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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 2, 2022 6:00am-6:26am AST

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but one thing is for sir, ah, president michael kelly shortfall with mainstream coverage of big stories can some, some holding as they were somehow unique. it's not unique covering the way the news is covered on al jazeera, short films of hope precedes almost a 100 ukrainian women and children are released from the steel works and merrier poll, surrounded by rushing for u. s. house big a. nancy blue. hello there. i'm associate a and this is out there at life. and uh huh. also coming up have been freed from the besieged, still works plant and mary poll elderly women and mothers with small children. as you can see, there were being helped out of the rubble of the plankton boarded buses. evacuation is being led by the u. n. and the red cross in coordination with ukrainian and
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russian forces needs to rescue more than 100 people, civilians, women, and children who were hiding it as of stone. to morrow morning, 100 of the rescued people, a supposed to come to the tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the morning, while alexia bryan has more now on those evacuations, flanked by you in officials and russian troops were made available, but not many people were brought out to about 11 people got out with us. we went from one side of the plant and the others went the end of ukrainian territory in the port sissy, surrounded by russian forces. satellite images show, how much of it now lies in ruins. russians being intensifying its operation in the east and south with relentless rocket artillery and mortar attacks. these people are escaping the conflict zone. here by end of day to day, may be to morrow. ah,
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it did well for what we know is that the evacuation and the safe passage has of the still works. we do know that the number of civilians did come out early yesterday, saturday, up to 20 of them. we don't have any figures. a lot of vetting of those who are coming out. so this is going to be a lengthy operation that can take a few days. we probably at some point going to start seeing buses arriving here in the upper regis. about a 3 hour drive under normal circumstances. that may be much longer because of the current situation and they're trying to give as little detail as possible, but they are saying it is continuing and at the moment seen it's things seem to be going. america fully supports his country's fight. washington is also looking at new ways to sanction russian oligarchy, to further help ukrainians and fisher reports. you cannot sold to a boy were in the us delegation, discussed the big 3 issues for the ukrainians,
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security, humanitarian support and fun actually going after russian president vladimir putin's friends and allies in the legislation of the 33 d. ready and i will be adding provisions that allow us to go after the oligarchs take their money and send it right to ukraine. this is the kind of stuff we're talking about. yas mansions, at the moment, you can seize assets and fries them. new legislation would make it easier to season sale. funneling the money back to ukraine. it's a tactic uti mom, talking about her having an expedited review process so that any appeals could be may quickly. the senate could stop moves on the new package this week. the house is on a break, but could push through any legislation quickly with the support from both parties. joe biden could have a built assign within 2 weeks. i'll and fisher, i'll just either washington. well,
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russia meanwhile is accusing ukraine of shilling its own civilians and villages around the occupied city of her tongue. and you can, has not responded to that allegation, because on was one of the 1st cities to fall early in the russian invasion. they have been frequent protests against the occupation. there are reports of new demonstrations against plans to introduce the russian rouble as the cities currency . farther west, russia has released images which are said to show a precision rocket strike. only a port in odessa on the black sea. moscow says a hung holding weapons from the u. s. and europe was targeted. ukraine said on saturday that a new runway was destroyed. just over russia border to early morning explosions, shook the southern region. the governor of belgrade said no one was injured, a fire military like damaged homes and injured at least one pass and it's not known what caused that fire city. other similar fires and explosions that russian
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military bases have raised suspicions of sabotaged or ukrainian attack. while ukraine is suffering fuel shortages after russia damaged it's infrastructure and brocaded at ports long queues, vehicles, as you can see, they have formed outside petrol stations, most on our limiting drivers to 10 leases of fuel at a time. well, some key of, of also closed the authorities of our citizens to use public transport more to save on petrol. now, moving on and un secretary general, antonio gutierrez is in the synagogue for the start of a 3 country tool of west africa. gutierrez warner, that russia's invasion of ukraine threatens to devastate some of the least developed african countries. he set to meet families affected by violence and instability. in this a hell region. the fighting there has displaced more than 2000000 people. a circus performers are among the millions of ukrainians who fled the war. a number of them
