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tv   Studio B Unscripted Ai Weiwei Anish Kapoor P1  Al Jazeera  May 5, 2022 8:30am-9:01am AST

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lost both her legs in the war against russia. she had a video of her 1st dance inside a hospital ward with her husband. ready asana bandanna was walking home with victor, the sea live in the east, them the hands green gem in the last week of march, when a landmine exploded, victor who was behind oksana, was unharmed as she had warned him that the danger, just minutes earlier. they both got married on monday ah, type of creature of a headline 0 now to 0 kinds president has asked the un secretary general to help save the lives of people trapped at the steel plant. in mario poll, russian troops are reportedly and to be as our style facility, where ukrainian soldiers and civilians are inside. the russian defense ministry has said it will begin a sci fi there for 3 days on thursday to help if accusations,
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holiday shoot you an incident today i spoke to you and secretary general antonio gutierrez, and we discussed what we have already achieved. and what is still necessary to do to save mary paul and the defenders of mary paul city. me. there is not a single day that i and my team wouldn't do this. and i'm grateful to everybody who helps the european union once it's member states to ban russian oil imports. it's all part of the use later sanctions on russia for the war and ukraine. the block is proposing to do it in stages to give government time to get alternative supplies. but several countries are already pushing for exemptions. the u. s. federal reserve has raised a key interest rate by half a percentage point in the hope of learning. inflation is the biggest increase in more than 20 years. the well health organization says access to safe abortions is crucial to saving lives that soft leaking and a draft document that suggest the u. s. supreme court could be about to reverse a landmark abortion the united states,
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as is now equally preparing for both scenarios with and without the iran nuclear deal. the state department won't, it's not sure there will be a mutual return to compliance with a 2015 agreement between tara and willow powers. the u. s. left the deal in 2018 and 30 people have been killed and attacked by the outer bab group on african union peacekeepers in somalia. it happened on tuesday of the alba army base in the middle chavez region. 10 soldiers from burgundy, and at least 20 answer up fighters are among the dead. the u. s. embassy in cuba has begun, issuing these as again for the 1st time in 4 years. former president, donald trump closed counsellor services in 2017 of the allegations of sonic attacks on embassy staff and their families. the number of cubans trying to enter the u. s . a surgery recently. well, those are the headlines and is continues here now to 0 after studio b unscripted station. thanks for watching bye. for now in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to heidi toxic had the side with catastrophic consequences.
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agent orange was the most destructive instance of chemical warfare a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge brang something and they didn't even see the case. foot 2, women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange on al jazeera ah, part is, are being used to make cost satisfaction of the brochure, our, our society for the rich and the powerful. we come from a time, a generation when what mattered renault was to be radical. today, what the hell does radical me? ah, ah, ah, my name is i why, why?
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i'm mom artist. on them activist. i'm reminder, i'm documentary maker. but 1st i'm human being ah, ah, i'm a niece kapoor, i'm an artist. and i live and work in the u. k. we couldn't be more different way and i know in our approach to what we do. i'm much more interested in the esoteric the fo attic or whatever else, all that difficult stuff. chinese authors, i way wayne detained at majoring edward on sunday. oh,
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be no official comment from china's government's asking my release. it's become allegra international moment. probably the biggest or either to try and her rescue or artist people in culture need to have a political voice. my art isn't overtly political in any obvious way. i hope it is in all sorts of underhand ways. at 2015, i sounded journey into making documentary, so by refugees you're syria to them as we and i decided together to make a walk across london. and we walked in sympathy as if we were in refugee status ourselves. i narrow sanker artist as a some specialist by the railroad, the ha, clear rationale, piano emotions. so this many shows can be discussed. we
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identify in this question of how a culture can bring change that gives us that kind of brotherhood ah and ish. yes, my dear friend, i'm a happy to seal and do you always have this ability to use the your media language too long to have this a shocking quality to, to provide the kind of condition which is quite a is for audience. tell me what is behind this work. i feel that i truly, truly have nothing to say,
