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starting shift to ever more exotic species. we want to find out more about how offers it been taken from the wild. and so, justine, gar, a mock it is spooling hops, the animal trade a plethora of exotic species. seat tiny metal cages. distressed and sweltering under the hot sun, ah, a cease fire allows around 20 people, including children to escape a steel works, and mary appalled besieged by russian forces as fighting continues in eastern ukraine. we very close to the village of bud ring covey, which is south of is you the represents in this rule, fixedly
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a new front. ah, i'm having a job. this is al jazeera alive from doha. also coming up fears in moldova, that war could spill over from neighboring ukraine after a series of attacks in a russian back break away region. the dispute over water in northern cameroon, that's lead nearly 100000 people to leave their homes in a crisis, worsened by climate change. russia and ukraine. se 20 civilians have been allowed to leave the as of stall steelworks and mary paul, including women and children. thousands of ukrainian fighters and civilians are thought to be trapped underneath the complex with conditions worsening. i to one is for the, the 3 of the will, the prince wallace level of the entire night enemy artillery was shelling the plant which led to more rubble and destruction. the silence was supposed to begin at 6 am,
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but it only began at 11 am. it's true now both sides are adhering to the regime. we have been waiting for the evacuation convoy to arrive since 6, but it didn't arrive till 625. a 740 we 100 over 20 civilians who are able to be reclaimed from the rubble. they are women and children, and we hope that these people will go in the agreed direction, namely to suffer asia and territory under ukrainian control. the un is working to broker the evacuation of civilians from mary paul alexi. o'brien has more on the plight of the civilians and offenders trapped beneath the steel works. ah, in a basement below mario pulse as of south steel plant, ukrainian border guards, sing the national anthem. ah, they say they're defending the last bastion of ukrainian territory in the besieged port city. rumor has it deliberately they say to me to the finals and ukrainian fighters sheltering and the plants, vast network of tunnels and bankers,
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as well as the 1000 civilians. the focus of you in efforts to broker a humanitarian corridor, the ukrainian regiment, known as the as of battalion released these pictures. a woman said to be a doctor tells of increasingly, di, conditions must not which i know. imagine your source guys are literally dying before our eyes because we don't have any possibility to evacuate them. there is no way to heal them properly. we just ask, we beg to give us at least slightest chance to save life. of these fighters above ground are the ruins of a city that's been described as hell on earth matter. your pole has been pummeled into submission. it's people facing what city officials say is a catastrophic shortage of drinking water and food loan could a healy lou. i had a beautiful house, a good apartment, and now i have no apartment, nothing it nicholas hearing tool. i live alone and no one can help me from watching
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it further north and how keith local fighters do what they can to protect their neighbors. to graham, when you cities being destroyed or when you close, people are being killed. there is no other option but to defend them. the agreement between them, but they say they feel helpless against rushes, fighting power, forced to stand by as miss isles. rain down rushes been intensifying its operations in the east. but western intelligence suggests moscow's troops are only making minor advances that the offensive is days behind schedule. walk as of the other. the enemy is inflicting air missile and artillery attacks on civilian and military infrastructure, deep in ukrainian territory. the regrouping and strengthening of the occupying forces continues. the u. s. accuses russia's president vladimir putin, of depravity and his invasion. but russia's foreign minister, sir guy leverage,
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says the west is at fault, and nato countries are doing everything they can to prevent a ceasefire by sending weapons to ukraine. until a deal is reached, the fighting rages on alexia brian al jazeera. while russia has not released casualty figures since late march ukrainian president vladimir zalinski said on saturday, but more than 23000 russian soldiers have been killed. he called the war senseless officer fondly as barrage share the occupiers, the gathering additional forces for new attacks against our military and the east of the country. now, they brought reinforcements to the hockey region, trying to increase pressure on the don bass level. they've lost more than 23000 soldiers in the battles of the senseless war for russia, but they do not start. you. ukrainian soldiers had been fighting village by village and the east of the country against russian forces who been bombarding the don bos region. the russians are in control of the town of idiom. they're trying to advance
