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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 2, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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oh, mom and iran, missing song writers, performance and musicians celebrating the social and cultural importance of songs of the go on al jazeera, investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm emily anguish. this is the news our live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, civilians frayed from a besieged steel plant in mary, a pole, head to safety. after injuring weeks of russian bombardments e. u. energy ministers made in brussels divided on their oil and gas supplies from
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russia. e dallas is celebrations, turn violent in ethiopia. we've had the lightest from addis ababa plus. a welcome back to new zealand visit is from 60 countries, are free to fly in again. after 2 years of a coven closure about pete standard with your sport, a winning store for the bucks, and the worry is in the in be a playoff semi finals. plus some of the biggest names in tennis speak out against one balloons, decision to ban russian and bell russian players. we start this news hour with the evacuation of civilians from east in ukraine where russia is intensifying its bombardment around $100.00 civilians who escaped. the as of styles still works in mary. a poll on sunday heading to the city of separation.
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they are expected to arrive in the next few hours. further evacuations from near by towns are also under way, as alexia bryan reports, crawling out of the rubble of muddy pulse as of style steel plant, and finally on their way to safety. these people have been sheltering and bankers and tunnels underneath the complex, as it came under continuous bombardment by russian forces i need. we've been waiting here for 2 months with the evacuation was part of what the united nations called a safe passage operation during a temporary cease fire agreed by russia and ukraine. this lou folder, the soldiers came underscore, so the 1st 11 people out, those who were seriously ill had asthma or needed insulin. and also 3 of us randomly more than 40 people, including little children, are left there up to a 1000 civilians and 2000 ukrainian fighters. i believe to have ended up inside the
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plant surrounded by russian forces in the last ukrainian held territory in the port city. people who were evacuated, spoke of the terror they experienced and of having to live in darkness for more than 60 days. because when the shell started landing out of a star, i thought my heart would stop and i would not survive it. a ukrainian commander still in the bunker says there's not enough water. and the air smells of decomposing bodies. you're medusa. sure. oh, glad, separate orders. so i hope the evacuations will continue to help our government and a 3rd party, the un mission. the red cross will all try to evacuate all civilians, not only from the plans, but from mario colon general. i also hope to evacuate all the injured and killed use of accurate all soldiers who are here now for those now free relief, but also grief for who and what they may have lost. and so when you look at it,
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there is no house anymore. of course, there isn't who to who all the time we spent and the bunker they were bombing maria pull authority, say a $100000.00 people remain and what's left of the city with hundreds more below ground at the steel works. a factory that's become a symbol of ukrainian resistance. alex o'brien al jazeera. as we mentioned, some evacuate are expected to be taken to the city of zappa's asia. that's where hodder abdel, her maid joins us from her. what more do we know about this operation? while is going very slow and it's not sure at this point whether they will arrive. she day, we've asked you and we've asked the regional administration, they dbhdd move a little bit, but it is as sluggish a drive. i would say they facing several hurdles that they have to go through as
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so as there was anticipation a few hours ago that they would be arriving more or less at this time. now it seems that that may not happen. also, the sun is about to set in about an hour, an hour and a half, and they won't be driving or under darkness. so we still don't know at this point when they will make it past the rush and check boys. at the moment the convoy is under move inside russian occupied territory. what are, what are some of the logistical challenges authorities are trying to navigate here? well this is a vague, complicated agreement that is mediated, that is guaranteed by both the you and, and the international red cross, but they're mediating between 2 bitter enemies, russia and ukraine. they're very das pacific points that both sides won't back
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off from. so at the moment we know that there was that one group of a 100 to a $120.00 that made it out of the factory. it was, they were taken by the a div representatives of the red cross. and then they have to be vetted by the russian. so every getty gets taken to have filtration center. every one gets a background check there. the agreement, only elderly women and children are allowed to get out of there. no wounded soldiers allowed to get out of there and no men in fighting age. and this is also where there's one of the issues because among the civilians that were trapped there, they're also men who were in fighting age who were not a who are not in the army who are not part of the as of regimen. but the russians won't allow that to happen and it is hammered in the agreement and is a series of check boys in at, at re checkpoint. you get it checked through over and over again. and this is what
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people here told us. some of them told us it took 3 days to get out of my or you pull or the areas in the south all or even here in nearby. these upper region does frontline villages. it is very difficult because of the logistics because of the permissions because of the checks as though certainly those who were in the as of style c factory among them is believed. family members of the as of regiment or maybe also family members of those who used to work in that factory. so certainly a complicated issue to you and is not giving much information. we get see get more from the ukrainian side. but after we heard president zalinski just last night, saying that they were a 100 people were out and they would be welcome to day in this parking lot. well that is not happening, hasn't happened so far and we don't think is going to happen today, at least at the moment. that's the information we're given. certainly many of
