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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 5, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature. but at what's risk, banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature. they do that because to see a business in pricing the planets on al jazeera. ah, russia says it will pause its attack on the as of styles t. woods and mateo pole where the last ukranian defenders are holding out and about 200 civilians. a sheltering we report from the front lines of the war where a ukrainian mother tells us she picked up on is to ensure her child lives in peace . ah, hello darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from jo. are also coming up soaring, inflation in the united states prompts the biggest interest rate hi can 2 decades
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and support real madrid reach the champions league final. after winning a dramatic semi final against manchester city, ukraine's president does asked the un secretary general to help save the lives of people trapped that a steel plods and matthew polt russian troops have reportedly entered the as of style facility, where ukrainian soldiers have been holding out but the russian defense minister says it will begin a 3 day cease fire the next few hours to help evacuations of civilians trapped by the fighting. alicia alicia, today i spoke to you and secretary general antonio gutierrez, and we discussed what we have already achieved. and what is still necessary to do to save mary a poll and the defenders of mary pulse city. there is not a single day that i and my team wouldn't do this, and i am grateful to everybody who helps as follow, grania, but it is good news. on the mario post garrison for 70 days has resisted the
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overwhelming forces of the enemy by itself. since the 25th of april, we have held a circular defense of the ever stole fun. it is the 2nd day the enemy has broken through into the plant. there i have a bloody battle, say, i'm proud of my soldiers for the inhuman. if it's to contain the onslaught with another, i think the whole world for its tremendous support of the mariel pul garrison. our soldiers deserve. and the situation is extremely difficult. we carry out the orders to keep defending despite everything. but most of the on the ground fighting is taking place in eastern ukraine, which moscow has made its main focus of the war. on tuesday turns you want civilians were killed and they don't ask region one of the deadliest days so far out as it was, charles stratford is with ukrainian troops in the east and sent us this report. the black smoke rises from russia to let me control territory. we drive at high speed along what ukrainian soldiers call the road of life towards the front line. it's
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a walk through the forests to the trenches, the sound of artillery punches through the air, flushing forces trying to advance from the left and right flanks. but morale among the soldiers is high. but in the little leaf, when the war started, i had a huge adrenalin rush and a search and anger. now more anger of what the russians didn't up in lucia variable and what they continue to do. many other places on the whenever be brothers liskey scars from mortar tillery strikes, russian forces frequently target disposition that shelling that you can hear is coming over our heads from russian positions and hitting ukrainian positions around about 2 or 3 kilometers from here. this is what heavy artillery sounds like when it's fired over your head.
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that was just the shell blush to the the crunch, just a hit explode. the soldiers of used british made anti tank missiles called in law's part of a multi $1000000000.00 military, a package from ukraine's western partners. and in addition, but that unless we are grateful to western countries for helping us with weapons, because russia has much more than us, we can't hold them back without their help from afford observation point soldiers tell us, russian forces are behind the wall. only a few 100 meters away and they are facing high tech weapons from above. those for my team could either get a reset or the drones help their artillery to hit oppositions. there are also weaponized version that far at $3.00 to $4.00 times a day. they are difficult to shoot because they fly so high. my alina worked as
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a veterinarian before she signed up to fight. not so many of them made the thing you seem. look, i have a child, she's 10 years old. i want her to have a peaceful sky over her head. that's why i'm here. i consciously decided to join up and defend my country. boxes of explosives and ammunition, the constant threat from above. the russian army trying to push forward under a blackening sky. charles, drafted jazeera, eastern grade. they've been confrontations between opposing groups of protests as in bulgaria of whether the government should do more for ukraine to the police in the capital. sophia tried to separate people calling for more aid and those wanting the government to stay neutral. earlier parliament voted in favor of allowing the repair of ukraine's military equipment. it's also refused russian demands to pay for gas. in lubo, european union, one says 27 member states to ban russian oil imports as part of its latest
