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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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but i'm seeing that new things and south africa, seeing if i, if i can change them and showed me that i'm actually tracking and fire with africa direct on al jazeera ah rochester's on both sides of america's abortion debate, faceoff outside the supreme court. and across the country. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is out as they are alive from go are also coming up recording the horrors of rushes, assault. hundreds of ukrainians are evacuated from a steel plant and the besieged city of matthew polt. basil styles de la factory comes under, intensified russian bombing with hundreds of civilians are still trapped inside and
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apply for resources to end the violence u. m. second general warns of instability in africa. style region has become a global threat. ah, been protest by pro and anti abortion campaigners in the u. s. after an unprecedented leak of a dropped supreme court decision suggesting the law on terminations could be overturned. the current roe vs wade legislation has stood for almost 50 years. president biden as though it's congress to pass laws protecting abortion rights. shebra tansy has more from washington, dc o. thousands gathered outside the supreme court on tuesday afternoon to protest the leet. draft opinion that was reported to have the support of 5 conservative justices and opinion. that concludes that since those who wrote the constitution did not explicitly protect women's reproductive rights than
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previous judgments in training, a women's right to truth had no basis in the law. and that we are long past the point that we was protested well, how many decades ago, but it's terrifying. this is a handful of anti abortion rights. protests roadside, the court to my say, abortion murder, but flows seeking to end abortion access. this has been the goal since 1973, when justice is ruled in favor of women's reproductive rights. in the case of roving weight and justice, robert said that that was not chick draft. we're very happy to hear that, and we're hopeless. i will stay with that draft and that will be the decision to overturn roe vs wade. the white house as it is prepared for whatever the act, true verdict is. but the president warned that the reasoning underpinning the draft opinion has far reaching implications, basically says, all the decisions related to your private life,
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or whether or not you decided to see the child. and i was watching them on the voice range of other decisions, whether the how you raise your child. what does this do? does this mean that in florida they can decide are going to pass a law saying that same sex marriage is not visible? the u. s. has the worst maternal mortality rate in the industrialized world, those here a word that terrible metric could now deteriorate even further. the sign was inspired by conversations with many women today. i don't think that anybody has an idea of what the real world consequences are. and especially those who are in a position of privilege and like everybody on the supreme court, myself did not. there's a lot of really potential for harm, but there was hope to oppose if consistently shane 70 percent of americans are against outlawing abortion. the democrats seem to be hoping for a bump in town out in november's mid term elections from those who support female, reproductive rights. but there is an awareness headed in the past when the
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democrats about the opportunity to codify a woman's right to choose. they failed to do so. she had returned al jazeera washington. kristen, selena has more now from a large demonstration in new york. the dismantling of roe vs wade is something that abortion rights activists had been worried about and organizing against. so when this leaked supreme court document came to light, they sprang into action and you can see the results behind me were outside of the court houses in new york city, where a huge crowd has gathered an angry crowd. many demonstrators here describe what's happening is an assault on women's rights on their ability to control their own bodies, and should roby overturned and the right to abortion. be left to states to decide menu, see it as a step backwards. here in new york, lawmakers from the state level on down are promising to keep abortion safe and legal in this state, and also make it
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a safe haven for women coming from other states where abortion may no longer be legal. however, we know statistically that those who seek abortions tend to be young in their twenty's already have a child and be low income. those are the kind of people who would have a hard time traveling across state lines of force. so what we're seeing here is determination on the part of many activists and outraged individuals, men and women, vowing to keep the issue alive, make their voices heard, and not let this right go away without a fight. and he was vice president, camilla harris says one that overturning this landmark legislation could have much wider implications. when we look at the big picture, those oh attack row have been clear. they want to of ban abortion in every state. they want
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to bully anyone who seeks or provides reproductive health care and they want to criminalize and punish women from making these decisions at its core road recognizes the fundamental right to privacy. what several democratic states are moving to enshrine laws protecting the right to an abortion one such date is from antoine kesha, ram hinsdale, as a democratic state senator, she says the league brought back difficult memories of her own abortions. i am a 35 year old woman of color in the state senate. i am a very rare person in politics. we should look around the country and see how many young women are in office. there is a direct correlation between the reality that there are so few young women in