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moving parts to the story. thank you very much for the update hotter abdel hamid live for us there. civilians, and not only leaving mary a poll, charles strep fit is just outside of deep car on the front line in easton ukraine. he said, what the situation is like for residence flame that town was quite as, as we went in, but a lot of destruction. lot of the buildings destroyed and some very terrified people as well. that have been living in a bunker in the center of town. and we asked them as you can imagine, what their plans were now and how it felt to be to be evacuated after having spent so many days in this bunker. one dear old lady, well in her eighties, utterly distraught, breaking down, saying, please, we just need to move. now. i don't want to die. other younger people, there are a young couple saying that the only plan that they had in place was to get as quickly as possible out of, of the,
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of cur. that group now will be taken over basically a 3 day journey across ukraine to a shelter in the west of ukraine. and from there on, i mean it's, it's basically up to the individuals as to whether they stay in ukraine, whether they indeed have anything organized. i'm that far back from the frontline. as for other fighting across the front, it's the usual towns that we've been reporting about. and from in recent days, towns like lea, man towels like is young towns like curb burial cover. these are all places where russia is trying to mount a big serge, that's according to the ukrainian military towards the areas of savanski. it has been quite in the area that we've been in over the last hour or so. but literally in the last few minutes, we've heard heavy shelling coming from the east ukrainian official say rush and rockets have again struck a strategically important branch in the southwest. it's unclear if the wage remains open. it's the only road and ral link from odessa across the denise to river
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estuary. it's been already targeted twice by waste into ration strikes. to meet choice, give aski is a civilian soldier inaction, either in the north of ukraine. he says the priority is building defenses in the region. when you try to stand that are awesome can start talking from our early john and ball for they continue to bomb our border, mostly of a fighter with their, with ration stamps with the were august legs avenue. and the main responsibility is the fight army. daphne call of russian and also their troops. we need to understand that the russian can start to talk in the anytime people try to, to back home. but many of the private test on the borders
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was destroyed. so for now, we have a problem with the with building materials. so many people just cannot to start to reconstruct bear european union energy menaces are holding an emergency making after russia cut deliveries of gas to poland and bulgaria. some e u. member states are trying to phase out the blocks were lines on russian oil and gas imports. the u gets 40 percent of its natural gas from russia and brings in more than a quarter of its crude oil from man. but now rush is a big is to a you, consumer, germany aims to be fully independent of russian oil imports, light of the c. it's already reduce them from at 35 to 12 percent. but it remains a be consumer of russian gas, but banning russian energy is complicated and not every one is on board. hungry
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relies heavily on russian gas and oil, and is resisting a ban over concerns. it may damage its economy. other countries taking large volumes include italy, austria, and slovakia. all right, let's bring in a dominic cane who joins us live from berlin. hello, they're dumb water energy ministers hoping to achieve during this emergency making the 1st thing they want to do, or trying to do is to provide reassurance to those 2 countries. emily was saying the who found themselves because they're all prepared or have not been prepared to pay rubles to the russian providers of natural gas, have found themselves effectively facing a shut down shut off of russian gas. it's worth making the point that those 2 countries say they're not particularly concerned immediately because the nature of the seasons changing, it's now spring in europe and sunny weather warmer temperatures. so the need for
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gas for century eating is much lower. but the, the key issue here is how can the use apply energy to countries around its members, states, if it's not going to be russian energy, what sort of reassurance is, can be put in place? there is the thought that there may be some sort of oil embargo coming from the you, but the question would be, what sort of caveats would be in place? what sort of things keeping it in check, what sort of loopholes exceptions might there be? that's the suggestion coming from several different sources who are close to this missing saying that that might come out dominate the devil is in the days al, isn't it? what will be some of the sticking points to say will here's the thing. there are some countries, notably the hungarians, who are very resistant indeed to the idea of some sort of embargo,
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which would almost immediately unilaterally switch off energy supplies. because as you were saying in the introduction, emily, because they say would have potentially a crippling effect on their economy. but it is worth making. the point that here in germany, that sort of suggestion was being made several months ago. the start of the war in ukraine that this would be potentially destructive to the economy. and yet now the government here has changed its tune very dramatically. so they've already phased out or greed to phase out coal in the embargo by august. they're now sing oil by the end of the summer and saying gas potentially by the end of the year, or maybe a little bit later than that. as i said, the problem here is the caveats. what sorts of guarantee could there be? we might, some suggestions have been made that maybe countries which are land locked wouldn't be part of the oil embargo. so that would be the hungarians, the checks potentially the slovak ins, because the countries are landlocked,
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they wouldn't necessarily be part of an export. whereas the countries of the e, which have coastlines, will, they would, that's one suggestion. it's not confirmed, but it gives you a sense of the difficulty that the e u faces, as a block, trying to come up with a solution. a one size fits all when there are some who say that they just don't like the size of the nature of the problem right now. yes, thank you so much for breaking it down for us and those energy ministers will be holding a press conference. next. allison, i doubt, we'll chat you a little later on. tom nick came land for us in building rushes at foreign minister sergey lab. rob has caused controversy by suggesting nazi later at of hitler, had julie sure it's, that's prompted is round to summon roches ambassador the talks. lebrands also said the ukrainian presidents g. heritage, does him to contradict moscow's claims. the country is run by nazis. he added that some of the worst anti semitic, semi jews claims that hitler was pot. jewish is
