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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 2, 2022 5:00am-5:27am AST

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was complete destruction fighting back a russian sold holding background forces. the scale of destruction is just now being revealed as we arrive in nikolai, as there is panic, a russian warplane is suspected of being closed by stay with al jazeera, for the latest development. ah, in nearly 100 ukrainian women and children are rescued from the feel feel works, plant in the shattered port, city of mary uphold. and they asked us how speaking the policy becomes the highest ranking american official to visit keith and washington lakes news against russian polygon. ah, so roman was there like my headquarters here in also coming up the chief walls of
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a food allergy and economic crisis in africa few by the war in ukraine and the a massive march through about it. a cuban 10 to celebrate may day for the 1st time in 2 years. the good to have you with us. welcome to the program ukraine's president says about a 100 civilians have been brought out of a besieged still works plant in mary, uphold. elderly women and mothers with small children were seen being helped out of the rubble of the plant and voting buses. the evacuation is being done by the un in red cross and coordination with ukrainian or russian forces. many are expected to go to ukrainian health areas. so most to day, finally, we managed to start the evacuation of the people from as of style. after many weeks
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of negotiations and many different meetings, people called countries proposals. finally, there was not a single day that we didn't try to find a solution to ensure the safe rescue of those people to day for the 1st time during this war, this vital safe passage started working 2 days at cease fire on the whole territory . and we managed to rescue more than 100 people, civilians, women, and children who were hiding it as of style. to morrow morning, 100 of the rescued people are supposed to come to the region of separate shya pray to god that they are in that place of safety. to morrow, we will ensure all the conditions to continue evacuating people from mary a poll to morrow at 8 o'clock in the morning, observes hotter abdullah, me dozens of reach sha, where some of the vacuum ease from murray, paul, i being sent. well, according to the end, we are not expecting any civilians to arrive here by end of day to day may be to
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morrow. ah, it did well from what we know is that the evacuation and the safe passage has been put in place since yesterday. that's when the un buses and the teams of both. the un and international red cross have arrived in the vicinity of the steel works. we do know that a number of civilians did come out a yesterday saturday, up to 20 of them. we don't have any figures about how many did come out today if any at all, or do you and at this point is not giving any details, but it is saying that the operation is continuing. it takes a lot of work. it takes a lot of coordination between the ukrainian side and the russian side, a lot of mediation and a lot of vetting of those who are coming out. so this is going to be a lengthy operation that can take a few days. we probably, at some point going to start seeing buses arriving here in the upper region about
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a 3 hour drive under normal circumstances. that may be much longer because of the current situation on the ground. but certainly it is a very delicate or a vacuum. you and, and the red cross a handling and i tried to give as little detail as possible, but they are saying it is continuing and at the moment seem it's things seem to be going as smooth as it's possible in a battle ground years. how speaker nancy pelosi has told ukraine's liter her country is that for the fight during a trip to keith, washington is also looking at new ways to squeeze russian ali galks to the benefit of ukrainians. alan fisher has this report. i 2nd in line to the u. s presidency. nancy pelosi is the highest ranking u. s. official to fit ukraine. the speaker of the house lead a congressional delegation to keep and spend 3 hours with the ukrainian president vladimir zalinski. he will not be bullied by bullies,
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essay making threats. you cannot back down, that's my view of it, that you were there for the fight. and you cannot, you cannot sold to a bully. the u. s. delegation discussed the big 3 issues for the ukrainians, security, humanitarian support, and financial aid. we need this bills for ukraine's fight for freedom. president joe biden has already announced a new $33000000000.00 aid package. senate leader chuck schumer says they're going after russian president vladimir putin's friends and allies in the legislation of the 33000000000. i will be adding provisions that allow us to go after the oligarchs take their money and send it right to ukraine. this is the kind of stuff we're talking about. yacht mansions, at the moment, us concedes assets and freedom new legislation would make it easier to seize and
