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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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dismantled misconceptions and debate the contradiction. do we have a real democracy here in the united states? this novel political 40, that's a radical insurgency, are mark lamond hill and it's time to get up front right here on out 0. ah, this is al jazeera ah po, and welcome to this news hour with me. carrie da student coming up in the next 60 this. we will propose to ban all russian oil from you on the you pushes member states to face out russian oil altogether, but finds those resistance within war. in ukraine is combining with extreme weather
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and economic shocks to leave more of the world going hungry. beijing closes metro stations and suspends bus routes in china's latest attempt to stop the spread coated 90 offer series of weapons tests this year. north korea is accused of foreign, another ballistic missile. and i'm we harding with sports. we've got playoff action from the india and an h. l plus tennis from the madrid open. and in football, liverpool are off to the champions league final for the 3rd time in 5 years. the european union once it's $27.00 members to ban russian oil imports as part of its latest sanctions for the war ukraine loc once it done in stages. so governments have time to look for alternative supplies hungry. and slovakia though are resisting and pushing for exemptions from any embargo on net cain reports not from
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berlin. this is the gas prom. yes. installation in hunting months he asked from installations like these in siberia and across russia. crude oil, diesel and petrol are pumped to customers, take them together every day. nearly 8000000 barrels of crude and refined products are exported. 2 thirds of them end up in europe. but now russia's war against ukraine has changed everything to, hey, we are addressing our dependency on russian oil. and let's be clear. it will not be easy because some member states are strongly dependent on rational oil. but we simply have to do it. so today we will propose to ban all russian oil from europe. this will be here. this will be a complete import ban on all russian oil seaborne and pipeline crude and refined.
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but in order for this to happen, it will need the support of all e u. member states. some are highly dependent on russian oil and a strongly resistant to all out embargoes. the hungarian say what matters most to them is protecting their economy and people hobbled along. war is going on as a consequence process of rising in the whole of europe. the signs of a serious crisis of energy and the european economies are facing miseries. and we are not yet out of the age of epidemics on a preferred people, medically a decision, the best but leaders of a country to defend them and hungry from these dangers. the new sanctions proposed in strasburg will also target several large russian banks and other financial institutions. we finally de swift. spank. spank is one of the is the largest russian bank. it was round about 37 percent of the whole banking sector and we will also de swift to other major banks in russia. by that we hit banks that are
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systemically critical to the rational financial system and proteins ability to wage destruction. the notable absentee from all this is russian natural gas. in a sense, it's the elephant in the european living room, too big to be ignored, but also too big, unilaterally to be done away with, without seriously damaging economies across this continent. and that's the problem facing e u leaders. they want to act fast against russia, but they're stuck with the reality of decisions that governments across europe made over decades when they thought that it was in their best interests to make deals with president putin. dawna kane al jazeera berlin inside ukraine. the mayor of mario paul says, a russian forces are again attacking a besieged, still works and they've lost contact with the soldiers. hold up inside, reported that fighting threatens to disrupt ongoing efforts involving un to
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evacuate civilians who are trapped in the pot. on tuesday, more than a $150.00 civilians made it out of the as of south thornton were taken to ukrainian control that city as a provision on until honey reports paid and exhausted, they stumbled out of buses. perhaps unaware that their plight has called the world's attention. the evacuation closely coordinated at the highest levels in both ukraine and russia, and still took several days with them in person to whom he gardena was worried that something would go wrong. first, every one had to be vetted by the russian military. i think of only conquer that comes in the moment either, but he still can, he can start by somebody. they took photos of us as if we were criminal front and profile. we were fingerprinted, they went through our phones, checked our documents. i was told, there was no way back to mary pull any more. i felt threatened with no either
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had gone with her daughter to the as of style steed factory on march. second, you can see her in this video, in one of the dark, underground shelters. that's where she spent the last 8 weeks. the evacuation was broken by the united nations and international red cross. it was a mission fraught with danger. note we, we travel through no man's land fairly well. ah, we had a couple of scared instance during the evacuation itself. um we discovered or we didn't discover the are the russian federation. soldiers discovered mine since mon expirence i had to be cleared. so we had a routine for the civilians to come out and there was some more to far while we were working to evacuate the civilians. a couple of rounds landed 500 meters. why also? i don't know who fog them are, but it stopped almost as soon as it started and that was really despite the risks and they decided to join the convoy with her 6 months old son. her time under
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ground was riddled with worry about him and about to mother who got injured and is now receiving treatment, though it seems as a law ah, what not with dr. lyle is now nothing ample. i keep it. it was very hard, but we managed, we had to boil water was candles because there wasn't hot water. my father was running under the sheldon 2 other buildings in the complex to get water with over the past 2 weeks. the situation inside those shelters deteriorated food was running low, the air was poor and the fighting ever closer. people like valentino, were stuck in the shelter. her 2 months were cut off from the world. they were not getting any news. and they had no idea what was happening to their hometown. and when they came out, she says they were shocked. while on the bus she so pictures of the building she lived in flattened to the ground, memories of
