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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 5, 2022 10:00am-10:31am AST

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destruction is just now being there will be, as we arrive in me goliath, there is panic. a russian war played is suspected of being close by. stay with al jazeera for the latest development. ah, russia promise is a ceasefire. it's a free civilians hold up with ukrainian soldiers in a sprawling steel works and merrier po. oh, hello there, i'm laura kyle. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up confrontations at alex m all skin occupied east jerusalem. as jewish visits is a granted access after ramadan, the us gets his biggest interest rate rise in 2 decades is the federal reserve
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tries to control soaring inflation. and the exhibition taking vincent insight nature both physically and virtually hoping to encourage action on climate change. russia says it'll hold fire for the day. the besieged, still planned to install the ukraine to give trap civilians a chance to get out with ukrainian soldiers inside the other style plant in mary. a pole were making a last stand against russian forces. and monahan at the latest ukrainian fighters have been holding out in underground bunkers in the sprawling steelworks for months and for the past few days in the scene of heavy fighting, as russian forces tried to capture the last pocket of resistance in the strategically important city. but despite running out of food and ammunition,
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the soldier se they've no intention of surrendering for grania, but it is good news. on the mario post garrison for 70 days has resisted the overwhelming forces of the enemy by itself. since the 25th of april, we have held a circular defense of the ever stole fun. it is the 2nd day the enemy has broken through into the plant. there i have a bloody battle side. but it's not just soldiers hold up. here are hundreds of civilians remain trapped, reports others have been evacuated recent days, ukraine's president in appealing for help to get those who remain to safety. when you're going to run it today, i spoke to you in secretary general, antonio gutierrez, and we discussed what we have already achieved and what is still necessary to do to save mary paul and the defenders of mary paul city. there is not a single day that i and my team wouldn't do this, and i'm grateful to everybody who helps russia has promised to cease fire 3 more
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days to allow the last 2 women and children to escape. if the promises kept, it may be their final opportunity before the russians move in to end resistance and marable. once and for all. since monahan, al jazeera ukraine's military says, russia is continuing to hit flight the cross the east as it tries to gain full control of hunger and, and don at squeegee. and charles stratford spent a day with the cranium troops and sent this report. the black smoke rises from russia to let me control territory. we drive at high speed along what ukrainian soldiers call the road of life towards the front line. it's a walk through the forests to the trenches, the sound of artillery punches through the air. washing forces trying to advance from the left and right flanks, but morale among the soldiers is high yard in a little leaf. when the war started, i had a huge adrenalin rush and
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a search and anger. now, more anger of what the washington up in lucia variable, and what they continue to do. many other places on the whenever be brothers liskey scars from mortar tillery strikes, russian forces frequently target disposition that shelling that you can hear is coming over our heads from russian positions and hitting ukrainian positions around about 2 or 3 kilometers from here. this is what heavy artillery sounds like when it's fired over your head. that was just the shell blustery, the the crunch, just a hit explode. the soldiers of used british made anti tank missiles called in law's part of a multi $1000000000.00 military, a package from ukraine's western partners does in addition. but that unless we are
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grateful to western countries for helping us with weapons, because russia has much more than us. we can't hold them back without their health . from afford observation point soldiers tell us, russian forces are behind the wall. only a few 100 meters away. and they are facing high tech weapons from above. those for my team could either get a reset or the drones help their artillery to hit oppositions. there are also weaponized version that far at $3.00 to $4.00 times a day. they are difficult to shoot because they fly so high. my alina worked as a veterinarian before she signed up to fight. not so many of them went denise shamrock. i have a child, she's 10 years old. i want her to have a peaceful sky over her head. that's why i'm here. i consciously decided to join up and defend my country. boxes of explosives and ammunition,
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the constant threat from above. the russian army trying to push forward under a blackening sky, shall stratford 0, eastern new grade. rival grapes are faced off in bulgaria over whether the government should do more for ukraine to the place in the capsule affair. tried to separate people calling for more aid and those wanting the government to remain neutral parliament stated in favor of allowing the repair of the queen's military equipment. it's refused demands to pay for gas and rushes currency, the rubel and has now been cut off. some other nissan, i've been scuffles at the alaska axa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem after jewish visits resumed off to ramadan. place was seen at the entrance to the mosque. they say they were responding to palestinians who with throwing rocks. now correspondence stephanie deka is an occupied east, jerusalem forest, and 7 jewish groups are inside the compound. now what's the situation?
