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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2022 6:00pm-6:50pm AST

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emerged from his father's dictatorship good frontrunner ferdinand mouth was junior to take the tops both al jazeera investigative program full blind for time. with a special may on al jazeera, the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek god, hidden beneath the waves for millennia. and sion was drawn to casa mysteriously the deity disappeared once again. the apollo of casa with part one and the highway. and denise kapoor is not bothered wanting to sell. you know about the messaging studio b and split dates era. ah, hello, i'm emily anguish. this is the news, our life a show of support for you crime us house to speak, and nancy pelosi becomes the highest ranking american official to visit the king.
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america stands stand with crane until victory is won. and thousands in salon have protest against the government's handling of the worst economic crisis about heat and similar to the sport rail madrid or celebrating off to winning the spanish lead title. and it was bold as the biggest belts in women's boxing history. and it delivered beyond expectations. katie taylor defended lightweight world titles. the new york with we begin in ukraine, where president vladimir zalinski says around a 100 civilians have been evacuated from a mary, a poll, steel plant to ukrainian territory. previous evacuation attempts had failed. russian forces art surrounding the as of styles still works. trapping hundreds of civilians and ukrainian fighters inside evacuation follows
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a visit to cave by the us house speaker, nancy pelosi, who voiced her support. alexia brian steel plant arrived and a village outside the city. more than 70 buses were made available, but not many people were brought out. after weeks under siege, they were smiles of relief. i'd sooner unusual durable, we 100 over 20 civilians who are able to be reclaimed from the rubble. they are women and children, and to a 1000 civilians and 2000 ukrainian fighters. the industrial complex is the last bastion of ukrainian territory in the port city, surrounded by russian forces. satellite images show how much of it now lies in ruins. in the capital key, relatives of ukrainian fighters hold up and the plant of rallied demanding the un and the west negotiate their freedom. news. now, i don't know if my son is alive,
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but i will keep coming here and standing year until mar, you pull is liberated. i on saturday, ukrainian president for laudermill zalinski hosted us how speaker nancy pelosi in cave. in a major show of support. she's the highest ranking american leader to visit ukraine since the start of the war. commitment is $11.00 to $5.00. when that will be, remains far from certain rush has been intensifying its operation in the east and south with relentless rocket artillery and mortar attacks. these people are escaping the conflict zone and a new front line town of lee mon. they should have been enjoying a gentle retirement instead of contemplating a very different future. the liberators. the russians have come and have freed us from was our lives. and now i am an elderly person, and i have to run away from home. this war has uprooted more than 12000000
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people in the past 2 months below ground and marry you paul. hundreds more, a waiting for their chance to escape, alexia brian, al jazeera. ok, so let's take a look now a b as of style steel plant in the efforts to get civilians out and why it's become the last stronghold of ukrainian resistance in mary. a poem, as of style is a huge, complex one of the largest metal meals in europe. it's actuated on the say of as of, and it came in by the county as river. the veteran covers more than 11 square kilometers. it was built in the soviet era and has a series of underground bunkers which can house up to 4000 people. let's take a look back at the math now and look at the evacuation roots. some were taken to the village of a busy man. that's under the control of russian bank separatists. it's hoped others
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will be taken to the cranium held city of separation. although that hasn't been confirmed. let yes harder abdel how made is in is apple is yet where it's believe. many of those evacuated from mary palm. i handed well, according to the end, we are not expecting any civilians arrive here by end of day to day may be to morrow. ah, it did well from what we know is that the evacuation and the safe passage has been put in place since yesterday. that's when the un buses and the teams of both. the un and international red cross have arrived in the vicinity of the steelworks. we do know that a number of civilians did come out early yesterday, saturday, up to 20 of them. we don't have any figures about how many did come out today if any at all, or do you and at this point is not giving any details, but it is saying that the operation is continuing. it takes
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a lot of work. it takes a lot of coordination between the ukrainian side and the russian side, a lot of mediation and a lot of vetting of those who are coming out. so this is going to be a lengthy operation that can take a few days. we probably, at some point going to start seeing a buses arriving here in the upper regis about a 3 hour drive under normal circumstances that may be much longer because of the current situation on the ground. but certainly it is a very delicate or evacuation that do you and, and the red cross are handling and they're trying to give as little detail as possible. but they are saying it is continuing and at the moment seem it's things seem to be going as smooth as it's possible in a battle ground. for more on us how speak and nancy pelosi is trip to caitlin skies . who hydra castro, who's in washington day say, hello there, heidi just how significant was her visit?