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a lifetime gone mozilla. my son has no home. neither do i have my flat anymore. nothing left. everything i own is on me now. i won't ever be back, but there are still civilians remaining at this deed works. the un is hoping for another evacuation soon. more people who will leave their home towns knowing they leave behind alive that will never be again. had abdul hamid al jazeera is upward egypt. well live now to charles stratford, an eastern ukraine where russia is offensive is continuing. charles, you've been with the ukranian army. what can you tell us? that's right. yes. we went sir with ukraine, an army. they took us to a front mine friends, trench position close to the town of ogden. exc. and abdel cur, there was a lot of shilling that we heard
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a logic shells being exchange or fire being exchanged by both sides shells actually going over these positions, hitting targets and basically to the south and to the north of where we were. it was very loud when we arrived. we were speaking to the soldiers in these trenches, highly motivated men and women, and a lot of weapons as well, including weapons that have been supplied by nato countries such as those are. so the ukrainians will say highly important. m and t. tank weapons. and the situation there they have managed to hold so far, russian forces back and what's interesting is that there are areas to the left and right of that position if you like, that saw a basically a lot louder, where russian forces and the pro russia separatists are making a big effort to push forward, and that's us a similar story that you're hearing now or we're hearing now right the way across
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the region as we've been reporting in recent days. we know, certainly according to the ukranian military, a lot of shelling a lot of fighting around the is uwm area. now this is an attempt by russian forces to push down towards the larger urban centers of sl, of yancey and cremmit tours. british military intelligence in the last 48 hours have said that they think that the russians have put in what they say, a $22.00 battalion at tactical groups, which would amount to thousands of reinforcements in izzy m. fault that potential push towards slavery. ants were also hearing that russian forces again tried to storm the contest, the town of po persona. this is again one of the hot spots. we know that there are not many civilians left in that city ukrainian military saying it again that they've managed to repel that attack. interestingly, evacuation attempts these evacuation attempts by a volunteer civilian drivers. they've all stopped in our understanding across the
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region bar to 2 locations. the town of lucy chance and several, dan ask, and this is because basically they are getting attacked. there are at least 2 people that sir, one person we know that was killed in the last couple days. another person who was kidnapped. so we're very worrying for the people who remain in these towns. and it's important to recognize that many of those who remain that they simply do not want to leave very the to afraid. or they will say, well, we will just wait it out and see what russian falls is. if indeed they take over these towns will bring us. but of course, there are also thousands of people in towns across the region that are trapped. and we're also getting reports from the military administration of lou ganske saying that there is only enough food and water for one week in a multiple villages and towns across the region. and we've seen some,
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we've seen a lot of smoke rising from what we are told is an oil refinery in the town of mckee, of car. now this is russian control. it seems that sir, the ukrainians have hit that sir, that all refinery. a huge strategic importance and this comes after last night's attack on a coke plant, around the town of abdi of care where at least 10 people were killed are many more injured. so there has been a lot of activity to day, right? the way across the east and certainly so far, again, the ukrainian military saying that they are still managing to hold back this russian attempts to take control of more terrain ranch house track for the latest in east in ukraine force. thank you for now or the un says the void ukraine is adding to what it calls a perfect storm of factors and making hunger worse around the world. the joint report from the un european union and world food program says 193000000 people.
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more than 50 different countries didn't have enough to eat last year. that's $40000000.00 more than the year before. if you appear madagascar, south sudan and human are among the worst affected countries where the 570000000 people are facing severe conditions. around 26000000 children under the age of 5. now nourished and in need of urgent treatment. while another region in desperate need of help is the horn of africa, clinton monahan reports this used to be fertile grazing land. now it just drives a bone. life is growing increasingly difficult for these nomadic herders in eastern ethiopia and others like them across the horn of africa region. many feel powerless as they watch the livelihoods disappear beneath the sand. welcome 100, there is not a single animal left for the party. welcome. conditions are really hard and this drought is much different from previous ones. we've never suffered like this. the
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regions, worse drought and decades is killed nearly 1500000 animals from the hurts. people here say it's part of a new pattern of weather that's threatening their way of life. the puzzle is, you know, as soon as they know they're trying to recover from the other drug and the progress of the hits but, but, but if a controlled so it's made it make them possible for them to recover quickly from the previous previous shocks of 20000000 people are on the brink of starvation . many have been displaced and forced to settle in camps. aid workers do what they can to feed the hungry. but sometimes that's not enough. we come up with some of the mother who because of they are not fed getting and if that in a 1000 and if in a food for the children on a feed breastfeeding for climate, scientists are linking the crisis to climate change. droughts like this used to happen once every 6 years. now they're every 3 rights groups are calling for urgent