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sell funnelling money back to ukraine. it's a tactic used against organized crime in the us. there will be process protections in place to prevent unwarranted seizures. one of the things that schumer and his team are talking about are having an expedited review process so that any appeals could be made quickly. the senate could start moved on the new package this week. the house is on a break, but could push through any legislation quickly with the support from both parties, joe biden could have a built assign within 2 weeks. i was fisher, i'll just either washington. the russia is intensifying attack, saying that seizing more territory and eastern ukraine, the town of dublin billiard around 50 kilometers from the front line was targeted on saturday. certain people injured when a residential building was struck. tal stratford has wall on the east defensive from the town of w. russian missiles slammed into the ground only meters
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away from this book of flats. who knows how many people would have been killed if it had been a direct hit? another attack is positive. vladimir putin so called special operation ukraine, wrecking civilian lives. even front doors deep inside the building buckles under the force of last. good miller has lived here in the eastern tailed of flor propeller for more than 50 years. worth for he practice sin where i live here alone . my husband was killed mining coal and my son died. i had gone out for a walk when it hit. i know how like he, i am to be alive, but i have virtually nothing left. how can i live on? i don't know. that old firmly portrait lies among the rubble of books. her deceased husband used to read, stand to destroy bookcase. family members have come to help. look miller clear. the
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debrief olga holds a chunk of shrapnel. she failed on the sitting room floor flooring was the j e m. why did they hit here? this is a residential apartment block. why, for what are the tanks here are the soldiers. this is not a battlefield. we have a school here and kindergarten. civil defense teams attached policy sheets to one of luke villas, destroyed when those are the only 7 people suffered minor injuries explosion. it's incredible that nobody was killed in this attack. and it comes to the time when, according to the ukrainian army, russian forces are preparing for a major offensive. and they are increasingly attacking areas like this one. well, behind the front line, close by a vast crater skulls, the woodland, where another missile exploded. the cranium military says russian forces
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a gradually increasing the intensity of their offensive and eastern crane centered wallpaper hangs in shars from louisville as kitchen wall. she says she hopes the ukrainian army can keep russian forces back and she doesn't know what she will do. if they come tell stuff it al jazeera, nobody appeal ja, eastern ukraine. now the russian military as accusing ukraine of shelling its own civilians of villages around the occupied city of castle ukraine and not responded to the allegation. against them was one of the 1st cities to full joy, the initial stages of the russian invasion. there had been regular protest against the occupation. they're all reported civilians and demonstrating against russian plans. introduce the rubel as the main currency and the city forecast for further west russia has released images which are said to show a precision rocket strike on the port in a death on the black sea. it says a hanger containing weapons from the u. s. europe was targeted, ukraine settled,
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sought save that, the new runway was destroyed, to save russia's border. to add the morning explosion, ship the southern region. the governor of belgrade said no will with interest or fire to recite damage times and injured. at least one person is not not known what caused the fire. other similar fire explosions that russian military bases have been or have been raising suspicions about sabotaged or ukrainian attacks. and ukraine is suffering fuel shortages after russia damages infrastructure, blockaded its ports, long keys, the vehicles are formed. downside petrol stations. they install limiting drivers, the 10 leases the fuel at a time. while some in keys have closed. the authorities of our citizens to use public transport more to save petro as a war now. so fuel shortages can happen, but i need to go to my work every day. it's impossible to get to the left bank of keep my city transfer will still had here on al jazeera,
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indigenous people fighting for their land. in the philippines, we look at the dangers they base defending their environment. and thousands protested, still anchor against the government's handling of the was economic crisis. in decades to stay with the journey has begun. the fee for world cup is on its way to capture your travel package today. know it's been raining heavily in southern china on the line extends up towards japan on its way out as the forecastle. mondays are much dry. one for japan took years up to 90 degrees, a few showers in land. the heavier aims in the southern line. that's just leaving hong kong, so that gives china warm spring sunshine and that'll be recognized by rising temperatures. not just in the sas but in the north as well. so 2 examples for you.
