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her rapidly changing the world we live in, has the want to come roches new dollars, it becoming rushes new door. counting the coast on al jazeera ah, demonstrations in the u. s. s. or lease supreme court documents suggest that the law allowing abortion could be overturned. with america ah rahman, you're watching out as ever life my headquarters here in doha also coming up freedom from c each. the 1st people evacuated from the murray pulled steel plant surrounded
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by russian forces, finally reached sanctuary. russia intensifies the tank. so the as of style steel plant with ukrainian fighters and civilians still inside the sprawling complex and old world press freedom day. how technology is being used to obstruct journalists with new methods of surveillance and intimidation ah, bottom to prague are we begin with the threat to remove the right of american women to have an abortion that u. s. chief justice has confirmed a lead draft decision about abortion rights is authentic and has ordered an investigation. the document suggest the u. s. supreme court will scrap roe vs wade . the u. s. president has urged congress to pass legislation protecting abortion
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rights. joe biden says, a woman's right to choose is fundamental. like, you know, if this decision whole is really quite a radical decision. it basically says, all the decisions related to your private life will you marry whether or not you decide to conceive a child or not, whether not you can have on the voicemail range of other decision. whether not how you raise your child. what does this do? does this mean that in florida they can decide they're going to pass a law saying that same sex marriage is not visible against the law in florida? so there's a whole, it's like a fun. the middle shift in america. well, a very controversial subject. her, she returns his live for us at washington, d. c. with more reaction we've been outside the supreme court, so several hours really has well,
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just several 1000 people out there, almost all protesting the possibility that that draw judgment will become the actual judgement that a couple of them time we keep hearing that i might be some of the counter protests, but really very limited, very limited showing for those who want one to destroy frankly, a woman's right to choose reproductive elk in the us. we, we talk to some protests actually it was meant to be one that was given who is in fact a midwife certified nurse midwife. but you're going to actually buy to other call. these are also midwives, i think it's a really interesting perspective that we can get because so much of what we've had, today's is looking at the judgement. so from the lead, so talking about what the framers might've thought was. right. constitution you know that as well. so i feel you have an opinion about that too, but as a, as a midwife, i mean, do you get the sense from that route and they understand what they're, what they're dealing with when they make these sorts of jobs? absolutely not. it's impossible to imagine that actually they could understand the
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consequences of what this really means. you know, you see a lot of people around with science saying we will not go back. it's true that abortion care is health care. and if we get rid of it, the worse it will still happen. and we as health care providers will be the ones dealing with the consequences that you know, the, the complications that arise from when people are not certified to actually perform them appropriately. and people aren't accessing the health care that they need working here is health care. and there's no possible way that they understand what's going to come from them. why are we still talking about this? i mean, there is that argument that so many times when the democrats, for example, you get into office was one. they say that one of the 1st things they'll do will be fine to codify this, right? but i mean, do, i mean, why are we still having this arguments in the 1st place? you know, i have been asking myself that question for several years now. i really thought that growing up in our generation, this was sort of a finalized issue and finished. and then as the,
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as the justices came in and they started to change and lead more conservative. we all started to talk about our concerns and seeing if this is really going to happen . and if i don't know, actually i really don't know. i can't tell you, we look ahead on your face, you have faith in this in moving forward that the, the national leadership, i do see and others, a really seized of this matter, i suppose, federally right given that they, whenever they're going to pass the buck usually whenever they try to try to do anything about once and for all of them, i hope so. i hope that they are on the side of bodily autonomy. that is what we continue to practice. and i here, i'm katie, daily midwife. and we are also all here as mothers, and we are concerned that this right will not be continued for our children so that they can decide whether they want to be pregnant. whether they want to have children so that they can safely parent the children. they seem to have,