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hi, emily. so this was a very symbolic and significant moment. we're seeing not only a she, the house speaker, she is the highest ranking u. s. official to have visited ukraine since the war star, and she's 2nd in line to the presidency in fact. and seeing below, see on the ground there, she said she wants us to stand with ukraine until victory is one. this is a visit of course, that also follows just a week after the us sent to other dignitaries, to cabinet secretaries also to meet with zalinski in heave. and on the heels of that visit, it was interesting. the defense secretary, when asked what was the u. s. objective now in the war, he said not only to help ukraine with its defense, but for a weekend. russia much has been made of that statement with the white house attempting to walk it back a bit since then. but it does seem to show that there's a significant change in the way that the u. s. is looking at the situations,
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a change that the pentagon is saying that the military momentum maybe on ukraine's side. and if you take the speakers word for what it is that the u. s. believe victory is possible for the ukrainians. and heidi will, will, can you tell us about president biden's request for further aid to be provided to ukraine? yes, so last week he asked for another $33000000000.00 of assistance, including military assistance to ukraine from the u. s. congress. nancy pelosi, the house speaker. she said that she will try to get that passed as quickly as possible that appears there's plenty of support behind it. and this is something that is a lensky thanked the us delegation for in their visit early in the last few hours. and we also know that ukraine is readying its military for more shipments of modernized natal weapons, with the assistance from the u. s. or i thank you for bringing this up to speed.
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how does your caster live for us in washington dc? russia, meanwhile, is intensifying attacks aimed at seizing more territory in a senior crime on saturday through miss l struck the town of debris helio around 50 kilometers from the front line. several people were 7 people, rather were injured. when a residential building was struck, al jazeera is child structured is when we're in the town of repair. now, i'll ask it just to pad, wrap it, show you this residential blog, this sir, this residential blocker and a missile land basically next to it yesterday morning. around 20 families living in there, the majority of them had been evacuated in the, in the weeks her previous weeks, miraculously only 7 people injured, apparently receiving early, suffering, minor injury. this was one of 2 missiles strikes that hit this tail yesterday. and
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what's interesting is, is that it is at least 50 kilometers away to where the active front line is. and it strikes like this, that a consistent with what the ukranian military is saying is evidence that they have of the beginnings of a serious push by russian forces to take as much territory as they can in the coming days, potentially, as i say up to that date that salient important date of may the nights in the eyes of vladimir putin because we're getting increasing hits attacks on towns that are to say a long way back from the front line. we wall over night. there were lives on going shelling, heavy shelling and some of the areas that we've been reporting from in recent days . areas like papa's now, which is east of here lucy chance, which is also east of here. that push like emptied, pushed to try and surround the big urban centers of slim dance. kraemer tosca still
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goes and called cyber friends and ease recruiting people to spread false information on the war in ukraine and pain them $600.00 a month. a russian news organization, 200 comments daily on social media using fate. accounts, cyber friend zed calls itself a people's name meant and says it's well is to count at the west in the kremlin. russia has been engaging in this kind of inflammation operation for over 10 years. now. the only thing that's really changed in this current combo all to fight against any kind of kremlin operations administration is the cyber from that channel which has about 95000 subscribers. right? now we'll probably, we'll keep them on length. so there is, as i say, that's kind of inflows deniability. we are fairly sure that someone pulling the strings. but it's difficult to the world news now and a 6 day pride has much in sure lanka has ended in the capital with more demand for the resignation of the president and his brother who's bow and says,
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frustrations there are at an all time high given that low sections of long term society, calling for the resignations. it's called the unit in march to basically push the government to go. people are requesting and asking for a system change. now whether they look to the day before the end in the coming weeks and days were given, the justin hi is a former shoreline can m pay and state minnesota. he explains what led to the economic crisis. and so they sent them several going to get into a big because they want to in the next. and because we love to have election them to the father of the oldest, where they keep thinking that that is a soft fraction of these and out in this removal of things like a nothing to substitute and that
