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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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i from algae, there is mobile app available in your favorite app. still just set for it and tap there. made a new app from out there in new at you think it, it ah, this is al jazeera ah hello. on kerry johnston. this is the news our live from dough up coming up in the next 60 minutes. european union member states are urged to ban or oil imports from russia and a new set of sanctions over ukraine's war. and let's be clear. it will not be easy because some member states are strongly dependent on washing oil, but we simply have to do it. relieves was unsure of what's next. we have from the
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final is evacuated from a bombed cranium. steel martial law is kept in place in easton, democratic republic of congo. but the army is fighting at least a 100 armed groups. in time, we are hardy with sports. we've got playoffs, action from the n b and n h l plus tenants from the madrid open. and in football, liverpool are off to the champions league final. for the 3rd time in 5 years. the european union has proposed a complete ban on all russian oil imports. by the end of this year, because of the war and ukraine, european commission, president ursula on the line says it should be phased out to the our partners to find alternative supplies. it would be a significant step for european countries that rely heavily on russian energy or shortly we'll get the latest with dominic haine in berlin. but 1st his his report.
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this is the gas from yes, installation. in hunting months, he asked from installations like these in siberia and across russia, crude oil, diesel and petrol. a pumped to customers taken together every day. nearly 8000000 barrels of crude and refined products are exported. 2 thirds of them end up in europe, but now russia's war against ukraine has changed everything to day. we are addressing our dependency on russian oil. and let's be clear. it will not be easy, because some member states a strongly dependent on russian oil. but we simply have to do it. so today we will propose to ban all russian oil from europe. this will be this will be a complete import ban on all russian oil seaborne and pipeline crude and refined.
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but in order for this to happen, it will need the support of all e u. member states. some are highly dependent on russian oil and a strongly resistant to all out embargoes. the hungarians say what matters most to them is protecting their economy and people hobbled. one war is going on in as a consequence process of rising in the whole of europe. the signs of a serious crisis of energy and the european economies are facing miseries. and we are not yet out of the age of epidemics on a preferred people made a clear decision, the best, but leaders of the country to defend them and hungry from these dangers. the new sanctions proposed in strasburg will also target several large russian banks and other financial institutions. we finally d swift. spec. spamming is one of the is the largest russian bank. it was round about 37 percent of the whole banking sector. and we will also de swift to other
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major banks in russia by that we hit banks that are systemically critical to the russian financial system. and proteins ability to wage destruction . the notable absentee from all this is russian natural gas. in a sense, it's the elephant in the european living room, too big to be ignored, but also too big, unilaterally to be done away with, without seriously damaging economies across this continent. or dominant cane joins us live from berlin now and donate the big issue. of course is the banding of russian oil propose, but tell us about the whole sanctions package involved. the thing that matters here carry is that what's happening today? what has been happening since the war began is the european union has been moving in the eyes of some people to slowly in the eyes of others,
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perhaps too quickly towards this phasing our solve it's dependency on russian fossil fuel. so 1st we heard about coal being embargoed, although that weren't really kick in until the end of august that was announced some time ago today. we hear about oil. we haven't heard about gas as you heard in my report that we haven't heard specifically about natural gas. remember that natural gas is perhaps all of those 3 petro chemicals. it's the one that europe is most dependent upon. and we've not really heard specific time tables as to when that would happen. what we heard today, strong words, no question. the bar sits about the different elements of these sanctions. so this oil embargo, which will have phases, the 1st crude being phased out in the course of 6 months refined products. so that's gasoline or petrol, kerosene and such diesel and such things that by the end of the year. and of course we heard, as i was saying about the financial institutions being kicked out of the swift
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mechanism. swift transaction mechanism, spare back. particularly that's very important because of the hold. it has in some senses with russian dealings with the outside world. and those broadcasters who are being ejected from the air waves. and finally that sense of those military leaders who present from the lion says, are to be held accountable for what she considered to be the war. crimes in her words, that the russian army have committed in ukraine. lots of different things. that in one sense, this whole e u policy towards russia should be seen perhaps as a process, not an event. there won't be one single day where everything's off. rather, they are trying to move things along so that they cause the least damage to their own economies. while in the hope of president funder lion causing as much damage to russia to pro, try to prevent it from doing any further injustice in her eyes to ukraine. ok, donna kane force in berlin. thank you. while european union is heavily dependent
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on russian energy, particularly when it comes to guess, the ear gets 40 percent of its natural gas from russia. that's why there are no plans to impose a blanket ban for now. masha supplies more than a quarter of its crude oil, which the block aims to ban by the end of the year. and rushes biggest e customer germany had already said it aims to be fully independent of russian oil imports. it's reduced them from 35 to 12 percent since the start of the war. but it remains a bigger consumer of russian gas and facing out supplies will be harder for countries like hungry, which rely heavily on russian gas. and oil or the countries are taking large volumes of russian gas, include italy, austria, and the vacuum. or staying with this sir alex schindler is a president of energy intelligence. he joins us live from london now. so how much would you would you stand?
