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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 5, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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celebrating the social and cultural importance of songs of the goal on al jazeera, we understand the differences of similarities of cultures across the world. no matter what. when use in current for that matter to you? ah . the koreans president edges the un chief to help rescue the wounded from the as of style still works as fighting intensifies near the plant. ah, my money inside the bound to their life. and i also coming up out there as on the road of life and east and ukraine was so just faced continuous russian bombardment and high tech weaponry. soaring, inflation in the united states promised the largest interest rate hike into decades
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and spoke real madrid, reach the chap his lead off to winning a dramatic, semi with majesty. ukraine's president, belgium is zalinski, has also the un secretary general to help save people trapped at a steel plant. and mario poll. russian troops have reportedly entered the as of style. steel works facility where you, cranium soldiers and civilians to hold up inside on tuesday. more than a $150.00 civilians were evacuated, the russian military is quoted as saying it will stop all military activities that from thursday to allow for 3 days of humanitarian corridors. addressing ukrainians . lansky explained his appeal to the un chief holiday julia alicia. to day i spoke to you and secretary general antonio gutierrez and we discuss what we have already
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achieved and what is still necessary to do to save mary paul and the defenders of mary paul city. me. there is not a single day that i and my team wouldn't do this, and i am grateful to everybody who helps you have to follow grania valuable. if you have news on literacy mario poles, garrison for 70 days has resisted the overwhelming forces of the enemy by itself. since the 25th of april, we have held a circular defense of the ever stole part. it is the 2nd day that enemy has broken through into the plant gravel. there are heavy, bloody battles. so i am proud of my soldiers for the inhuman efforts to contain the onslaught i've been up if i thank the whole world for its tremendous support of the mario poor garrison. our soldiers deserve and about the situation is extremely difficult, but we carry out the orders to keep defending despite everything going to look on. most of the ground fighting is taking place in eastern ukraine, which moscow has made a key targets. on tuesday 21 civilians were killed in the don, yet screech,
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and one of the deadliest days there so far. charles stratford as with ukrainian troops in the east he sent us this report. black smoke rises from russian army control territory. we drive at high speed along what ukrainian soldiers call the road of life towards the front line. it's a walk through the forests to the trenches, the sound of artillery punches through the air. motion for she is trying to advance from the left and right flanks. but morale among the soldiers is high. but in the little leaf, when the war started, i had a huge adrenalin rush and a search and anger. now more anger of what the washington up in lucia variable and what they continue to do. many other places on the whenever be brothers liskey scars from mortar tillery strikes, russian forces frequently target disposition that
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shelling that you can hear is coming over our heads from russian positions and hitting ukrainian positions around about 2 or 3 kilometers from here. this is what heavy artillery sounds like when it's fired over your head. that was just the shell blush through the the crunch, just a hit explode. the soldiers have used british made anti tank missiles called in law's part of a multi $1000000000.00 military, a package from ukraine's western partners. and is in addition. but it's not unless we're grateful to western countries for helping us with weapons. because russia has much more than us. we can't hold them back without their health. from afford observation point soldiers tell us, russian forces are behind the wall. only a few 100 meters away. and they are facing high tech weapons from above. those for
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might him, could he not a good accuser or the drones help their artillery to hit or positions? there are also weaponized version was that far at so 3 to 4 times a day. they are difficult to shoot because they fly so high on my alida worked as a veterinarian before she signed up to fight her mother is hm. and the other thing made that thing is hymn book. i have a child, she's 10 years old. i want her to have a peaceful sky over her head. that's why i'm here. i consciously decided to join up and defend my country. boxes of explosives and ammunition. the constant threat from above. the russian army trying to push forward under a blackening sky. charles stafford al jazeera, eastern new grade, the european union once it's 27 members to bam, russian oil imports as part of his latest sanctions for the war in ukraine. and
