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tv   Witness The Apollo of Gaza  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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build up of death in the world forest countries. we should put the bill. and the poll is running low on foreign currency with this is an economic crisis to make companies calls on al jazeera. ah, your child is there with me, sir robin in doha, reminder of our top news stories. the 1st group of evacuated from the besieged steel plant and malleable, have arrived in january, china. those evacuated were made mostly of women, children and the elderly hunters more still thought to be trapped them. how to abdul hamid reports is the 1st safe transit point for those fleeing shelling in air strikes. a parking lot outside a shopping mall. aptly named epi centre. all day long convoys of cars
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kept arriving. this one was the 1st of the day. la alina gilbert was born in russia. she could have left her hometown of mar, you pull earlier, but she didn't. i think it's just something i said, i just want to see him. i, in all my relatives live in russia. they're worried about me. they asked me to go their eyes. i love them, but i won't be able to go. i once tended. i can, you are bolt. how can you forgive? there was the possibility to go to russia. there are city buses daily that go to then yet to recover. but many people want to go to ukraine and they don't know how to go. throughout the day they just kept on arriving mostly fleeing places like her son, mili, topple, but of the ants and other places under russian control. some were on their last legs. do you and convoy with the civilians evacuated from the as of south
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steel factory is also supposed to arrive here. but just as those what made it out are going through thorough security checks by the ukrainians. those on board, the buses are being vetted by the russians. under the safe passage agreement, broken by the un, only women, children and the elderly, allowed to leave about a 100 civilians were rescued from the steed were. they have been sheltering in tunneled and bunkers underneath the soviet era. factory. pale and exhausted, they crawled out of the rubble in um, brilliant, rubber floor did say it was puts me to carry out some sort of special operation cuz people are under the rebel. we hear them talking, but we can't lift the slabs. you want to clear the rebel outside the bunkers that block the entrance, but we can't because of the shelling the convoys on the move. but as olean, almost she anchor says, driving out of murder, you pull, involves several hurdles gazelle in last,
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they kept us forever at the check points at the last check point. they pushed us back and told us to come at 7 a. m with a promise that we have a cross. let us through. the conway was huge. they were a lot of people. only 25 cars made it. the rest returned back russian soldier was shooting in the air. he warned us that next time he will she to kill russia wants to make sure soldiers hold up at the factory, dull, sneak out among the civilians. for those who make it, these are difficult but joyful moments, but to dull, still trapped, and mo, you pull. these are dark hours where the end is difficult to predict. hood abdul hamid al jazeera, zachary g. a teenager has been killed after russian forces tugged at a residential area in the ukrainian city of odessa. russian rockets also struck a crucial bridge to the port city. for a 3rd time. the ease energy commissioner rebuffed the kremlin demands for gas payments to be made in roubles despite threats of supply interruption. carter
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simpson said european company should consider other payment options. israel has demanded an apology from moscow after russian foreign minister, sokolov roster walks claiming that adult hitler had jewish blood. rushes ambassador was summoned for talks, theories that hitler was parked jewish widely dismissed and rejected by historians the bones of spanish prime and the bedroom lunches under the fence. that is to have been hacked. government officials say pegasus spyware, which is made by the, is by the ever so group was used to extract information from such as a soda, at least once they haven't said who they say is responsible. it comes weeks after reveal that dozens of political figures in catalonia were targeted by spyware, for the stories of a website called the camo news and half of the witnesses next tuesday with us i
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ah, and with the fact that i'm shopping speaking about your voice, it gives the cash just hit us off of that issue. sure, so she took the child tony for you. he says on to her. okay, so she just put it at
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the to shana. oh god, that makes it was a a a a