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a theory widely dismissed by historians. poland president andre dude has welcomed the speaker of the us house in war. so nancy pelosi arrived from ukraine's capital cave, where she pledged america's backing until victory over russia. let's cross to kimberly hell kit who's standing by for us in washington, d. c. kimberly how has speaking nancy pelosi. sorry. how speaker nancy pelosi was in keith and has now spent the day in poland. what has she been doing during this time? oh well this is really a message the rather a visit that is designed to send a message and it comes on the heels of visits by other high profile by the administration. officials. you recall in recent weeks there was the visit by the secretary of state antony lincoln as well as defense secretary lloyd austin. so now we have the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi and she is accompanied by quite
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a few members of congress as well. and what this is, is, this is really a message of support for ukraine that is designed to show vladimir putin that the united states. and this partners and allies will continue to support ukraine and that that support will not be going away. so to that end, what we also know is that the u. s. president is going to be doing his own show of support here in the united states on tuesday, he'll be traveling to the us state of alabama to a manufacturing plant where the javelin anti tank missiles are made. and once again, all of this is carefully choreographed in order to show that really in the west, specifically the united states has economic, as well as military and humanitarian support. a slave for ukraine for the long term . and kimberly, we've been hearing about the u. s. planning to send mo, financial support to ukraine. how else is washington planning to help?
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yeah, you're right. because the $13600000000.00 that initially had been allocated is almost exhausted. so the u. s. president, now ask in congress for another 33000000000 that still has to be approved. but what i can tell you is that there are other sort of measures that are going on to continue to provide support for ukraine. for example, the diplomatic track, if you will, is continuing to be operational. in other words, diplomatic activities that were taking place in ukraine temporarily moved to poland are now resuming inside ukraine. and we're hearing from the acting ambassador u. s. and bastard to ukraine, that in fact there may be a reopening of the embassy and keeps that is very significant because it's been sort of not fully operational since about february adding to that we know that the
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1st lady, dr. joe biden is expected to on sunday travel to slovakia. this is what we know and . 8 large number of ukraine refugees, specifically mothers and children have fled. now it's mother's day on sunday here in the united states with that is why this visit is time for that day. and once again, this is just something to project the support of the united states and as people for the ukrainian people who are struggling in the midst of the russian invasion of ukraine. again, all carefully choreographed in order to show us and western support. thank you for bringing us up to speed. kimberly, how could i white house correspondent, the any more head on this news hour, including as williams around the world celebrate, eat al fitter we look at, we have a report from the occupied east, jerusalem by palestinians gather to prey amid a recent tension. un secretary general coals on 3, west african nations to return to civilian rule will bring you the lightest on
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antonia good terrors at 3 day visit to the region. and in sports, some magic from the box star man at the start of the play of the semi finals. he has all the action ah thousands of palestinians have attended prayers at the alex and mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem to mac ead. l fitter tension has been high and recent wings following incursions by far right autrand nationalist, jewish groups, stephanie decker reports from the entrance of that compound. the mayor is about to take place were outside the entrance of the alex amalia compound and lions gate. and as you can see, rather than thousands of thousands of people have been arriving here throughout the
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morning, starting from around 4 o'clock in the morning. now making their way inside the compound to carry out their prayers and that they done up. net and we always prayed to god for peace and to lift the suffering of our youth. and we had a lot of people killed many martyrs. sadness is killing a hot spots. it's thanks to god who gave a said to celebrates with happiness and to also pray for peace with a small misses jamini. so he'd prayers have finished and have paul sto without incident. you can now see the large crowd making their way out of the, along the most compound. they'll be heading home, spending the next 3 days celebrating ead with their families that have been tensioned here over the last couple of weeks, particularly when it comes to the access of far right ultra nationalists, jewish groups accessing deluxe amongst compound and calling for the right to prayer sometimes even actively attempting prayers on the site. this is forbidden, under the status quo, which is agreed upon between israel and jordan,
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which is the custodian of the site and seen qsi provocative to palestinians. interesting. on the political level, jordan, israel will be meeting after he'd to discuss this exact point. you've also had how math lead are. yes, in law, add to that same deluxe is a red line and this can no longer continue, but away from politics. it's a day that's paused very peacefully, tens of thousands, making their way here to attend e prayers. as we said earlier, now we'll be heading home to celebrate with our family. the you in the secretary general has called for a return to civilian rule in became a fast so guinea and molly, all 3 recently experienced military coups and tanya gutierrez is in next year on the 2nd of his 3 day visit to west africa. so one's debt relief and great investment to help african economies recover from the pandemic. could terrorists is set to meet families affected by violence and instability in this a hell region? let's bring in nicholas. hark. who's lived for us in the car?
