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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 29, 2022 7:00pm-7:23pm AST

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open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today ah, on al jazeera. how and why did it become so obsessed? what is the world hearing what we're talking about vi american today, your weekly take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. full of struggles full of pleasure, but i mean that money that represent them, which of course, one moment get a battery of mars damp. will you please why a, an intimate look at life in cuba? get ya. mouth did already or gary young. i leave with my cuba on al jazeera since fidel castro proclaimed a communist state nearly 6 decades ago. cuba has held facts to which clinical ideology in a series of special reports. we explore how the pandemic,
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economic stripe, a new exit is by its citizens, are shaping the country's future. on al jazeera, ah desperate for any form of shade. millions of people in south asia struggling to cope with record high temperatures, and thirsty for more water. the horn of africa is worse, trout and decades. has heard us walking for days to keep the animals alive. ah, i'm so robin watching over there are locked. my headquarters here in the also coming up keeps my walls of more russian attacks after an apartment complex and ukraine's capitol is hit during the un chiefs visit. also the youngest of a men's winter at wimbledon. boris becker against 2 and a half jail,
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the breaking bankruptcy term. ah, welcome to the program to confidence both on the extreme stress because of climate change. shortly we look at how millions of people in livestock are struggling with the whole of africa's worth drought in decades. but 1st, we take a look at this map showing the heat wave effecting a 1000000000 people across south asia earlier than usual. focus on federal climate change ministers as the country gone straight for winter to summer without even a spring season. i will have more from pakistan corresponded in a moment. but 1st, elizabeth, parent and reports are new delhi on how the unprecedented heat wave is causing disruption. around india, labor was a new deli work through temperatures above 40 degrees celsius to construct. and these new parliament buildings like many street vendors, an order of actual driver's here,
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they make up some of the 75 percent of india's workforce who work outdoors them as we have to go outside to work. it's very hard. when the water we got, he becomes hard to doing a lot, but we don't even have enough water. a heat wave has gripped many parts of india for weeks, that's after the nation. so it's hardest march since records again, a 122 years ago. the higher than usual temperatures have led to demand for electricity reaching and all time high this week and power cuts and several states . deli regional government has told people to expect power outages at metro and hospitals because of a shortage of coal power plants. the indian government has cancelled hundreds of passenger trains to rush coal to thermal power plants around lisbeth barren and al jazeera new daddy dot come on reports from his summer bob on how they sustained hot weather could affect people's health. in pakistan,
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there is alarming regards bogus on did not receive the kind of rain that it normally gets in the winter months. and then the spring, which then head start fairly raymond, are speaking yesterday warned that the government should take measure to mitigate the effect. although the previous government had gone beg that god bless ears gord, mildred, a fox to read and out of god, god, god, god, florida, no, indeed. an alarming situation, given the trend of drought and decades, could have catastrophic results across the region. a 1000000 people have left their homes and more than 3000000 livestock of died. harry were toss reports now from the some brutal region in northern kenya. maluso, right, daniel has been walking for alice. his animals need water and he's finally a gun that i'm now always out here with the camel's help doesn't reach us. but i know in the villages, at least the government is giving people some water are going hungry galaxy. yeah.
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i used to have 250 camels. the drought has killed most of them. i only have 3 left . it's heartbreaking, destroyed. assistance from 8 agencies and tennis government is coming, but it's not enough. this both of these organizations lexical production program, people here have been walking for days, looking for food and water for their animals. first, they were told their supplies in that direction about a 100 kilometers away. but when they got they, they found nothing. cleaning up the debris from a russian strike. people are happy to be alive and only dealing with blown out windows. thursday's explosions and key were loud, close an unexpected. the other football football, the 1st one struck on that side was really loud. reminder, the war could grow closer to home at any time. a constant threat that's too much to bear. you will be, well, they wrapped up
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a news conference with the ukranian. president. proof says the lensky, that nothing can be negotiated with russia, without security guarantees. he shouldn't, regardless of who's in town, enter chappelle, i'll de 0. what abdulla me towards that the side of the attack in keith is can see behind. marcia did not have any respect in their view even towards the un secretary general and making a point that the timing and the way he decided to go to moscow 1st and come back here. but also because of the role of do you. and so far it has been a lot of frustrations into we have been basically helping with some medical small medical runs to our local local people in around ukraine, but the military and just basically treat them as humana. work is under international law. another useful ma, tennis play boris becker, has been sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison by
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a retailer in handing down that 2 and a half year sentence for hiding some $3000000.00 worth of assets following bar respect. because bankruptcy and june 2017 said, i accept the humiliation that you have felt but you've shown no humility, 3 times wimbledon champion, 6 times a grand slam title. ahold in all, boris becker went bankrupt in june. 2017. he'd amassed a full tune with some $50000000.00 by his own testimony here that fortune squandered on famously lavish lifestyle. a famously expensive divorce, childcare, and maintenance payments, and disastrous financial mismanagement where he was eventually sentenced earlier this month by a jury here at the crown court to 4 counts on hundreds of thousands in cash to bank accounts belonging to his ex wife and his estranged wife. worth mentioning, this isn't the 1st time. he's had this sort of brush with the law in 2002 boris