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mom there were soft. wo my d, ernest at you and they said it long as you on the on a 2 inch that you are not too interested. garza as we say. so hard to just be there mostly did you talk is flippity elizabeth. suddenly, d not a said was it that often are you by you for more 3 were huge, were to publish? or you vital horner? don't a lot, 3, up to the lebanon goes, i don't read too small. are normally me, you read them on because you go to a don't i'm on with the need of a new jack septic or she to a low in the in the jewish on grass shoes, a ball. if it was in the space during the shockey,
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mark less that you do a pudgy well, tyler for knowing why in front you have for she, sam in duke of worthy for de garcia. they could deli fonda. oh, they've been well a boy and join autoplanet as she knows to be damaged katasha, depending on her garza junior high, as you see for myself were deborah she claimed she changed her do here, tina key that whole thing come on, i thought who v elongate. sure. had you see them any ah
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ah. 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 ah. 1 b urban cement. we had it was thought with a kit mina. but miss bailey had conferred with the little foot luanna to let me hear within with to letty in hub demila. we're had a minute ma'am in our minute mad at boncey baba was lou. how early, how early sir? by me your crime scene kiddle. had that him said said i am your come see it. we did
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her. allah baja band. did it better? own the fellow to mother gloucester? exparza fossil fulton. baba what the another said, beth. allah had it him so loyal, fired the heather to sell a balloon baba canal for idle. had the fuck up a know, got eve in san. ready? a buckingham, jamal? i guess a flush for the money. i thought flash budget alcohol. i thought a felicia. how bad? yeah, and it went about it, but him for shabba philosophy. i thought i shall let my shift on a when i started watching the had a machine that initial della was sued in chicago. but i done before i get the new no, no. on the had a vehicle a 2nd. you? no, no fuck up latanya. we the ship. okay. were jonathan's in to lou. i was down in was
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the highlands of the new hostetler. they also let you have this and you know, to finish. it was when i had them on. yeah. how did the mean if one of the do with my yeah a who you bought to glen shops? i have yeah. and you know, i have one with him that of ideas this ha, ha, different into has like image done linda, claudia and she to yeah, i said with either vote for shipping has like it at least like in was not gonna buy last ticket on got on her well gift amo dear or gifted will upton, my mistress, i believe, far above the hub and above them. awesome can about me with any kind of mala. lemme also know in the shop on a lot of will cover or subtle and a bit of
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a mobile at this level had with a bill available on the local villa la and the store and the sort of the bathroom december money on my sick thought i had to the hospital and the look. i am torn illegal. tillman, when all of a sudden and normal baja to home. she little. but how could legacy was because of kenneth victor smiled. garcia. oh, then august september at i will tell her the current fee for the year of the
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interview and normally bethel members have for a year. but i thought i'd urban hemoglobin see and i'm a muscle within the flu. i la garza when mercer omitted mexico multiple bio. you, jonathan, i'm up and if you don't watch them, i will have to law about how the monsieur. oh, you mean michael from are you lable on zelman book on full behalf fi in ohio. us or feudal souther of hero and mesquite. girls? ill behead o'clock. i must carry up. i've had a year for your papa had even begun in little brunswick when i the power i like in the woodlands. american fed bottles, going to try to co offer for sell them with. i'm with world hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. when you have to be in, i la, a village within the v a ship. so what i'm missing a lot of mental shakuma, catherine martin, by that name and how come with a very low martin and all of them and all and brandon would have
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hugged levels of helpless villa dead. aah! with when that goes your money. this is he shall need to be more coach. you're lucky. more fishy yourself. you observe. really cool, original for yeah. yeah. i know that in the new on the vehicle via and a prolonged come slow louse local. i ceo's unit above done. i may,
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i now was a stored you now mock a whole d o t on as you know, if we don't have eaten up will know i live many. she kid that we day non don't really portez gina. dick van de la maire, who just somebody took multiple, bob got on deep to vienna. la may have i guess her. so vehicle? amanda had napa. yup. so no, did you want to wait on a mail send you back? she these de la mail for she'll she notified me. you know, to he pumps. yo see their law lives already didn't he did? did they at bach day?
