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tv   The People vs Agent Orange  Al Jazeera  April 29, 2022 3:00pm-3:52pm AST

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make analogies, era frontline reporting an in depth analysis. we bring you the latest on the ukraine war on the unfolding humanitarian crisis. documentaries that inspired out of america, lebanon goes to the polls, but will political change help the country find its way out of its cripple? economic crisis may on al jazeera, discover, a world of difference determination. i'm talking about when we are moving freedom with chance. so it is only 16 people with corrupt this is out there. i'm not gay though. with a check on your world headlines, a russian missile strike and keep on thursday came shockingly close to the un secretary general. according to members of his staff and tony,
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good terrorist described ukraine as an epicenter of unbearable pain. during his 1st visit, there slant and besieged mario pole, an estimated 1000 people or truck there, along with 2000 ukrainian soldiers. russia has kept up air strikes despite an agreement in principle, to provide safe corridors for evacuations. russell's defense ministry says it used a submarine in the black sea to launch missiles that ukrainian milly, early hours between is really police and a group of young palestinians. they say they were rioting and throwing stones in the courtyard outside the mosque. the red crescent says at least $42.00 palestinians were injured. more than 12000000 people in the chinese city of shanghai can finally leave their homes after nearly a month of lock downs. restrictions have been lifted in areas where there has been no cove in 1900 infection for 2 weeks. in some neighborhoods, residence can leave their apartments, but not there would be headlines on al jazeera, more news coming up after the people vs agents. orange. bye bye.
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ah, ah, i see, i'll get helicopters flying over the ridge spraying something. and they didn't even see the kids. and the kids were all fishing or just playing by the river. and the kids were all choking and gasoline that was banned in vietnam. and nobody realised that the same chemicals were being used here in a still going on with agent orange was a tremendously destructive component of a tremendously destructive war in its own unique way
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agent orange was the most destructive instance of chemical warfare in modern history. ah, 5 years old or something, i read everything. it was still during the war and i read something about all the birds being killed by oil spills from ships being blown out. that's what i worried about during the war was all those birds come in. mike didn't help me and i started reading letters, i'm not sure who i sent them to or wanting someone to take care of those birds. please. maybe that was the beginning of my activism. but a, of course, all the fish and harrison i sprays some they,
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which were part of that they loved it was nothing to worry about. mm hm . clear heading is one of the most insane things you could ever do. it's like strip mining a living organism which a forest is they weren't required to replant. and most of those clear cuts developed into huge brush fields. then all of a sudden they were faced with this law that says you can't clear that unless you replant within 3 years. so then they had to clear all the brush on these old
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clear cuts. so they could replant them. and just all coincided with the end of the use of agent orange in vietnam, lou michael newton from oregon state university was getting surplus barrels of agent orange that the air force couldn't use anymore in vietnam. and was praising the use of these things and how they were going to transform forestry forever. thing they started to blanket these huge clearcut with wildly to horns and drift. some we could smell it. and within a few days our garden was dead. the kids were all sick again and the dog got so
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sick he died. carol has been just a tireless champion for uncovering true, factual, scientifically based information and trying to get that for decision makers. ah, these people are just liberally there. woodson and i'm a member senior thinking routes you somewhere you got it, you've got to help these people. they are literally, they not, nobody's willing to help them. and i said, you've got to produce the experts that have you can produce the experts. i'll take your case on and we'll go, we'll go to battle over the whole suby with your machine,
