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to us, after a 6 month mission, the dragon space crosses expects to splash down off the coast of the us state of florida. for astronauts, 3 americans and one german conducted hundreds of research projects and ukrainian nurse who lost both her legs has shared a video of her 1st dance inside a hospital ward with her husband. ready ah, where oksana valentino was walking home with victor vassar live in the eastern new hunts region. when a land mine exploded, victor was not hurt and they were married on monday. ah. without zera, these are our top stories. russia says it will hold fire for a day at a steel plant in southern ukraine, allowing traps civilians to get out there among ukrainian soldiers of the other cell facility and mario paul were making a last stand against russian forces have been confrontations between israeli forces
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and palestinian protesters at the ella x or mosque compound. dozens of palestinians gathered at the compound after jewish visits were allowed to resume. certainly decor reports from occupied east jerusalem. there's 3 hours in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. oh, when non muslims can enter the alexa mos compounder. as you mentioned, there are some minor back and forth between israeli forces and palestinians. when these groups entered around 11 groups, we counted smaller numbers than before that we've seen. or when we had had more tensions, let's say on the car by the u. s. federal reserve has raised a key interest rate by half a percentage points in the hopes of lowering inflation. and the biggest increase in more than 20 years. that hopes the move will reduce demand as lower inflation. the united states says it's now equally preparing for both scenarios with and without the iran nuclear deal. states department warned it's not sure there will be
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a mutual return to compliance with the 2015 agreement between to run and weld powers. guineas. judiciary has opened an investigation into former president alpha con day and 26 of his officials is being investigated for alleged crimes. whilst in office, including complicity and murder, torture and a legal detention condo with allison from power and arrested after a military coup in september. notorious cocaine cartel boss in columbia has been extradited to the united states, or to niel as he is known, was arrested. not october off to 7 years on the run, but drugs, trafficking, drug trafficking, murder, extortion, and kidnapping. and flooding is bringing widespread destruction to afghanistan. at least 18 people have been killed after heavy rain, his 11 provinces, 100 homes have been destroyed. update with all the news this our, i'll be back after the stream. talk to al jazeera, we are. what is the time table in your mind?
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when do you think that you can be off russian gas? we listen or, and i have seen and played football with these refugees. i look at them and they're happy. they're smiling. we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the story stuck matter on out. you see how i am mad service dean and you're in the stream today, the race to become the next president of the philippines. we'll talk about the front runners and what's at stake in the upcoming election. ah, the philippines is heading into the final days of a presidential election that some analysts say could alter the state of liberal democracy in the asian nation. it's been a campaign smeared by election disinformation and leaving the race is the son of a former dictator with us to get into all the details is our panel who are joining
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us from manila. leon goin is a journalist who has been covering the campaign of ferdinand marco's junior for the news website rattler. richard, hey, darian is an a columnist and the author of the rise of do territory, a populist revolt against elite democracy. and regina kubat o, a journalist who has been reporting on election dis information for the washington post. and of course, we want you to be a part of this conversation live on youtube. you can chat your comments and questions to our producer right here. and we will do our best to get them into the show. let's get straight to it. i want to start by asking you regina, why is this being dubbed the most consequential or important election in history? what's really at stake here, could you explain for our view our viewers i am and it's basically because the whole, the of truth on reality is going to be best in the upcoming election in this election. in particular, we are seeing
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a massive this information campaign that is working in favor and benefiting the front on are afraid of the market junior know locally as bomb bomb has nickname. this has been a decades long, well planned, well funded operation. that is. busy cross platform, it's on youtube, it's on facebook. and basically, there are a lot of people who have been buying this very embellished narrative of the martial law years and of the marcus legacy with in some cases, total denial of the corruption that went on during the time. and if he makes it the presidency, it will definitely show how far gone the truth might be in our fledgling democracy . and you know, i like how you frame that because we have an example of just that someone who has been swayed perhaps by social media. and obviously social media always playing a very big role in all the elections. i want to ask you,
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before we get to that thought leanne, the campaigns really seem this time around to be driven more by personality. if you will, than ideology, is that true? you've been on the ground? what can you tell us about the market juniors can contender or you can see that it's driven by personality you, when you have loyalists of the dictator. voting for the son because his father was the dictator and they re gene said they buy into the embellished image of the more shallow years be allegedly the golden era of the philippines. marcos himself mark with the san to frontrunner himself. this not give comprehensive platforms. he has are on this, come been on the platform where our promise of unit b, hunger unit, the better internet unit, the better education unit, the. and he does not apologize for that for him and he has come back. they've started, the psyche are so well that they feel like it's working. it says anything with people. and even though he is so well arising,