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action. but for the nomadic herders of east africa, it may come too late to preserve their way of life. than to marlyn al jazeera, or staying with us now rebecca richards as the chief of emergencies and transitions at the well food program. she joined us from quito in ecuador, thanks for being with us here today. well, just how dot is the situation. the situation is terrible. i think the record speaks for itself, and number speaks for itself. as you mentioned earlier, 2021. so increase of 40000000 people on the bank of hunger, and these are the numbers that we deal with on a daily basis. these, most of these numbers is, as we've seen on one of africa, or in quite a small group of countries. and if we look at the cruise is they really around the combination of climate change, especially with the drought in one, but also conflict. but also the economic repercussions to that. and i have to say
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the ukraine crisis is going to make a rule upgrade level 3 system much, much more fragile. we already see high a number of the cost of food. and so many of our countries price talks, the cost of oil. all of these affect the child support supply chain and they bill is he to distribute food to where it's mass meet. it has given us what you're saying, that in practical terms, what needs to be done, what should be done? so if i could look at it in the big picture, there are 3 things we need to buy, restore the 1st is that just as we're trying to save lives and meet people where they are, especially that you saw this situation, the one we need to also tackle what we're calling the root cause is why we there in the 1st place, the drought, they're requiring they're carrying the shorter time frame, but we know they're coming. we have the technology to know that we can predict them . we see it ahead of time. so what is the preemptive action that is needed to
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really change these numbers? what are the solutions needed? so that needs to be, tackle is a longer time frame, as well as short and immediate response that's needed to save lives. we also need to be looking below resilience of populations and, and their longer term resistance to these shops. the 2nd thing that's needed is, is real holistic approach to the global fluids of everything from tackling harris export bands. only at the supply chain in stock piles. i'm reaching small agriculture varmints and supporting the increase in production each country. each region is gonna look different, but it needs its own plan and needs to be a multi stakeholder. and this brings me to my 3rd point. we need to come together as a community. we need to come together is a global community, so that coordination and ability to plan together and to look long term is absolutely essential. that's why we're closer to the global network against the
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crisis. it provides a platform that brings everybody together, whether it's private sector, governments, the multilateral system, un, and, and here is, there needs to be a much more coherent approach to our problem, which is global. yes, you mentioned a coherent approach. it's not just the horn of africa reflected there is it? oh, absolutely not. i spent the time last year in the democratic republic of congo. now this is one of the largest countries that with the largest number of people facing hunger. and if you look at the work locally program has been doing that. it's been, i've been many years in that 20 as 30 years. so if you, if you take a step back in yemen, it's syria. it's the congo, sudan, south sea down. and we've been trying to cut rations, we're not even able to meet needs of our emergency response a. so there needs to be a reset, rethinking, and how to distribute and support. okay, it,
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rebecca mentioned chief emergencies and transitions at the world food program. thank you for being with us here on out as they are today is anyway, we'll hear some more of what's ahead this our u. s. supreme abortion rights advocates demand national laws to protect access to the procedure after supreme court suggests it could be out in several states and the transport and the murray sets up a crash with move up job it a limited must ah, japan and south korea say north korea as far the ballistic missile over its east coast towards the sea. they say it was launched from the salon area. it would be north korea's 14th known weapons test this year. mcbride has more from sol.
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the south korean military confirming that this was a ballistic missile, but where they relatively a short flight path, certainly compared with and what more recent or missile launches. they say that it reached a and a total altitude of 780 kilometers and flew a total distance of nearly 500 kilometers east landing in this sea that separates japan and the korean peninsula. now, south korea has a strongly condemned this launch. the japanese prime minister has said that it's totally unacceptable and why we don't know exactly at this stage what type of missile this was. interestingly, it was launched from this district called soon and which is just outside the capital pyongyang from where north korea launched at the end of march, an icbm that an intercontinental ballistic missile, a sort of weapon capable of reaching the continental united states. and the kind of weapon that north korea has not tested since 2017. so that was seen as
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a major development major escalation. now there's some debate over whether that miss out was fired was a why song 15 or a more powerful, more recent why song? 17 icbm, but both of those types of missiles were on display at this very large parade that was held last week in pyongyang. this was the anniversary of the founding of north korea's military, or when also on display were other weaponry that the north koreans have been developing a very actively in recent years, such as submarine launch, ballistic missiles and hypersonic missiles, attended by kim jong on the north korean leader vowing to speed up the development of his nuclear arsenal. phasing as close dozens of subway stations and suspended bus routes, its latest attempts to stop coping 19 spreading through. the city. fencing has been put up around buildings and compounds in neighborhoods or infections or highest restaurants and bars are only allowed to serve takeaways while gyms and schools are