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becker was sentenced to tune a 2 year suspended sentence by court in germany. then for tax evasion worth some $1700000.00 euros will still had hit on al jazeera. gonna make that difficult for common people to own guns. but the taliban is exempt. a rush to go on holiday. what's making this extra special? the indonesians cheering, eat celebration. ah . the journey has begun the fee for world copies on its way to catholic book your travel package today. hello, we've got to try whether coming back into japan over the next couple of days. been nowhere near his heart as it has been recently this massive power will sweep out away. we have seen some sundry downpours over the past few hours, but as we go free sass day, it is largely dry
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a little fresher than of late. 20 celsius there in tokyo, dry fine and sunny not too bad across the korean peninsula, one or 2 showers to the north. they si, fi to dry across northern parts of china. but let me draw your right to southern parts of china. very heavy rain coming through here as we go on through saturday and that band of cloud and ray will sink further southwards, 5 degrees cooler in the family, down pause. we will extend across hong kong as we go on through the 2nd half of the weekend. so that wet weather will also roll its way towards the gulf of tonkin for the time being mo, 1st half of the weekend were more concerned with southern parts of vietnam, cambodia, saying some fun to re downpours 2nd half of the weekend. that wet weather, extending it in more than parts of vietnam, there is likely to be some flash flooding as a result of that. scattering of showers elsewhere across se, asia, me wanting to south asia. the story is all about the heat, some very hot weather, up towards the northwest, with high temperatures,
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also into pakistan. chatter airway official airline of the journey. african stories from african perspective. and the marine biologist, a business when short documentary from african he'll be man rented from south africa. ethiopia, nigeria, we busy over some stuff in this class. she saw this as my name, my rollback africa direct on al jazeera. ah, the me.
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you're watching on there with me. the whole rahman in doha reminder of all top news stories, an intense heat wave as hit india and pakistan with temperatures hitting break hold hines. so the 1st time of the parts of india have record at $45.00 degrees celsius, causing power outages and straining health services. the u. n. chief has described ukraine as an at the center of unbearable pain. after the meeting for the bottom insolence came rushing pulses at keys with new massage strikes. antonio gets harish was in the capital. and boris becker has been sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison by a london court. before my number one tennis player was found guilty of breaching the terms of his 2017 bankruptcy, now powerful blast has hit most of those capital during friday, pres, killing at least 10 people are wounding 15. an interior ministry spokesman said the explosion happened that the khalifa, a heap mosque in west cobble. it's the latest in
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a series of attacks during ramadan targeting places of worship. now the taliban and facing a growing number of ice le tax against civilians less than a year to taking control of the country. its own forces are being threatened by armed groups and its problem to the taliban government to make it harder for people to own a gun. same the throb reports after centuries of conflict of gun astonish, synonymous with war. before the u. s. pull out. last year there were more guns and private heads than the gun police and the military combined. the actual number in circulation thought to be in the millions, but estimates likely fall short a reality inherited by the taliban. the new government began confiscating weapons and has introduced license requirements to own and operate guns and armored vehicles. josefina sla hill that he gaiety. so license can be given to any individual who feels unsafe and insecure. for example, businessmen,
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you how do leaders, and anyone who feels safe can have the license for weapons and bulletproof car. so come after taking over the taliban release, prisoners and jails across the country and rising levels of crime off, gone se is a major concern moist. a lot of that, i never jonah, i want to get the zip. and for my personal security and my company security, we got these happens because our license on the 3rd by kidnappers and thieves, because the security situation hasn't been 100 percent maintained either. okay, arctic pullout saw us and nato forces leave behind and i watering amount of weapons and military equipment and just no guards at all. i could just grab an ha unchecked . it could fuel instability in august on and the wider reach the previous government. they have distributed thousands of guns out of what we're close
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to walmart, to people affiliated the tribes at necessities or to their religious political friends. and through this disarmament of the process is going to collect all those illegal distributed weapons and armor cuts from people who are not responsible for the security of the country. the government says security has improved, but people who feel threatened can have guns if they get a permit. a 3 year license for an a k $47.00 or pistol is just over $500.00. 10 times the average monthly income in couple licenses for armored cars start at around $680.00. the majority of off guns who are struggling to feed themselves are priced out. but members of the taliban are exact same basra v o dizzier. hundreds of people in garza have taken part in demonstrations to mark
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international or could stay on jerusalem day. that's when people around the world protest against israel, 55 year occupation of palestine. you will elsa intervals. oh, national day was close sites with the last friday in run. the dog transmits here in the middle of person that are not just clean up so much, but it brought the policy and say do easy living because the pension that all was ignited and you escalation between god and israel wanted to has that, who has gone out the people for a protest today here in the god is tread the show they support antelli dirty to lapse in life and did it people in the land i am or how what it is. 1 aliya, any israeli attempt to make any sacrifices or to impose identity or sovereignty over alexa is a battle not just for the palestinian people, but for the entire law mich world. and the resistance will make israelis pay