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will be done stages to give government time to look for talent as supplies. but several countries are pushing for exemptions from any embargo. dominic came reports from ballin. this is the gasp romney f installation in hunting months. he asked from installations like these in siberia and across russia. crude oil, diesel and petrol are pumped to customers. taken together every day, nearly 8000000 barrels of crude and refined products are exported. 2 thirds of them end up in europe. but now russia's war against ukraine has changed everything to day. we are addressing our dependency on russian oil. and let's be clear. it will not be easy because some member states are strongly dependent on russian oil, but we simply have to do it. so today we will propose to ban all russian oil from you wrote,
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this will be this will be a complete import. bannon, all russian oil seaborne and pipeline crude and refined. but in order for this to happen, it will need the support of all e u member states, and some a strongly resistant to all out embargoes by sally back. give you. russell's anxious package would destroy the security of hungry energy supply. while you're like this package in this form cannot responsibly be supported of homeowners, ninja need. the sanctions proposed in strasburg will also target several large russian banks and other financial institutions. the notable absentee from the list is russian natural gas. in a sense, it's the elephant to the european living room, too big to be ignored, but also too big, unilaterally to be done away with, without seriously damaging economies across this continent. bottom line is you will probably not be able to replace rocky gas any time soon. we're talking about
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a $150000000.00 billing cubic meters of gas that russia says west that's coming down at the moment. but we're still gonna face a shortage of, of quite a few bcm out there. the russian government condemned the proposed embargo and said sanctions, or a double edged weapon, which will also hurt europeans economically. and that's the problem facing e u leaders. they want to act fast against russia, but they're stuck with the reality of decisions that governments across europe made over decades when they thought that it was in their best interests to make deals with president putin. dominic cane al jazeera berlin, alex chandel as the president of energy intelligence. he says, countries like hungry will find it particularly hard to win themselves off russian energy. i think it's important to point out that this span on russian oil has been in the works for a while. so i think european union started get its head around it. i think the
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important thing to note here is the ban on russian crude oil. which of these are the barrels are taken out of the grounds and sent over to refineries. that's a lot easier to deal with than ban on russian crew products, which is much more difficult. and just illustrate that if you look at the figures for april, the amount of rushing crude oil important into the european union is downs and 40 percent from 2021. and if you look at russian crude products, so we're talking about diesel and gasoline, etc. that's actually up from 2021. so that kind of illustrates the issue here. and i think shows why european is saying it's going to be phase out the product and the phase up by the end of this year. and the crude is gonna be much quicker. and so with the vacuum hungry you've already starting to see questions saying they won the exemption to this if it actually goes through. but let's not forget germany is also, you know, the european union's biggest economy is account for about a started,
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it's imports from, from russia. so it has a pretty monumental job of replacing russian oil in its economy as well. so i think we're going to see very closely whether this big announcement today actually creates, you know, entity throughout the group and it, it very well may not. and let's see if the solutions are poles in the u. s. sho, rising inflation is now the number one concern for most americans. and in response to federal reserve raised a key interest rate by half a percentage point today and hopes move will reduce demand and low inflation. so the biggest hike in 20 years. gabriel elizondo is more more shed in dc for regard to a good, a business is good at his beloved food truck. he calls tamales, packers pueblo. but when he needs to restock the trucks, refrigerator, with ingredients he had to a local market, realizes everything has gone up in price by a lot,
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$6.00 for this before you could get a 4299 double in price. even the oil he uses to cook with, instead of being 40, now we pay $8042.00, because he was not alone. millions of americans are struggling to get by with inflation reaching the highest levels in decades, which is wiped at or reserved chair jerome pow announced wednesday and aggressive interest rate hike of half a percentage point. we understand the hardship it is causing in, we're moving expeditiously to bring it back down. the u. s. benchmark or target inflation rate is about 2 percent. he rate at which the fed believes a normal healthy economy can function without too much strain on consumers. in march 2019 before anyone had heard of corporate 19, the u. s. economy was humming along inflation was at 1.9 percent. basic interest rates were also low, but then march 2020 hit. and so to do the pandemic,
