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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 2, 2022 2:00am-2:24am AST

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oh, in the vietnam war, the us army used to highly toxic, had the side with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive instance chemical warfare. a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge brain something and they didn't even see the case. the 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange and south africa. seeing if i can change. and it shows me that i am actually tracking and fire with africa direct on al jazeera ah,
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nearly 100 ukrainian women and children rescued from a besieged steel works plant in the shattered port city of maria. pull this as us how speak and nancy pelosi becomes the highest trying king american official to visit keys. and washington makes me moves against russian oligarchs. ah, clubs. the whole rob, welcome to al jazeera life from dough. coming up in the next 30 minutes. the you and chief phones of a food energy and economic crisis in africa, fueled by the war in ukraine, also. ah, a massive march through about it. as cubans turned out to celebrate may day for the 1st time in 2 years. welcome to the program ukraine's president says about
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a 100 civilians have been brought out of a besieged steel works plant and murray or poll. elderly women and mothers with small children were seen being helped out of the rubble of the plant and boarding buses. the evacuation has been done by the un and read to crossing coordination with ukrainian and russian forces. many are expected to go to ukrainian held areas mesh these managed to day. finally, we managed to start the evacuation of the people from as up style. after many weeks of negotiations and many different meetings, people calls countries proposals. finally, there was not a single day that we didn't try to find a solution to ensure the safe rescue of those people to day for the 1st time during this war. this vital safe passage started working 2 days at cease fire on the whole territory, and we managed to rescue more than 100 people, civilians, women, and children who were hiding it as of style. to morrow morning,
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100 of the rescued people are supposed to come to the region of separate shya pray to god that they are in that place of safety. to morrow we will ensure all the conditions to continue evacuating people from mary. a poll to morrow at 8 o'clock in the morning. oh, deserves hot abdulla meters in january. sure. where some of the evacuees from murray paul are expected to arrive? well, according to the end, we are not expecting any civilians to arrive here by end of day to day may be to morrow. ah, it did well from what we know is that the evacuation and the safe passage has been put in place since yesterday. that's when the un buses and the teams of both the u . n. and international red cross have arrived in the vicinity of the steelworks. we do know that a number of civilians did come out a yesterday saturday, up to 20 of them. we don't have any figures about how many did come out today if
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any at all, or do you and at this point is not giving any details, but it is saying that the operation is continuing. it takes a lot of work. it takes a lot of coordination between the ukrainian side and the russian side, a lot of mediation and a lot of vetting of those who are coming out. so this is going to be a lengthy operation that can take a few days. we probably, at some point going to start seeing buses arriving here in the upper region about a 3 hour drive under normal circumstances. that may be much longer because of the current situation on the ground. but certainly it is a very delicate air evacuation that do you and the red cross are handling and they're trying to give as little detail as possible. but they are saying it is continuing and at the moment seem it's things seem to be going as smooth as it's possible in
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a battle ground will ukraine has received its highest ranking us leader, the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi made an unannounced trip to keith for lucy, meant with ukraine's present lot of miss zalinski vine for unbending support for the country. alam fisher has the latest from washington, dc. i 2nd in line to the us presidency, nancy pelosi, the highest ranking us official to visit ukraine. the speaker of the house lay the congressional delegation to keep and spend 3 hours with the ukrainian president flooded me as the landscape not being bullied by bullies. if they are making threats, you cannot back down. that's my view of it that you were there for the fight and you cannot, you cannot sold to a boy were in the us delegation, discussed the big 3 issues for the ukrainians, security, humanitarian support and financial aid. we need this bills for ukraine is way for
