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to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of major, but at what's west banks, of course, don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature. they do that because to see a busy pricing, the planets on al jazeera ah, fighting intensifies near the as of style steel works in mario po, russian forces try to storm the plant for a 2nd day. ah, lauren taylor, mrs. anders here and i from london. also coming up the you prepared to pump out more measures to stop russian oil imports. but getting all of the block to agree could be the biggest challenge. and let's be clear. it will not be easy.
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facing a triple threat from extreme weather, the pandemic and war. more people than ever struggling to find enough food to eat. and the u. s. federal reserve heights interest rates as americans face the highest inflation in 40 years. ah. hello, close advisor to ukrainian president. william is zalinski, says russian troops of entered the territory of the as of style still works. plant in mario poll. david erica meo, who is also a ukranian politician, said authorities still had contact with the fighters. hold up inside the complex. earlier, the more you paul mare said that contact had been lost or their thoughts of heavy fighting at the facility which is under siege by russian forces. in the past few minutes, russian forces equated to st. lcs all miniature activities from 1st day till after 3 days of humanitarian corridors from the plant. on tuesday, more,
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the 150 civilians made it from as of style to the ukrainian control city of this. appalachia. cha, stratford is in the caliph care. in the internet's question, he says, ukrainian forces have repelled russian assaults. and on the eastern front line, we went, sir, with the ukraine, an army. they took us to a front mine, prince trench position close to the town of donates, and abdel cur, there was a lot of shilling that we heard a logic shells being exchange or fire being exchanged by both sides. shells actually going over these positions. hitting targets are basically to the south and to the north of where we were. it was very loud when we arrived. we were speaking to the soldiers in these trenches, highly motivated men and women, and a lot of weapons as well, including weapons that have been supplied by nato countries such as those are. so the ukrainians will say highly important,
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an anti tank weapons. the situation there they have managed to hold so far, russian forces back and what's interesting is that there are areas to the left and right of that position if you like, that saw basically a lot louder where russian forces and the pro russia separatists are making a big effort to push forward, and that's us, a similar story that you're hearing now or we're hearing now right the way across the region as we've been reporting in recent days. we know certainly according to the ukranian military, a lot of shelling a lot of fighting around the is ume area. now this is an attempt by russian forces to push down towards the larger urban centers of yancey and cremmit tours. british military intelligence in the last 48 hours have said that they think that the russians have put in what they say, a $22.00 battalion, tactical groups, which would amount to thousands of reinforcements in izzy. him for that potential
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push. the european union wants his 27 members to ban russian oil imports as part of its latest sanctions, the war ukraine blockers proposing to do it in stages to gives governments time to find alternative supplies. the use heavily dependent on russian energy, particularly when it comes to natural gas with 40 percent of its supplies from russia. that's why there are no plans to impose a blanket ban on gas for now. russia also supplies moving a quarter of the blocks crude oil, which the e u is aiming to been by the end of the year. rushes biggest e, you customer germany, and already said it wants to be fully independent of russian oil. it's reduce those imports to 12 percent, but it remains a big consumer of russian gas and phasing out supplies will be harder for countries like hungry, which relies heavily on russian gas and oil, italy, austria, and the vacuum also take large volumes of russian gas. don't it cain report, somebody this is the gas problem. yes. installation in hunting months here
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from installations like these in siberia and across russia, crude oil, diesel, and petro are pumped to customers. taken together every day, nearly 8000000 barrels of crude and refined products are exported. 2 thirds of them end up in europe. but now russia's war against ukraine has changed everything. today we are addressing our dependency on russian oil. and let's be clear. it will not be easy because some member states a strongly dependent on washing oil, but we simply have to do it. so today we will propose to ban all russian oil from europe. this will be this will be a complete import. bannon, all watching will seaborne and pipeline crude and refined. but in order for this to happen, it will need the support of all e u member states, and some
