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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2022 1:00am-1:30am AST

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is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiative. ah . the 1st civilians evacuated from murray. polls bombed out steel, walked slowly, make their way to safety. after weeks of darkness and deprivation. and we joined the volunteers risking their lives to rescue people fling russian bombing across east and ukraine, where there's no promise of safe passage. ah, hello i mariam demising in london with alger 0 also coming up on the program. ah, wow, violence breaks out in ethiopia. capital during pres to mark the end of ramadan, amid anger's at the recent killing of 20 muslims. why this video is adding to the
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public anger over shanghai strict month long lockdown. ah, hello, welcome to the program will efforts to evacuate more civilians from the devastated ukrainian city of mary paul have been hit by delays. russia reportedly resumed shelling the exhausted steelworks and my pal on sunday, off the evacuation of at least a 100 people. but hundreds of more still thought to be trapped inside. they've been spending weeks on the ground in darkness with a labyrinth of bunker's sheltering from on his near constant russian bombardment. and with little food or water evacuees were taken to a camp in the russian hell town of busy men. oscar says 57 people have opted to remain in separatist areas, but the convoys final destination is apple regia. the only large city in the
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southeast on the ukrainian control holiday abdul hamid has worn out from is apparition. them is the 1st safe transit point for those fleeing shelling in air strikes. a parking lot outside a shopping mall. aptly named epicenter. all day long convoys of cars kept arriving. this one was the 1st of the day, la lena gilbert was born in russia. she could have left her hometown of mar, you ple earlier, but she didn't ask it yourself. a nice little thing to hold what i see him. i use all my relatives live in russia. they're worried about me. they asked me to go their eyes. i love them, but i won't be able to go. i once turned it off when you are burnt. how can you forgive? there was the possibility to go to russia. there are 3 buses daily that go to the next summer, but many people want to go to you cream and they don't know how to go. throughout
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the day they just kept on arriving mostly fleeing places like her son, mili topple, but the ants and other places under russian control. some were on their last legs. do you am convoy with the civilians evacuated from the as of south steel factory is also supposed to arrive here for just as those who made it out are going through pharaoh security checks by the ukrainians bills on board. the buses are being vetted by the russians under decision passage agreement brokerage by do un, only women, children and the elderly are allowed to leave. about a 100 civilians were rescued from the steed works. there have been sheltering and tunneled and bunkers underneath the soviet era. factory, bale and exhausted, they crawled out of the rubble in abilene from abroad to take was spits me to carry
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out some sort of special operation because people are under the rebel. we hear them talking, but we can't lift the slabs. you wanted to clear the rebel outside the bunkers that block the entrance, but we can't because of the shelling the convoys on the move. but as alina most jenko says, driving out of murder, you pull, involves several hurdles. gazelle in last they kept us will ever, at checkpoints. at the last checkpoint, they pushed us back and told us to come at 7 a. m with a promise that we will cross. he led us through. the convoy was huge. they were a lot of people, but only 25 cars made it. the rest returned back russian soldier was shooting in the air. he warned us that next time he will shoot to kill. russia wants to make sure soldiers hold up at the factory door, sneak out among the civilians for those who make it. these are difficult but joyful moments, but to dull, still trapped and more you pull. these are dark hours where the end is difficult to
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predict. what up that hamid al jazeera, zapper egypt, villages and towns of being evacuated throughout easton ukraine as well. but without any agreement, it give safe passage to people who are trying to leave. so it's volunteers that are putting their lives at risk to rescue people in danger from russia's bombardment. charles stratford and his team boarded a bus, taking evacuees to safety from the frontline town of of d. f car volunteer evacuation driver. igor, come on. if listened to directions from a contact all the front line, there will be a petrol station. you go straight and off to the crossroads. you turn right. she says, we put on our protective vests and get on the bus. it is an alice drive to the town of abdi of go through countryside. that so far doesn't bear the skulls of war, eagles, church group or to call that up to 40. people wanted to be evacuated immediately.