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will you use down to suffer domestically in terms of energy supplies, if a band was actually enacted in this way? i think scary and you know, i think it's important to point out that this span on russian oil has been in the works for a while. so i think your opinion is starting get its head around it. i think the important thing to note here is the ban on russian crude oil. which of these are the barrels are taken out of the grounds and sent over to refineries? that's a lot easier to deal with than the ban on russian crew products, which is much more difficult to just illustrate that. if you look at the figures for april, the amount of rushing crude oil important into the european union is down some 40 percent from 2021. and if you look at russian crude products, so we're talking about ease or gasoline, etc, that's actually up from 2021. and so that kind of illustrates the issue here. and i
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think shows why european is saying it's going to be phase out that the products in the phase or by the end of this year. and the current is any much for what about dissenting voices though hungry for example. well, i think this is going to be a real test for the european union. i think this is always going to be the kind of a point where we see whether your opinion can value the politics and political union against energy, energy security and prices. and so with the docket hungry already starting to see a question saying they want exemption to this if it actually goes through. but let's not forget germany is also in of the your opinions big as economy a. the accounts for about a 3rd of its imports from, from russia. so it has a pretty monumental a java replacing russian oil in its economy as well. so i think we're going to see very closely on whether this big announcement today actually creates new,
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new immensity throughout the group. and it, it very well may not. and let's see best solutions there. to what extent, though, would russia be confident that the e was just to divide it on this to make it work? well, you know, i think, you know, the european has done its best through this period to show a 39 front against russia and, and i think that's been the biggest sort of success the european has been able to do. because this is very painful to the european union. let's, let's not make any mistake about it. the impact here is higher prices from all the european union for us, you know, even sitting here in london. whatever else in europe is always, i will see the increase in price. this is going to start filtering through to the politics and then start filtering through to the politicians. and we'll see what the people say, whether they are willing to sacrifice higher prices for the sort of punishment of russia in certain countries, or is seen that start to strain
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a bit. and so i think this is part of russia's plan here to see if it can actually appeal away some of the european union members angry as we know, has been quite open to talking more about in a balance way about russia than other countries such as poland so let's see if these divisions start open up or the. ready can, can maintain the sort of wall so, you know, these are, they've been able to do up until now. ok, alex sandra in london. life for us. so thanks very much indeed for joining us here on out there. now ukrainian officials and the un say they hope they can keep bringing out more civilians were bombed out steel plant in the shattered port city of marrable, some civilians and scores of ukrainian fights as a still hold up in the facility that surrounded by russian forces and was evacuated so far. i've been taken to relative safety and stuff. a visa from where harder, i don't need reports. the land exhausted,
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they stumbled out of buses. perhaps unaware that their plight has caught the world's attention. they've accusation closely coordinated at the highest levels in both ukraine and russia and still took several days. but i'm a person to whom he r d now was worried that something would go wrong. first, every one had to be vetted by the russian military. and i think the only conquer that comes in the moment either, but it still can, you can shop by somebody. they took photos of us as if we were criminals, front and profile. we were fingerprinted, they went through our phones, checked our documents. i was told there was no way back to mary pull any more. i felt threatened by the professional buffalo. we either had gone with her daughter to the as of stell steve factory on march. second, you can see her in this video, in one of the dark, underground shelters. that's where she spent the last 8 weeks. the
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evacuation was broken by the united nations and international red cross. it was a mission fraught with danger. now we are, we travel through no man's land fairly well. ah, we had a couple of scared instance during the evacuation itself. um we discovered or we didn't discover the are the russian federation. soldiers discovered mine since mon expire rolled on. so i had to be cleared, so we get a routine for the civilians to come out. and there were some more to far while we were working to evacuate the civilians. a couple of rounds landed 500 meters white also. i don't know who fog them are, but it stopped almost as soon as it started and that was really despite the risks and they decided to join the convoy with her 6 months old son. her time under ground was riddled with worry about him and about her mother who got injured and is now receiving treatment. hello, i think as a law ah, what? no, with dr. lyle is now nothing im will i keep it? it was very hard, but we managed well had to boil water,
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was kendall because there wasn't hot water. my father was running under the sheldon 2 other buildings in the complex to get water with over the past 2 weeks. the situation inside those shelters deteriorated food was running low, the air was poor, and the fighting. ever closer. people like valentina, were stuck in the shelter. her 2 months were cut off from the world. they were not getting any news. and they had no idea what was happening to their hometown. and when they came out, she says they were shocked while on the bus she so pictures of the building she lived in flattened to the ground. memories of a lifetime gone. mozilla, you, my son has no home. neither do i have my flat anymore. nothing left. everything i own is on me now. i won't ever be back. there still civilians remaining at this