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a strongly resistant to all act embargoes by sally bad give it was so anxious package would destroy the security of hungry energy supply modulus like this package in this form cannot response, will be supported as on one knee journeyed, the sanctions proposed in strasburg will also target several large russian banks and other financial institutions. the notable absentee from the list is russian natural gas. in a sense, it's the elephant to the european living room, too big to be ignored, but also too big, unilaterally to be done away with, without seriously damaging economies across this continent. bottom line, as you will probably not be able to replace rocky gas any time soon. we're talking about a $150000000.00 billing cubic meters of gas that russia says west that's coming down at the moment. but we're still gonna face a shortage of, of quite a few bcm out there. the russian government condemned proposed in bog and said
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sanctions are a double edged weapon, which will also hurt europeans economic. and that's the problem facing e u leaders. they want to act fast against russia, but they're stuck with the reality of decisions that governments across europe made over decades when they thought that it was in their best interests to make deals with president putin. dominic cane al jazeera berlin, i said, is raising its base interest rate by half a percentage point to try to reduce soaring inflation. the chair of the federal reserve, jerome pow, made the announcement in the last hour. we have both the tools we need and the resolve that it will take to restore price stability on behalf of american families and businesses, the economy in the country have been through a lot over the past 2 years and approved resilient. it is essential that we bring inflation down if we are to have
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a sustained period of strong labor market conditions that benefit all against this backdrop. today the f o m c raised its policy interest rate by a half percentage point in anticipates that ongoing increases in target rate for the federal funds rate will be appropriate as close to our white as course one can be how kit in washington dc, given what effect was haven't americans well, this is going to have a significant effect. you have to remember that this is one of the biggest increases in terms of interest rates that we've seen a half of her centered point in 22 years. typically they're about a quarter of a percentage point and so that's why this is notable. and what this is going to do is this is going to slow down demand that it's going to cause fewer consumers to buy the things that they might not otherwise be able to afford. because typically when a consumer wants to buy a car that is already quite expensive, due to record high inflation at a 40 or high, they have to get a loan from
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a bank and the interest charged on that makes it more expensive will now with this interest rate hike, that loan is going to make the cost of borrowing for that car, even more expensive. it is going to, for some people, out of the market for a car, or for credit card debt, or for a student loan or for buying a house almost entirely. that's exactly what the federal reserve is looking to do is to slow down demand in turns slowing down the inflation, which is driving up the prices. now some people are concerned, particularly the president's conservative critics. the what this is going to do is instead drive the u. s. economy into recession. but the u. s. president, speaking today in advance of these announcements of the interest rate hike, said that he believes the u. s. economy is strong. * and he points to a number of successes as a result of his policies. take a listen,
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right. track cut to save you deficit by another. another $1.00 trillion dollars by the end of this fiscal year. the biggest decline, single year ever in american history. the biggest decline on top of a $350000000000.00 drop in the depths last year. my 1st year's president. we also learned that for the 1st time since 2016, the treasury department planning to pay down the national debt. this should be the problem, this quarter all the problem for ordinary americans is a lot of this just to ends up sounding like official speaking when it comes to ordinary americans. what they really care about are the things that they buy every day. and that translates to the cost of a weeks worth of groceries, or paying a months worth of rent, and those things are still significantly higher. and the confidence of the ordinary american, according to the latest gallup poll,