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news only swab with me. yeah. to per say, you're not gonna sit on the jewel do let giving you did is you tweet at the moment because they're good each for them. i said they're upstairs show, do i see it? and then i put it down. then all you guys for some said was just want to commit to viet 60 k. to know his office will close up. all of its opposition was blue moon up. ha ha ha. ha, liam, hold on for samples. so see pesky is i because of a year. i see says he has your vincy fioma selected all the devil got gold plus look i've been able no
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ah, look on back of marcy a diff jessica. she found that made a fire of the fat lazy stapleton, the melody i thought of the stage of history. i sat on a 1st meeting between president eisenhower. i'm senator kennedy's, of the like. when eisenhower passed over the national security apparatus to john kennedy. how scared we had to be that communism was on the march, and we had to stop it. wherever it was. kennedy loved the idea that american ingenuity, not just big, scary bombs, but different more surgical kinds of technologies could be used to defeat these
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insurgencies. an agent, orange, or ur besides in general, was part of that strategic view. the here at the chemical company in midland michigan, revolutionary chemical killers are being produced to help us of these costly piss. one of the newest and most versatile weapons and dollars, arsenal of chemical warfare is to for dial. we'd killer to 4. d is a growth regulator type of we'd kill it. the action is the logical appearing to upset the plants, growth processes i'm causing gradually, but certain death. miss saigon? government in 900. 61 was a vociferous proponent of the use of her. besides in vietnam,
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the government was fighting a communist insurgency in the south. that was supply in north they felt that the insurgency was a major threat to their existence with and october 1961 things haven't really gotten started, yet. these are tell axis. it's a message from the ambassador noting, but basically just say present d m is begging people to spray crops. and there's so much doubt it
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confusion washington about whether to do this or not. ah operation ranch and had multiple components to a food denial component. but the most notorious was the use of agent orange to take away the forest cover. take away the insurgence capability to hide and conduct gorilla ambush operations. but once the overall war escalated, the de felicia program just sort of followed rather mindlessly right behind it.
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spring, millions of gallons of highly concentrated per besides indiscriminately over vast areas of forest. many times over is chemical warfare. it was highly destructive and it was massive. it was a weapon of mass destruction branch and was c name for the herbicide to fully ace program brought by the air. and i was sent over to vietnam and may of 1971 to do the final historical right up of the ranch and program.
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i had made friends with the young army lieutenant over there and he came to me one afternoon and said we have received orders from headquarter versus 1971. we are to jump to computer aeration, not downloaded and shipped to wash. gov t said he said, if you want any of that information for your report, you gonna have to come with me to night and move over to my fi headquarters. well, get you into my office and we'll print them out. and he turned on the machine and we printed out a stack like batch my report indicated that that there were some real problems developing from people exposed to asian, orange. ah, i finished my report and it was immediately clashed fi secret.
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and the government kept it locked up or were 35 years and denied didn't even exist at the federal government, basically federalized all the chemical companies to do nothing but produce a generic and other chemicals for the war to vietnam. and they knew that the more they produce, the more money they would make. so they, in order to deliver as much as they could as quickly as they could. they violated then existing industry standards for the production of herbicides by using a process that was much shorter at higher temperatures. that was responsible for the presence of the, of the oxen and the ultimate chemical substances that were created. and they knew that it posed risks to individuals. they knew that opposed to risk to the land.
