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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 28, 2022 9:00pm-9:54pm AST

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of users accountable, they're going to rip this deal at heart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about vi american today, your weekly take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, hello robin, you're watching the auto renews. are life while headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. ukraine is left the center of unbearable heart h and bayne. i witnessed that very vividly today at aunt keith. but you and so could you general describe shared tragedies as he's witnessed on his visit to ukraine violation. but as those high level meetings between the u. n and
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ukraine's president took place. miss all strikes, hit the heart of the capital key for the 1st time in weeks. for you as president also appeals to congress to or for another $33000000000.00 to help you crane. fend off rushes invasion. build the news many as remain locked down in shanghai with people questioning if the so called 0 covey 19 policy is working than the virus itself. and amps on how much now i have the latest sports news. yoga club signed the contract extension with liverpool. keep in the german manager at the club until 2026. ah, welcome to the news i, we beginning ukraine was the 1st time in more than a week. there been russian attacks on the capital keys. now these pictures show fires in resident chill areas and the aftermath of 2 missiles strikes is unknown.
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if there were any casualties, residency, emergency services are on the scene. the attacks come during a visit by un secretary general antonio guitar rational. he met with the president of roger zalinski just 2 days after meetings with russia's leader earlier. the 2nd general surveyed the destruction in towns like keith and inspected a mass grave in butcher. ukraine is a let be centered. event bearable heart h and bayne. i witnessed that very vividly today at aunt keys. the says las loss of life, the massive destruction the unacceptable violations of human rights and the. busy laws of water, it is vital that the international criminal court and that, that you where mechanisms conduct that work so that that can be the real accountability. lewis, if you wouldn't, you can there analissa guitar. it's important that the secretary general has had
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a chance to witness the crimes committed against the ukrainian people in the suburbs of the city of keith. he has seen what the occupying forces have done against our citizens. this is the true genocide. and it is important to facilitate the establishment of a special international tribunal on russian crimes will as get more from od abdullah meet, who's in the ukrainian capital cave and just bring us up to speed, hold on what we know about these explosions. well we do have confirmation from the emergency services and from several senior officials in the government that they were to cruise missiles that hit central keep . it appears to be a residential building. as you said, we still don't know about casualties, but certainly this is the 1st strike in the middle of the capital for several weeks now. just as the capital was starting to should have have a sigh of relief. and some shops were opening
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a life was slowly returning to normal, even though by a large, the residence of keith have not returned yet. but this happens at a time when the un secretary general had just wrapped his press conference with the president vladimir zalinski. and as 11 of the senior advisers to president zalinski just treated, he said, is this a postcard from russia? and then he wondered why russia is still on the security council. but certainly this is a question that the government and give would be asking itself. and this is a question i think that even every journalist will try to find an answer to. but it sounds too much of a coincidence. at the same time that to capital was being targeted in the center of the capital. when the in the cave region about 80 kilometers from here, another town was hit by 3 is several missiles. we don't know exactly how many nor
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do we know word what were the targets them, but it is as small town. so president zalinski, who had the days ahead of the un secretary general, antonio gutierrez, going to moscow, wondered why he was going there before coming here. and he said that he should have seen for himself what happened in those areas. he visited this morning air pin butcher and bird younger. well now the secretary general has experience for himself . what it is to be in cave while is under an air strike hot abdulla made for thank you. thanks very much. the update holder. alice cross over to new york now where we can join our diplomatic editor james bays, who's at the u. n. and james, an important trip for the un secretary general and a tough diplomatic position he finds himself in. when one does what he can realistically achieve at this moment in time, or part of it is about perception. and there is certainly a perception among many,
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including many in ukraine that the u. n. has not done enough that the secretary general has not done enough over the last 2 months. so he's going there. he's going to see the scene of alleged war crimes. he's there with president's lensky and he's even there. it seems. now as the city comes under attack, and i don't think that can be a coincidence, the russians certainly knew the secretary general was in town and they could have called out of any attack if they wanted to up. but of course, he's not the 1st world leader to, to have gone to care. and many others have been there in the past. so i think still the perception, perhaps at the 2nd general, is not doing enough here. ah, he would say privately he's been, he's been doing a lot by the scenes he's had difficulty, i think because the russians until he went to moscow and not been willing to engage him. in fact, he'd been trying to see president putin since before. the start the war, the winter olympics, where they were both in beijing at the same time and present putin's people said it