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sanctions for the war and ukraine. it'll be done in stages to get the government's time to look for alternative supplies. but several countries are pushing for exemptions. dominic cane reports compelling. this is the gas problem. yes. installation in hunting months he asked from installations like these in siberia and across russia. crude oil, diesel and petrol, a pumped to customers, take them together every day. nearly 8000000 barrels of crude and refined products are exported. 2 thirds of them end up in europe. but now russia's war against ukraine has changed everything to day. we are addressing our dependency on russian oil, and let's be clear. it will not be easy because some member states are strongly dependent on rational oil. but we simply have to do it. so today we will propose to ban all russian oil from you wrote. this will be
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this will be a complete import bannon. all russian will seaborne and pipeline crude and refined . but in order for this to happen, it will need the support of all e u member states, and some a strongly resistant to all out embargoes by sally back. give you. russell anxious package would destroy the security of hungry energy supply. while you're like this package in this form cannot responsibly be supported on one as nature need. the sanctions proposed in strasburg will also target several large russian banks and other financial institutions. the notable absentee from the list is russian natural gas. in a sense, it's the elephant to the european living room, too big to be ignored, but also too big, unilaterally to be done away with, without seriously damaging economies across this continent. the bottom line is you will probably not be able to replace rocky gas any time. so we're talking about
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a $150000000.00 billing cubic meters of gas that russia says west that's coming down at the moment. but we're still gonna face a shortage of, of quite a few bcm out there. the russian government condemned the proposed embargo and said sanctions are a double edged weapon, which will also hurt europeans economically. and that's the problem facing e u leaders. they want to act fast against russia, but they're stuck with the reality of decisions that governments across europe made over decades when they thought that it was in their best interests to make deals with president putin. dominic cane al jazeera berlin bolden, the yellow show rise get inflation is now the number one concern for most americans . in response, the federal reserve raised a key interest rate by half a percentage point. it hopes the move will reduce demand and lower inflation. is the biggest hike in 20 years. gabriel is under has more from washington d. c. for recall, do a good,
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a business is good at his beloved food truck. he calls tamales a packet pueblo. but when he needs to restock the truck's refrigerator with ingredients he had to a local market, realizes everything has gone up in price by a lot, $6.00 for that before you could get it for 299 double in price, even the oil he uses to cook with, instead of being $40.00, now we pay $8042.00 because it was not alone. millions of americans are struggling to get by with inflation reaching the highest levels in decades. which is why federal reserve chair, jerome pow, announced wednesday in aggressive interest rate hike. of half a percentage point, we understand the hardship it is causing, and we're moving expeditiously to bring it back down. the u. s. benchmark or target inflation rate is about 2 percent. he rate at which the fed believes a normal, healthy economy can function without too much strain on consumers. in march,
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2019 before anyone had heard of corporate 19, the u. s. economy was humming along inflation was at 1.9 percent. basic interest rates were also low, but then march 2020 hit. and so to do the pandemic, the u. s. economy began to shut down the federal reserve slashed interest rates to near 0 to keep the economy from total collapse. it worked. but since then, supply chains have become clogged while consumer demand has increased along with energy costs, with russia's war and ukraine. goods and services have become more expensive. inflation kept creeping up last year and has been over 6 percent for 6 straight months. it's now at a 40 year high, so interest rates are going up to put the brakes on an overheating economy. left unchecked, inflation can need to an unsustainable cycle of price hikes that directly affect
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consumers and business owners. just like ricardo the food truck owner, have a business run in a family to support i not to raise the price as well. unfortunately, i don't have a way around it. the government hoping this latest interest rate hike will provide the economy with what the fed calls a soft landing for millions of americans. gabriel's hondo algae zeta washington that the world health organization has warned that access to safe abortions is crucial to saving lives. a statement by federal eminem, gabrielle as follows. the leaking of a document suggesting the u. s. supreme court may soon reverse a landmark abortion ruling. the draft opinion has spawned pro and anti abortion rights. demonstrations across america will difficult returns the legal right to abortion. nearly half of all us states would move to restrict or ban the procedure . but as rob reynolds reports, california is one of 3,
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promising to continue giving women the right to choose. oh, california governor is in a fighting movie. i think till she really be pissed off. at this moment, gavin newsome says california will be a sanctuary state for women seeking abortions from around the country. he will not be defeated. we will stand tall, we will stand firm. and we will affirm the constitutional currently constitutionally protected rights of women girls ah, protestors gathered in los angeles and other cities around the state. newsome says he will propose an abortion rights amendment to the state constitution for a state wide vote in november. we look forward to going front of the voters affirming this constitutional right in our state in the constitution, not just statute. because we now recognize the vulnerability of the moment we're