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the u. s. economy began to shut down the federal reserve slashed interest rates to near 0 to keep the economy from total collapse. it worked. but since then, supply chains have become clogged while consumer demand has increased along with energy costs, with russia's war and ukraine. goods and services have become more expensive. inflation kept creeping up last year and has been over 6 percent for 6 straight months. it's now at a 40 year high, so interest rates are going up to put the brakes on an overheating economy. left unchecked in ation can lead to an unsustainable cycle of prey. sikes that directly affect consumers and business owners, just like ricardo the food truck owner. have a business run and a felony to support hey,
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not to raise the prices one. unfortunately, i don't have a way around it. the government hoping this latest interest rate hike will provide the economy with what the fed calls a soft landing for millions of americans. gabriel xander al jazeera washington still has own out there the count down to what could be a historic alex in northern ireland, where sion fain is poised to become the biggest party living in harmony, to sing a well city of 10000000000 people. one of several imaginative ideas, the same planet on display ah, the journey has begun. the 34 world copies on its way to catherine book, your travel package to day. hello, the weather is set fair for much of japan over the next couple of days. it sat there to across the korean peninsula for the time being china,
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not looking to see how we got this launch flailing well front, which runs down towards taiwan, asking to stay off shore should cause to many problems. there we go with japan, you might just catch a shower to particular of the high ground for a time on thursday, but lossy settled fine, and plenty of moves. sunshine, 25 celsius there in tokyo. not too bad indeed. so room around $25.00 degrees is hotter, still left for beijing, but notice this line of plain rain up to war. see, far east of russia sinking further south was cooling off impatient, 24 celsius. that system makes his way through running down towards yellow sea, north korea, seeing some lively down paws by friday. south korea dust a fine and dry along with japan. now not too bad across a cape parts to southeast asia. meanwhile, we have got some very heavy showers still in play across parts of indo china. we have got seem very heavy rain there, some sundry down. pause lurking around, pass a car body. we have got to flood warnings in force force, ham, here,
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some parts of vietnam. still seeing some life he shout usual, scattering a showers there across malaysia, and also denisia hatta, airway official airline of the journey from football to politics. national pride to early advertising, al jazeera world tells the stories behind for songs from kuwait's, oman, hatta and era meeting song writers, the foreman and musicians celebrating the social and cultural importance of songs of the gulf on al jazeera ah
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o. watching out 0 minds of our top stories, the sour ukraine's president has asked the un secretary general to help save people trapped at the as of style steel plant. merrier poll. russian troops have reportedly entered the facility where ukrainian soldiers and civilians a hold up inside. the european union has urged member states to ban russian oil imports as part of his latest sanctions related to the wounded crane block once at dumb stages. but several countries are pushing back u. s. federal reserve has raised a key interest rate i half a percentage point. hopes move will reduce demand and lower inflation is the biggest increase in more than 20 years. united nations says the war in ukraine is adding to what it calls a perfect storm of factors that are making hunger worse globally. a joint report
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from the u. n. the european union and the world food program says a 193000000 people in more than 50 countries, didn't have enough to eat last year. that is $40000000.00 more than the year before . if you appeared madagascar, stout sudan, and yemen are among the worst affected 570000000 people are facing severe conditions. and around 26000000 children under the age of 5, a malnourished and in need of urgent medical care. fenton monahan reports this used to be fertile, grazing land. now it just drives a bone. life is growing increasingly difficult for these nomadic herders in eastern ethiopia and others like them across the horn of africa region. many feel powerless as they wash their livelihoods disappear beneath the sand, will come hide it. there is not a single animal left for the party. welcome. conditions are really hard and this drought is much different from previous ones. we've never suffered like this. the
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regions worse drought in decades is killed nearly 1500000 animals from the hurts. people here say it's part of a new pattern of weather that's threatening their way of life. the puzzle is, you know, as soon as they know they're trying to recover from the other drug and the progress of the hits but, but it's a controlled. so it's made it make them possible for them to recover quickly from the previous previous in shocks of 20000000 people are on the brink of starvation. many have been displaced and forced to settling caps, aid workers do what they can to feed the hungry. but sometimes that's not enough. we come up with some of the mother who, because of they are not fed with getting and food dad, not policing. and if in food for children are in a fit for feeding, for children, scientists are linking the crisis to climate change. droughts like this,
