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tv   101 East Thailands Fearless Cop P2  Al Jazeera  May 2, 2022 8:30am-9:01am AST

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iep for justice on that day, i thought to myself, how can i show the taliban, or the new government that to these women are not like those under the previous regime. when you could forcibly put bircher on women's heads to these women are developed and educated. they are girls who are very talented in the field of journalism, and they should participate in the progress of a society i wanted to. we can see a wealth of loved and improved of kind of sun in the future for it. i want to send them that give us a off touch and our, our histories artist has painted 16 large murals and baghdad as part of a mission to transform the city. among them are well known figures including a poet, was jailed for writing about repressive regimes. by dads mer, says the initiative started 9 months ago in order to bring beauty to the city. ah, hello again,
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says al jazeera and these are the headlines. the u. n and the red cross have completed the 1st phase of evacuation civilians from the as of styles steel plant and mary apple. more than a 100 women and children headed to ukrainian control territory and areas held by russian forces in easton ukraine. mush these managed to day. finally, we managed to start you back, you ation of the people from as up style. after many weeks of negotiations and many different meetings, people calls countries, proposals. finally, there was not a single day that we didn't try to find a solution to ensure the safe rescue of those people would to day for the 1st time during this war. this vital safe passage started working 2 days of ceasefire on the whole territory. and we managed to rescue more than 100 people, civilians, women, and children who were hiding it as of style. meanwhile, the speaker of the us house of representatives has thanked ukraine's president to what she described as his fight for freedom visiting cave,
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nancy pelosi pledged continued american support. still, russia is intensifying attacks aimed at seizing more territory and eastern ukraine . the town of dublin helio was targeted on saturday. 7 people were injured when a residential building was struck. muslims around the world are celebrating the 1st day of eat outfitter. mocking the end of the holy month of ramadan. $200000.00 palestinians attended prayers at the alex and mos compound and nisha has the world's largest muslim population. thousands have attended pres outside decanters, main mos millions of also travel to their home towns to celebrate people living in the us state of new mexico are being forced from their homes. as strong winds drive wildfire towards several towns, at least 12 places are now burning in the north. well, those are the headlines. more news here after one 0, one east. how and why did become so obsessed with this law,
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we were giving them a tool to hold corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're gonna rip this deal apart if they take the white house in point 25. what is the world hearing when we're talking about ply, american today? we can take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. as a police investigator in thailand, pauline poster and was renowned for getting result more than 40 guilty biggest human trafficking trial. but after arresting a tall military officer, he fled the country in fear for his life. thing the data can call me my job to launch a new one. now for the 1st time to wayne's allegation, will be it publicly or boy, the one we do. you want me up? you want to go?
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do you want to park out? and in part 2 of the special one i want a investigation we ask is corruption in thailand goes right to the top. me? oh ah, today poet punks to read lives a frugal, lonely life in small town australia. but in 2015, this form of police major general, laid thailand's largest investigation into human trafficking annuity. with he brought down a vast criminal syndicate, responsible for imprisoning to been slaving. and murdering wrangler refugees. gone,
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gone, gone, gone. my genuine mag cannot. nina young de la la la movie dr. teagle lac, my wide up in a number. what fiber kong, lou. oh god. oh, gone tonton. nobody had hi loud but by wayne says he was stymied at every turn. evidence was hidden, witnesses were intimidated, and he was pressured to stop his work. and after he put lieutenant general minot, kong pen behind bars, the investigation and his life began to unravel. he believes thailand's deputy prime minister general pro, it won't want, orchestrated a campaign to shut him up and threaten his life. he'd where am i don't believe paula. couldn't t, tom nan guys take up a bit and then a timothy st. you my dad. ah, a now 6 years later,
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wayne's bombshell allegation is about to be revealed in thailand, parliament. i it will be thanks to panic, a one it former employee who's helping the opposition new forward party campaign, the upcoming election from behind i what's been happening in thailand since by wayne left, i went and i figured a still here. i thought you and probably did you hear the prime minister and the deputy prime into the prime minister and the deputy prime you so, i mean that corny, i see here deputy prime minister general pro it wants to one allegedly did more than any one else to derail poems investigation. he became an object of public ridicule and 20 a chain. after photographs submerged them,