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didn't have really no question. the next 30 many years, they have pointed a rob, it's rough, any minister between that, hadn't seen the idea and they just went from bad to us like that. but despite that, they tend to do the spin like nothing was going to assume that they could get the loan and some because we've come home and buddy would return to the country. so this would be one, not me. and of course, run more than my day events have been held worldwide for international labor day. the police in paris fire t gas, that protest is unhappy at the reelection of president menu on the crone. similar
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demonstrations were also held in other french cities, including my se, and ran. let's take some live pictures now out of the fringe capital 5000 offices on the streets as much with the same trolling debris placed at this stage. we can see some protests and standing on a statute. by all accounts is relatively principle in the greek capital, athens many demanded better working conditions. trade, union members also condemned time flexion and soaring energy costs. in cuba, tens of thousands took part in their traditional my day holiday march. that's the fight. there's a crisis that led to shortages of everything from transportation for food had been communist country. they waved, fannings, and pictures has been revolutionary related my days an event that's been associated with workers and unions. more than 130 years. the idea began in 1889 when the
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marxist international socialist congress made in paris. i chose my 1st is the date for international work as dang, during the cold war, my day became synonymous with the soviet union. it's late is often held at large scale military brains in moscow's red square. my 1st is now a work is day in many countries. although some, including the u. s. canada and japan celebrate labor day at different times of the year and moving on now and hundreds of palestinian children are arrested by israeli forces. every game, human rights organizations say they're subjected to abuse and lack of legal representation. 14 year old, i fell as it was detained by israeli soldiers for 12 days before he was released. it abraham follows his family's journey from protesting his detention to his release. ah,
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a melody of love for the homeland is how these young palestinians see their protesting against the arrest of their friend. offended as this is really soldiers detained. the 14 year old and mid april. he was charged with throwing stones at the army near bethlehem. and the occupied west bank, but his father denies the charges that big soldier was on me. i honest garrett. so he is as good if i really only saw a fellow couple of times from a distance in the court, he was not able to make like 130 in case he will a quote. and you know, in our community to quote, it's always his point though client is a strength point. and so this is the feeling we have been suffering blanco's me as he is like no sleep when we need to start thinking with one of our fellows eating. soon after the protest at al was released on bail. he's breaking their amazon fast with his family. and says the soldiers that beat him up, a gun rack off our deck. we'll hoffer, yeah, i was shaking out of fear the interrogators asked if i was cold. i said no. i asked
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if i was scared by sid. i was a strong person a while ago. what changed that they wanted me to confess to doing something i didn't do. a 1000 release follows a plea deep lawyer say it's often the only way to get young palestinians out of jail as fast as possible without a pleading who it proceedings could be lengthy, as it's often hard to prove innocence in military courts. this is why 99 percent of cases and the convictions. there are 2 legal systems that occupied the west bank. palestinians are tried in military court while it's a really circular stand in civil court. in 2009, israel established juvenile military records. just like this one behind this, but lawyers say it's done very little to protect the rights of children. these really army has told the jersey all the rights of under each defendants are protected throughout the rest investigation, prosecution and sentencing. but to human rights organizations disagree. children as
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young as 12 can be convicted and has already caught a credit for completely failing because of the rest takes place at night without the presence of parents or legal counsel. the interrogation is done in a voluntary environment that doesn't allow children to be safe. after the confession, the child is taken to a military court to extend their arrest without a lawyer. f l says his eager to get back to his violent classes in palestinian folk dancing. he wants to escape reality, even if it's for a short while. but he knows he'll never escape that experience with him. eligible eda occupied westbank. alright, lifespring in saw her francis who's a lawyer and director of added me prisoners support and human rights association, a palestinian and g o. she joins me from ramallah. thanks for being on this program . we just heard from our reporter nita about one example of a 14 year old boy being detained. but just how many children are there house?