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closed. millions of people being tested, katrina, you reports now from beijing. well, things are streamlined tense. i think every day paging residence wake up and if there is another city wide locked down, announced people, i'm very thankful to try to make the most of their ability to go out tools. but with the kind of numbers we're seeing at the moment, i think most people agree that a city wide lockdown is not going to be very likely, unless we see a huge spike in numbers. but what authorities are doing is stealing off neighborhoods in a very targeted way. so if you are fortunately in a pass of the city which is affected by cases, for example, in china and district, the eastern part of the city where i am located, then you will be locked down while the rest of the city, it still has still relative freedom now being is that the only city to announce the measures that another city job jo, central china, home to 12000000 people that are similar measures today, wednesday. and also,
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if you look at shanghai, china, commercial center, the most populous a city in china, further down south that remains mostly under lockdown. official said that they have eased restrictions beginning on sunday. but because that city is continuing to see thousands of new cases every day. there's still a long way to go until that lockdown and lifted. so the majority of the 25000000 people living in shanghai, they couldn't find to that compound or even their apartments un secretary general has called for the safe return of people displaced by conflict in ne, in nigeria. until the parish visited a camp in warner state, it's his last stop and regional tour of west africa. all the 40000 people have been killed and 2000000 displaced by over the decades of fighting the countries ne, between the military homes group around let's speak to nicholas. he's in
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force now. nicholas, what was the un secretary general's main reason for this trip? carrie, this trip is long overdue. he was supposed to visit the last time he visited. the region was in january 2020. that was cut short because of cov, in 1900. every time you were supposed to visit new share and bertino fall. so now he's falling through on, on that plan trip. 2 years later, this is a 3 day 3 country visit. he visited, senegal, then went to new share. and now is in nigeria, where he is expected to meet with president hardy. on this visit he made and he met with those that have been displaced by the ongoing violence in this region. he met with former fighters of book her many of them children. and he said there that this offered an example of how peace can be rebuilt. and that's the message that we saw throughout this visit since saturday. then it needs yeah,
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he went to while i'm there saying that the answers to arm groups attacks in the region is building more schools building more hospitals are returned to the state in areas that where the state has been in retreat and, and here in san diego, he spoke with president mike, you saw on the fall out of the ukraine, russia crisis on the economies here in the region, a quarter of the 1000000000 people according to the un at risk plunging in extreme poverty because of that conflict playing miles hundreds of miles, thousands of miles away, kilometers away from here on another continent in europe carry. so in practical terms, then what can the un do in terms of attempt to install the unrest in these regions? well, he is trying to draw attention to the region, mostly from. 3 donors from international agencies, from rich countries. i'll give you an example in the share during
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a press briefing with the president named share, he said that only 9 percent of the pledges made for that country have been fulfilled. and that has a direct fall out on the ability for news here. it's government to protect its population saying that these your needs more arms, more weapons in order to protect the population there. there's a real fear of, as i mentioned earlier, the fall out of the crisis or the conflict and ukraine and russia and it's already playing out in the region. the price of sugar here in cynical, has doubled. 3 their shortage of gas and fuel, the airport here in the car, airlines have been asked to refuel elsewhere, not at the airport here. and the president of new jersey mentioned this, the price of fertilizer. and that, that's a key component in an area where there is droughts and climate change. that is be becoming increasingly expensive for a population where most live on less than $2.00 a day. and that will have
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a fall out effect on people's ability to feed their family. 18000000 people according to the un, are in need of urgent humanitarian help. and our risk of suffering from acute malnutrition, if this goes on and the numbers that we're talking about could get even worse if something more is not done in order to help those people who need in this whole region. ok. nicholas harkins dot com for a thank you. but it's time for the weather forecasts now. his car. hello there. let's up to the middle east and we've had a dusty few days across the region. thanks to sand storms pushing down from iraq. now, a lot of that dust has been lifted up for some of the gulf states. this was the scene in doha. we had visibility effected with lots of hazy sunshine, and we are expecting those conditions to continue. we seen some brisk winds below that dust about that temperature that will dip down flight. it is gonna qu here, and it has been rather cool across the event temperatures way below the average for
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this time of year. some of those unsettled conditions, pushing their way further east. by the time we get into friday. now we're going to see the unsettled weather pick up across northern areas of africa from the northwest corner. we've got wet and windy weather moving across algeria towards to nicea a lot of those winds picking up. that's the horrid dust and blowing it towards southern europe. it cools down as well for cairo, but across that central band of africa will, temperatures are above average. it isn't as wet as it is expected to be for this time of year. for the wetter weather, we have to look to the horn of africa. we've got some wind warnings out for coastal areas of kenya, some heavy rain expected to edge into tanzania, but it's a largely dry picture for much of southern africa. we'll see the rain in cape town by saturday that she weather are coming up soon in the news hour. the count down. what could be an historic election? the northern all, it will explain why twitter is new 1000000000. that owner either musket suggest
