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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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this used to be a cultural center, it was take weeks before all this rubble is removed from around the world. $825000000.00 books were sold around the world for talking about paper books. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm sorry. i'm to mozy, this is the news our live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. the 1st civilians evacuated from mario polls bombed out, steal work slowly, make their way to safety. after weeks of darkness and depravation, we joined the volunteers risking their lives to rescue people flying russian bombing across east and ukraine,
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where there is no promise of safe passage. wow, violence breaks out in ethiopia. capital during prayers to mark the end of ramadan, amid anger at the recent killing of 20 muslims. a why this video is adding to the public anger over shanghai strict month, long locked down. about he distributed dough with your sport. you a fruit, burns rushes merchant team, and that's curbside from european competitions and fee for punish $6.00 african motions for the behavior of firms in the wilco playoffs. but no games will be replayed, ah low welcome to the program, but efforts to evacuate more civilians from the devastated ukrainian city of mary paul have been hit by delays. russia reportedly resumed shelling the as of stell
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steel works in mary a pull on sunday after the evacuation of at least 100 civilians . but hundreds are still for to be trapped inside. they've been spending weeks on the ground in the darkness of a labyrinth of bunker's sheltering from the constant bombardment was little food or water evacuees were taken to a camp in the rationale town of best men. moscow says 57 people have opted to remain in sap protest areas, but the convoys final destination is operation. the only large city in the southeast, under ukrainian control, alexia bride reports now crawling out of the rubble of muddy poles as of style steel plant, and finally on their way to safety. these people have been sheltering, and bankers and tunnels underneath the complex. as it came under continuous bombardment by russian forces. i mean, we've been waiting here for 2 months. with the evacuation was part of what the
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united nations called a safe passage operation during a temporary cease fire agreed by russia and ukraine. initially filled out, the soldiers came and escorted the 1st 11 people out. those who were seriously ill had asthma or needed insulin. and also 3 of us randomly more than 40 people, including little children, are left there up to a 1000 civilians and 2000 ukrainian fighters. i believe to have ended up inside the plant surrounded by russian forces in the last ukrainian held territory. and the port city people who were evacuated, spoke of the terror they experienced and of having to live in darkness for more than 60 days is needs it. it is clear, i will remain traumatized and dream of bomb attacks during bombings at night. the floors were caving and shaken walls were peeling off. but there are no words to describe it when the kids are huddling close to you,
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they never got out from under ground, nor did i. i finally saw the sky today. ukrainian commanders still in the bunker. it says there's not enough water. and the air smells of decomposing bodies, possible, der sure young and use a sheldon. i hope they'll be another round or no civilians who still remaining the plant will be taken away. there are around 20 children and hundreds more adults, women, elderly people, and we dammit me to carry out some sort of special operation because people are under the rubble. we have him talking, but we can't lift the slabs. we plan to clear the verbal outside the bunkers, but the entrances were blocked, and they were selling from land and sea at night, and bombs being dropped all day long. for those now free relief, but also grief for who and what they may have lost. and so when you look at it, there is no house anymore. of course, there isn't looking for the time we spent in the bunker,
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they were bombing maria pull authority, say a 100000 people remain. and what's left of the city with hundreds more below ground at the steel works, a factory that's become a symbol of ukrainian resistance. alexia bryan al jazeera. meanwhile, other evacuees from mary apollo been arriving as a parisha after days of traveling through russia checkpoint, travelling independently in an hour govern government run terminal, where they're going to be processed in yet a recording. is that the quote it is in the sure. oh, the nerves, we survive something that god forbid happens to any one else. we need some long therapy, not us, and the children to, as it was raised, there was a risk of god said they wanted to get so from opal. so i'd, we decided that to is that it's worth it. i have other relatives still in ruble perhaps. 0,
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one of my uncle is in as i've studied his in courses so i dont know where he is still. so we are waiting for al jazeera honda abdul hamid has been spending time in zap morisha where its hope the convoy carrying evacuees will arrive on choose day. it's moving very slowly and that's because that's at, at several stages. they have to stop, they have to be checked again. these are russian checked boys. they have to go to a filtration center where the russians have to vet every single person coming out. so it is an extremely long process. and if you recall, i mean the u. n and the red cross conway haven't arrived in or you pull on saturday. and it's only she day that there is some movement and only about a 100 to a $120.00 civilians. of those that were in the as of cell steel plugged,
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are coming out. we still don't know how many are still inside is relieved. maybe this, they were up to a 1000, so maybe 900 are still in there is all quite fluid. i spoke earlier to the mayor of murray, who is here in upper region. he said to me today is the big day of evacuations. because apart from the u. n con voided, everybody here is waiting for. ah, there's also another evacuation that is happening is been facilitated again by the un and the red cross. but those are for people who are outside of the of the plant civilians. we live in different areas where you pull out a meeting point has been announced, and buses have been sent to that meeting point, but we still don't know if that convoy is actually going to be on the move anytime soon. villages and towns are being evacuated throughout eastern ukraine without any