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office. and yet we are the, the demographic that people like to make the most laws about. of course it came right back to me. my own experience, when i saw the news last night of the late memo, i received my abortion in washington dc at the planned parenthood clinic. that's right in the shadow of the capitol. it's quite a lightning rod for people to come and protest. people trying to access abortion, and i just remember throngs of protesters pulling at my clothes a screaming in my ear and there was one volunteer who found me in the crowd who held on to me and said, i've got you. and got me over the threshold into that clinic. and i can't imagine if my experience was so lonely and so scary until at one person reached out to, to get me what it must be like to be in a state where now people are being rift ripped off of planes. a bounty is being put
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on their head. they're being told that regardless of any threat to their own life, the pregnant she has to come to term. this is not just an attack on abortion. this is an attack on women's health and our fundamental freedoms. ah, a 100 civilians evacuated from the proceed city of multiple of reach the safety of a town control by ukraine. a group of women children of the elderly, survived russian attacks for 2 months and saw the al spell still plant a. dr. hamid is in upper asia where she met some of the vacuum ease the land, exhausted, they stumbled out of buses. perhaps unaware that their plight has caught the world's attention. they evacuation closely coordinated at the highest levels in both ukraine and russia and still took several days for them in person to whom he r d. now was worried that something would go wrong. first,
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every one had to be vetted by the russian military. i think the only conquer that comes in with you that but it still can, you can just outline what they took photos of us as if we were criminals, front and profile. we were fingerprinted, they went through our phones, checked our documents. i was told, there was no way back to marry, pull any more. i felt threatened by them. ina had gone with her daughter to the as of style steve factory on march. second, you can see her in this video, in one of the dark, underground shelters. that's where she spent the last 8 weeks. the evacuation was broken by the united nations and international red cross. it was a mission fraught with danger. now we are, we travel through no man's land fairly well. ah, we had a couple of scared instance during the evacuation itself. um we discovered or we didn't discover the are the russian federation. soldiers discovered mine since mon
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expirence i had to be cleared. so we had a routine for the civilians to come out and there was some more to far while we were working to have like to weigh the civilians. a couple of rounds landed 500 meters white also. i don't know who fog them are, but it stopped almost as soon as it started and that was really despite the risks and they decided to join the convoy with her 6 months old son. her time under ground was riddled with worry about him and about her mother who got injured and is now receiving treatment. oh, it seems as a law. ah, what? no, with dr. lyle is now nothing im will i keep it? it was very hard, but we managed, we had to boil water was candles because there wasn't hot water. my father was running under the sheldon 2 other buildings in the complex to get water with over the past 2 weeks. the situation inside those shelters deteriorated food was running low, the air was poor, and the fighting. ever closer people like valentina,
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were stuck in the shelter. her 2 months were cut off from the world. they were not getting any news. and they had no idea what was happening to their hometown. and when they came out, she says they were shocked while on the bus she so pictures of the building she lived in flattened to the ground. memories of a lifetime gone. mozilla, good you, my son has no home. neither do i have my flat anymore. nothing left. everything i own is on me now. i wont ever be back. there still civilians remaining at the steed works. do you and is hoping for another evacuation soon. more people who will leave their home towns knowing they leave behind alive, that will never be again. heard of that, i mean al jazeera is upward each. i mean, all fighting has continuing further east of zachary's where russia assault is slowly grinding forward out his arrows. trout, stratford is in back, moot,
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and east of you crash. we've been around the city of lissy chance today, a city that is suffering and incredible bombardment of shilling this afternoon. indeed, i drive up to all jets horizon of $180.00 degrees. we could see various points where smoke was rising, an indication of villages and towns right the way across that region, suffering russian shilling. we know that there is close contact fighting in a number of these towns, notably, puzzler. we be speaking to volunteer evacuation drivers in around that area. they have now stopped their evacuation efforts from plaza that follows the what we understand is the killing of one driver and the kidnapping of another. we're also getting reports from the child of the car that's close to done it. sc pro russian separate is controlled on it, so there are reports of at least 10 people killed and 15 other injured off. a
