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tv   Witness The Apollo of Gaza  Al Jazeera  May 2, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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an intimate look at life in cuba, ya mouth did already step on or gary id for the does. did a v as victor i, my cuba on al jazeera, ah, ah, i'm to clock into all the top stories here on al jazeera and russia has reportedly resumed shelling in the as of style still works. in maria poll following the evacuation of civilians. but a 100 people have been freed off to heidi underground for nearly 2 months. the un and red cross coordinating the operation with ukrainian and brushing forces or abdul him at his ins, appalachia where evacuated from mary polar expected to arrive the coming house. there are many evacuations that are due to happen today. the u. n. has been
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negotiating with both the russian defense ministry and the ukrainian events ministry to also evacuate and civilians who are not in the steelworks. those who are left behind in more, you pull it hasn't but or indicated that this jew meeting points outside of the is the city of for them to joined. and a convoy to come here do you and has told me in the past days that they could bring up to a 1000 people out of money. you quote. and then there is also the evacuation carried out by the city council of mar, you pull that, the meeting point for that was by the port are the cities. the council says it is going according to scheduled. but so far, what we have seen arriving here is convoys of cars. but people are getting out on their own initiative from or you pull from hassan and from. but other embattled area is very difficult for these people because you have to remember that no men of
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fighting age is evacuated and the russians are making sure that that does not happen. especially when it comes to the as a style as steel factory. so either torn families and these are people who, when they arrive here, they get in that tent behind me, they get whatever they need this close this food, the old kind of supports they can get up. they could go if they wanted to in one of the reception areas. some schools have been set up to bring in displaced people so they can live there a few days. but then they have to move. the un says the war ukraine has forced more than 5 and a half 1000000 people to fleet may run countries. most of them have taken refuge in poland, another 6 and a half 1000000 people, a thought have been displaced within ukraine itself. wanting pres, celebrating ede have ended in violence in the ethiopian, comfortable, addis ababa, protested, threw stones at government buildings and police who fought back with take us tensions a high after the death of muslims, the northern city of gund,
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our last week. if you have been jealous, i'm you get to choose is in the capital letters. huh. and has more. this was on each celebration that's been happening in their sob. may god open space square named moscow, square. hundreds and thousands of people do attend. if you not just occupy the space of the square but the goal, they stretch all the way to you know, some of the neighborhoods in the bully area. the push a bully and want from it. there was, according to the id, some of a police are, there were a young people throwing stones in light of what happened in the corner, a town of wonder, and i'm her region, which they felt that the muslims have been targeted. in particular, 21 was limbs were allegedly killed a why christians, they alleged, and that's why they were throwing stones and really destroying properties according
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to the ethiopian government. but the, your ben security decided to use tier gus who tried to bring this, you know, up a young people under control. and there has been lots of people that have been injured. there hasn't been any a, you know, anyone that have died so far according to the german government. but there are many, many children that have been missing and the government and the local organizations on tried to unite this children to their families. and what is should be a holy day for muslims in ethiopia. a new zealand has opened his borders to tourists for the 1st time in 80. 2 years travellers from about 60 countries can visits without isolating a quarantine, but they must be vaccinated gates, corona virus. all right, you're up to date headlines. more news coming up here on al jazeera of the witness, the apollo of gaza. the
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that you do a poll g. well, tyler, for knowing why in $44.00, she, sam in duke of rob defido garcia, the good telephonic labor, while apollo, enjoying autoplanet. she wants to be to meet katasha, the puffin on her garza junior high. as you keep what i said were deborah sickly. she changed her due. yeah. tina keyed at who the come on at auto v lockett? sure. did you see them any ah
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did it better own the fellow to mother gloucester, exparza fossil fulton by ban. what that? another suburb. and i had it him. so oil fired had it himself a balloon baba can therefore i do had the fuck up a know, got it in san, ready? a bucket home tomorrow. august a, the money had filled out bosh budget alcohol. i thought a felicia alba by the on it when about but him for shabbat closet. i thought i sharla let my shift on a. i started watching the had a michelle del initial della masood in chicago, but i done referred you to the new no, no. on the had a vehicle a 2nd. you? no, no fuck up by july. johnny,