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a price for any escalation towards alexa. why the policy is that is in got re stated that they're in the states have been during the case of any escalation by these really forces or any. ringback cruisin, so rates and, and why, why are these really forces or sectors and they are continuing to support defending demoss and andrew to live with all the time. i protest as of rallied in iraq's capital to michael could state they tried to do support of palestinian rights and denounced the decision by some arab countries to normalize ties with israel with the funds for equal rights goes on for one of iraq's most persecuted minority groups the collier rowman i about to run centuries ago, but life for many of them now lies in ruins. the song binge of aids reports now from day one ear in southern iraq. in the dusty village of elsa hor
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children have returned to school after a 14 year break. these are the cavalier aroma people scattered in isolated communities across iraq. on this one says the faith derogatory treatment and her children have no future after decades of persecution. so i will love in my office. we were attached with rockets that don't want gypsies. among them, people hate us. we don't have water. we have to buy water. i houses are old and falling apart. i don't know why they deal with this like this, aren't we? human beings. most homes in the village are disappear and many are jobless. how he says he and his friends fought in the iran iraq war, and later alongside iraqi forces in the battle against isis. he calls his community the living dead, and the rocky state just doesn't care. as i can't, i don't without a while myself, leave the school, the clinic, and electricity. these were not provided by the government agencies and
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n g o is had provided these basics and you asking me about all future after the u. s. envision 19 years ago, aid from saddam hussein's government ended on groups accused the cavalier of being heretic and prostitutes and destroyed their village. no one dares says that on camera, that afraid of the police, the guard the only entrance to the village and restrict access. i don't go off, i wasn't going up. yes, we used to have dancing and singing were visited by officials at that time. we're not living in poverty. things are now upside down. the government denies new id cards discriminate against the caliah on the bus father. who will, and sonny has this now, so who has, there were some issues with people and now there are more accepted than before. they're like others. they can apply for any job they like. but the unemployment and poverty rates are high in this province. it is true,
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they do not have fresh tap water, but water delivered to them by tankers. but many villagers cannot afford to pay the daily water charge, though it's meant to be provided for free. and the fingers have replaced happy songs, religious hymns of a tragic theme, or she will need the rumor people of iraq say because of discrimination, that excluded from a normal life and opportunities. and the question is that after generations have lived in this country, what can they do to be treated as equal iraqi citizens with our bon jovi, the other? there are the veneer southern iraq chinese choice as the next leader of hong kong is trying to establish a new chapter for the territory. john lee says he wants to unify society and make hong kong more competitive. he's the only candidate in the race to succeed. kerry lamb the was head of security during the 2019 pro democracy protests. although i think my policy platform has 4 components. the 1st is to strengthen the
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government administrative ability. the 2nd is to improve the speed, effectiveness and supply of land and housing. the 3rd is to improve hong kong competitiveness and to emphasize sustainable development. for 4th, the establishment of a caring society and emphasize the development of the things. but more than $12000000.00 people in the chinese city of shanghai and finally, or can find the lead homes after nearly a month of locked downs restrictions have been lifted in areas where there's been no k with 900 infections for 2 weeks. in some neighborhoods, residents can leave their apartments, but not that compounds, but in the capital of aging. restrictions are being tightened. 49 new cases were detected on thursday. now for the 1st time since the pandemic began, millions of indonesians are traveling to their home towns either fit the celebrations. it's estimated 85000000 people will make the journey this year. jessica washington has more from jakarta,
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a passenger sent in station in central jakarta, thousands of travelers awaiting to see their families from bonham. i am so happy that i can travel again. i've missed my mother so much. the annual homecoming travel before eat is a tradition in indonesia, the world's most populous muslim majority. country ah millions leave the major cities to spend the holidays with their families. i look at them. and again, my sub binder situation is so different from last year and 2020, when the curve of 19 cases were high traveling was limited. but now we actually need to provide extra trains health workers that public transport hobbs are providing vaccines for travelers. but again, most would be many passengers get vaccinated here because they know they needed to travel back to their home town. last year, the government band, hometown travel because of concerns about soaring, coven 19 cases and deaths. but this year it says the country is in
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a very different position. now if we had talk our competitor to had the 70000000 people, oh, a need anesha. that is already like a 70 percent on the safe, the flesh of fox, a nation. and the eyes, like 61 percent, already have the 2nd shut. millions will spend hours in traffic as they try to lead jakarta, one of the world's most densely populated cities. but many say it's worth the trouble. something any family has a 12 hour mini bus ride ahead of them. yet their band. i want to show my youngest daughter to my mother. she has never met my baby because of the pandemic. i'm so happy they can finally meet, but not more than 14000000 people are expected to leave greater jakarta in the holiday period. it's the 1st time since the pandemic began. that indonesians have been permitted to travel back to their home towns for each celebration. local
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authorities just allowing the travel to facilitate it as well by providing free transport option is a festive atmosphere. if the traveler start their long awaited holidays and begin to re unite with their loved ones. jessica washington out to sierra to carter. ah, he what's your desert with me said robin. a reminder of our top news stories an intense heat waivers. it india and pakistan with temperatures hitting record highs . but this time of year, parts of india have recorded 45 degrees celsius causing power outages and straining health services. officials.


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