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shells landed on a coke plugged close to that city. now these coke brown is considered to be the largest in europe. it employs thousands of people we were in that area yesterday. we were told that the coke plant was not operating to 100 percent capacity. it has stopped because of the war, not because of shelling, but we know that there were hundreds of people working there still today at the source. he's saying that those casualty figures are expected to rise. we are also hearing reports from the military administration of new gangs province, that there are many towns and villages, right, the way across the region where there is no electricity, no gas and limited running water, which of course, is a huge problem for the thousands of people either trapped inside these towns and villages, or who are still refusing to leave. lots more thought to come here and out there,
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including a fail state of siege and democratic republic of congo. why local leaders said the military approach to peace in the east is not working. and using technology to keep tabs on journalists to stop them from doing their work more than ah, richard, he has begun the full world copies on its way to the castle. he'll travel package to the hello there. we've had a dusty, few days across the middle east and the van and we could see more of those to come as the unsettle conditions blow from the west to the east. now those cooler conditions across turkey where we have seen quite a bit of heavy rain, are going to bring temperatures down in some of the cities across coastal areas in places like jerusalem as well. we will see the temperature drop down. but further south of this, you can see that dust blowing in lots of hazy sunshine for the gulf states,
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and we'll see temperatures pick up in doha and rehab sitting at 42 on thursday. so lots of heat here. and as we move across to the north of africa, we are going to the heat build once again in the northeast corner for egypt, but for the north west. well, it is going to get wetter and windier for the likes of algeria. if we have a look at the 3 day for algiers, while the temperature will dip down with a wet weather. but the sunshine returns on friday now was we had further south. it's not as wet as it has been across that central band of africa. temperatures here are above the average for this time of year. from wet relief, we have to go to the horn of africa, was heavier for the cross coastal areas of kenya. for the south. this will, it is a dry picture. we're going to see temperatures pick up slightly in cape town, and joe boat, head of the rain in cape town, this weekend, official airline, the journey. join the debate. there is no, he job bad little, you know,
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if anyone here talks about women that age or so does that, these seem to have been says no. so pick it off the table. we were taught to see abortion as a one way ticket street to help all of the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources and the power to fix that. we're a global audience, becomes a global community. the comment section is right here. be part of today's program this to him or now to sierra. ah ah, welcome back with your mind about top stories here. this our process and several of us cities have sprung up for and against abortion rights. that's all from the document suggested. the supreme court could vote to reverse the landmark,
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they feel the town controlled by ukraine. a group of women, children, and elderly, survived russian attacks for 2 months. we saw that as of style. steve multiples mer says more than $200.00 civilians were made trapped inside the plant. moscow was im shelling soon after sunday's evacuation saying it's a talking from cranium fighters. now several 1000 people have rallied in armenia capital yet of them that he was the government of abandoning the disputed not gonna care about border reach us. oh, lisa cracked down after 2 days of protests arrested more than $200.00 men, according for prime minister nichol passion yon to resign. he was in him of cunning to give up terror for you to azerbaijan. the 2 countries went to war, the region in 2020, which ended with a russian broken agreement. but you and 2nd general, it says attacks in africa sale region. i've grown from a regional issue to a global one. and tony, a garage made the remark during his tour of west africa,
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where he is visited, senegal, misha, nigeria nicholas hawk reports from doco, south of the saras, new years to bury region by the maryan border is a remote refugee camp, where people live in fear. they're mostly women and children from neighboring molly fleeing, what they say is an unstoppable spiral of violence in their homeland, across the border. they thought they would be safe. but here, 2 armed groups linked to al qaeda and i saw come to kill them. well, when i wanted to let you know, denise alley, no one knew. he said, i remember the day the bandits came and killed one left with another good. afterwards they ordered us to leave the village and everyone, children, old people and us women. we all came here on foot and they'll call it. 14000 un peacekeepers have been deployed in molly for almost a decade. but this $1000000000.00 a year un opperation has failed to bring peace attacks. are spreading beyond molly to neighboring country on a 5 day tour of west africa. the un secretary general antonio terrace,