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he has to move fast because there's been a low in the shelling. much much we feel we have to do something because people have to live. it's as simple as that. when we go in, we are very anxious. but when we get people out, we feel joy, others, we destroyed buildings begin to appear as we enter town. the bus stops and we walk down into a nearby bunker all in our fled shelling around the town of kraemer, talked with her 2 daughters, uva and maria. she says she is too afraid to leave the relative safety of the underground shelter. i punch in these cabinets and it is not added. the children are terrified of the shelling shells are hitting buildings near our home. it's not as loud under ground that if the streets above a virtually empty russian shells have hit residential housing blocks nearby. people start boarding the bus, some have bought their pants, sisters moms and dads,
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and the elderly. this terrified old lady told us, i'm so scared and i don't want to die. no hurry much smith. i feel great relief. we live for more than a month in the basement. we are just so thankful. it's very scary. would just have to leave you the bus races out of town before the shilling stults. again. this is the 1st time in the church. herb was received the po, from people desperately wanting to get out of the of these evacuation. now they say 3 days journey to a shelter the wisdom ukraine. there are ongoing evacuation efforts to various villages and towns happening across east in ukraine, but they are not negotiated by the un or greed uphold by russian forces. there is no safe passage for thousands of people like these. charles stratford al jazeera at the of co eastern ukraine. a teenager boy has been killed in
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a russian missile strike on the port city of odessa. a residential building with 5 people inside was hit as well as a charge. a gull was also enchant, distressing more and more attacks from russia recently with forces rank whooping her tank. your brains, south and east. all the president wrote him is lance. he has expressed outrage at the attack in odessa swingers his goose gun in the center hole didn't wouldn't pull this. today, the russian army launched another few rockets on odessa, what they destroyed a hostile killed a 14 year old boy boone to the 17 year old girl. she has a shell fragment in her body. what's the point? what for, what time to those children pose the russian estate and ukrainian officials are saying that russian rockets have again struck a strategically important bridgenet desa. this is the only road and rail link from the city across the denise to river estuary. the bridge has already been targeted
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twice by russian strikes and it's not clear if it's still open. well, in other developments, israel has reacted with fury to comments by russia, foreign minister, that adult hitler had jewish blood is. it is really counterpart called them unforgivable and rushes ambassador was summoned for talks. sergey lamar also said the cranium presents jewish heritage doesn't contradict moscow's claims of the country's wrong by nazis. and he added that some of the worst anti semite to choose claims that hitler was part jewish has been dismissed. i historians, the chairman of israel's holocaust memorial yad vashem has called the remarks of burnt, despicable, and contrary to historical truth or for as for the ukrainian via government the globe residents, zalinski barbecue love, we are. madison is also a policy actually is this dorsal, the hall of gold, billy gray, some of the victims of the whole are good because if not, move something like that. absolutely loving local bearable. so we combine both so
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it was fingers are those loopholes. equivalences made by foreigners, the liberal, above the russian will. e u. energy ministers have been holding an extraordinary musing over russian demands that they pay for oil and gas in rubles blocks as these conditions can't be met under any circumstances. me energy commissioners now ask companies to to pay gas prom in a few days to look at other options. dominic cane reports from berlin. the years russian fossil fuels have been a main energy source for much of europe. on an average day, the e u. bies in as much as $1000000000.00 worth of coal, gas, and oil. but moscow is now insisting customers from what it calls hostile states pay for their gas in rubles, and of switched off supply to the bulgarians. and polls for failing to do so. forcing the you into an emergency meeting on energy security,
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many or banana companies, i try to make the next payment to gasp. i'm in meet may and are trying to understand better, but they should do. and we need to give them the clarity that bank robbers through their conversion. mccann is managed by the russian public authorities. and a 2nd dedicated accounting cast from bank is a violation of the sanctions and cannot be accepted. in essence, this meeting deferred lasting solutions, leaving that option instead for a full use summit at the head of state level. at the end of the month. the sticking point is been how to help members states who are most dependent on russian energy. so what they want to know, who's going to take care of them is they're solidarity in the european union. it's one thing her solitary, when everybody storage is full, will there be solidarity when storage isn't full? and that's germany, for example, has the biggest storage after ukraine. we know the problem and ukraine. they should
