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tv   101 East Thailands Fearless Cop P2  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2022 2:30am-3:01am AST

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it contained, india recorded its hottest march since 1946. temperatures are expected to saw further. in the coming days. it's been reveal that dozens of shells a bed. it is a footpath outside to tie shopping center or actually the fossils of an extinct buried creature. paleontologists say the snail shaped specimens, a bank cock, or a type of mollusk which died out more than 66000000 years ago. according to local beady, the fossils may have been inserted as decorations by contractors during lisa drew past. ah, your g, i'll to rob, horrible stories, protest for and against abortion rights are being held across parts of the united states. that's after the u. s. chief justice could verb that a legal document about reversing the landmark roe vs wade. bullshit law is authentic. no. if this isn't home is
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really quite a radical that basically says, all this in your private life, will you marry whether or not you decided to see the child and i, when i am on the voice range of other decision, whether how you raise your child, what does this do this mean? why did they decide are going to pass a law saying that same sex marriage against the law and why? there's a whole one shift in america. she returns he has more from washington, dc, numbers of swell. then we go there about 2 hours ago. there are any, a few 100 people who are actually only all of the protesting the possibility that this could be the final judgment from people who were on a bush. now we have several thousands almost all of them still protesting the
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possibility that lita is living re draft that would become the final draft. we keep on hearing that there might be some sort of counter protest and so the police putting up the barricades and that sort of thing. but right now they sign up over a 100 civilians have been evacuated from the besieged, ukrainian city of barrier. paul, they've now reduced reach the hold up, the limits has more. so 5 coaches have arrived here all on board with women, children and the elderly. those were only the people who were allowed to evacuate from the as of style as deal as deal factory. according to that agreement brokerage by the un, with the help of the international red cross. though among them there was a 101 who managed to get out of this deal works. and they were joined by another 55 who were civilians trapped and were you to in different areas of where you put how and why did who become so obsessed with this law, we were giving them
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a tool to hold corrupt individuals with human rights abusers accountable they're going to rip this deal apart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about by american today? we take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. who as a police investigator in thailand to wayne pong sir, was renowned for getting results more than 40 guilty voting thailand. biggest human trafficking trial. but after arresting a tall military officer, he fled the country in fear for his life thing being pulled that up and call them me. my dad took time. the launch i i will eat. i'm now a new one. now for the 1st time a weems allegations will be it publicly. so. oh boy yeah, boy d $13.00 a one vehicle. do you want it on the up?
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you wanna get the one blue i'd go down. you wanted to park on, on. eagle. been in part 2 of the special one. 0, one east investigation we ask is corruption and thailand goes right to the tom ah, today, poet pong saren lives a frugal, lonely life in small town australia. but in 2015, this form of police major general, laid thailand's largest investigation into human trafficking or finality. male of one, the community and the lead. he brought down a vast criminal syndicate, responsible for imprisoning to been slaving. and murdering ringo refugees gone,
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gone, gone, gone. my genuine mag cannot nina yon de la quam ro movie dotala eagle lac my wide up in the high number. what fiber kong lou. oh god full, gone. talked in. nobody has high, loud. but a wayne says he was stymied at every turn. evidence was hidden. witnesses were intimidated, and he was pressured to stop his work. and after he put lieutenant general minot, kong pen behind bars, the investigation and his life began to unravel. he believes thailand's deputy prime minister general pro, it won't to want, orchestrated a campaign to shut him up and threaten his life. he'd where am i don't believe paula. couldn't d, tom nan guy take up a meeting and had him at the st. you may japan. ah, a now, 6 years later,
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the wanes bombshell allegation is about to be revealed in thailand, parliament it will be thanks to panic, a one a former employee who's helping the opposition new forward party campaign for upcoming elections from behind your thing. oh yeah. 8 what's been happening in thailand since pauline left elder grab an hour that i went and i figured a still here. i thought you and probably did you hear the prime minister and the deputy prime into the prime minister and the deputy prime you so and that corny, i fear here, ah, deputy prime minister general pro. it won't so on allegedly did more than anyone else to derail poems investigation. he became an object of public ridicule and 20
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a chain. after photographs emerged of him wearing more than 20 luxury watches were as much as a $1000000.00. good. how are you, bobby? oh, that bumper. weird to me. who hadn't declared the extravagant time pieces was cleared of corruption after claiming pay what all the borrowed. oh me. well me o me for me. good, good, good, go my, my dad emma, i please, i hear the name on the column of the country. everything for the for, but at the bottom, everything change. oh, people to the younger generations. didn't realize that that issue has been installed in the garage roof. the protest movement has emerged since police inflated proven by young people taking aim at the retired generals who control the
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government and the increasing power of the monarchy. warmer time. i love i love the demonstrators have been met with police brutality and a wave of a race. oh, but they have an ally and parliament to you know. oh yeah. oh no, no, i got my dad to what the all now do you have no idea about the move forward patio? we are trying to do public stat. what ordinary people can joy on one handy fly. this manipulator takes on the other hand, the 5, the sub, a vicious circle off to include it, and he got why need vice tv writing on sat somewhat from clack as a television journalist back in 2015, panica reported on pauline's investigation into human trafficking. off the fatty pad when you don't,