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makes him prompt you visit to the camp. you can count on me to get man from the international community that strong support for the army. so that he has the capacity to protect you most here. don't know who he is. they watch quizzically as he plants and mango 2 in the sand. there hasn't been any rainfall for almost a year with arm groups trying to control water points. climate change to is fueling the conflict. so on the said, the situation in this a hail is complex, characterized by insecurity, but also climate change, which has an impact on displaced and horse population. it is for these reasons that we ask you mister secretary general to continue to make our situation one of your priorities. earlier, he travelled to senegal, meeting with the african union chair monkey saw prices of food and fuel, or on the rise in africa. un estimate a quarter of
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a 1000000 people could plunge into extreme poverty by the end of the year as the result of the ukraine, russia conflict. while he did not travel to molly, the situation in that country is high on the agenda. all these military genta is tolling efforts to return power to civilian rule. human rights group accused maryan soldiers and recently deployed russian fighters linked to the wagner group of torture and perpetrating massacres on civilians. it has become increasingly difficult for the un to fulfill its mandate of protecting the 1000000 people, many of whom are now flee their country. nicholas hawk al jazeera human rights watch is calling on the international criminal court to investigate allegations in central african republic of murder and torture. witnesses say they've been involved the russian, several governments and the u. n. say the forces include members of the wagner group. that's a private firm of russian military contract as we suspected. links to the kremlin
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and 2018 c a r agreed to let former russian military officers train its forces. the rights group interviewed at least 20 people who said they saw russian speaking men who carried weapons committing abuses between 20192021. and one incident they said at least 12 men were killed in the town of the sun go. well, louis, not just with the central african director at human rights, what she says he's organization has seen her rec examples of torture. or we've been documenting crimes committed by russian length military since 2019. these started as crimes of arbitrary detention and accusing civilians of being rebels and some pretty agree just cases of torture. but it was really last year when we really started getting back on the ground in the central african republic that we started to get these really, really horrific cases of extra judicial execution to mary mary executions that had
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been carried out by the russian forces. and so we decided today to, to find the publish the most egregious case that we've been able to confirm with a case in july last year. but i just want to be clear. this is probably just scratching the surface. we have many other credible allegations of cases of killings committed by these russian link forces. but to date human rights watch, we haven't been able to confirm the public level. the government continues to say these are simply russian instructors, that all that they're doing is instructing central african military. and we did present our findings to the government of the central african republic. they did not respond officially. but again, i want to reiterate at a lower levels in the government, people absolutely know what's happening and some of them are quite worried about it . now the family of a jailed man was the here of the hollywood film hotel. rolanda say they're worried for his life. pull this up again as relatives are sitting there, random government, a $400000000.00. they say special agents lured him from his texas home before
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imprisoning him in kigali. random government has denied the claims. is that a 25 year sentence for terrorism? our family has been doing everything possible to save our father's life. we have suffered, our father has suffered, and every single day we are prayed to receive a call that our father has taken his last breath. we have tried everything to follow in his footsteps, to follow his example and to stand up for what is right. politicians and democratic republic of congo have voted to extend the state of siege in the east of the country provinces. there have been plagued by decades of insecurity and armed, malicious martial laws imposed just lost my arm. latasha report is not the 1st time in peace in the democratic republic of congo. have voted to extend the state of siege in the east of the country. it's happened before,
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and each time martial law has been extended by 15 days. oh, excuse me, concern lisa. this is will not. we've been assured by the president of the parliament that this is the last vote on the state of siege. we now have to find other solutions off the 15 days to try and in the conflict, president village is the katie announced the state of siege in may last year. parliamentarians say the situation in the east is still volatile. armed militias and into camino violence have killed thousands of people, the congolese army, uganda forces. and the u. ain't largest peacekeeping mission monasco a trying to stabilize the region, but the violence in north kiva and it to the provinces seems to be getting worse. juggler grew less, uncle knows, it's been 12 months and i think people in a tory have seen positive results. we have this state of siege and we as the government, we think it's working more than a 1000000 people have been displaced by the ongoing violence. many say they see no way out new grammars now we talk things would have improved so we can go back home
