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tv   101 East Thailands Fearless Cop P2  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2022 7:30pm-7:57pm AST

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possible in tom t as far way as the netherlands, but for some sharing the states together, it's difficult with all that's been going on. and us bassio's her fiery and managed to flee the ukrainian city of it in which was heavily attacked by russian forces. she says, for now she can't perform to get a wet her rush and colleagues, be it with somebody, i am in the i can't do this now or i would feel i would betray my people because they are fighting for my country. and people are dying at a moment that would not be possible for me. a few days before the show, several russian artists cancelled this by their trauma anastasia and the other performers. hope that one day circus kept again bring russian and ukrainian performers to gather step. fasten al jazeera door drift in the netherlands. ah, and are you watching al jazeera,
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these are the stories were following the sal. i'm. the ukranian president says around a 100 people have been evacuated from the besieged steel plant in mary, a pole, and the operation remains on going. russian forces have been surrounding the side trapping. hundreds of civilians and fighters in side global c. hooker is believed. many of the evacuees will be brought to this city of separation hotter, abdel, how mean is there? do you have to re, linda? also court in very difficult conditions inside maria, but i round a seal factory and a bit closer to the board. rush at 7 people were injured when a residential building was struck. the speaker of the us house of representatives has thanked ukraine's precedent for what she described as his fight for freedom during a visit to keep nancy pillows. hello, c. reassured vladimir zalinski of their continued support. the government in one day is being sued for $400000000.00 by the family of the man whose life in
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spite of the hollywood film hotel wanda. the u. s. law suit says paul recessive again was louis from exile in texas. back to wanda there he was taught, she had kept in solitary confinement and sentenced to 25 years for terrorism. he's credited with saving hundreds of people during the 994 genocides. and my day events have been held worldwide for international labor day police in paris, 5 t gas protest is unhappy at the reelection of presidente menu, alma crohn. similar demonstrations were also held in other cities, including my se, and when those at the headlines one on 18th is mixed news. news? news. news. oh,
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a police investigator in thailand, pauline poster, and was renowned for getting result more than 40 guilty voting. kyla biggest human trafficking trial, but after arresting a military officer, he fled the country in fear for his life. thing the data can call me my job, took time a lot. and you now for the 1st time, weems allegations will be it publicly. boy, boy, the one i today, pauline, poster and live a frugal, lonely life. in small town,
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a strange. but in 2015, he brought down a fast criminal syndicate, responsible for imprisoning, been slaving and murdering rank refugees on gone and talked in a low. but wayne says he was di, made at every turn, evident with hidden witnesses, were and began to unravel. he believed thailand, deputy prime minister general pro. it was, the one orchestrated a campaign to shut them up. now 60 years later, the wanes bombshell allegation is about to be revealed in thailand, parliament. ah, it will be thanks to panic, a one it form and pay who's helping the opposition new forward party campaign for upcoming elections from behind. i. 8
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what's been happening in thailand, since po wayne left a regular a still here. i thought you and probably did you hear the prime minister and the deputy prime ago, the prime minister and the p prime. you? so that crony, i see here, deputy prime minister general pro, it won't to one allegedly did more than anyone else to d rail po waynes investigation. he became an object of public ridicule and 20 a chain after photographs emerged of him wearing more than 20 luxury watches worth as much as a $1000000.00. good. how are you, bobby? oh mia? oh mia? oh mia? good, good, good. i got my, my dad zoom of 5, i got an ng i. people, especially the younger generations,
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didn't realize that that issue has been installed in the garage roof. the protest movement has emerged since police flayed proven by young people taking aim at the retirement straight visit, but met with police brutality and a wave of a race. oh, but they have an ally and parliament t o a d o mattie up? no, i can't even wow. the move forward party. we are trying to do with stat. what ordinary people can joy. on one hand, we fly this money as a television journalist back in 2015, panica reported on pauline's investigation into human trafficking off the fatty pad . my home, i didn't had that much face entire police to be honest. i
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didn't know. believe me personally. i didn't have any expectation that he will finish his job properly. to panic, it has long wondered what pauline could reveal if he decided to talk. so the sitting kinda guy, so she called him in october for them. i did up there and i have to walk them through something that i'm good. my young me, if i'm going well, you're not going to can to keep them like when child on live pretty loud. got nowhere near my backside though. she's gone. eagle been the way young and die. hin last call me i'm 9. they got home and i thought about it because then you know, call somebody, it's, i did you trust a former car to begin with?