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i said, mom, i guess i don't eat a p a typo. the dish heaped badly today today. possibly today i'll say proceed, i let prolong gazelle se then when she paced twice, ocoee office, he jumped cindy with it, pulled oliver alicia. he hadn't no fault mad. hockey thought. wagner, he to saw no quit school study, but i'd have to call. but even at the shop, and that didn't hurt me, hadn't is she or in the woods? he said, upon move to his bucket of a seed, bob, which other yoke?
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dfi knocked himself up a little note. what was you that would come with the shuttle service? for i thought i could, you know, the what the, this is such as a double robin in new york city, that as we saw a job, it was about to cut the robot in silvas. a younger she'd have funny i she, she my boss. don't know if you guys are just conditional. she couldn't skin
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with what that whole mackenzie emma can did you vicky glue has boucher then then either you know, can i live on the same as the carrot and my father a 30 or in no. can i leave the mother in law? have a lot of one of the month with an answer dawn, me not to shaddick of year to fan up of on and i fee and fee is can that a lot better the greed escandone that could eat the mom was the kind of anita was the head, i cannot chavira. i. medina, the hoard. and medina, northern medina, the jama. laser medina, soviet i left medina, chavira i was, i was the header, vienna in wyoming and look and a shot gun. my bad abolla who i can sign
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a level is just vision of what the message could be. the diamond buffoon, ala la monta, off her black in color, but that really a 100 and them ada. 8 them sell. i will know them on the little mother and allah sock sock before you can enter holy ho, it shut the in san yucca for that. a man, if you had that, if he, i, and achy yet a be just in the hole and mesh door, they allow the latham muff duleigh. we walk for door and model fabi mascot, a adult lavonne. so i'll go ahead. oh, dear that kelly was the only latin mana i
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deb? okay. i do a job offer. have fun. mobile is gibberish. where you got to show you our new will . uh, can i do one of the laundry rooms of louisiana open if from la shag, i've never done one of the 1130 year. okay. john, had you not even lacking of debt of dish? lemme tell us that he good forgot about when a dub any like if it is low, it is new shopping, immune willinger. so they're less off an apple pulse of the dove. yes, i do because there is something but don't i'm going to win it up. let us know what dot dot dot unless one minus yeah, i had already got an income. no, no, but i still get her former shot, but doesn't when the when, when the journal 1st was on march,
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the whole michigan for the i noticed in almost normal one electron animal bad fish issue a sorta lucia, which was from iowa and i'm out of the abilene, i the, in the move. sure. oh, she had with a bucket, cindy little guy, if you a p a thought it had actually they had the nasty on it and it should lead to the guy that danny on the, on the just a little smaller than one do. are you with them?
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and i have a little bit hello maria. and oh, so i mean, i've been left to live there and imagine must mom. yeah. i mean, i had, you know, i feel by, you know, versus, yeah, i mean, a sagal of. yeah, i mean you can, you can was not limited, but a child. i mean, little chart, negro, in english and yet, and it's even harder. that's what i got a what? no do with anything in the country dissembling into law while you're on a gifts. young phoenix, there with sunny does not actual like ah
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said do to to, to move it to the guy, yankee jungle, a pause nearly the proportion, a bar so full song. oh, should not be national continue. i'm a way to fulfill solo, new to more to slowly lock his faster way to 330 and we'll
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laquissa normal. no, no, my most is the been up to date and went well, so don't just in perf go kilo bought into vo. a lock in by patty with this is to come to lapierre, says supplies for jojo. the more threat referral machine will give a to ne greer soon because god had her for more than one for, for their novel updated risk. which is like when i would want the pattern support upon the media, daniel fits, it said look, that's your key. so he sold you boys, we manpower crucially you're most welcome and selected philos. where the good though is if interacted on immediate their neighbor cushman may tweak them said the geisha the look to picky fog. as i said, miss ellen is your goop on. are you nanny? will do whatever i like, who says she'll petal. i feed her too, so the dish, her dizzy goose, says akasha in black and fed. he'll sit, you'll see a kiss. oliver keys are left. he said, there's by way more boston go, sir, said lasalle taking your paddy. boss,