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wasn't possible to arrange a meeting of the u. d. u and sex general's was a very difficult position because he leads an organization where the lead with the lead agency really in terms of international conflict is the security council. he has no control over the security council. all the security council system that was devised at the end of world war 2 that veto, that means a permanent member could really stop any important you an action on any issue. worth telling you just as a historical footnote, that veto was thrashed out at a meeting between the big powers in the final days of world war 2. a stalin had a big role in that veto being put in place. and guess where that meeting took place? it took place in crimea in ukraine now occupied by, by russia in the altar. and of course sir james, there was a press conference that we managed to see. and again, you know, we talk about whether the you and could have been there any earlier this equity general himself. he tried to really lay his position now that he is doing as much as he can behind the scenes. he can't give too much away. but as you say,
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he knows that there is annoyance amongst diplomats may be in new york, but maybe he's trying to allay some of the annoyance in ukraine as well. that the you and hasn't done enough. well, i think there's an area where he could perhaps has some room for maneuver and that i think is the area that the, the u. n. has room for maneuver. many places around the world where there's political deadlock and that's the humanitarian situation. what they're trying to do is set up a contact group with russia, ukraine, and the you, and try and improve the humanitarian situation, try and d, conflict, there's the word, they use a tax on medical facilities and those sort of things. and the most important initiative underway right now, and he got rather annoyed with the question from ukrainian reporter and that news conference is an initiative for mary or paul to try and arrange a big evacuation to get the civilians out of mary upon what the u. n. has done as
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it's called experts from around the world. many of them are flown into ukraine to be involved in this. the international committee of the red cross are involved, and they're going to try and evacuate people from mary apple. but it's easier said than done because there are fighters there in the still works where most of the civilians are at their mingled together. those fighters will want to come out. the russians will want to check every one. it is a difficult problem for the secretary general, but it's top of the agenda right now. so watch very closely whether the secretary general's trip leads to some sort of humanitarian operation in mary up all. i think that is how this trip will be judged if that in the coming days as it is a success for the moment. james, thanks very much. her for your insight. james base our our diplomatic editor, michael burke is q is the senior fellow at the atlantic counsellor former spokesperson for the o. s. c e. special monitoring mission to ukraine. joyce: we now live via skype from there. thanks so much for joining us, sir. another press conference, another call for help. how would you assess that?
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the briefing and, and the back to the body language and the tone of the press conference between the ukrainian president and the un secretary general? sure, well i never, i can't recall the secretary general being so upset when the reporter asked the question about what's going to happen immediately. and the un correctly answered that we can't go ahead of time of what the plans will be when it comes to evacuation that sort of thing. but you know, i have to say, i mean, i'm a former un inside or i was a spokesperson for unit stuff. and i think the secretary general and i respect him in his office, very much glossed over the ramp up that the un had here in ukraine. they were warned at the top levels, including by people like me got an invasion is about to happen. so what you do is you preposition people, you prefer as prediction supplies, you get all of those logistics out of the way ahead of time. that wasn't done. unfortunately, it's still now i think the un agencies are playing
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a lot of catch up. as for mr. guitar shaw, i think, i mean, there's no doubt about it. this was a very politically risky mission for him from the get go meeting with mr. put in, who most western leaders described as a war criminal. so how can you make any agreement with tim? it remains to be seen what will come out of that visit in the coming days, but that air strike and kill that you just referenced is definitely not a good sign of or of good faith from the russian side. i want to play devil's advocate here, mr. burke, how? because tenure terrace before he took the position as secretary general was a highly respected and still is a highly respected portuguese politician and diplomats holding the portfolio. foreign minister in his time. he sat here in the studio in doha several years ago. i interviewed him myself and he has, he has more experience. maybe any, anybody else sitting in that seat right now,
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by going to moscow 1st being criticized for it. do you think it's actually going to play in his favor because he is now able to gave present landscape much more clear a briefing as to what is in the mind of putin pops more than any other global leader right now? yeah, no, i totally agree with you. he's a very respected diplomat. he worked very hard and i could you could see in his eyes today that he really felt what he saw and try another place as previous to his trip to kiev. and to my god, peter malware, they had an international committee of the red cross went as well. arguably, the world's top humanitarian diplomat. things didn't work out very well for him either. and it's not because either of them are not capable or don't have the power of their offices. it's because of the rush. and so i did not follow through their commitments. it's very, very tricky for any secretary general to commit to an evacuation on the scale of