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but nothing to say as an artist, meaning i don't have some message to give the world. but i deeply believe that my intelligence, if it's anyway, it's not here, it's here and it guides me through my daily practice. i go into the studio every day and continue a process in the last the years i've been drawn to. i'm prime or sacrifice meaning death in its origin. it has to do with some rich unless stick. original practice that i feel i've been working with for the last 40 years since i became an artist. and of course certain things are
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consistent. but color read the idea that the 2 dimensional world and the 3 dimensional world are mixed with each other. so all these things come into play and that is our voyage of discovery, isn't it? or what i know, who cares what i know, i say for to knowledge we live, i suspect in a post knowledge era. anything i what i can get her on here in 3 seconds. so what do i need to know? my job as an artist is to d, educate myself, and find a way to something that i haven't the faintest idea what it is. and i think that's a game we play with ourselves. i know you play the same game. my case a little different is i your motion does still do you're working in the studio, but i actually, i don't have a studio room. my studio is in our port hotel room, just a few minutes to do like this. and also i don't have
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a says kind of consistency as you will have, you know, your work in a certain materials colors and the language which are clearly identify who your are. but my identity tiered apart. you know, i grew up in china and so, and time united states went back to china in a decades and did the so many different professions. finally, i still can be called us artist. sometimes they call me activists. but it doesn't matter. you know, it's a seal said that we have it of dealing with daily matter. and for me, the moment is the past and is the future in or the prison. the situation is every symbol. have with your permission, re weigh. i'll talk about how we 1st came to know each other. i. i so i was in
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korea and i saw that hugh had made a kind of comic in a way dance performance to gunman style. and as an act of protest are being under continued house arrest in beijing. and i saw this and i felt deeply moved by the idea that a calm raid we had never met. we have ever met, but that a comrade could be incarcerated in this way. so i came back to london, and i decided to do an gangnam style dance performance. all sorts of people in london came to my studio, the greater of young choreographer, a crum con choreographed us, and we did
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a gunman style for i way way, i think as to really brave, very married, touching. well, because we are not doing just foy charles or butter rather, to catch lanta spirit tall moment, art cannot be easily erased or by, by the superpower. exactly. so it points to various things. one is that visual culture or let's say poetic culture, not just visual, re whether it's theater, whatever else matters, that it matters to government. weirdly, governments are afraid of what if you like poets think and how they put it in the world. the poetic act has such power to drive hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people to certain kind of conclusions about the state of being
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that we occupy. i feel this is the most important thing of all i'm and as a and what he brings to the for, for us to discuss perhaps, is this question of whether art itself is political or can be political. and what is its role in the politics of or time? let's discuss the highway. i think this is a very good topic. yes. very often we use the words political. yeah. that only implied to a certain sense. and the people with a misunderstanding of misleading, you know, so he, my understanding the intellect of any human being if being expressed is, has political in there. but it doesn't matter as abstract or a just a sound or it just music or, or even salad can be very political. soul may want to see
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any form or choose him by a rational mind to decide a life behaving or expression is political to me. so i don't as that why i cannot easily accept sums. it is not political because really means society, a new choice of being not political is as political choice. so in that sense, i had thank her language itself is never neutral. it's always or has its own content easier unless you don't describe it. but if it's come from a human intellect, it has the message. i suppose, i feel since i said i have nothing to say. then, then that's very political message. i understand. i understand cause the you have
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the freedom of speech, i understand and there you are, lee, me, a democratic world garage is really a new or important figure out, you know, you're represent so much help for young or young art has and also serve. people will love to you so they may miss and stand the lion and that. but i understand your statement is a like a very wade, he philosopher in the, in the orient where no, it's naughty as well. i don't know so, but, but let me, let me just try and develop this a little bit to think about it in this way. that art can have direct language to say are making a comment about this or that, or the other subject. the other way, of course, is that the political plays a role in what is not said all what is half said. so ought, has poetic and philosophical questions,
