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tv   Witness The Apollo of Gaza  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge, bringing something they didn't even see the kids foot 2 women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange on al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan, and joe, how about the top stories here on al jazeera deborah protest by pro an anti abortion campaign is in the us after an unprecedented leak of a draft supreme court decision. suggesting the law on terminations could be overturned. president biden has urge congress to pass laws protecting abortion rights. shabby towns. he has more from washington, dc. i thousands gathered outside the supreme court on tuesday afternoon to protest the legal draft opinion that was reported to have the support of 5 conservative justices and opinion. that
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concludes that since those who wrote the constitution did not explicitly protect women's reproductive rights than previous judgments in training, a woman's right to choose had no basis in the law. and that we are long past the point that we was protesting about how many decades ago. but it's terrifying. this is a handful of anti abortion rights protests roadside. the court to i say, a lot of murder, but flows seeking to end abortion access. this has been the goal since 1973 when justice is ruled in favor of women's reproductive rights. in the case of robi weight and justice, robert said that that was not in chick draft us. we're very happy to hear that and we're hopeless. i will stay with that draft and that will be the decision to overturn roe vs wade. the white house as it is prepared for whatever the actual verdict is. but the president warned the reasoning underpinning the draft opinion
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has far reaching implications and basically says, all the decisions related your private life will, you know whether or not you decided to see the child. and i was watching them on the voice range of other decision whether the how you raise your child. what does this do? does this mean that in florida they can decide are going to pass a law saying that same sex marriage is not visible? the u. s. has the worst maternal mortality rate in the industrialized world. those hear a word that terrible metric could now deteriorate even further. the sign was inspired by conversations with many women today. i don't think that anybody has an idea of what the real world consequences are. and especially those who are in a position of privilege, i'm like everybody on the supreme court. myself not, there's a lot of really potential for harm. but there was hope to oppose have consistently shown 70 percent of americans are against outlawing abortion. but democrats seem to
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be hoping for a bump in town out in november's mid term elections from those who support female, reproductive rights. but there is an awareness had in the past when the democrats about the opportunity to codify a woman's right to choose. they failed to do so. she had time to al jazeera washington. south korea's military says north korea has fired what it believes to be a ballistic missile. the projectile is set up in fire from soon on airport in the north capital region. if the 14th massage launch this year, but rob mcbride is installed and says timing is everything for north korea when it comes to these launches. it comes at a very interesting time here in south korea because we have the handover between administrations, these are the last days of the liberal president moon j n, who has been pursuing throughout his presidency dialogue with north korea. and from next monday, with his inauguration, we have you and so your comes in who is a conservative and is vowing to take a much tougher line with north korea. that is clearly sends
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a message to the new administration. dozens of civilians evacuated from the besieged city of matter. you will have reached the safety of a town controlled by ukraine. a group of women, children, and elderly survived russian attacks for 2 months. as a field class. mario poles may, i says, more than 200 civilians remain trapped inside the plant. moscow resumed shelling of the factory soon after some days evacuation saying it's attacking ukrainian fighters inside. thousands of people have rallied an armenian capital yet, but they accused the prime minister and the cold passion, yet, of abandoning the disputed nagondo car back legion. they say fashion young plans to give up the territory to azerbaijan. the 2 countries went to war over that region in 2020, which ended with a russian broke good agreement. well, those are the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera after witness station. thanks for watching, bye for now. oh,
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did it better, own the fellow to mother gloucester, exparza fossil fulton, by ban. what the another sir bare allah had it him so loyal, fired, had it himself abolla baba canal for idle. had the fuck up. and know, got eve in san ready again, jemma. august lasha. the money has been top osh budget. alcohol. i thought felicia alba, bad. yeah, and it went about it, but im for shabba allison, i thought i shall let my shift on a i started watching the had a machine del initial della was sued in chicago. but i done before i get the new loaner on the hot vehicle. the 2nd you? no, no fuck up my de la johnny readership. okay. were jonathan's in to lou?