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hong kong rises to 30 degrees where they will officially call it hot. by the time you get to 30, the rain has gone in beijing we, i'm going to use the word hot. that is that 10 degrees above average. well, time get to wednesday, little wind around a breezy after 30 might portend a drop in temperature, but still, it's been a hot week up to that point. south this wet is the story, not hot wet. i think increasingly, so for vietnam, but also thailand and running or down towards singapore. but you, borneo, it's a little less wet in some parts of indonesia, but it's still going to be daily shower in india, you know the story. i think big chairs in the northeast in bangladesh. dangerous thunderstorms, but it, raining carolines from anchor. but the story, of course, is the heat, particularly further north for new delhi. again, it is hot not rock or breaking me, but disappointingly, official airlines of the journey from the
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world's most populated region. in den and untold stories across asia and the pacific. to discover the current events with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east. on al jazeera. ah the me talk about what you're going to say with me, the hill rom, the reminder of all top stories. the you entered redcross have completed the 1st phase of evacuating civilian from the field and body of old, more than
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a 100 civilians added to ukrainian controlled territory and the areas held by russian forces in east and ukraine. the speaker of the us house of representatives assigned to claims president what she despised does is fight for freedom during a visit to keep the police. the reassured motive isn't the effect continued support and russia is intense funding attacks aimed at seizing more territory needs in ukraine. the town of double failure was targeted on saturday. the people injured when president shall building was struck. now, un secretary general antonio, tara sh is in senegal for the start of a 3 country tore of west africa. could harish was that russia's invasion of ukraine threatens to devastate some of the least developed african countries. he said to meet families affected by violence and instability of the hell region. the fighting has displaced more than 2000000 people. nicholas huck has more from decker inside
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this bakery and downtown the car is a long queue of people trying to get a loaf of bread more. he was here too, at the pump, in this gas station for the visiting un secretary general antonio, good terrorist. this may be the beginning of the consequences of the russia, ukraine prices, more shortages of fuel rising prices of commodities and he's warning traders not to hoard these basic commodities because this would have drastic effects on people here. 41000000 people are need of urgent humanitarian assistance. this i how many of them are suffering from acute malnutrition? g, the, please, your love. i have said several times that we need to reform with the global financial system, which is model bank property. it was designed by the rich for the rich puts in this emergency situation, we should use all the mechanisms available to benefit developing countries, especially in africa. and general terrorist is meeting president like you saw who's
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also the chair of the african union, and they'll be discussing the said back in democracy in the region, there's been a number of who is whether it be in molly bertina more recently and then guinea, they're the military leaders have just to know that they wants to stay in power for another 39 months. he'll be visiting news air and gera next, but not malia. home to the biggest and most expensive un operation. tensions are rising there between you and human rights investigators and the 1000000 authorities over allegations of torture, extra digital killing from molly enforces as well as russian finders linked to the wagner's. and the reason for his visit is also to remind authorities here and also the millions of people that are suffering both from humanitarian crisis and displacement of the need for the you and presence in the region. increasingly there
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will be more oper since here to this year's president says he's for me, a new committee test withdrawing up a draft constitution. ty said, says group will debate roadmap for what he called the new republic. so this will include suggestions of political reform from the general public, collected in a digital opinion poll, said, initiated a political crisis 9 months ago to sucking the government, suspending parliament and taking emergency powers and move his opponents labeled a cou set. that's a check. a legend, a higher committee will be formed for the aim of establishing a new republic. the committee will conclude its work within a few days because the issues and choices the clear, the committee will encompass to subcommittees, one of them for dialogue. the full national organizations will be present in the dialogue. then what is being prepared will be presented to the people in the referendum on july 21st. was the secretary general of tennessee as labor unions as
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president sites plans do not go far enough. we're going to call them at the local for it's unfortunately, the position of the president of the republic is marked by hesitation and lack of clarity, choosing to organize and electronic consultations in the young people in particular . i am here again reiterating what was said before. the consultations cannot replace a national dialogue, a territorial dispute that led to violence against indigenous activists in the southern philippines as highlighted the dangers faced by environmental defenders. please say the group was trespassing and ignored a warning shot jamila and taking reports from key don province, the activists, while the next administration to offer them greater protection. nobody was there from the monopoly. and tribe considered one of the very 1st inhabitants in the southern region of them in the now, but that orlando anglo and his clan have lived on this road side for many years now
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. they hope to take back more than a 1000 hector's of land. now privately owned that once belonged to their ancestors . they were shot out by gun men despite having written government permission to reclaim their land. shall either del, socorro was shot together with 3 other men or both. i mean, out of me. now good though. now the gun men came from nowhere and started shooting at us. when i fell below, i thought, what sort of life to relieve or learn more of those, ellen? oh, we've been around for 5 years. who pleaded to the tortoise administration to help us? no one is here to protect us. people here don't see us as a human beings to them. we are garbage hogs in the monopoly were also attacked a 5 years ago when their leader renate on law was shot dead. his killing remains unresolved. the story of monopoly, a new one is a story that is repeated many times over. according to the international group,
