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tv   Al Jazeera World Songs of the Gulf  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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when i have seen and played football with these refugees, i look at them and they're happy, they smile in we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. ah. ready ready i'm carry johnston in. don't the talk stories. harold al jazeera, the leader of the european union, has proposed a complete ban on all russian oil imports. on the end of this year, a slip on the line announced more sanctions targeting russian banks and high ranking officers. suspected of committing war crimes in boucher mario pl. we will make sure that we phase out russian oil in an orderly fashion. so in a way that allows us and our partners to secure alternative supply routes and at
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the same time, be very careful that we minimize the impact on the global market. with all these steps, we are depriving the russian economy from its ability to diversify and to modernize, put in, wanted to wipe out ukraine from the map. and he will clearly not succeed. andre, on take off is a russian political analyst. he thinks moscow can find other buyers outside europe . there could be any responses to the decision made by the u. e. u. on the outside the must. ready ready of course find some other countries that are ready to import the rational oil. it said that in days. ready the chinese, right, the other countries ready? so i think what the european countries are doing, they're shooting themselves of the leg because russia has provided around 30 percent of gruel to the european countries and i think i don't imagine. ready where
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or at what price those countries will get oil from, from what countries may be the united states. ready would provide the european countries with crude oil. busy but again, what will be the price so no one can make these countries the person to buy. so russia will just, as i mentioned previously, we'll just try to find the other countries to import the oil i use to engage raise it to buy. ready russian oil changes ready to buy. ready russian oil other countries are. ready to buy the russian oil asian country basically. so this is the decision made by a european union. so we, you, of course, where we are, we look at this efficient. but we also will take measures will take steps to prevent the economical effect to negative effect on the russian economy. ukrainian
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officials and the un hoping to rescue more civilians from bombed out steel clowns in the city of marco. some civilians on ukrainian fighters are still hold up in the facility that surrounded by russian forces. more people from maria poll have arrived in a provision, as has soundlessly reports. today the morning, these evacuations started again at 8 o'clock in the morning from a pool and a 3 more cities are under that are russian or authorities there and other that russian control in the east and in the south of zap rogia and other cities. and the must come air by night to day if everything went fine. and if the a process a was successful or by the next morning it to model number of people around the world struggling to put food on the table has searched that's according to
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a joint report from the un european union and the world food program under 93000000 people in more than 50 different countries didn't have enough to eat last year. that's $40000000.00 more than the year before. south korea and japan, st. north korea has fired the ballistic missile over its east coast towards the sea . they say it was launched from the seneca area. it would be north korea's 14th known weapons test this year. beijing has closed more than 40 subway stations and suspended bus routes. this latest attempt to stop heavy 19 spreading through the city fencing has been put up around buildings and compounds in neighborhoods where infections are highest, restaurants and bars are only allowed to serve takeaways while gyms and schools are closed. that ends of people are being tested. those are the headlines and he continues after al jazeera world. ah
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you know, i don't, i don't have the only one only. so you only if, okay, here shall be the sulfur. let's look what a me a seattle at it. i love me, i'm in illinois, just a jemina and there's a funding for none. how mozilla. thunderbird plano alun, he, i'm in my farm and they at the buy at the noah fifo all martin, are you what the hell kellum island? atlanta that has got um no so ah albany or it has to. laura had in no one raised my heart to didnt deborah? i had nothing to bustle by so i can admit,
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oh me a you need to hello and yeah, keeps the thought and doesn't b botha ella couldn't us gun not. lemme just not how the door nick made more eloquently for the hot beserra merkel. you can, i don't know what i can look into kind of dorner, if you she, if you hadn't my yen endure, she has said you'd mind, we swear on us enough of about to them didn't have a good enough company's commercial, philippa who's shut the door. it moved them out. we have only didn't bianca have done well, we'll have that. let me. i don't have that for not let me small either for none without going to stop our near small harvey norman yet, and began to my fear that a thought could be of. i'd have connie, man, how are you? oh,
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how much will bundle to the stopper and yet a similar flora? a soiled, i'm happy at the mercy than ordinary wisdom. bulgaria, one was a journalism is under siege in the digital age. surveillance threatens to stifled price freedom with online violence and dangers. the safety of journalists, the spread of disinformation, corrupt public trust in the media. truth becomes a casualty. journalism on the digital siege will
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press freedom day, 3rd of may, 2022. a short films. oh and inspiration ah. personal stories of 3 young women, challenging the world around them. al jazeera, select the u. s. is always of interest to people. all right, the world people pay attention to what was going here. and i'll just, he was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. got one of the fastest growing nations in the ronnie needed to open and develop it.