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staying on twitter may come at a cost for some uses and in sport, we're highlights from the n b a playoffs, including a special night with his mat. ah, african stories from african perspective, short documentary from african filmmakers from ivory coast. just to last year from chauffeur deployed with buffer from bra his school here. just to ask if i'm still a new thing for home and south africa. if i, if i change. and it showed me that i'm actually tracking and fire with africa direct on al jazeera. from the front, blind al jazeera correspondence continue to report every angle of the war cray been given access to this special unit,
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making sure there's no threats behind both front lights. there is almost complete destruction fighting back a ration of for holding background forces. the scale of destruction is just now being built as we arrived at me calliah there is panic. a russian war played is suspected of being close by. stay with al jazeera for the latest developments. lou ah, ah. watching al jazeera reminder now of our top stories this out, leader of the european union has proposed a complete ban on all russian oil. im, what's are the end of this year? is that on the line announced more sanctions against russian banks and high ranking
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officers suspected of committing war, clarks ukrainian officials on the you and say they hope they can bring out more civilians from a bombed out steel plant. in the city of mariposa, some civilians and ukrainian fighters are still hold up in the facility that surrounded by russian forces. a joint report from the u. n. european union and world food program says 193000000 people more than 50 different countries didn't have enough to eat. last year. galveston, ethiopia, and yemen are the worst affected conflict. extreme weather, and the pandemic are the main reasons behind it. back now to our top story, a certain one to line admits that getting all 27 each member countries to agree on oil sanctions won't be easy or has why. the block gets about a quarter of its oil from russia, most of which goes into pachel and diesel for vehicles. germany, it has already been reducing its dependence on oil, but remains a big
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a consumer of russian natural gas. or hungry is one you member that said an oil embargo simply isn't an option. it gets 85 percent of its oil and 65 percent of its gas from russia. andre on take off is a russian at the school analyst. he thinks moscow can find other buyers outside europe. there could be any responses to the decision made by the u. e. u. on the outside the must go. ready will of course find some other countries that are already too important. busy ration oil. ready is said with india is raise the chinese, right? yeah. the countries ready? so i think what do the european countries doing their shooting themselves of the leg because russia has provided around 30 percent of gruel to the european countries. and i think, i don't imagine know where or at what price those countries will get oil
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from, from what countries may be the united states would provide in europe, countries with crude oil, but again, what will be the price? so no one can make these countries this person to buy. so russia will just, as i mentioned. ready probably will just try to find the other countries to import the oil. i used to engage ready to buy. ready russian oil changes ready to buy. ready russian oil other countries are. ready you buy the russian oil asian country. so basically, so this is the decision made by a european union. ready so we, you, of course, where we are, we look at this decision, but we also will take measures will take steps to prevent the economical effect to negative effect on the russian economy. more protests have been held across the us, our release draft opinion about the supreme court suggested abortion could be
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outlawed in several states. that activists supporting abortion light. so demanding national laws to protect women's access to procedure. she have the can see reports from washington, d. c. thousands gathered outside the supreme court on tuesday afternoon to protest the leak drugged opinion that was reported to have the support of 5 conservative justices and opinion. that concludes that since those who wrote the constitution did not explicitly protect women's reproductive rights than previous judgments in training women's right to choose had no basis in the law. i thought we were long past the point that we protested about how many decades ago. but it's terrifying. there's a handful of anti abortion rights protests roadside. the court to i say, abortion police seeking to end abortion access. this has been the goal since 973.
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when justice is ruled in favor of women's reproductive rights. in the case of robi way, justice robert said that that was not going to draft. we're very happy to hear that and we're hopeful of hyper will stay with that draft and that will be the decision to overturn roe vs wade. the white house, as it is prepared for whatever the actual verdict is. but the president warned the reasoning underpinning the draft opinion has far reaching implications. it basically says, all the decisions related to your private life, or you're married. whether or not you've decided to see the child and whether nitrogen, voice in range of other decisions, whether or not how you raise your child. what does this do? does this mean that in florida they can decide they're going to pass a law saying that same sex marriage is not visible? the u. s. has the worst maternal mortality rate in the industrialized world. those here are word that terrible metric could now deteriorate even further. find was
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inspired by conversations with many women today. i don't think that anybody has an idea of what the real world consequences are. and especially those who are in a position of privilege, like everybody to bring court myself and did not. there's a lot of really potential for harm, but there was hope to oppose if consistently shane 70 percent of americans are against outlawing abortion. but democrats seem to be hoping for a bump in town out in november's mid term elections from those who support female, reproductive rights. but there is an awareness had in the past when the democrats about the opportunity to codify a woman's right to choose. they failed to do so. she ever time al jazeera washington alive now to particle haine, outside the supreme court in washington, d. c. and, and patty, in his report that she had mentioned the upcoming mid term elections. tell us more about the potential impact there. i will definitely get to that, but 1st i just wanted to set the scene for you here. it's