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we disheveled. you were jonathan's in to lou. i went down and was the highlands in hostetler. they also let you have this and you know, to finish it, which went out to me on how did i mean it fun of little clumsy do with my a who are you back to glen shops? law have you on, you know, i have one with him with that of others this ha, ha, different it into has like image done and then apply the engine to you i said with either vote for ship and has like it at least like in was not gonna by law has ticket on got on hub, it will just amo dick will go feel well, upton like this just like the far above the hub and above them. awesome. can about me within a moment, let my son know in the shop on the latter will cover or settle on a bit of
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a mobile as this model had with with a bill, a bill of alpha local phil, mahala la and the store and the sort of the battle madison on the 2nd floor of the hospital and the look a e m t o n a little tillman, when all of a sudden and normal baja to whom she melba huddled legacy was because of kenneth victor smiled gazillion in oh, the legacy of out of a lawyer, the 10th year after year athena, the anomaly bethel members have for
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a year. i thought i'd urban em hardwood men see and i'm a muscle within the flu. i la garza when mercer omitted mexico multiple. bob, you, jonathan, i'm up a little bit. the williams, them about the law or the resume. oh, you mean michael from are you liberal on zelman book on full behalf fee in ohio, us or fuels other of hero in mesquite girls, ill bad o'clock? i miscarried up. i've a headache for you. our patty began in the lebrans could neither power i like in the villains american ford, but to try to cooperate for settlement on the world. hello . hello. hello. hello ma'am. you have to be in. i la, a village within a v a ship. so what i'm missing a lot of mental shakuma cut, then a commodity in a mood by them. and how come with a very low martin and love them in all the resident where the
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heck rebels the hopeless villa dead. aah! with when that goes your money. this is he shall be looking more coach. you're lucky, more fairly fishy yourself. observe really the quote originally for the year. you know that in the new on the vehicle via and a prolonged come slow louse laclare ceo's unit above. donna mayor,
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i now was a soldier now knock a whole day a tom on as you know, photography leopard. know i know many she kid that we li, day non don't really portez gender degree abdullah mare. there's just somebody took them out that po box. got on deep to read and i may if i gather so ridiculous me and i had not bought. yep. so no. did you want to wait on a mail? send you back. cds de la mail if will she notify the notary pumps. yo see their law lives aren't ready, didn't he let the the up off day?
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i some all i gotta don't eat up your typo the dish heaped badly today today. possibly today up if i see de la put on gazelle it in edmond. she pays twice . ocoee office, he's up a cindy with her elisha, he hadn't no fall. it might have the thought, wow, had moved to new feet to saw no quit school study, but i'd have to call cut even a shot. and have been her my niece she or had in the woods. she would sell upon rule, who has left it to foresee barbershop
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a year walked. if you will knocked himself up a little note, what would you do? what's up with the shuttle service for? i think i know it's a continual worthy. this is himself or the robin in new york city. so we saw a job. it was about to cut the robot. you know, silly because a dish, fungi, she, she don't know if you guys are his condition was she couldn't skin with
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what that whole mackenzie emma can. did you vicky blue has a boucher done then. hi there. you know, can i live on thing was the fed up in my father a 30 a in know, can i leave the mother in law? have a lot of one of the month and then and see dong me not to shaddick of year to fan up of on and i have feeling fee a scandal up. but of the greet iskander they could eat. the mom was the kind of anita was the head. i cannot be enough that the medina, the horde. medina, northern medina, the elijah, my laser medina soviet. i left medina, cody at i was, i was the header fearing not image warming alive deck and a shot at gun mob. abolla who can sign
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a level is represented with the message, could be the diamond buffoon. i la la mancha, our lack in put ha, dr. i'm really a 100 and them out or 8 them sell. i will know them on the little mother and allah, sock sock before you can. and the holy hoa ear shot, the in san yucca for that. a man, if you had that, if he, i and achy yet a be just them a whole and much do they allow the lot than moth duleigh. we walk for door and model fabi method, a a bubble on the head. go head. oh dear that live with the health ali let in mama
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i don't care. i do a java fun mode wish gibberish. why you got to show you on the we're not gonna do enough. the laundry room. just have luciana open. if well, i'd like to rush, i guess i've never done one of the live and i got that he. okay. john, had you not even lacking of data dish. lemme tell us that he forgot about when a dub any longer. there is no, it is new shopping immune molina saw fella. saw an apple for both of them. does that mean? duplicate them helping them. but they're not going to win it up. let us know what da da cassandra ramos, mom. i had already gotten an come. no, no, but i seen her former shot but doesn't when the when, when the journal for plus on march the whole bush to live with her
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mom had money except the i noticed in the live almost normal to run like an animal bad fish issue a sorta golden louis, missouri, which was from iowa, and i'm out of the abilene. i the, in the move show. oh, she had with a bucket. cindy little guy, if you go under from that here, i thought it out. actually they had the nasty better, and it should lead to the guy that danny on the, on the desk. just a little smaller than one do. are you with an ira for non payment?
