebe, as landing in odessa, there are very few options as to how troops good actually access of the region. for the time being though. oh, security services are moldova,
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and ukraine are watching very, very closely what's happening there. of course, if this continues on a regular basis, they may well have to reevaluate their own security situation here. mold over pauper and to the east, of course, in the ukraine. that is very, very worried about their suddenly being a new front opening in the west of the country as well to the world news now. and a national strike is andrew angel anchor as part of protests against the government's handling and devastating economic crisis. i. members in 500 different trade unions are matching past the capital, colombo opposition parties have organized 6 days of high tests across the country shall hankens have been dealing with shortages of fuel food and medicine for weeks . and al fernandez is in colombo and says the government must be feeling the pressure there are certain signs that they're trying to sort of take measures and steps to respond to some of these both. we saw the government, the cabinets,
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step down, the president appoint an interim government, then bring in an entire new cabinet of relatively young new faces. ah, but it is not seem seeming to have pacified all of these protests as they say. new faces. justin cabinet won't do. they want a clean sweep from the president, the prime minister and the cabinet to go. now, there also seems to be moved within the opposition parties to do 2 things. one to bring no confidence motion against the government that would be passed by a simple majority. the other option is also to bring in sort of constitutional reform. the president and the prime minister have made sort of noises about willing to being willing to accept these. but at the end of the day, nothing much has moved. it's been a month since china's biggest city, shanghai went in to lockdown because of the coven nash. this factory on the
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outskirts of shanghai normally produces around $300000.00 bicycles every month. it count u. s. department store walmart among its many international clients. but because of a strict corona virus lockdown, it's been forced to close for 4 weeks. confined to his harm manager laid go, worries about his 2000 workers. and his bottom line to be honest, is very difficult for them. i would like to pay a little bit more. but you know, the, the loss for the company is also b ah m, i don't know how, how am i going to so boots can begin opening up. most of the cities 25000000 residence, remain locked down. it sparked anger and protest in the commercial center. here, people i heard banging pots and pans from their apartment windows. one woman screams, give me back my freedom. still,
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chinese leaders insist on maintaining a 0 curve 19 policy. they are trying to control leadership, which is all paramount importance for countries responsible for any of those specific policies. public discontent comes much lower in dallas priorities for them to meet. there has been complaints of sued shortages, the separation of families and the killing of pets by health workers. but analysts say any political blame is likely to fall on low level officials, not president, she didn't ping or top beijing ministers in the capitol authorities of doing all they can to prevent a city wide lockdown. people have stopped up when supplies bracing for the results of 3 rounds of mass testing conducted this week. more than 100 infections have been recorded, resulting in the closure of some schools and attainment venues and tourists sites.
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dozens of neighborhoods have been barricaded. the heavy handed measures resemble doors imposed during the early days of the pandemic. more than 2 years on many are questioning whether the queue is worse than the disease itself. katrina, you al jazeera, they doing. taiwan has confirmed a record number of daily cove at 19 infections on thursday, the health minister said there were more than 11000 cases. detected taiwan. close the islands borders of the sound of the pandemic. but has since abandoned a 0 coven policy still ahead on al jazeera, find out why columbia is former president, a rebate is facing more than a decade in prison, and the largest exodus of kill this, this century is taking place. i'm lucy and human in havana, cuba and coming up, i'll explain why a
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journey has begun. the 34 world carp is on its way to catherine book. your travel package to day. hello, whether let's rather disturb for japan over the next couple of days. that equals southern parson that sir rural break in the heat as this weather system makes its way through. but there's wriggling weather front, which extends all the way across into central parts of china. pulses some very heavy rain coming in across that initially across q shoot, running up towards tokyo, pushing a little further east was 19 celsius in tokyo, 8 or 9 degrees down on recent days. and so you're gonna notice something little fresh coming through, at least it will brighten up as we go on into sash. they make the most of that on the where sunshine at this stage. but the next pulse of heavy rain are still there across a central parts of china. we'll see that making his way a little further eastward. as we go on through the, we can see some heavy rain recently into southern parts of india and more so into
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worse for lanka. but for much of india really is about the ongoing intense heat way temperatures. nat could could well touch 46 celsius on friday afternoon temperature staying well up into the forty's. the pre monsoon heat continued to build over the coming days. there are a few showers just around the far north of pakistan, but it will hor still up into the forty's. some live is how was there for bangladesh for a time. most unary downpours slowly but surely making their way or the east cats are airway official airline of the journey. a don't get a a with