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how widespread is this issue? of you said in the report, hundreds of children, every year, would be arrested and prosecuted in front of the military courts. last year it was over 1000 children that they were arrested and facing this unfair trail procedures in raleigh military corps and took us through the conditions these children. i've been faxing once they've painted, hang. yes, of course they, they would be facing a toll chair and read them and they did the whole conditions would be coercive. so to push them to get these conditions. and even if they don't confess, it's very rare that the court would act with them because the proof would be taken from statements or soldiers. and you can imagine that in most of the cases, the court would accept the words of the soldiers. but ange off conviction in this
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military courts is over and 99 percent. actually the whole system is designed in order to convict. so if you would be at met to guilt at the end of the day to guarantee the minimal staying in the prisons. so how, what impact then does that type of treatment have on a child's development? what stories have you heard about the long term impacts on their health and wellbeing? actually the implicit, the, the mass in prison men fully see that little is using against the pull of simian children. they are aware that, that fixing the whole generation because it's not leaving you when you are released from the detention there is an impact still yes. in fact, why you are and the interrogation and the after being released from this system because it's most of the children would remain with the,
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from the committee for the children. right. and the special procedures shall report from different like those for palestine or again torture to the working group, and the 3 detention they all condemn the islamic practices. the fear was chin that raising contin ago before heading to measure and 9. tyria gutierrez was in ukraine recently. saying rushes invasion threatens to devastate many developing economies in africa and elsewhere. he said to make civil society representatives and families effective by violence and the instability in the hell region. nicholas to the cobra vaccine, and that vaccine manufacturing plant will not only manufacture covered 1900 vaccine . it will also manufacture vaccines against malaria and tv, which are the chair of the african union. of course, no doubt. as you mentioned, phil, discuss the economic fall out of the russian ukraine crisis, which is which will let dave requested to have greater access to those that
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have that have fallen victim to our group link to al qaeda. and you and it's an area of priority, certainly for the un secretary general antonio terrace. finally, a jam packed agenda. thank you for breaking it down. pressing chris hock live for us in the car of rain across the horn of africa. this is much needed. rain the area parched in drought conditions in this part of the world. further toward the south we oh, south of the equator. it's really dry. so pitcher, perfect conditions for cape town with the high of 26 degrees long. the skeleton coast is wall in not too far away in vin, talk full on sunshine. a
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government that is taking place up on our kids. why take companies not sufficiently regulated? they don't want people to know what's happening on their platform. and when will society catch up? 10 people that i knew in high school that may suicide, full lines, investigate toxic feed, social media and teen mental health on al jazeera. like, oh, a hello, you're watching 0. i'm emily angland. he's a reminder of stories and operation is underway in the ukrainian pc of mary opposed
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to back to civilian from the besiege to as of style feel planned. russian forces have been surrounding side trapping. hundreds of civilians and ukrainian fighters inside the speaker off the us house. of representatives has thank you, crime president for what she described as his 5 for him close. he told me, lensky that he's battling for everyone. and we showed him continued support. i was 6 day protest. much insurance has ended in the capital colombo with more demand for the resignation of the president and his brother. prime minister facing there was economic crisis in the few shortages palletized and storing the government in wonder as being sued for $400000000.00 by the family of the man
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whose life in spite of the hollywood film hotel won. the u. s. law suit says paul, recessive. again, i was lewis from exile in texas. back to wanda there he was tortured, kept in solitary confinement and sentenced last year to 25 years for terrorism is credited with saving hundreds of people during the $994.00 genocide. gibson is recessive again as a lead legal counsel. she says there are strong legal grounds for his families. k. it's been over $600.00 days now since poll receiving gina was illegally came out and rendered back wonder to face trial in, in a proceedings that sort of been universally condemned as being on there. and this lawsuit is one in a series of legal complaints that have been brought against the one a government that all have at their center is sort of the same idea that
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governments aren't allowed to do this. governments aren't allowed to deal with political opponents or activists through kidnapping all a legally rendering or torturing people who, who say things that aren't favorable to the rain. and the role and government knew that it didn't have a legal basis to have whole extradited back to wanda. so they made a decision in august of 2022 to kidnap him. and this lawsuit is a way of saying that they weren't allowed to do this. this lawsuit has a really strong legal basis essentially because the one government itself has admitted to the conduct on this network. last february, there one, an attorney general johnson, the ca admitted that the one the government did this, that it, that it paid for the plane that was used in the kidnapping. and in the united states sovereign countries like wanda and immune from sue's when they engage in