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hello, maria. and a lot semi. and i've been nuts to live there and imagine must mom. yeah, i mean, i had, you know, i feel like, you know, versus, yeah, i mean, a sagal of. yeah, i mean you can, you can was not actually, but on top of a child, i mean a little chart. nagle in an english and yet, and it's even harder as what i got a slug. no do with anything in the country descending into the. busy gifts in there with sunny does not each of the leg
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ah said due to to them over the don't going out to john bu a pause need the proportion a bad cell for a sample song. oh, shit. do not be national. go to new, i'm away the photo solo new to more to slowly lock his faster. where to 330 and we are
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a casino, my law or no, my most is the deluxe edition went well. so don't just in puff go girl or boy's in vo. i locked in by patty with this is to come to lapierre, says suffice her for jojo, the more threat referral machine to give a to nigger year soon because go up that i for more than work for, for their novel updated risk. just like when i would want the pattern, suppose i put the media, daniel fits, it said look, that's your key. so he sold you boys, remember power crucially as your mileage mom coming selected, give us where the good though is if interacted on the middle. the neighbor cushman may take them, said the garcia. the look typically fog, as i said, miss ellen is your group on, are you nanny will do forever? i notice that she'll treat her like the dirt to solve the dish. her dizzy goose. he says i caution in black and faith. you'll see, you'll see a kiss. oliver kiss i left. he said there's power. ma boston. good sir. said la south dickie. nobody bought it yourself. dickie kia kashi,
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the soup policy grew poly valued as you do that, i think it is a good fit doctor. up in y, southwark, edward fair. oh mac. no. we actually toenail thought, look, animate had the osman or lunar luncheon so she can assure lebrans who have you been and how soon? because the minute a lot more bother me at martinez. what was it? a bronze? what has fellow one will a clear bishop, connie ish and henderson, county of visit miguel m almena and the individual. both agatha baton has oliver runs over there. so if y'all over a 100 and half and i little so below had, i was years, i had just realized that i had him soil, i had him to live andrew lindsey, to have those judgements,
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not on the phone. and you say you have barnesville, can me you had in her, in her lip elucidating, ungodly, limited. okay, let me kill somebody. oh, hi, that fishing can you for us to call leverage of one? not power la la ana, and then can you hear miss our laura? will come advantage of ish the most about the mostly liberal display. when you look in the syllabi, you look in the womb of 3100. the will my years of all know what's in the listener in the most can read them. come is much more work for the nv . oh no, with this. i
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mean these are the 1000000000 little little bit in the most lovely of a particularly little had good old disco still her and mr. you the walk. i see the video games enough to look at my bill. look, and ranma was injured or had pulled up our head. and let me get the i'll get my hub, the med then the show can help mother smith the been do go to her. if someone says locally unable to the language fi, how about a little over and hopefully in a clear months or so at the end because of
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the said you a full details on the new tampa p to it meter can proceed directly. so can you see can a source, it is a can a c h knox? several shot i know we quit. saki saw so it was a hustle with oh, a
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wherever you go in the well, one i line goes to make it feel exceptional. cut. all right, ways going places to go with how do you bring the feel of the stadium into your home by cheering on your team? hearing the rule of the crowd watching it with friends mumbling at the best player on the planet scoring incredible goals. what really makes the big much great is all those things in the highest definition as they happen, wherever you are, as sales space to deliver your vision. alongside the conflict between india and pakistan, prestige kept mountain. one with the kashmiris i missed on al jazeera. on may, 9th, the philippines will vote to elect
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a new president to replace that would be good. the 3rd day and more than 35 years since the country emerged from his father's dictatorship could front to run their burden. as marked as junior at the thought fought as the philippines both join us for a special coverage on al jazeera ah 11 o'clock and all the top stories here on al jazeera and russia has reportedly resumed shelling in the as of style still works. and mary poll following the evacuation of civilians about a 100 people have been freed half to heidi underground for nearly 2 months. you and, and red cross are coordinating the operation with ukrainian and russian forces. what hm. it as mo, we're still waiting for the iraqis of the, as of the plans that have been brought it here at some point maybe today by you and, and the international red cross. however,