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step up and say, we're going to share with you what we can. the european commission has already said it wants to reduce its dependence on russian energy by 2 thirds this year. but the german government wants to act sooner, where possible agreeing to embargo russian coal from august and wanting to stop using its oil by the end of the summer, with gas to follow as quickly as possible. which means uncertainty for refineries such as sh, fit in eastern german each year. it processes more than $11000000.00 tons of russian crude oil. it's currently majority owned by the moscow based company, but all sniffed in some ways. berlin's changing approach to russian fossil fuels has been a process, not an event. when the war started, ministers avoided encouraging embargoes. but as the conflict in ukraine has evolved, so to has their position here,
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dominant cane al jazeera in the german capital. so i had on the program then that will go luckily, now i am and the duck his alicia is of the got to be coming together for ukraine will speak to the sing host collaborated with pop, saw and share and recording a song from the battlefield. o and a will marry. welcome at oakland at bushes new zealand reopened to visit his for the 1st time in almost 2 years. ah hello there with the start of the dry season across more than areas of australia. it's a very warm and quiet picture up here. we've got high pressure in charge for much of the continent keeping things largely fine and dry with just
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a smattering of showers here and there for much of the weather action. we have to head to the south. we've got a wintery cold front, sweeping its way to the southeast, pushed by those southerly winds. we are going to see a pretty dramatic drop in temperature, in places like adelaide melbourne, and is ho bought by the time we get into wednesday. and we are like, you see some showers possible hail as well and maybe even some snow as those wintry conditions take hold. but for many areas it is a very settled picture as it is for new zealand. as we hop across the tasman with lots of sunshine coming through with just a few showers here in their temperatures in christ church and oakland, above the average for this time of year. now for the wet or whether we have to head to southeast asia, we seen some pretty heavy rain pull into indo china, coastal areas of vietnam and cambodia. still seeing that wet weather, we will see the rain intensify for the malay peninsula in the days to come. we could also see some severe flooding for southern areas of the philippines.
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ah, witness this brave witness? freedom witness? slavery twins, people, witness power, witness and lifetime. witness our witness. peace, witness. fridge. this witness. peace, witness. love. witness. pool with world witness. next to witness. live witness for sarah lou. ah,
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welcome back. the main stories now efforts to evacuate. people from the devastated ukrainian city of murray apollo been delayed. russia reported, he resumed shutting his off style, still works complex on sunday, after the evacuation of at least a 100 civilians. meanwhile, a 15 year old boy has been killed in a russian strike on the port city of odessa. this as russian rockets again has strategically important bridge that leads to the port city ukrainian band, anti teela have collaborated with british musician ad sharon to raise money for ukraine. novolog re ma'am on the buck is alyssa with the reworked version of sharon song tooth that was posted on monday. with vocals from a t listing at taurus to pull. yet in ukrainian. 2 months ago, the band who enlisted as medics, when war broke out, appealed on social media for a collaboration with share and in a post that went viral. they also directed the to step music video featuring scenes
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from ukraine. so anyway, i spoke to terrorists and he told us about the message you they want to convey in teaming up with sharon real stance, juliette till the, till i will get to read. of course we will get the week to our nation. i, united and strong. and bravery, and every time when i'm talking with john elise, i tried to spread this information, tried to impressed by my war by what i'm saying. try to impress all the people that we are not. we will not give up. we. we don't understand why they couldn't do this. so maybe i'm wrong, we understand why he's doing that. we don't understand why he's doing this in that critical way. why he destroying our c d 's and walk movements our kids.