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eliza dickie kia katya as your policy goop ali evaluate. judy allegedly does a go off it door, curled up and why sal fork edward? for? oh, man, no, we at hold on. i'll throw le oliver to hud. the osman are gonna luncheon. so she can be sure the bronze, julio opened them. how soon them because the women's lot more bother. get me at more than us. was it a bronze or what has for law one will a here the sheep condition had this. you can hear the visit me because i am al moon on the limited you will both of the baton has. oliver runs over this whole issue of yellow haldeman has a little below had i was years i had just realized that i had him soil had him to live andrew lindsey to have those judgments on the phone and you say you have
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barnesville, can me you had in her, in a live elucidating, ungodly, limited. okay. let me kill somebody. oh, hi, that fishing can you for us to call leverage upon my power? let. hello anna. and then can you hear miss? i will, i will come advantage of ish that much about the marcia liberal display. when you look in mozilla, you look in the womb. one of $31.00 is the whole new level, a lot of glass in the listener and muscular made them kermit mishma worked with envy. oh no, with this
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i mean these are they 1000000000 little had of within the most lovely on the particularly mental had good old this coastal harbor and missile you the walk. i see the beginning of the demon after i get my bill to plug in lima was injured or had pulled up our head. and let me get the i'll get my hub med then the show can help mother smith the been do go to her. is tim and so at locally unable to the language fi? how about jacob? not allowable trouble for playing a claim on service at the end book will follow up in
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the said you a for details on the need help. a pre defeat mater can proceed. d consechi so they can, a source is a can a, c, h knew who several shot i know we quit sasaki saw so the sofa it was a hustle with temperatures reach minus 35 degrees celsius and mountain roads become barely possible. one small, many bus serves as a like line for a community facing environmental and cultural change
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out, is there a well joined the regulars on board? turkeys sheen, chi abbas analogies? emma in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to heidi talks to cut the side with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive instance of chemical warfare a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge brain, something they didn't even see the 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange on al jazeera, the latest news as it breaks. we've ramadan, easter, i'm paul. so we're all happening right now. thanks to the city and it's totally site set to remain high with detailed coverage. this used to be a cultural center. it was the week before all this rubber roof from around the
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world. a 125000000 books were sold around the world. we're talking about papers office lou george 0. me sell rahman, doha. reminder of our top news stories. the 1st group of evacuated from the besieged steel plant, merrier poll horizons up richer. those evacuated were made up of mostly women children and the elderly. hundreds mall thought to be trapped that a teenager has been killed after russian falls, has talked at a residential area in the ukrainian city of odessa. russian rockets also struck a crucial bridge to the port city for the 3rd time. so when you come in the center today, the russian army launched another few rockets on a desa. they destroyed
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a hostile or killed a 14 year old boy wounded a 17 year old girl. she has a shell fragment in her body. what's the point? what for what tainted those children posed the russian state. these energy commissioner rebuffed the criminals, dwelt for gas payments to be made in roubles despite threats of apply interruption . countries in european companies have consider other payment options. we have explains that payments in ruby asleep, declare preach of sanctions as they provide assets for the operation of a central bank. nevertheless, many european energy companies to, to make the next payment to gas from in meet may and are trying to understand what they should do. and we need to give them the collaborative that bank rubles through the conversion mechanics managed by the russian public authorities. and
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a spectrum dedicated accounting gus from bank is a violation of the sanctions and cannot accept it. israel and demanded an apology from moscow after russian foreign minister sec elaborate remarks. claiming that at all hitler had jewish blood fairies that hitler was pot. jewish want to be dismissed and rejected by historians, the phones of spanish prime minister petro sanchez, and his defense minister had been hacked with officials, say pegasus spyware, which is made by the israeli company. and i so was used to extract information from sanchez's so at least once the 0 regent, shanghai has a video emerging funeral home work is removing a body bag from a hearse. the elderly man inside turned out to be alive. the can. i have apologized for the mistake. there's headlines. i'm back with more news in half law here on out there we return to witness to stay with us. ah