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figure he has told me himself in fact to be a unit i need to richard. a unifying leader. we've heard marcos junior, his campaign just there and from many people you know, being about unity, unity about what exactly is it just the unity of to sort of dynastic leaders do territory of course and markers, junior's, father, what is, what is this unity that they're speaking about while it's in, it's a classic generic mater who statement that really is vacuous. there's no clear policy implications here. we have seen that the front runner, boom, marcus, has tried to avoid any legitimate debate, even debates that were sanctioned by the commission electrons. so unity is their easiest way of saying we don't want to have a really detailed debate because once we get into details, that's where the devil comes in. right? and the devil in many cases is the, essentially the baggage historical values. the market says, i mean i have personal dog. this is the most consequential filament elections, at least since 969. this was the last time and not marcus was on the ballot. and
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once the father mark was actually wondering election 969, shortly after he declared martial law. and since then we have been living in the shot of the mark with us. if and not marcus now we ins he could complete. what do terry could not complete in the last 6 years and that there could really undermine the foundations of democracy in the philippines. but he didn't have the discipline and where we felt and he's quite, you know, advancing age marcos. if he comes soon he can finish the job and push the philippine democracy over to leave. and then i see virginia nodding and you wanted to jump in. go ahead. oh, i was just going through. ha, ha, made me cut the end of it. i'm basically a definitely that this on the line of this upcoming election and the on the market is really are benefiting from this decades long rebranding. ah, it's very strange because definitely in the international i in the world's eye and there is nothing a legit about the corruption in the baggage of the marshal law years into the mark
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as your team. right. but it's so ironic because locally that's being yeah, can pass that by people who have lived through it. well, and it certainly seems how, according all of you that there's a bit of revisionist history going on, potentially using the online playground, if you will. we have an interview without contract. he's a 25 year old supporter of the marco's family in general. he really talks about how the information he's seeing online is, is directly influencing his vote. take a listen, ample in the map was on. while i was scrolling down, social media, there were a lot of articles about the achievements of mark was his father that so then i got curious the when i checked the articles and i saw how beautiful the philippines were during the time under ferdinand marcus. how cheap goods were and how much infrastructure he built, of which we're still using. now, in a richard, what do you, what do you make of that message right there? i mean, in 1986, you know, people power protest brought down the marco's family for a reason. ah,
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it seems odd to be back, as you said, you know, 3 decades or more later with this same debate between authoritarianism and, and the democracy. what do you make of that messaging is social feat? media really impacting a broad section of the electorate. right. i mean, i mean let me just clarify because i think there has been a lot of millennial and youth bashing throughout the years. but if you look at the numbers, actually the exit polls in 2016 elections. the reason why bama marcos did not become the vice president because the millennials actually did not rally behind him . in fact, let's focus 55 and above a lot of boomers, right. and generation x were much more, you know, i would say much more given to the new style ger for the marquess era. but in this election, it's quite different. now i don't about the younger generation, but we have the gen, the generation 18 to 22 very young people in a lot of them are very active on tick tock platforms that were not really influential back in 2016. so this could be
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a different ball game. great. now i think the millennials were not really harbingers of revisionism, but this time i think there's much more polite debility in terms of the markets messaging to the generations. the and i think they have really focused on that. they knew they didn't do as well in 2016 in terms of the youth vote. so they have really focus on coming up with. i mean, you look at a wal mart almost looks like a cape ops. if you look at solve, it kicked off, you know, videos among waters and that clearly is catered to folks very young folks like the gentleman that entered with a while ago. and you know, it's interesting to hear you say that we know that social media is all too powerful, not just with, with the millennial generation believe in. i mean, marco somehow been able, mark was junior, i should say, to dismiss his own can conviction of tax evasion and kind of the billions that his family still owns the government. are these issues front and center is his challenge or linear brideau, who central message is anti corruption. managing to bring back the narrative,
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perhaps to a more realistic portrayal of history. it shouldn't be front and center, but the fact that it's not been front been sent. there is the price that we pay for having leak institutions for not having a much better institution. not have a membrane of what happened during martial law for having a weak justice system. we're having a weak anti corruption system and invited to the political opposition they did. and they've been trying to bring those issues front and center. but we see that a read the campaign actually go up the message. if unity they were branded there, we'll go there now saying they're going to win it for everybody. so now they realized just how powerful and how capturing the message of unit b. s. and would be in the last stretch of that lesson. so it's, it's very sad to see how all of these took a back stage in this campaign. but that's the price it pay for years of start coming from all sectors of civil society, including the media and,