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agreement giving safe passage to civilians volunteers of putting their lives at risk to rescue people in danger. from russia's bombardment, al jazeera charles stratford, and his team boarded a boss taking evacuees to safety from the frontline town of of diva volunteer evacuation. dr. a. eagle come and have listened to directions from a contact on the front line. there will be a petrol station. you go straight off to the cross roads. you turn right? she says, we put on our protective vests and get on the bus you. it's an alice drive to the town of gus through countryside. that so far doesn't bear the skulls of war. eagles, church group got a call that up to 40. people wanted to be evacuated immediately. he has to move fast, because there's been a lot in the shelling chart. we feel we have to do something because people have to live. it's as simple as that. when we go in,
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we are very anxious. but when we get people out, we feel joy, street destroyed buildings begin to appear as we enter town. the bus stops and we walk down into a nearby bunker. well in, fled, shelling around the town of credit source, with her 2 daughters, uva and maria. she says she is too afraid to leave the relative safety of the underground shelter. some luncheon lease can attend to summit, as the children are terrified of the shelling shells are hitting buildings near our home. it's not as loud underground. the streets above a virtually empty rushing shells of hit residential housing blocks. nearby, people stop boarding the bus, some bull, their parents, sisters, moms and dads, and the elderly. this terrified old lady told us, i'm so scared and i don't want to die, though her miss,
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i feel great relief. we live for more than a month in the basement. we are just so thankful. it's very scary. we just have to leave you a the boss races out of town before the shilling stults again. this is the 1st time the church heard was received. the po for people desperately wanting to get out of the of these evacuation. now they say 3 day journey to a shelter. we wish the new crime there are ongoing evacuation efforts to various villages and towns happening across east in ukraine, but they are not negotiated by the un or greed uphold by russian forces. there is no safe passage for thousands of people like these. charles stratford al jazeera of the of co, easton ukraine. i'm developments elsewhere. a teenage boy has been killed in a russian missile strike on the port city of odessa. a residential building with 5
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people inside was head as well as a church. a girl was also injured dresser, sina rising number of attacks from russia in recent weeks and in his nightly dress ukrainian present. rodney zalinski expressed outrage at the desperate tack swingers his gun innocent hole in a. tim will then pull this. today, the russian army launched another few rockets on odessa. what they destroyed a hostile killed a 14 year old boy boone to the 17 year old girl. she has a shell fragment in her body. what's the point? what for what time to those children pose the russian state, and that ukraine official se russian rockets have again struck us procedure, the important bridge in the south west. this is the only road and railing from odessa across the denise. the river estuary bridge has already been targeted twice by russian strikes. it's not clear if it's still open. so let's now speak with terrorist to polio the lead singer of the ukrainian band and tequila
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who has joined ukrainian forces as a medic. we spoke to him 2 months ago when his appeal to british musician ed sharon, to record a song, went viral. and they've now collaborated on a song to raise money for the music saves you a project. and so it's great to have you back. i spoke to you a couple of months ago and you explaining how your life has changed from a being in a rock band, obviously at to the way the conflict that you're in. now i have to start by asking you how you manage to, to create the lyrics and record the song and just make this collaboration happen in the middle of a war. hello. first of all, i want to say thank you that calling me that. her tries to tell you, ah, people what is happening in ukraine. it's very important for us. so after the team of an update, sharon steam proposed us to dig
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a bar in the song. of course it was, it was hard. no because of the situation in key ne, in that time. but we're to have this proposition and did and, and have done our part of work. because we're, we're, we're understanding that it is very important through the music and through the ukrainian lyrics. ah, how it's essential to tell the truth about what's happening in, in ukraine, through the stores. there was a music, there was a sound through the song was that we do, of course. so what we did this 1st of all, just because of this just to spread the impression and spread the information about the war in ukraine for a 1000000 of people formula. and so, yes,
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the important thing we're trying to do here is connect with people who are obviously not in your hine, but they know there is an invasion taking place. it can be very difficult to relate to what, what is happening if they have not had the same experience themselves. what message do you want them to take away? what is the biggest misconception about this, this conflict? first of all, ah, what is the main that will stand till yet till there, till our victory, of course, will get the victory, our nation i united and strong and bravery. and every time when i'm talking with a journalist, i tried to spread this information, tried to impressed by my wards by what i'm saying. try to impress all the people that we are not. we will not give up it. first of all,
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this 2nd i did this war and we, we don't understand why that put in doing this. so maybe i'm wrong, we understand why he's doing this. we don't understand why he is doing this in that hurry tickled way. why he destroying our cds and our movements our kids. so what we understand exactly that this will, this will answer only in one, 0, way we will get the week through. we should to resist. we should do a to stand united against the rational buyers and only after one we will get the week 3. this all will start only after this is found in this water, not be unfortunately,
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i don't see another wait. how to stop this? oh, there's him a site, i don't have another war. and he sounded just a bit emotional. they speaking about it, think you don't understand the, the level of brutality at this. yeah. because a lot of the images that we see a infrastructure has been, destroy, buildings have been destroyed. that might be military targets coming under a tank. but then residential buildings that a nearby a flattened and then oversee atrocities, now being uncovered as well as that. your oversee there in huck. har keith, but how does, how is all this affecting you? ah, you know it in harkey would force a lot of 1st showing why the bumps it a lot of bombs dropped on their car give during this war. and the main thing