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deed works. the u. n. is hoping for another evacuation soon. more people who will leave their home towns knowing they leave behind, alive, that will never be again. heard of that, i mean al jazeera is upward, each or for her son. lawsuit is in upper asia where some civilians hugging, arriving former russian controlled areas. these evacuations as started again at 8 o'clock in the morning from marsupial and 3 more cities are under their russian authorities there and other that russian control in the east and in the south of upper rogia and other cities. and the must come air by night to day if everything went fine and if the a process a was successful or by the next morning it to morrow. and now the place here is a quiet but at this point or other civilians not from as of stars. from the
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city of multiple and from other cities may arrive here ab bought at the same time the, the last a evacuation process from as of style was as successful. and 156 people came and arrived to this place where the deputy prime minister also received them with a, a u, a u n, and unicef, and also a, a international raj cross. so these equations odd a to be continued to day. and since the 8th of the morning at 8 o'clock in the morning until that a 16 a clock in the afternoon a. so a we, we will see and we will, if you check if it will be successful today because of that and security issues. authentic morehead on the news hour,
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including harbor reports on drought in the horn of africa, which is threatening the lives of millions. thus why unionists so worry their head of local elections in northern ireland, russian fate is poised to become the biggest party when they transport andy murray sets up a crash with no back java, which at the madrid masses ah, or protests have being held across the us after a leak to draft opinion by the supreme court suggested abortion could be outlawed in several states. activists supporting abortion rights are demanding national laws to protect women's access to the procedure. she had returns the reports from washington dc. i thousands gathered outside the supreme court on tuesday afternoon to protest the leet,
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draft opinion that was reported to have the support of 5 conservative justices and opinion. that concludes that since those who wrote the constitution did not explicitly protect women's reproductive rights than previous judgments in training, a women's right to truth had no basis in the law. that we are long past. the point that we was protested about how many decades ago, but it's terrifying. this is a handful of anti abortion rights. protests roadside the court to my sales. it flows seeking to enable from access this has been the goal since 1973 when justice is ruled in favor of women's reproductive rights. in the case of robi weight and justice, robert said that that was not in chick draft. we're very happy to hear that there were a couple of i will stay with that draft and that will be the decision to overturn roe vs wade. the white house as it is prepared for whatever the act. true verdict is for the president. was that the reasoning underpinning the draft opinion has far
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reaching implications and basically says, all the decisions in your private life and whether or not you decided to see the child and i was watching them on the voice range of other decisions. whether the, how you raise your child, what does this do? does this mean that in florida they can decide they're going to pass along, saying that same sex marriage is not visible? you of has the worst maternal mortality rate in the industrialized world. those here a word that terrible metric could now deteriorate even further. the sign was inspired by conversations with many women today. i don't think that anybody has an idea of what the real world consequences are. and especially those who are in a position of privilege. i'm like everybody, i'm supreme court myself did not, and there's a lot of really potential for harm. but there was hope to the polls have consistently shown 70 percent of americans are against outlawing abortion. the democrats seem to
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be hoping for a bumping vote hotel out in november's midterm elections from those who support female, reproductive rights. where there is an awareness here that in the past, when the democrats about the opportunity to codify a woman's right to choose, they failed to do so. she abraham see al jazeera washington. now south korea and japan that st. north korea as far the ballistic missile of its east coast towards the sea. they say it was launched from the san ardo area would be north korea's 14th known weapons test this year, which apparently says the launch is yet another provocation from north korea. will not touch with in unit a cooker. nathaniel korea's recent remarkable development of nuclear. we saw related technologies is not only unacceptable for the security of japan and the region, but not korea's slew of actions, including its repeated launches of ballistic missiles, threatened the peace and security of our country region, and the international community and are absolutely unacceptable. then they're also
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in violation of relevant security council resolutions, and we strongly condemn these actions. because that in light of the situation, we will consider all options including the possession of so called enemy base attack capability, and will continue to work to funder mentally strengthen our defense capabilities. well, my son richie, is an off career specialist, an associate professor of international politics at hon. cook, university of foreign studies he joins us from. so thanks for being with us there on the i'll just put simply then why is north korea continue to test these ballistic missiles? north korea has multiple reasons for why test both signals. it wants to make technical progress on the host of systems, including short range ballistic missiles. it might be able to carry tactful warheads, developing hypersonic missiles with potentially maneuverable reentry vehicles. it
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wants to develop icbm that can perhaps carry multiple warheads. and so he needs to make technical progress on these systems. these were outlined in congress. so it's also important domestically kim join wants to make progress on those systems in order to cement or to continue to see his regimes authority within north korea. and then of course, there's also an international messaging effect, both for south syria, for the united states and for other countries in northeast asia and other allies of the u. s. and south korea and japan and north korea is strong. that is united in and it has a nuclear arsenal that functions both as a deterrent and potentially or nuclear conversion. now it's often the case that timing is significant. would you say that's the case,