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is plummeting by double digits when it comes to not just the by the administration, but also the federal reserve. this time, last year, confidence was at a 57 percent high. it's now down to 43 percent. in other words, people are losing confidence fast in the ability of their leaders to combat these problems. so that is a real problem for the biden administration. and this is another problem because he's heading into congressional elections in the fall, so he needs to turn this around because confidence of the consumer is waning. kimberly, how can thank you very much indeed. across the world, more people than ever before struggling to put food on the table with extreme weather violence and the pandemic to blame. that's according to the un which ones the global free crisis is set to reach appalling new levels because of the war and ukraine, according to the us, 193000000 people in 53 countries, didn't have enough to eat last year. that's $40000000.00 more than the year before . if you appear madagascar south xi dong and yemen are among the worst affected. by
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more than half a 1000000 people are facing what's called catastrophic conditions, including starvation and death. one around 26000000 children under the age of 5, a malnourished and in need of urgent treatment. so having to sell off assets to having to skip meals, having to engage sometimes in very, very dangerous behavior. and of course, the situation is also reflected than in acute malnutrition, particularly a very, very young children, those that are undefined. and ultimately of course, loss of life we have access access, that's access montana to you. the horn of africa suffering its worst route and decades. the un says millions are at risk of starvation and entire communities of being displaced in monahan as well. this used to be fertile, grazing land. now it says tries of bone life is growing increasingly difficult for
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these nomadic herders in eastern ethiopia and others like them across the horn of africa. region, many feel powerless as they watch the livelihood disappear beneath the sand. welcome 100. there is not a single animal left for the party. welcome. conditions are really hard and this drought is much different from previous ones. we've never suffered like this. the regions, worse drought and decades is killed nearly 1500000 animals from the herds. people here say it's part of a new pattern of weather that's threatening their way of life. the puzzle is, you know, as soon as they know they're trying to recover from the other drug and the progress of the hits but, but, but it's a controlled. so it's miss, you know, it make them possible for them to recover quickly from the previous previous in shocks. the kind of 20000000 people are on the brink of starvation. many have been displaced and forced to settle in camps. aid workers do what they can to feed the hungry, but sometimes that's not enough. we come up with some of the mother who because of
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they are not fed with getting and food. dad know pleasing. and if in a food for children or in a feed feeding for children, scientists are linking the crisis to climate change. drugs like this used to happen once every 6 years. now they're every 3 rights groups are calling for urgent action . but for the nomadic herders of east africa, it may come too late to preserve their way of life. vention monahan al jazeera, still to come on out his ear after promising to ramp off its weapons program. north korea conducts its 14th miss ar test this year. i know the land, boys, furnace, short story political shift, which is really changed to a national government. ah
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hello. the weather is looking a good deal dry, brighter and warmer for eastern parts of spain over the next couple of days. still some live the showers around at western side of the mediterranean for now, but they will grasp. he just knocked away a little further eastward. so a little bit sherry up towards the northwest recently as well. typically on wednesday, those sundry samples. now the process of easing out the way, not too bad across central parts, we can see this little light of showers central ours if you and i think that's gonna be the dominant feature as we go on through the next day or so. so some big showers coming in to southern parts of france around switzerland, easing over towards austria and poland. ahead of us where we seem, wet weather, pulling away from that to western side of russia. brightest guys come back in behind ukraine. not looking too bad. keep it around 14 celsius in the sunshine. 17 celsius here by friday would see that weather weather still lurking around central parts, the showers continuing and central edge of the mediterranean. now seeing some of
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that wetter weather setting in as we go on towards the we can. but from march of spain and portugal, as you can see, the sun's out and it's warming up nicely at long last not to dry in sunny cross northern parts of algeria. we still have some showers in play here, cooler as well. meanwhile, seasonal rates for west africa. ah . during the debate there is no he job bad. i mean, if anyone here talks about women that i had 2 horses, does this bill seem to have been says notes off. he gets off the table. we were taught to see abortion had a one way ticket street to help all of the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources and the power to fix that, where a global audience becomes a global community. the comment section is right here. be part of today's program. this dream on out is iraq.