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i was down in was the highlands at the hospital. they also let you have this and you know, to finish. it was when i had them on it. how did the mean if one of the do with my yeah, of we about to glen shops law. yeah. and you know what happened with him with it of ideas this ha ha, doesn't it into has like image done linda, claudia and should to you i said with either vote for shipping has a good at least look in was not gonna by law, hasn't on got on habit or gift amo dick will go through. well then let's just say body far above the hub and above them. awesome can about me with any kind of mala. lemme also know in the shop on the latter will cover or settle on a bit of
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a mobile as this model had with a bill available on the local phil bahama la and amanda scott and the sort of the bathroom with assemblyman on the 2nd floor route for hospital on a look, are you, i'm to one a little tillman, when all of a sudden, and normal baja to whom she melba huddled legacy was because of kenneth victor. smile gazillion in. oh, the look at of out of a lawyer, the currency half a year. athena, the anomaly bethel members have for
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a year. i thought i'd urban em hardwood men see and i'm a muscle with them the flu. i la garza when mercer omitted mexico multiple bohaman . jonathan, i'm up and i think some of them, some of them are bar or the most young. oh, you mean michael from are you local on zelman, brooklyn full behalf. he in ohio, us or feudal souther of hero and moscow kills ill, bad o'clock i miscarried up ahead of you. for your call up. i had even begun in the lebrans could neither power i like in levelland american ford, but to try to go over a settlement on the world. hello . hello. hello, hello, hello, hello. that could be an i la village written a fee, a ship. so what i'm missing a lot of minute shakuma cut, then a commodity in a mood by then i'm an open with available martin and all of them and all
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the president would have hadn't wearables vocals for bella dead. aah! with when that le cause your money there's a special they do more coach. you're lucky. more fishy. which is a really cool was your for yeah. yeah, i knew that in the new on the vehicle via and i for long gum slo, lasler co ceo's unit above done. i mayor. i now was
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a saudi now mock a whole d mm. tom there's, you know, photography, lepeu. no, i know many she kid that we li day, no one don't really portez jinder. dick van de la maire who just somebody took that multiple. bob got on deep to vienna le may. if i gather so ridiculous me and i had not bought yeah. best. so no, did you want to wait on a mail send you back? she these de la mail for, shall she in order for me? you know, to have a punch. yo see, their law lives already did and he did. did they at book day?
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i said, well i guess i don't either p a typo the deep valley today today possibly today on paper sheila put on gazelle g. then when she paste was such a job, she's not proceed with me. ah, i put it on my feet this real quick. got you, but it could even ship and when you may have an issue in the waiting room because that get of
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a seed of the tv who knocked him up. well no, no you would you the, which i'm sure was i thought it was a little self elegy, the blood in the sense that it has because you gotta cut the body silver's ah, with a young dish. i sure don't know cuz you guys are just kinda general, she couldn't scan profile
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with what that whole mackenzie emma can did. you see keith blue has a. 8 boucher done then hi there, you know, can i leave the bonds? they must look it up in my father 30 or in no. can i leave the mother in law have of one of the month of that and then answer dawn, me not to shaddick of year a fan of the van. and i had fiend, fee a scandal up. but of the greet escandone that could eat the mom was the kind of anita was the head. i cannot be enough that the medina, the hoard medina, northern medina, at the end of july laser medina. i left medina cody at i was, i was the header, vienna in ms. wyoming alive, a deck and a shot gun. my bad abolla who i can sign
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a level is representative with them. i see it could be the diamond buffoon. i la la mancha off, her lack in put ha, dr. i'm really a 100 and the mad 8th them said i will know them on the little mother and allah, sock sock before you can. and the holy hoa, a shot, the in san yucca for that, a man, if you had the if the i an ag yet a be just them all and much do they allow the latin moth duleigh. we walk for door and model fabi method. it'll lavonne though, i'll go ahead. oh dear. that kelly was the only latin mana
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i'd ever okay. i do a job offer. have fun. mobile is gibberish. where you got to sure. yanine. we're not gonna do enough. the laundry room shop. if luciana, open it from la la, sure. i've never done one. athena have never been here 30 years. okay, john had you that eva lacking of data? yes, there my telephone, are you good? forgot about when a dub any like if there is no. it is new shopping, immune willinger. so fellas off an apple pulse of the you dove? yes. i do because there is something but don't i'm going to win it up. let us know what dot dot dot unless one minus yeah. i had already gotten on come no, no, but actually get her former shot, but doesn't when the when, when the journal 1st was on march the whole bush to go to the have
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a i noticed in almost normal one like an animal bad fish issue a sorta good enough, marble loser of wood, which from iowa and i bought it from the abilene. i had it in the move shovel. oh, she had with a bucket. cindy little guy, if you kind of an under from that i thought it had actually they had the nasty on it and it should letting the guy, danny, on the, on the i got a little smaller than one do. are you with an ira for non payment?