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with oh, hello, are you watching al jazeera, i'm emily anglin. he is a reminder of our top stories this hour. the un secretary general is a new crane and visiting towns where russia was accused of parisian. and tanya gutierrez has observed, destroyed residential towers, a massage of mass graves. he's trying to secure humanitarian cargoes to evacuation williams. moscow says incidents in a pro russian breakaway region of moldova are an attempt to drag the region into conflict security. it has been ties into ads. border checkpoints,
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after we're portrait attacks in transit and strip, had a nation wide stride his underway and sri lanka. as part of protests against the government's handling of a devastating economic crisis. members of 500 different tried unions marching across the capital, columbia. jackie's president is traveling to saudi arabia for today, visit ange repairing ties, measure type, irwin is expected to make crown prince muhammad been solomon during his 1st visit, the kingdom in years relations between the 2 was strained. after the 2018 killing of general jamal shoji at the saudi consulate, jean istanbul cinema casio. lou has more from is temple. it's an attempt from both sides to restore diplomatic and economic relations. turkey and saudi arabia have very strong economic and political relations for
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a long time. but all those relations have been screened in the last decade, mainly after the killing of this sent a saudi journalist demarco shook j in 2018 in saudi arabia. as a general consulate building in istanbul, and at that time a turkish president was a very vocal about the situation. and he said that such a murder couldn't be committed without an order from the very top officials in saudi arabia. he was pointing out the crown prince mohammed been sally man, and that was the end of the game for both countries and a, bilateral relations were straight and there was an unofficial boycott against the turkish goods and the turkish exports. the saudi arabia was around $3200000000.00 in 2019, but when it came to 2002 went to one, it's hit down to $200000000.00. so it was ahead and politically, it was a, had a for saudi arabia as international pressure was all over a crown prince mohammed,
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ben salman, who is the de facto leader of the kingdom. and it cannot be wise turkey a older the has been in a very fragile position in the last couple of years. like a stands prime minister, chavez. sure race has appointed a new foreign minister bill a while to choose. the diary is 33 years old, making him one of the world's youngest foreign ministers. he's also the son of assassinated form of prime minister. been a zia, bhutto. the new foreign minister and sharif are heading to saudi arabia on thursday . on the 1st official trip cooking, all prices have soared to a record high, partly because of the war in ukraine. and they're expected to increase even more as indonesia, the world's leading producer of palm while starts. it's export ban. jessica washington reports and how cooks are coping in the kitchen into counter south. some of the country's most popular dishes can be found in this small kitchen. fried
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chicken, fried fish and fried tofu. almost everything on the menu has one ingredient in common, palm oil. and dung city and c opened this restaurant 30 years ago. but now she's worried she could lose customers. asana, but a down back, a lot of the effect, the unstable price of cooking oil affects my business law. when it was cars, it was difficult, but now it's available but expensive. it's so challenging for small businesses. palm oil is the world's most widely used edible oil for months, concerns about price and availability have been growing in indonesia despite the country being the top producer. now the government is banning palm oil exports, including crude and refined palm oil by mouth that bowl not got up. i understand the state needs taxes along with foreign exchange and the country needs a trade bound surplus. but meeting the people's primary needs is more important,
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but it's a priority. we got one. the move has shocked global markets. the price of cooking oil has been rising around the world for a number of reasons. disruptions in production, increasing demand for biofuels, and the war in ukraine. the world's largest exporter of sunflower oil experts say the latest moved by the engine asian government is likely to push prices even higher. from oil is also used in a processed foods, cosmetics, cleaning products, and more economists say the government strategies to normalize cooking oil. mrs. have been misguided focusing on supply rather than problems within the industry. it may not solve the problem because again, the problem with the, with the cooking oil in the, in the, in the indonesian market right now is actually the in the distribution channel. there is a bottleneck in now because of this complex and long, you know,
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distribution channel. the indonesian farm is association says its members will also suffer with this. i mean, this is, this time period should give momentum to the government to reform the palm oil industry and it's production model. right now it's run by big companies and they set the distribution of palm oil material according to the market. and i'm, i know you might not the government intends the band to remain until prices reach around $0.97 per liter at traditional markets in indonesia. but it's unclear whether this policy will achieve that. jessica washington out to 0 to carter. a colombian judge has ruled former president, alvaro a re bay will stand trial on charges of fraud and witness tampering is have to do with an investigation into abuses committed during the countries 52 year long, the civil conflict. alexandra ram petty reports from in a 12 hour long virtual hearing the judge. carmen ortiz question. much of the