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ah. ah. oh and god, dick bits that are high, our new bud homeless shovel. i will go over there and see, got our forget shes in some my bad for a bad if new bus be out of our than my gun. nolan financing badge auto ballet casa double lo fi. jenny video will issue. hey, green file about my new near shore aloha
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temple. and in the deck in my columbus vicious fur fur or i had mo chauffeured danny, available men live that he has injured them or disorder. harkell has in no land. the tim. thank you, michelle. sure. buster carol or with them any best live lucy, i'm one i can show her was should 30 horseshoe ballad chad. fishing. anything come in and show me a little bit about
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an end of this will literally take me to school for the day before we do have that in the steam with about a half months been in the bay in london and for anakin when i will not be in bow, well have been shut off a little farther. let shake in mother's trish with ninja gilbert's perishable
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love. that could be all come see me out of the lot mister of his listen than other that he means to be at home to be asked me to be a 1st bill. i'm 1000000 bar the so the new odd that i read it in and mom couldn't have been to that. he's been out of the denominator care for amelia element. phyllis, plenty or could if it has been in the ha, robo aluminum crowd, the lot. i'm going to have the i see bit of a balloon has half an awful lot to me, but the local issue of the call it the kid can i'll bill is shut off. but mom for gonna tell us you do your militia, don't you? yeah, no, no,
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surely. net yet. the who know shasky busted to canada. she puked to me you would something to be young. l sophie a really poor very shall keep pushing the dust at 254. no, i do not catch your name if you need bus the bus at bus. oh no, he's in the her schedule. she is here. i sit there her don't. good said no. jakey, if he believes them when men, they may do a book, do it on obstacles, even as you know, fairly. he said, you know, probably let the her down as a d y. she is not to just make the fall is the frequency that we can extend? we'll say it depends on the condition. what is your sheep will be
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see? nicole is, you know, some to know may go from issue goes located to click on the little yonge. you know, initially got on pleaded the grid, the de la prolong and his spare his physical tissues come. sally lou with a prayer to a point when i saw you but to duck up putting p distance from in this. yeah. am i looking market at those numbers here? so just a mm. mm mm mm, mm mm. mm mm mm
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hm. with i know that to somebody was in touch with the museum to bring it here to restore a this here. and i see that during the war at the end, stop and interrupt deserve and negotiation. as you can see, those are sculpture that are from all their power gun, a dvd serve. and of course, we have our, a beautiful van all coming from budget on it. we have the honest us, we have the matter. we are to miss. we have never
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a toner im we have kicker which, which is at the goddess of the fortune it we missed a pool of a here. m, for me, it to, to look at material culture to understand it, to find an object that you saw raised, easy to understand better. this time. it's like to touch a piece of history. it's like going back to, to this moment m, if you want to present to a lot of people, the sir is captured. these could be a, is natural in a place that had the tim will karen lashondra for
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one more. i will who will push him 1st message any of the worker and the only thing i had that information. ready and your old fema current, you know, she came to man a year or 30 with one of the 3 year old. she's up and move. oh gosh. and i wouldn't want to visit true. good. looked at it. but let's see. yeah. michelle. well, hello. had they out of a meet i'm meet waiting. lozzo ronnie, was that it? no machine? no it did it movement women's t in a let out as we used as well as that he says when a teams resident good mobility. if
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the weather heard the hill of thought he had them can be there, there and now her laugh. kima. i alleged den lavonne, municipally, cadillac, he had to admit her daughter adida muscle, m fi. what he there dick air couldn't bill more half of the alley. her whoa! fund meant low cost old mean a sorry car omen a ye she her they have to borrow the lawn. or would you that she, eddie huck. them medina. teddy well more her, this paper on about the level promise me around took leave them other than 30 all would in full can one of the what about the level was we thought