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freedom. president joe biden is already announced a new $33000000000.00 aid package. senate leader chuck schumer said they're going after russian president vladimir putin friends and allies in the legislation of the $33.00. ready 1000000000, i will be adding provisions that allow us to go after the oligarchs take their money and send it right to your brain. this is the kind of stuff we're talking about. yachts, mansions, at the moment, us can seize assets and fries them. new legislation would make it easier to seize and sell. funneling the money back to ukraine is a tactic used against organized crime in the us. the senate could stop moves on the new package this week. the house is on a break, but could push through any legislation quickly with the support from both parties. joe biden could have a built assign within 2 weeks. i will, fisher, i'll just either washington. let's spend on the issues of seizures. joining me, i live from washington dc. it's not the clinic is
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a professor of government and foreign service at georgetown university. could help you with this back on the program. mister craig saying gate and doing it to 2 very different matters. in general terms, how easy is it to liquidate assets from a state seizure? well, this is possible, as you pointed out of your program, and this is something the united states to use before to go against the law country, of course. so the decorative or congress can't do this arbitrarily. but when you have a large bipartisan support for something like we do now with ukraine, and i think there are ways that congress can pass laws that could make this happen quite soon. so i suspect that we will see to make sure the property and inappropriately. so how does the confiscation and sale of such assets differ? when sort of the u. s. in this case, suggest the funds we sent directly back to the you go back to you. crane is,
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is it easier said than done as an easy process dollar package of military agents in the past few days. so essentially what the proposed legislation from humor would do and would bring some of these elements together to allow us to see the properties, sell them in markets here and then direct the files to be crated. so not simple but, but not. and we reach some sort of new normal well, i think rather than having them try to reclaim assets after the conflict in likely what the legislation do when would be to allow for an appeals process for a quick appeals process early on so that the 2 are clearly linked to then in those cases they can try to appeal but likely would be over turn quickly. so i think would be better to have the appeals process on the front end on the back end. and again, i suspect that's what we'll see in this legislation. good at your insight of what
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may happen, certainly in the future for matthew creating thanks for joining us from georgetown university. thank you. thank you. no rushes, intensifying attacks aimed at seizing more tara trainees. the new crane, the town of dorothea around 50 kilometers from the front line was targeted on saturday. 7 people were injured when a residential building was struck. charl stratford has block of flats. who knows how many people would have been killed if it had been a direct hit? another attack as part of vladimir putin so called special operation in ukraine, wrecking civilian lives. even front doors deep inside the building buckles your life. but i have virtually nothing left. how can i live on? i don't know. that old firmly portrait lies among the rubble of books. her deceased husband used to read, stand to destroy bookcase family members have come to help. look miller. clear. the
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debrief olga holds a chunk of hartman pluck. why for what are their tanks here? are there soldiers? this is not a battle field. we have a school here and kindergarten. civil defense teams attached policy sheets to one of luke villas, destroyed windows. the residents throw the residence of their belongings onto the pavement below. oh, the 7 people suffered minor injuries explosion. it's incredible that nobody was killed in this attack and it comes at a time when, according to the ukrainian or russian forces are preparing for a major offensive. and they are creasing the attacking areas like this one. well, behind the front line, close by a vast crater skulls, the woodland, where another missile exploded. the cranium military says russian forces a gradually increasing the intensity of their offensive. and the eastern ukraine
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that had wallpaper hangs in shards from louisville as kitchen war against the occupation. there are reports of civilians and are demonstrating against russian plans to introduce the ruble and the main currency in the city. well, further west, russia has released images which are said to show a precision rocket strike on the airport in a desk on the black sea. it says a hungry containing weapons from the u. s. in europe was targeted. ukraine said on saturday that a new runway was destroyed just over russia's border of fire as a military science has damaged homes and injured. at least one person is not known . what caused the fire in belgrade? other similar fans, explosions that russian military basis of re suspicions of sabotage. ah,
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the deadly storm of 2 days ago now on this opening up system over the rockies here of the high ground. so once this sherry stuff, not temperatures down the east coast, looking at sunday night already the shower of developing snow on the higher ground still in places like colorado. and that whole system will develop then produce potentially dangerous showers. again through arkansas or texas. maybe the southern states they to part of monday, the still snow in the system. you'll notice the still snow coming into the higher ground in oregon, washington, for example, and british columbia to some degree. and we've had quite active weather recently in the league dolls. and particularly in guadalupe where flash flooding doesn't look much, but it was 2 paces about 2 meters high washed cars away. and here, this is legacy and it's more or less don't raining now. the right now, heavier, further north, further west of the virgin islands, probably cuba on this line stretches down towards costa rica and panama, so that the caribbean is dry. there is certainly wet weather there,