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attorney general's office reasoning to ask for dismissal of this controversial case against the former president of columbia. at the judge detailed at times, in stark terms of how she believes that the prosecuting attorney, gabriella hi, miss failed to present important evidence that indeed would suggest the possibility that he is responsible for crimes. in particular, he is charged the width directing one of his lawyers and other people to try and bribe and change the testimony of some paramilitary members and change the testimony where that link would you but to de illegal armed groups. now this case goes a ways back, it's actually 4 years old and it started and the country supreme court. but after
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the court ordered it into home detention, he resigned. and that moved the case to the attorney general's office, a different legal body that some people here c as more favorable to the ex president. but now there's this new decision by this judge, which means that the case will indeed continue. even if there are still the possibility to appeal this latest decision, what's also clear that this is also political defeats for that would be and his party coming just a month before presidential elections. cuba is experiencing the largest exodus of people this century, driven mainly by worsening economy. the government blames the u. s. economic embargo. a latin america editor, lucy newman, has this special report from his capital ivana model. 76. local young gonzales has been making shoes by hand since he was 12. no,
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it doesn't bother him. but i made this pair as a gift to my son's friend thought friend, we'll be giving him temporary woman board in argentina to where he is about to migrate. he tells me it will be hard to leave behind his home, even though it is literally falling apart. his children and his wife migrated long ago. but he never wanted to leave cuba until now, and he will under the same time, you know, for the last 60 years our leadership has told us that things will improve that will overcome all obstacles. but we see the contrary. everyday things get worse. we have less food, more social problems, going see it again by senior gonzales's. lucky he has a visa to and to his country of destination. vast majority of cubans don't. so they try to fly 1st to nicaragua, the only country where cubans can enter freely. but to get there, they need to transit through panama, which is now demanding
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a transit visa. cubans from all over the country. wait near the panamanian embassy to apply the majority in vain on on ocean of evoke ami. who has been out here for 23 days. for we'll give you more than what we said are you, i'm a human being and i look around and can't understand that any human being can be treated like this. i feel humiliated, messy, and only yeah, wow. at the airport. another equally desperate group has become the latest victim of a scan, an alleged travel agency that sold in tickets for a non existent charter flight to nicaragua. oh margaret. oh everyone. you see here the whole family was leaving today. and what were you going to do when you arrived in the garage? why ask on? i love you. many of us have know where to go, because we've sold the house everything. cubans economic crisis has unleashed the largest exit is since 1980 when former president, fidel castro, allowed 820000 cubans to sail to florida. se tubes government blames the trump and
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bind administrations for the latest crisis hulu. her both the recipe is to taught me economic embargo and cuba to provide more hardships on cuban families. reduce salaries provide hunger and desperation, and the overthrow of our government off. mm hm. since cuba government repressed an unprecedented social uprising by disgruntled cubans, last july. exodus has increased this despite the new obstacles placed by panama, which appears to be cooperating with us efforts to reduce the influx of undocumented cubans. whatever the reason cubans are telling us that they feel trapped. and as a result, many are resorting to a far more dangerous method that hadn't been seen since the 90 ninety's. and that is to attempt to cross the shark infested, florida straits that you see behind me in a raft or in a boat in an attempt to make it to the united states. in 1994,
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during the so called rafters crisis, nearly 40000 cubans attempted to sail to florida. many drowning in the process to day history is beginning to be repeated back at the airport. the lucky few who had managed to get a transit reserve prepared to leave cuba, final destination still unknown, but the pain of leaving their loved ones behind is agonizing. a scene that is being repeated all over the scarab be an island. she and human al jazeera havana, the world's reptiles are in crisis with more than a 5th threatened with extinction. banquet space is alike. the komodo dragon galloped las, taught us and the king cobra. that's according to a study from the us sciences, cited deforestation openings ation. and hunting, as the main reasons, climate change is also africa. fossils belonging to
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a dime, a saw that lived around 70000000 years ago have gone on display in argentina. these are the remains of the may but macro thorax, the mega rap tossed are 10 meters high, weighed about 5 tons and had it blade like claws. the fossils were found in santa cruz province 2 years ago. ah.


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