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ah ah. or one of the top stories here now to 0. the close advisor to ukrainian president below to ms. lensky says, russian troops have entered the territory of the as of style steel works. plant in mario po, rushes military says it will cease activities at the plant for 3 days from thursday to now civilians to leave fi humanitarian corridors. the european union wants its members member nations to ban that russian oil imports as part of its latest sections. the warn ukraine rockers proposing to do it in stages, to give government time to get alternative supplies. the un says more people than ever before struggling to feed themselves with extreme weather violence and the
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pandemic to blame. ethiopia, madagascar, south sudan, and yemen are among the worst affected with more than half a 1000000 people facing catastrophic conditions. the head of the world health organization says access to safe abortions is crucial to saving lives. his comments followed the leaking of a document that suggested the u. s. supreme court could be about to reverse a landmark abortion ruling draft opinion is spot pro and anti abortion rights. demonstrations across the u. s. article his outside the supreme court, a washington dc. but what happens next? well, what happens is pretty much what we've seen here today and get it all the way. so that's how i can show you. so this is pretty much been the scene all day about 3 to 4 dozen pro abortion rights activists here. chance in front of the supreme court. earlier in the day we saw a much smaller group of anti abortion rights activists. they came and they sort of started shouting at each other. we saw police quickly move in. and i want to point
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out security here is incredibly tight. this street behind me used to be accessible for cars, but now on both sides if dump trucks blocking the road. because this is going to continue to be a controversial issue in till the decision comes out. remember this draft, this leaked draft that they've confirmed is in fact just a draft justices are allowed to often do change their minds between a draft and the final decision. so expect to see protest this one is much smaller than yesterday. pretty much leading up to the final decision which we expected late june, early july. one of the other things that if, if the decision doesn't change, the question is going to be, how does that affect the mid term elections? because truly the only way to overrule the supreme court if they follow through with this draft is a constitutional amendment, which is incredibly difficult, time consuming, and highly unlikely. or they could try and get a bill through congress. worth remembering, democrats control the presidency, the house in the senate, but they don't have
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a super majority. and we've already had 2 democrats say they don't want to have the procedure to sort of vote for somebody that would make abortion legal issue throughout the entire country. so that's why this is going to become a key issue in the mid term elections. democrats, you're going to have to try and convince people of the very obscure that yes, they have power, but they don't have enough power. so if you want this to be overturned, you need to elect even more democrats. so it's going to be complicated, but we've already seen group the pro abortion rights groups. they're raising and promising to commit millions of dollars to the mid term election decline. thank you very much. north korea is find a ballistic missile into the sea of japan in the latest and a series of missile tests this year. but south korea and japan, so miss all was fod eastwards from su, none just north of the capital p on young. the south korean military tracked it for 470 kilometers before it came down. and the see, the north korea is 14th known missile launched this year. japan says it's yet
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another provocation or not that often noted a cooker miss. i don't careers of recent remarkable development of nuclear found related technologies is not only unacceptable for the security of japan and the region, but not korea's flu of action, including its repeated launches of ballistic missiles, threatened the peace and security of our country region, and the international community and are absolutely unacceptable, and they're also in violation of relevant security council resolutions. and we strongly condemn these actions. because that in light of the situation, we will consider all options including the possession of so called enemy based attack capability, and will continue to work to fund mentally strengthen our defense capabilities robot. brian has more from south korea's capital sol. the south korean military confirming that this was a ballistic missile, but with a relatively short flight path. certainly compared with the more recent missile
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launches, they say that it reached a total altitude of 780 kilometers and flu. a total distance of nearly 500 kilometers east landing in the sea that separates japan and the korean peninsula. now, south korea has a strongly condemned this launched japanese. prime minister has said that it's totally unacceptable. well, we don't know exactly at this stage. what type of missile this was interesting that was launched from this district called su 9, which is just outside the capital gang from where north korea launched at the end of march, an icbm, that's an intercontinental ballistic missile, a sort of weapon capable of reaching the continental united states and the kind of weapon that north korea has not tested since 2017, so that was seen as a major development to major escalation. now there's some debate over whether that miss out was fired was a, was own 15 or a more powerful, more recent class song, 17 icbm. but both of those types of missiles were on display at this very large
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parade that was held last week in pyongyang. this was the anniversary of the founding of north korea as military when also on display where other weaponry that the north koreans have been developing very actively in recent years, such as submarine loads, ballistic missiles and hypersonic missiles, attended by kim jungle and the north korean leader. vowing to speed up the development of his nuclear arsenal. the chinese capital beijing is closed dozens of subway stations and suspended many bus routes. its status attempts to stop covered 19 spreading through the city. fencing has been put off around buildings in neighborhoods where infections the highest schools and jims are already closed and restaurants only allowed to serve takeaways. millions of people are being tested. fishing city forties want to avoid the type of full lockdown that's cause major disruption in shanghai know canada and faces
