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tv   Al Jazeera World Songs of the Gulf  Al Jazeera  May 5, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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and inspiration, ah, personal stories of 3 young women, challenging the world around them. ah . alger 0 select. ah, i marlene said in doha, he a top stories on al jazeera ukraine's president has all the un secretary general to help save the lives of people trapped at a steel plant. and mateo poll russian troops have reportedly entered the as of styles. still works, facility way, ukrainian soldiers and civilians, all inside the russian defense ministry said it will begin
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a sci fi there for 3 days on thursday. when you're going to manage it. today i spoke to you in secretary general, antonio gutierrez, and we discussed what we have already achieved and what is still necessary to do to save mary paul and the defenders of mary a whole city. me. there is not a single day that i and my team wouldn't do this, and i'm grateful to everybody who helps follow grania very well, but it's good news. on the mario post garrison for 70 days has resisted the overwhelming forces of the enemy by itself. since the 25th of april, we have held a circular defense of the ever stole fun. it is the 2nd day the enemy has broken through into the plans. there i have a bloody battle, say, i'm proud of my soldiers for the inhuman if it's to contain the on scoring with another. i think the whole world for its tremendous support of the mariel pul garrison. our soldiers deserve. and the situation is extremely difficult. we carry out the orders to keep defending, despite everything going on within most of the,
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on the ground. fighting is taking place in east in ukraine. charles traffic has more we went serve with the ukraine, an army. they took us to a front line, prince trench position close to the town of donates an idea of car. there was a lot of shelling that we heard a logic shells being exchange or fire being exchanged by both sides. shells actually going over these positions, hitting targets and basically to the south and to the north of where we were. it was very loud when we arrived. we were speaking to the soldiers in these trenches, highly motivated men and women, an a lot of weapons as well, including weapons that have been supplied by nato countries such as those are so the ukrainians will say highly important, an anti tank weapons. and the situation there they have managed to hold so
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far, russian forces back and what's interesting is that there are areas for the left and right of that position if you like, that saw basically a lot louder, where the russian forces and the pro russia separatists are making a big effort to push forward, and that's us, a similar story that you're hearing now. we're hearing now right the way across the region as we've been reporting in recent days. we know certainly according to the ukranian military, a lot of shelling a lot of fighting around the is ume area. now this is an attempt by russian forces to push down towards the larger urban centers of janski's cremmit tools. british military intelligence in the last 48 hours have said that they think that the russians have put in what they say, a $22.00 battalion, tactical groups, which would amount to thousands of reinforcements in izzy, him for that potential push. meanwhile, the european union, once it's member nations to bomb the russian oil imports as part of the ease,
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the latest sanctions on russia. the when you crime the block is proposing to do in stages to give government's time to get all tentative supplies. several countries are already pushing for exemptions. the united nations says the war in ukraine is adding to what it calls a perfect storm factors that are making hunger. wes around the world joined un reports found a 193000000 people in 53 countries. didn't have enough to eat last year. the u. s. federal reserve has raised a key interest rate by half a percentage point. it's the biggest increase in more than 20 years. and hopes to move will reduce demand and low inflation. on the w h o says access to safe abortions is crucial to saving lives down south to the leaking of a draft document. i suggest the u. s. supreme court could be about to reverse a landmark abortion ruling box pro an anti abortion right. demonstrations across
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the u. s. k, as a headlines out as their world is next. ah, [000:00:00;00] a ah,
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[000:00:00;00] a a . i think my name is bonnie and to coordinate a little more. hello, tonya wyatt just got my been on would have a senior. what news done? do you are sure. would you what elina annette have phoebe diet or new zealand? it will be dye at the one and use the lender like often for the occlusal wendy.