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international shipping company to become a key, middle eastern trade and learning skillfully mapped out 3 key areas of develop, filling up from connecting the world, connecting future. ronnie carter. carter gateway to whoa trade. ah, i'm carry johnson in the top stories herron out here. the leader of the european union has proposed a complete ban on all russian oil imports. by the end of this year, a slip on the line announced more sanctions targeting russian banks and high ranking officers suspected of committing war crimes. in boucher mario poll, we will make sure that we phase out russian oil in an orderly fashion. so in
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a way that allows us and our partners to secure alternative supply routes and at the same time, be very careful that we minimize the impact on the global market. with all these steps, we are depriving the russian economy from its ability to diversify and to modernize . putting wanted to wipe out ukraine from the map. and he will clearly not succeed. ukrainian officials and the un hoping to rescue most civilians from a bombed out steel down to the port city of maria, pull. some civilians and ukrainian fighters still hold up in the facility that surrounded by russian forces. i uphold mass says there's been heavy fighting at the complex and the contact has been lost to ukrainian fighters inside south korea and japan say north korea has far the ballistic missile over its east coast towards the
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sea. they say it was launched upon us to known as the north korea's 14th known weapons. this year. beijing has closed more than 40 subway stations and suspended bus routes and its latest attempts to stop having 19 spreading through the city, restaurants and bars, and allowed to serve takeaways. while gyms and schools are closed, millions of people are being tested. the number of people around the world struggling to put food on the table has searched that's according to a joint report from the un european union and the world food program. 193000000 people in more than 50 different countries didn't have enough to eat last year. that's $40000000.00 more than the year before. more pro, an anti abortion protests have taken place in the us of the unprecedented leak of a draft opinion from the supreme court suggested that women's right to abortion in that could be reversed. the landmark roe v wade supreme court ruling has stood for almost 50 years. there's all the headlines. the news continues here,
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after algebra world. oh ha. ah, ah, a ah
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we say well, after the world and that's without all for god i can let one content with
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i leave to lock them beforehand. well, let him and theresa an arm and vietnam laura and i so on, but i see her over at the army and he killing with totally down here. well helen, i believe though we have the lemonade. any element has now been on here or will. yeah, i mean, and i, the linear kind of, i will have them and i am a lessons our hygiene in them. i'll just see. and i don't know why it's on our hang on little line of the 20 of her haile lou. yes matter. i had the mesh house or, or gully, how the shots against the wash. it really doesn't. it's a house. i can them on the moon, only touch what
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a tele nickel or what you will find it a little while the last far so while the nurse garland nun, kept him out, john doe would carry, man, you cannot oberlin, if not, a militia is as heavy well as her island, i can honor and it has to sod said anna, gruff edwards and boyce us her margaret unable howard developmental act, us up to neil. we'll have to lock it out of the bottle. had dr. i thought of alpha mclaughlin love. bless us. it also the china in which was sort of hug and the smell. ha, north carolina, i can learn what a honey on it said little telemachus, he had a show me, lemme supple. oh, well, oh god, hamilton, one of our huffman hines to show that a tiny little kids i love, but i like all of my,
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any of it the let it had one last bottle proceed. and the whole commonly would do on load you to plan with leslie dims armoire or madeline that young well her i had her shoe miller, jacinta know miss love with her and laura on with me on wednesday i la a boy and that would make a lot of lynette, you mean a mom or to mom? has him marshlin will here. not at that,
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the liam and what and he will little by little by can be legit them county or will i lamphier haile. petra, which i totally agree with, and i can ask you, i can, i can ask yeah, guilford's the year when to havana can issue will near to me and i will lay will alone let me harvey, for jani of our will. aqua which another diamond i had a good, a good we i up and a little bit check about of he had federal harvey and a bad cause as him had camilla danny, in a jar, how kind of land the charge. and then it could be if i did not do well, he needs so i'm like wait, vermont kinsman and walton in leonor gwyle equate to hello on who had to do with attorney and you had not had any hard beforehand for osmond. uh huh. what
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i oh it's it's worked on mill over the years and hardly any okay to talk to her and her daughter the just gotta be her common. melania toyota. katie wants toyota land, nannie, box of gloves, philadelphia and uh what must matt lad austin harassed. kuhn underneath mar for carol. mm laughlin who wrote her anna dee daughter, a barrier con last bob lanier, not only a legit, we're not latin channels when the hub or not. because dorothy lee walked with her the say he eliza hm. at seattle academy and odds her it
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around him. ah ah, with
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ah, [000:00:00;00] a lot of blood in her mom is delanie. at charter top. i don't see a nasty material. manuel penny to so her kinda like tom warsaw huddled m either been his belly and the not a but i live in aqua america. storage has him are bad in allowed him li hardy
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and i got us from 7, right. i said, i'm not a but i did. oh, [000:00:00;00] with a j g gone. let me know what little many a. how do you feel? fema, a, b, a, b, a la
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move to go. do you know who the bad bad is? j e was left him a know we know what the film fee. a i hate a oh no, no e b o b more i hate . i believe i got hit with him. got
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here in the shop. you know, i'll tell you again. maybe in the cooper. philip alamo on the job tomorrow. bye bye. and couldn't look like best in the loaded. it was large. can me i'm so glad to get it done. and not me going to shine after the job. and what i did was tell we must have it by the end of june. i was cut off the mail. you had the bill tomorrow for the mother of when i was again with the regional