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harold not that's hard to say. you know, it would not surprise me the fact that the inauguration for the new ministration which will happen 1 may 10 perhaps plays a role in the calculus that ne has, in some way, i doubt it's the driving one. as i said, i think, you know, 3 a test on its own schedule to make technical progress and for demonstration of facts, but most likely and internationally. so it's simply because there's an upcoming integration for new administration, and i don't think that's necessarily the most important factor. probably not. we should also not forget that. busy coming up in a few weeks, we're going to have president biden in the region having some, both with south korean leader, the new software in the years ago. and, and afterwards acquired leaders summit in tokyo. so perhaps that's also
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a little bit of a message to divide in ministration and are coming into the region as well. yes, you mentioned present by them in is north korea looking to send a message to anyone in particular, or is it more just a general show of strength at this time? i think that as i said in north korea has its own testing schedule in order to make new technical progress. you know, looking at what we think might have been fired today. it looks like something that was a bit similar to a test in early march and of late february where perhaps some sub components of an icbm bus system might have been tested. i'm not a little bit on a limb here. we don't exactly know based on the data that we have now what the system was tested today, but it looks like that might have been at least somewhat similar given the range and the average that we saw from today. so they are currently trying to make
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technical progress on their icbm. and so this would fit in with, with desires. but of course, you know, as i said, there's also domestic messaging. there's international messaging and it's also important to remember that right now there's a very market lack of ability by the united states and by allies international communities to put pressure on north korea through the united nations, into other international sanctions. in part because russia and china partially put a stop to that, and in particular with the russia ukraine. ready situation making action to the united nations security council. very difficult. imagine. ok. mason richey, north korea, especially an associate professor of international politics. thank you very much. indeed for your insights today. great, thanks for having me. the number of people around the world struggling to put food on the table has searched that's according to a joint report from the un european union and the world food program. 193000000
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people more than 50 different countries didn't have enough to eat. last year, that's 14000000 more than the year before. before highlights, i've got his ton european yemen as being the worst affected conflict. extreme weather on the pandemic are the main reasons for the increase? corn horn of africa is suffering its worst drought in decades. the un says millions or risk to waste and entire communities are being displaced, antimony, and has more the this used to be fertile grazing land. now it just drives a bone. life is growing increasingly difficult for these nomadic herders in eastern ethiopia and others like them across the horn of africa region. many feel powerless as they wash their livelihoods disappear beneath the sand. welcome had there is not a single animal left for us. hardy welcome. conditions are really hard and this drought is much different from previous ones. we've never suffered like this. the
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regions were struck decades is killed nearly 1500000 animals from the herds. people here say it's part of a new pattern of weather that's threatening their way of life. the puzzle is, you know, as soon as they know they're trying to recover from the other drug and the progress of the hits but, but, but it's a controlled. so it's miss, you know, make them possible for them to recover quickly from the previous previous in shocks of 20000000 people are on the brink of starvation. many have been displaced and forced to settle in camps. aid workers do what they can to feed the hungry, but sometimes that's not enough. we come up with some of the mothers who because of they are not fed getting any food. they had no police. and if in food for children or in a feed, feeding for children, scientists are linking the crisis to climate change. drugs like this used to happen once every 6 years. now they're every 3 rights groups are calling for urgent action
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. but for the nomadic herders of east africa, it may come too late to preserve their way of life. vinton monahan, al jazeera was still ahead on al jazeera will show how jernace work is being obstructed by new methods and intimidation on in sports. there highlights from the n b and playoffs. special nights for this ah hello there, let's have a look at the weather across europe and it is a pretty mixed bag at the moment. we have got some patches of fine weather, but the cloud is dominating. we got rain across central areas and down in the south with some pretty intense thunderstorms, stretching all the way from southern spain,
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through southern france, towards italy, and further afield. now we are going to see that wet weather. scoot further east is going to be an improving picture. much of a wet and windy weather is going to dominate around the black, the by the time we get into thursday. now i'm in the north. it is a much finer and dry a picture. we have got rain, however, with some thunder damp was expected across britain, an island. but as we go into thursday, we'll look at that. it is improving sunny spells and some warmth. coming back into cities like london as well as paris and further west in france. for scandinavia it is a largely fine and dry picture we going to see temperatures pick up in places like also and stock them in the days ahead. that wild fire warning. however, remaining across the southern areas of norway. now it is an improving picture, as i said, for spain and portugal, by the time we get into thursday. but on wednesday it is looking very wet. it does go down towards algeria and will have sunshine coming back into madrid by the weekend that you ever ah.