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a landmark election on thursday was sion fain boys to become the biggest party for the 1st time when fishing? fain would install a government in belfast that wants to break away from the u. k. turner, how reports, catholic, protestant unionists or nationalists. not much matters more in northern ireland than identity and the symbols of sectarian struggle to preserve it. thursday's election will test both with the likelihood of a nationalist shouldn't fame victory sweeping away a 100 years of pro british dominance and a possible union is boy cult of the power sharing government. as a result, this will be very significant because of course sion fain. and as its primary intention is seen, northern ireland no longer exists, its wants to see irish unification. so to have should face the largest passing the assembly in northern ireland. and bearing in mind that overnight it was created to maintain a union, a majority would be remarkably significant. dana murray is
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a young nationalist blow to bold in 1998 when the good friday agreement brought an end to the troubles. he grew up on streets that then those now bear the marks of violence and division is hostile, hotmail, hotmail, recently last year on the roof of the privacy rule. so there is that element of their stellar. i think you have to go to mark, see a child in this new assembly. if it is to be an i says, 1st minister, you know that nice the show or who desire to go back there has going to take time and trust and work on dialogue. and, you know, maybe not physically but metaphorically picked into the wall together. change appears closer. now accelerated by the u. k. departure from the e. u. and the see board of protocol put in place to avoid a hard land border that would have jeopardized piece on the island. the island, the protocol as it's known is knows by unionists who demand its removal because for them it undermines northern islands place in the united kingdom. people like billy
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hutchinson who spent 15 years in prison for the murder of 2 catholic men in the 1970. now as a unionist politician, he believes breaks it and the protocol of put at risk, the good friday agreement itself. what you're saying is it stays storm of gone. yeah. effectively defined agreement. i'm not he used amongst 900, so i mean it's more 62000000. but i want my column even ron from london not wrong from europe, from brussels or dublin. this is an election then, perhaps more important than any before it in which the power sharing arrangements that have underpinned peace in northern ireland. since 1998, could collapse with profound consequences for the prospect of a united ireland. and for the future of the united kingdom, this tiny province that has seen and experienced so much could soon find itself again. in uncharted territory,
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jonah hauled al jazeera belfast view. inspector general is ending a 5 day visit to west africa. nigeria, in june, west africa, should say, where he's met president hurry, and those displaced by on group book of her. because hack reports in nigeria is born, those states, the un secretary general, received the a rock star is welcome from hundreds of this place people, they fled attacks from the arm group book, her arm off camera. he spoke with the former book or her fighters. many of them teenagers, they haven't only down their arms as part of a rehabilitation program. feels strongly to the international community to understand but of all the state of hope to subordinate. 30, an action environmental miscue recognize the enormous challenges the board will face with climate change, which still active even and don't infect in the bottom of
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hope. gutierrez, mit nigeria, as president mohammed you hurry, to discuss the fall out of the ukraine, russia conflict, the un estimates a quarter of a 1000000000 people could fall into extreme poverty by the end of the year. many of them in africa, prices of basic goods are rocketing governments in the region, fear a looming food and energy crisis will over the attention is focused on the unfortunate situation in ukraine. we in this region already that the world is for getting a lower test. the i can be sure is that the wired it with us and we confront to extreme is terrorist organizations, hunger and the enormous problems of dealing with millions of displaced people. then this 14 vivid earlier good terrorist was in the share where he met molly and
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refugees fleeing attack from arm groups linked to ice. and i'll call you dominant in senegal, he discussed with the chair of the african union president, mikey saw the ways to unlock the funds to tackle climate change drought. an extreme weather is fueling conflict in the style. during his visit, he also sought to draw attention to the people of west africa, who he says are too often forgotten in the face of growing instability and looming crisis. nicholas hawk al jazeera, the shirt worn by football, or diego marianna, during argentina's 1986 world cup quarter final. when over england has sold for $9300000.00 at auction, a record for any item of sports memorabilia shot was won by my donor during his infamous hand of god and bo go in the 21 victory. it was owned by former england midfielder steve hodge,
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who swapped it with marianna at the end of the game on she went ahead with the sale, despite plays from argentina's football association for the shirt to be returned to us iris. and when you can always catch up with all the stories recovering or checking out our website, the rest of that is our 0 dot com. and you can watch us live by clicking on the black live icon at the top right hand corner of the screen under 0 dot com. ah, i reminded the top stories are now to 0, a close adviser to ukrainian president bloom is lensky, says russian troops have entered the territory of the as of south steel works plant in mary jo, david, eric kamiya, who's also a ukranian politician, said authority still had contact with the fighters hold up inside the complex. earlier the marable man said that contact had been.


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