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well taja, and if in my lab band, no, not k bought out to see linna casual commercial amine in the hospital today. okay. i am in the sahara. we were daily in my head for a little jamal. what if he was a hut? tillman walked a little while so late, and you linda was to jamal for jeanette. be, are not, are you thought? hodges, we'll have what darkly we'll have some wish of nay, wolves. rigero e last a helical allowed you, michael? an owner carry about artillery. kindness met hellam, and could i? it's a black bottle and mella boy, or her neighbor, quite honest enough, father couldn't assist me with television as how bill jamal center medical manila had of beside little park until jermel and lily sort of linen
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as though kurama an added to rational acilo general. but a shout or the little kill my will will for us if i don't that the lightly had malcolm lateral dude. with our condition a sofa, no doubt in charlotte fil matlab. a millis to his idea. lydia. oh, how alo, any of our own, if here at the bottom now her the handy or a job and knocked bell hot that had you fell uncle bill not attending k for know a could level a me it. hi, this jamila, the joy jamal yukon of georgia. how are you? come? why them a house of the had the robot art silva hagen with public weight and it was bad, but we had to feed walkable had if, why had ha hm. a banal, ha ha! electron oakum a how did that is i. c 7
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i the limit alabama madison in our head. but then it quit chef. i got an elegy, man, that we the german were real magellan, how the legal and ology malfunction or other german fabulous al calif new. i'm alone here. if you have to be a general, sheila, the german business, milena for hagi go her having a kilobit. hey door, little i little german america. litigious? well, i thought i had an kill mahogany ilia, a luck, philly. german. or when i lay africa to nobody, i shall not a dollar a lint, dorna downloaded the energy bulk for guilt. laudable for now, like management, some room alive when only a mile, hey, door our come, a lovely family of the but the been back, fill, etc. some of them alive, then the william aline, and alia a little, only a mile. liam, is there somewhere?
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if we haven't hammer me, william on? oh, i am a lawyer, marcia. suffolk. ellen suffer william allen, jane from ollie's manner. remarkably mon or and here who believe might have a hand had been educated at her mock. they'll carry but english. he had a beat. hey dog, a door, our committee. ah, yeah. well it cuts metal misery below and muffler butler. nobody else and get ready . carol amendment globally hot, cool, cool glare, mill mana,
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and quit phoebe 30 f, a helena with the a slim ident equity. and have a nice one. i've seen vanham shamar bloody about my i do, i do sunday then i it goes to the army and the other thing in the, in the whole test a a while latin newsline dead confused, had different quit july. i'd share it, had to him at the low. how much? what could the to allot to head the what will it the head, the in a zillion jamal goverlan, murat fee,
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and we'll watch the news. linda had to go along with hannah lon, las douglas and her modal. it's been a while. are you can and, and mr. ear esha alcaraz item or authentic. amanda island national la nicolette. mad that can you have the shades that led ileal vehicle by, by donna lee, an american out when we have one de. so do you remember a child? i learned a lot about you mom. be a boon metronome. whole. i thought you might have thought that my, my dilemma was yeah, i wanted to put them on your model. i haven't had jonah me, am du du? i know, i do not require about it. for just behind the albany. natasha. hello, fi out of fi, fi fi. the stud. come and have it when i get caught, see how you do, how you're a, what cupboard of awful. can he much more on? why should i believe he's been nice up a hide?
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you see how the he'll kill you, mark? well, what i said, be jamal eliana had done if you will, you will. you have ordered, if he al dsl at lanier, i'll put in a nor middle hamis, nor municipal were nor middle in tomorrow. let me be then in his mouth, and here wasn't a dashing ma morbus iniquitous manner, this my l jim. horrible i did. hey, colleen? well, i will not ab con papa and mentally and buckled debbie. i mean, yeah, yeah, bro, as head agen with w i l v i thought i had an engineer shallow. well, you're more and more gross our for the earlier how. why, why, when we're done a jalap julie anatomically what kind of data, what been ended applicable, and you really have to visual to equate the jama. he is the all the yet, let us know what had thought of july to be a was selected our b, r u,
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then charlie cut know she had the he and what, what and how can i be ellen up, let them up dialogue, nephew, if you decide to been jalap. what kind of been a little more bali i? i thought yeah, i wanted to know what to do with a with a jimmy lee. no, i don't know if he i was to his oh good now why corn chowder?