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hello, maria. and oh, so i mean, i've been nothing they can imagine mom, mom i had, you know, i feel by, you know, versus a sagal. yeah. you can, you can, was not me, but a child that normally international, hot negro, in an english and yet, and it's even harder. i swear i got a slip no do with anything in my country to stumbling into. busy while you're gifts yeah, it's the next level to let that have sunny does not actually that is
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due to to to move it go. yeah, yeah, yeah. john bu a pause need the propulsion, a version for i saw her should not be national. go to new. i'm a way to photo solo new to more to slowly lock his faster way to 330. and we'll look
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hussain on my lower. no, my most is the deluxe edition went well, so don't just in puff go kilo bought in vo. a lock in by patty with this is to come to lapierre, says suffice her for jojo, the more threat referral machine to give a to nigger year soon because go up that i for more than work for, for their novel updated risk. just like when i would want the pattern, suppose i put the media, daniel fits, it said look, that's your key. so he sold you boys, we man power. crucially. your mileage mom coming selected, give us where the good though is if interact it on immediate, the neighbor cushman may tweak them, said the garcia. the look to picky fog, as i said, miss ellen is your goop on our you nanny will do for her. i notice that she'll treat her like the dirt to solve the dish. her dizzy goose says akasha in black and fit. he'll sit, you'll see a kiss. oliver he slept, he said, there's by way more boisterous. go, sir, said lasalle taking up. i'd you bought it as a ticket. kia kashi,
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does your policy goop? ali validity. the reason it is a go of it, doctor up and why sal? forget, fair. oh man, no. we actually toenail. no . lou. oliver heard the osman are gonna lunch, and so she can eat sure. lebrans. who have you been than hassle? mm hm. because the minute lot more. bob, give me up more than us. what was it? a bronze? what house for la, one will a here bishop county ish and henderson county or the president? me because i am al moon on the limited you will both of the baton has. oliver runs over this whole issue of yellow hot in house and i, a little below had, i was years i had just realized that i had him soil had him to live andrew lindsey,
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to have those judgments. not on the foreign in new say her bones bill can me you had in her, in a live elucidating, ungodly, limited. okay. let me kill also, my mom had fish him. can you for us to call leverage upon my power? like hello anna, and then can you hear miss? i will, i will come advantage of ish that much about the marcia liberal display. and when you look in the philip volume or can of whoop, one of 31 is the whole new level. a lot of glass in the listener and muscular made them come is much more work for the engine. oh no . with this
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i mean, these are the big and little had up in the manner sloppy on the particularly little had janet old, this or similar missile. you the walk, i see the 1000000000 and we'll get the internet to rugged. maybe we'll plug in lima j as in jim or i had to pulled up our head. and let me get the i'll get my hub met, then the show can help mother smith, the been the go to her. this is tim and so at locally unable to the language fi, how about a little over a couple of a plea and it's very much, sir. i sat in book with philosophy, but did
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said you a full details on the new hampshire to fill it in. awesome. man, cascadia garcia can a source, it is a kinetic, but it's not sufficient. i know we quit you now. sasaki sauce. these rhythms a hostile with killing the debate. there is no job. and if anyone here talks about women that i had 2 horses, does it seem to have been says, no topic is off the table. we were taught to see abortion had a one way ticket st. the health, all of the companies. they deny any responsibility,
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even though they have the resources and the power to fix that, where a global audience becomes a global community. a comment section is right here. be part of today's program. this team on al jazeera from oh, to politics. national pride to early advertising al jazeera world tells the stories behind for songs from kuwait's, oman, hatta and era meeting song writers, performance and musicians celebrating the social and cultural importance of songs of the gulf on al jazeera. from the front lines al jazeera correspondence continue to report every angle of the war ukraine. we've been given access to this special unit, making sure there's lot threats behind those front lines. there is almost nic complete destruction fighting back a russian assault, holding background forces. the scale of destruction is just now being we will be