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yes, so there's just about half hour left in the window when no, not muslims are allowed to enter the compound. and of course we've seen more and more of these, jewish shar, religious ultra nationalists entering the compound 11 groups. so far the, you know, is ready security for us to take them in small groups. and as you said there, you know what we've seen in the policy where we have seen today, but i have to say on this, on the smaller scale today is that to these ready security forces will sort of surround the palestinians, either push them inside the can be moscow or surround them to try and, you know, keep them from, you know, either chanting at these groups, the visit of these groups, just to give you a sense of why this is so controversial and is, is provocative to palestinians. why? because many of them cool for the right to pray on the site actively trying to pray on the site. and this is forbidden, under the status quo, which is agreed upon between jordan and his role. jordan is the custodian of the of,
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of that site. so it's incredibly sensitive for the last 12 days, these groups have been banned, ending on muslim, has been banned from entering because of the last days of ramadan. and as you said today, the 1st day now of what is really something that's been happening for years is the allowance of these non muslim groups to enter a 3 hour period in the morning, a one hour period in the afternoon during week days. what has changed is the nature of these groups and what they're quoting for, and that is why it's become such an issue these days. and it's such a potential flash point provide them, isn't that theft? and we've seen an upsurge in this violence in the past few months. yes, it has the potential violence and i can tell you that, you know, covering the story. nothing has the capability to provoke, to bring then huge numbers on to discrete as the lock. so most compound, not a garza war, not settlement expansion, not home demolitions, not oem evictions, nothing when it comes to the lock. so most compound, many palestinians, and indeed the muslim world will tell you it's
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a red line was interesting. this has been happening. this increase in these groups and the nature of what they're trying to call for in the provocation has been escalating for years. it seems to be more in the spotlight now. you've had have mass that the leader of mass in gaza issue at quite a fiery statement last week saying that it was a red line. they were ready to fire walkers. you've had a lot of diplomatic activity behind the scenes. the americans be egyptians your jordanians, calling on israel to stick to what they call the status quo, even israel's foreign minister, just before a base band. the entry which is as a standard thing during the end of ramadan, said that israel had no intention of changing the status quo. every government had said this with policies will tell you that there is this change on the ground. people attempting prayers. balise turning a blind eye and even some members of the government and lost government supporting the right to pray. so this is why it's such a contentious issue. and again, we'll have to wait and see, but certainly today on the 1st day that they're allowed back in. yes,
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we've seen some clashes, but certainly on a lower level than we we did in the last couple of weeks. stephanie deca in occupied east. rosalind, thank you. ready acosta pang of mortgages, credit cards, and all other loans has jumped in the us off the steepest interest rate rise in 2 decades. the federal reserve went a half a percentage point increase, hoping to get on top of surging inflation. gabrielle is under, has more for washington d. c. for regard to a get a business is good at his beloved food truck. he calls tamales, packers pueblo. but when he needs to restock the trucks, refrigerator, with ingredients he had to a local market, realizes everything has gone up in price by a lot, $6.00 for this before you could get it for 299 double in price. even the oil he uses to cook with instead of being 40, now we pay $84.00 to ricardo is not alone. millions of americans are struggling to
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get by with inflation reaching the highest levels in decades. which is why better reserved chair, jerome pow announced wednesday in aggressive interest rate hike of half a percentage point. we understand the hardship it is causing and we're moving expeditiously to bring it back down. the u. s. benchmark or target inflation rate is about 2 percent. he rate at which the fed believes a normal healthy economy can function without too much strain on consumers. in march 2019 before anyone had heard of corporate 19, the u. s. economy was humming along inflation was at 1.9 percent. basic interest rates were also low, but then march 2020 hit. and so to do the pandemic, the u. s. economy began to shut down the federal reserve slashed interest rates to near 0 to keep the economy from total collapse. it worked. but since then, supply chains have become clogged while consumer demand has increased along with