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a much different seeing that it was just yesterday. now normally, cars can go down, back and down 1st street here picking buttons, not today. they've got dumb trucks that have blocked off both entrances. obviously they were worried about new protesters. but as you can see there are no protest. busy data that's likely an indication that organizers realize that a public pressure campaign is unlikely to release sway any of the supreme court justices who after all, serve for life. so now as she had mentioned is you asked the focus churns to try and get some sort of legislation. now we've had one democratic senator already come out and said he's not willing to scrap the filibuster for this. that's a procedure that would allow them to vote with just simple majority. so that means that have to get 60 votes and they don't have those votes in the senate right now. so what we're seeing is for the people who are very pro, choice those organizations, they are turning rapidly into fundraising so they can try to sway the midterm
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elections and get pro choice candidates in the senate and in the house. now, she had mentioned, this is a very popular position. the majority of americans believe there should be some sort of access to abortion. but democrats are facing a lot of headwinds in this election. inflation is high, gas prices are, are streaming, the high people are very, very frustrated with the state of the economy and inflation. will this issue be enough to drive enough democratic voters to the polls? well, there's gonna be a lot of polio the days ahead. there are still many months to the mid term election, but that is, i think, where the focus is going to turn now. and patty, all we any closer to knowing it was behind this leak from the supreme court. no, and it's been somewhat interesting, the chief justice has asked the his marshal service to do the investigation. now normally in high profile leaks, because this is a really high profile league, almost unprecedented supreme court decisions don't come out in modern history. so
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he asked the marshal service, now the justice department and the f b i to do that. we know he wants to keep it in house because this is a very small group of people who had access to the document. it's the justices. it's the clerks that the people who work in the building by some estimates is less than 50 people. so they're going to be investigating whether or not they're ever going to find that person obviously remains to be c. now we've heard republicans say that they want to se criminal charges. legal experts say that's going to be a stretch, but the investigation we know is ongoing. okay, patty coming out saw the supreme court in washington dc. thank you. no, you don't musk who's bind. twitter has suggested that some commercial and government uses should pay a small fee. in a tweet, the billionaire said twitter will always be free for casual uses, but there may be a slight cost for commercial and government uses. turn. mr. charles, author, author the book, social warming the dangerous and polarizing effects of social media. he's in the
4:40 pm
london forest. now, thanks for joining us now. how much might this change the whole nature of, of twitters social media business? i'm not sure that it will make a big difference. i see i was just thinking about it. so you have about 200 countries. so $200.00 governments, if you charge them a $1000000.00 a month to, to access twitter, that would be about $200000000.00 a month. and then you get that over 10 months. 12 months, you'd make about $2000000000.00. but that would be half of what to, to get to the moment. and i think you're not going to find that every government really pay a $1000000.00 a month if you reduce the charges. and even if you get a lot more companies to do it, you're not going to get close to the sort of numbers. twitter was doing about $5000000.00 of revenue per year. so it needs to find some big a way of making money, and a slight charges must be implying sounds like sort of a $100000.00
4:41 pm
a month sort of area, which actually when you run the numbers is not going to be enough unless you persuade a lot of companies and every government to sign up for it. you mentioned the government there. is there likely to be any government or business pushback from this idea? well, i think the government's always want to be on twitter. it's a great way for them to get their message out to have it on, mediated by the media if you like. and so they can also, you know, it's just operating costs for them. i mean, really for, for any government, it's not me a substantial amount. and i think come to enjoy the untrammelled access that they get at the moment. so i think governments wouldn't respond negatively. i think some businesses might wonder about it again, you know, for businesses, it's just an operating cost. the question is whether it would really be, as i say, really being effective revenue replacement. if he gets rid of ads and you know, mosque does have many ideas, but twitter doesn't he not just this. he has lots of ideas quite
4:42 pm
a few months. are going to make no difference at all to revenue, which again though it is an important factor. if you're not making money, then he's gonna have to pay out the difference from the loans that he's taking out of his own pocket. so he does actually need the company to make some money or even at edit button, for example, that he suggested will make 0 difference to the revenues for things like making more speech free as he said. so having less content moderation, that probably won't make much difference either. if he finds all the employees that might make some difference, because that'll reduce operating costs. but overall we haven't yet seen any clear ideas. a lot of people say, oh yeah he's, he's finally a lock the, you know, but the value of twitter, everyone can see the value of twitter. that it's the sort of global news network and the media hangs off. but no one's quite managed to actually find a way to, to actually access that value through the company. ok, journalist charles author,
4:43 pm
thanks very much need for joining us today. politicians in the democratic republic of congo have voted to extend martial law in to eastern provinces. the military, along with forces from neighboring uganda fighting against armed groups, reports of mass killings, abductions and sexual violence or widespread, or in the task. reports is not the 1st time in peace in the democratic republic of congo have voted to extend the state of seats in the east of the country. it's happened before, and each time martial law has been extended by 15 days on student concern. later this year or more, we've been assured by the president of the parliament that this is the last vote on the state of siege. we now have to find other solutions off the 15 days to try and in the conflict, president village is the katie announced the state of siege in may last year. parliamentarians say the situation in the east is still volatile. armed, malicious and into camino violence have killed thousands of people,