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but doesn't directly address political questions. it doesn't mean it's less political. it just means that it goes about it, if you like me, try to catch, you know, as you go like this rather than like this, that 2 different ways of doing it, of goals. that's very indian by the way. you and who are here. but those are very much depends on the nose is still there quite right. very good. ha. so i think this is a kind of key factor about how we reach what in it could be dangerous. and yet it terrified me. dangerous is leah is old. ball suite can be very dangerous, yet has anchor. why? you see the art has political, a can be very misleading and dangerous, and the you see most so called a political arg doesn't work because a new message has to be carry allowed by law, right? language and czar language. if it were code is artistic or test, so that's why i say the nose has to be reached this way, but has, but there is hardly very fascinating you reach on no other way a yeah,
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you need la garza so why can we call ourselves office? it took me a few years to be able to say, i'm an artist because what i do is where a kind of cloak of responsibility. nobody gave me that responsibility, but it's one i take. and i think it's that serious. so we can do this incredible thing, but it is a burden we carry, and we're burden of like an idiot. you know, an artist is the archetypical fool is old but identity about our self identity or halder with sync about our self or a sync about others. you know, because when see me may think about ourselves. we think about our relations to people who are different or to we really belong to the mass. if you are your artist or you know, privileged or a,
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your be more responsible in terms of for free it's version. you know what, you are really extended the concept of what it is free them and the free expression, i think so. see shows no art has a co avoided. of course, you can fixed your one point on the one direction, but we're leaving you so much. i'm problematic, earn time is over away look where it may be. that is something we should discuss a little bit. the art world, all right, world is completely captured by the capitalist machine. we are not makers of luxury goods, but the art market, the art world treats us as if we are makers of luxury goods in a picasso said something wonderful, which i think about a lot painting is not decoration for your living room painting is wall.
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yeah. none, i think that are his salary. yeah. and i think that is key. so we come from a time a generation when what mattered in art was to be radical. today, what the hell does radical meet? it's really difficult. and we live in a post information, post modernist, post elbows everything age. um when the idea of the new, the radical that which is outside of the market system is impossible for us to even imagine it is a terrifying state. i say, i'm how can a thing that radical be for sale? one of the problems that we suffer in the art world for that turn a prize. you know, this price that's given in the u. k. now, there are 5 groups of collective artists. what that proposes
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is that art is a social medium which can bring social change and renewal that perhaps is one way out of this capitalist takeover. well, that's all begged tom pick. yes, it is not only relate to art of relate tool, everything. today's corporate culture and those whole political situation, you can, i'm features and they all being pushed by the classic capitalism or state capital iraq, the new capital wreck. they all know the world has new structures, you know, and they're so powerful. they basically designed the r, lifelong or behaving, or knowledge. i do cation and of course, in general,
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art are to as being used us back creative idea to may cause satisfaction of the brochure, our society and is always being serve us for the rich and powerful soul. i send it all depends on individual art has it's not about wanting to sell or no other the message correct about the, you know, you're always con crating your message. i think it's time for question in answers. there's a lot to say way, way about what's just been raised, but let's, let's this one full young person. hi everyone. my name is paul from south africa, where we question really an issue with the sort of person implications and anxiety is there sort of challenges of artists, especially in conflict in situations or under mccarty, context such as china,
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how do you balance that? you know, why didn't you do that way, but also being afraid as a person. i thank you. i think the best balance is loose and balance. if you believe what else you're thinking, what is a medium for about a life, then you protect the value. and of course, it is very often is the loosened balance because the, the reality and the rationality was stop you because you did this was a fact commanding since yourself, your relatives and your friend and your, your relation to the society. so i think if you sink too much, then you cannot really act. i think lee, as especially why you're young, you should act in some kind of ridiculous away rather than to, to try and or perform some kind of elegance. i think it's a beautiful question,
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really important if i may, i'm from india and i see that what's happening in india now is horrific. as you say, in many, many parts of the world, of course, freedom of expression is not tolerated. our greatest fear has to be self censorship. it is the not i say there's both in where, where it is free and where it is not free. self censorship says close down that part of your self. that might risk taking part in something that somebody else will find controversial. ensure pond are the very important says you have to believe you're better than them. yeah. you may not. when you know, you may become a problem, but the ideology still would come to we have to believe in certain sense as human