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have joined an international circus in the netherlands, alongside acts from belarus and russia stepped bass and went to direct to see how the show is going on. 15 year old ilia malott, called for studying acrobatics at the circus coolant give until the war broke out. is now living as a refugee in germany, trying to continue his studies. he sent videos of his exercises to his coach was still in keith. many of the rap otherwise there with it. ah, i really enjoyed going to the circus school and to rehearse the response from the audience made me happy. but everything has changed since the start of the war. yep . of my bringing ukrainian or russian and other international artist to gather does that circus direct to hopes that a long tradition can be continued despite the war. the messages, let us help at one time, the whole world is going to be a circus worlds,
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because we are to prove that it's possible to work live together weights, so much different nationalities together. all gamma who tova from bella roost performing on the so called russian bar with 2 ukranian colleagues, is one example spin that distance bear with artists who remain professional, who still have a good relationship. russia's bill or russians, it doesn't matter that seemed like it. so that is a fancy of it. i lost a lot of friends. i worked in russia for a long time. we don't communicate with each other. so this has long been an odd form that has brought ukrainian and russian performers who gather because of the war. and that's now only possible in countries as far away as the netherlands. but for some sharing a states for gutter,
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it's difficult with all that's been going on. and us bassio's or fiery and managed to fleet, a ukrainian city of if been, which was heavily attacked by russian forces she sat for now she can't perform to gather with her rush and colleagues, be it with somebody, i'm with it. and i can't do this now, i would feel i would betray my people because they are fighting for my country. and people are dying at a moment that would not be possible for me. a few days before the show, several russian artist cancelled this by their trauma anastasia and the other performers. hope that one day sir has come again, bring russian and ukrainian performers to gather step. fasten al jazeera door direct in the netherlands. how stella had here all out of their indigenous people fighting for their land in the philippines. we take a look at the dangers they faced defending their environment and thousands protest and sri lanka against the government handling of the west economic crisis decade.
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ah the deadly storm of 2 days ago now on this opening up system are moving through the southern states, but it's going to be sunday night. you see the back edge of that cold front is going eastwards and after that it looks fine, but don't be fooled. this is cold air sitting over the rockies here of the high ground. so once this sherry stuff, not temperatures down the east coast looking at sunday night now already the shower, developing snow on the higher ground, still in places like colorado. and that whole system will develop then produce potentially dangerous showers. again through arkansas, texas. maybe the southern states they to part of monday, the still snow in the system. you'll notice the still snow coming into the higher ground in oregon, washington, for example,
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and british columbia to some degree. and we've had quite active weather recently in the league dolls. and particularly in guadalupe where flashed flooding doesn't look much, but it was 2 paces about 2 meters high washed cars away. and here, this is legacy. it's more less stop raining now. the right now, heavier, further north, further west of the virgin, owls probably cuba in this line, stretches down towards costa rica and panama so that the caribbean is dry. there is certainly wet weather there, but much the peninsula is quite dry. awe full of struggles, full of pleasure, but nobody that represent a body to mars. rip will yarbrough y a, an intimate little lawyer in cuba. ya mouth already,
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chair barger. i leave with my cuba. on al jazeera lou. ah, ah, hello again. my name is tanya tando hall. let's remind you about top stories here. the salad. the un on the red cross have completed the 1st phase of evacuation civilians from the as of styles steel plant and mario poll. more than a 100 civilians have headed to ukrainian controlled territory and to areas held by russian forces and east and ukraine. the speaker of the us house of representatives, meanwhile, has thanked ukraine's president for what she described as his fight for freedom.