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used to happen once every 6 years. now they're every 3 rights groups are calling for urgent action. but for the nomadic herders of east africa, it may come too late to preserve their way of life. then smaller him al jazeera, that he people have been killed during an attack by the al subaru armed group own african union peacekeepers in somalia. it happened on tuesday at the alber off army base in the middle shibel region, 10 burgundy soldiers and at least 20 archibald vices are among the dead. many more winded the you are says it is now equally preparing for both scenarios with an without an iran nuclear dale. the state department warned it's uncertain if there will be a mutual return to compliance with the 2015 agreement between to hon and well powers. the joint comprehensive plan of action limited iran's nuclear abilities in exchange for dropping sanctions. us left the deal back in 2018
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hebrew, venezuela nicaragua have been excluded from the upcoming summit of the americas in los angeles. the u. s. says those countries don't meet the necessary democratic standards. the decision has put washington at odds with countries in the region. in elgin, they're exclusive on latin american, eta, salisia newman, spoke with keepers deputy foreign minister to get havana as reaction. as the name implies, the summit of the americas, as the only venue were leaders of north central and south america, gathered to confront pressing problems. this year the theme is migration, but the host president joe biden has unilaterally decided to exclude 3 countries, including cuba. by o, thank you. thank you for. i'm mad cubic deputy foreign minister, godless fernandez. the ga seal of van is point, man for us affairs, to talk about the implications of washington's controversial decision. or we have
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said that a saw me that excludes some countries of the region. it's an exclusive summit, but if you're going to have the summit, you're going to spend money on it. if you're going to go to the trouble of convening, heads of state and government, it would be to discuss the difficult problems that we have in our region, which are difficult. some of them are controversial and for the summer to be successful. the useful thing to do, and the fair approach to take would be to have everybody in have everybody put forward their point of view, even if you don't like, as we all know, tuba is undergoing a huge exodus of its citizens right now, the largest since the 1980 is actually why do you think that is one of the basic reasons that is pushing migration is people saw that the policy of the biding government is exactly the policy of the trump government, which is maximum pressure toward cube the policy of the us against cube in economic turns to date is nothing short of criminal. it's
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a criminal policy to punish the livelihood of people. while i've heard i asked for an undesirable seal if and as a gesture to the biden administration, the head of the summit of, than up my grant, an amnesty to protest his sentence, the harsh prison sentences, critiquing part in last year's anti government protest. why would cuba have to make concessions for us to stop applying a policy that is criminal? and that is clearly unfair. what would you say to president biden if you had him on the phone right now, about the fact that he doesn't want to invite cuba to the summit of the americas when that was one of the things that the vast majority of the countries of the region fought for, for so many years. i doubt that he would speak with me. but i would say that if you're going to call it a summit, you could call the summit of a part of the america. you cannot cali some of the america. if you guys could, some, you should not fear having frank dialog,
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even when there are differences. and there are differences in the region. and there are problems, immense problems or regions. the countries need to talk about countries the region are claiming. that'd be an inclusive summit. and the cube being put, the us should pay attention to it and start shift could be looming in the politics of the british territory of northern ireland after elections on thursday. should fain, once the political wing of the all right, is poised to become the biggest policy in the regions assembly was john hall reports. it would be significant milestone should find. quest for united island catholic protestant unionists or nationalists not much matters more in northern ireland than identity and the symbols of sectarian struggle to preserve it. thursday's election will test both with the likelihood of a nationalist shouldn't fame victory sweeping away a 100 years of pro british dominance and
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a possible union is boy cult of the power sharing government. as a result, this will be very significant because of course should vain. and as its primary intention is seen, northern ireland no longer exists. it wants to see irish unification. so to have should face the largest party assembly in northern ireland. am bearing in mind that overnight was created to maintain a unionist majority would be remarkably significant. dana murray is a young nationalist blow to bone in 1998 when the good friday agreement brought an end to the troubles. he grew up on the streets that then those now bear the marks of violence and division. is hector hotmail, hotmail, recently. last year on the road, just mcafee rules. so there is that element of the stiller, i think you have to go democracy a child in this new assembly. if it is to be a nicest 1st minister, you know, lot that nice assure will desire to go back there has going to take him and trust