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being. so that was when my name is isabella, you where is picking capitalism and, and i would like to ask you, who would you say profits or benefits from your works? well, you see the all world. if i could stop, there is not a straightforward place. the world is the most an unregulated monetary exchange for him. there is best place to launder money. you could imagine frankly, but i think what we have to remember alongside that is that while artists make objects, the real purpose of objects is mythological, isn't physical. and what the market doesn't fully get is this meant that
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you can't buy mythological propositions, but money is itself mythological. imagine just for a 2nd. a picasso on the wall, come back to picasso, with 5xw1c5xw or whatever number you want. part of it's mythology when i look at it is, oh my god, it's 150000000. 0 my god, it's definitely a great painting, but it's also this miss a logical kind of value in monetary cultural tubs. so art is always playing this double game, and i think who has benefits therefore, is want a tree on one level, but one hopes that its mythological repercussions go out there in all sorts of different ways. and i'm sorry, i'm wrong, china. i have some question to question to ask you that way. actually. the 1st
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phase 2 using so called a but amec will effect to assess audi. oh, so the politics in china, you know, serious way. and the 2nd question to you. so how do you think your generational facilities will respond to korean moment in china, in the years to come? how it would affect china? i think a would build the government much stronger and they have this house card or hills or everybody have to have it. so that tells the garden and where you are, who you are, so shed face and worry about to your, your grocery and you know, which, which car you are we transported to, you go from one place one to pon be so those made the garment stronger, some kind of excuse, and that will be copied by the, the world,
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every nation, almost. so the coin could totally changed our understanding about the individual rise on the government rides and how should they behave? and this is a very philosopher for gold question. actually need to discuss it in a long time. second above the art young guard who seen china. i think the problem is not of the art his art has ever were as a new individual trying to express themselves. but the problem is the ceiling is so low, you cannot stand up, just make q you for, you really want to act. you have to crawl or to, you know, everybody understand this so that a crate. very strange. you made of or chinese artist because nobody can jump, nobody can fly, it says can have to grow. and so is the, there's a lot of berlin,
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hardest vis. grades scale and you know, and very daddy can devoted themselves to art, loves art, but you're in wrong, wrong location, or you're in the right location, then you have to defend your right. bizarre may sacrifice your life. so i cannot even give advice like this. mean way that brings a very interesting, very important question about being an exile, being x l as isn't you know this many writers or many people has been in, i, val, it's not that started from one generation as incur accel. history is the long us the, the human flow is, you know, 11 web or heather refugees. it could be exiles from a new place, you know, and any place which is not safe. but then the,
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once you're exiled, you're pulled out for me or ground on the why do you care on the, your language, your sensitivity, all last your b comma are transparent number a night. life has no meaning any more soul. that is a, that is true challenger for an exam. alba, individual thing lou . as an artist by nature they are person who are lost video may choose to be lost. we have taken all the dog ports of our environment and turned it into a nice little place in which everything is good. but actually it's the
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death ah from i to politics. national pride to early advertising al jazeera well tells the stories behind for songs from kuwait, oman, hatta and iran, meeting song writers, performance and musicians celebrating the social and token importance of songs of the gulf on al jazeera, short films of blue and inspiration, ah, personal stories of 3 young women, challenging the world around them. al
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jazeera select. oh, i hello, i'm darn jordan down the cooker mind of the top stories here on to 0, ukraine's president has asked the un secretary general to help save the lives of people trapped. but i still planned to matthew polt. russian troops have reportedly entered the as of styles to work to finity, where ukrainian soldiers have been holding out. the russian defense minister says it will begin a 3 day sci fi and the next few hours job evacuations of civilians trapped by the fighting. fenton monahan has no ukrainian fighters have been holding out an underground bunkers in the sprawling steelworks for months.


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