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wearing more than 20 luxury watches were as much as a $1000000.00. good. how are you? palm beach, football. but pruitt, who hadn't declared the extravagant time pieces, was cleared of corruption after claiming pay what all the borrowed home me well, me o me o me. good, good, good. i got my, my dad zoom of i, i your name on the top of the country. everything for the full rod at the bottom. everything change. oh yeah. people. if you, the younger generations didn't realize that the show has been stored in the grass roots mentos emerge since police played proven by young people taking aim at the retired generals who controlled the government and the increasing
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power of the monarchy. warmer time law by law, demonstrators have been met with police brutality and a wave of a race. oh, but they have an ally and parliament you know. oh yeah. oh no no, i got my tattoo id. oh maddy up. no, i can't even, oh, the move forward party. we are trying to do politics. that ordinary people can joy. on one hand, the 5 minute politics. on the other hand, the 5 be saw a vicious circle of military coup data. and he got why need, why stevie i rang and ask them what some crack as a television journalist back in 2015, panica reported on po wayne's investigation into human trafficking. goes on plan is was off as a bad map when you do not. i know happening at the end. were you aware at all of po
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wayne's work and reputation when he was investigating the issue? i didn't had that much faith in ty place that to be honest. i i didn't know believe personally i didn't have a nice vacation that he'll finish his job properly. ah, panica has long wondered what poet could reveal if he decided to talk. so i do believe sitting in the guy the guy, so she called him in october last year. it was not me me, me humped on one minute, i thought, but now it was already how poor domina positive knowledge. and i have one bond thought young says that the net kept doing that. i what can, would my young i'm done when you were fair,
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montana can join people. i'm like when charles hung up pretty loud, got no, elana went back, she's gone. eagle cardelia spent the way young and teacher. hi hinz. wow. whom com 20 let me i'm nana dekota man. i thought i'd better call me. oh god. i did to me. glad i got time. however nothing. oh god you by calling on on dyes. i'm l on maggie law. someplace i think. did you trust a former called to begin with? did you have any doubts about po in story at any stage? why did i believe in the ext cough? because that ex, call ford to the point that he could not find any more and have to escape his future, his family, his whole life in thailand, asking sacrifice, how unusual is it to find
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a police investigator in thailand who's willing to pursue powerful politically connected suspects again and again risking their career and possibly their life in my 34 years of life. not aah! harmonic. when you were fully tanika is working closely with move forward and pay rung some on rome to ship a wayne's story and the tie parliament lice at this week. i also had that while i did that 118 i've come to bangkok to see what happens. i need a hood, i need a home as a matter of to click on go hello somebody. and i'm keen to know how they think people here will react. let me explain to you how high people will get this. sorry,
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of colleen is not about one good cop tackling human trafficking issue. it will be a very classic story of one man who stand up against the case a sheep, and a powerful people with roam is about to film a short video summarizing poet and story, which the party will release while he addresses parliament. now he want me to with . ready ready rome is only 29, he was jailed twice as a democracy activist after the 2014 code and aimed at parliament 3 years ago. and he's hoping the public will sympathize with elaine, even if they don't support the opposition. i believe is amazing. deism, i'd be manageable at all. we should have their human trafficking on the vehicle. credible if i my, my appointment type on vendor and mickey moon, like i say, allow me something like rylon palatez that mckinney guitar,
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matthew wible kelly and he had to be had cabinet night. mm hm. long with to me for the 9th. and he was going to call you back on monday cuz i couldn't taylor back in australia. pauline relies heavily on his good friend kiss psychiatric nurse to immigration here more than 20 years ago. the 1st time i met him, i thought, who is this guy? he looks like, you know, electra, he look wouldn't need who are polite. he doesn't look like a policeman at all. it is wayne, the biggest champion in australia. but when they met 5 years ago,
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he had his doubts from those. i mean, i wouldn't be getting a need for me going to have done problem. do he wish you a couple of fun fun to tie people in general and police? no one is honest. the same as political opinion, not a thing. good. single police man or a single politician is honest. what they thought is now he had not any hidden. it didn't at all. he has like a horse racing horse. he's just new, new best without thinking of carrying. who else next? me.