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nick, the you in chief has just held a press conference with the president of naja. what was to take away from that while he's reiterating the warning people in the region of this triple crisis, food energy headed, and also the finance, which he says are the fall out of the crisis in russia and ukraine. there's been doubling of prices of basic necessities, such a sugar or wheat. and this has really badly affected a region where most people live on less than $2.00 a day. but again, he reiterated the need for a return to civilian rule in a region where there's been a series of cruise, unprecedented crews in the region, whether it be in guinea in burkina faso. in, in molly more recently, molly, home to the biggest, and the most expensive un peacekeeping operation, a $1000000000.00 a year, and where more un peacekeepers have died than any previous mission. well,
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he chose not to go to molly, but he dressed molly in his press conference conference, a country that is under section from the west african body echo was there, borders are shut a country that is increasingly isolated. listen to what he had to say about molly own to sincerely. in all honesty, i've seen with great distress, the coo and molly, then with even greater distress. the 2nd qu, i'm convinced we need to keep engaging with molly. that's what we're doing. and i hope it will be possible to have an agreement between molly, an echo was to agree on an acceptable time for the transition period, and that molly is reintegrated within the echo. last framework. i don't comment on measures taken by others on what i want is molly to have the flexibility to agree with x, y, and bring no morality in this country. and i'm sure it'll solve all the other issues and make what else is you in chief trying to highlight during this 3 day to
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well, it's important to know that he's coming to west africa after having been in ukraine . and this, he's trying to draw the attention that what's happening in europe will affect people in africa, specifically on the food shortage front front and the looming famines that could happen in the region as a result. that's why he's going to visit those displace. but it's interesting that he went to new jerry to make this press conference a country where there was a democratic and peaceful transition of power in 2021, a country that has also been badly affected by climate change. and he's really drawn the attention and pointed to the finger to rich countries for failing to provide or failing on their promises to provide funds for 4 people in the share, for instance, to deal with the effect of climate change. a country where there's been drought,
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where there's been very little rainfall and add to that increased attacked by arm groups linked to iceland, acadia and those groups are trying to control resources such as water that has been increasingly at stake in violent conflict in the region. and the climate change was something that is important in this visit. also financing that he to, he talks about. and he says that the global financial system was made by the rich and serves the rich. and the fall out of it is that many people will suffer specifically here on in west africa. emily, many priorities to deal with. thank you very much for that update because hawk live for us in the car. there were wanting government says a law suit being pursued against them in the us by the family of a man who in spite of the hollywood film a hotel were wonder, is baseless pull recessive. again, his family is suing for $400000000.00. they say he was lowered from his home in the
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us to be imprisoned and tortured in calling. he's currently serving 25 years in jail. so terrorism, you land a, nicola, the, we're wondering government spokesperson has defended the state faction. she will do it because the subject of an arrest warrant, he was part of a law enforcement operation to do, i have to wonder where he was arrested and he was charged with very serious charges . alongside 20 other co accused. they see a truck back, a fair trial where very comprehensive, the overwhelming evidence was presented, and he was convicted of leading, supporting an on group made up of jealousy, death from the r c, who killed wanderings eclipse. 9 of them. the youngest of almost 13. and he's not serving 25 years in prison after it's very judicial process including he zealand is allowing tourists in for the 1st time in nearly to use travelers from
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around 60 countries can now visit without having to isolate or quarantine sarah car up for posts a war mile, re welcome to clint. therefore, not one separated by the pandemic. find me united with really full round to the listing of some of the world, toughest border restriction. i have been a long been 2 years in suspension of just wondering if and when and never knowing if the moment was even going to come looking for your safety there. we started without knowing if we'd ever see each other. the vaccination of more than 80 percent of the population led to the gradual easing of the restriction. we marked another big moment and every connection with the world with our borders. reopening to visit is from reason why the countries welcoming again. tours from the we say
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u. k. japan, germany, canada, korea, and singapore. in addition, there is holding existing visited visas from any country, and the girls can also travel here from today. citizens were 1st allowed to return home in march, followed by australians last month, and now expanded to 60 other countries including many in europe. but travelers must be fully vaccinated and have a negative p. c r, test visitors from india, china. another non wave of countries remained bond. the government type seizing of travel restrictions will help provide the economy that relies heavily on the 3000000 tourists who visited onions before the pandemic. despite protests against the strict not downs and limited quarantine slots for key restock abroad, the government has credited the relatively low cove the death toll to its strict no tolerance policy. and while the pandemic hasn't ended yet life, many a new zealand is returning to something like normality at long last saw to hide it