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i don't think we you aware at all of pauline's work and reputation when he was investigating the issue. i didn't had that much faith in type police debt to be honest, i didn't know. believe me personally. i didn't have any sensation that he will finish his job properly. panica has long wondered what pauline could reveal if he decided to talk. so at the fitting kinda guy. so she called him in october last year. was not me, me, me pumped on one minute. i thought i'd help for them. i didn't have the knowledge and i have to walk them through something that i'm good. my young if i'm going when you're not i can i can to keep them like when child on
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pretty loud got now. well, i went back, she's gone eagle and spent the way young and die hidden. last, call me 9 time and i thought maybe you're going to media ground level of lighting or gone by calling on diamond on the can you call somebody say did you trust a former car to begin with? did you have any doubts about who in story at any stage? why did i believe in the court? because that a call for to the point that he could not find anymore and have to get his social his family. he's a whole live in thailand, asking sacrifice, how unusual is it to find the police investigator and thailand,
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who's willing to pursue powerful politically connected suspects again and again risking their career and possibly their life in my 34 years of life. not aah! harmonic. or you will fully tanika is working closely with move forward and pay rung some on rome to ship a wayne story and the tie parliament later this week. i also had a unique i've come to been called to see what happens. i need a hood having a home as a math. i'm going to click on go hello somebody. and on keen to know how they think people here will react. let me explain to you how high people will get this. sorry,
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of colleen is not about one good cop tackling human trafficking issue. it will be a very classic story off one man who stand up against because a sheep and a powerful people with roam is about to film a short video summarizing poet and story, which the party will release while he addresses parliament. now he want me to schedule by. ready ready rome is only 29, he was jailed twice as a democracy activist after the 2014 code and tainted parliament 3 years ago. and he's hoping the public will sympathize with co wayne, even if they don't support the opposition. i believe is amazing. diaz and the medical at all. we should have their human trafficking on is i'm debating on craigslist. i my knife, one milk i bunk one and 2. and mickey moon like i say allow me something like rylon ballade. that monkey to tell matthew wible kelly,
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and he had to be had cabinet night long. well my, i don't want me to lay out dummy for night tv. what do i do up to a bear me you back on my mind. could i couldn't, jenna? back in australia. pauline relies heavily on his good friend kiss psychiatric nurse to immigration here more than 20 years ago. the 1st time i met him i thought, who is this guy he looks like. you know, the electra he look wouldn't need, who are polite. he doesn't look like a policeman at all. is wayne, the biggest champion in australia. but when they met 5 years ago,
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he had his doubts from those. i mean, one would be a living and you probably going to have done problem do he was going to tie people in general and police? no one is honest, the same as political opinion, not a single police man or a single politician is honest, but i thought, you know, he hadn't known any hidden. it didn't die at all. like a horse racing horse. he just knew no best without thinking it. okay. who else next me
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when they have the loaner by phone thing that the big moment the arrived in the tide parliament today there's a chance for opposition parties to raise issues of concern and put questions to the government rooms. not sure yet when he'll be speaking hold out for you. i put my goods on people with windham company. yeah, i need a lot of in know go and like, i didn't know me. i think you're right. oh no, my middle that i
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can get from rough day be you we did college and we got a couple. okay. i think give me my try to hear because i have the power to speak in the bottom. and so i tried to continue what he do before even rocky. i don't, i don't have to run away like you and i can finish what he thought about 2 and 10 mandel fancy a t a curse. at dory. d. crowley shun blue. com hagen conklin. berlin bar tank garden corpus ot area pool chain again corte pike,
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sa, mad dog. i bonnie dio, near d to with her lab period facebook contact dow guy long popped to undo. rome explains how pauline's investigation into human trafficking ended prematurely somewhat hang up on them. your guard good. quick up went bowen. ben cancelling thor kobuck up hallmark ardini and mula his hoops when the man and points out that the crime is still a blight on thailand. more than 60 years later. that thanks to corruption and official complicity. talk one needy like one at buncombe. ha. why? i lied. i made a 100 and not gonna ne, i didn't. i hate newbrough acting there. me cry. t guar. fuqua horn young blonde woman at lou. my packing, they'll me coordinate at the barn, one de la g, dag eunice apart. bonnie, me so and ron boy, you may. how can bro, it now you don't, you made it up? your own?
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got abandoned by pan thong. dan. hey, when belinda gob hewitt. he's dog, don't watch. i don't pack by laptop dog i'd. i'd be like a bon ro dot my boy hick uncommon. it's been for you know me that domain roy. hey poor. do you know now? gag. hi. nathan pitt bung quite, quite nice. you type in people, yankee, couldn't bully info, bertha potter down there on up and got a bad a good time daddy, daddy allowable and he, behind my home, under your highway. i couldn't make out the i, i feel i am. so my only grand prime minister, prior to china chat, wasn't in the chamber during rome speech. and doesn't mention that when he gets up to spake casually, home, we don't need out of wouldn't up up would have it. i'd have to hang up kodiak up.