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ne, a i got an album from barbara a little sad foisy de la la will job jimmy with some gut. it will have to say, i thought you better coverage quality then especially jamil. just let i just yet, ma'am, went to hubbard quit unit. i have cash had been for money. will give me a shout on my own. requita the ham moreland. wafa a little put by a gun and not a still to la jolla ultimately. and hodge out of here. hm. and mikaela and medina are with talia and yeah, she alex here in a couple of slamming. okay. hello. hello. hello, a shade faddle at red allotment in what was said was generally beat every german after my ella melody. what he mckuddle went to hubbard, quit phil mother to bill. what i tilted could i what to say, little dom,
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banana of doom, almond and motherland. shan whom we on while boeing the devil, i have full gem, belinda, lydia, issue free ice color, the ice cream would probably quit. woman said, well lab us, why? yeah, i need a not like been this will allow money, le le me. well they say a little element less. why the fuck up. yeah, to lose hold on. what did you do? much better damage, which actually caught badge as well. i've got i had the them plenty microphone homage. delucca badge m l i n a c d at o zana. happy mid read. was that and i have you better than what eat her lorna in your head was to highlight we're to a philadelphia one of the under the shower. kathy: latin us with a door. when buffy. hi, atman, catch up. i have the avi. yep. what can i beat? what will i still okay. i see it could be it has
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a la eligible mccomb gotten in chuckle. how the leilani his scenario of a birth. far ahead. and then i got the niss mahogany. what? plenty at every aloe to force it. cut off without them a push in for productivity alfie had the no estimate. i the only to the, the fee of kathy initial june. well ha, ha ha, that i had the only had like the ship said zachary he la la la la la la neil hagar li, 30 monsieur coretta. don't physically, mentally live hagar anisha, see an atmosphere, then we'll have the other one. if you're a helical dog, felicia, later than on it on to hardy lanier. lawson veneered, hey dog, glen hon, and back in her lin, attend to he will and it'll have
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a dominant equity equity ah, [000:00:00;00] with with academy. so that was wonderful. like you obamacare, to island the command on my mac. o. tar wrestler is eman infinity. jimmy 11, mother, jimmy will your more quick miles and none of ry yameen hammered those old bond? i'm claiming walked analytical. ashley o'neill this and nor will far away and give
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you my dear while hannah, webinar, her lumina marston norwood fall one or would look. hm. she's avenue a with the one the left korea with a lot of them silicon and jamal. mccormack jamila love the like, it's my altamira, i love missouri to health but that locked up below veneer bills towards thee. my luck, the lord of of suffer hotel atman, bitter nysha, fee. her, oh, to me is he, her
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b and b mueller. ready let me suffer or hold the camera slash help center or but i said, san ellsworth, i should son if he left, she thought if he tilted a brand new blue with secret colonial supers just meant miss doha, there for 9 minute, her boss either you didn't allow her go off of a sudden oral fall. i love popped out on her that would you give me enough by jani last my, the road. we're had it difficult. so in order for our laptop i had a lot of pharmacy that had the she had an mock of bit daddy hello. hadn't for nick to bother kiddy martin lithia shakoya. allison ordered fall by that of wylie. what
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up? ola o t r o door handle puddy. monk balbo, elmer head will so deep adopt in america. ah ah, an old man in the moon. those are ashamed. camille. or can them any mothers? however, the old, mister adam, for the category the academy. he antioch, our t r o u. i lindsey murphy said last mac. so mac. com. i'm a la la ha. shabby unless he had alta. who said that had the massage meal? well yeah, because it was yep. were r madden, he had they settle for a habit of a lot of the last time we might have dinner at the head of leon, better than that,
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your modest headed who i had thought was solid for the been it alma, if i have a with can with multiple a 1000 for love life and mack here. holy mesh, wolf be billed for north dakota via the thunder. was her loyalty. sally? ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, knuckle we will not super lose her or cause her world was the ideal her left her beloved mackey of we'll see her ally that we owe 30. yeah, an era of off of anything.