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during a visit to kiss, nancy pelosi reassured rodney lensky of continued support. now the russian military is accusing ukraine of shelling its own civilians in villages around the occupied city of cas song, kasai was one of the 1st cities to fall after the russian invasion. ukraine has not responded to that allegation. now moving on and muslims around the world are celebrating the 1st day of it are fitter and mocking the end of the holy month of ramadan. thousands of palestinians are attending pres, at the alex and most compound. it comes as tension. there remains high the following multiple israeli incursions inside the mosque in recent weeks that speak now to stephanie deck, and she joins us live from lyons gate. that's the entrance to alexa steph. as every year a significant day in the muslim calendar. how is either for so being marked there this year? oh yes, very significant. this is the main aid morning prior to the month of ramadan
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is now over. we have thousands of thousands of people arriving here. i'll get you how just to, to give you a sense of the atmosphere here. morning prayers are about to take place. i would say about under 5 minutes from now, people have made their way a give you a sense of the atmosphere are very sensitive. it is also a to my and when people dress up the children, it is an obligatory prayer today. pretty much everyone needs to come and pray. also, people need to break their foss today for those muslim judges who have midlothian days during the month of ramadan you decide to do today. they need to break the box . they're all to they will be heading to family, visiting family. i'm having meals together and they'll be 3 days of age. you probably also see these really security forces behind me. you mentioned that you
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know, the tensions that we've seen here over the last couple of weeks. and interestingly, this is also been because of the entry of the everything number of the far right on your national news entering the called boundary calling for the right to prayer. basically under the state, we're very briefly associate muslims are the only ones allowed to prayer inside the hub bow. a non muslims are allowed to visit this before. it's a huge contribution controversy because those jewish groups have been calling for whites to pray. actively trying to pray and has been more and more accusations also how math taking it upon themselves to say that this is now a red light. so over the last couple of days, we've seen 0 tensions really not listed at the moment. not allowed to enter the call bound for the last 10 days of ramadan. also now during each of these really government saying that that is until further notice. it is an issue that they need
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to address. jordan and israel will be meeting, often discuss what's called the status quo, but certainly you know, politics aside, let's get back to just the atmosphere here to day. a lot of people making their way here for morning prayers, which is the most significant one really of this holiday. bethany decker that for us in occupied east jerusalem, thanks so much. stay home in while indonesia, which has the wilds, the largest muslim population, has seen thousands attending pres outside jakarta, main mosque, millions more of also traveled back to their home towns to celebrate mats. after the government lifted a ban on traveling home for ede. the measure had been in place for previous years to limit the spread of coven 19 o may day events have been held worldwide for international labor day. as 6 day protest march and sri lanka was time to end in the capital. people walked from the central city of candy to colombo, demanding the president's resignation than al fernandez reports. for many
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shalon codes of traditional workers, d o. mediate this year, was all about getting rid of the roger pucks the government. thousands of people joined a 60 march from candy to colombo, organized by the mean opposition. some agenda by the vega. baby, isn't it? but i mean, if we can't watch this any longer, honestly, why do people have to suffer such hardship? there's no food, no getting. the mother is in one queue. the father is the mother and the children are in more cues. i never expected this. the demands and the posters are familiar. go to go home. they read. give us stolen money back enough of fooling the people now leave looking glass crowds from across sri lanka, join marchers who converged on a road leading to an independence monument. many are struggling to make ends meet. since the price of food medicine, fuel and cooking guess increase between 30 and a 100 percent shortages are common either because of supply issues or holding by
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some traders. inflation he 30 percent in april. the main opposition says the government has no choice but to resign. no pry of the matter is brought up or home . that may be asking the president of o rehab provider pigment, right? very much that can be done. the constitutional can't read exit president. think about it, and you're going to a polymer. chris is about victor. america says if the roger contra brothers, who hold the presidency and try minister shipping, take this option, people will get off the streets. and the challenge of improving the economy can be addressed. protested who have surrounded the president's office for more than 20 days, say successive government since independence have looted the country. but the accused, the raj boxes of severely mismanaging the economy, resulting in depleted foreign deserves at a time of a global financial crisis. prompted by the and demick,
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thousands of shill luncheons are continuing to speak out like these marchers who have been walking for more than 100 kilometers. they're demanding the roger box of brothers and the government resign and insist they won't be fooled by the government's attempt to avoid solving the crisis. mina fernandez, audra 0, colombo. well, and other may day events. french police have fired tear gas and protest is in paris . ah, demonstrate as they were unhappy at the re election of president emanuel micron. similar protests were also held in other french cities including mile say, and when cubans had their 1st chance in 2 years to march on mayday. for many work as though there's little to celebrate our latin america and is that lucy, a newman reports now from the capital. havana. long before daybreak, cubans began walking to the plaza of the revolution. after a 2 year hiatus,