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south inland to surround still beyond sc and chromos. horses. having failed to progress down the m o 3 highway, they're showing towns like the man to the east, and barb and covey to the west, which is from where's charles stratford reports? me, we are very close to the village of bottles of inquiry which is south of israel and represents in this war. effectively a new front, a new attempt by russian forces to push myself in order to surround the city of sloppy and sc. now, we can't films, soldiers out disposition, but one thing i can tell you is that they are very nervous. and the reason that is, is because this particular position came on the far tillery, far earlier today, it's all known how many people are still inside, but of ink away. we have not seen any civilians leaving but since we arrived
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yet again, a lot of heavy shilling, we believe targeting the east of the town. savanski is the target. it is the big urban center with neighboring criminal ask in this area. and so far, at least the ukrainians have managed to keep russian forces back. but there is a fear amongst the soldiers here that the closer we get to may the nights and a day that vladimir putin, it's believed once something to show for their efforts, the russian efforts in this war. the closer we get to that date, the more tense and the more dangerous it becomes in areas like these. tell stratford how does era outside the village of but of ink of a eastern ukraine. ukraine's military says,
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a russian missile strike has damage the runway at odessa airport and put it out of action. capturing odessa would allow russia to link territory. it's seized in southern ukraine with trans mistrial, a pro russia break away a region of neighboring moldova. and recent attacks and trans mystery have increased concerns from old over. there is concern that russia is creating a pretext for invading the region. need barker reports from old overs, capital kitchen, now it's a world away from the war and neighboring ukraine to everything these refugees have been through moldova, feels safe. no, it was so tense in odessa now, it's even worse out towns being heavily bombed and the number of casualties is going up. but just trying to get used to living here now, my 7 year old daughters traumatized. at least we can sleep now and not be afraid for their fears, the war is widening and that russia has its sight set on this former soviet
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republic. this week, a string of mysterious attacks and explosions destroyed infrastructure in trans nice dra, a pro russian separate. it's region of moldova, he claimed independence in the early 990 following a brief war with mo driven troops. but it isn't recognized internationally. it has its own government currency and leadership, and makes no secret of wanting to join russia. west of ben tells him sieve along with ukrainian, moldova officials believe russia space the attacks to justify mobilizing around $1500.00. also russian troops permanently based in trends. nice jer, along with several 1000 transmit eastern conscripts. it follows recent comments from a russian commander saying that the kremlin latest strategy was to try and link russian troops in the east and south is ukraine with russian forces in tramps, nice to the comments of course alarm. in moldova, it only has 6 and
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a half 1000 under equipped soldiers making it vulnerable to a swift russian invasion. unlike ukraine, mobile dover isn't a member of the e. u or nato. the countries form a defense chief brigadier general of italy by renewed, believes it's time to abandon neutrality enshrined in its constitution. you have to be on the right or on the left, especially when you are here in this part of the words. i am one of the promoter, or joining mental nato, or not being neutral and, and head and allies, which are really strong military, economic and political. and i think for us it's the best. but i mean, the minority carrier in the country might also concerns the kremlin, could attempt to so division between the countries. russian mode, dove and speaking communities. and there's another leave, or russia could pull energy supplies. because when you move over that, we are absolutely dependent on rushing gas, 100 percent,
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and 70 percent of air electricity is generated using that gas. most of it's produced in trans nice area. we are totally dependent on russia. if supplies were to stop, suddenly air economy would collapse and the consequences would be extremely serious . political for now, ukrainian forces have repelled a russian landing in the port city of a desa, blocking access route to old dover from the black sea. should the tide of war change therapy is the conflict who rapidly spread beyond ukraine. nie paul couches era kiss or no, hama has warned of heavy rocket fire if there's any further israeli incursion at the mos compound in occupied east jerusalem. the groups leader in gaza. yes, and one said israeli forces deliberately provoked worshippers at the site. israel accuses us of inciting violence, and so security forces intervened to stop stone throwing palestinians accused israel of not doing enough to enforce a ban on jewish prayer in the compound. we don't want him for any need about how