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all as we arrive at mc elias. there is panic. a russian war played is suspected of being close by. stay with al jazeera for the latest developments. lou. hello, i'm darren jordan, and our quick reminder the top stories here on al jazeera protests in several us cities have sprung up for and against abortion rights. that's after neat documents, suggested the supreme court could vote to reverse the landmark roe vs wade loo. president biden urge congress to pass legislation protecting the right south. korea's military says north korea has fired what is thought to be a ballistic missile. the projectile is said to have been fired from soon an airport in the north capital region. it's the 14th massage launch this year. robert bride
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as more from sol, about the timing of north korea's launches. it comes at a very interesting time here in south korea because we have the handover between administrations, these are the last days of the liberal president moon j in who has been pursuing throughout his presidency dialogue with north korea. and from next monday, with his inauguration, we have you and so you all comes in who is a conservative and is vowing to take a much tougher line with north korea. that is clearly sends a message to the new administration. dozens of civilians evacuated from the besieged city of mario poll. i've reached the safety of a town controlled by ukraine. the group of women, children, an elderly, survived russian attacks the 2 months inside the as of style steel plot. but maria poles mer says more than $200.00 civilians are made trapped inside the plant. moscow resumed shelling at the factory soon after sunday's evacuation saying it's attacking ukrainian fighters that thousands of people have rallied in are nearly as
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capital yerevan includes the prime minister and nicole passion. yeah, and of abandoning the dispute in the corner care about border region. they say passion, young times to pick up the character to azerbaijan. the 2 countries went to war of the region in 2020, which ended with a russian broker agreement, fighting among rival gangs in haiti's capital as entered a 2nd week. the ongoing violence and puerto prince was forced hundreds of families to fee their homes. at least 20 people were killed last week. the family of a jailed man who was the hero of the hollywood film hotel, rolanda say they're worried for his life. for roosters i begin as relatives are suing the rwandan government for $400000000.00. they say special agents lured him from his texas home before imprisoning him in kigali. the rondon government denies the claims he serving a 25 year term for terrorism. those, the headlines and his continues. he and al jazeera of the witness statement that's watching bye for now. oh, journalism is under siege. in the digital age. surveillance threatens to stifled
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press freedom, an online violence endangers the safety of journalists. the spread of disinformation corrupts public trust in the median. truth becomes at casualty journalism on the digital siege will press freedom day 3rd of may, 2022. ah ah
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or another god dick bits that ohio ne, buy them homeless children. i'm a guy who but the hands he got off for jet shots in some my bad for a bad if new bus. beautiful. then my gun, nolan fall unseen. job valley costs that are below 5 jenny video issue have fall apart of minutia. alyssa, vehicle and the tech him i. columbus fish, ispa for ra, had mo chauffeured. danny. above us men lived eric,
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who has injured them. all the subtle, hawkins has, you know, land, the tim, tell me shout of the shuttle bus. the funeral with them any bustling lucel? i'm one that can show her was she, terry hall? she ballad child, if she can come back and show me a little bit more about the different groups. i will meet you by the school
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and i often had before we didn't have that in the steam about half a month in the bay. and i have now and for anakin, when i will not be in bow well be shut off a little farther. let me shake in my best reachable between shaking restoration. love. that could be all contin $1000000.00 mission valley is less than $130.00. mean? be 30 home in be of in the 1st bill. i'm one movie and the thought i knew i did. i did in anna. mom. could them have been to that?