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energy costs with rushes, war and ukraine. goods and services have become more expensive. inflation kept creeping up last year and has been over 6 percent for 6 straight months. it's now at a 40 year high. so interest rates are going up to put the brakes on an overheating economy. left unchecked, inflation can to an unsustainable cycle of prey sykes that directly affect consumers and business owners. just like ricardo the food truck owner, have a business run and a fellow to support i not to raise the price is one. unfortunately, i don't have a way around the government hoping this latest interest rate hike will provide the economy with what the fed calls a soft landing for millions of americans. gabriel's hondo al jazeera washington
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flooding is very widespread destruction to afghanistan. at least 18 people have been killed. i'm 30 injured after a heavy rain hit 11 provinces. 2 people are missing. the deputy minister of natural disaster management as a 100 homes have been destroyed and many livestock loss. a tornado is damaged homes and businesses in the u. s, and there are warnings of more to come. lee say some people were trapped briefly after the storm hit buildings on wednesday, the oklahoma city, the national weather surface service, says more tornadoes could hit oklahoma and severe thunderstorms of forecast for the sake of texas, louisiana, arkansas, missouri, and illinois will weather as next and then oh, he up the fight for abortion rights, the u. s. government, he says his state will be a sub tree for women class earlier and earlier. how south korea is cherry blossom season has become another alarming sign of climate change?
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ah ah, hello. the weather's looking a good deal dryer. brighter and warmer for eastern parts of spain over the next couple of days. still some live the showers around at western side of the mediterranean for now, but they will grasp. he just knocked away a little further eastward. so a little bit sherry up towards the north west recently as well. typically on wednesday, those sundry samples now in the process of gazing out of the way. not too bad across central park speaking. see this little line of showers central hours of year, but i think that's gonna be the dominant feature as we go on through the next day or so. so some big a showers coming in to southern parts of france around switzerland, easing over towards austria and poland. i had a vac where we seem wet weather, pulling away from that to western side of russia. brightest guys come back in
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behind ukraine. not looking too bad, keep it around 14 celsius in the sunshine. 17 celsius here by friday, would see that where's the weather still lurking around, central parts, the showers continuing and central edge of the mediterranean. now seeing some of that wet weather setting in as we go on towards the we can. but from march of spain and portugal at you could say the sands out and it's warming up nicely at long last not to dry in sunny cross northern parts of algeria. we still have some showers in play here, cooler as well. beam wild seasonal rates for west africa. ah frank assessments, what are the political risks of batting, russian, oil, gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports was informed. opinions is not abandoning to fight to gaze jedi, still resumed media going to be acting from major and from chad critical debate.
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could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera blue. ah, again you're watching al jazeera, his reminder of our top stories this, our russia says it'll hold fire for the day at a seal plant in southern ukraine, lying traps civilians to get out there among ukrainian soldiers at the other cell facility. and merrier poll have been confrontations between israeli forces and palestinian protests as at the alex or mosque. dozens of palestinians gathered at the compound after israel's government allowed jewish visits to resume and as
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inflation in the u. s. hits of 40 year high and the cost of living increases federal reserves responded by raising interest rates by half a percentage point is the biggest increase in 20 years. that of the world health organization has warned that access to a safe abortions is crucial to saving lives. the statement by tedra said hannah gabrielle as follows the leaking of a document, suggesting the u. s. supreme court may soon reverse, longstanding national access to abortion. when the u. s. supreme court does overturn the legal right to abortion, nearly half of all states will move to restrict or ban the procedure that has rob reynolds reports. california is one of 3 states promising to continue to give women abortions. oh, california governor is in a fighting move. i think you'd really be pissed off. at this point, gavin newsome says california will be
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a sanctuary state for women's seeking abortions from around the country. he will not be defeated. we will stand tall, we will stand firm and we will affirm the constitutional currently constitutionally protected rights of women girls ah, protestors gathered in los angeles and other cities around the state. newsome says he will propose an abortion rights. busy amendment to the state constitution for a state wide vote in november. we look forward to going front of the voters affirming this constitutional right in our state in the constitution, not just statute. because we now recognize the vulnerability of the moment we're living in california as the least restricted access to abortion in the us. it covers the cost of the procedure for low income women and requires private insurance to pay for it. newsome has suggested that state funds may be used to help