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ah . ah ah no further need. he can fit that mold or the stood you had got my room at the moment. i'm hammered, bustle, done, clean it up, and it said, get her the hill or when the air field, the new bus here locally understood your pool. you heard this? give elsie for figure had enough. so i'll have you heard what the, how the surely it it doesn't. mccann, in the can't feed, he can put that out and kill them on the little. but in or mom, look at the body. physic. infected accounting evidence, did you have a quote for our girlfriend and wow. hammond her there this year or or solo. hm for but, but do some oh, mom or find him and what he did. what i did as a knockout once a year or more, think of it as a mother or lacking, or either this either monitor. now if you don't combine bill, old fuck up will by didn't. so ya even modify the nfl sulfur wavelength. root
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thought out the door, and the whole was super turn matter bleed heard the hill or near she demonte of muffler be feminine, a sub by duke, up and mildly away. market the bad, good. saudi of haggling in collab limit to jani air. when a, it's a normal file or a k d though we're good 1st and far. got our low towel guy i need to do is you load them back and give to one that had to hello when you when you done didn't hey been didn't. how i'm when the lease a hotel audio. can we have who you're letting me hold on? one minute i'm yeah. can you switch out to be her? hello, when you can? who are you with selma going here?
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hardware allow you for guns. go elisa bill manuel will not appear in here. it will avenue, but i changed them to build color. we stamped or, or below and forgot myself. here we are a cathedral in a valley. what? who do i live in? dorothy coloma, but up on the little her lavine for a single ally. yeah, anita ski, i'm a super father and lord i am. busy and nor will cook, and i'm hummer of filling half of law with chava to love the and move on to joseph marina. cool, but yeah. ready i mean the health of them, um a mccann my and had that and the fill of the car and
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i get to work with a lot of that. i one only at sea paper, only africa here. shabby. that's something that's a lot what a me a seattle at it. i love me. i'm an elmo. no, just a jemina. eliza funded for none. how mozilla thunderbird playing oil and he, i'm in my farm and they are t by at the noah fifo or marin, or what the hell kellum island land that has gallon of so ah albany or it has filled or had and no one raised my heart to didn't deborah,
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i had done the motto buffle by satellite ken and made a hello and he keeps the thought and doesn't be buffer either. couldn't us gun knock them to somehow the door and you can make more. it could be a for the hot beserra merkel. you can it to one where there can look into kind of dawn if you she fema hello my yen and door g has a you'd mine with are not enough of about who didn't. didn't have opened enough companies to marginal philippa who shut the door, enamel them all. we've only done. did bianca have done? well, we'll have that. let me. i don't have that for now. let me small either for none without going to stop power near small harvey norman yet, and he can't,
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and i fear that i thought could be of i love kareem and how are you? oh, oh, how much will bundle me? stopper aneurysm of florida. a sort of happy at the method an ordinary. mr. ben kenema. when that was, oh, i am from the al jazeera london broker, santana to people in thoughtful conversation. lard cannot be in lili erased by, by the super bowl with no haste and no limitation. what mattered in all to was to be radical. how can the thing that's radical be for say, part one,
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highway and denise? your pool is not about to sell. you know about the message studio b unspent data on al jazeera journalism is under siege. in the digital age. surveillance threatens to stifled price freedom online violence, endangers the safety of journalists. the spread of disinformation corrupts public trust in the media. truth becomes at casualty. journalism under digital siege will press freedom day, 3rd of may, 2022. how social a social media platforms, if many young uses feel isolated, anxious, and depressed. currently there is