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from the al jazeera london broker sent it to people in thoughtful conversation ard, cannot be easily erased by, by the superpower with no host, and no limitations. what matter the note was to be radical. how can the thing that's radical to be forsaken park one at highway and denise pool is not a bog wanting to sell a lot of the message. studio b unscripted on allison's era. alongside the conflict between india and pakistan, pristine captain wanted one with the kashmiris. i live on al jazeera ah,
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re, i'll jesse with ah ah, ah, you're watching elgin's here. remind to not all the top stories is the leader of the european union has proposed a complete ban on all russia or the ports or the end of this year. those live on the line announced or sanctions against russian banks and high ranking officers suspected of committing war crimes. ukrainian officials on the un say they hope they can bring out more civilians. bombed out still come to the city of myra. pope of spins and cranium fighters are still hold up in facility just surrounded by
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russians versus south korea and japan. at st. north koreans fired at mr. miss, all of which east coast towards the c comes days off to leader came to rome, found to speed up development, nuclear weapons. and politicians in the democratic republic of congo have voted to extend martial law in to eastern provinces. the military, along with the forces from neighboring uganda, are fighting against armed groups. reports of mass killings, duction and sexual violence are widespread. ira matessa reports is not the 1st time in peace in the democratic republic of congo. have voted to extend the state of siege in the east of the country. it's happened before, and each time martial law has been extended by 15 days. oh, excuse me, concern later this usual note we've been assured by the president of the parliament that this is the last vote on the state of siege. we now have to find other
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solutions of the 15 days to try and in the conflict. president village is the katie announced the state of siege in may last year. parliamentarians say the situation in the east is still volatile. armed militias and into camino violence have killed thousands of people. the congolese army, uganda forces. and the, you ain't the largest peacekeeping mission monasco a trying to stabilize the region, but the violence in north cuba and it to the provinces seems to be getting worse. zuka grew less alco knows it's been 12 months. and i think people in a tory have seen positive results. we have the state of siege and we as the government, we think it's working more than a 1000000 people have been displaced by the ongoing violence. many say they see no way out. grandma, now we taught things would have improved so we can go back home on fortunately, we're living in these terrible conditions for how long we don't know local leaders and some rights groups want to return to civilian law,
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saying the military approach isn't working. last month, king as president or who looking at a media talks in nairobi between different rival groups operating in eastern biase . those talks are expected to resume later in may. the militia say they will stop fighting if certain conditions are in place, including amnesty for the fight and the release of political prisoners. millions of people affected by decades of conflict, fear it could be years before peace returns to easton, the asi, harder matessa out there. let's bring in that nic haley now he's the executive director of international alert. he joins us live from london. what's behind this decision? do you think to extend, marcia, or in these provinces? well, there's an urgent need for security needs to see. and as your reporter said, it's the communities that need that the most. they welcome the marshal law. initially, many of the companies, communities that were working with welcome the arrival of military forces to deal
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with these are because they saw the greatest, the greatest home from them. the state of state has been extended 22 times now and is clear is just not working. violence is our productions of double destruction, of property has travelled so. so we need to, we need to find solutions that address the deeper courses, and those are well be on the military. and what would be the arguments against a continued state of siege? well, most of which is effectively what we're talking about about the military being in charge. it's not about building civilian institutions for eastern congress to find peace. those civilian institutions need to be built. a state needs to find way of serving the citizens, not just through the army, but through other forms of government. communities need to find space to come together and to build piece together. and that's not how they're under martial law . and then the, the military needs serious reform, the reports of rapes by congolese soldiers. hugely distressing as reports by the us
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and the reports of abuses, the corruption and the closest issues really need to be crit, as he mentioned, citizens them. and how difficult is it to maintain public trust in these circumstances? the public trusting in congress, stopped in communities. i guess that's the case everywhere in the world. and we were working with kimberly's communities who are bringing young people back into the community and finding livelihoods. and those people are laying down their weapons and leaving the groups, working with communities around the minds. and he's then congo to using the mining revenues to secure their livelihoods and to secure that community. so peace is possible and these, but it's, it's, it's only possible serious attempts also by the government to provide those institutions and to reform the military. so the security is really interesting in the interest of people, and some analysts suggest that not all companies,