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lo know by phone goodness the big moment to the arrived in the ty parliament today there's a chance for opposition parties to raise issues of concern and put questions to the government rooms. not sure yet when he'll be speaking hold out for you. i put my kids on people with windham company. yeah. and i get when need a lot of and then no go and like i didn't come at all. no matter that i
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can get from rough day be you did college and make a couple. okay. i think you put me in my try to help him because i have the power to be in the bottom. and so i tried to continue what he do before. even rocky. i don't. i don't have to run away like you and i can finish what he thought about 2 and 10 mandel fancy, but he can go a curse at dory. d crowley shun blue. com hagen conklin. berlin bar tank garden corpus ot area porch i in again corte pike. i mad dog i bonnie dio, near
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d to with her lab period facebook called tucked out, guy long popped one door. rome explains how pauline's investigation into human trafficking ended prematurely. somebody hung up on them, your guard pulled quick up when beau, in the counseling door, colberg apalmer gardinio mila his hoops or neat man, and points out that the crime is still obliged on thailand. more than 60 years later. that thanks to corruption and official complicity. talk one needy, like one at buncombe. ha. allied i made a hand roy and not gonna ne, i didn't. i hate newbrough. acting there. me cry. t guar thaw black or young one poor man at lou. my parenting though. me coordinator. bon han, d. large e dang eunice apart. bonnie, me or ron boy, you may have one, bro. it none. you don't. you made it up your own?
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go to honda, my pangborn garden. hey, when bowen, tub hewitt, he started to watch. i didn't talk by laptop dog. i've been like a bon ro dot my boy. he can come and it's been for you. tell me that domain roy, hey poor. do you know now get hi, lazing, bid bung quite caught me. she would type in people yanked e quin bobby in thought bertha popped her down on her bill. not a bad a good time daddy, daddy allowable and you behind my hunger, you are high me that i couldn't make out the income i did. i feel so bad and so my only grand prime minister, prior to china chat, wasn't in the chamber during rome speech and doesn't mention that when he gets up to speak casually home, we don't need to have a wound up. whatever. i know i got kodiak up. oh yeah,
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hold on him a long time. i thought was i not, i don't have an he like you can play, but he will give up, but i learned from north and you'll get an easy deal up. and to make all, i think what i need, he would believe hide it up and it died. um, i'm a he, at me thinking that up. it just said see, you know, when rome refuses to retract the word ruthless, he's ordered out of the chamber. i told him, tell me a couple of the home with jacob. oh, oh oh, good mom i i. i got so much but i feel good. what i did. i want to know how po in feel. i
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want to call him i. oh, i think i've talked with my thought was it just monday poor tant id to yan. let the bob mcgowan, mom pop on for me for a while. one. yeah. me. when you you can, can you hear me? i overnight room spread the cross social media like wild flag reaching with tongue, tied up with thanks to wayne, the hash tag. human trafficking quickly tweeted, hundreds of thousands of times the
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all these but when you are putting your desktop and i call me holler at move forward party headquarters the next morning a special long distance guest is waiting to greet the time media dot com. i mean, maybe so i went on the counter one need, one people, me who is a monday monday could be towncar unit. so it's nothing that room new york, but i don't think many people will be
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away and finally feel vindicated. this press conference is only a virtual homecoming how about how people we me and i'll plan to get a hold on me. look, whenever the laugh when you're in taking a job for me to tear. lynn said that it's all a dream to come home for me. personally, today, it's a much more important day than yesterday when she had
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a chance to speak to the high people. he's very frankly ranking hard, and that meant to, to me, a lot i can say is the end of the chapter and the beginning of the new shot in marsh rome uses his position on of parliamentary committee to keep up the pressure he summons the charge and the former police commission, a general people when accuses of obstructing justice in the human trafficking investigation, chucked it failed to show was a leaf left 10 channels for a chair. they generally tried to secure bail to police suspect on behalf of the deputy prime minister. makes an app here. and again, he says 23 new arrest warrants have been issued, relating to poems. case allows