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women in anti abortion states. pay for travel to california. california has war abortion providers than any other state, but that network is likely to come under pressure as the number of women traveling to california to undergo the procedure is likely to increase dramatically. we anticipate substantially more people coming to california and to los angeles. we've been working with our hospital partners with a variety of partners across los angeles across the state, in addition to our legislative and gubernatorial leaders. and really are doing all that. we can to anticipate this moment, governors of other states where abortion will remain legal no matter what the supreme. ready court decides are also speaking out message to women all across his countries. at new york, the state of new york will always be there for anyone who needs reproductive health care, including an abortion. let me be clear,
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no matter what atrocious opinion. the supreme court officially rolls out the summer in regards to roe v wade. abortion is safe and legal in illinois. a country already severely split over politics and cultural differences. now, on the verge of an even deeper divide, rob reynolds al jazeera, los angeles colombia has extradited the leader of its biggest crime gang to the us to face numerous charges. dario antony, who saga, also known as atenelol. busy was rested in october after 7 years on the run. he's the head of the gulf clan whose members are accused of trafficking up to 200 tons of cocaine a year. as a nail is also accused of murder, extortion, and kidnapping a shawl. i mean, they're gone, but our leg gone by this criminal is only comparable to pablo escobar. he is not only the most dangerous drug trafficker in the world now, but also a murderer of social leaders. is there one view this band?
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it was extradited to serve sentences for drug trafficking in the united states even us, but i want to make it clear that once he serves those sentences, he will return to columbia to pay for the crime. soon. he committed in our country's u. s. embassy and cuba is again, issuing visas for the 1st time in 4 years. home president, donald trump closed constance services in 2017, and to allegations of sonic attacks on embassy staff and their families. number of cubans trying to enter the u. s. has served with more than 78000 crossing from mexico in the past 6 months. mckeever is one of the 3 countries excluded from the upcoming summit of the americas in los angeles. us says they don't meet the necessary democratic standards and out of their exclusive latin american as salisia newman got reaction from cuba as deputy foreign minister. as the name implies, the summit of the americas is the only venue where leaders of north central and
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south america gathered to confront pressing problems. this year the theme is migration, but the host president joe biden has unilaterally decided to exclude 3 countries, including cuba. by o, thank you. thank you for. i met cooper's deputy foreign minister catalyst finance. the go seal. a van is point, man for us affairs, to talk about the implications of washington's controversial decision. or we have said that a psalm, it, that excludes some countries of the region. it's an exclusive summit. but if you're going to have a summit that you're going to spend money on it, if you're going to go to the trouble of convening heads of state and government, it would be to discuss the difficult problems that we have in our region, which are difficult. some of them are controversial and for the summit to be successful. the useful thing to do, and the fair opportunity would be to have everybody in have everybody put forward their points of view, even if you don't like that. as we all know,
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ad cuba is undergoing a huge exodus of its citizens right now, the largest since the 1980s. actually, why do you think that is one of the basic reasons that is pushing migration is people saw that the policy of the biding government is exactly the policy, the trump government, which is maximum pressure toward cuba. the policy of the u. s. against cuba, in economic turns to date, is nothing short of criminal. it's a criminal policy to punish the livelihood of people. while i've heard i asked for an understood seal, if the suggestion was a biden administration, the head of the summit of van up my grunt, an amnesty to protest his sentence, the harsh prison sentences for taking part in last year's anti government protest. why would cuba have to make concessions for us to stop applying a policy that is criminal? and that is clearly unfair. what would you say to president biden if you had him on the phone right now,
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about the fact that he doesn't want to invite cuba to the summit of the americas when that was one of the things that the vast majority of the countries of the region fought for, for so many years, i doubt that he would speak with me. but i would say that if you're going to call in a summit color summit of a part of the america, you cannot colony some of the americas. if you go to school some, you should not fear having frank dialog, even when there are differences. and there are differences in the region. and there are problems, immense promise or region that the countries need to talk about. the countries, the region are claiming that it be an inclusive, so it and that cuba be included. the u. s. should pay attention to it. now self career assessing, setting an example of what can be done to revitalize forests as it has to industry leaders from around the world. it's reconnecting with nature after decades of exploitation and as providing a model that could help others address climate change. while mcbride reports, it's