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did you have any doubts about who in story at any stage, why did i believe in the x cause? because that a call forth to the point that he couldn't find any ma sibley be alive in my 34 years of life. none aah! harmonic when you were fully tanika is working closely with move forward and pay rung some on rome to ship a wayne story and the tie parliament later this week. i also had a lot of the 18th i've come to bank call to see what happens. i need to go home as a math. i'm going to click on go hello. somebody sign up against because a sheep and a powerful people in rome is about to film
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a short video summarizing poet and story, which the party will release while he addresses parliament. now. ready you want me to look at your. ready ready rome is only 29, he was will sympathize with away and even if they don't support the opposition, one, i believe is amazing. deason i'd be manageable at all. we should have their human trafficking on is. i'm debating all kinds of if i my, my appointment type on vendor and mickey moon, like i say, allow me stops in like rylon palace. that monkey. she's all matthew, a wible kaylee and he's happy because cabinet not a leg went out to me for midnight and thought he was going to i did call me back with you on
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a monday. i couldnt taylor back in australia. po wayne relies heavily on his good friend kit, a psychiatric nurse who immigrated here more than 20 years ago. with 1st time i met him, i thought was guy, he looks like, you know, the lecturer. he look what a neat, who are polite. he doesn't look like a policeman at all. it is wayne, the biggest champion in australia. but when they met 5 years ago, he had his doubts from those. i mean, when would be a new for me going to have done problem? do he wish you a couple of fun fun to tie people in general and police? no one is honest. the same as political opinion, not a single single police man or a single politician is honest, but i thought,
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you know, he hadn't known any hidden him at all. he has like a horse racing horse. he's just, you know, best without thinking of carrying. who else next? me? lona: by phone goodness, the big moment the arrived in the tide parliament. today there's a chance for opposition parties to raise issues of concern and put question to the government rooms, not sure yet. when he'll be speaking routing called out,
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do i put my kids on the people when being wyndham, go by. yeah, i got one in a lot of indian now go and like i didn't know panic, any of your live golf, you can tell my all my men with come on can get from rough day me. you did college america. okay. not a whole. i give me i tried to hear him
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because i have the power to speak in department, so i tried to continue what he do before i even rocky. i don't, i don't have to run away and i can finish what he started. about $2.10. nancy mandel, santa t. j. e. r. e. d correlation. lou. com. hi god, called quinn, bullying. bought hunk, garden. all purpose ought area porch. i in a gun called e pi sa. mad dog. i bonnie dio, need you to with the let paid 1st book. kolpak, gal, guy, loan, all new pop, one to rome, explains how penguins investigation into human trafficking ended prematurely. somebody hung up on them. your god could quick up when, oh, you guys went to war cobalt hallmark. i didn't even realize, oops,
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when the mark and points out that the crime still applies on thailand more than 60 years later. that thanks to corruption and official complicity. talk one needy like one at buncombe. ha. allied on my hand. roy and not gonna ne, i didn't. i hate newbrough patching. let me cry. t jaguar thought blackwood young one poor man i blew my packing nail me coordinate autobahn one de la g dag units upon bonnie me so a lot boy you may have gone for a week now you don't you made it up your own go to ponder by pangborn got hey, when boeing, gob hewitt, he's out there, watch. i don't pack by laptop, go guide, i'd be like a bon ro dot my boy. he can com and it's been for you. let me, let me, roy, hey poor, do you know now? gag. hi. lasing pit bunk quite caught me, she would type in people yankee, couldn't bobby info, bertha potter down there on hope we got a bad a day.
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they said that the allowable and you behind my hungry while highway. i couldn't make out the income. i did say 5, i feel i or dahlia glen prime minister prior to china. child wasn't in the chamber during rome speech and doesn't mention it when he gets up to speak, actually hold on. we don't even have a wooden up or whatever. i know about hung up cardiac up. oh yeah. who knows him a long. i'm a, he's probably not. i don't have a coupon. come play, but he will give up. will i be violent? i'm north, i'm not. you'll get uneasy dealer up. tend to make all i think, gonna need people. we only paid it up on that day. um, i'm a he needing that up. i said see, you know, when running refuses to retract the word ruthless,
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he's ordered out of the chamber. i told him, tell me all i need to know only to look up over the home with her. oh, oh oh, to my feeling i owe much but i feel good. what i did. i want to know how clean feel. i wanted home with him. when he got in all that he got up in my house. oh said yes. monday. poor pant id to yan that the bar, macau. my papa will move from mo. let them feel while one yet mikalyn can come he he got loudly above his knee.