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i'm very concerned but then the end that and what is the strategy we think will happen to i know we haven't introduced you yet, but you actually have a child and you can't even get with my 6 week old son jacqueline, which i have the privilege of choosing. this is my 4th child and i've chosen for my pregnancy. i think as we look at this is, i mean this is a big part of the conversation, but it starts with making sure that everyone has access to health care. everyone has access to contraception that they wish to choose. if they're contraception fails or they didn't have access to they have the choice and pregnancy if that is you know, they need options and we provide a safe environment for that. and funding i get, we're probably going to time, but i mean, that's the issues that even the democratic party split about when it comes to reproductive rights and with plenty of consent, perhaps you don't want to touch the issue. so i guess for the more and certainly in terms of the way forward, we encourage everyone to you can vote to fund raise to get out there. and she support bodily autonomy and very much like you to a 3 a few. so there is that sense that ok,
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this is the type of political organization but as something we do here often is all . ready the federal government, how may be trusted, whether he's gonna pumped it now to the states. once again, when you know from barack obama to joe, by my voice said owner, when we get both houses, congress will do the slim and never do in there. always to do it through call 1000 isn't about season republican votes and so on, but they never do. but now is the is our argument is going to be looked vote for us in the midterms will do better next time. thanks so much here, brittany. there for us in washington d. c. well, i'm joined by victoria robinson and she's like for me from when to park in florida . she's the founder of reassemble life dot com, the organization that councils, men and women on abortion. miss robinson. thank you very much for joining us on al jazeera. i me why does this subject of abortion compared to health care in general, or even gun control? why is it wall where people have really dug in their heels over the decades and are very defined and very specific views on the subject?
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well, 1st of all, thank you for having me. i'm having a little trouble hearing you. and what i think you're asking is lot of people compare health care to abortion or gun control. i think i heard you say i but oh for i don't want i to be i so i don't get it they, they don't come here. they're not compatible with when we talk to blood take guns for example, and it's a cliche, but it doesn't make it not true. guns don't kill people, people kill people. i would say that people that are pro life are against gun violence. majority of americans who own guns are not committing crimes and killing people. so to compare the 2 is, is a little bit. it's just not can pay on the handle so much comparing. i'm sure people have debates about good control. i don't wanted to talk too much, it's about why abortion is such a divisive issue and people have very clear defined positions on it compared
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to gun control, which sometimes people change their opinions, but we'll move on from that. because really i want to also ask you about how surprised you are that this leaked document has made it to you might say the surface. oh, in your opinion, oh what's, what's the aim behind leaking the document? well, in my opinion, 1st of all, we've been in a political while west, if you will, for quite a while now. and as we get into the mid terms, i'm not sure was this behind the scenes move for them to kind of i made, i thought this would be helped with the get the best outcome for their candidates in november. i don't know. do i think it was deliberate? huh, absolutely. this has never been done in our history. there's no question that it was deliberately leaked. i think it was also leaked to start riots can get the public behind because they're so sure they have the majority of people who want abortion to be legalized in every state. i think they're wrong and i would say the democrats and the pro abortion industry, which is
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a multi $1000000000.00 industry by the way. so i can understand why they're nervous right now. i would say to them, if you're so sure, this is what the majority of americans want and what's the big deal, let it go back to the state so that each state can vote whether they want abortion in their stay or not. ok, so one of the augments there are many, many angles we could have gone with this in to you. and sadly, we can only have a limited amount of time sensitive. pinpointing the areas that we want to discuss and we will access to abortion, be rationed on personal income. i mean, if you're wealthy, the argument is you can go to another state to get it if it is band in your state. but if your poll don't have the ability to pay for transport to get child care, to have an abortion, if that's what you are considering, or the state bends it. and it's the, the, the, the lower levels of society, income wise, that will actually buy the brunt of such legislation. well,
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i don't think that that's going to be legal to appeal. i see, or discriminate against someone who, because of their economic status. i would say that that is going to probably in a going to the states and there will be organizations that will rise up to help women get abortions if they want. and the thing that the misconception about road, the way being overturned is that women will be able to get abortions. i'm glad that you brought that up. that is going to be state to state because women will still be have access to abortions. i would say there are pregnancy resource centers across the country in the united states and by a margin of 3 or 4 to one abortion clinic that are there to give free resources to women who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. whether they, if they choose life with diapers, which baby clothing that formula they need to, to give them that free access to help. so i would say to the democrats in the pro boris, put your money where your mouth is, offer the same resources to women. you why continue to have abortions in those