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if it had one that a field or circle for not about arch, hobbit akira the of thought bothered by the idea. i mean she does that cost and solely for soccer. exert melody bottle an alt. i'll definitely might have another like another material and a bottom had that a lava that had him bama had to sell a terminal and your and your coon with to offer a muggle mac lube were adolphe had in makin had tyler. yes it. ilya the left. he led, oh, ill american, oprah. a come under a term enough quintile. well couldn't what i will ed. jenny led the from the lick, who will had the med di will lay sullen huffily as if she did a spot in as she gave her. the van no key for the ease. key for the city. lovely
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felicia. hook up to her the who at the moment. did you got it? so they knew if white legal would amy yeah. yeah. i called me upset our national key key new really fast. medina got you clue personally proceeding. well now we see the guy close to the guy guy group li, multiply for jessica taylor. she nicole, nancy g up r. my name is leslie. julie declined prepaid volunteering a patio, but he went nashville. now he took it up at all with animal. i'll sit will grandma to hammers saudi dum, m alarm it. louis cornelia shopper to andy,
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duke without marcia and without double. don't get ever that. but by default, edenbrook value in his good to my getting dish on the on that after all. dr. don't foresee bleed. yeah. well that was happening well as issue senior is up when a caddy law wendy's. father come in. i'm not going to go to the table. okay. read loyalty, lake and cooper. dyslexia would if l to would overpower if it's a bow give all over it, but ye, tina, good black due to val blendy met us that we do not ship out our side of hopa. the key for you, dr. to to haiti. mr . halo be good. there commando shin i should in center. come seen sally mad. my boosted album murphy, i had mr. w. mindy's to w. kiff. give this 30 i'm industry.
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give deal more good is can do more gay and i love al mosley and must have income are much higher little higher of the up i young yet law itself or give give and that a good baja mechanical has the hydro power. alba was the hailey, and in was the hail. it is jani met manila, had the embassy myers, and wish sunbridge fellow fair, ma'am, not push at his feet. sandwich fellow for ha! the ship polanko must posts our fee as well as that v a la and was that, oh it is. i have now literally a dog, and i live on a dead cell. i will know. so our modern ella header and the ones that are some are
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passionate, luckily for how one of the and no, not whole there. so what said he, i version there for having mcclendon and then my can house be a shovel alarm and only from either a machine. let the her be of again the sergeant fell on the on the we had the mana than the low. how else fella? thought sure. oh ok. 3rd, colleen mintel at the true water, canada, canada day home a how will all at the far world? my bad the agenda. i man walk in the all a were who are gym and are sad at lee? should i be my blood be up, but of my bloody at them out of the fella me at difficult if you my vain a home 1st come will be a blood was that? did the julio i was out of the with then it was after the flee, a blood was out of the say hold a thought. i left listen, our look more. am a less than a while when them i think milk
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a fan whole. you la my can live with her. i'll be off. he has finance. it will there it will let him know. i had the a shot. believe metal. her. her jail any other jetta shots? and no one will sob with that in elijah syria, little of 9 o'clock, set out halla was out of the c. a hola thought a fraud it. if i do muffled only harry. in the men the claw. a masterful gleam fee. with oh no, no on top about they own
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a bunny. i should be almost boring. dea lab, the membership of mobile are difficult. that will help me. i never get there shall grant food. i do live so i don't remember much of the honor and go on with my romance firm to handle the notion of with all fall in the song loop over. i do my feet long. it douglasville and in law shall be a good night. yeah, i googled new mall garza making that barley, matt duffy, lieber noon, several young shirley beck so keep bush said he got hold leopard on gazette. ta garza. g s d for me
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d matthew little for how class. well, good. on ship this one. yeah. you see it is a long story by o, a big secret. they're very classified. this study should the lived over international media came to gaza after absence, all the time they are talking about guns, bloodshed, destruction, something like that. but telling me there's something beautiful, something relevant to love upon the level of that thing. and there is something it's not relevant to, or there is something important which on john, this gum and everybody was talking about because i got that because of this piece of bronze. you know what i like it, but i love it but nothing having it has disappeared. well, no,