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what might happen murillo for because in most cases like this, the workers are not armed and certainly i see our supervisor know or not arm. so and on top of that, as i said, commitments coming from month, co can't be honored. they haven't been honored and many occasions in those conflicts. so i respect him a lot for doing this. as i said, it is very risky and hopefully something good will come out of it. i'm sure you queen is at least get the trunk signal from the united nations of the organization behind them. and that will need to be done. indeed, in terms of sort of looking into a crystal ball now one committee predict the future. but if nothing actually comes of this meeting between the secretary general and russia, russia doesn't help or at least facilitate the request by the un secretary general to make sure that the evacuation of moria paul happens quickly and effectively to take those at an angel looking to escape if it doesn't happen. how do you then
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start a conversation with moscow after they ignore you that i say we're talking hypothetically here, because 11 does that the line of communication really has completely stopped. yeah, you know, from the very beginning of the conflict on air including what's out there, i've always said that diploma. see how to continue the worst thing that could happen if the talk stopped, but i don't think come, that is working this time. and that's why i said many times we're in a very about place and humanity right now, because we've had, we've seen and other conflicts around the world where warring sides have put their arms down for a days of tranquillity and things like that. but that cannot be honored in this case. one more thing i think that is really, really important and you know how those conflict with these long range guided missiles, no inch of ukraine can be regarded as safe. in fact, for the poor to pass 2 hours here and reveals, we've been under an air raid siren alerts. so after people here i've seen what has
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happened and there's going to be heightened height and exciting. it's a very, very complex situation. we're at the moment. michael bus, thanks so much for joining us. really appreciate your inside. thanks johnny. from the video. my pleasure. now battlefield ukraine says russia has increased the pace of it's offensive in the east. there's been fish fighting in the don bus region. russian forces have taken these 2 towns in the east . they're pushing towards the cities of layman and papa not on the front line defended by ukrainian troops. a large fire has also broken out in the southern ukrainian city of cash on which is currently under russian military occupation. according to local reports, houses have been engulfed by the slaves clear what caused the blaze. the casualties have been reported. satellite imagery from valuable is revealing that the damage done by rushing shelling on the us,
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the stall steel plant where you creating soldiers and civilians sheltering while russia has continued its air strikes on the facility. despite agreeing in principle with you and to allow of occupations, thousands hiding in the steel plants, underground tunnels. as russian forces surround the city. at least one person's also been killed in car keys and another 2 injured after russian setting on a resident, rushing shelling of a residential area. on wednesday, the wrench and the crews went to the scene to treat the wounded and put out the fire ukraine. second largest city had se shelling nearly every day since the war began. now the us president seeking another $33000000000.00, the ukraine's war against russia. joe biden is asking congress for the extra money saying that washington has no choice but to back the ukrainian forces. regardless of the cost. united states alone is provided 10 anti armor systems for every russian tank that is in ukraine. tend to want providing ukraine significant
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timely intelligence to help them defend themselves against russian antoine. and we're facilitating significant flow of weapons and systems ukraine from our allies and partners around the world, including tanks, artillery, and other weapons. that support is moving with unprecedented speed. much, much of the new equipment we've been out in the past 2 months, 2 weeks has already gotten new. whitehouse corresponding kimberly hallett is standing by and kimberly, and other trencher of money being requested from congress. it will the president get what he wants? it appears for now the president is likely to get what he wants it to be clear. this is just a request from congress. and what isn't clear is when this legislation is being proposed will be debated, or when it will be voted on. both of those things are necessary to become law before the president gets the money he's looking for. so that's a little bit of a,
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of ambiguity and all of this. and also to be clear and all of this as the president isn't just asking for money. he's also asking for some sort of streamlined enforcement measures in order to ensure that the sort of crackdown or an oligarchy that will help to finance vladimir prudence war machine. and this is financing the invasion of ukraine that, that can be streamlined. so it's kind of a 2 part request that joe biden is making. and as for that 33000000000, it's kind of broken down into not just weapons and the military equipment, but also humanitarian aid and to keep the ukranian government running. so there are lot of components to this in terms of how this will be passed. we're not exactly clear, but in terms of the support right now, it appears that the u. s. congress is behind it. we should also point out in that's because the american people are behind it. but again, when this will become law,