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a gathering that brings together thousands of experts on forests meeting after a one year delay because of the pandemic. organizers say that's a timely reminder of how humanity and nature are so interconnected and reiterate the importance of healthy forests to limit global warming. taurus are absolutely essential to climate stability. if we have any hope of staying below 1.5 degrees warming, we need forests. there sinks for carving, so they sat carbon out of the atmosphere and all of the scenarios. they all have forests in there as part of their models that bring that temperature down. the host south korea offers important lessons on forest management. it's stripped much of its wooded hill sides in the 1st half of the last century and during the korean war, but then embarked on an ambitious reforestation program. the amount of land that's
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covered by forests has roughly double to more than 60 percent in the past 6 decades . that periods also seen south korea transform its economy into an advanced one proving it seems that economic progress and good forestry management can and do go hand in hand. in contrast, the mountains of north korea have been relatively stripped of trees. after years of economic hardship, it means bigger summer storm and floods because of climate change, inflict more damage. and the changing climate is also causing more damaging forest fires in south korea. i'm a cuban all right young then went on figure. this year we had the largest ever wild fire that burned continuously for 213 hours, and that was made worse by global warming. so we need to improve our system for forestry disaster management and he another indicator of a changing climate. the cherry blossoms season, which has just ended on the peninsula,
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comes earlier each year. a visual reminder of the delicate and shifting balance between trees and the environment. rob mcbride, al jazeera, so all artists and designers from around the world. also trying to raise awareness about climate change. jessica baldwin went to see their exhibition in london called all time on of me at 65 meters. this k park tree grows in the columbia and amazon rain forest visitors pier through the layers into the trees in our system. see the oxygen released into the air, the nutrients coursing through the structure. a dining table set for 14, including a be a bird and a snake. a mushroom sits at one end, the human at the other. all species are equally important to the earth survival by hopefully presenting a story of. wow,
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isn't this incredible to be living within this living planet? it can therefore, hopefully engage on a slightly more emotional level and therefore, develop that sense of m. c, rather than shaman paralysis. each flash heavily marks 128 square meters, a brazilian rain forest destroy. so we're looking at winter weather bring to life to the 1st station that's happening right now in the amazon rain forest. so when go for it began, there was a 71 percent increase in the for station and nobody is there to watch. so i made a piece that disappears at the rate of the 4 station, and everybody can watch what's actually happening right now in the amazon futurists to imagine re wilding in our cities, trees taking over roads, or even just one city on earth with 10000000000 inhabitants as well as
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raising awareness and futurists predicting what our planet will look like in decades. the exhibition also includes real life current solutions aimed at stopping the destruction using rice terrace irrigation in an urban environment. clothes made from micro seaweed or mushrooms, visitors or challenge to connect with nature to consider the soil trees plants, other species. despite hard data warnings from the un in scientists, there has been limited action. could the imaginative collaborative show by artists and designers from around the world help in some small way to spark a reaction for people to make the changes needed to help save the planet? jessica baldwin al jazeera london nurses space. x crew is heading back after a 6 month mission to the international space station. dragon spacecraft is expected
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to splash down off the coast of florida, the for astronauts 3 americans and one german and conducted hundreds of research projects. they also welcomed the 1st space taurus to the i ss and ukrainian nurse who lost both her legs, had shared a video of her 1st dance inside a hospital ward with her husband. ready ah, where santa barron dino was walking home with victor vasey live in the eastern new hans greed janet. when a landline exploded, victor was not hurt and they were married on monday. ah. without zera, these are our top stories. russia says it'll hold fire for the day at a steel plant and sell the new crane allowing traps civilians to get out there amongst ukrainian soldiers at the other style facility. and merrier poll.


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