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states that don't offer abortion any longer, wants to really ways of return. now you're going to have the opportunity to prove you care so much about women legislators on both sides of the argument will have tools to take this into consideration. miss robinson, because each state, as you say, has the own rules about how long i am a child can be carried all what legally defines a fetus or a baby. let me give you this example of a lady in the republic of ireland. coal severe the health plan of a she died on the 28th of october age 31. she was a professional dentist. she's a hindu of indian background and iraq to this case rocked island nearly a decade ago, 17 weeks pregnant she got into trouble medically, her water broke. the baby never arrived. she developed sepsis and she died. she pleaded for an abortion from her doctors. the doctor said no, because of the ambiguity of irish law, medical practice,
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and the storage pro life catholic faith within the country. that is all changed on the basis of her death, but it took her death to change the law in island. what the pro blends to you think will be faced by state to state in the u. s. if they don't toll you might say sing from the same sheet when it comes to what is a legalized fetus, old baby, all. when somebody can have an abortion. well, what's unfortunate and then that's horrible story and i and i, i, that's the heart reiki. i can also give you stories of women after women after women. he's also died from abortion. but you don't hear about that as much because it will put a dent in the abortion industry. health care in america is available to everyone if you have a situation, unfortunately like that, you go to an emergency room into a hospital that's gonna take care of you. exactly. i re, especially because of the health of the mother. i don't know the particulars of her case. exactly. so i really can't comment on what could or couldn't have been done
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for her. it's 100. it's absolutely unfortunate. any woman who dies from abortion, it's tragic. no matter if she's getting an abortion and she dies, which happens every day, or if she's not being given an abortion and she dies as you just described. and as i said in a case, i don't understand. but we also need to remember that these children are dying as well. it is a very interesting subject to what we will hear a lot more about. i'm sure, in the coming months, it's good to have you on the program, victoria robinson. thank you so much for your time. thanks for having me. ah. the ukrainians who've been trapped up to 2 months under constant russian bombardment and maria paul have been evacuated. more than 100 people have reached sanctuary in japan, reacher, but many more ukrainian fighters and civilians remain left behind in the other stall complex under russian attack. as neat barker reports.
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ah, they've been 3 weeks of untold. horace. in the bunkers and tunnels of the as of style still works of mary apo. this is the 1st group of evacuees to make the perilous journey from russian controlled territory to the ukrainian controlled city of parisha. in a red cross united nations convoy. when you, when you made because you know, you don't understand how terrible it was, you sit in the bomb shelter in a wet basement and everything is shaking like that. and then when we could go up to the surface, i saw it for the 2nd time in a month, a huge crater, 15 meters white, and who knows how deep i am. yes, the military did share things with us, but it was the as of battalion, so you can imagine what they said. we were told that nobody needed us. we felt abandoned that we were nothing for the past month, supplies of food and water have been severely rationed. adults going hungry for
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days to keep their children fed. this is a moment of huge relief. russia said some of icu ease have been taken to a village controlled by moscow bank separatists and would be allowed to travel to ukrainian held territory if they wanted. but fears a growing for those left behind in the confines of the steel works. soon after the departure of the 1st a vacuum ease rushing back forth his resume, their assault, firing rockets towards the plant. the mayor of mario full says $200.00 civilians still remain trapped inside, including several dozen small children. is the last remaining area of the city, not under russian control, and the last refuge for hundreds of ukrainian troops who refused to surrender. the rest of my reopen is in ruins. but around a 100000 people remain living amongst the rubble youth. when you come on, when you lose me. the other 2 of us,
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tatiana push loan of are no longer flinches at the sound of exploding shells. tangible you wake up in the morning and decry you cry in the evening. i don't know where to go. i am not alone here. imagine everything is destroyed. why should the people go now? here they are sitting with small kids, just in the west of ukraine, rushes launch renewed attacks on the port city of a desert where ukrainian official say a missile had a children's dormitory killing a 14 year old boy. missiles also struck a logistic center used to deliver foreign weaponry. russia so far failed to land troops in the city by sea. but seizing a desa would give russia control of the whole of ukraine's black sea coast. leave barker auto 0 or stella had here on al jazeera will tell you about the shopping