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that is still a big question. mark. kimberly, how can i force a motion to d. c, thanks very much for the update. well, plenty more had, here on the out is there a news are including but and asked serious regulators to approve its covert 19 job for children. the age of 6 plus china struggles to contain the current of iris outbreak, as it imposes more cobit 19 restrictions and in sport, this former world number one is looking to get back to her best after some difficult times for this action. for you. i know it's been a month since china's biggest city, shanghai went in to lockdown because of a covert 19 outbreak that's been wide spread unrest amongst residents have complained of food shortages and tough restrictions. katrina, you as well from beijing factory on the outskirts of shanghai. normally produces
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around $300000.00 bicycles every month. it counts u. s. department store walmart among its many international client. but because the restrict corona virus lockdown, it's been forced to close for full weeks, confined to his home manager, lager worries about his 2000 workers. and his bottom line, to be honest, is a very difficult for them. i would, i would like to pay a little bit more. but, you know, the, the last for the company is also beek. i'm, i don't know how, how am i going to so wife after this, but i will try to so it's authorities in shanghai say a new round of testing will decide where the neighborhoods can begin. opening up. most of the cities 25000000 residents remain locked down. it sparked anger and protest in the commercial center. here,
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people i heard banging pots and pans from their apartment windows. one woman screams, give me back my freedom. still, chinese leaders insist on maintaining a 0 curve 19 policy. they are trying to contain the public discontent. but we are still working with a lot of this system, which means that it is the ca good that has been said by the top leadership, which is all her among importance for cod, raised responsible for any of those specific policies. public discontent comes much lower in dallas priorities with them to meet. there have been complaints of food shortages, the separation of families and the killing of pets by health workers. but analysts say any political blame is likely to fall on low level officials, not president, she didn't ping or taught debating ministers in the capital. authorities are doing
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all they can to prevent a city wide locked down. people have stopped up on supplies, bracing for the results of 3 rounds of mass testing conducted this week. more than 100 infections have been recorded, resulting in the closure of some schools and attainment venues and tourists sites. dozens of neighborhoods has been barricaded. the heavy handed measures resemble doors in pores during the early days of the pandemic. more than 2 years on many are questioning whether the cure is worse than the disease itself. could you al jazeera, be doing that? i was concerned a record number of daily cove at 19 infections on thursdays, health minister said they were more than 11000 cases. detected taiwan closed its borders at the start of the pandemic. but has since abandoned a 0 coven 19 policy. now the drug company, madonna, has asked us regulators to approve its cove at 19 vaccine for children between 6
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months. and 6 years old. it says drug trial showed 2 doses were safe and producing strong immune response. right now, only children age 5 and older can be vaccinated in the u. s. with phases vaccine. i think there is an important unmet medical need here with these youngest kids. they don't have any of the vaccine. they don't have any other treatments. i think they have to recognize that they might indeed prioritize this application, but they do, as you say, now have that full spectrum of data across the whole age range of children and adolescents. julie fisher is an associate research professor of microbiology in immunology at the georgetown university medical center joins been our live via skype from alexandria in virginia. miss fisher could have you with us on the program again and encouraging move for those that want to see children vaccinated. but how clear is it that children need to be protected at that age? right now we have very few other tours to protect children at that age. accept the
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protection thing other non pharmaceutical interventions, the challenges that those measures are being lifted widely in communities across the us and across the world. even as there are searches in recent variance of the con, the needs. so we don't have many other tools right now. and even though this of children may not be at the highest risk for developing severe illness, we certainly don't have other ways to protect them. so the need for this is, is urgent and many parents are eagerly awaiting the outcomes at the, at the recommendations that we saw are less virulent strain of on the chrome or cove. it become more transmissible. is that a major factor in finding a solution to? because children then can then pass it on to adults, especially the elderly or primary care givers. so we really become full circle again though we also know so much we're still trying to understand about the role
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that children do play and disease transmission. but it is is clear that they can be infected, that the very at the he said variant of omicron circulating right now of size coffee. 2 is highly transmissible. and without tools such as vaccinations to, to help contain transmission, then we are in a position which who in fact did it cool for in day care, could transfer from fast does become severely ill even though we are used to thinking of this new variance as milder in fact, they do cause disease, even among those who are vaccinate vaccine, do provide a great deal of protection against the most severe cases. in this particular case, with medina, it seems the efficacy is quite low, decent but low. but what should we read into that? right now what we're trying to understand is whether 2 doses in children will be