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but much the peninsula is quite dry. ah, well temperatures reach minus 35 degrees celsius and mountain road to become barely possible. one small, maybe bus serves as a like line for community facing environmental and cultural change. ah, out, is there a well joined the regulars on board? techie sheen. chi abbas analogies? emma ah ah,
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welcome back. your challenge is there with me the hill robin reminder of all top stories. the you and, and red cross of completed the 1st phase of evacuating civilians from the as of stalls steel blanton, mario paul, more than a 100 civilians, had 2 ukrainian control territory and to areas held by russian forces at eastern ukraine. russia is intensifying attack, same but seizing more territory and eastern new crime. the town of dub robina was targeted on saturday. 7 people injured when a residential building was struck on the speaker of the us house of representatives, as thank the cranes president for what she described. does his fight for freedom during your visit to keith now to meet families affected by violence and instability. in this a hell region, the fighting has displaced more than 2000000 people. nicholas huck has more from docker inside this bakery and downtown the car is a long queue of people trying to get
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a loaf of bread more q is here to at the pump. in this gas station for the visiting un secretary general antonio gutierrez, this may be the beginning of the consequences of the russia ukraine crisis, more shortages of fuel rising prices of commodities, and he's warning traders not to hoard these basic commodities. because this would have drastic effects on people here. 41000000 people are need of urgent humanitarian assistance. this i have many of them suffering from acute malnutrition . g, please your flow. i have said several times that we need to reform the global financial system, which is model bankrupt. it was designed by the rich for the rich, pretty nice emergency situation. we should use all the mechanisms available to benefit developing countries, especially in africa. and general terraces meeting president like you saw was also the chair of the african union and they'll be discussing the said back in democracy
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in the region has been a number of who is whether it be in molly for kina pasa, more recently and then guinea, they're the military leaders have just to know that they wants to stay in power for another 39 months. he'll be visiting new air and niger next, but not malia home to the biggest and most expensive un operation. tensions are rising there between you and human rights investigators and the 1000000 authorities over allegations of torture, extra digital killing from molly enforces as well as russian finders linked to the wagner's. and the reason for his visit is also to remind authorities here and also the millions of people that are suffering both from humanitarian crisis and displacement of the need for the us presence in the region. increasingly there will be more, for instance, here. the family of a man who is licensed by the hollywood film is suing the rwandan government for
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$400000000.00. the lawsuit filed in the us says that paul russell bettina was loose from his home in texas to be imprisoned and tortured in kigali rhetoric gayton the report full recessive. again, a scene hearing caught him or when the last year is serving 25 years in jail for terrorism rights groups. and observers say his trial was a sham. now his family, assuming the ruins and government in the united states for $400000000.00 the way to, to want and government has tried to discredit his, his work and his name and all the great things he has done with the war over the years has hurt us and all a lot and we've done everything that we can to continue to stand up for him to continue to advocate for him and to bring more people to other voices to this campaign. recess of again i was living in exile in texas, when his lawyers say he was lured back home against his will. 2 years ago, ruined is government admitted. he was deceived into boarding the plane. his lawyer
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says he was kidnapped last february. there one in attorney general johnson, the ca admitted that the one the government did this, that it didn't paid for the plan that was used in the kidnapping. and in the united states, sovereign countries like wanda and immune from sue's when they engage in acts like torture and kidnapping. recess, a beginner was made famous by the hollywood film hotel rolanda. without that shelter, every one of them would almost surely have been killed during those weeks and much of a merciless ter. he told his story of how he saved hundreds of lives as a hotel manager. during wonders, 1994 genocide. he then fled into exile and became a vocal critic of ruins. as president polk army, setting up a foreign based opposition group. the government is not commented on the low seat, but despite the civil case, the 67 year old is likely to spend the rest of his life,