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living in california is the least restricted access to abortion in the us. it covers the cost of the procedure for low income women and requires private insurance to pay for it. newsome has suggested that state funds may be used to help women in anti abortion states. pay for travel to california. california has wor, abortion providers than any other state, but that network is likely to come under pressure. as the number of women traveling to california to undergo the procedure is likely to increase dramatically. we anticipate substantially more people coming to california and to los angeles. we've been working with our hospital partners with a variety of partners across los angeles across the state, in addition to our legislative and gubernatorial leaders. and really are doing all that. we can to anticipate this moment, governors of other states where abortion will remain legal no matter what the
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supreme. ready court decides are also speaking out message to women all across his country. is that new york? the state of new york? it will always be there for anyone who needs reproductive health care, including an abortion. let me be clear, no matter what atrocious opinion. the supreme court officially rolls out this summer in regards to roe v wade, abortion is safe and legal in illinois, a country already severely split over politics and cultural differences. now, on the verge of an even deeper divide, rob reynolds al jazeera, los angeles. tar personal break here, not as era when we come back facing a triple threat from extreme weather. the pandemic on wall more people than ever are struggling to find enough food to eat. and leading fostering experts meet him, south korea to try and find solutions to reverse climate change. wanna say, ah
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ah hello, we got some cold air wessa and windy weather making its way across eastern parts of the mad. it's rainy little cloud here, just tumbling through, rolling across turkey. northern parts of syria, northern areas of iraq could see some live, he showers. i shower wintry and nature over the high ground turkey pushing up towards the caucuses. nazi bad elsewhere, we will see an increasing wind. they're just driving some dust and sand down across said northern parts of saudi arabia, even here kata. we could see some lifted dustin sand come friday. it's got to be one of those murky, hazy days in store for us then south of that, generally fine, and dry plenty of sunshine, sunshine, too, into a northeastern parts of africa. plenty of cloud the way which was one western parts of africa was still seeing some ferry, wet summer,
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windy weather rolling in across that western side of the med. it's right at a cold, wet day in algiers and just 17 degrees celsius on thursday afternoon. seasonal rains me while doing quite nicely across west africa. usual sharp showers, some of them thundering in the heat of the day. they run across central parts of africa literally easily waste. i just pushing those showers a little further westward. fine and try for southern africa. but rain, grassy moving to cape town, awe from the al jazeera london broke her sentence to evil in thoughtful conversation, lard cannot be easily erased by, by the super, with no heads and no imitation. what matter the note was to be radical. how can the thing that's radical, the for sale part one and the highway and denise is not about wanting to sell it
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about the message in the studio b, announcement dates on house is era. lou ah, welcome back. i could come out of our top stories here. this, our ukraine's president is honestly un, 2nd, a general to help save people trapped the as of style steel plant in valuable russian troops are reportedly entered the facility where you, cranium, soldiers, and civilians. a still trapped inside european union has urged member states to ban russian oil imports as part of its latest sanctions related to the one ukraine. the block once it done in stages, but several countries are pushing back. and the u. s. federal reserve has raised a key interest rate by half a percentage point, and the hope it will lower inflation is the biggest increase in more than 20 years
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. now the united nation says the war and ukraine is adding to what it calls a perfect storm of factors that are making hunger worse around the world. a joint report from the u. n. the european union and the world food program says, a 193000000 people and more than 50 countries didn't have enough to eat last year. that's $40000000.00 more than the year before. ethiopia, madagascar, southland and yemen are among the worst affected 570000000, facing severe conditions around 26000000 children under the age of 5, malnourished and in need of urgent medical care intern monahan reports this used to be fertile, grazing land. now it's as dry as a bone. life is growing increasingly difficult for these nomadic herders in eastern ethiopia and others like them across the horn of africa region, many feel powerless as they wash their livelihoods disappear beneath the sand. oh, come hide it. there is not