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much. if we fulter the holy side will be lost and we will be remembered shame throughout history. our resistance factions have always been the backbone of our struggle against the israeli occupation. and therefore, if thou, holy side is desecrated again, our response will be harsh and in the 1st wave of attacks, $1111.00 rockets are set to be fired. what you say it has more from gaza in a speech by the political leader of hamas in the gaza strip. yes, it was to day saturday he warned of any israeli of tubs, to divide it up. so most of the or status co. he also said that the policy premium students to not allow any price, any more inclusions, to with words that are in inclusion would happen in the 29th of may, which marks the israeli independence day. this child
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b instant risk poems said we're also referring to the number 1111 that he mentioned in may 2021. before that he said today in his speech, but this number is going to be the number a wave of rockets that will be launch towards israel in the 1st upcoming escalation between the policy and functions at israel. in this, by this number. also, city war has sent a strong message of unity to the policy of factions in general, and to flatter, in particular as this number. mike's a death off the former president. yes. id. ida fought still ahead on al jazeera startup success team. we're in iran where companies are managing to make a profit despite years of international sanctions. blue and turning her back on the bolshoi,
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the russian ballerina who is defected because of the invasion of ukraine. ah, now where it's not been writing and that's to be honest. most of the raven place it's been cloudy, windy and dusty. recently the cloud is moving slowly northwards. the tail end represents big showers that you saw around the high ground, even the capital of yemen. now those shouts could be repeated during sunday and monday again to be a rare event. the more obvious radius from turkey to northern parts of iraq and to was iran. and then in between is that occasional windy and dusty, whether it's been nursing cutters or the house of 36 high side of average jerusalem, so representing the latin time coast is cooler average than on shore breeze. that
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will warm up to bagdad, warming up to 40 well above the average will stay dry and the wind will tend to die away. that rain, which represents the northern bit, is moving across the stands and might even just get into the north of pakistan where course there is also very high, very hot weather, very high temperature that moment, approaching record values. tuesday, as a bigger picture sees the rain tend to disappear the temperature rise in the lab live and i said, and still dust in the bother dryer for the south. sub mask is nonetheless, it was a few showers around the east and cape. i'm beyond in mozambique, otherwise fine. with the, in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to heidi toxic, had the side with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive instance of chemical warfare. a decade later,
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the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge braying something they didn't even see the case. foot 2, women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange. on al jazeera lou. ah, you're watching the 0. a reminder of our top stories, the sour, russia, and ukraine, se 20 civilians have been evacuated from the as of style steel works and mary appall, including women and children. about 2000 people are believed to be living in the network of tunnels and bunkers. ukrainian soldiers are fighting village by village
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and the country's east to hold off russian forces who been pounding the don boss region. but western intelligence suggests russian troops are only making a minor advance. hamas is warned of heavy rocket fire if there is any further is really incursion that the of some mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem. the group's leader in gaza. yes, and war said is really forces deliberately provoked worshippers at the same a water dispute in the northern cameroon has led to conflict. that's displaced nearly 100000 people. the un high commissioner for refugees, felipe a grande, has traveled to the area and is calling for reconciliation. but as nicholas hawk reports, it won't be easy as climate change adds more stress to an already fragile region. in this arid land, in the far northern region of cameroon, our fishermen and their families in search of peace, no longer catching fish, but planting trees. they sell at the market, at least in this barren land. they are sheltered from the violence they left behind,
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living in makeshift tents provided by the un. what i'm quoting me, we have to survive with the little help. the government is giving us, but we don't have any money. we can't work. we're surviving one day at a time. this is what is left of their homes, which started as an argument between a fisherman and heard about a cow drinking out of a fishing pond. turned into a larger fight for access to water. the violence spread from village to village. displacing nearly a 100000 people. some fled to neighboring chad and are unable to return home. they live in you and camps like these. of course we need to make sure that people are not hungry, not thirsty, and they are not ill. but in the end it's reconciliation. that is the most important here. armed herders inquiry on the border with chad search for water points to feed their cattle. fighting with fishermen and farmers unwilling to share