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is the the car give them the eastern ukraine. it is a part of our country that this mostly russian speaking people, lives and what is doing for bruton and to russian nation. they destroy in the russian speaking people of ukraine. but they say in the that they wants to protect them, protect because of what, why, why, why they tries to protect us by showing our cds by bumps. it's ridiculous. so here it feels very strongly that this war it's unsafe. wore this war. it's totally war or when one side is lying everywhere. lying and lying again. well,
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thank you very much tires to paula for joining us. and just to remind everyone that there is this collaboration that we're doing with ad sharon and the purpose of that song is to raise money for ukraine. so thank you very much. thank you. goodbye. well, you got much more still to come on this news out from london. russia's formulas to provokes fury. and israel with comments about hitler and o. a will marry. welcome oakland poor as new zealand reopened to visitors for the 1st time in almost 2 years. and in sports, um and how much is in the madrid open quarter finals? peter will have that story. ah,
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muslims around the world of and celebrating the 1st day of age mocking the end of the holy month of ramadan. but in ethiopia, capital addis ababa morning, pres, feed, ended in violence, protest as threw stones at government buildings. and the police who then fight back with tig asked as anger about violence in the north of ethiopia as led to the deaths of 20 muslims in the city of gone dar last week. if you have been jealous, samuel got to chew in addis ababa has more on this. this was on each celebration that's been happening in this sub may got open space square named moscow square. hundreds and thousands of people do attend. they do not just occupy the space of the square, but the goal, they stretch all the way to you know, some of the neighborhoods in the bully area. the push a bully and want from it. there was, according to the i d, some about police. are there were a young people throwing stones in light of what happened in the corner,
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a town of wonder, and i'm her region, which they felt that the muslims have been targeted. in particular, 21 was limbs were allegedly killed. why christians, they alleged, and that's why they were throwing stones and really destroying properties according to europe in government. but the job and security decided to use tier goes to try to bring this, you know, young people under control. and there has been lots of people that have been injured. there hasn't been any you know, anyone that have died so far according to the job on government. but there are many, many children that have been missing in the government and local organizations on tried to unite this children to their families. and what is should be a holy day for muslims in ethiopia?
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obviously around the wildness cleanseth and celebrating astonished, ate with present san abrasions. it's known as a festival of the breaking of the fast worship is gathered in mosques, football stadiums, or in open at parks. tell pres, together before the beginning of 3 days of santa operations. and thousands of palestinians attended their prize at the alex and most compound and occupied east jerusalem y tensions of been running high and recently after incursions by far i alternation as jewish scripts during the month of ramadan. now the does chinese city of shanghai as reported at $58.00 new cases of covered in areas outside at st . lockdown to left millions, stuck inside for more than a month has been now new outcry over these images from shanghai which was shared online. they showed funeral home workers pulling an elderly comb resident in a body bag out of the back of the vehicle. he was about to be transported for his funeral. when they noticed that he was still alive,
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they ordered the coun workers to take him straight back inside. municipal government as confirmed that this took place and the comas apologize. it was also an investigation underway for the new cases outside of shanghai, quarantine area, or a blow to china 0 cove. it strategy coming as the cities outbreak appeared to be waning . over saturday and sunday, the city reported at 7000 new cases down from a peak of 27000 a day, nearly 3 weeks ago. 9.4000000 people in the city still bod, from leaving their homes or their compounds. and this is more than a month into what is a very strict lockdown by jean reported just 50 locally transmitted cove at 19 cases and a 24 hour period on monday, despite doing testing for millions of people at of the may day, holiday. 12 of the cities, 16 districts will carry out 3 more rounds of testing between may 2nd and 5th. 400 people have tested positive in the capitol since april 22nd. steve sang is
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director of the china institute at the school of oriental and african studies in london. he joins us via skype from nottingham. if i can 1st thought i want to ask you, get your thoughts on this footage of this elderly man who was put in a body bag and then a thankfully pulled out of it. when they, they realized he was actually alive. i mean, what is your reaction to this? how does how to something like this happen? well, did is obviously something completely appalling. it should never happened anywhere in the world. it clearly has happened in china. we don't know what in fact happened, but it does shows as the management of the care home was launched and very professionally 9.4000000 people in this, as he has still borrowed from leaving their homes at the oversee. this is,
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these are incredibly draconian measures for a city and a population of this size. how great is the level of public anger right now? well, from what weekend. here, full social media, the anger is very, very strong. and in tensed people are very upset and angry, not only because they are being locked up, but also because they are not getting essential supplies to make life lest unbearable. is that a slight difference from the way in which china executed it's policy last year it seemed as though it was quite efficient. they are able to get food and supplies to people that needed it. why, why is that not happening this time? why people running short of food?
