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tv   Up Front  Al Jazeera  April 29, 2022 10:30pm-10:46pm AST

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i in the wimbledon colors, he won the championship 3 times amongst before becoming eligible for release. i accept the humiliation you have felt she told him. but you have shown no humility, russian model and waitress angela irma cova at london restaurant in 1999 by his own evidence child maintenance payments and disaster to hide what was left more than $3000000.00 in cash and effort. at trial the jury had heard in his defense that becca had relied on insolvency lawyers signing papers. he hadn't read and failing to understand his responsibilities. the jury instead found his actions deliberate sub a crown court lumber. ah, a quick look at our main stories this hour now has been a bomb blast in afghanistan. at least 10 people died in an explosion at
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a mosque in cobble 15. others were wounded during friday. prayers and interior ministry spokesman said it happened at the caliph as i have mask in west cobble. this is the latest in a string of brutal attacks during the muslim month of ramadan targeting places of worship, glosser warriors, in afghan journalists who fled the country after the u. s. withdrawal. it told me about the discrepancy and casualty figures which are likely to be higher quite frankly. oh, you love those killed or? yes, you have relatives of the victims. writing that they've lost family members speaking to the spokesperson for the taliban police chief to buy a war in crying. meanwhile, ukrainian present rosemary zalinski is condemned. russia's missiles strike on cave during a visit by the united nations chief. he called it's an insult, despite declaring victory there last week. hundreds of civilians are made trapped in a vast steel works complex with the loss ukrainian fighters defending the city from
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his neck. speaking with pentagon papers whistleblower daniel ellsberg. ah, what we do know is that billions of dollars are spent on weapons and defense contracts every year, making conflict incredibly profitable results that will benefit from war. and who are the biggest players behind the war machine and up front special daniel ellsberg . ah, daniel ellsberg, thank you so much for joining me on up front. thank you for having a large part of your life's work has been committed to not only raising estimated 72000000000 dollars on nuclear weapons. and we're now living in a time when the danger of nuclear war, of course, has spite. where does is leisure who pre war all these years. they're moving was quite effective in helping stop
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a above ground fishing and early even it's like talking about climate without talking about the exxon corporation or shell or chevron. and actually that is the weight climate is talked about pretty much we just don't trace tract. and we are facing a large flows of money directed at keeping the status quo, which is the status quo of extreme nuclear danger, especially in times of crisis like this. and of climate turn movement toward you mentioned northrop grumman, r raytheon, they recently hit their 5 year highs. so as we talk about war, we also have several who benefits from war. can you help me unpack that a little bit? who's really benefited? is the old earth, latin silken coolly bono, who benefits for the british? it had to deal or even had lost the war. to some extent,
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j. p. morgan would have gone bankrupt and wilson and u. e. eyes keeping it a truly genocidal war. going on her enormous massacre, and i think with very little benefit except to the arms. when your pictures, people ask, why don't we learn from our failures in vietnam and afghanistan and elsewhere? when, as long as the war in afghanistan, not in the way that is being waged now, but by a kind of gorilla, we're that we're supporting that we support as we did yet. it's very comfortable for people who are supplying those weapons and keep going. there is one other major motives that are fix these things in particular in europe, and that is r u. s. role in europe, who are not after all, a european nation, and we have no particular wrote it down for me, the, an indispensable. and what does that mean? it means that you can't really justify new trident submarines or i, she be amg,
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that northrop grumman is making a whole new i should be up against ian, or isis, or i al kato, ah, nature sto cutters. as rationale for multi 1000000000 now dollar arms budget. only russia has to target any sophisticated arms to fight against. you don't need advanced 5th generation fighters against people who don't have any aircraft. or fighters of their own, or sophisticated was a for the army people. because last you've made a russia look an offensive i enemy of some kind who has to be defend ukraine in the form of military aid from the u. s. from the u. k. and from the u. within. similar situations in the past, when u. s. arms were used by libyan in syrian opposition groups, but what happens when those conflicts are over or seemingly over?