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soldiers are actually fighting, but perhaps some are more concerned about guarding valuable mines. would you say that's the case? very credible reports. and these are well testified by organizations like global witness of the company's armies in both in monday and this is a hugely profitable sector and eastern the about 10 tons of gold is mind in our mind. denise and b. c. every year, 22 percent of that code is legally exported. the rest is smuggled often across the borders and the, the army seems to be very involved in, in that mining trade. so we're hearing reports of large numbers of soldiers occupied guarding the minds to protect the needs mining interests rather than serving the populations of security. and haley, executive director of international thanks for being with a fair today. thank you for you. and 2nd general has called to the faith return of people displaced by conflict in ne a nigeria and 20. the terrorists did
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a camp in mona state. it's his last stop on regional top of west africa speak to nicholas hack. he's in the car for us now in nicholas. what was the you and 2nd generals, main reason for this trip? well carry. this is a long overdue visit. it was meant to take place in january 2020 but was cut short because of the curve at 19 pandemic. and essentially antonio terrace was very keen to get onto the field away from the headquarters in new york and to meet the people that the un service the most. so he was in, as you mentioned in the northeast of nigeria, meeting former fighters of book her, many of them children. and there was really a message of hope there that he said that there was the possibility of peace in this region through programs like this. and this is really a message that we've seen him carry throughout his visit incentive goal. that was talks about climate change with president by key to the chair of the african union,
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but also talks about the fall out of the crisis in europe. the ukraine, russia crisis and it's fall out on people here on another continent of africa. according to the u. n. a quarter of a 1000000000 people carry could be plunged into poverty this year alone because of that crisis. he also went to the border of molly and he's here at brookins. so the, the 3 region border in an area called taylor berry in welcome to meet those displaced and there he said that to combat arm groups linked to al qaeda and i saw, well, people needed to build a hospital schools education. that's the key to combat the situation there. take a look at our report from that region south of the saras, new years to bury region by the maryan border is a remote refugee camp where people live in fear. they're mostly women and children
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from neighboring molly fling, what they say is an unstoppable spiral of violence in their homeland, across the border. they thought they would be safe. but here, 2 armed groups linked to al qaeda and i still come to kill them. well, went on it that i needed to know, didn't know what to say. i remember the day the bandits came and killed one of us left with another. afterwards they ordered us to leave the village and everyone, children, old people and us women. we all came here on foot and they'll call it. $14000.00 un peacekeepers have been deployed in molly for almost a decade, but this $1000000000.00 a year un opperation has failed to bring. attacks are spreading beyond molly to neighboring countries on a 5 day tour of west africa. the un secretary general antonio terrace, makes an impromptu visit to the camp. you can count on me to get man from the international community that strong support for the army. so that he has the
1:41 pm
capacity to protect you most you don't know who he is, they watch quizzically as he plants and mango to in the sand. there hasn't been any rainfall for almost a year with arm groups trying to control water points. climate change to is fueling the conflict. so on the said, the situation in this a hail is complex, characterized by insecurity, but also climate change, which has an impact on displaced and horse populations. it is for these reasons that we ask you mister secretary general to continue to make our situation one of your priorities. earlier, he travelled to senegal, meeting with the african union chair monkey saw prices of food and fuel, or on the rise in africa. un estimate a quarter of a 1000000 people could plunge into extreme poverty by the end of the year as the result of the ukraine, russia conflict. while he did not travel to molly, the situation in that country is high on the agenda. while these military genta is
1:42 pm
tolling efforts to return power to civilian rule, human rights group accused maryan soldiers and recently deployed russian fighters linked to the wagner's group of torture and perpetrating massacres on civilians. it has become increasingly difficult for the un to fulfill its mandate of protecting the 1000000 people, many of whom are now flee their country. the united nations security council will renew or vote for the renewal of the un peacekeeping. molly mission in june, but already at the request of molly, the un security council met just yesterday. so molly asked to russia permit member of the un security council for a meeting that took place behind closed doors. there the russians complained about the french, remember, there's about 2500 french soldiers deployed in malia that are being pulled out to neighboring new share in the next 3 months. well, the russians through the molly and through the russians complained that the french
1:43 pm