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on fortunately, we're living in these terrible conditions for how long we don't know local leaders and some rights groups want to return to civilian law, saying the military approach isn't working. last month, king as president or who looking at a mediator talks in nairobi between different rival groups operating in easton, biase. those talks are expected to resume later in may. the militia say they will stop fighting if certain conditions are in place, including amnesty for the fighters and the release of political prisoners. millions of people are fit to by decades, a conflict fear it could be years before peace returns to easton, the asi hardware tarza out there, workers from one of peruse, largest copper mines, are demanding. indigenous protested, were blocking access to the mine be removed. hundreds of las bombast, minors, march the capital lena. they say the government needs to do more to the protest is to set up camp inside the mind,
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forcing its owner m m g to host operations. one indigenous group says the chinese own company has failed to honor its commitment to expand operations on its territory, fighting them on rival gangs in haiti's capital as entered a 2nd week. the ongoing violence and puerto prince as force hundreds of families to free their homes. at least 20 people were killed last week and he saw patrolling the streets but have yet to regain control of at least 4 districts. capital. now it's world press freedom day and has been focus this year on how new technologies are being used to monitor and repress journalists to reserve a report from point a to lester in europe. life. the technology like never before, is being used to curtail freedom of speech around the world. mile and spyware, artificial intelligence and social media have become the chosen tools by government to suppress defend heavy states my love, i was a victim of the spy, where i began,
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which was developed by an israeli company. she was detained for over a year in her country as a virgin, and i saw the list of the number like 99 number. for my form though, were in that leave. so 99 people whom i know who are in that live they've been affected to and those are know those for not only jordan to listen, lawyers, those, those are also activists, political activists whose numbers i have. hundreds of people have gathered in the u . y and coastal city of valley, in an effort to help find ways to protect freedom of speech. this conference is hosting by unesco, and the theme of this conference is journalism under digital feed, which shows the magnitude of the problem how journalists are not only addressed in war zones or conflict areas, but also are subject to online harassment and surveillance. and that's why hundreds
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of journalists, members of international organizations than many others have gathered here to try to prevent technology from being used to persecute free media. they were in ukraine and the unprecedented number of journalists who have been killed in mexico this year serve as a stark reminder on world press freedom day. the journalists around the world are facing an extra ordinary level of threats and the battle net has been in exile for a year. he was forced to feeble arrows when the government of alexander lucas shank, or began a crackdown of civil society and media. those over a 1000 political prison is in jail or sponsor for her in the horses, there are lots of people who are in prison, who are not allowed to have visitors. while lawyers cannot even pass them a litter. and at the same time, there is a group who are not in prison, but are always afraid that the next morning they can be arrested and can be imprisoned. finding solutions is a central part of the event. people like irene can have proposed
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a moratorium on the sale of surveillance technology that's being used by state and non state actors around the world. what are we in the united nations are calling for is a moratorium, a ban, a temporary ban on any use, a transfer sale of this kind of intrusive electronic surveillance. and then use that time of the ban to actually string the national laws to string them international law on trade. and the reason why we want to this moratorium futon is because we know journalist themselves have exposed stories about how lives are being threatened. individual lives are being destroyed, journalists are trying to adapt to surveillance and digital attacks for everyone here. awareness and finding a legal framework is crucial to defend free press. that is, i will, i'll just seat out, boom, deleting with a white woman's rights groups in argentina. have demonstrated in support of
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catholic nuns at the center of an abuse scandal. the 18 nuns live in this convent and salter are taking legal action against 3 church officials, including a bishop sent by the vatican to investigate their complaints. he's accused of allowing the abuse little else has been made public due to a court order, but the case is known to involve claims of verbal threats and financial abuse ah type. i'll keep track of the headlines here on al jazeera protests, and several of us cities have sprung up for and against abortion rights. that's after a leak documents suggested the supreme court could vote to reverse the landmark roe vs wade. your president biden urged congress to pass legislation, protecting the right yes, vice president, pamela harris has warned that overturning the landmark legislation could have much wider implications when we look at the big picture.


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