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a doable loot that can you allow and i can go back and put them that they will get it in time. i think bob becomes on board my lead and i would have to hide there, but a lot of paid i'm lucky and got the one that you have on the law man. got to get out now your time. we're going to get my son. wow. it's got a couple, give me one on one, be contacted prime minister private and china cha, deputy prime minister pro. it wants to one form of justice minister pye boone come form a national police commissioner, chuck to charge him to respond to pulling out legation. they all either declined or did not answer our inquiries the week on the binding money don't fall so. so got
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me down. i'm going to die. why? my, why language are good and i cause i know a poor. how are you going to say again, dad? how are you? good, good, cod meeting. why? me call on her? not near when going bomb cod. my my teaching me again. yeah. again and again. yeah. ah. when retired, missionary know donahue befriended pauline. he wanted him to feel at home. the local law involved club is the heart of many astray leon, country towns. i found out a little bit about him, found that he was long. i never really had any friends around this area. and i went up turn off today when he got to come by both come play both,
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but i don't know how we can arrange for him to come on thursday night. and he had a role and enjoyed it and know that we could meet christopher equipment. miss, precious brother. no nor when you've done, when you release of all the improve, not resolving. that's better. what better? the prime minister and the police chief has both guaranteed your safety. if you want to go back to thailand, how are you feeling about this time? when you get back. thank i'm catching a young man. thing. now you're going to be by, by the law. pay me become the man and when you are not here today. and in
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a couple of days after pauline's press conference, police were posted around the clock outside his father's house. it's supposedly for his family security. now got clarity on that, but you never had yet to see your deadline. now go based on the dime thing, but i made, i got you. so my neat thailand remains unsafe, not just for wayne, but for the wrangler who continue to be trafficked across the board in the us state department. in recent years, thailand's government has reduced efforts to identify and protect the victim in when we're going today, getting a new kind, i'm going to move on. i teach alco,
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malone to die 99 on me. a conflict between india and pakistan. pristine $21.00 and $1.00 east. the kashmiris pioneering on al jazeera may on al jazeera frontline reporting in depth analysis. we bring you the latest on the ukraine war and the unfolding humanitarian crisis documentary but inspire whitney springs world issues into focus through compelling human stories. the philippines votes in one of ages, biggest election over 35 years since the country emerged from his father's dictatorship could frontrunner ferdinand mouth was junior to take the top support
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al jazeera investigative program, full blind returns with a special theories on abuse in the boy scouts of america, lebanon goes to the polls, but will political change help the country find its way out of its crippling economic crisis. may on al jazeera, short films of hope and inspiration, a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. ah, al jazeera selects from the al jazeera london broke. our sentence to people in thoughtful conversation ard, cannot be erased by the super bowl with no host and no limitations.
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what matter the note was to be radical. how come a thing that's radical for say, part one, and i way way and denise, the pool is not a bog, and want to sell a lot of the message in the studio b unscripted on al jazeera. hm . hello there. i'm this darcy tando. how at the top stories here on al jazeera ukraine's president says about a 100 civilians have been freed from a besieged, still works plant and marry a poll. elderly women and mothers with small children were seen being helped out of the rubble of the plant. and then boarding buses, evacuation is being led by the u. n, and the red cross in coordination with both ukranian and russian forces. alexia bryan ports flanked by you in officials and russian troops, buses carrying.


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