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the global witness. the philippines is the deadliest country for land defenders across the asian continent. and men de now holds the highest number of recorded killings. when president rodrigo totality was sworn into office in 2016, he vowed to defend the plight of indigenous peoples and the environment. but at least a 160 environmental defenders were killed between 20162028 shocking increase. say many, even for a country long accustomed to violence, the tribes people killed often spoke out against illegal logging, mining, and dam projects. climate change is also a threat extreme where there also devastates bonner obo community, and many filipinos hope that after detector retires in july. the next administration will shift its focus and protect indigenous peoples considered by
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some here to be the last line of defense against climate breakdown. jamila, dog and i'll jazeera book hidden province southern philippines, placed in china, have arrested 9 people following the clamps of the building on friday, including the rescue. cruise continued to search for survivors in the ruins of the residential building. and joining shar, 7 people have been told from the rubble in the 8 story building in another province that the 13 honestly, missing 16 people are still trapped in the rubble. now the united nations is holding a viral conference, full press freedom day to bring attention to the threats that journalists experience around the world. and is going to solve reporter women's rights activists. explain the challenges. facing female journalist since the taliban took over solemn. madame, no, you be huss phone with maria, maybe the manager in charge of on tv, and also the head of women. hope caravan organization is local at a company,
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a marquee under the previous government. the taliban unfortunately behaved harshly with active members of society. and even after the arrival of americans and under the new guffman, they're still the same. they were harsh and cruel with journalists, they arrested them in remote parts of the country or beheaded them, and committed other crimes like that. on the 15th of august, when the previous government fell, every one was scared. i was scared to. i can't forget that day. it was the 1st time in my whole life that experience something like this, almost nothing. huh. holy toys. i thought all my hopes plans and dreams for the future, but we're going to vanish like dust in the wind. and i thought i'd be like the women under the last valuable regime. i will turn into a girl who will have to wear a broker and be unable to leave my house. but after some time i wanted to come back on screen. i was in despair. our biggest fear was that the taliban would have the
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same conservative view that they had in far away rural areas. so i talked to some of my friends and we decided that we need to protest and plead for justice. on that day, i thought to myself, how can i showed itala bond or the new government that to these women are not like those under the previous regime. when he could forcibly put berker on women's heads . today's women developed and educated. they are girls who are very talented in the field of journalism, and they should participate in the progress of reciting. so we can see a world of loved and improved kind of song in the future. it out want to son them up with us. all of public muslims around the world are marking the 1st day of the 5th then and the end of the holy month of ramadan and indonesia. thousands. the people attended presents jakarta, main mosque. williams will have traveled to their home towns to celebrate and after the government, if to the ban on traveling home to eat, the measure had been in place for previous years to limit the spread of covered 19
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indonesia as the largest muslim population in the world. that later events had been held worldwide for international labor day. a 6 day protest march in sri lanka was time to end in the capital. but people went from the central city of candy to columba, demanding the president's resignation. and frumber michelle fernandez recalls for many in sri lanka, the tradition of walkers, the, or media this year was all about getting rid of the roger pox. a government. thousands of people joined a 60 march from candy to colombo, organized by the mean opposition. some luggage on about a vega baby isn't it? but i mean that we can watch this any longer. honestly. why do people have to suffer such hardship? there's no food, no getting. the mother is in one queue. the father is my mother and the church are in more queues. i never expected this. the demands and the posters are familiar. go to go home, they read. give us stolen money back enough of fooling the people now leave looking
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glass crowds from across sri lanka, join marchers who converged on a road leading to an independence monument. many struggling to make ends meet. since the price of food medicine, fuel and cooking guess increase between $30.00 and a 100 and the challenge of improving the economy can be addressed. protested will have surrounded the president's office for more than 20 days. se successive governments in independence have looted the country. but the accused, the raj boxes of severely mismanaging the economy, resulting in depleted foreign desert, say a groan in the greek camp glass ends many demanded better working conditions. tragedy members also condemned high inflation and soaring. cubans had their 1st chance in 2 years to march on may day. and for many workers though there is little to celebrate our latin america. so lucy newman reports now from havana. sasha
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miguel diaz canal standing side by side as a symbol of continuity. there was a familiar chance of loyalty to decease leader fidel castro and against the u. s. government decades wrong economic embargo against cuba would go. so we will define a one day, like this one, make no mistake. there's very little for the average salary worker in this particular celebrates since 1980 you see on this yet look alike. but i saw socially that the, the communist party continues to say that the state controlled sector will say the economy and it's not true. the young people all want to leave a blast all hope by like, i'm better than other cubans are expected to take part in the may day march and are generally brought here from that. this is the country that i want to defend. that's why i'm here to support my leadership and my people and doing.


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