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acts like torture and kidnapping. corinne can in by is the daughter of paul recessive again, and joins us from washington. de se, thanks for being on this news. our kareen tell us more about the law search and what you're hoping to achieve. as, as you know, my father was kidnapped in august of 2020 and was brought through one that forcefully where he was tortured and, and made to face a sham trial. the trial concluded with a conviction of 25 year conviction and all of his human rights, his basic human rights are entirely violated. and he wasn't even allowed to have his lawyers. he has been mistreated, he has been held in solitary confinement. he's been deprived of his medication, and for $600.00 days now, we have been advocating for his from human rights to be respected. and for the president of rwanda to let him go. and we hope to dis lawsuit and all other
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proceedings to be able to not only have justice for our father, but also bring him home. can you break it down a little further for us? how will the $400000000.00 sold in compensation help get your father out of jail? there are legal team will get into the details of the lawsuit. however, what i can tell you is that our family has suffered a lot from this government over the years from since then. the movie since the movie hotel lawanda was released. they have been harassing us to have been and intimidated being us to have been attempting to assassinate my father and all of that led to his kidnapping in august of 2020. and my father, all he did was really stand up for democracy, stand up for human rights, be criticized regime the current government for their abuses of human rights abuses of it on people of the want people on the people of the great lakes region of africa and we are now advocating for his human rights and hope that putting enough
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pressure on the, on the government of rwanda will lead to his return home. how is your father and his health have you managed to speak to him or get an idea of his current condition? yes, we have a 5 minute call with him every week and during this 5 minute call is very short course and we don't have much information. but what we do know is that he has, he's very sick and that he had a stroke in prison. he now has a deformed lip and partial facial paralysis because he's being deprived of all of his medication of proper medical treatment. this is all the way that the one that government treats people who criticize the government and so our father's health is not well. and we pray and hope every single day that he stay strong strong enough until we're able to get him out of there. well, i'm sorry to hear that the lawsuit was filed in washing today, say, and has been served on the rwandan government. correct. have you received
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a response from them? we have not received the response from them, but we know it has been served. but what we also are very pleased with is that in addition to the boss suits and as you know, several parliament around the world and governments have also condemned everything that's happened and what there are when the government has done their one and government has not been able to, to might to justify it correctly or credibly justify what they've done to my father, other than trying to, to silent critic what is obvious to the entire community, global community. and just last month on don cheadle and other hollywood celebrities have actually launched a campaign to help us advocate for my father rise right to t shirt campaign. where that says free always as a beginner. and we know that many people in the world are putting in are also adding their, their efforts to trying to lead to my father's release is that was my next question in relation to the hollywood blockbuster hotel. we're one to has that helped or
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hindered your father's case? do you think? i think it helps. i think as you can tell, many people care about this case. many people have been following my father for many years. my father saved over 1268 lives during the genocide wonder entire. the world turned their eyes away from what was happening in wanda. and even after the genocide, he has continue to advocate for the the lives of the, of the people who are being oppressed by the wondering government. he has continue to stand up for the people who needed his voice, who needed us to be standing up for them and, and people the people around the world have noticed it, including hollywood celebrities, including our friends and neighbors and communities, whether it's in europe in belgium, and in africa and america, people are paying attention because we have to spend up to injustice when we see it . and i hope that more people will join this, this campaign for my father's liberation as to learn about it. well, where all sons and daughters can imagine what it's like, what you're going through,
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tell us a little bit about how you're holding up and how the families navigating this very difficult time. it has been incredibly hard for family and we have an empty seat in our home. we don't get we have very few minutes with our dad and every single day we feel his absence. and what hurts us the most is that he is such a kind and good person. and the way the one thing government has tried to discredit to his work and his name and all the great things he has done with the war over the years has hurt us a lot. and we've done everything that we can to continue to stand up for him to continue to advocate for him and to bring more people to other voices to this campaign has not been easy on our family, but we have had a very good role model. and we will continue to follow in his footsteps and to stand up for justice and for human rights. all, thank you very much for sharing your story. in his story with us on al jazeera,