war or christ rating a campaign of this information in the country. the situation in molly has gone from bad to worse, and it's getting increasingly to tense. and as a result, millions of people are being displaced, molly and seeking refuge in neighboring countries. carry a kind of cross hoc in dot com. thanks for that updates and even to northern ireland where it faces a landmark election on thursday which should fain poise to become the biggest party for the 1st time when fortune would install a government in belfast that wants to break away from the u. k. turn the whole reports catholic or protestant unionist or nationalist. not much matters more in northern ireland than identity and the symbols of sectarian struggle to preserve it. thursday's election will test both with the likelihood of
1:44 pm
a nationalist shouldn't fame victory sweeping away a 100 years of pro british dominance. and a possible union is boy cult of the power sharing government. as a result, this will be very significant because of course should vain. and as its primary intention is seen, northern island no longer exists, its wants to see irish unification. so to have should face the largest passing the assembly in northern ireland. and bearing in mind that overnight was created to maintain a union of majority would be remarkably significant. dana murray is a young nationalist blow to born in 1998 when the good friday agreement brought an end to the troubles. he grew up on the streets that then those now bear the marks of violence and division. hector, hotmail, hotmail, recently. last year on the road just in my food room. so there is that element of their stellar. i think you have to go to mark, see a child in this new assembly. if it is to be an isis 1st minister, you know that,
1:45 pm
that nice the show or no desire to go back, there has going to take him and trust and work and dialogue, you know, maybe not physically, but metaphorically pick into the wall together. change appears closer now accelerated by the you case, departure from the you and the see border protocol put in place to avoid a hard land border that would have jeopardized piece on the island. the island, the protocol as it's known is knows by unionists who demand its removal because for them it undermines northern islands place in the united kingdom. people like billy hutchinson who spent 15 years in prison for the murder of 2 catholic men in the 1970. now as a unionist politician, he believes breaks it and the protocol was put at risk. the good friday agreement itself that you're saying this is still money to go. yeah. effectively, really? yet, i'm not to use the most names under so i mean it's more 62000000,
1:46 pm
but i want mac calling me to be wrong from london, not wrong from europe. from brussels or dublin, this is an election and perhaps more important than any before it in which the power sharing arrangements that have underpinned peace in northern ireland since 1998, could collapse with profound consequences for the prospect of a united ireland. and for the future of the united kingdom, this tiny province that has seen and experienced so much could soon find itself again in uncharted territory. jonah hall, l $20.00. belfast. no attention is being drawn to the way technology is being used against journalists. is the theme of this year's annual press freedom conference being held in your required tourism by reports from point to the technology like never before is being used to curtail freedom of speech around the world. mile and spyware,
1:47 pm
artificial intelligence and social media have become the chosen tools by government to suppress dissent. heavy says, my love, i was a victim of the spy, where i began, which was developed by an israeli company. she was detained for over a year in her country as a virgin, and i sold a list of the numbers like 99 number for my phone though, were in that leave. so 99 people whom i know who are in that live they've been affected to and those are know those for not only georgia listen lawyers, those, those are also activists, political activists whose numbers i have. hundreds of people have gathered in the u . y and coastal city of valley, in an effort to help find ways to protect freedom of speech. this conference is hosting by unesco, and the theme of this conference is journalism under digital feed,
1:48 pm
which shows the magnitude of the problem how journalists are not only addressed in war zones or conflict areas, but also are subject to online harassment and surveillance. and that's why hundreds of journalists, members of international organizations, and many others have gathered here to try to prevent technology from being used for secure free media. they were in ukraine and the unprecedented number of journalists who have been killed in mexico this year serve as a stark reminder on world press freedom day that journalists around the world are facing an extra ordinary level of threats. and the battle net has been in exile for a year. he was forced to feeble arrows when the government of alexander lucas shank or began a crackdown of civil society and media. those over a 1000 political prison in jail or sponsor for her in the course. there are lots of people who are in prison, who are not allowed to have visitors, while lawyers cannot even pass them a litter. and at the same time, there is
1:49 pm
a group who are not in prison, but are always afraid that the next morning they can be arrested and can be imprisoned. finding solutions is a central part of the event. people like irene can have proposed a moratorium on the sale of surveillance technology that's being used by state and non state actors around the world. what are we in the united nations are calling for is a moratorium, a ban, a temporary ban on any use or transfer sale of this kind of intrusive electronic surveillance. and then use that time of the ban too much or string, the national laws to string them international law on trade. and the reason why we want to this moratorium futon is because we know journalist themselves have exposed stories about how lives are being threatened. individual lives are being destroyed, journalists are trying to adapt to surveillance and digital attacks for everyone
1:50 pm
here. awareness and finding a legal framework is crucial to defend free press. there is, i will, i'll just see that boom. deleting with a white well, sports is coming up after the break, including action on the n h. l. playoffs for the top seat suffered a surprise opening last ah.