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we are in this parking lot where the others are going to arrive. but a group of evacuees have arrived this morning on their own. actually we spoke to many of them they come from are you pulled, they come from the base of the organize themselves to try to get out of those areas as quick as possible. you can still see here on the card, i have written clearly marked that the children on board. they have here little white cloth to also make the point that these civilians, 2 explosions have been heard in russia's belgrade region near the border with ukraine. no casualties have been reported. it follows a fire at a military site there on sunday. the u. n. says war and ukraine has for more than 5 and a half 1000000 people to fleet in neighboring countries. most of them have taken refuge in poland and other 6 and a half 1000000 people thought have been displaced within ukraine itself. european union energy ministers holding an emergency meeting in brussels after russia cut
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deliveries of gas to poland, mac area, some e u. member states, a trying to phase out the blocks a reliance on russian oil and gas impulse. morning pres, celebrate the aid of ended in violence in ethiopia, and capital of this protest threw stones at government buildings and police who find fat with tension to hi, often deaths of muslims in the northern city of gondor. last week. new zealand has opened his borders, deter is for the 1st time in nearly 2 years travellers from about 60 countries can visit without isolating or even quarantine. but they must be vaccinated against a current of ours. a da storm and iraq has caused dozens of people to seek hospital treatment and flights of baghdad airport were grounded as a thick layer of dust turned the sky headlines. more news coming up here on out 0 after you returned to witness the apollo of garza. ah
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and i got dick that i'll hire new bad mccullough's sure. i'm a guy who but the chance he got off for yet just in some my bad for a bad if you best be out of then my gun. nolan, financing that job. ballet cars that are below for jenny video issue a great fall apart of my new national
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aloha table and in the deck in my columbus vicious fur, fur raw head. mo chauffeured, danny, available men lift that he has injured them all. the subtle, hawkins has, you know, land, the tim fell out of the shuttle bus, the gear or with them any bus lift lucel. i'm one that can show her was should that the whole issue ballad shadow anything come back with the millie millie bush and ended. this will
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literally only take me to school for the full day before you do have that in the steam about that and maybe i can do that and i have now and for anakin, when i will not be in bow well be shut off a little further let shake in mother trish with noon shaking best reachable
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love. that could be seen $1000000.00 mission valley little tasteless then other that he may be at home in the be asked me to be a fast will. i'm one movie and the so the only lot i did i read it in and mom couldn't have been to that. he's been out of the denominator care for emily, a limb and phyllis penny, or oba could if it has been in the ha, robo aluminum law, the law i'm going to have the i said bit of a balloon has a nice little half an awful lot to me but i for the local issue of the so call it the kid can i'll bill is shut off. but mom for going. uh huh. you do your militia, don't you? yeah, no, no,
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sure. lynette here. bear who no shasky busted to canada. she puked me. you would something to be young, l sophie revealed the poor shopkeeper said the destitute fit for no, i do not catch your name. it's the funeral process, the bus at die bus. oh no, he's in the high school, she see as if i said to her, don't good, said the new object. if you please, then one man may do a book to do it on the opposite village. oh no, no valley. jeter probably let the national 80 was she the not to just make the fall is the context of the can extend? say kid, clearly they're both going to show the what is your data pushy, pull? pull. see, nicole is, you know,
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want to know may longer go from station goes blockade to clean up the with the little yes. um i, you know, the initial eco toner, completely the grid, the de la prolong, in his spare fiscal fisher come, sally louis with a prayer or 2 pointing to in nice to us you but to duck up putting the p dish down commission, am i looking market that there is obvious here. so just a news with
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a with i know that to somebody was in touch with the museum to bring it here to restore a these here. and i see that them the war at the end. stop and interrupt these negotiation. as you can see, those are sculpture that are from all their pa, gun, a dvd so and of course we have our beautiful vandals coming from budget on it. we have the honest us, we have the matter. we have art to miss, we have never
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a toner im we have kicker, which, which is a goddess of the fortune it we missed upon of a here. m, for me, it to, to look at materia catcher, to understand it, to find an object that is so rare is to understand better. this time. it's like to attach a piece of history. it's like going back to, to this moment, m. if you want to present to lot of people, this is captured, these could be a, is natural in a place that had that a little pyramid lashondra for us. one more