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they knew that it was contained to poison. and they knew that that the effects to be devastating. while i was preparing my report, i came across the documents that indicated confirmed that we authorized production of the agent orange, michigan, mixture 24250524245 t with the higher concentration of di auction. as the contaminant had a contaminant in the 245 t compact, we knew dioxin is an extremely potent carcinogenic mutagenic meaning it causes chromosomes to mutate. drat janet, affecting the fetus of a woman, very potent compound national bureau
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standards estimate and the half life for a dioxin molecule. 2000000000 years. that's why i e p a regards it as equivalent to clue tony. both in its toxicity and in its longevity, how long can persist. so it doesn't go away. it goes away politically. this is the 1st time that the scientists have ever created a molecule, this toxic and, and that they know that even, you know, just one to 2 parts per trillion can cause birth defects, mutations, cancer, one ah,
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seeing a larger number of defects than we would have expected we saw a number of congenital hearts and i think it was 1978. i delivered an an am sevalla child. that's a child that doesn't have basically the normal brain. in my lifetime of delivering babies, i would not expect ever to see one. and about a year later, we delivered a 2nd and then select child. those odds were just astronomical, but a small practice like ours would have to alan's fellow children. it made me realize that there was something going on. we know what's happening in our region. we know how to get to places that others
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can on. i want to put on here guy by the police on purpose advisors instead of going on with the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. lou with wherever you go in the world, one airline goes to make it for you. exceptional katara always going places to go. african stories from african perspectives. i'm a marine biologist, a business swim short documentary from african field. i'm going to do with the
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south africa, ethiopia, and nigeria. we've been to pull both from stuff in this class who she saw this as my, and my role on africa direct on al jazeera lou . this is al jazeera. i'm danny navigator with a check on your world headlines for un secretary general antonio terrace is described ukraine as an upper center of unbearable pain. after meeting president vulgar mer zalinski. russian forces chief with new miss all strikes while the terrace was in the city. the difficulty brain is a go when they want to walk and why they does, i have to go that radio or where holder
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they destroyed a glass of rock bottom with a bag. and right now me, they letting the president zalinski says an operation will begin on friday to get civilians out of the as a style. steel plant and besieged mario pole. an estimated 1000 people are trapped there, along with 2000 ukrainian soldiers. russia has kept up airstrikes despite an agreement, in principle, to provide safe corridors for evacuations. russia defense ministry says that use the submarine in the block see, to launch missiles that ukrainian military targets. it's the 1st time it's reported using submarine strikes since the war began. on thursday, the u. k. defense ministry warned russia could still reach ukrainian targets from the c, despite the sinking, if its flagship moskva cruiser. earlier in april,
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tens of thousands of muslim worshippers gathered at a loss compound and occupied east jerusalem for the last friday. prayers of the holy month of ramadan. there were scuffles in the early hours between is really police and a group of young palestinians. they say they were writing and throwing stones in the courtyard outside the mosque. red crescent says at least $42.00 palestinians were injured. over the past 2 weeks, more than 250 palestinians have been injured after is really raves into the ups. almost compound, more than 12000000 people in the chinese city of shanghai can finally leave their homes after nearly a month of walk downs restrictions have been lifted in areas where there has been no cove in 1900 infection for 2 weeks. in some neighborhoods residence can leave their apartments but not their compounds in the capital. a beijing restrictions are being tightened. 49 new cases were detected on thursday. those other headlines on al jazeera, it's back to the people versus agent orange. next,
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then it's the news hour at the top of the hour, i'll see you then bye bye. ah when oh, when we started the litigation, this became a real david and goliath back because we had to you as the whole us attorney's office representing the federal government and the largest law firm in the state of oregon, representing i a fe which is a front group for the chemical manufacturers and for timbers sprayers
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the far as service had been unwilling to do any kind of community health survey after the spring to see if anybody wasn't fact being harm. it was simply saying our chemicals aren't harming anybody, but it wasn't looking to see if they were harmed. and it was very stunning. you know, that they would spray him area and within a month that miscarried drape. and what they call spontaneous abortion rate. when sky rotten according to the hospital date, ah, ah, between my husband and i that our nurse practitioner, we delivered between a 100 and a 150 children a year seeing a larger number of birth defects than we would've expected. we saw
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a number of congenital hearts and i think it was 1978. i delivered an answer, phallic child, that's a child that doesn't have basically the normal brain. in my lifetime of delivering babies, i would not expect ever to see one. and about a year later, we delivered a 2nd, allen's appellate child. those odds were just astronomical. that a small practice like ours would have to allen's valley children. it made me realize that there was something going on. and the something that i was aware of was broadcast spraying of herbicides. at that point, it was mainly to for d over our water supplies because we drink surface water at the coast.