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well, when one was locked down in the 1st instanced were hung receive support. from practically all over the country. when cities are locking guns this year, they are supposed to manage it on their own. and the central government is not war blazing, national resources to support them and targets are being set for them. and the local leaders focus on meeting those targets, which is to reduce coal, which to cyril, to rest really were if your light something should be done, you do could. and therefore, people are not being looked after in the way that they should be. and we fail is images on social media of people angry and frustrated. and they're shanghai residents are stuck in doors banging their pots and pans. how damaging could this
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be for the ruling party is clearly damaging to the overall reputation of the competence of the communist party in general terms. but it is not going to be very damaging to shipping himself. even door d, cyril corbett, policy is a shooting being policy and is he who is responsible for the chinese come in. we'll make sure that blames will be pinned. add local officials for the implementation of the policy not on the policy itself. and certainly in not on she jumping and the one who challenged that will be suppressed. steer tang, thank you very much for joining us there from nothing. meanwhile, new zealand, the long terrorist backend for the 1st time in nearly 2 years travellers from more than 50 countries can now visit without having to isolate or quarantine latest relaxation of these even st. covered rules as our higher reports
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the womb mile, re welcome to clean de port number one separated by the pandemic, find the united with really full round off to the listing of some of the world's toughest border restriction. oh, i been a long it's been 2 years in suspension of just wondering if and when and never knowing if the moment was even going to come. i was looking for you. thank you there. we started without knowing if we never see each other. the vaccination of more than 80 percent of the population led to the gradual easing of the restriction . and we marked another big moment and every connection with the world with our borders. reopening to visit is from visa away. the countries welcoming again. tours from the we say u. k, japan, germany, canada, korea in singapore. in addition,
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during coding existing visit a visas from any country in the world can also triple here from today. citizens were 1st allowed to return home in march, followed by australians last month. and now expanded to 60 other countries including many in europe. but travelers must be fully vaccinated and have a negative p. c r, test visitors from india. china or another non waiver countries remain banned. the government hope seizing of travel restrictions will help provide the economy that relies heavily on the 3000000 tourists who visited onions before the pandemic. despite protests against the strict not downs and limited corn seen slots for key, we stuck abroad. the government has credited the relatively low covey death toll to it's strict no tolerance policy. and while the pandemic hasn't been did yet, life for many a new zealand is returning to something like normality. at long last saw a height of al jazeera,
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the australian alan quanta says it will style the walls longest, non stop flights, all the way to united kingdom in 3 as time. quantity is ordered, 12 abbas a $350.00 jets for the ultra long whole service from sidney to london. passengers will be in the air for around 20 hours for the 17000 kilometer johnny direct flights from australia to new york are also planned. wants to head for you on the program tele, why journalists in uganda being put in danger by a government crackdown on descent. amazon warehouse workers overwhelmingly reject a bid to unionize in new york and in sport, favorites. liverpool target no slip ops and champions li look ahead to the semi final clash with villareal. ah
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hello there. let's have a look at the weather across europe and it's a pretty quiet picture for much of the region. we are, however, so seeing those unsettled conditions in this south of the south west the iberian peninsula, as well as for the southeast, some heavy rain and a thunderstorm, or 2 for greece and turkey. but it's really spain that's going to see the rain intensify. we have got warnings out for thunderstorms and heavy rain particular for eastern areas by the time we get into the mid week. but further north of this, it is a pretty quiet picture. we've got warm conditions across much of scandinavia, blustery winds as well. so with that we've got wildfire warnings to southern areas of norway and southern areas of finland. some wintry conditions still pulling up into the north. now of course, central air is got a smattering of cloud and some rain and for britain, an island. it's a similar story, but we will see some sunny spells coming through for the southwest corner. now we had further south. we are seeing widespread rain stretching across northern areas