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he's been out of the denominator care for a 1000000 element phyllis, bunny and robot could. if it is the nina high robot aluminum cross de la, i'm adam and eve. i see bit of a lunar has it has an awful lot to me for the for the local issue for the for quality of care. can i'll bill a shot, but mom for going. uh huh. you do your militia, don't you yeah, no, no, surely. net yet the who no shasky busted to canada. she puked to me, you would something to be young. l sophie revealed the poor shopkeeper said the destitute fit for no, i do not t t p 6. your name is the funeral process, the bus at bus. oh no,
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he's in the her schedule. she see as his i sit there her don't good. so the new object, e, v, please go and then when men may do a book to do it on the opposite is you know, fairly digital, you know, probably lead to her down as a d was she the lot to just make the fall if he can't take that we can on to expand on say a kid clearly you report kill conditional, the values you body to push people for a while. see le, le, cause your a day or nice. i want to know may not back go francis. you guys are looking to click on that. when i la lily, toyota said huh. you know, in the mall or an issue that he got on there are plenty queered the de la
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prolong, on his bare heel fiscal pushes come. so remove it. they play our auto pontine anastasio well, by to duck up, putting it on a pedestal from it in this. yeah. am i looking like your dad to isabella's her survey? ah ah ah ah and with i know that to somebody was in touch with the museum to bring it here to restore
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a this here. and i see that during the war at the end, stop and interrupt deserve and negotiation. as you can see, those are sculpture that are from all their pa, gun, a dvd serve. and of course, we have our, a beautiful van all coming from budget on it. we have the honest us, we have the matter. we are to miss. we have never a tuna im we have t claire, which, which is at the goddess of the fortune it we missed. apollo, a here. m for me. it to, to look at materia catcher, to understand it, to find an object that you saw rain easy to understand better the same
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time. it's like to touch a piece of history. it's like going back to, to this moment m. if you want to present to a lot of people, the sir is captured. these could be a, is natural in a place that had that simple little pyramid lashondra for us. one more i will who will push him 1st message, any of the worker and the only thing i had that information. ready and your old fema current, you know, she came to man a year or 30 with one of the 3 year old. she's up and move. oh gosh. and out
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of his shoe. good luck to to to bought lester. yeah. michelle: well, i had day out of a meet i'm meet laity. lozzo ronnie was that if no machine, no it did it once she in a year let out if i hadn't used as well as that is when a teams visit good mobility. if the weather heard the hill of thought she had them can be there,
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there and now her laugh. kima i li agent then lavonne, municipally, cadillac, he had to admit her daughter adida muscle, m fi. what he there dick. air point bill more half of the alley. her. whoa! front men, low cost. all mean a sorry car omen. are ye she her they have to borrow the lawn. would you that she, eddie huck. them medina. teddy? well, more her, this paper on about the level promised me or am took leave him other than 30 all would in full can one of the or about the level was we found if it had one that a few more subtle to not about arch hobbit akira the of thought bothered by the 30 year. i mean she does that cost and solely for soccer. exert melody bottle an alt. i'll definitely might have another like another material and a bottom had that the
9:44 am
a lava that had im gonna have to sell a terminal and your and the a coon with to offer a lib liberal, mach lube were adolphe heard that mackin had tyler? yes it. ilya the left he led. oh, ill american over at amanda. at the men of quintile. well couldn't i will ed. jenny led the from the lick, who will had the med will lay sullen huffily as if she did a spot in as she gave her the man no key for the each key for the city. love you, felicia, hook up to her the who at the moment. just