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oh yeah, hold on him a long time. i think i was not. i don't have an he like to pop outside, but he will give up. i let them know what time they don't get uneasy dealer up. tend to make all i think gonna need people will leap, hide it up, and the dye dumb. i'm a he, me thinking that up did i said see, you know, when running refuses to retract the word ruthless, he's ordered out of the chamber. i told him, tell me alone between like a couple of the home with jacob. oh, oh, oh, good my dealing. i oh much, but i feel good. what i did, i want to know how far we'd feel. i want to be home with him.
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when he got people in all that he kept popping. max out, was it just one day poor tant id to yan. that about macau, my papa from la. local to one me. when he and he, he prepared me. i overnight round spread across social media like wildfire, reaching my tongue, tied up with thank to wayne, the hash tag. human trafficking quickly tweeted, hundreds of thousands of time and the
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goal would be but when you are putting your desktop with me, holler at move forward party headquarters. the next morning, a special long distance guest is waiting to greet the time media release. dot com and i maybe went on the account up when need the phone? me about the fees are monday, monday. could be con, con unit died on central what it died. nothing wrong me, but i don't think many people will be
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away and finally feel vindicated. this press conference is only a virtual homecoming if i mean how, how people react and gum. i me help. let me look whenever you need me to tear or we said that if you dream to come home for me personally today, it's a much more important day than yesterday. bring himself had
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a chance to speak to the high people and he's very frankly drunken hard and that mentor to me a lot i can say is the end of the all chapter and the beginning of the new shot in marsh rome uses his position on parliamentary committee to keep up the pressure on his summons charge and the former police commission, a general who when accuses of obstructing justice in the human trafficking investigation, chucked it failed to show was but a leaf left off for a chair. they generally tried to secure bail for police suspect on behalf of the deputy prime minister. makes an app here. and again, he says 23 new arrest warrants have been issued, relating to poems,
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case allows are doable. we tend to allow and help them back up and we'll be with them that they will go to you didn't tell me why they got because i'm bored, my neck up late and i would have had that already a lot longer paid. i'm lucky and gamma going to one. have you haven't with the law man. going to do that up now your time. we're going to get my son. wow. it's got a couple. give me one on one piece. contacted prime minister private china cha, deputy prime minister pro. it was one form of justice minister, pye boone come child form and national police commissioner chuck to charge him to respond to polling allegations. they all either declined or did not answer our inquiries in the week on the binding
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money on their gun farm. so so got me down. i'm going to die. why? my while am is or good couldn't, and i cause i know a poor and how are you going to say again, dare. how are you? good, good cod meeting. why me calling? don't dimas are not near my good bomb cod? my, my teaching me again. yep. again and again. yeah. when retired, missionary know donahue befriended pauline, he wanted him to feel at home the local law and both club is the heart of many yes, trailer in country towns. i found out a little bit about him saying that he was long, they never really had me friends in this area and i went up turn off today when he got to come by both come play both,
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but i don't know how we can coach here or run for him to come up on the thursday night and he had a role and enjoyed it and know that we could meet christopher you could me, ms. patients, brother? no, not. when you've done, when you release of all the improved, not resolving. that's better. what better the prime minister in the police chief have both guaranteed your safety. if you want to go back to thailand, how are you feeling about this time? when you got back? thank you. i combine thing. now you're going to be by, by the law team, you become the hard man and when you are not here today. and in
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a couple of days after pauline's press conference, police were posted around the clock outside his father's house. it's supposedly for his family security. now got a condo on that, but i put you in about a net to get your deadline. now go based on the dime thing, but i made, i got you. so my nico thailand remains unsafe, not just the wayne, but for the wrangler who continue to be trafficked across the board in the us state department. in recent years, thailand's government has reduced efforts to identify and protect the victim in when we're going to, they're getting a new kind. i'm going to move and i teach alco,
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malone tornado. 9090 me a conflict between india and pakistan. pristine snow capped mountains. wondering what the kashmiris i missed on al jazeera ah, with a capital capital which nature created. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business, takes
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a new interest by landscape protecting landscapes. it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of major. but at what's risk, banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature. they do that because to see a business in pricing, the planets on al jazeera. mm mm. each and every one of us had about a responsibility to change our personal space for the better a . we could do this experiment, and if by diversity could increase just a little bit that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet who is incredibly rough species. they are asking for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly here in jenny, this me, but they got to collect the signature that says recycle business. extremely
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important service that they provide to the city or we need to take america to trying to bring people together and trying to deal with people who can left behind ah, demonstrations in the us after a leak supreme court documents suggest that the law allowing abortion could be overturned? shift america. ah, alex robin, what you all are like my headquarters here in doha also coming up. freedom from siege. the 1st people evacuated from the merry pole steel plant surrounded by russian forces.


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