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of italy, the a dramatic towards greece and turkey. but it's really going to be spain, as i said, that sees the really wet and windy weather for southern areas. but look at that, we are going to see some sunshine. come back into bossa. lona, by the time we get to friday aah! from the al jazeera london rocha center to people in thoughtful conversation, art cannot be introduced by the super bowl with no host and no limitations matter. the note was to be brought home from a thing that's radical infancy park, one highway and denise cool naga bog and want to sell lowball to the message studio b unscripted on al jazeera. we tell the untold stories ah,
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when also stone. ah, we cover all sides, no matter where it takes us. i believe we are fearless sir, gab from my eye, and power and passion. we tell your stories. we are your voice, your news, your network al jazeera lou ah, ah, welcome back. the main stories now efforts to evacuate war civilians from the devastated ukrainian city of mary all have been delayed. russia reportedly resumed shelling is of style still works and married on sunday after the evacuation of at
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least $100.00 civilians. a teenage boy has been killed in a russian strike on odessa. rockets have also targeted a strategically important bridge which leads to the port city. and in our and other news morning prior to celebrate ead, ended in violence and ethiopia, capital addis ababa. it was bought by anger of the deaths of 20 muslims in the city of granddaught last week. when our e u energy ministers have held an extraordinary meeting over russian demands that they pay for oil and gas in rubles blocks, as these conditions cannot be met under any circumstances. the energy commission commission has now asked companies do to pay gas prom in a few days to look at other options. don't make cain reports from berlin. for years, russian fossil fuels have been a main energy source for much of europe. on an average day, the e u bies, in as much as $1000000000.00 worth of coal,
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gas and oil. but moscow is now insisting customers from what it calls hostile states pay for their gas in rubles, and of switched off supply to the bulgarians. and polls for failing to do so, forcing the you into an emergency meeting on energy security, many or banana companies. i try to make that next payment to gasp. i'm in meet may and are trying to understand better. but they should do. and we need to give them the clarity that bank robbers through their conversion mechanics managed by the russian public authorities. and a 2nd dedicated accounting cast from bank is a violation of the sanctions and cannot be accepted. in essence, this meeting deferred lasting solutions, leaving that option instead for a full e u summit at the head of state level. at the end of the month. the sticking point
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has been how to help members states who are most dependent on russian energy. so what they want to know, who's going to take care of them is they're solidarity in the european union. it's one thing her solitary, when everybody storage is full, will there be solidarity when storage isn't full? and that's germany, for example, has the biggest storage after ukraine. we know the problem in ukraine. they should step up and say, we're going to share with you what we can. the european commission is already said . it wants to reduce its dependence on russian energy by 2 thirds this year, but the german government wants to act sooner, where possible agreeing to embargo russian coal from august and wanting to stop using its oil by the end of the summer, with gas to follow as quickly as possible. which means uncertainty for refineries such as sh, fit in eastern german. each year it processes more than $11000000.00 tons of russian crude oil. it's currently majority owned by the moscow based company bra
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sniffed in some ways. berlin's changing approach to russian fossil fuels. ready has been a process not an event. when the war started, ministers avoided encouraging embargoes. but as the conflict in ukraine has evolved, so to has their position here, dominant came al jazeera in the german capital. meanwhile, israel has reacted with fury to comment by russia's foreign minister that adult hitler had jewish blood, his israeli counterpart called them unforgivable and russia's ambassador was summoned for talks. sa glover of also said that you ukrainian presents jewish heritage doesn't contradict moscow's claim that the countries run by nazis. and he added that some of the worst anti semites cheers claims that hitler was part jewish have been dismissed by historians. chairman of israel's holocaust memorial yad vashem has called the remarks abhorrent, despicable, and concrete historical truth. therefore,
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as for the ukrainians who agree on government, but the presidents, zalinski, particularly as mugs, is also a policy actually is the distortion of the holocaust. the ability gratian of the victims of the holocaust because they're not the min something like that. absolutely. loving local variable. so we combine both, so the strongest, our dogs live falls, the equivalence was made by foreigners, the liberal, another russian officials. and now the news, the unsanitary, general, antonio, the terrace, is integer on the 2nd of his 3 day visit to west africa, calling for debt relief and greater investment, help african economies recover from the pandemic. he's also going to be visiting families affected by violence and instability. in the style region, nicholas ack reports now from synagogue capital to car. this region has experience a series of cruise in the last year, unprecedented numbers of coo onto new terrace, yet again has called for soldiers to hand over power to civilians. whether it be in