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non if kids were involved in the whole earth decide battle, they were helping write the news letters and draw the pictures and help with signs . mm hm. there's the poster or late, daphne may she did that when she was about 11. ah, they were right in the thick of it. we had like 5 minutes to come up with a name from this group. citizens against toxic sprays hands. it wasn't the most to imagine it worked. i guess i wasn't
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entail. basically cats was for him and started questioning at we've been, you know, filing a court action and then it suddenly got some attention. and there was a lot of pushback from the chemical companies and the timber companies. chemicals are being used as, as a means of achieving environmental goals really. ah, and the, the attack is not scientific good. so purely emotional. know the public good does not understand and know we unfortunately haven't, are successfully communicated to the public as yet. take 245 tea. for example, 245 t is about as toxic as aspirin. ah, one saturday morning when my husband was making rounds at the hospital, 2 fellows in suits showed up at my front door and said they wanted to talk
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about the urban sides. and i said that was fine. my 2 children were running around or of reporters and other people show up there when then when they said, you know, at all times where your children are literally a threat against me and my children and and it worked. i'm done. a van that had dark tinted windows on both sides suddenly showed up outside of carol. and steve's house, who were the leaders of the citizens against starts? which for a movement for see the car was parked here, but they were walking up here with all their deer. obviously thinking i wasn't home . he didn't really explain why they were here. it was when i realized the other guy was sneaking up there and it, and talking to the kids,
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then i got kind of angry. he was asking them all about what kinds of deformed critters we had in the for user. because we did, we saved a bunch of them hoping to get them analyzed, you know, to see what was in them. but the rear door flew open as it drove away and they could see that there were large video cameras in there. the phone company itself, their employees told us that our phones were being tapped. it was an obvious attempt to try to intimidate the folks who were bringing this litigation to try to reduce herbicide ariel sprang. well, we won a temporary injunction. what the judge in the catch case, thanks to all those scientists and studies that we were able to compile ruled was that hey, you've got to include in your environmental impact statement,
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the effects of these chemicals in vietnam. and that was a blow to the fire service because by then there were some really documented impact in viet 1000000 children. ah, oh oh, i don't need it. oh, that's for yeah. now has shown the victim you'll be getting a medium of a demo. yes ma'am. thank you for confir swanky fools. heck, a b with
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there were negative feelings toward what we were doing. the propaganda put out by the chemical companies in the timber companies. that number one, there's nothing wrong with the sprays. and number 2, these people are just the lunatic fringe. they convinced the loggers or some of them anyway, that they were going to all be out of work as if they couldn't use the herb besides who was on fire. when carol came up, the driveway house was totally inflamed. patrick said he stopped her that she grabbed a knife off his belt and started running up the hill. and he just grabbed her and
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held her anna, he felt sure that carol was going to try to take her own life that night. sh sanstrom's children were, were gone. and we all crumble. we all just couldn't believe it. the fire fighters said it was our son name. i don't, and it's hard to talk about it. i just can't really they
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had done the absolute worst thing anybody could do to me and they couldn't do any more and we go animals were still here. i think that's what kept me going in, you know, it was what was left of my kids was what they love to, you know? oh boy, here you go. okay, the big 1. 30 years old. he's very intuitive. like if you're really upset about something he will come in just like leaning against you and be comforting rudy duty he. he wants to help you will come on, feel better. i don't know. i rely on him. this was the garage. there was no floor here. and so we put a floor in,
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i just was living in this in this room and i still am and away it was. and in honor of my kids, i had to keep going. they fought this fight too. it wasn't just me. and i only thing was they keep going for their sake, little the i in newly released court documents indicate that the companies which manufactured age and already knew as far back as the 1960 s, that one of its ingredients known as 245
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t contain the toxic contaminant dioxide. ah, ah, my father said he could hold me in his hand like this. i was so small. i missing my right leg below the knee. my fingers and i'm missing my big toe and my other toes are were webbed. but yeah, my story is not very much unlike many, many children in vietnam and other american children as well. so we share the same type of birth defects that mom needs national, you know, i don't get any benefits from the government. they deny that the children of male vietnam veterans are affected.