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sufficient or whether a 3rd to us will be needed later. and there are ongoing studies with both the metro to vaccine and the ac. seem to try to really appreciate you being on al jazeera. thank you. thank you. still had here on al jazeera on a mission, to heal ties, turkeys present, heads to saudi arabia for his 1st visit to the kingdom in years. i'm toni chang on the tie coast, where coven 19 shutdowns have lead to coming up late. ah! hello, the weather remains from one settled across the middle east of the maybe even had a fair amount of cloud around colleague of mine took this picture yesterday. you can see that lively cloud there over the out. is there a building here in doha. the cloud is sitting a little bit still thick enough to produce one or 2 spots of brightness. we go on
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through the next couple of day shows, extending from the caspian sea back say all the way down into saudi arabia and beyond yemen. could see if you're just around at western side of iran as we go on into the weekend and we got some showers, some of them lively across north western parts of africa. what a brisk wind coming in here as well. you see lifted, dustin sanders and northern parts of algeria sandy, the case through libya, easing over towards egypt and cairo on the flooding just around the rift valley or one. there has seen some heavy downpours recently. southern parts of africa generally set fire over the next couple of days, but always chance of one or 2 showers. ah, african stories from african perspectives and the marine biologist, a vessel swim short documentaries from african feel. i'm going to do that from
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south africa. ethiopia. and nigeria, we built over some stuff in this class who she saw this as my, and my role africa direct on al jazeera, short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short puzzles, stories that highlight the human triumph against the al jazeera select lou ah, missile strikes during
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a visit by the un secretary general antonia good terror. she's the 1st self. it's the 1st time that keith has been targeted in more than a week. your greatest president says he's hopefully solution can be found for civilians trapped than the as a towel, steel blandon mario paul laudermill zalinski was speaking alongside antonio terrace from keith earlier the you and she visited towns where russian forces were accused of war crimes and years president joe biden says he's asking congress to approve a $33000000000.00 package of additional military support for ukraine. he says, backing ukraine isn't cheap, and the aid is the only way to keep up the flow of weapons. now microsoft has released to report detailing what it says our cyber attacks carried out by russia and affiliated groups against tort, says russia began at cyber operations a year before the conflict started. moscow is also accused of targeting nato member states. jody. west
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b is chief executive of global cyber risk choice. we now live from washington d. c. via zoom. good. have you ever miss miss west be on the program? interesting rapport ready from microsoft? a destructive attack could be something ashley destructive, like wiping out system data with whitening malware and planting malware in a system that you could trigger later or that you could use to ex filtrate data on it could be disrupting critical infrastructure. so that is not available for use by the military and the civilian population, such as utilities disrupting utilities. so the attacks can range from those types of destructive attacks. to more intelligence gathering what i would call cyber reconnaissance missions where you're out to just gather information about spies or f as b jan's or military yours or
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a civilian officials that you want data on the population. so some of that could be that way that we run a part of the report actually actually suggests that they were coordinating a coated, these are coordinated attacks and they seem to coincide with military operations. and again, just reviews to give them an idea how much the 13th during the 3rd week of the invasion, a separate russian actor as a, as they call them, stole data from a nuclear safety organization. weeks after russian military units began capturing nuclear power plants like to noble, it's that sort of connection this report is making but certain cyber attacks of helped with military operations. how dangerous is this now? well, that can be very dangerous. and yes, some, some of the attacks were even before the conflict began even a year before, but these, there are attacks now, some, not all that, some that have been shown to be coordinated with kinetic operations. and they can
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enhance the operation, they can it and make the impact of the operation broader or greater, i in scope. and so they can also be very useful and establishing an operation and on and carrying it out. so i think that they're exploring the ration you're explaining the full range of the capabilities with cyber that they can to 8 in their operations. so the interesting reading, if, if people get the, the hands on the report, thanks very much. ready. westby are joining us from washington. thanks so much. are you quite in russia are blaming each other for a series of attacks and a breakaway region of moldova. security has been tightened at border checkpoints after reported attacks and the trans mistrial area. the interior ministry says shots were fired from ukraine on wednesday, towards village housing and ammunition depak that it says 2 explosions,