1:51 pm
with whole hulu. ah, ah, ah. was time for sport, the his man. thank you. carry liverpool are through to their 3rd champions, league final in 5 years. after surviving a scare in the 2nd leg of their semi ad via reale, liverpool,
1:52 pm
led to nil from last week's 1st leg. but the spanish stock side made a fast start scoring after only 3 minutes and via rail were level in the tie. before halftime, when frances coke alone rose above the defense to really lift the home crowd. any liverpool nerves were calmed when they restored control just after the hour mark bobbino firing and a shot which found its way through the legs of keeper geronimo ruley via rails hopes were all but killed off when louis d as scored. another goal for the away side shortly after an a 3 to liverpool when on the night was wrapped up by study of money with 15 minutes to go. ruley again, making the mistake, charging out of his area to give the striker an easy finish. the area had a man sent off later in the match, but it was of little consequence. liverpool celebrating a 5 to aggregate when booking their spot in the final on may 28th and paris. liverpool is the 1st british team to reach 3 cup finals in the same season. the f a cup decider is coming up on may 14th, and they've now scored
1:53 pm
a 139 goals this campaign across all competitions. that's the most in the clubs, 129 year history on sending mess. it feels like it's the 1st to be honest and because it's always so special. it's for me, the best club competition in the world. it's really difficult to, to reach refinance. that's probably the reason why nobody did it so far. but we made that happen and vendor file, those specific files are and show up in our schedule. we will make sure that we are ready for it. real madrid coach carlo and to lot he says his players will need to show that they have heart if they're to join liverpool and the final the team are preparing for wednesday. second leg of this am i with manchester city in good spirits after securing the spanish law legal title this weekend and slot his team trail for 3 after the 1st leg and he knows many factors will be important if they're to progress. manchester city are also chasing a premier league,
1:54 pm
an champions league double hab guardiola. his team are looking to make it back to back appearances in the final and he's backing his player to get the job done at burnable. we can play much, much worse than we play, then we can win. so now we cannot deny anyone can, than i in my assessment is right. so nobody knows who bosom predictable. sometimes you know, you get something. you don't deserve a sometimes. you know, you don't get something maybe you deserve for therefore for the, for many things, an english football burn must have been promoted to the premier league for next season. they assured their spot secured their spot by securing a top to finish in the championship burn with previously spent 5 seasons in the premier league before being relegated in 2020. the joint form as the 2 automatic promotions. while a 13 will go up via the playoff in tennis, no joke of it opened his account at the madrid masters with a familiar victory after
1:55 pm
a 1st up by he faced frenchman gal fi in the 2nd round. the world number one dropped just 15 games in fairly straightforward victory documents. now when he 18 consecutive matches over murphy, which is the best undefeated head to head record in the open era of men's tennis, the cerebral now play former world. number one, andy, my, he's moving while he's playing better and better, you know it's, it's really are fantastic to see because he's a, an important term player for, for our games. you know, made his, his mark in the history of our sports or they play winning multiple slams and gold medals. and number one of the world stories, one of the most important names that we have and to have him still compete. this is great than to have him even play at a higher level as the time goes buys in. so is impressive considering the surgery and then what he has been through in the last few years. his, his resilience and fighting spirit is really inspiring marion doc efforts have
1:56 pm
played each other on $36.00 occasions. but their last encounter was more than 5 years ago. mary booked his spot in the round of 16 by defeating tin ship horrible of his 1st victory over top 20 player. this year. the 34 year old was planning on skipping the clay court season, but reversed his decision. after receiving a wild card for the madrid tournament in the n b a. playoffs, boston are back on level with terms with know, walkie bucks and the eastern conference semifinals. after losing the opening game against the defending champions, the celtics had their 2 main stars deliver indeed to jaylen brown and a game high, 30 points. while jason tatum added 29, the celtics one in one 06 to 89. you and over in the western conference, memphis squared, their series with golden state grabbing a 5 point victory and game to the grizzlies were led by shamrock. and who scored 47 points. he's only the 3rd player in the, in be
1:57 pm
a history to have multiple $45.00 point games in the playoffs before the age of $23.00. the other 2 are lebron james and kobe bryant had some, you know, friendly words with steph. ah, arthur gay, one. he came to me, geron is said is going to be about, you know, we go house and swan, i was able to, you know, return i masters to night saying the same day i'm always say, you know, is my favorite match up. i know play, i guess, a girl. i tell no, great talent, and we're just going to be about him in the n h l. playoffs. top seed in eastern conference, florida suffered a surprise lawson game one losing for 2 against washington in colorado. the avalanche rumble past national 7 to do and was set up by 5 goals in the opening period. calgary, when the 1st game of their series against dallas, sweden's, las lin home with the only goal of backing. that's it for me. his records carry. they. i thank you very much indeed for that. well, that's it for this. lisa. lower car will be here in
1:58 pm
a moment with more all the days to stay with us here on ups. ah ah. a frank assessments, what are the political risks of panic, russian, or the guess for western leaders? pull sanctions on russian energy exports for us. we social informed opinions france is not abandoning to fight against jedi. still is a media going to be acting from nisha and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global
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and china's latest attempt to stop the spread of cove at 19 o.


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