4:44 pm
the congolese army, uganda forces, and the u. n. a largest peacekeeping mission monasco, a trying to stabilize the region. but the violence in north q and a to the provinces seems to be getting was jacayla. gould i shall call knows it's been 12 months and i think people in a tory have seen positive results. we have the state of siege and we as the government, we think it's working more than a 1000000 people have been displaced by the ongoing violence. many say they see no way out woocommerce her. we taught things would have improved so we can go back home on fortunately, we're living in these terrible conditions for how long we don't know local leaders and some rights groups want to return to civilian law, saying the military approach isn't working. last month, king as president or who looking at a mediator talks in nairobi between different rebel groups operating in easton, the aussie. those talks are expected to resume later in may. the militia say they
4:45 pm
will stop fighting if certain conditions are in place, including amnesty for the fighters and the release of political prisoners. millions of people affected by decades of conflict, fear it could be years before peace returns to easton, the asi, hardware, tulsa out there. on historic shift could be looming, and the politics of northern ireland should fain at once the political wing of the re is poised to become the biggest party to elections on thursday as a whole report. it would be a significant milestone. she feigns quest for a united ireland catholic or protestant unionists or nationalists. not much matters more in northern ireland than identity and the symbols of sectarian struggle to preserve it. thursday's election will test both with the likelihood of a nationalist shouldn't fame victory sweeping away a 100 years of pro british dominance and a possible unionist boy called the power sharing government. as a result,
4:46 pm
this will be very significant because of course should fain. and as its primary intention is seen, northern ireland no longer exists, its wants to see irish unification. so to have should face the largest party, the assembly in northern ireland. and bearing in mind that overnight it was created to maintain a unionist majority would be remarkably significant. dana murray is a young nationalist blow to born in 1998 when the good friday agreement brought an end to the troubles. he grew up on the streets that then those now bear the marks of violence and division is hostile, hotmail, hotmail, recently, last year, on the road, just mcafee rule. so there is that element of distiller. i think you have to go with democracy itself in this new assembly. if it is to be a nicest 1st minister, you know that nice the show desire to go back there has going to take him and trust and work and dialogue, you know, maybe not physically,
4:47 pm
but metaphor you pick into the wall together. change appears closer. now accelerated by the you case, departure from the you and the see border protocol put in place to avoid a hard land border that would have jeopardized piece on the island. the island, the protocol as it node is moved by unionists who demand its removal because for them it undermines northern islands place in the united kingdom. people like billy hutchinson who spent 15 years in prison for the murder of 2 catholic men in the 1970. now as a unionist politician, he believes bricks it and the protocol of put at risk. the good friday agreement itself saying that the storm of go effectively agreement, yet i'm not used amongst 900. so i mean it's more 62000000, but i want my column. even ron from london not wrong from europe, from brussels or dublin. this is an election then,
4:48 pm
perhaps more important than any before it in which the power sharing arrangements that have underpinned peace in northern ireland. since 1998, could collapse with profound consequences for the prospect of a united ireland. and for the future of the united kingdom, this tiny province that has seen and experienced so much could soon find itself again in uncharted territory. jonah hauled al jazeera belfast. well, coming up in sports with that action that from the n h l. playoffs. but it's hope c suffered a surprise opening loss. ah .
4:49 pm
with a full hulu. ah.
4:50 pm
ah. our dozens of shells embedded in a pavement outside the shopping center in thailand have been found to be fossils. when extinct marine creature hadn't ologist say the snail shaped specimens in bangkok or a type of mollusk that died out more than 66000000 years ago. the fossils that may have been inserted as decorations i contractors recently carried out repairs. southwest quotes news now his me think you carry liverpool are through to their 3rd champions, league final in 5 years after surviving a scare in the 2nd leg of their semi at via reale, liverpool lead to nell from last week's 1st leg. but the spanish side made a fast start scoring after only 3 minutes. and villareal were level in the tie before halftime. when francis a coke along rose above the defense to really lift the home crowd. any liverpool nerves were calmed when they rested when they were stored control,
4:51 pm
rather just after the hour mark verbena, firing in a shot which found its way through the legs of keeper geronimo really via rails hopes were all but killed off when louis d as scored another goal for the away side shortly after an a 3 to liverpool when on the night was wrapped up by sadie money with 15 minutes ago. really, again, making a mistake, charging out of his area to give the striker an easy finish. villarreal had a man sent off and later in the match, but it was of little consequence. liverpool celebrating a 5 to aggregate when booking their spot in the final on may 28th in paris. will liverpool is the 1st english team to reach the 3 cup finals in the same season. the f a cup to cider is coming up on may 14th, and they've now scored a 139 goals this campaign across all competitions. that's the most in the clubs, a 129 year history on standing massive sheets like it's the 1st to illness down
4:52 pm