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center decorations that were 66000000 years in the making. ah hello there, let's look to north america and we got where the warnings out once again for the southern states of the us, thanks to a rash of severe storms that slurring up. once again in that thanks to warmer, hot, humid air that's pulling up from the gulf of mexico colliding with cooler air. that's brought some heavy snow to wyoming and colorado. and when those air masses collide, where we get those rush of storms bringing as well a threat of tornadoes. now it's an improving picture for colorado temperature, picking up in denver there. as it is. for much of the southwest, we're going to see temperatures pick up in new mexico. that's not going to help the wild fire risk here. it's gonna drop, however,
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in san francisco as that wet and wintery weather pulls into western canada, as well as the pacific northwest of the u. s. now in contrast to this for the east coast, it's an improving picture once the storms push out sunshine. coming back in here for cities like new york and washington dc. but it is that southern area of the us that is going to see the severe storms rolling across. intensifying by the time we get into thursday, we could also see damaging winds hail. and of course the possibility of flash flooding. and as we move to central america, we are going to see the heavy rain move across the bahamas in the days to come to weather. ah ah, the shake um odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022. from february 15th, until august 15th this year,
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for more information go to w, w, w dot h t a dot q a slash e m. ah ah, ah, ah, look like you're watching, i'll just say with me sir. hello, rob. the reminder of all top stories, protests for and against abortion rights are being held across parts of the united states. that's after the u. s. chief justice confirmed the legal documents about reversing the landmark rove as his way to bushnell is authentic. also 101. the civilians evacuated from the besieged,
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ukrainian city of mary paul have reached the safety of jumper richer. the group of women, children of the elderly were trapped inside the as of the steel plant for up to 2 bumps at binary pulse mass. as both of $200.00 civilians remained trapped inside the steel plant, moscow received shelling of the plants soon after sunday's vacuous ag, it's attacking ukrainian fight as it signed. let's get back to our top story on abortion rights of the threat to remove the, the right of american women to half of the bullshit protests are being held across the country in various cities. he just saw washington dc where she had let's cross over to kristen silly be who's also in new york and of course the, the voices are loud and that demands a very clear christian. absolutely . abortion rights activists were worried about. roe vs wade being overturned. they
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were organizing against it, so when the document lead, they sprang into action and rallied a really large crowd. you can see it behind me. it's actually starting to break that now. but it was overflowing the square outside of the state and federal courts . here in new york, a lot of people are angry, frankly, man, women, young, all college students, older women i've signed, spoke to. they feel that this is rolling back women's rights. this is an attack on women's rights. they see it as an assault, that women can control their own bodies and should row be overturned and leave the right of abortion to the states to decide. but they see it as moving backwards. and so we heard from a lot of state and local officials at this rally here. they are promising to keep abortion saved and legal in new york, and also make it
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a safe haven for other states who may no longer have that. right. if this goes forward and roe vs wade is intact to overturn statistics show though, that women who have abortions tend to be young in their twenties. they tend to already have a child and be low income, which of course makes it very difficult for them to travel to receive these services. and that's what has people here so outraged. and clearly, as you can hear behind me, they're chanting, making their voices heard. they're not going to let this right go away without fighting back. christmas leave that for us to new york. thanks for which full the update. so let's also return back to our top story in ukraine, where the wall in the country of the fighting is contending further to the east of shop. a richer where russia's assault is slowly grinding forward. charles stratford reports now from buckled. we've been around the city of lucy chance today,
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a city that is suffering and incredible bombardment of shelling this afternoon. indeed, r drive up to all jets horizon of $180.00 degrees. we could see various points where smoke was rising, an indication of villages and towns right the way across that region, suffering russian shilling. we know that there is close contact fighting in a number of these towns, notably, puzzler. we be speaking to volunteer evacuation drivers in around that area. they have now stopped their evacuation efforts. problem for plasma that follows the what we understand is the killing of one driver and the kidnapping of another. we're also getting reports from the town of the car that's close to dawn. it sc pro russian separatist control, donnette sk, there are reports of at least 10 people killed and 15 other injured after a shells landed on a coke plugged close to that city. now this cope round is considered to be the