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ah, overnight roam speech spreads across social media like wildfire. reaching the talk of ty twister. thanks to awaiting the hash tag. human traffic is quickly tweeted, hundreds of thousands of time with all of these. um. but when you up, what able your developer are we gonna? colorado at move forward party headquarters the next morning, a special long distance guest is waiting to great. the time media hold on a maintenance on it will be in a house on my the so
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i went to the counter. when need people, me about the is a monday, monday to be con con unit some for what you thought it died. nothing wrong, but i don't think it will be turned away and finally, feel vindicated with this press conference. it's only a virtual home coming up. yeah. how about how people react on my end on hold on. let me look whenever the last
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thing i need your me to tear or we said that if you dream to come home for me personally today it's a much more important day then. yes it is. bring himself had a chance to speak to the high people and he's very frankly drunken on that matter. to me, a lot i can say is the end of the all chapter and the beginning of the new shot in marsh
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rome uses his position on of parliamentary committee to keep up depression and summons charge. and the former police commissioner, general people when accuses of obstructing justice and the human trafficking investigation chucked it, failed to show was a leaf left him off for a chance. legibly tried to secure a bail for police suspect on behalf of the deputy prime minister makes an appearance again and he says 23 new arrest warrants have been issued relating to pull wins. case allows a doable loot that can you allow and help them back up and we'll be putting them that they won't need and how many bar becomes on board my math let and i would have to mobilize hardware, but a lot of paid. i'm lucky. i got to do with the law man. got to get out that up now your time. we've got my son. wow. it's got
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a couple. give me one on one piece. contacted prime minister private in china cha, deputy prime minister pro. it wants to, one form of justice minister pye boone come form a national police commissioner, chuck to charge him to respond to pulling out legation. they all either declined or did not answer our inquiries the week on the binding money on the, on the farm. so, so got me down, i'm going to die. why, my, why are good, good, and i called, i know a poor and how are you going to say again, dad, how are you? good, good, cod meeting. why me calling from dimas? are not near when good bomb cod my my teaching me again. yep. again and again.
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yeah. me. when retired missionary, no, donahue befriended pauline. he wanted him to feel at home. the local law, both club is the heart of many s trailer in country towns. i found out a little bit of bad him saying that he was long. i never really had any friends in this area. and i went up, turn off today. when you're going to come by both for sir complet both. i don't know how we can coach here or run for him to come on thursday night and he had a role and enjoyed it. and now that we've been coordinate, christopher equipment is precious brother. no, nor when you're done, when you released the ball go the improve. nobody's following.
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that's better. what better? the prime minister in the police chief have both guaranteed your safety. if you want to go back to thailand, how are you feeling about this time? when you get back. thank you. i combine thing. now you're going to be by, by the law. pay me become the hard man and when you are not in a couple of days after pauline's press conference, police were posted around the clock outside his father's house, supposedly for his family security. now got the candy on that, but i figured nobody had yet to see your deadline. comments on the
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thing, but i may dial it now you might need thailand remains unsafe, not just the wayne, but for the wrangler who continue to be trafficked across the board in the us state department. in recent years, thailand's government has reduced efforts to identify and protect the victim in we're going to dig into that need now i'm going to move on. i teach elk when peter malone told a guy named not being on. ready me ah, along with
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the story goes that a statue of an ancient greek god, hidden beneath the waves for millennia, until a palestinian fisherman on earth, the priceless relic. the story continues, that as the world's attention was drawn to casa mysteriously, the deity disappeared. once again. the apollo of casa on a jessia journalism is under siege in the digital age surveillance threatens to stifle price, really with online violence, endangers the safety of journalists. the spread of disinformation,
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corrupt public trust in the media. truth becomes a casualty. journalism on the digital siege will press freedom day 3rd of may. 2022. 0 i. ready wherever you go in the world, one airline goes to make it for you. exceptional katara always going places to go. ah,
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ukraine's president says about a 100 civilians have been evacuated from a besieged steel plant in the shattered city of mary lou. hello, i'm emily and gwen. this is al jazeera alive from job ha. also coming up a show.


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