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and work and dialogue, you know, maybe not physically, but metaphor you pick into the wall together. change appears closer. now accelerated by the you case, departure from the you and the see border protocol put in place to avoid a hard land border that would have jeopardized piece on the island. the island, the protocol as it's known is moved by unionists who demand its removal because for them it undermines northern islands place in the united kingdom. people like billy hutchinson who spent 15 years in prison for the murder of 2 catholic men in the 1970. now as a unionist politician, he believes bricks it and the protocol of put at risk. the good friday agreement itself saying that this storm is gone effectively, yet i'm not used amongst 900. so i mean, you just smoke 63000000, but i want matt calling me to be wrong from london, not wrong from europe,
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from brussels or doesn't. this is an election then, perhaps more important than any before it in which the power sharing arrangements that have underpinned peace in northern ireland. since 1998, could collapse with profound consequences for the prospect of a united ireland. and for the future of the united kingdom, this tiny province that has seen and experienced so much could soon find itself again in uncharted territory jona held al jazeera belfast. so this is coast guard has recovered. $24.00 more bodies from full boats that sank off its coast 11 days ago. 67 people are now confirmed dead. thousands of people rescued are trying to reach it's lee last month. old and 50 are still missing. tens of thousands of refugees and migrants attempt to cross the mediterranean from north africa to europe, and small boats every year. artisan designers from around the world have
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curation exhibition to raise awareness about climate change and a threat to the planet. jessica baldwin went to see the exhibition titled, our time on earth in london. at 65 meters, this k pok tree grows in the colombian, amazon rain, forest visitors peer through the layers into the trees inner system. see the oxygen released into the air, the nutrients coursing through the structure. a dining table set for 14, including a b, a bird, and a snake. a mushroom sits at one end, the human at the other. all species are equally important to the earth survival by hopefully presenting a story of wow, it's incredible to be living within this living planet. it can therefore, hopefully engage on slightly more emotional levels and therefore develop that sense
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of m b rather than shame and paralysis. each flash of belief marks 128 square meters of brazilian rain forest destroyed. so we're looking at winter weather bring to life the 1st station that's happening right now in the amazon rain forest. so when kofi began, there was a 71 percent increase in the for station and nobody is there to watch. so i made a feast that disappears at the rate of the d for station, and everybody can watch what's actually happening right now in the amazon futurists imagine re wilding in our cities, trees taking over roads, or even just one city on earth with 10000000000 inhabitants as well as raising awareness and futurists predicting what our planet will look like in decades. the exhibition also includes real life current solutions aimed at stopping
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the destruction using rice terrace irrigation in an urban environment. clothes made from micro seaweed or mushrooms, visitors or challenge to connect with nature to consider the soil trees plants, other species. despite hard data warnings from the un in scientists, there has been limited action. could the imaginative collaborative show by artists and designers from around the world help in some small way to spark a reaction for people to make the changes needed to help save the planet? jessica baldwin al jazeera london and his fort real madrid will play liverpool in the champions league final or to staging a dramatic light. come back in the 2nd leg of a stubby with manchester city. we are about to be knocked out before to lay goals by substitute rodrigo took the match into extra time, and
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a penalty from 3 bends. mon eventually gave them a free one. vit. when on the nice miss. 65. when own aggregate, having already won the spanish main tie, so we'll madrid, we'll head to paris on may 28th. i mean to become 3 european champions for 40 coin in lex street on august. ah, is our desert these you top stories? ukraine's president has asked the un secretary general to help save ukrainians trapped at the as of style stale plant and malleable motion shapes have reportedly entered the facility where ukrainian soldiers and civilians a hold up inside. alicia williams in analicia. today i spoke to you and secretary general antonio gutierrez, and we discussed what we have already achieved and what is still necessary to do to save maria pole and the defenders of mary pulse city. there is not a single.


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