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a grand national experiment that is taking place upon our kids. why take companies not sufficiently regulated? they don't want people to know what's happening on their platform. and when will society catch up from people that i knew in high school, that my suicide pulled lines investigates. a toxic feed, social media and teen mental health on al jazeera. we don't simply focus on the politics of the conflict. if the human suffering that we reported. we brave bullets and bomb and we always include the views from all sites. lulu i money inside endo hall. he top stories on al jazeera, ukraine's president has asked the un secretary general to help save the lives of people trapped to the steel plans. in modern poll,
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russian troops have reportedly entered the as of styles. stale works vicinity, where you crank his soldiers and civilians are in size, a russian defense ministry. i said it will begin a ceasefire there for 3 days on thursday. all it is showing is in the early 2nd. today i spoke to you and secretary general antonio gutierrez, and we discussed what we have already achieved and what is still necessary to do to save maria pole. and the defenders of maria poll city me. there is not a single day that i and my team wouldn't do this, and i am grateful to everybody who helps you have to follow grenier. valuable. if you have news on resi, mario polls garrison for 70 days has resisted the overwhelming forces of the enemy by itself. since the 21st of april, we have held a circular defense of the ever stole part. it is the 2nd day the enemy has broken through into the plant. there are heavy, bloody better so i am proud of my soldiers for the inhuman efforts to contain the on scores than others. i thank the whole world for its tremendous support of the
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mariel paul garrison. our soldiers deserve unto the situation is extremely difficult about we carry out the orders to keep defending. despite everything going on within. the european union wants its member nations to ban russian oil imports. is part of the eas, latest sanctions on russia for the war in ukraine. the block is proposing to do it in stages to give government's time to get alternative supplies. and several countries already pushing for exemptions. united nations says the war in ukraine as adding to what it calls a perfect storm of factors that are making hunger worse around the world. join you and reports found a 193000000 people in 53 countries didn't have enough to eat last year. yes, federal reserve has raised a key interest rate by half. a percentage point in hopes of lowering inflation is the biggest increase in more than 20 years. w h o says access to safe abortions is
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crucial to saving lives. as after the leaking of a draft document that suggest the u. s. supreme court could be about to reverse a landmark abortion ruling. as a headline news continues here now to sierra up to al jazeera while. oh ha. ah,
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ah, a ah, [000:00:00;00] a bad month last my, the my, how the. no, not in florida, i was born. so long it was kill ross. it's a lot of fee on it. so what did i learn? you, sawdust and my can tug. well, i have got a plan with me. i will. i actually yeah. a. yeah. let
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me tell little blood work below not kill them. now,
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but so was i didn't clear. yeah. it doesn't ear any mamma. what i had so we say well, and that's without a plan. for god i can level content with stepped at settlement us any. i miss allison and i but the ball ball b a got to move that issue or it will all go, hustling minister, shot out of the the, unless you're sort of while some, you know, my can let me, i'm going to the commissioner and i sure mean i honest, i shall see announcement a lot of the any kind of any with a a it will say out in my nice man, my daughter, delicate machine with a kind enough the and wish them last here any. well, a diamond is good on a little while i'm lacking. alicia alicia, really any out of the last me can met,
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you mean a man or a oh no. somebody in the men whom up element. salsa . who said him, him, set them up. the shutter. never do assassin kill him at sam sherman who is shown below the sun before. who on a shallow bed, the sort of swan shamella. oh so man. some i'm the mother living good. her shot a deal with a lot, a good. a little divided. yes, her. when darlene has shown me 0, i'm so minus daniels to van or fish. i've thought about the letter for low. good.