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. al jazeera, still ahead on al jazeera who's defending the environmental defenders in the philippines. indigenous people played for more protection. we look at the dangerous face by journalists trying to report on uganda is cracked down on descent and in support at tens finished to gulf in mexico open. it will be here with all the highlands. ah, the winds been up long with the dust and the sound sounds storm has been around coming out normally of north africa. so libby in egypt and then towards parts of the levant or even further south. if there was a case in point, these are pictures from sunday in baghdad, forgery several people,
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several 100 people hospitalized because of that, you got a day off on tuesday with winds backing off, but they are equally strong than in northern parts of sadie and egypt. so the chances are repeat performance for that and it's within hot air. so jerusalem in beirut represent fairly high temperatures. the hot air replaces everything, moves east was by dropping and fresher weather. so down to about $21.00 on the left and lifting tank coast. but it's hot ahead of it. the winds up again on wednesday. that could be another dust storm in baghdad. good news for you been waiting for the rain in top graphic particularly and can you, i know many have with the wind turning right along the coast. now and going up as you see that this is introducing enough moisture so day the now there are a big thunderstorms in northern tons of air kenya, somalia, the c o p are not for many of course that will mean flashlights, particularly in somalia for many more it will be the long awaited rains, have broken, not everywhere, but more frequently than of late. ah,
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the latest news as it breaks? we've rama. go east. i'm paul. so we're all happening right now. thanks it city. and it's holy sites. a set to remain high with detailed coverage. this used to be a cultural trip. it will take weeks before all this rubble is removed from around the world. $825000000.00 books were sold around the world. we're talking about paper box. a couch. with
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blue ah, hello. are you watching out 0? i'm emily anglin. he's a reminder about top stories this alum. russia has reportedly resumed shelling at the as of style still works in mary. a poll following the evacuation of civilians. about 100 people who have been frayed off to hiding underground for nearly 2 months . un and red cross a coordinating the operation with ukrainian and russian forces. european union energy ministers are holding an emergency meeting in brussels after russia cut race
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of gas to poland and bulgaria. some member states have tried to phase out the books reliance on russian oil and gas. and the un secretary general has called for return to civilian rule and became foster gimme and molly or tre recently experienced military code. antonio good care is, is on the 2nd treat a visit to west africa. let's return now to the latest on the ukraine war and we joined, lived from a cave by elio and scrum. she's a member of ukrainian parliament and we own a thanks so much for being on the program. you went recently to butcher and that area has become synonymous with the word atrocities. what did you witness? and what did people say to you about their experience? well unfortunately i had to go to the cia and to other cities across key
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a region to the north of ki, of which is less known, but even worse in their state. like bar duncan, we also have a hampton big team of investigators and prosecutors work in there right now on witnessing and talking to the witnesses of for crimes and atrocities, not just ukrainians, but it's super important to us. and sarah, international investigators who comes there, we have a group of french investigators. they're also asking for another group to join us. and basically what you see, you know, when you see it in the pictures, it does not the same that when you say in person, we have witnessed that 1st exclamations of bodies from brave of more than 250 people who were buried in the most brave women and children, none of them aware, is there by accident. so all of them were shots in the heads. a lot of them tortured before. and obviously when you see that, you know, there are no words to describe. i saw that it was overall in history books for us.
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and when it happens right now in ukraine, in my country, just search kilometers from where i am now, where i live in keith. all this was, this is absolutely horrifying. experience to see a lot of women also start to tell us that they've been raped during this russian occupation. and we're trying to talk to them before a difficult psychologically, to get the evidence as and to get witness testimonies of what was going on, your examination as to men and women and children who have been rates and obviously is gonna take a lot. a lot of work to actually give it to the international tribunal on court. but i believe that every one of the russian soldiers, every one of the russian officials who had ordered those work firms should be held responsible and should be facing some kind of war through. janelle, yes, speaking of those wall crimes, tell us a little bit about, i mean, there are thousands of probes underway at the moment. how can these accountability efforts be coordinated and what will they amount to up?