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damage radio antennas in another village. turkish president recipe alberto em says he hopes his visit to saudi arabia. we'll start a new parody relations between anchor and re add recipe elbow on is expected to meet crown prince. mom had been so long during his 1st visit to the kingdom in years. the visit will mark a turnaround to relations that it has a low after the 2018 matter of a provenance saudi critic at the kingdoms concealer office. it is stumble, said casita has moved. miss dumble, thus visit by the turkish president, mainly aims to men bilateral ties, the pumping strained and the last decade, especially because if they are up uprisings, because 2 countries have been on the opposite. kim's, when it came to the feature of, of the middle east, and also the killing of saudi, the cent journalist jamal has shipped j. he was killed in saudi consulate building and stumbled by a hit squad that was sent by saudi arabia in 2018. and turkey always defended that
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the killing was ordered from very high levels in saudi a government, and those people must be prosecuted. present ad on back the never mentioned the crown prince, mom had been sell man's name, but he always a pointed out to him and they a, you, us intelligence the see. i also assess that from the killing was ordered by muhammad, been so on. so, saudi arabia was under heavy international diplomatic pressure. and on the other side, turkey has been going through div economic crisis with the british depreciating national currency, losing valley against the us dollar every day. and that's why to former allies need of each other. and this a visit marks the real launch of mileage relations, and that is hope to be it stronger in the near future. and also there are other dynamics as tied than politics and economy. let's hear it from prison. sorry. tom
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no longer says yet it is he this union? i believe i trust that cooperation with saudi arabia on health, energy, food, security, defense and finance is mutually beneficial. on every occasion, i emphasize the importance that we gave to the stability. i'm security of our brothers in the gulf region. a times when threats are more complicated every day. dialogue is a necessity for the security and stability of the whole region. the divorce that in the saudi arabia is not the only country that turkey assigned to men ties with allison and with israel and egypt, and united and writes turkeys trying to improve the bilateral relations that had been framed during the i'm uprising. and apparently on clay, i believe that the regional security and stability. yes, i think it's very much so i think we are seeing some signs that have been worked out over months and clearly by both governments to improve
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relations with companies that you know, the relations haven't been gone very well. so, and now that is this improvement of relations with turkey. turkey on the other hand, is improving relations with a lot of those countries where it's at that tension over the last few years. whether it's is there are media, egypt, the you not to that a better. it's even greased to some degree. so clearly more company, really a sites in islamic wild turkey, the former ottoman empire, you know, getting back is a bit of history here. but also right now took his seat as a yes for sure. and clearly each has its own. no, no central position, but there's also iran as well. it was comes to the middle east, probably are on wheels. the grits influence along the shikes back aren't quite influential in the number of countries with new off at some gulf countries,
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lebanon city, and so on, so forth. so there isn't a good number of countries in them at least, but there's also part of, you know, south asia where there are a whole number of other countries that, that aren't exactly concerned with east ischemic a preoccupation such as indonesia, malaysia, and so on, so forth. i think what we're seeing here is more of a geo political game of thrones, if you will, than it is one without g o. see a logical dimension. i think most countries, saudi arabia anarchy feel a bit of a grind. they are under pressure, economic, geopolitical on song, so forth. because for, for turkey, there's that election coming up next year and i think they need to get their house ordered before then spent 20 years since the a court the has been empower. and i think for how much was done, this is an important chance in order for them to break out of the isolation since that getting of hydrogen. i think in both instances we are really seeing geo
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politics play, mitchell hall. and in both instances, we see, especially on the darker side, right, the president might talk like a preacher might lead like a populace, but the end of the day he is a statesman and he puts pragmatic can put ation calculus iep. what's the name of my one? thanks for which johnny's not least 9 people have died in bloss in the northern afghan city of missouri. sharif police, a 13 people also injured by the to bomb attacks on many buses. law group has yet claim responsibility of kind of sounds taliban rulers struggle to contain the tanks by armed groups, food and medicine for weeks, been l fernandez. has moved from columbus. a sure force again shall anchors present, got out there, raj boxer and his administration. services were disrupted, as thousands of workers joined a one day strike demanding the government's resignation of it badly. lemme get on to order it. we are telling the government very clearly they should he to the
9:39 pm
message of the working class or else it won't just be one day. we will work towards longer stoppages and paralyzed the country if we have to. yeah, i think we're in effect there. one strikers march did the president's office, where anti government protest entered that 20th consecutive day on thursday. similar marchers and protests were held in each district. rings, striking workers here outside cling to the i. m. f, world bank and friendly countries to raise emergency funds. at newly appointed finance minister, early summary has admitted things will get hard before they get better. union leaders in today's workshop edge is just that top and of what they can do. they want that if the government does not need pause to leave their will launch my to us . we know fernandez under the rock colombo, no police improve of use to against or victor,