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you have been jelly to well go. the better test didn't let us then. and lush was bill a swami, and left several men and sure mill menu for their jaw lafayette. show me a limit of stephanie limit you for a hey there, joel. our funeral relatively. i've been out as hum. they won't do, they'll kill him. well, i can her stomach, i leave to lock them beforehand. well, let him interest an arm and vietnam laura and i so on. but at our i see her over at the army killing with here. well, had an a either or we have the lemonade element has now been on here or will. yeah,
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i mean i, the linear kind of, i will have them and i am a lessons are hygiene in them. i'll just see. and i don't know why it's and i had a little learn of the 20 of her highly lou. yes and matter. i had the mesh house or, or gully. how the shock again, lisa wash. it really doesn't me. it's a house. i can them on the moon. i will touch what a tele nickel or my to what kind of a bother last fall. so while the nurse garland nun kept him out. john doe credit. man, you cannot. oberlin, if not, a militia is as heavy. well ireland, i can honor and it has to start said anna gruff at woodson belie stuff's her margaret on about howard developmental at us. all right. and then we'll have dinner but i mean bottle how dr. i sort of also tomato been a lot less us. it also the china in which was sort of how the las mile high,
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north carolina i can blah honey on it. shin little kelly miller sierra, show me lemons up. hello. well, oh girl hamilton, one of our huffman hines to show that a tiny little kiss i love, but i like all of my, any of it, the little hand were last bottle proceed. and the whole commonly would do on low just to plan with leslie stevenson. why are with helena young? well her i had the shoe miller,
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jacinta know miss love with her father alada us or our own mortality. do me a. 5 a lot of them the near to mean a mother to man has him mush had all he had not for totally only was and he will love a little bit can be legit them. danny, i will, i'll hand here highly if i thought which i totally agree with and i can ask you i can i can ask yeah. guilford's, lia, when to havana can issue for me. it's jamita will lay will alone love me harvey for yeah. any of our will, aquila which another diamond i had a good we i up and a little bit check about of he had federal harvey and a bad cuz as a bad camilla jenny, in a jar. how kind of land the charge. and then it could be,
4:42 am
if i did not do well, he needs, so i'm like, wait, vermont can in the summer and more than in leonor who i look way to highlight on who had to do with fanny and you had not had any harm beforehand for osmond uh huh . what i wanted to talk to in the earlier ginger hardley daniel to talk to and her doctor that just got a common melania, toyota's kid. he wants to will land nanny box of gloves. sylvania an hour must met the lad at austin, harassed corn underneath mar folks. out of luck to him. hold her anna dee
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dawdled a barrier con. last but look in here, not only a subject, we're not locked in contact with the hub or not. because dorothy lee walked with her the seat. he eliza hm. at seattle academy and odds her
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it around um ah ah ah a i live in the lot, but i live in. uh huh. it's delon here in charlotte about that. okay. not a better deal metal albany to. so how can the law com, warsaw huddled um i live in a spanish and a lot of but i live in aqua matter. oh johnson. my bad in a loudon lee hardy. and i got us from 7. right. i
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said, have not been added. oh, [000:00:00;00] lou with a j. d gone. let me know what
4:46 am
a b a i woke up. do you know who the bad bad been? my dream was still up here. we know we know what they're still fee. no, she or oh no,
4:47 am
no e b o b more i hate . i believe i got here with him. god has the job. you know because you have enough enough. alamo, a high job tomorrow. but i couldn't look at best in the lot. it was large. i can me a massage, a lot of glad to get it down to me and other times i've had the job. but i was tell we must have been a lot of interest and you can see the mill. you had the bill tomorrow for the
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mother. when i was again with the region in dia, dia falafel williams. and i want to be very hands on what they did. 6 when emily and i had a marketing learn him doing, i guess would that be an 11 camaro sewage american model where i was
4:49 am
last fall and scan data me to i'm not i'm not to show you how to navigate jobs to another sub. i've been noah clear to me and com. i'll go ahead and create a new real dodge. and you know my while i want to hon. the me i i me, i live here would be
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a one lead. when mister sharp was another mighty little another him up on the shadow, shall from fear limit on the common law me and he he the microphone know you have i know rochester. i this isn't not that he will not allow me to marry lee. ha ha. would be oh my. 8 why fi be more dog because no show mom, you know, i do you feel, oh who i got the lo, who. 8 reba been