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really appreciate your time. terrain can name by the daughter of paul recessive. again, i'm joining us from washington. thank you very much. moving on now and guinea is to return to civilian role in 3 years. mamma, dave, jim boyar, the head of each rolling military government, announced a transition period of 39 months. the move is being put to parliament. yami overthrew the elected president of a con day last year after he pushed through and constitution allowing him to run for the term afghans and marking the 1st day of the h. l. if 50 holiday at the end of the museum at foster month of ramadan. but many kind of forward to celebrate because of extreme poverty famine, high unemployment, and the threat of more bomb attacks. sarah co write reports, it's not a holiday for afghans waiting by the roadside hoping to be given
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a job. 40 years of war, economic decline, severe poverty, and the worst drought in decades has force many afghans on to the streets, not knowing where their next meal will be. oh, wrong, there has been without work for months. the bricklayers resorted to begging out of desperation, while his children tried to sell plastic bags or what i can a garden by guided garden, i used to in good money, but now there's no work. the change of governments made the situation a lot worse. when we go door to door, asking to help with kicked out, but sometimes i'm just looking for a piece of bread while i from trouble clinically. the taliban takeover of afghanistan last august forced nearly 3 quarters of a 1000000 people from their homes. you ins, refugee agency says the country is facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis. enemy go, mike, but i use his line to the pockets of the occupiers,
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the u. s. and politicians for more than 20 years. and now the ide they're giving like a sack of flour or 5 killers of oil, can't cure the pain of our country. we want them to assist by providing job opportunities and economic relations. afghans are drowning in the oceans to get to europe and dying in the snowy mountains of turkey, just to find work. the united nations estimates that more than half the population of $24000000.00 afghans are facing acute food shortages. that's a 30 percent increase from last year and one step away from famine. you know, when you meet people like i have one, i'm out across the country that have tell that tell me that they have never had to come to the viet p before for food assistance their lives have just been devastated with the loss of jobs. ah, you know, unable to feed their children, i've never seen a scituate can deteriorate as quickly as up the scale that i have witnessed. over
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the last it to 9 month last month you launched the largest 8 appeal ever for a country is more than $5000000000.00. m u n appealed last week to the 900 states and it's freeze on i scanned for an asset agency said they don't receive international support soon in afghanistan, hunger crisis will go from bad to worse. and then they'll have to choose between who gets one layer of bread or to so to hide it's al jazeera circus performers have joined some of the millions of ukrainians who fled the war. some have ended up at an international circuits in the netherlands at long side acts from bella. ruth and russia. correspondence that bethany has been to see how the show is going in daughter rick. 15 year old alia malott, golf, studying acrobatics at the circus school in kiff, until the war broke out. he's now living as a refugee in germany,
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trying to continue his studies. he sent the videos of his exercises to his coach, was still in keith. many that was there for the that i really enjoyed going to the circus school and to rehearse the response from the audience made me happy that everything has changed since the start of the war. on like bringing ukrainian solution and other international art is to gather, does that circus direct, the hope that a long tradition can be continued despite the war. the messages. let us help at one time, the whole world's going to be a 2nd world because we are to prove that it's possible to work live together with so much different nationalities together. i all gamma who tova from bella ruth performing under so called russian bar with 2
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ukranian colleagues. it's one example that he's been dealing with artists who remain professional, who still have a good relationship rations, biller russians. it doesn't matter that seemed like it. so that is a fancy of it. i lost a lot of friends. i worked in russia for a long time. we don't communicate with each other. so this has long been an odd form that has abroad. ukrainian and russian performance will gather because of the war, and that's not only possible in countries as far away as the netherlands. but for some sharing a states for gather, it's difficult with all that's been going on. and asparza farley and managed to fleet a ukrainian city of if been, which was heavily attacked by russian forces she sat for now she can't perform to gather with her russian colleagues, be it with somebody,
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i'm with it and i can't do this now. i would feel i would betray my people because they are fighting for my country, and people are dying at a moment that would not be possible for me. a few days before to show several russian artist canceled despite their trauma anastasia and the other performers hope that one day sir has come again. bring russian and ukrainian perform was to gather step. fasten al jazeera door direct in the netherlands. still head on al jazeera, peter has all the actions from the premier late, including how a stunning goal boosted those hopes of it. helpful to use back. coming up in school . ah, in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to heidi talks to cub, beside with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive
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instance of chemical warfare a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge brang something and they didn't even see the kids foot. 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange on al jazeera. ah, a with lou.