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kina faso in guinea, but also in molly's molly home to the biggest and most expensive un peacekeeping operation, costing a $1000000000.00 a year. but also the deadliest more un peacekeeping soldiers have died there than any previous mission. now he did not visit molly during this tor, of west africa, but he did address the issues and concerns that he has in bobby, a country that is under sanction from the west african body echo us on to sincerely in all honesty, i seen with great distress the coo and molly then with even greater distress. the 2nd qu, i'm convinced we need to keep engaging with molly. that's what we're doing. and i hope it will be possible to have an agreement between molly. an echo was to agree on an acceptable time for the transition period, and that molly is reintegrated within the echo of framework. he also addressed looming triple crisis affecting people in west africa, food, energy,
12:39 am
and finance. this, he says, are or direct effect of the crisis taking place in europe, thousands of miles away from the african continent. he warns that the fall out of that may push a quarter of a 1000000000 people into extreme poverty. most of them right here in west africa says that that has also been made worse by climate change. extreme drought has badly affected countries in this a hell, specifically new share. and this is something that president bassoon of nuclear addressed. lose impose differed fossils if today's world compels us to face defects of climate change that brings about recurring droughts like the one we're experiencing now. getting to major for deficits. or this happens in a context of rising cost of merchant transportation already because of covered and
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no because of the crisis in europe. the secretary general will meet those displays to in the molly burkina faso neeraj air, troy border area. people that have been facing attacks from arm groups linked to iceland, al qaeda, but also from climate change shall then move on to travel to nigeria, where we'll meet president bush hurry and do a few visit there. but make no mistake. the reason for his visit is to draw attention to region that is facing growing instability on multiple fronts. investigation is underway in the philippines after a fire in the capitol. manila killed 8 people, including 6 children, 5 route through an informal settlement inside the campus grounds of the university of manila. early in the morning, the victims were trapped in their homes. as the flames spread quickly through the makeshift structures, took 5 fight is almost 2 hours to down the flames. once a week to go until elections in the philippines indigenous activists are calling on the next administration to give them more protection. it comes off to environmental
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campaign is attacked in the south of the country last week. an incident, the police have written off as a territorial dispute. shamella allan doug and travel to a remote region of the book in non province where they feel abandoned by the government was of they are from them. a noble pulling young tribe considered one of the very 1st inhabitants in the southern region of the now. but that thought orlando anglo and his clan have lived on this road site for many years now. they hope to take back more than a 1000 hector's of land. now privately owned that once belonged to their ancestors . they were shot out by gunmen, despite having written government permission to reclaim their land shall eat the del socorro was shot together with 3 other men or boys. i mean, out of me, negligible. now the gunmen came from nowhere and started shooting at us. when i found that i thought what sort of life to relieve or learn more of those, ellen?
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oh, we've been around for 5 years. who believe that the dirt as administration to help us? no one is here to protect us. more people here don't see us as a human beings. to them. we are garbage. i'm a novice. we're also attacked a 5 years ago when their leader will not allow was shot dead. his killing remains unresolved. the story of minerva will a new one is a story that is repeated many times over. according to the international group, the global witness. the philippines is the deadliest country for land defenders across the asian continent. and men de now holds the highest number of recorded killings. when president rodrigo detector was sworn into office in 2016, he vowed to defend the plight of indigenous peoples and the environment. but at least a $160.00 environmental defenders were killed. between 20162028 shocking
12:43 am
increase. say many, even for a country long accustomed to violence, the tribes people killed often spoke out against illegal logging, mining, and damn projects. climate change is also a threat. extreme where there are also devastates vulnerable communities. and many filipinos hoped that after to turn to retires in july, the next administration will shift its focus and protect indigenous peoples considered by some here to be the last line of defense against climate breakdown, jamal ali dog, n al jazeera book had none, province, southern philippines, well, it's well price freedom day on tuesday, a day of support for journalists facing danger around the world. and those in uganda say that it's becoming more difficult for them to do that jobs because of a government crackdown on dissent. human rights group say it's part of a long running repression of critical voices. harm tasser reports.