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a mess g e o d i lady i lied so who was c r o law. 5 duck dorothy here be a hug dtn in one. hm. oh not up to lee behind the the new more hum, made the. 8 0, where are where? yeah, we're here. oh boy. okay. lower the mama said the ha the go. oh, well i've, you can see that, but on wouldn't yet bill as what you will as about the will have to who the i me in the locker with years it will be in the last i'm with. all right, i'm the heck of a movie. i'm allowed to get my head wants to know. 8 who wants to learn you more
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hybrid gum i was to la la la our good thought the i li, north in was. c clear our mind was. c 8 good to me. okay, let me or call oh, we're the the teacher will do the log shop to my not in the show, bob auto and the other one i know how to send it out. i shouldn't really be able to be honest. yeah. got some of her eyes trying to be there. no,
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i live in medina. just be the only at the volunteer. and she has been a little overwhelming to who for this high on you. and if you know to dad a have a lot that was during the coverage or more of a home of sort of we live wisely. but the what are the best way to add them that sort of be mobile. we will be ashy, will re sophia failure, full circle, but there was a lender, but there was an order mystical dillman out of mr. while with about ha, know the remote i will. what i can labrador know with the day it
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might be or not of that a now another matter has already now them that i know how to come. i avoided over the different into dodge job and job to the lot. the idea. well, i can lee, but who knows how to be lamb going? atlanta smiled and as i have some money, i owe. 7 i come as i shall over. brian was of some total model for that up. shall see a mac on the shore that africa to reject. reject kind of met half of the common that operate. well,
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what that me is and you can modify. i'm out a little closer to the usage adam, and while you got some out of that digital have one tv and we got out a couple of staining joe had a shot over him as of and have him in life up. i've heard of a know how to shot run dad a but he's our m a g. lisa, how could you to mom but that he saw comedy and you have off by the out the copy of thomas holler back for jamie lera jawad ya. new one at
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arc formula diet autopay free shop is amanda jimmy. and will alex a blue excuse me, she's in miss julie with me. a unique form of protest by a palestinian artist using
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a symbol of national identity to create postage in passport stamps. but as for some bird, not returning your life, clear to be of the gun fly anyway, sending a message of resistance about the arab israeli conflict. our thought we come to palestine, palestine some bad stamp of defiance on al jazeera. ah hello . hello, he have another round, the stormy weather developing across the great plains you asked. we got to another merrier cloud, just sliding off the rockies. the larry of low pressure here latest feature that is now in the process of pulling away from the eastern seaboard. now to the south of
4:58 am
pharaoh, where the system were pulling up some very warm moist air out of the gulf of mexico as typical. and we got cooler at just rolling off the rockies and where those to meet. that's where we gonna see that developing area fly pressure, bring some really big fund readout. pause in the possibility of some tornadoes. lodge hail, stretching all the way from texas to louisiana, right up into the great lakes. they're literally seeing some very wet weather event, which will slowly but surely continue to make its way further east was running across the appalachians toward the northeast corner. as we go on 3, friday, back up towards the north west as another system. just coming in here as well, some wet weather and to winfrey weather was saturday. see some snow coming across the cascade south of that. it stays hot. it stays dry. the fire risk remaining elevated, the hot, dry weather, stretching down across a good part of mexico. we have got some big showers. once you get across central
4:59 am
america, still some big shows there around the greater antilles. but looking fine and dry for the east. notts, ah. african stories from african perspective. short documentary from african filmmaking. from ivory coast. just you less serious on the chauffeur to play with us. if i'm seeing a new thing found edge, south africa. tina, i would change a tracking and fire with africa direct on al jazeera m. each and every one of us had to go to responsibility to change our personal space for the better a in we could do this experiment. and if
5:00 am
biodiversity could increase just a little bit, that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet? they're always incredibly rare species. they are asking for women to get 50 percent representation in constituent assembly here, getting these people begun to collect the segregated, say the re saying this is extremely important service that they provide to the city . why don't we? we need to take america to trying to bring people together and trying to deal with people who left behind. lou
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