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i will who will push him 1st message you any fever? can the only thing i had that invaluable your of him again? you know, she came to man a year or 30 with one of the 3 year old up and move are and our duty officer goodwin looked at it last year. sean will allow had they out of a meet. i'm meet way at him. lozzo ronnie was there is no mercy, no less. if there is movement. women's team as year let out at least as well as that. he says, when a team is present,
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good mobility. if the weather heard the hit, our fault, she had them can be there. then her laugh. creamer, i li i did then lavonne municipality, li, cadillac. he had to admit her daughter adida muscle, m fi. what he there dick. air couldn't bill more half of the alley. her whole front men look us old. mean a sorry car omen. are you? she her the thorough the lawn. it would you that she added them. medina. teddy well more her the cutoff autobody level chemist me or am took leave him at 330. all
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with in full can. what about, what about the 11th was we thought if it had one that a field or central to not about arch hobbit akira of thought bothered by the 30 year. um and she did that bus. and so leave for soccer. exert melody bottle an alt . i'll definitely not have her manner there like no other material and a spoken word that the a lava that had him from her that tim felt a terminal and your and your coon were to offer a muggle mac lube were adolphe had that makin had tyler? yes it ilya the left, he led. oh, in the american ohio, a commander at the men mercantile. well couldn't more. i will lead channel had the from the leak who will had the med d. well, he seldom huffily lit as if he should eat us. martinez shall give her the van. no
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key for the ish he for toss it a lovely felicia. forgot the heather, who at the moment did you call me? so they need to fight legal actually me? yeah, i called me upset. nashville no key key knew really fault us. medina. got you clue? i saw the posterior. well now we'll see the guy clips. he declared geico clee. multiply for. excuse us, it's katrina. she nicole lance, angie up by new much as we eat. julie declined. if i don't do it up patio but he went last year now he took it up at it with animal. i'll sit will grandma to hammers suited them?
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alarm it. louis cornelia shopper. she and they do not sierra without dental look he'd ever that. but by default, eat a blockade on his good tooth, margarita dish on the, on that after all. dr. duff with ubida vall, that is happening on us as issue sooner is over to katie law with the spelling gummy. i'm not going to go to the table. okay. read loyalty, they can cooper. busiest looks pretty fair to work on paper. it talks about give all over it, but you can v t i could get like do the val blendy images that you don't get both outside of hopa? lucky for you, dr. to diety. mr . halo be good there commando shin i should in santa come seen sally mad. my boosted album murphy, i had mr. w. mindy's to w give give this 30 or mindy's 30.
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give deal more, get is can do more gay and i love al mosley animosity income are much higher little higher of the up i young yet law itself or give give and that a good baja mechanical has you had your thought or but was the hailey and and mr. hale, it is yanine manila, dempsey, my son bush, some bush philosopher and mom not push at his feet. sandwich followed her there. she at the bunker hill apostrophe. ann mill. i thought be alert and was that? oh, it is. i have now literally a dog, and i live on a dead cell. i will not. so i'm on an a la header, and the one that piles up i should luckily for how one there and no,
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not whole there. so what said he, i version here. so i haven't mccann and then my can house be a show normally? so martin muscle letter, the hobby of, again, was the sergeant fell on the on the rather lumina than the low. how a little i thought, your hoard. oh ok that leland mintel at that you were a car now. kennedy, him a how will all at the far world mar barbara alicia, our man walk in the all a were who are jim and i thought at lee, should i be my blood about my bloody at them out of the fella me at difficult if you have a in a home 1st come will be love was that did the julio. i was out of the stair with that it was after the flee. a blood was out there hold a thought. i left a center work, mac moron, a left. so now i went to my a to milking fan,
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who you la my can live with her at via if he has to nap it will there it will let him know. i had the a shot believe metal, a gyle any an jetta. shots and i will sob with that, elijah syria, a total of 9 o'clock, sarah halla was added to see a hell of a 3rd, a fraud it. if i do muffled, only harry in the man, the clo, learn that now masterful slim fee. with oh no, no, no, i'm tough about the money i should give you
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a warning lab. the other members of a mobile are difficult that that will help me. i never get there shall gun to help do it if i don't. i mean, michelle deanna, i'm, i'm with my math calendar. i'm in ocean, i've been sending them all song lavoy to murphy, dell, dell go vander long. she'll be at hoco, nicky. i google them all. are garza making a barley mad to the filippo noon? several young shirley, beck, son, keep bush said he got hold. leopard on gazette ta gotcha. g s d for me d matthew lip over how class?