12:44 am
for these journalists working again that is frustrating and sometimes dangerous. in march, the independent online t. v station was rated by security officials, journalists were arrested for what the government court, cyber stalking and offensive communication. some say they were tortured before being released on bail. anything in regards to broadcast was picken. anything regarding to or office equipment from computers to even media paperwork even receipts me everything with its for fuel. i mean everything was taken. that's why it was closed and it was as moving around new fine. in fact, i am sure you saw our team as you do as it seems i'd have reception, we would do anything. right? group the keys president julian was 7 years government of silencing critics was saying he has been in power since 1986. the opposition say he has become
12:45 am
increasingly authoritarian, cracking down on the voices of descent and harassing independent media outlets that he causes that talks on july. i think she's 32, appreciate the critical that the media plays in a democracy where the trinity and government tend to think that one journalist for media house car is the story that he's doing in their favor, the fighting them. and again, it's them. they do not appreciate the co importance of holding lead on to account by exposing much growth, misuse of office and power. again, the government says it is not trying to muscle the press, but journalists, county allowed to publish false news, commit libel, and fuel incitement. they are not going to come to ignore the media, how? oh, generally, because they are. so you're talking about if there is of grain, i'm the security of what is going in there. may not targeting that agenda. but some janice in uganda feel the state is targeting them and they say more needs to be
12:46 am
done to respect people's rights to freedom of speech and expression. how to matessa auditor. meanwhile, enough canister, the takeover by the taliban has increased concerns among female journalists, as one reporter and women's rights activist explained to us solemn, marianna, be her song. i'm maria may be manager in charge of sante v and also the head of women hope caravan organization. they will come at the company mit under the previous government. the taliban unfortunately behaved harshly with active members of society. and even after the arrival of americans and under the new government, this still the same. they were harsh and cruel, but journalists there rested them in more parts of the country or beheaded them and committed other crimes like that. on the 15th of august, when the previous government fell, every one was scared. i was scared to. i can't forget that day. it was the 1st time
12:47 am
in my whole life that experience something like this. i'm a holy pine. i thought all my hopes plans and dreams for the future were going to vanish like dust in the wind. i thought i be like the women under the last taliban regime. i will turn into a girl who will have to wear a broker and be unable to leave my house. but after some time i wanted to come back on screen. i was in despair. our biggest fear was that the taliban would have the same conservative view that they had in far away rural areas. so i talked to some of my friends and we decided that we need to protest and plead for justice. on that day, i thought to myself, how can i show the taliban or the new government that to these women are not like those under the previous regime. when he could forcibly put worker on women's heads to these women are developed and educated. they are girls who are very talented in the field of journalism, and they should participate in the progress of
12:48 am
a society. so we can see a wealth of loved and improved of kind of sun in the future for a damn one. a sonata or amazon workers at warehouse in new york have rejected a bid to form a union. a group overseeing the votes has only 38 percent of eligible workers supported. the bid to major blow for labor organizers. just a month after work is at a nearby factory voted in favor of unionizing as a 1st for amazon in the u. s. where it is the 2nd largest private employer, gabriel, as on those falling events force and new york. this is certainly a defeat for the amazon labor union movement by nearly 2 to one workers at this amazon warehouse in new york voted not to unionize. certainly the mood was somber as many of the union leaders left this federal building behind me where the vote tally was counted. this is what a few of the amazon labor union leaders had to say. this is a very small battle in
12:49 am
a very large war. so if jack bases thinks he has one, he has not. if jeff bader thinks that we're not going to come back to l d j 5, and when it later i was disappointed, we're all disappointed about by the outcome in l. g. j 5. but we're still optimistic about the moving going forward. this is all part of a broader unionization effort in the united states that we've seen in recent months and years. it's not only workers at amazon, but we've seen workers that as well at places like starbucks and apple stores as well, starting to unionize, or at least discussing the possibility of unionizing. now this was certainly a big defeat here for this amazon union efforts, but it comes a month after a big victory where workers at another amazon warehouse voted to unionize. in what was considered by many to be one of the most significant workers rights unionization efforts in nearly a generation. clearly though,
12:50 am
on this most recent of vote, amazon spent millions of dollars trying to defeat this unionization effort. and clearly, it worked spain as launching a top level high cor investigation after prime minister petro sanchez, his phone was hacked. government officials in madrid, say pegasus spyware was easy to extract data from sanchez's phone twice in may last year. defense mister margarita robledo suffered as similar security breach the following month. government had been on the pressure after more than 60 catholic separatists were found to have been targets of pegasus spyware. it's produced by an israeli farm, which says it's only sold to governance. watching the news, al at ly from london more still i had for you. we look at how andy mari won the battle of grand slam champions at madrid. open on that story. and more in the sports. ah,
12:51 am
cats are always official ally of the join with with pole and
12:52 am