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put on by the pandemic, who was communist party and government spared no effort to make this annual may day march 1 to remember healthcare workers live the parade in front of revolutionary leader. and i will castro, the still influential former president and his chosen successor miguel diaz cornell standing side by side as a symbol of continuity. there were the familiar chance of loyalty to decease leader fidel castro, and against the u. s. government decades, wrong economic embargo against cuba. her little so we will defend our socialism as we have for 61 years for fidel and raoul was one of the 100 the in the world invent no mark the international workers today like this. but make no mistake . there's very little for the average salary worker in this country to celebrate
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right now because this country is with no more speaker, nomic depressions in history. intensified u. s. economic sanctions. the pandemic and monetary reform that has sharply reduced worker's purchasing power had led to soaring inflation and unleashed the largest exodus of cubans since 1980 is big and this year look like. but i saw socially that by the communist party continues to say that the state controlled sector will say the economy and it's not true. the young people all want to leave a blast all hope by like, i'm better than other cubans are expected to take part in the may day, march and are generally brought here in their place of work. but like any mix, there are those who say they still believe in cuba system. i either because i am convinced that this is the country that i want to defend. that's why i'm here to support my leadership and my people. and doing these hard times,
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this march clearly aimed to send a message to domestic and foreign opponents. the cuban government is still able to mobilize large numbers of its peak to see a newman, al jazeera havana. now a territorial dispute that there to violence against indigenous activists in the southern philippines has highlighted the dangers faced by environmental defenders. please say the group as trespassing and ignored a warning shot as to mil allen, dog and reports. now from booking non province. the activists want the next administration after forthcoming elections to offer them greater protection with their from them a note book will indian tribe considered one of the very 1st inhabitants in the southern region of them in the now, but that thorough landlord lau and his clan have lived on this road side for many years now. they hoped to take back more than a 1000 hector's of land. now privately owned that once belonged to their ancestors
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. they were shot out by gunmen despite having written government permission to reclaim their land, shall etha del socorro was shot together with 3 other men are both. i mean out of me now good. so now the gun men came from nowhere and started shooting at us. when i fell, i thought what sort of life to relieve up all those ellen? oh, we've been around for 5 years. who pleaded to the tortoise administration to help us. no one is here to protect us. people here don't see us as a human beings to them. we are garbage houses. the monopolies were also attacked 5 years ago when their leader will not allow was shot dead. his killing remains unresolved. the story of my noble will and neon. it's a story that is repeated many times over, according to the international group, the global witness. the philippines is the deadliest country for land defenders across the asian continent. and men de now holds the highest number of recorded
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killings. when president rodrigo totality was sworn into office in 2016, he vowed to defend the plight of indigenous peoples and the environment. but at least a $160.00 environmental defenders were killed. between 20162020. a shocking increase. say many, even for a country long accustomed to violence, the tribes people killed often spoke out against illegal logging, mining, and damn projects. climate change is also a threat. extreme weather also devastates vulnerable communities. and many filipinos hoped that after to tear to retires in july, the next administration will shift its focus and protect indigenous peoples considered by some here to be the last line of defense against climate breakdown. jamal ali dog, n al jazeera book hidden and province southern philippines. the united nations is
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holding a virtual conference for press freedom day and to bring attention to the threats the journalists experience around the world. in afghanistan, a reporter and women's rights activist explains the challenges facing female journalists there since the taliban to power. solemn mariam know you be her slum. and maria, maybe a manager in charge of san tv, and also the head of women. hope caravan organization, some all local matter company, a marquee under the previous government. the taliban unfortunately behaved harshly with active members of society. and even after the arrival of americans and under the new government, they still the same. they were harsh and cruel, but journalists, they arrested them in most parts of the country, or beheaded them and committed other crimes like that. on the 15th of august, when the previous government fell, every one was scared. oh, i was scared too. well i can't forget that day. it was the 1st time in my whole
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life. that experience something like this that almost nothing. i'm a homey pine. i thought all my hopes plans and dreams for the future, but we're going to vanish like dust in the wind morning. i thought i be like the women under the last taliban regime. i will turn into a girl who will have to wear a broker and be unable to leave my house. but after some time i wanted to come back on screen, i was in despair. our biggest fear was that the taliban would have the same conservative view that they had in far away rural areas. so i talked to some of my friends and we decided that we need to protest and plead for justice. on that day, i thought to myself, how can i show the taliban, or the new government that to these women are not like those under the previous regime. when he could forcibly put bircher on women's heads to these women are developed and educated. they are girls who are very talented in the field of
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journalism, and they should participate in the progress of a society. so we can see a wealth of loved and improved afghanistan in the future. thought you'd have won a sentiment that came up as a off touch. ah well again, this is out there and these are the headlines. the u. n and the red cross have completed the fast phase.


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