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well just last week the parliamentary assembly of the council of europe have boarded for a certain. 7 international tribunal should be established. we cannot unfortunately rely on the international criminal court. 7 because all of those efforts were blocked and would be blocked by russia in the security council. so unfortunately, this tells us that the security council of the un can not stove those crimes, cannot stop. nobody from committing crimes does international law can not, well cannot, cannot really do any think about those atrocities and those who are crimes. there needs to be a special trip been all established. and also i think that tells us that we need to re sick. 7 to rethink the whole international order, which was established was about 70 years since the world so that nowhere is the world we see such cases of, you know, it's just one dictator, one country who has the power or and who is willing to, to greg the law to commit atrocities, to kill civilian, to kill women and children,
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to shell, the hospitals and kindergartens for them to be responsible for, for any actions like that. and i think it's very important to understand that this is the word not about you pray. it is a war about the whole international security order that we saw it worked when you it really didn't. but right now we face reality that it doesn't work, it didn't work. and we need to produce some things. it was a no other countries worlds or no other nation faces what we're facing today. ayana, we're expecting to hear from e. u. energy ministers in the next hour or so. they've been meeting in brussels. what are you hoping comes out of those crisis talks? well unfortunately, i've actually just been to brussels a week ago in the diplomatic mission. and unfortunately, i have to say that some of the european countries are completely not prepared to cut off gas for russia federation. 7 then only they start to realize that all of
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the guests agreement and the nurse string to where not about guess we're not about economic agreement. people call it already. and it was all, you know, a possibility for russia to control those countries and actually control the very important guess applies with our economy. only now they start to realize it, and only one foolish was cut off for rushing guess. so why should deal with german and austrian coal expense report, which was always what, what she knew if fortune counts, guess, wait for you. and if we can use this at the web, but as a weapon, because he always does use all its nomic agreements and all of the gas possibilities as a weapon of war. so what would you do then? as they found out they were completely not prepared, right? now they have to get spent right now they have to find a way on the embargo, russian moreland guess, and it's ruled, but it will not be easy for them. some of them. well, we appreciate your insight. thank you. thank you for taking the time to speak to us on this news. our aliana screw me a member of ukrainian parliament live for us in thieves. as we heard
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a little earlier in the bulletin muslims around the world as celebrating the 1st day of a fetus mocking me in just the holy month of ramadan and p capital at his alba morning. prayers have ended in violence, protest is through stones and government buildings and police who then fire back with t gas. they're angry about violence in the north. that has led to the depths of muslims in the city of gandhi. camille shim sue is a member of parliament and wisdom scholar. he joins us live from addis ababa. hello there sir. thanks for joining us on this news out. what's behind these racing violent tensions? thank you for inviting me. yeah, honda, i'm sorry. kel, bug grown. there is some marginalization of muslim minorities in the
6:41 pm
region in general, artificially and this gone earth town is known as an historical town. it is to go up in the front pause or order regions. so there where tensions from time to time conflict is from time to time. but we, when we come to the recent conflict and bruce and what happened in go under it to some systematic kind of system kind is of a min. again, is muslim societies in go under specialty, we can say, but in the day that when the old man died while they are making or the 100 ceremony and the some informal
6:42 pm
mate group is the so called to find no and militia and the region or the reason is spatial forces came together and the muslim, so this muslims are bare handed. they are an urban people, so they couldn't defend themselves. and the same day, they cute about 11 person, they look at their properties. they destroyed some largest or some most in the in the town to sun. so camille, is the government doing enough to prevent this type of violence against muslims? what is the government doing enough to prevent violence against muslims preventing violence in? yes. is the government doing enough our authority is doing enough to prevent this kind of violence against muslims. look the roster. the
6:43 pm
federal government should discard late that or they will complete college. they ordered some military. the group is there to the key piece and the to protect this paper. the were smaller number, but the system there in the region they hired again, this muslim minority is from the region, the mayor of the wonder see from the militia, from the region, especially the force and also the informal group is but the what they tried to, to do in the day will further on they brought someone to miss, they made different or on the same day the bar is about 7 individual and then the others. so according to the local people,
6:44 pm
the like about 40 persons are and now the state is still the looking continued. they arrested about 300 individual on the speed they passed this day in the prison. so but the, the federal government said the regional government is saying it is handling the money to the conflict. what is being on the ground? these people cannot go out, cannot buy something for it cannot open their shop. the majority of the most in there they are. they didn't open their job. they even some are this day a day to day or not, not yet. you know, they couldn't go to the study and they couldn't break. they didn't miss a show. still the tension is continued, but they say they, they are trying to, to settle to manage the problem. ok,
6:45 pm