because it's always so special. it's for me, the best club competition in the world. it's really difficult to to reach refinance . that's probably the reason why nobody did it so far. um, but we made that happen and ran to file those specific files. i. m m schwab in our schedule. we will make sure that we are ready for it. real madrid coach carla enchilada, he says his players will need to show that they have heart if they're to join liverpool in the final. the team are preparing for wednesday, 2nd leg of the semi final with manchester city in good spirits after securing the spanish law legal title this weekend and flawed. his team trail for 3 after the 1st leg and he knows many factors will be important. if they're to progress barriers gentlemen, ha, ha, ha ha. so they have the advantage. so we have to do our best or i think 2 things and that is very difficult to qualify horn, but that we have an incredible opportunity to play yet another final will be after having one. the lead on morale is high and we can do it. unfortunately. manchester
4:53 pm
city are also chasing a premier league and champions league double. pap guardy, all his team are looking to make it back to back appearances in the final. and he's backing his players to get the job done at burnable. they are the chambers in spain . we are trying to be champion. so they're both teams. so just like i said one week ago, so be in the semi final and to try to you to be in another final 2nd come year in the rose is our target. and english football burn with have been promoted to the premier league for next season. they assured their spot by securing a top to finish in the championship. born with previously spent 5 seasons in the premier league before been relegated in 2020, they joined full m as the to automatic promotions. while a 3rd team will go up via the playoffs on tennis. novak joke even opened his
4:54 pm
account at the madrid masters with the familiar victory after a 1st up by he faced frenchman gal movie in the 2nd round. the world number one dropped just 5 games in a fairly straightforward victory truck of it's now winning 18 consecutive matches over monkey, which is the best undefeated head to head record in the open era of men's tennis. the serv well now play former world number one and the murray. he's moving, well, he's playing better and better. you know it's, it's really fantastic to see because he's an important player for, for our game is made. he's, he's mark in the history of our sports pay, winning multiple slams and gold medals in number one of the world. so he's one of the most important names that we have and to have him still compete is his grades and to have him even play a high level as the time goes buys is impressive, considering the surgery and what he has been through in the last years he's,
4:55 pm
he's resilience and fighting experience is really inspiring marion doc of edge have played each other a total of $36.00 times. but their last encounter was more than 5 years ago. murray booked his spot in the round of 16 by defeating initial level of his 1st victory over a top 20 players. on the women side, denisia anja burst through to the semi finals. after getting past some on a holiday, the highest ranked era player only dropped 5 games against the former world. number one, it's only the 2nd time jabbar has reached the summit of a w. c, a 1000 a back. and it means there will be a new champion in madrid with no pass winners left and the drug will in the n b a. playoffs. boston are back on level terms with milwaukee bunks bucks in the eastern conference, the semi finals after losing the opening game against the defending champions. the celtics had their 2 main stars deliver into 2. jaylen brown had a game high,
4:56 pm
30 points, while jason tatum added 29, the celtics wanting at one 06 to 89 or the gym. it's nearby contribute and i competed. you know him, we just can't picked up were, you know, it, we would ask more on there, you know, toughness, you know, each possession. so we know we had to do in the western conference, memphis squared there series with golden state, grabbing a 5 point victory and going to the grizzlies were led by john moran, who scored 47 points. he's only the 3rd player in the india history to have multiple 45 point games in the playoffs before the ripe old age of 23. the other 2 are le bron james. and could we brian you on blue? so mo, you know borderline phase, run around blood sugar, flu, blah. so i'll take the font, i'll go do repairs and make the money what it felt really good to flip them all. be on a blue, someone, a girl boy, her blue run on your face. i could had
4:57 pm
a concussion or anything. so very long. if they're going to be that nasty, i can be nasty to. and i'm assuming the cheers was because they knew i'll be fine. great, i'm a $25000000.00 a year. i should be just was we leave you with the n h l. playoffs where the top seed and the eastern conference florida suffered a surprise lost in game one, losing at home for 2 against washington. and in colorado, the avalanche rumbled past nashville 7 to the wind was set up by 5 goals. in the opening period, calgary won the 1st game of their series against dallas, sweden's, las lend home with the only goal of the game. and 3 periods of overtime was needed to separate pittsburgh and new york rangers. the penguins eventually got the wind for 3 way. i don't think we can at all. all right, well that's all your sport for now. hinge you back over to kerry. i thank you very much indeed, but so from this new sound,
4:58 pm
but i'll be back with more of the days news in just a few moments to stay with his hip on august. ah. use from al jazeera on the go and me tonight. out is there is only a mobile app, is that the you? this is where we dissects analyze and you have to find with, from out is there is a mobile app available in your favorite app to get that great and tapped. i made a new app from our design means that you can get it from the al jazeera london broker sent in to people in thoughtful conversation, lard cannot be easily erased by the superpower with no host and no limitations. what matter?
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the knowledge was to be radical. how can the thing that's radical be for sale? part one of the highway and denise, your pool is not about wanting to sell. you know about the messaging studio b unscripted on outs is era seen as a burden. countless babies are aborted in india. simply for being girls. but amidst these resistance, even from her own patience, a fearless midwife has adopted the course of challenging, deeply ingrained tradition building and terminating this modern day beat aside. the daughter, 3, witness on algae dealing with
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ah, the, you pushes to phase out the russian oil altogether, but it's facing resistance. and let's be clear. it will not be easy because some member states a strongly dependent on russian oil. but we simply have to do it ah, on carry johnston. this is al 0 life and also coming up the horn of africa suffers its worst drought in decades.


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