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well, good. on shipper. this one. yeah. you see it is a long story y o a big secret. they're very classified. this study should belied over international media, came to gaza after the absence of the time they are talking about the bloodshed destruction, something like this. but telling me there's something beautiful, something relevant to love opponent of love and that thing. and that is something it's not relevant to or that is something important. which on john, this gum, everybody was talking about guys. i got, i got i got that because of this piece of bronze. you know what i like it by the way. i love it. but nothing comes in, it has disappeared. well, no,
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i don't know as john is for me. i think i cannot search or dig behind you. what is it? why? simply because we hear this said that it is owned now by military wing. is it true or not? i don't know, i believe this real my because if it is a government we would fear it doesn't something public. we will see it. but as long as it is with that military, when it is not easy for a to see it or to, to follow this story, this set up all to talk about, ah, militant groups or the idea of resistance. and so when they say that it's in the hand of the resistance groups. so we know that we are not
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allowed to talk about it. and militant groups are a taboo to talk about that. we can't make a report or in some point we believe that there is a disagreement between there and wink of hamas. and the officials, the government. we felt that they are the officials are afraid to talk about. so they're afraid to talk about it. we have no right to talk about them. just sorted by this is a hoodie shot you a body shop with sean bishop unless a federal reserve is up and looked above for
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a funeral to let me sooner. okay, we'll didn't miss hammer law. it's suburban out of come, christine arch listing. so hello, more mar freedom. kolinski. gordon would've kazer. schumacher mo, my data from the seller. luckily. good. which are, can you the model? does it feel? mm hm. does. doesn't use of up in new york, michel model and le vitamins will dig and hadn't been up and hug gustavo, but you can use them on the left and tell you on teddy while i'm finishing up
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a 100 a month on that. i saw i know jenny, a jenny on a really a muscle for a home on a judge on the hello. i so would that be her luck on it? no. would you heck on the love not as i can, a big issue will hold us down the talk with them both on a on a lot. harmon, i'm only been studied out of a to assign a new man of us to the lines. it hasn't but i you up with an issue with an issue with
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she's she's just don't clipper. no, she'll have the dish. bill lafie off on the on kathy until until hey i petition long and cleveland? yes. yes. haven't seen anybody to this by many, stella on the trail. sheila, long as i stay i stay is just run in the peace. denise, when use? yeah. michelle a doctors? yes. said get your new in any national home, any scheme as an initial have been a new initial or something. i said, i knew joe will fit, but that mistaken william who he just like it shows a defeat,
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shook his to force and advocacy thing she has with a cut does mean not a sub sub, a sub. that means in english fish. this is what you're looking for. bishop nutrition does. oh, you need fisher with seen as a burden. countless babies are aborted in india simply for being girls. but
3:57 pm
amidst these resistance, even from rome, patience, fearless midwife has adopted the course of challenging, deeply ingrained traditions and terminating this modern day beat aside. the daughter, 3, witness on al jazeera ah, the journey has begun. the faithful world cup is on its way to catherine hook your cattle package today through the school down argentina in the southeast of brazil
3:58 pm
though we got what usually sets up to be a long lasting series events. thunderstorms that go on well known pato, alegria appears to be the beneficiary and the tail end goes through. paragraphs. were there on monday, probably tuesday as well. reo though the carnival season's over stays dry. season rain for the north is in the very north of brazil, possibly french gone beyond that. it looks an awful lot drivin of light to clean venezuela. but we have seen significant weather in the leeward owls yesterday in puerto rico where there was rare event, a tornado, and this line of showers might produce something the same, certainly big thunderstorms, in virgin owls tics and k cos, east and cuba, jamaica that tails off down towards costa rica and panama west that it dryers little hot as it was in mexico. but it's still hot and dry. for the most part, there are changes of foot again the u. s. in canada, that was the last line of funds, doubling its way east was we can get out there now, but there's a developing storm with the cold and it's falling out of the rockies coming up
3:59 pm
against the moisture from the gulf. and that's the result. big thunderstorm again with the potential for tornadoes in them and snow on the northern train. and there's more snow coming into the northern rockies official airlines of the journey. with in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to heidi talks to cod, beside with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive instance chemical warfare. a decade later,
4:00 pm
the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge, bringing something they didn't even see the case. the 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange. on al jazeera lou, this is al jazeera ah, that are there on the cloud. this is a new life and go, how come out for the next 60 minutes? civilians free for besieged feel plan tomorrow poll, head to safety. after enduring weeks of russian bombardment. i'm out of the law. me does upper region. what is civilians evacuated from the as a spouse, the factory and where you both are expected to arrive you energy ministers can.


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