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imprison victoria gate and be al jazeera burmal simms are mocking the 1st day of the either the 3rd holiday which comes of the end of the holy month of ramadan. but in afghanistan, poverty, the acute hunger and unemployment are making it difficult for money to celebrate. sort of carrot has more. it's not a holiday for us guns waiting by the roadside hoping to be given a job for 2 years of war. economic declines to the poverty and the worst drought in decades of force. many afghans onto the streets, not knowing where their next meal will be around there has been without work for months. the bricklayers resorted to begging out of desperation. while his children tried to sell plastic by what i'm going to got, i'm not going to go out and i used to in good money, but now there's no work. the change of government made the situation a lot worse when we go door to door asking to help. we're kicked out about that. sometimes i'm just looking for
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a piece of bread. why not from trouble finishing the. the tyler bond takeover of a gun in san last august. 4th, nearly 3 quarters of a 1000000 people from their homes un refugee agency says the country is facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis enemy. but his line to the pockets of the occupiers, the us and politicians for more than 20 years. and now the, they're giving like a sack of flour or 5 kilos of oil, can't cure the pain of our country with no mountains of turkey just to find work. the united nations estimates that more than half the population and $24000000.00 afghans all facing acute food shortages. that's a 30 percent increase from last year. and one step away from famine. you know, when you meet people like i have, when i'm out across the country that have tell that tell me that they've never had to come to w f p before for food assistance,
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their lives have just been devastated with the loss of just soon in afghan histones hunger crisis will go from bad to worse, and then they'll have to choose between who gets one license right. or 2 thought a height of al jazeera will be the la, here is the lecturer of transitional justice at the american university of a gun is done. he's also found to the organization save afghans from hunger, which he says is trying to respond to the situation in the country right now. there are a few ideas that we have to remember 1st off, the humanitarian crisis, and upon astonish manmade. it doesn't start with the 15th august. it was here before that the security situation, the under reporting. what you also remember that the mean victims off the humanitarian prices are invisible to us because of the traditionalists nature of our culture. you don't see the woman and children who are the mean victims of whatever world we have created together for them. and so it's just getting work 1st
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bleakly. volunteer based. so every penny that sent in is bent at the best of our efforts. so we're trying to do as much as we can, but things are getting much worse than we can handle or the international community can handle. unless the politics are sorted out. you know that he is actually around the world marking may day, the international labor, the reelection of president member macro, similar approaches for held in other french cities, including my say, and ran the health workers and bows in low paid jobs. cool for better salary that her rally for workers' rights in venezuela's capital, present nicholas madeira address. how's the supporters that a separate main de event in caracas. he blamed the u. s. the sanctions against dennis wheeler and the economic problems, but said that the country was headed for prosperity as it tries to ramp up oil production. cubans had the 1st chance in tears to march on may day for
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many workers. and very little to celebrate lots of america editor, lucy, and even reports now from the capital. havana. long before daybreak, cubans began walking to the plaza of the revolution. after a 2 year hiatus put on by the pandemic, cubic communist party and government spared no effort to make this annual may day march 1. to remember, his co workers lit the parade in front of revolutionary leader and i will castro, the still influential former president and his chosen successor miguel diaz cannon standing side by side as a symbol of continuity there with the familiar chance of loyalty to decease leader . fidel castro and against the u. s. government decades wrong economic embargo against cuba. her. what so? so we will defend our socialism as we have for 61 years for fidel and raoul
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was one of the 100 the, in the world events, no mark the international workers today like this. but make no mistake. there's very little for the average salary worker in this country to celebrate right now because this country is with no more speaker nomic depression to in a 2 story boring inflation and unleashed the largest exodus of cubans since 1980. he sig, on the sand. okay. line, but i saw socially that the communist party continues to say that the state controlled sector will say the economy and it's not true. the young people all want to leave a.


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