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tv   Witness The Mortician Of Manila  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2022 1:30am-2:01am AST

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lice many a new zealand is returning to something like normality. long last saw to a height of al jazeera while you're strolling, airline quanta says it will start the world's longest nonstop flights all the way to u. k. in 3 years time. quantities is ordered, 12 abbas a $350.00 jets for the ultra long haul service from sidney to london. passengers will be in the air for around 20 hours. direct flights from australia to new york are also in the works. ah. just a quick look at the main stories, the sound efforts to evacuate more civilians from the devastated ukrainian city of mary paul have been hit. i delays russia reportedly resumed shelling, years of self still works in the city on sunday. this was after the evacuation of at least a 100 people, but hundreds more is still trapped inside. and they been spending weeks underground in bunkers sheltering from constant bombardment while running out of food and water
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. that is just still, i will remain traumatized and dream of bomb attacks during bombings at night. the floors were caving and shaken walls were peeling off. there are no words to describe it. when the kids are huddling close to you, they never got out from under ground, nor did i. i finally saw the sky today. when you took with you, there is no how semi ball, of course there isn't. all the time we spent in the bunker, they were bombing. meanwhile, a 15 year old boy has been killed in a rush and strike on the port city of odessa. and miss l strike had a residential building and there were 5 people inside. teenage girl was also injured. odessa has seen an increasing number of attacks from russia in recent weeks, as it forces recruit to focus on ukraine, south and east will present rosemary. zalinski has expressed his outrage at that
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attack on odessa. so we never see skews gun in the center. all that good it. today, the russian army launched another few rockets on odessa, what they destroyed a hostile killed a 14 year old boy wound to the 17 year old girl. she has a show fragment in her body. what's a good point? what for what time to loath children posed the russian state. or in other stories were following morning prayers to celebrate, each ended in violence. in ethiopia, capital addis ababa protested, threw stones at government buildings and the police who then find that with tear gas. there's anger about violence in the north of ethiopia, which is led to the death of 20 muslims in the city of gone dark last week. at brings you want to write with the top stories, the sour, that's it for myself and the team here in london. for now, we will see you tomorrow. witness as the program coming up next, stay without his era. how and why did susan become so obsessed? with this law?
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we were giving them a tool to hold corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. very when i rip this deal apart, if they take the white house of 2025, what is the world hearing? well, we're talking about why american today we take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. oh i, i make that happen. i love the law or blow up, but a little other. kelly, god, i mean, i'm up. i mean, no more milan though. mister h i
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or early morning of february 6, they were killed in different police encounters. everybody was caught off guard with the killings in metro and the last a bob to a point that they don't want media to over to kill it. remember. and as i'm a, my mom always gonna deliver a new 1. 49, the mobility is a after the police stop giving us information and tips on the crime scene is we started hanging out of all the space. that's how we became friends gonna,
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the feelings that are ongoing. and some of the media have to dig deeper and not only rely on what is being given, being fed to them by the police. so also the police was doing the autopsies. most of the victims stuff you find. it's kind of strange that the claim that they for, but someone to make them says this torture marks on coff marks this a new one. go to dublin tonight in a lot of things. so what i mean did you have
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a normal when i go in and that was a very big start date i i give you a little bit about what we think about but again,
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it is about have them look good i as $11.00 a might even be now joining us laws so we can work together. i don't care if he'd be interested in a therapy. maybe one day he will really understand is he an angel devil? i think it's in the middle. mm. good. thank you very much. not a day. hey, i know a
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a month and then on monday in the afternoon move that way, but i have a move in. mm hm. mm hm. journalism is under siege in the digital age. surveillance threatens to study full price with online violence, endangers the safety of journalists. the spread of disinformation corrupts public trust in the media. truth becomes a casualty. journalism under digital siege, who will press freedom day 3rd of may, 2022. from
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the al jazeera london broadcast center to people in thoughtful conversation, large cannot be easily erased or by, by the superpower, with no host and no limitation. what mattered the knowledge was to be radical. how can the thing that's radical to be for sale part one of the highway and denise to pool is not about wanting to sell a lot of the message in the studio b, unscripted, on allison's era. on may, 9th, the philippines will vote to elect a new president to replace the rodrigo character and more than 35 years in the country. he emerged from his father's dictatorship with front runner gordon at martha's junior thought. as the philippine co join us for special coverage on al jazeera, how social a social media platforms, if many young youth feel isolated, anxious, and depressed currently there is
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a grand national experiment that is taking place upon our kids. why take companies not sufficiently regulated? they don't want people to know what's happening on their platform. and when will society catch up? 10 people that i knew in high school that may suicide, full lines, investigate toxic feed, social media and teen mental health. on al jazeera ah relief of being reunited relatives meet those free from barrier poll, but many others from a truck to the city still works complex, surrounded by russian forces. ah, clubs, a few of them are like headquarters here in doha. also coming up the volunteers rescuing people in easton,


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