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their wells, the government of cameron has called for dialogue. but those who been displaced say the state has done little to stop the violence or help them to survive. the displaced fishermen are hacking down trees. they sell the wood or use it for cooking. the few patches of free trees are being cut down. just as the rainy season is about to start. host communities accused the displaced of destroying the environment. see if the government takes their responsibility, wilma, then we could return home of almost a good amount. this is a conflict made worse by changing climate in what has become a fragile and inhospitable environments so essential to life and yet so precious water has become a resource worth fighting for tearing apart communities in northern cameroon, nicholas hawk al jazeera digital startup. companies are flourishing in iran despite years of un sanctions. and some business owners are finding the pandemic has
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actually helped them. alhashan reports from toronto once an abundant electric manufacturing plant. this building has been transformed into the largest hall post thought option to ron. despite years of sanctions imposed by the united states and embrace of new technology, a highly educated workforce and population of 85000000 people are creating opportunities in iran, which has handled me. you need on me. more than 50000000 iranians are able to use smartphones. we have the highest number of graduated engineers after the us and russia, almost 350000 graduated engineers annually. the majority of them are active in the field of technology, internet and startups. it's a great potential for development regarding technology and start abstract. all will have a g as in college abilene high as i could. what for that to materialize? investment is needed for a lot of traditional classical business man. are affraid or warring to tony jared
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to this bar. we have to agree that there are in a very feel number of their conked res, could to reach dead high tech debt or li field, dance over societies. kaneen darren target, a lot of wood business is digital business. by the end of 2021. there were around $85.00 venture capital companies providing loans, investment, and consultations. the government has also encouraged development by easing regulations and taxes for new stops. yes of sanctions. i've restricted for an investment in iranian technology, but that's created an opportunity for local investors and developers offer their own alternatives to multinational companies such as good amazon youth, u, netflix, and office. many developers are tailoring concepts that fit iranian society.
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diamonds are created under pressure, otherwise just call. so one of the most important things is that you have to use the sanctions to your advantage. you have to be able to say, okay, we don't have this and we don't have that. that could be seen as a loss where it could be seen as a market opportunity. well, we have to build it ourselves about 7000 firms, offering digital services. now make up 4 percent off. he runs economy, and the pandemic has helped them grow. gerald managers, industrial and domestic waste and is one of the success stories that shattered on the hollows mobile moves right now. we faced the issue of garbage and terran barren people of care and don't have a solution for delivering and respecting the cabbage in particular about we have provided a platform based on technology that people can trigger their office and deliver their garbage and, and they get paid according to the value of the waste materials, that's an example of what other enterprise doors you'd also saying that the expansion in iran is digital economy is helping people to and challenges and opportunities. ali, how shall 0 darren a trial has begun in argentina,
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which has taken nearly a century to come to court. judges are trying to determine accountability for a massacre of indigenous people. that is a bo reports from argentina's northern chuckle province. she is the last witness of a massacre and had killed hundreds of indigenous peoples in argentina, almost 100 years ago. process the law is a member of the warm indigenous community. when she was around 7 years old when her father was murdered, doing a protest. now she's over 100 years old and says she still remembers the day her community was attacked. the cost i was, i woke up when i was given water. i got home and looked up and saw a plane flying overhead. there were children on the ground. this is the pain i have carried forever. i was not able to speak. ross had lives in the northern province
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of jackal and his part of a truth trial that seeks to investigate the crimes committed against her community and the people here continue to remember. the massacre that happened in this place when hundreds of members of indigenous communities were killed. by security forces and ranchers, they were protesting and demanding an improvement of the semi slavery conditions they lived in. they were killed their bodies, dismembered, buried all around this area until recently, until apologies. have been digging in this place, trying to find proof of what's been argentina, the systematic persecution of indigenous people know what will be to know the. now for the 1st time i trial seeks to establish the facts of the nap. i'll be massacre even though the perpetrators are long dead. this is an opportunity to begin a long thought, reparation process for the killings, but also decades of discrimination against indigenous group in the country. for