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an indigenous group which refused to leave one of its biggest copper mines. the fort bomba community set up camp at the chinese on le bombast mine 2 weeks ago, halting operations. the protest to say the mine is on indigenous territory. the firm's owner says it's fulfilled it's financial obligations. my beach on thailand's west coast is back in the taurus business. got so popular that holiday makers of band for 3 years to stop the environmental damage. but as tony chang reports, the success of that decision has sparked a wide debate about marine conservation. if i could stop the world and restart life, put the clock back. i think i'd restart like this red alex garland, author of the beach. the movie released in 2000 and starring leonardo dicaprio was filmed here at maya bay in thailand. the flood of tourists that followed caused huge ecological damage. let boylen before the government closed the bay,
9:41 pm
there was nothing left. but after a few years of closure, you see more reefs that more see life is making their way back to the bay. we saw a black tips sharks which he can see during low tide. the replanting corals are now home to nurseries of fish, including juveniles. sharks, strict limits on the number of visitors are intended to minimize damage to the marine environment. swimming is now banned. after 2 years of cove it shut downs, it's hope that my a bay will tempt the tourist bag but it's under water. you see how marine life has thrived in the absence of visitors. the adult sharks from my a base nursery flit nervously through the corals. huge shoals of yellow snappers, sweep along the edge of the reef, gently making way for uninvited guests. in the deeper ravines cracks and crevices full of life, a spiny lobster trying to avoid the dinner table. coral's fe,
9:42 pm
will you are lucky enough to get a chance to see it? you wonder why they don't do everything in the church reserve. but just behind my a bay, there are no limits or checks. the tourists are back by the boat load in the clear waters, the coral is bleached and marine life absent. i don't know why that we vote each and many will learn. so, yes, we, we don't have to wait for the court. actually. we don't have to wait for the court to happen. we can just learn from other countries, like we just learned to artillio. we just learn how the men is the nation about in the u. s. fight in both. the have even been regular sightings. of do guns, a shy ocean mammal thought to be the origin of the mermaid. miss fisherman say they ventured much closer to the shore since cobit hit. i didn't go that way because of the lack of taurus during decoy pandemic nature is less disturb. the most important factor for to kong is c, grassy, which is that meant full sauce, you know. but the do gongs and now nowhere to be seen. scared off by boats carrying
9:43 pm
tourists back to the islands, tourists that after 2 years of locked down, a coming to find a paradise that could soon be lost. tony chang al jazeera southern thailand. well, still had here on al jazeera in sports and massive news about the future of liverpool football club. those details coming up so that going ah
9:44 pm
ah ah. until 2024. his extension, however, coincides with liverpool currently being in a rich vein of form. they are currently chasing an unprecedented that quadruple since the 54 year old joint liverpool in 2015 and they've won multiple trophies, including the champions league and premier league easy decision or, you know, i love our club and it's a best place to be 100 percent and yeah, i feel really, really lucky that what is now 6 and a half years ago vestry thought would be a good idea to bring
9:45 pm
a trauma felon. and here we are. and now we like, bad smell was starting around and, and was stay for another 2 makes it 4 from now on. wow, that's a long time at football. why don't us now is european football reporter, chris williams. chris, how much of a boost is it for liverpool? that club has extended his day. yeah, good evening sir. absolutely massive food for the club or little pool. of course, before yoga club arrived, we're building some then. okay, under brendan rogers, but they couldn't take that final leap and of course he didn't clock came in and got the club to a europa league final in his 1st season. and i care about got final. they've built on from that corso, on the premier league after they, when the champions league. but i think a lot of people also forget that they got to champions the final prior to that and just missed out against rail madrid. so the ability to keep you in class for an extra 2 years shouldn't be underestimated. if you look at the club where he came from brew she dormant and how they've adjusted to life after yoke and clock. it's
9:46 pm
not gone very well for them at all. so flown ports, keep in for another 2 years, and 4 from now is brilliant for them. maybe not so good news for the rest of premier league though. chris, where would you say is ranked among the greatest fairy league managers of all time . of anger, of course, leaving pat guardiola as more more than one premier league title and union club there. so he's there or thereabouts when you're looking at conversation with fantastic premier league managers, but it's one he brings to the club to liverpool. that makes them a better premier lee club, his relationship with the fans. he's coached average players into a world class plays andy robinson, for instance, your geo and yell them were both with clubs that were relegated before clock coach though. and louis the as is the latest want to come in and just hit the ground running. so yoga clock has something very, very special for liverpool. and if he wins the premier league this season, course manchester city laughs and then say about that, that i think people will start to regard him more of where they should do. so,
9:47 pm