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so what we understand exactly that this will, this will only in one or wait, we will get the week 3. we should to resist. we should do to stand united against the rational buyers and only after one we will get the week 3. this all will start with them around the world have been celebrating the 1st day of each mark in the end of the holy month of ramadan. but in ethiopia, capital addis ababa was marked by violence. protest is 3 stones at government buildings and police. then fight take gas in response. is anger about violence in the north of a c p a that said to the death of 20 muslims in the city of gone dot last week. if
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you can journalist samuel, get you an artist of a has more on this, this was on each celebration that's been happening in this sob. may god open space square and named moscow square, hundreds and thousands of people do attend. they do not just occupy the space of the square, but the goal, they stretch all the way to you know, some of the neighborhoods in the bully area. the push a bully and want from it. there was, according to the id, some of a police are, there were a young people throwing stones in light of what happened in the corner, a town of wonder, and i'm her region, which they felt that the muslims have been targeted. in particular, 21 was limbs were allegedly killed of why christians, they alleged, and that's why they were throwing stones and really destroyed properties according to the ethiopian government. but the theo ben security decided to use tier gus who
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tried to bring this, you know, up a young people under control. and there has been lots of people that have been injured. there hasn't been any a, you know, any one that have died so far according to the german government. but there are many, many children that have been missing in the government and the local organizations on tried to unite this children to their families. and what is should be a holy day for the muslims in ethiopia more it's mostly around the world. of course we have been celebrating the start of eat, and this comes with presence and abrasions it to marks the end of the fasting. month of ramadan. it's known as the festival of the breaking of the fast worship, as if been gathering and mosques football stadiums open at parks. tow prez together before beginning 3 days of celebrations and thousands of palestinians of attended there present the alex i'm was compounded occupied east jerusalem tension has been
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high in recent weeks flowing incursions by far right. alter nationalists, jewish groups during the month of ramadan. well, in all the news, the secretary general ontario terrace is inertia. on day 2 of his 3 day visit to west africa is cooling for debt relief and great investment help african economies recover from the pandemic. he's also visiting families affected by violence and instability in the social region. nicholas' hoc reports now from santa goals capital to car. this region has experience a series of cood in the last year, unprecedented numbers of coo onto new terrace, yet again has called for soldiers to hand over power to civilians. whether it be in kina faso in guinea, but also in molly's molly home to the biggest and most expensive un peacekeeping operation, costing a $1000000000.00 a year. but also the deadliest more un peacekeeping soldiers have died there than any previous mission. now he did not visit molly during this tor, of west africa,
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but he did address the issues and concerns that he has in bobby, a country that is under sanction from the west african body echo us on to sincerely in all honesty, i seen with great distress the coo and molly then with even greater distress. the 2nd qu, i'm convinced we need to keep engaging with molly. that's what we're doing. and i hope it will be possible to have an agreement between molly. an echo was to agree on an acceptable time for the transition period, and that molly is reintegrated within the echo of framework. he also addressed looming triple crisis affecting people in west africa, food, energy, and finance. this, he says, are or direct effect of the crisis taking place in europe, thousands of miles away from the african continent. he warns that the fall out of that may push a quarter of
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a 1000000000 people into extreme poverty. most of them right here in west africa says that that has also been made worse by climate change. extreme drought has badly affected countries in this a hell, specifically new share. and this is something that president bassoon of nuclear addressed. museum paws differ fossils if it. today's well compels us to face the effects of climate change that brings about recurring droughts like the one we're experiencing now, getting to major for deficit. or this happens in a context of rising cost of merchant transportation already because of covered and no because of the crisis in europe. the secretary general will meet those displays to in the molly burkina faso needs air tri border area. people that have been facing attacks from arm groups linked to iceland, al qaeda, but also from climate change shall then move on to travel to nigeria, where we'll meet president bush hurry and do
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a few visit there. but make no mistake. the reason for his visit is to draw attention to region that is facing growing instability on multiple fronts. but it's wild press freedom down. she is diane, d u. n is holding a virtual conference to highlight dangers, journalist ice while white janice and uganda say it's increasingly difficult for them to do that jobs because of a government crackdown on dissent. human rights groups, the saying is part of a long running repression of critical voices. harm latasha reports on this. now for these journalists waking, again, that is frustrating and sometimes dangerous. in march, the independent on line t v station was rated by security official journalists were arrested for what the government called fiber, stalking and offensive communication. some say they were tortured before being released on bail. anything in regards to broadcast with pickens, anything regarding to or office equipment from computers to even mia