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said you got it. so they knew if white legal would amy yeah, yeah. i called me upset our national key key new really fast. medina. got you clue personally proceeding. homer or cd guy? kc. see the guy. thank you. please multiply for jessica taylor. she nicole, nancy g up. my name is leslie. julie declined prepaid volume. a patio patty one nashville. none. he took it up at all with animal. i'll sit will grandma to hammers? saudi dum, m alarm it. louis cornelia shopper to andy, duke without more sierra and without double. don't get ever up above alt edenbrook value in his good to margarita dish on the on that after all. dr. duff received it . yeah, well that was happening on us as issue senior is over at getty law with the spelling gum, and i wanted to, did you block it, read loyalty,
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lake and cooper busiest exit would, if it proved arbor, if it's a bo gave all over it, but you'd v t i go get like do the val blendy images that we do not ship outside of? ha, lucky for you. docs is to to ality. mr . halo, be good there. commandos. when i should in santa come seen sally mad. my be that album murphy, i had mr. w mean dish that are below kiff. give this 30 or mindy's 30 kids do more good is give you more gay and i love al mosley and must have income. hey, a little higher of the up i young yet law itself a give give and that a good by heart mechanical has the hydro power, alba was the hailey, and in was the hail it is jani. my mom,
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no law had him. is him eyes and wish sunbridge fellow fair, ma'am? not push at his feet. sandwich fellow for ha! the ship polanko must post sofie an will aside. v a la and was that? oh it is. i have now literally a dog, and i live on a dead and then i will know, so our model, our header, and we would that how else some are passionate, luckily for how one of the and no, not whole there. so what said he, i version there. so i haven't mccann and then mccann has be a shovel normally smarter than muscle and that is the hobby of again, with sergeant felony. and if you had the man that can allow how eli fella thought,
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sure. oh ok. 3rd, leland mintel at that you were can now. kennedy, him a. how were law at the far world mar, barber alicia. i man, look in the all are were who are jim and i thought at lee, should i be my blood about my bloody at them out of the fella me at difficult if you my vain a home for chrome will be a blood was that did the julio, i was out of the, with that it was after the flee, a blood was out of the say, how a thought i left a still and i work much more am a left. so now at when done my at the milk ash fun hall you la my can live with her at via, if he has to now, it will there it will let him know. i had the a shot. berkeley metal, a gyle, any other jetta shots?
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and then we'll start with that elijah syria, little of 9 o'clock. sarah halla was added to see how la thought a fraud it. if i do muffled only, hey, in the man the clo, learn that master, fulfilling fee with . oh no, i'm talking about the own a johnny. i should reveal myself boring. dea lab, the membership of mobile or different people that don't do it with me. i never get there shall grant food. i do live, so i don't remember much of the honor and go on with my romance. come to handle the
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notion i with all fall in the song loop over. i do my feet long. it dug vanden long, shall be a good night. yeah, i googled new mall garza making up barley mad to duffy lieber noon several young shirley beck, son. keep bush said she got hold. leopard on gazette. ta garza. g s. d for me d matthew little for how class. well, good. on sheet.
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this one. yeah, you see if is a long story by o, a big secret there, very classified. this study should the lived over international media came to gaza after absence all the time they are talking about gaza bloodshed, destruction, something like this. but telling me there's something beautiful, something relevant to love upon the level of that thing. and that is something it's not relevant to, or there is something important which on john, this gum and everybody was talking about because i got that because of this piece of bronze. you know what i like it, but i love it but nothing comes in. it has disappeared. well, no, i don't know as john is for me. i think i cannot search or dig behind whether you why simply because we hear this said that it is on now by i'm at the military wing. is it true or not?