thank you for your insights. we do have to leave it there. unfortunately, come out, she moved sir a p o p and a member of parliament. appreciate your time. moving on now journalists in uganda say it's increasingly hard for them to do their jobs because of a government crackdown on dissent. human rights group say it's part of a long running repression of critical voices in the country. a route matessa reports for these journalists working again that is frustrating and sometimes dangerous. in march, the independent online t. v station was rated by security officials, journalists were arrested for what the government called cyber stalking and offensive communication. some say they were tortured before being released on bail in thing in regards to broadcast was pickin. anything regarding to or office equipment from computers to even media paperwork even receipts me everything with its for fuel. i mean everything was taken. that's why
6:46 pm
it was closed and it was as moving around new fine. in fact, i am sure you saw our team as i, as it seems, i tell our reception, we do anything right group. the keys president julia mas, 70 government of silencing critics, was saying he has been in power since 1986. the opposition say he has become increasingly authoritarian, cracking down on the voices of descent and harassing independent media outlets that he causes the tax on jealous. i think she's very appreciate the critical that media plays in a democracy where the trinity and government tend to think that one journalist for media house car is the story that he's doing in their favor, the fighting them. and again, it's them. they do not appreciate the going what is holding lead on to account by exposing much gross misuse of office and power. again, as government says, it is not trying to muscle the press, but journalists,
6:47 pm
county allowed to publish false news, commit libel, and fuel incitement. they are not going to come to ignore the media, how or generally, because they are. so you're talking about if dentists of grain, i'm the security forces going in there may not targeting that agenda. but some janice in uganda feel the state is targeting them and they say more needs to be done to respect people's rights to freedom of speech and expression. how to melissa auditor? spain's prime minister pedro sanchez has had his phone hacked. so has the spanish defense minister government officials in madrid, say pegasus spyware. it was used to extract the data from sanchez as phone, at least once. they haven't said who they suspect high court judges are investigating the security branch. tech giant, apple is facing anti trust charges. the you accuses the company of restricting competitors from its apple pay mobile payment system. the you're paying competition
6:48 pm
regulate, have found the move, resulted in less choices for consumers and hampton innovation teams. app developers were unwilling to create online wallets. apple can respond to the accusations before a final ruling. if the company is found in violation, it could be fined and forced to open apple pay technology to rival a territorial dispute that lead to violence against the indigenous activists in the southern philippines has highlighted the dangers faced by environmental defenders. police say the group was trespassing and ignored a warning shot as jamila alan, doug reports the activists want the next administration after upcoming elections to offer them greater protection. they are from them, i know, but pulling your tribe, considered one of the very 1st inhabitants in the southern region of linda now, but that's all land on low and is glen, have lived on this road side for many years now?
6:49 pm
they hope to take back more than a 1000 hector's of land. now privately owned that once belonged to their ancestors . they were shot out by gunmen, despite having written government permission to reclaim their land shall eat the dell. so cora was shot together with 3 other monopolies. and i made out of me. negligible. now the gunmen came from nowhere and started shooting at us. when i fell in love, i thought what sort of life to relieve or learn more of those ellen? oh, we've been around for 5 years. who pleaded the dirt as administration to help us. no one is here to protect us. people here don't see us as a human beings to them. we are garbage. also, the monopoly we're also attacked 5 years ago when their leader will not allow was shot dead. his killing remains unresolved. the story of my noble will and neon. it's a story that is repeated many times over. according to the international group,
6:50 pm
the global witness. the philippines is the deadliest country for land defenders across the asian continent. and men de now holds the highest number of recorded killings. when president rodrigo totality was sworn into office in 2016, he vowed to defend the plight of indigenous peoples and the environment. but at least a $160.00 environmental defenders were killed. between 20162028 shocking increase. say many, even for a country long accustomed to violence, the tribes people killed often spoke out against illegal logging, mining, and damn projects. climate change is also a threat. extreme where there also devastates vulnerable communities and many filipinas hoped that after detector retires in july, the next administration will shift it's focus and put that indigenous peoples
6:51 pm
considered by some here to be the last line of defense against climate breakdown, jamal alan dog and al jazeera book hidden and pry, then saddling philippines and snag campus, but he's paid on emily. thank you so much with all the tennis and the biggest names in the sport of criticized one of those decision to exclude russian and bill russian players from this youth tournament. first up, let's hear from will number one, i'm a truck of it's speaking at this week's madrid, masters i think it's, it's just not fair. it's not right. but it is what it is. you know, they are entitled to make to make the decision and are now um, i guess it's on player council that the tour management to really decide along with the players or what is the best solution in the situation, whether they keep the points, protect the points take away 50 percent of the points or whatever we had in the last couple of years. because of corona, raphael adel said the verse to spanish media. wimbledon just took their decision,
6:52 pm
the most drastic position they could take without taking everything into account. the government did not force them to do it. i think it is very unfair for my russian teammates. my colleagues, it is not their fault. what is happening in this moment with the war. andy murray is also a to time wimbledon champion. he said, i'm not supportive of players getting banned. i feel for every one feel for the players that can play, and i don't support one side all the other. earlier we spoke with tennis channel analysts, john worth. i'm and asked him if there's any chance player power could force wimbledon to overturn its decision? i dog and i speak, this is really lay bare sort of tennis is power structure and who holds the cards and the truth is wimbledon as prominent prestigious event. a number of these players have all sorts of economic reasons to play, not just the prize money,