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a single animal left for us. all he welcome conditions are really hard. drought is much different from previous ones. we've never suffered like this. the regions, worse drought in decades is killed nearly 1500000 animals from the herds. people here say it's part of a new pattern of weather that's threatening their way of life. the puzzle is, you know, as soon as they know they're trying to recover from the other drug and the progress of the hits but, but it's a controlled. so it's made it, make them possible for them to recover quickly from the previous previous, you know shocks of 20000000 people are on the brink of starvation. many have been displaced and forced to settling caps, aid workers do what they can to feed the hungry. but sometimes that's not enough. we come up with some of the mother who because of the, had not had, he had really getting and food dad, not believing. and if in a food for children or in a fit for feeding for children,
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scientists are linking the crisis to climate change. droughts like this, used to happen once every 6 years. now they're every 3 rights groups are calling for urgent action. but for the nomadic herders of east africa, it may come too late to preserve their way of life. vincent monahan al jazeera, 30 people have been killed in an attack by the alphabet group, an african union peacekeepers in somalia. it happened on tuesday of the army base in the middle, shall bell region 10 soldiers and burgundy, and at least 20 answer about fight among the dead. the united states says it's now equally preparing for both scenarios with and without the iran nuclear deal. the state department warned it's not sure they'll be mutual returned to compliance with the 2015 agreement between 10. ron and world powers, the joint comprehensive plan of action limited iran's nuclear abilities in exchange for dropping sanctions. the u. s. left the deal in 2018. we are now preparing
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equally for either scenario scenario in which we have a mutual return to compliance in which that breakout time is elongated. we are also preparing with our allies and partners for a scenario in which there is none of us. and we will have to turn to other tactics and other approaches. now on historic shift could be looming in the politics of the british territory of northern ireland, as voters begin to heading to the poles in the next hour. should fain, once the political wing of the ira is poised to become the biggest part in the regions assembly. as don't know how reports it would be a significant milestone in ship things. quest for a united ireland catholic protestant unionists or nationalists not much matters more in northern ireland than identity and the symbols of sectarian struggle to preserve it. thursday's election will test both with the likelihood of a nationalist shouldn't fame victory sweeping away a 100 years of pro british dominance and
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a possible union is boy cult of the power sharing government. as a result, this will be very significant because of course sion fain. and as its primary intention is seen, northern ireland no longer exists, its wants to see irish unification. so to have should face the largest passing the assembly in northern ireland. am bearing in mind that overnight was created to maintain a union majority would be remarkably significant. dana murray is a young nationalist blow to born in 1998 when the good friday agreement brought an end to the troubles. he grew up on the streets that then those now bear the marks of violence and division. hector, hotmail, hotmail, recently. last year on the road, just with my food rules. so there is that element of distiller. i think you have to go to mark, see a child in this new assembly. if it is to be an i says, 1st minister, you know, lot, that nice. assure will desire to go back there has going to take time and trust and
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dialogue, you know, maybe not physically, but not a 40 pick into the wall together. change appears closer. now accelerated by the you case departure from the e. u and the c border protocol put in place to avoid a hard land border that would have jeopardized piece on the island. the island, the protocol as it's known is moved by unionists who demand its removal because for them it undermines northern islands place in the united kingdom. people like billy hutchinson who spent 15 years in prison for the murder of 2 catholic men in the 1970. now as a unionist politician, he believes bricks it and the protocol of put at risk. the good friday agreement itself saying that this storm is gone effectively, yet i'm not used amongst 900. so i mean, just smoke 63000000. but i want matt calling me to be wrong from london,
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not wrong from europe, from brussels or dublin. this is an election then, perhaps more important than any before it in which the power sharing arrangements that have underpinned peace in northern ireland. since 1998, could collapse with profound consequences for the prospect of a united ireland. and for the future of the united kingdom, this tiny province that has seen and experienced so much could soon find itself again. in uncharted territory, jona held al jazeera belfast. columbia has expedited the lead of the biggest local crime going to the u. s. to face drug trafficking charges data and tony of saga, also known as tanya was arrested in october after 70 man hunt. he's the head of the gulf clan whose members are accused of trafficking up to 200 tons of cocaine a year. i told you i was also accused of murder, extortion and kidnapping. solar meant the gone, but our leg gone by. this criminal is only comparable to pablo escobar. he is not only the most dangerous drug trafficker in the world now, but also