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oh, where did the weapons go? and of course, our efforts in afghanistan swarmed in effect, others against the soviets, isis, or i should say, al cater and then later isis. so he sings have low back effects. ah, heaping in mine. he didn't. these hampshire industries. i wish it would be wrong to say they didn't invade ukraine. cooking did that. however, they, in their people, they were influencing, and the government were willing to run at that time working for his mcnamara said, hey, it's not a security problem, missiles into what? it's a political problem. critical good. when i want to nick, this is somewhat at this stage, foreseeable, right? i mean after thing, what happens in syria would thing, what happens in libby or we, as you've done, we could go back decades prior. we is that we're talking about, it's nurtured is not essentially the taxpayers of the citizens who are, by the way,
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regrettably willing to see the deaths of others who don't look like us. ukraine is getting much more concerned about the casualties in the war crimes because it is not brown muslims that are being victimized here, but by the russians in this case. but it's white christians and that they're like us. and to see they're in such anguish, inter that creates a public pressure that i wasn't there before. but in all of these other buying the personnel at high levels in these ranks benefit fine from them. there's no problem . i may not be very successful, but he failing war is just as profitable as a winning one. in fact, in someplace better because it goes on forever. as you see, the winning is over for the military industrial complex, not only in our country in europe as well. it's not only americans who sold these
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weapons, though it is mainly these oversee the french, the others. and the russians have big arms markets in the world. according to the institute for policy studies last year, the average american taxpayer gave about $2000.00 to the military with over $900.00, social welfare, or of any kind for people or anything that in any way seems to compete with private industry. the one thing you can get republicans to bunch of money for is allegedly national security, even though almost none of these weapons actually add or even relevant to our national security. but they are relevant to making threats against russian. you need russia later, china will be billed enough militarily to serve the purpose of the necessary, the indispensable enemy. but now it was hard to keep the cold. we're going to check
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on russia, but now potent has fit into that in a way that i think was not unwelcome to our military industry. if they didn't actually wanted, i'm sure they could even count on russia actually invading another country. but to have russia objecting, ukraine and in belarus, all that was good for business. and it doesn't, by the way, it doesn't justify putin's aggression at all. he's did to have reason to feel in the longer run, threatened russian security in terms of weapons so close to their borders. like the weapons in cuba that we objected to. kennedy had know, richard immigration trigger threatening to a great you were on that at ninety's by choice can another see founder of the cold war in 1st place who said it is an indescribable error
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blunder. mistake. try to make an enemy out of russia by moving especially into ukraine. some of the u. s. as top spies and military generals with ties of defense contractors end up as intelligence analysts on various news channels when they retire. for example, former c, i a director john brennan became embassies senior national security and intelligence and was se, se, connecticut with going to say and former c i a director michael hayden became a national security analyst for c and n a. how much does this compromise? what the public is told about war. what else? what the stake? well, it depends what you think the purpose functions that really is in times of war, in our military society. their function pretty much is to sell the public on the need for more weapons and the need to intervene in this country are media is ultimately controlled by major corporations like general electric ah, for
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a long time. and joe, many other conglomerates basically themselves recognize her consist of big business. and as i say, laurie's good business for the media and joe, for the administration, even when it's failing. so hoof sure. i'm answering your question. it's natural for them to hire these people. if their message is to get propaganda out, who better to do it, then the military or the she a people, if you want, endless war, which in effect, the wish has wanted. so this something, what happens right? what happens when citizens are only told the truth about war after the wars are over, after the information is leaked after information is the classified. it seems like we only get this under extreme and unforeseeable circumstances when the people were trying to conceal it. so what does that mean for?
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well, the kinds information, every 5 to 6768. i put that out 1st starting in 69, and then through the newspapers and 71. so that was somewhat belated, but not too long. but i put on trial for a possible 115 years in prison. that so don't quite a few people i did against our constitution in america. and so essentially a lifetime exile. so these people and daniel hale revealed a drone program or they did what they should have done just as i think i did what i should have done. but everyone has paid a penalty. very heavy penalty nodded my chase nixon actually committed so many crimes which happened amazingly, almost miraculously to become revealed towards the end of my trial that kept me from having to go to prison as he had intended with the others are as you say,
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either exile or prison and it died to the united states and weekly, published, of course classified information including documents, exposing u. s. war crimes in iraq and afghanistan. and publishers were integral to the information that you liked about the vietnam war. so i'm curious from your perspective, what happens if that president that you spoke to is said that alleged to create a new as chris that is not distinguishable from russia today with julian assange. ah extradited if he hasn't yet been expedited, but it was expedited and prosecuted and convicted here. we will have had the 1st instance of an actual journalist as a law or a it will be essentially rescinded if julian sanchez, successfully prosecuted. and we will then approach how important is it to have actual transparency when it comes to government actions and government decisions
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about war? i'm afraid that transparency and war are 2 words don't really go to each other. they don't exist together. in war time, that secrecy is suddenly due to my son war because you have to keep it from an enemy. that's one of the senses in which i should and at least are understood, which actually figured far more politically in the millions of other people we were killing in vietnam. but a crime against an american counted more. unfortunately, when these things have come out, i have to shake, not much is change to our support unquestioningly. a leader especially when he or occasionally she and she us to shut down public information about it in order to people go along with that pretty well. and when
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they find out the point to somebody threatening their security, understand that cost a $1000000.00 and a half afghan lives. and i would hate to see that imposed on the ukrainian p ah, short films of hope and inspiration. ready ah, ah, wherever you go in the world, one line goes to make it feel exceptional. when says agent orange was the most destructive incident chemical warfare a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon helicopter the people this is agent orange. one out there.
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