6:53 pm
but all sorts of bonuses. keep in mind that 2 of the players we've talked about natal joke, which are chasing history there in the this race to be the all type leader and beatrice one. so i think there's outrage, but i don't think there's so much outrage that they would ever boycott it is an individual sport at the end of the day. and there's just too much at stake to, to risk missing wimbledon over principal. and i think when will the probably new going in there was going to be, can blow back to the players, but not enough to impact the event. women that have been very firm about this and they've, this was about 2 weeks ago. they may just announcement they've stuck by it and i think they're banking on the fact that there will be some criticism. there will be some angry players, but not so angry that it will cause them to to rethink their decision and be a champion, the milwaukee bucks have yana sent to combo on their side. and what do other teams have? what a tough time trying to stop the greek superstar, the bucks made a winning sauce to the eastern conference, sent me final, the beating the bus himself by 12. and he's a compet sodium worth at both ends of the recording of triple double 44.13 rebounds
6:54 pm
and 12 assists. and it was also room for magic. in the final course with this move, setting up themselves, the school of the back board came to us on tuesday in the best of 7 series. just add the ball. and i was like, oh crap. get stuck. you know, they're not through. it's a by word. you know, i'm like another god bless you. the ability to be able to jump on a quick job and go get it again. and i was able to play over in the western conference. the golden state warriors had one of their stars ejected late in the 1st half against the memphis grizzlies. the swimming tray, mon green, was ruled a flagrant fowl by the referees that the warriors overcame the setback. they were down by 2 with less than 40 seconds remaining. before clay thompson put golden
6:55 pm
state in the lead, memphis had one final chance to win the game. right. but said joe, marines could not find the targets for years. so of course i was in the row, sort of start a series and you get a guy. i dream on that into the locker room. nobody wants to see the, it's not grocery game. i big a deserve that. obviously i go over emotional rise out of it. no child stay locked in and you know, due to circumstances and give ourselves a chance to win. caesar has handled out sanctions to 6 african football associations following incidents in the world cup playoff matches at the end of march. egypt requested their game with synagogue b replayed off the citing a number of complaints, including a laser pen being aimed at striker mohammed sala during the decisive penalty. shoot out cynical, who qualified for the woke up must play one game behind closed doors and pay a fine of $180000.00. nigeria and the democratic republic of congo will also find
6:56 pm
and given a one game stadium band for the behavior of fans, algeria, egypt, and morocco all received financial punishments, but no matches will be replayed. ac, milan or aging ever closer to the 1st city onsite. lin 11 years, but defending champions into milan are doing there, but to keep the pressure on milan, we're 1st up on sunday against florentine and just when this one looked to be heading for a draw rafielli out, wanted for the leaders with 8 minutes left much to the relief of the home fans and was over to into a loud toddler martinez smith this penalty, but put in the rebound to stall the decisive goal in there to one away. when at would uneasy they trail ac milan by 2 points with 3 games to go to golf and will number 2, john rom ended what he called a stressful weekend by winning his 1st title. in nearly a year, the us open champion had
6:57 pm
a to shot lead going into the fine round of the mexico. busy open despite a couple of birdies on the front line, he was caught by american trio brand and whoo tony for now and could kids a yama, but spanish picked up a shot at the 14th to take the outright lead, and he stayed there, posting a to round to under round of $69.00, to finish a shot clear of those 3 players at 17 and it is roms, $73.00, ga to a title. i knew i could get it done, and i came this week wanting to do it. i've spoken to length about the importance of safety and his name back to the golf and how, you know, i play because of him nowadays. you know, we have a much bigger reach, lead you to become a bigger tour with social media. we're world why stars bigger than than they were in the past, and i feel like i can make some impact the mexico as well. we'll leave it over now . i'll be here again in a couple of hours time with another sports needs update. emily sounds good. thank you very much, pita. all right, that's it for me, emily anglin,
6:58 pm
for this news hour. but i'll be back in a moment with more of the days news. so don't go anywhere, including all the latest developments out of brussels way, e u. energy made ministers and meeting to discuss the blogs, energy supply, and we reveal details of the world's longest. please stay with us. ah. mm hm. on counting the cost, the world's richest man is buying twitter. so what we'll, a law must gain warnings that a huge build up of death in the world forest countries. we should put the bill and paul is running low on foreign currency reserve is an economic crisis. moving
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company, the calls on al jazeera we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what you see out is laura will bring you the news. and current affairs that matter to you out is in europe. in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to heidi talks to cod, beside with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive instrument chemical warfare. a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge braying something and they didn't even see the kids foot 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange on out as era african stories from african perspective, a short documentary from african filmmakers from ivory coast,
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just last year from chauffeur to quad, rode the bus for fun, but i was reduced to russia to function a new thing for home. and south africa being a fan, i would change, and it shows me that i am actually tracking and fire with africa direct on al jazeera ah civilians frayed from a besieged steel plant. and mary, a pole ahead to safety after injuring wakes of russian bombardments. ah, hello, i'm emily anglin. this is al jazeera life from dough house that coming up a u energy ministers made in brussels, divided on their oil and gas supplies from russia,
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aid elevator celebrations turned violent in ethiopia.


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