9:52 am
i don't know, i believe this room because if it is a government we would be it doesn't, it's something public. we will see it. but as long as it is with that military, when it is not easy for a to see it or to to follow this story, this set up all to talk about, ah, militant groups are the idea of resistance. and so when they say that it's in the hand of the resistance groups. so we know that we are not allowed to talk about and militant groups are a taboo to talk about if we can't make a report or in some point we believe that there is a disagreement between there aren't doing of commands and the officials,
9:53 am
the government, we felt that they are the officials are afraid to talk about that. so they're afraid to talk about it. we have no right to talk about. just saw it. but is it a hood the shot you a body shop with his pin d i sean bishop lesser federal reserve is apple looked above for a funeral to let me sooner. okay. will, didn't this hello. it's suburban out of conscious the nauseous de soto hallowed more. mar free and clear
9:54 am
electrocuted gordon. would you go, sir schumacher? no. i had got off the shallow luckily which acquitted. nobody was fuming. a young doesn't, doesn't use of up in new york michel memorial and la vitamins were piggy and hadn't been a nap when a hug. you must have a yeah. although you but you can use them. a lot of them tell you on teddy if while i'm finishing, i'm gonna hang up on that. i saw i don't know why jenny hadn't jenna really? i found a bustle for a home on a jot down the fellow i saw. would that be her luck?
9:55 am
nanette? no would you hick on the love, not as agnes because she will hold us down to talk with them both. are harmon i'm only bit steady. allow them to assign a higher than yeah, none of us to the lines. it hasn't brought you up with you with all these with she she just don't clipper. no. she'll have the
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dish. bill lafie off on the on kathy. actually we don't want to happen to sure. absolutely near yet. haven't seen shelly with despite me just laugh well nicholas for long as i stay this is done in the thess denise, when you're young, you're young. a doctor's yes. said john, when any natural home, any scheme, amanda initial happened. i knew and to show us something up i said, i knew don't we will fit. but the name said congenial. rudy just i can be sure to defeat showcasing force and advocacy thing. so how soon i thought the cut does mean not a sub sub a sub. that means in the description. this is what you're looking for. bishop
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nutrition does. oh, you need fisher. with boom, boom, boom, boom. seen as a burden. countless babies are aborted in india. simply for being girls. but amidst these resistance, even from our own patients, fearless midwife has adopted the course of challenging, deeply ingrained traditions and terminating this modern day beat aside. the
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daughter, 3 witness on al jazeera with hello, that we've had dusty, few days across a middle east and event and we could see more of those to come as the unsettle conditions blow from the west to the east. now those cooler conditions across turkey where we have seen quite a bit of heavy rain, are going to bring temperatures down in some of the cities across coastal areas in places like jerusalem as well. we will see the temperature drop down. but further south of this, you can see that dust blowing in lots of hazy sunshine for the gulf states, and we'll see temperatures pick up in doha and rehab sitting at 42 on thursday. so lots of heat here. and as we move across to the north of africa, we are going to the heat build once again in the northeast corner for egypt, but for the north west. well, it is going to get wetter and windier for the likes of algeria. if we have a look at the 3 day for algiers, while the temperature will zip down with
9:59 am
a wet weather. but the sunshine returns on friday now was we had further south. it's not as wet as it has been across that central band of africa. temperatures here are above the average for this time of year. some wet relief, we have to go to the horn of africa with some heavier falls across coastal areas of kenya. for the south. this will, it is a dry picture. we're going to see temperatures pick up slightly in cape town, and joe boat ahead of the rain in cape town this weekend. ah, african stories from african perspective, short documentary from african filmmakers from ivory coast, just to lesson from for require russell for a former student listing formed and south africa. seeing if i can change. and it shows me that i'm actually trucking and fire africa direct
10:00 am
on al jazeera. we know what's happening in our region. we know how to get to places that others are not the 1st that i'm going or the way that you tell the story is what can make into friends. ah, european union member states are urged to ban all oil imports from russia and a new set of sanctions over ukraine's rule. oh, hello there, i'm laura kyle. this is al jazeera ally from doha, also coming up after a series of weapons test this year. north korea is accused of foreign, another ballistic missile. martial law is kept in place and east and demo.


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