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so i'm hoping with your law suit, the things will change then it'll be, it'll stick this time. ah, oh no, i can't die. it's frustrating. ah, ah, these companies have been able to avoid accountability for what they've done. i think your case is incredibly important as sort of the last opportunity that we may have to hold these, these, these companies accountable for the wrong doing that. they knew they were engaged
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in when they made this point to this product. the national forest here is no longer sprayed. and the reason is a series of lawsuits that began with the caps lawsuit. but i want all those other people where people write down the road that i have private timberland around them that's getting sprayed.
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they're going to keep these chemicals on the market no matter what. the only hope is for that community rights movement to keep insisting that we have the right to protect all of our communities from being poisoned. and maybe it's a pipe dream. but if these corporations have human rights according to the supreme court, while damn it, they should be subject to capital punishment, just like an individual would be only delicately emanating discoveries. i yes,
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her a smile. delgarze's lacoff or amount of buffalo, all of the don't the was that i saw your but that what no sal door a company a suit to policy or, or see brought her bill at donahoe la fad. amiga me in the buff bur. susan. see me look on bad to load here. there it is, it that would it made me an unfair from seaford, who was a mean fuck the fuck of martha. last osh, it's gonna be probably a long set for the city to be at the osha and dr. c on left over the last all ha, l a little problem with the best of all the continuity ah ah,
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ah, ah, ah, ah, are angela trying to stop the government fraying out here. then i had a bunch of stuff from dn journalists drummed out some funding to get them off scanned. that was how the poison paper said, well, we must have scam close to $200000.00 pages. he could upload them as they were scanned, 10 hours a day, non stop, a lot of the documents involved the fraudulent testing of chemical products. so lawyers,
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now in bringing these lawsuits are being able to find that information and use it i hope they'll make trouble. i mean, that's the whole goal is to make them available to anybody that needs them. ah, the seed of human looking more. i don't know if it takes time on this as soon as they populate it. don't have to be. this is cindy to the, to have a good. you're not done anything. never got america a very and is it you haven't, we will give you a c, a c. yes, i've been ah, here. perfect. her mammy. ah, yes. sankoh caesar more detailed it back to classical abuse. eden,
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superstition and leisure heart met largely the immediate let me give a 2nd she did. she said the weekday, as was yes, young deputy. se so bad to be done via yes ma'am. give me ah, yvonne la la la companion, ah ah, the journey has begun the fee for world copies on its way to
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a castle book your travel package to day. hello plenty, a ton re down pause continued, cross northern parts of south america, the seasonal raised or popping off here further south, some very heavy, right chain of cloud. and sundry downpours will continue to run into paraguay, pushing up into bolivia, easing up towards rio as he go on through the next couple days. cool. a fresh weather bryce guys there upon a series of about 18 celsius. not so bright further north. we could see those foundry down paws are set to continue more heavy showers, extending all the way up towards the caribbean. and you can follow this line of cloud that we have across sir southern parts of the caribbean. and we down pause there for a panama forecast. rica, eating across rico, pushing into the dominican republic as we go one into the 2nd half of the way can to see some localized flooding here, scattering of showers elsewhere across the region and the scattering issue and line of the journey. how and why did hooton's become so obsessed? with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold corrupt individuals in human rights,
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abusers accountable. they're going to rip this deal apart if they take the white house in 2025. what is the world hearing? what we're talking about vi american today, you'll weekly take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. how social of social media platforms, if many young uses feel isolated, anxious, and depressed? currently there is a grand national experiment that is taking place upon our kids. why take companies not sufficiently regulated? they don't want people to know what's happening on their class. mental health on al jazeera, they're raised to succeed rodrigo. the 3rd to as president of the philippines is heading into its spinal stretch, struggling with its worth. and he says that in years the country is desperate for solutions. but what are the candidates offering and what direction will the philippines, big under you leadership,
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