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i don't know as john is for me. i think i cannot search or dig behind whether he why simply because we hear this said that it is on now by military wing. is it true or not? i don't know. i believe this real my because if it is a government we would be, it doesn't, it's something public. we will see it. but as long as it is with that military, when it is not easy for a to see it or to to follow this story. this set up all to talk about, ah, militant groups or the idea of resistance. and so when they say that it's in the hand of the resistance groups. so we know that we are not
4:52 am
allowed to talk about and militant groups are a taboo to talk about that. we can't make a report or in some point we believe that there is a disagreement between there and wing of commands and the officials, the government. we felt that they are the officials are afraid to talk about so they're afraid to talk about it. we have no right to talk about that. just sorry, but is it a hoodie shot you a body shop with his pin d i sean bishop lesser federal reserve is up and looked above for
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a funeral to let me sooner. okay, we'll didn't miss hammer law. it's suburban out of the country. the nauseous didn't so hello more. mar free and clear it legit. gordon would you go sir schumacher? no. my head out of the shallow luckily jackie didn't wooden was fuming. a young does. doesn't use of up in new york. michel memorial and le vitamins were piggy and hadn't been a nap when a hug. you must have a home, but you can use them. a lot of them tell you on the 30th while i'm finishing,
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i'm gonna hang up on that. i saw i don't know why jenny hadn't jenna really a bustle for a home on a jot down the fellow i saw. would that be her luck on it? no, would you hick on the love? not as i can do because she will hold us down to talk with them both. are harmon, i'm only been studying the out of a to assign a higher than yeah, none of us to the lines. it hasn't brought you up with you with an issue with
4:55 am
she's she's just don't clipper. no, she'll have the dish. bill lafie off on the on kathy. actually we don't want to happen to sure. absolutely near yet. haven't seen shelly with despite me just laugh well nicholas for long as i stay this is done in the taste. denise, when you're young result a doctor's yes. said keep genuine. any natural home, any scheme. ha, ha ha. desa initial have been a new and to show us something up. i said, i knew don't, we will fit that. differentiate them usually just i think the shows in the film
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shook is to force and advocacy thing. so how soon i thought you the cut does mean not a sub sub a sub. that means in the description. this is what you're looking for. bishop nutrition does. oh, you need fisher. with boom, boom, boom, boom. seen as a burden. countless babies are aborted in india. simply for being girls.
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but amidst these resistance, even from rome, patients, fearless midwife has adopted the course of challenging, deeply ingrained tradition and terminating this modern day beat aside. the daughter 3 witnesses on algebra. mm mm ah hello there. let's have a look at the weather across north america and has one weather system pulls away.
4:58 am
we've got another one coming in behind it. now this one's going to drop some heavy snow across more than areas of the rockies and dip temperatures down in places like way. oh me and colorado. now behind it, we are seeing dry conditions for much of the south west that critical fire, wild fi warning remaining. here we're going to see temperatures in san francisco and los angeles pick up by the time we get into the mid week. now we have got some wessa, whether that's going to pull across the east coast, the temperatures here are also on the up. much of that rain is gonna road away from the great great lakes towards new england and eastern areas of canada. and we still got that warm air rising up from the gulf and as it meets those cooler conditions, we could see some severe storms or once again rolling across the southeast. we could possibly see some tornadoes with that. they're talking about heavy rain as we had to central america. we see some of the heaviest falls for the bahamas and turks and the cake of islands in the days that had some of that pushing into cuba with
4:59 am
thunderstorms in havana well towards the weekend. but for much of mexico, it's a fine and dry picture that should weather update. ah, mental capital is capital which nature group. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes a new interest, buying landscape protecting landscapes. it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of measure. but what's worse, thanks, of course, don't do that because they have the heart protection of nature. they do it because to see your business pressing the planets on al jazeera dawn. ah,
5:00 am
ah ah . relief at being reunited relatives meet those for you to marry a pole, but let me remain trapped in the city's feel, work complex, surrounded by russian forces. ah, hello, who robin what you all just there in life? my headquarters here in also coming up the volunteers rescuing people in easton, ukraine from relentless russian bombards. and despite the risk to their own lives. also he looked at his fine.


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