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paperwork even received me or was it? was it for you when i mean everything was to him. that's why you to do with clothes . because as move our own will, fine, i am sure you. so our team i, you do as a to seems our section we would do anything. right? groups of keys president your where mas havanese government of silencing critics was saving. he has been in power since 1986. the opposition say he has become increasingly authoritarian, cracking darn voices of descent and harassing independent media outlets that it causes the attacks on jalissa. i think she a failure to appreciate the critical role that the media plays in a democracy where the security on government is tim to think the toe was generally so media house curves the story that is not in their favor. they are fighting them under dennis. them, we do not appreciate the critical importance of holding lead us to account over
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exposing bus gross or misuse of office on power. uganda government says it is not trying to muzzle the press, but journalist can't be allowed to publish. false news, commit libel, and fuel incitement. they're not going to come to ignore a media house. oh genesis because they are. so you're talking about east death. his of gram. i'm the security forces going in there by it's not targeting the gentleman, but some journalist in uganda feel the state is targeting them. and they say more needs to be done to respect people's rights to freedom of speech and expression. parramatta out there. now amazon work is at a warehouse in new york, have rejected to form a union. a group overseeing the vote says only 38 percent of eligible vargas walker supported the bid. it's a major blow for labor organizes just a month after work is at a nearby factory voted in favor of unionizing. a 1st families in the united states
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or it's the 2nd largest private employer. well now the chinese city of shanghai, which is reported $58.00 new covert cases in areas outside its strict lockdown, which left millions stuck inside for more than a month. has been new outcry now over these images from shanghai which was shad online. they show funeral home walkers pulling an elderly calhoun resident in a body bag out of the back of a vehicle. he was about to be transported for the funeral. when they noticed that he was actually still alive, they ordered the calvin workers to take him back. a minister of the municipal covenant is confirmed that it did take place. the cow home has apologized and investigation is also on the way. now, new zealand is allowing terry's bank in for the 1st time in nearly 2 years. travelers for more than 50 countries can visit without having to isolate a quarantine latest relaxation of new zealand. strict covert rules as our hierarchy reports a war mile. re welcome to clean de
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port number one separated by the pandemic. find the united with really full round off to the listing of some of the world's toughest border restriction. oh, i been a long it's been 2 years in suspension of just wondering if and when and never knowing if the moment was even going to come. i was looking for you. thank you there. we started without knowing if we never see each other. the vaccination of more than 80 percent of the population led to the gradual easing of the restriction . and we match another big moment and every connection with the world with our borders reopening to visit is from visa away. the countries welcoming again. tours from the we say u. k. japan, germany, canada, korea in singapore. in addition,
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there is holding existing visitor visas from any country in the world can also triple here from today. citizens were 1st allowed to return home in march, followed by australians last month. and now expanded to 60 other countries including many in europe. but travelers must be fully vaccinated and has a negative p. c. r, test visitors from india, china and other non waiver countries remain banned. the government hope seizing of travel restrictions will help provide the economy that relies heavily on the 3000000 tourists who visited onions before the pandemic. despite protests against the strict not downs and limited quarantine slots for key, we stuck abroad. the government has credited the relatively low covey death toll to it's strict no tolerance policy. and while the pandemic hasn't ended yet, life for many a new zealand is returning to something like normality at long last saw to hide on al jazeera. while you're strolling, airline quanta says all salt the world's longest nonstop flights all the way to you
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. k in 3 as time. quantities order 12, ab ah say $350.00 jets for the ultra long whole service from sidney to london. passengers will be in the air for around 20 hours. to rec. flights from australia to new york are also in the works. ah. just a quick look at the main stories, the sound efforts to evacuate war civilians from the devastated ukrainian city of mary paul have been hit. i delays russia reportedly resumed shelling, years of self still works in the city on sunday. this was after the evacuation of at least a 100 people, but hundreds more still trapped inside. and i've been spending weeks underground.


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