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a murderer of social leaders. if they want to do this band, it was extradited to serve sentences for drug trafficking in the united states leave last, but i want to make it clear that once he serves those sentences, he will return to columbia to pay for the crimes they own. he committed in our countries, the u. s. embassy in cuba has begun, issuing these as again for the 1st time in 4 years. former president donald trump closed counseling services in 2017. after allegations of sonic attacks on embassy staff and their families, the number of cubans trying to enter the usaa surged recently with more than 78000 crossing from mexico. in the last 6 months. the u. s. president has declared a disaster over wildfires in new mexico getting the state access to more money and resources to tackle the crisis cruise or trying to stop the biggest fire from reaching las vegas. it's burned more than $60000.00. hector has destroying dozens of buildings and displacing 6000 people. the spanish city of valencia has
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experienced a record breaking down for, for the month of may flooding traps several motorists in their cars. on tuesday, the cities metro system had to be shut. spain, where the agency says more rain is likely in the coming days. leaders in the world forestry industry are meeting and south korea to discuss ways of tackling global warming. sol as revitalized as forests thought the decades of exploitation is believed to be a model that could help others address climate change from a bright report. it's a gathering that brings together thousands of experts on forests meeting after a one year delay because of the pandemic. organizers say that's a timely reminder of how humanity and nature are so interconnected, and reiterate the importance of healthy forests to limit global warming. taurus are absolutely essential to climate stability. if we have any hope of staying below 1.5 degrees warming, we need forests, their sinks for carving,
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so they sat carbon out of the atmosphere and all of the scenarios. they all have forest in there as part of their models that bring that temperature down. the host south korea offers important lessons on forest management. it's stripped much of its wooded hill sides in the 1st half of the last century and during the korean war . but then embarked on an ambitious reforestation program. the amount of land that's covered by forests has roughly double to more than 60 percent in the past 6 decades. that periods also seen south korea transform its economy into an advanced one proving it seems that economic progress and good forestry management can and do go hand in hand. in contrast, the mountains of north korea have been relatively stripped of trees. after years of economic hardship, it means bigger summer storms and floods because of climate change, inflict more damage. and the changing climate is also causing more damaging forest
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fires in south korea. i'm a cuban our young than $120.00 a year. this year we had the largest ever wild fire that burned continuously for 213 hours, and that was made worse by global warming. so we need to improve our system for forest street disaster management. it another indicator of a changing climate. the cherry blossom season, which has just ended on the peninsula, comes earlier each year. a visual reminder of the delicate and shifting balance between trees and the environment. rob mcbride al jazeera, so masses space x crew is heading back to earth. after 6 month mission to the international space station, the dragon spacecraft is due to splashed down soon off the coast of florida. before us and old spent their time and space conducting hundreds of research projects. some sports news now and real madrid will play liverpool in the champions league final. after staging a dramatic lake come back. in the 2nd leg of their semi final,
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with manchester city rail were about to be knocked out before too late goals by substitute, rodrigo took the match into extra time. and the penalty from carrying benjamin eventually gave them a $31.00. when on the night of 65 on aggregate, having already won the spanish lead, title rel madrid will had to carry on may 28th any to become european champions for 14th time in their history. and by the feel should american bropy law. the opponent was very tough, the match was really close, but the squad never gave up. boss after manchester city scored was that things were more difficult, but we had everything, the sacrifice of luck and their energy that i think the substitutions helped a lot for everyone who played gave their all that. it was an intense match. we tried to put the pressure on, and manchester city didn't play how they normally play because we put a lot of pressure on them. things worked out okay. now a nurse in ukraine who lost both her legs in the war against russia. she had
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a video of her 1st dance inside a hospital ward with her husband. ready oksana berlin, dina was walking home with victor, the c live in the east and the hands region in the last week of march. when a land mine exploding, victor who was behind oksana, was unharmed as she had warned him that the danger, just minutes earlier. they both got married on monday ah, type a quick check of the headlines 0 now to 0. kinds president has asked the un secretary general's out save the lives of people trapped at the steel plant. and mario poll. russian troops are reportedly and to be as a style facility where ukrainian soldiers and civilians are inside the russian defense ministry has said it'll begin a sci fi there for 3 days on thursday to help evacuations.


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