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ah, time after sport, he's peter and pita, some big news out of women's boxing. indeed the case, emily, let me tell you all about it was billed as the biggest fights in women's boxing history and certainly lived up to the hype. katie taylor edged amanda serrano on a split points decision in the thriller. it was the is time to see miles headline, the iconic at madison square garden in new york. and it was a sell out with more than $19000.00 fans packing up the arena. and what a show the flight is put on for them. taylor went into the bath unbeaten in her 20 professional fights, but that vehicle looked in danger in the 5th a serrano dish. now some punishing shots which sniff taylor clinging on. however, the irish woman dug deep and had the better of the later rounds against the save, and wade will champion with 2 of the 3 judges,
6:42 pm
giving it to taylor. he remains undisputed lightweight champion. she's now keen for a rematch in dublin in front of line t 1000 fats. evelyn solomon gardens in size is the thing. simon's boston has you vomiting, lactic, seen everything. now that you were talking about this week and it does even walk in answering deadlock and answering today, just looking at that pat sam. an unbelievable. so this is so is absolutely special, special mom, they're the best 9 my career for sure. i didn't, i wasn't as early as i any. gonna cut them. we to my and then pick elementary moment, but tonight was absolutely to that moment my career it was just an amazing feeling and you had 2 women main eventing, a sold out m s g. who would have thought that you had to re trap is going out there and giving them all given it? they're all and the crowd was truly amazing. more than $100000.00 round madrid
6:43 pm
fans lying the streets of the spanish capital to celebrate a sides record extending 50 foot legal title rail. got their hands on the trail people the 3rd time in 6 years or the phone or whenever espanol in front of a home supported to the bell. and the man who masterminded its carlo and philosophy became a search to win the title in all 5 of europe. major league. the policy then continued outside the stadium. yeah. ah. within enjoying the truancy celebrate with a team have been unable to win rail last one. the title in 2020, when the country was in the thick of the codes of 19 pandemic, it was also a wrinkled breaking day for rounds, cats and marcella. the brazilian defended taking up the 24th piece of silverware.
6:44 pm
no player has one more try with the club. i'm fixing to leave rail at the end of the season. could be adding to the attorney with the scene still in the chance of winning the champions league as well. ro, we're not the only one celebrating the. the themes in turkey will tribes on school and invaded the pitch of thought into the 38 year. wait for the lead. title is some bull clubs. got a test that i sent about and the ship best have dominated turkeys football for decades. but traveling for an hour champion for the 1st $980.00 food and the support made the most in the premier league. everton be chelsea to give themselves a huge boost as they aim to avoid red geisha. the only goal came early in the 2nd half when a mistake by a chelsea. captain caesar as pillay quitter, if that a chance to brazilian striker rashaw arleson everson also needed a number of smart saves from their goalkeeper jordan pickford. to keep
6:45 pm
a precious clean sheet big relief at the final whistle. for everton, we stay in the bottom 3 but have closed the gap on burnley and leeds, united above them to 2 points, and they have a game in hand. taught them hotspot kept a big push for a tops all place with a 31. when the ad homes, unless the city south korean, some young men with 2 goals for spurs. he 2nd a great strike from the edge of the area a move above arrivals, arsenal into force. for now, the gunners are in action against west ham, united. oh to 6 rounds of the murder gpc and 5 different riders of one races. the latest to claim victory is dechaudis. francesco benya, the italian, started from po, position of the spanish godfrey, and led from start to finish, claiming his 1st podium of the year fixed time. will chairman,
6:46 pm
mark marquez managed, shooting in or managed an incredible save with his elbow to stay on his bike. but the mistake cost him 3rd place, a major league baseball, the history making nightfall, los angeles dodgers pitcher kate and kush shore. he became the all time strikeout leader for the franchise. it came during the 4th inning against detroit. social cost the record with number 2697. he received a standing ovation from fans at dodger stadium. a 33 year old is forth among active players in strike house. the emily season is only about 20 games old, but already we've got a contingent for defensive play of the year that he did not just make j. marines. nikki, that's a pretty is a special place in schools. lot to 33. they went on to in the game by one run and from the spectacular to an epic fail, cleveland fan,
6:47 pm
not only waste the job to keep available, so splashing, drink on female companion. now on down the port from some embarrassment and these clumsiness now being broadcast around the world. okay, we'll leave it there for now. i'll be here again in a few hours with a woman. it's now a slow my throughout the well. all right, thanks for your update. and stay with us. we have more news in just a moment ago anyway. ah ah. i'm counting the cost the world's richest man is buying twitter. so what will eli
6:48 pm
moss game warnings of a huge build up of death in the world forest countries? we should put the bill and appall is running low on foreign currency. reserve is an economic crisis to make country. the cost on al jazeera, with blue ah, from ha ha to politics. national pride to early advertising al jazeera world tells the stories behind full songs from kuwait,
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hello, i'm emily angland. this is al jazeera live from jo. house are coming up, a show of support for ukraine. us how speak in nancy pelosi becomes the highest ranking american official to visit key. america stands with you down with ukraine until victory is 1000 in sri lanka protest against the.


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