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a lady called me and says the trial is important. so that abuse against a minority group never happens again. but all of this is based on the legal parameters of the time. argentine i had already signed international agreements that allow us to sit in a panel trial that crimes against humanity were committed and do not prescribe. came out of the lady, and one of them has been investigated the massacre for years. she says the killings in napa, the were not isolated. indigenous groups were for many years a source of cheap labor in the country. and your venice as violence against them was justified as necessary by the ruling class. policy. also, sy, 80 ethnic groups have been discriminated against persecuted and the massacre shows that for a very long time in the state tried to force indigenous groups to blend with the rest of the population fair were part of a structure that had been as cheap labor interference only about a 1000000 of argentina's $45000000.00 inhabitants are descendants of the original
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$39.00 indigenous groups. most of them are among the poorest in the country. many see their trial as a unique opportunity to begin a long awaited process of acknowledgement and reparation. that will be a good example. al jessina cheko. i jen, tina us, journalists, government officials and celebrities attended the annual white house correspondence association, dinner on saturday. the event wasn't held for the last 2 years due to the pandemic . it's the 1st time in 6 years that the president has accepted an invitation to attend the event as it was boycotted by donald trump. i know her. i know other questions about whether we should gather her to know because or tolbert. well, we're here to show the country that we're getting through this pandemic, but everyone had to prove there are fully vaccinated and boosted your home. watching this, when you're wondering how to do that,
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just contact your favorite fox news. you border. they're all here vaccinated ambushed. ha ha. russian ballerina, olga smear nova is starting a new life in the netherlands. she was so ashamed by the invasion of ukraine, that she quit the bolshoi ballet and moscow to dance in amsterdam. step, fasten reports, her belly shoes and how far away from the prestigious bolshoi da ballerina august me. a nova says she opposes the war with every fiber of her soul. she left russia with a heavy heart. who and i think the rush has started to to started this war. it makes me ashamed of my country. was my country. i was always proud of some culture in sports achievements. and it's true. it's
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so real, you reach culture. smear, nova has been a star dancer at the bull choice in, she joined the company more than a decade ago. in review. she was described as a rarity, a ballerina whose every movement feels, lamina slee right and true. 2 when you call to captivate audience with beauty, moment it means or you can tell, or you can deliver to them messages. and this messages will love these kindness or men off as one of many russians who left after the invasion in ukraine. but her defection as one of her country stopped ballerina purchase the ferry heart of its belly culture. while belly has long been seen as linking russia to the outside world. the departure of smear nova and others brings back memories of the cold war and fears that russia would be increasingly isolated. after western government
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imposed sanctions on russia, the dutch national belly decided to stop its collaboration with state subsidized companies like the marine sky ballet in saint petersburg. valley is not completely removed from politics and has never been. art and politics do exist together in the same world. i'm sir, we also have to take a stand. i'm at feel like we're going back in time. and that's a terribly sad thing because there has always been cultural restraint. ah, well, the change his boss for now russia continues to be present in smith notice performance is just a few weeks after she left her country to start in the guy monday. the belly 1st choreographed in 1898 in saint petersburg. ah, of course it's my, it's my conscience, i'm russian. but i prefer not, not to day for the country which behave in this way,
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but people life have a kind of fear. for example, i think my colleagues and in is the time when everyone needs to yet still put choice to make their own choice. and i made mine. smith, nova says by denouncing the war, she risked a long prison term for that audience. applauded her, not only from merkel, full month with also from her stand against the wall. step 5, which is you and, and so then a partial solar eclipse is taking place across parts of the southern hemisphere. people in chile are among those who have been able to see the rare black moon event, which happens when the moon blocks the sun's light during sunset. scientists say it's the 1st of 4 eclipses expected this year. ah.


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