as we mentioned earlier, live appli chase in a quadruple. do you think they can manage that? yeah, the key word isn't something that people will want to say around level poses who often they don't want to temp any fates. or course manchester city have the deciding factor in that if they win all their premier league remaining gains, they will be crown primarily champions. it's as simple as that level. just have to keep when they're in charge of their own destiny against chelsea. they'll feel that they'll be able to continue against villareal and reach that champions league final . and then they'll either play manchester city or rail madrid decides that they will feel they can be in one or fixtures. but premier league wise to make it all for they just have to keep winning and hope that manchester city drop points along the way. but it's relatively of a possibility for them. how easy or be we'll we'll just have to wait and see european football report. chris williams. thank you very much for that. and then so so has been announced as england's a new test, cricket captain,
9:48 pm
the all rounder succeeds joe rude who stepped down earlier this month after terrible run of results? england have one just one of their last 17 tests. so 1st challenge is it to test home series against new zealand in june to the is biggest stars have led their teams into the conference, playoff, semi finals, jani center to compo, scored a 33 points to send the milwaukee bucks it through in the east. while steph curry hit 30, as the golden state warriors progressed in the west, david stoke swans up the action. oh, road or get started. you only sent to decompose wasn't hanging about in game 5 against the chicago bose. the tea time and b, p came a firing in milwaukee with 15 points in the 1st quarter alone. he had no in rebels in 3 assists, as well as the defending champion box. sweat to side, their opponents by 6 points. the 2nd seed securing the series for one,
9:49 pm
your less finish with $33.00 points over all. and he and his team can now look forward to facing the 2nd seated boston celtics in the east in conference semi finals. now that he knows much about them, how much bashful i want to boston, now i'm busy, is almost bashful. i get to just started swain stuff. and you know, my body gets danced up and, you know, sit with my kids and i'm like, really no, i can't was bashful. sure. haven't wasn't, i know that done hurry, pfizer know, putting it over in the west that curry started his 1st game in the series for the golden state warriors against the denver nuggets. and he made a big difference with 30 points. 11 of them came in the 4th quarter is golden, spiteful 8, down to win boy full to trenching the series for one. 0 boy. yeah, no, it is weighted well usually tonight was just a weird feeling cuz we had been there in a while and i we were again,
9:50 pm
we wanted to. so ben, on santa made it a lot more difficult our so so well, we still remember how to do it, which is, which is a good fill up the links and the pain nickel yoke. it registered 30 points known to re bounce an 8 assists with nuggets even with a hamstring injury. but it was all in vain is denver would dump down to the playoffs. instead, it's the warriors who go through to face are the memphis grizzlies or the minnesota timber who golden state warriors. starting to get that. all right. folks out there to san grant them when i see him on a high lip has admitted that she is considered retiring. last year the romanian had a tough 2021 in which he missed the french open wimbledon, and the olympics due to a cough injury. however, she is looking to get back to her back. she is already $11.00 title. the cn earlier needed just over knowledge to dispatch. she wires zang in straight sets to reach
9:51 pm
them for the open round of 32. and finally, it's not easy to throw baseball while wearing a suit jacket and a tie, especially when it's buttoned up. but it wasn't a problem for masters. golf champions. cutty shiffler the 25 year old at one his 1st major at augusta earlier this month. collecting that famous green jacket as a dallas and native he was given the on of throwing the ceremonial a 1st pitch at the texas rangers home game on wednesday night. and it was a pretty, pretty good effort compared to some others with steve. and that's it for me. so thanks very much. southern should have a daughter will have more news on the other side and breaks my london new sense of it. and to live in front of me. i'm the officer news. our team here in the, or, i'm sorry, what's your time at your company? ah
9:52 pm
ah. with feeling the debates, it is no, he jogged bad little you know, i mean, if anyone here talks about women that i was a, does this, this will be assumed of then says no topic is off the table. we were taught to see abortion as a one way ticket, straight to health, all of the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources and the power to fix it, where a global audience becomes a global community. the comment section is right here. be part of today's program. this dream on al jazeera. from the front blind al jazeera correspondence continue
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to report every angle of the war grade we've been given access to this special unit, making sure there's no threats behind those front lines. there is almost. busy complete destruction fighting back a russian assault, holding background forces. the scale of destruction is just now being, i'm going to be out as we arrived. nikolai of there is panic. a russian war played is suspected of being close by. stay with al jazeera, for the latest developments. phone of struggles full of pleasure, but i mean, nobody that represent them, which of course, one of them, it a barrier. mars rebel yell, there are 2. please wait. a, an intimate look at life in cuba. in your mouth already, or gary again, i live with my cuba on al jazeera ah,
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holding the powerful to account. as we examined the u. s. his role in the world on al jazeera, ah, ukraine says russian cruise missiles have struck keith during the 1st visit by un secretary general antonio goods harris, who'd earlier visited ruin towns near the capital. i witnessed that very vividly today at aunt keith. the selfless loss of life, the massive destruction ah hello there, i'm julie mcdonald. this is.
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