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largest in europe. it employs thousands of people were in that area. yesterday we were told that the coke plant was not operating to 100 percent capacity. it is stopped because of the war, not because of shelling, but we know that there were hundreds of people working there still to day and the stores. he's saying that those casualty figures are expected to rise. we're also hearing reports from the military administration of new gangs province, that there are many towns and villages, right, the way across the region where there is no electricity, no gas, and limited running water, which of course, is a huge problem for the thousands of people either trapped inside these towns and villages, or who are still refusing to leave the french present. but rebecca has urged russia's leader to allow more evacuations from the burial field planned to nicole
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to president vladimir putin. micro also strengths the extreme gravity of the war. the kremlin says putin remains open to talk with ukraine leaders. well, it's world press freedom day to day, and there's been the focus share on how new technologies are being used to monitor and repress journalists treated by reports. now from point to delray, esther in utilize the technology like never before is being used to curtail freedom of speech around the world. mile and spyware, artificial intelligence and social media have become the chosen tools by government to suppress dissent. kathy says, my love, i was a victim of the spy, where i began, which was developed by an israeli company. she was detained for over a year in her country as a virgin. and i sold a list of the number like 99 number for my phone though. were in
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that least 99 people whom i know who are in that live. they've been effective to. and those who are know those for not only georgia, listen lawyers those, those are also activists, political activists whose numbers i have. hundreds of people have gathered in the u . y, and coastal city of valley. in an effort to help find ways to protect freedom of speech, this conference is hosting by unesco. and the theme of this conference is journalism under digital feed, which shows the magnitude of the problem how journalists are not only addressed in war zones or conflicts. but also are subject to online harassment and surveillance . and that's why hundreds of journalists, members of international organizations, and many others have gathered here to try to prevent technology from being used for secure free media. they were in ukraine and the unprecedented number of journalists
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who have been killed in mexico this year serve as a stark reminder on world press freedom day that journalists around the world are facing an extra ordinary level of threats. and lever to knit has been in exile for a year. he was forced to feeble arrows when the government of alexander law gushing will began to crack down off civil society and media, those over a 1000 political prison in jail or spot to put her in the hotel. there are lots of people who are in prison, who are not allowed to have visitors, while lawyers cannot even pass them a litter. and at the same time, there is a group who are not in prison, but are always afraid that the next morning they can be arrested and can be imprisoned. finding solutions is a central part of the event. people like irene can have proposed a moratorium on the sale of surveillance technology that's being used by state and non state actors around the world. what are we in the united nations are calling for is a moratorium, a bang, a temporary ban on any use or transfer sale of this kind of intrusive electronic
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surveillance. and then use that time of the ban to rec or string, the national laws to strengthen international law on trade. and the reason why we were wanting this moratorium futon is because we know journalists themselves have exposed stories about how lives are being threatened. individual lives are being destroyed, journalists are trying to adapt to surveillance and digital attacks for everyone here. awareness and finding a legal framework is crucial to defend free press. there is, i will, i'll just seat out, boom, deleting with a white. the toxic smoke from a fire at the dallas largest labs that is causing respiratory problems for day by residence, fire crews. they did. capitol. i've been trying to extinguish the blaze of all that a week. they say hot weather and methane gas tubes are making it hard to contain.
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india recorded, it's hottest bartch since 1946 temperatures are expected to so further in the coming days. now it's been reveal that dozens of shells embedded at the footpath outside, a tie, shopping center, or actually the fossils of an extinct buried creature. paleontologists say the snail shaped specimens in bangkok or a type of mollusk which died out more than 66000000 years ago. according to local beady, the fossils may have been inserted as decorations by contractors during recent repairs. ah, your g, i'll to say it's a horrible, horrible of our top stories protest for and against abortion rights are being held across parts of the united states. that's after the u. s. chief justice confirmed that a legal document about reversing the landmark roe vs wade. bullshit law is authentic .


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