fishing and on the journey. lou ah sport now if peter indo. marian. thank you so much you a for has continued. it's been on russia's national football teams and the country club sides from european competition into next season because of the invasion of ukraine. the seasons champions league final has already been taken away from st. petersburg and move to paris with the latest sanction means the main side won't feature in the nations the competition. and the women's team won't play qualifies for between the 23 world cup. u. a has also declared that russia's bids to host the
12:53 am
main viewers in 2028 or 2032 already ineligible. faith has handed out sanctions to fix african football associations following fan incidence in the woke up player at the end of march. but no games will be replayed, egypt requested they match with cynical will be re staged off to fighting a number of complaints including a laser pain from the crowd being aimed at striking bahama sala during the defense of penalty. shoot out cynically qualified for the world cup must play one game behind closed doors and pay a fine of $180000.00. nigeria and the democratic republic of congo were also fund. and given a one game stadium band, full supporters, algeria, egypt, and morocco will given financial punishments. liverpool manager, your club says they will be no complacency from his side as they prepare for tuesday. the 2nd leg of the champions league semi final with via the yell liverpool, one last week, 1st master and feel to know top says he says no,
12:54 am
the job isn't done yet as the look to reach the 3rd. finally, in this competition in 5 years, you never know if you will reach a semi fund again if you ever have a chance again to go to the finally you never know. we have exceptional team here and nothing is for granted. you need lock in moments. all this kind of thing, so you, you better treat it carefully and be ready, but we will, we will be ready. we really wanted ones will be where we are vieira our curt you ny emory says he side must play the perfect game if there to have any chance of reaching the final. they've seen of you. ventless and german champions bind munich to reach the semi's, but emily accepts overturning a 2 goal deficit will be difficult. well, without having a party, they'll perfecto. we have to play a perfect games. we have to look for excellence or be close to it. that has been achieved something that nobody has achieved against. and alan, we have to go back a little further from this season to find more weaknesses this year. nobody has done it at all. my christiane or another helps manchester united give interim
12:55 am
manager. ralph rang nika, winning sand off and his last home game in charge of the team. united with 3 know winners of branford in the premier leave on monday. bruno fernandez, scored the pick of the goals to give a side a half time lead for another fide in the 2nd from the penalty spot after the break is 18th goal in the league this season. and the scoring was completed by ref alvarado on with his 1st goal for united 3 know was also the biggest when they've recorded since rang, nick took charge a november rania sullivan has grabbed another slice of sneaky history after winning a record equaling 7th world title. at the crucible, but they are known as the rocket proved too good in monday's conclusion, on the final in sheffield against judd, from winning it by 18 frames to 13. this victory brought her sullivan level with stephen henry and will champion of winds at 46 is also the oldest fare to take the title and described it as probably the greatest result i've ever had.
12:56 am
i've never been bothered about records and don't get me wrong when you get in gar. hey, that was kind of nice bible and i've never been. i've never performed well. i'm going to stuff like that. just try to enjoy the game compete. enjoy been on the circuit trying to enjoy what i do. and i work hard at my game and then and then it sort of like you just let the snow because the shy but in the deciding the 70 days are on my side. in santa sandy murray, one the clash of the 2 former grand slam champions with dominic team at the madrid open on monday. both players are trying to climb back into the world's top 50 after overcoming serious injuries. it was murray who took this one in straight fits 6364 . theme who is returning after 8 months with this problem is yet to win a match in 2022. mary will face dentist shop of olive in round to elsewhere on monday janek center saved 3 match points and came from
12:57 am
a sat down to be tommy who to reach the 2nd round, the italian t n. c, who played alec stem and all next for a place in the last 16 in the women's competition. so mad a hell up is into the quarter finals of the beating cocoa. gov. the 2 time grand slam when i took it in straight sets. she has won this tournament on them a good plate twice already in her career and in the quarter finals. hell, i will face the number 8 seed on stuart, the tennessee and got past the lender bench, which in 3 fair driver went to the cider 6 games to to oh, i marian, that's all the sports needs on her for you. betsy london, thanks very much pita. so that's it for the news. i'll be back in a couple of minutes with a full bulletin for you around up today's top stories coming up very short, including of course, all the latest developments in ukraine. ah
12:58 am
ah. and actual capital capital, which nature creative when nature is transformed into a commodity big business, takes a new interest by landscapes protecting landscapes. it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of major. but at what's risk, banks of course, don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature. they do that
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because to see a business in pricing the planets on al jazeera, short films of hope, and inspiration, ah, personal stories of 3 young women, challenging the world around them. al jazeera select ah rivers are trying out greasing land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife for migration have been blocked by human settlements to deal with all this canyon needs more money for conservation. and with the koran of ours, pandemic keeping many visitors awake revenue from tourism. is it now here at the outset of national park, an annual ceremony has been launched
1:00 am
a whole parisha than individuals pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, if i civilians evacuated from murray, polls bombed out, steal work slowly, make their way to safety. after weeks of darkness and deprivation. and we joined the volunteers risking their lives to rescue people fleeing rush and bombing across east in ukraine, where there's no promise of safe passage. ah, hello i mary, i'm demising in london with alger 0 also coming up on the program.


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