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dia, dia medical, what i want being my hands on. i was like, oh yeah i. 6 yeah, when, when emily and i had a marketing little learn him doing, i guess would be an e commerce sewage american model. but i was like, how that raj fallonaw scan data me to i'm not, i'm not to show you how to look now, but just another somebody's been noah cleared them in and how much could why had nuclear new material dodge you know in my while
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no one to hand the me i i i, i me, i live here would be a one. let me show you another little another shad shuttle for fear limit on the common law. me and he, he, the microphone know,
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you know, my rochester i, this isn't not only will not allow me, but my son would like to marry lee. hi kim, law the oh my why fi be. 8 more dog because no show mom do you feel. 8 0, i walk out the lo, who reba been mess. gibby or r d i lady i lied. so who was c r o la. 5 duck dorothy here be
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a hub dtn in one hum la la. 5 dr lee behind the the new were hum. 8 0, where are where we're here. oh boy. okay. lower the mama said the ha the go. oh well i've you know see that but on when you will, as what you will as a who the, i mean the locker with us here. we're in the last one, all right, i'm the heck of a movie not allowed to get lost or. 8 who wants to learn. c you more hybrid gum i was to la la la,
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our get thought the i li north in was. c clear all my all. c 8 good to me, a letter, maybe all, all the, all the teachers will do the log shop to my not in the show, bob and the number one. i want to know how to send it out. i should be good to be honest. some of us trying to be the medina will be the only at the body. and as we have the all, i'm in a little who of men who for this a high on you and you in order the i a have a lot that was
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a little during the coverage, a more sort of home of sort of will if you why say, but the what are the best way to adam, that sort of be mobile? we will be ashy, will re, sophia failure, full circle, but there was a lemon. if i was, you know what? i missed the element out of the mr. well wait about ha, know, remote i will what i can leave the door, know how to have you gotten out of that a another mom has already not i'm glad that i know how to come. i avoided
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because it has a different dodge joe on the job or the lot the audio. well, i can a little know how to be like going atlanta smile. i'm in the side. so i oh, i come as i shot over. brian was of some total model for that up, shall see. i'm sure that up to model jim national, geoff can only half of the more common that operate what our knee is and you can modify. i'm out a little closer to the usage alum and while you got
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some out of that little have a tv and we got out a couple of staining joe had a shout over him as of and have him in life up. i've already know how to shot run dad a but he's how do lisa, how could you to mom, but i saw everybody and yeah, well friday out to cookie. if it took me holler back. sure. jamie let up. how could
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jawad on you? but what at all for the dial out to 50 shop is m under jimmy. and will alex hulu, [000:00:00;00] with a a unique form of protest by a palestinian artist using
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a symbol of national identity to create postage and passport stamps. but as for some burgers, in re donnie life player, to be at the conflict anyway, sending a message of resistance about the arab israeli conflict, or we come to palestine, palestine sunbird, a stamp of defiance on al jazeera. ah . and how social a social media platforms, if many young uses feel isolated, anxious, and depressed. currently there is a grand national experiment that is taking place upon our kids. why a tech companies not sufficiently regulated. they don't want people to know what's happening on their platform, and when will society catch up? 10 people that i knew in high school that may suicide. both lines investigates,
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a toxic feed, social media, and teen mental health. on al jazeera, the journey has begun. the free for world copies on its way to a catholic group. your travel package to that hello there. let's look to south america and from the satellite image, you can see these bands of dense cloud bringing heavy rain to northern and southern areas of brazil. we have got some red warnings out along that east coast in some areas, but it's also up in the north. we are going to see some really heavy downpours running into french gayana. we could see some localized flooding here and we could see localized flooding in central areas of columbia. we are going to see some heavy rain here in the days ahead. but if we look down to the south of brazil, this is where we are in the really wet and windy weather with some severe thunderstorms making their way towards rio de janeiro. now ahead of that, we've got a lot of warmth here. we have a look at the 3 day sitting around the mid thirty's, but that's going to be knocked right down to $28.00 closer to the average by friday with some thunder. downpours possible. but sunshine is an improving picture. now
3:59 pm
it's going to get colder as well for the south, the santiago in chile, the temperature dipping down by about 5 degrees as those cooler winds blow up, but lots of sunshine and clear skies for argentina. and as we move to central america, it's a similar story from mexico, looking largely fine and dry here for the west, or whether we have to go to cuba to hispaniola as well. we will see some of those thunderstorms roll into santo domingo. by thursday, i saw official airline of the journey. healing the debate. there is no, he job back there to go. you know, if anyone here talks about women's rights or suggested, the somebody seemed of then says, no topic is off the table. we were taught to see abortion as a one way tickets true to health all the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources and the power to fix that, where a global audience becomes
4:00 pm
a global community. a comment section is right here. the part of today's program this to you are now to sierra the stage is set and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think was wor, inevitable. i just want to started to please know that they're not doing the right thing. let's leave simplicity to the headlines. join me as i take on the lars. this man are the misconceptions and debate the contradictions. do we have a real democracy here in the united states, the smuggler political party? that's a radical insurgency, are mark lamarr hill, and it's time to get up front right here on out 0. ah, this is al jazeera ah


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