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and i want to get to that in a little bit. i do want to ask you regina, to listen to this young man kenneth coven, 19 response volunteer. who makes a kind of passionate case for why he's voting for markers, his challender. lenny roberto, take listen. i'm excited to vote for vice president linear read of her president because of 3 reasons. first, the bill, any help see my love once lives. she gave my family members were front liners east and her city manager serge were offices programs on retesting and patient monitor. second, v, p, lenny has 0 record of corruption. she was given the highest or the 3 the 3 years in a row. sir, the be lady lives in me and is the best person to fix many of our broken system slate, public transport because she is a commuter, late us, and lives in ordinary life. lagos, the berlin inspires many of us that become more active role in politics and governance. that is why the lady is my person. i know in the polls show that you
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know, perhaps mark was junior's going to win. but do you think that lenny roberto has a chance 3 g and a lot of analysts would say that maybe she might have the momentum to pull off a photo finish? maybe richard would be able to weigh and then a bit later on. but definitely one thing that the surveys the not measured is the engagement of the elect. i've been on the ground of the house, the house campaign for the year. a bread though, and i can definitely say that it's something that the markets come this far has not been able to replicate 3 leave because it's stuck remark, assess, even, you know, with social media and why that's been so effective. it's still the big them decades to make such a com back at the be able to rehabilitate their name. but the momentum, the upward spring of the following for your bed, the who has been vilified for 6 years there is, there is all these crazy conspiracy theories that go into all of this fake news.
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but somehow she managed to come out with come out of that with all the star power, all the celebrities who by her, and really i would say unmatched volunteer campaign. that's very creative. that's willing to counter trolls for free. the basically work a through online response team. that's definitely something to watch out for, even if she doesn't make the election. richard your thoughts? i mean, it seems as though this is an election in many ways about authoritarianism versus democracy. someone a candidate who wants to hold the system accountable. another who wants to continue to maybe steam, roll it? what do you make of kind of disinformation, how it's playing in and what we just heard about robeto's real chances? well, let's be very clear about the situation here. a leonard or bred is not only against frieda and marcus junior, he's against the tandem, the axis of freedom. marcus junior and sided the 3rd that the president,
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this presidential daughter who is running for the vice presidency. but actually used to be the front runner in pre election service for the presidency. the moment started the 3rd to decided not to run for the presidency that was around 30 points that went to bumble marcus. so lenny is really against the whole team and that's the problem. that's why it's a little bit lopsided. the other thing we have to keep in mind is that actually pew survey world value survey. and when i was writing about the rise of that, i had to understand where is this coming from? and one of the thing i realize is that actually only 10 to 15 percent of filipinos of express categorical support for liberal democracy. so lenny is working in a very democratic, really ambivalent if not the democracy, fatigue situation. and that's why that's why she always had an uphill battle. but i think there was also some tactical mistakes. for instance, we see an officer of the house to house volunteers, grand riley's, but you know how i wish this thing started in january, february. she's challenging. mark was the one on one debate. why now we should have done that in december in november. so there was
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a lot of this sorting this thing on the part of the opposition that i think really played into the markets comes advantage, right. and the, and i see you nodding there as there is we heard from richard. i do want to share with you this clip from rachel con. she's a project coordinator with the fact checking alliance in the philippines. that was specifically set up to address really a global problem, not just in the philippines, which is of course election disinformation. take a listen. i think this information is being a very big role in terms of manipulating the public and the public is not aware that they are being manipulated. and that's the sad thing that their freedom is being rob because they are not making an informed choice. so leanne, you know, and in january twitter suspended hundreds of accounts that we're promoting marcos junior's campaign and violating a lot of its kind of rules on spam and manipulating the platform. you just heard that that comment from the fact checker there. i mean,
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is there hope that this will be a fair election of i think it will be a fair electron just because people feel like they made the choice. what i think, what the people who do not realize as much of their choice has been influenced by fake news. by embellished stories, bye bye bye algorithm. i see it personally and the people that i go over it. i see it in my own family. they don't realize that much of their opinion has been shaped by wrong things by fall swords. so i mean, if you look at it that way, democracies very much threat then and be very much fear for where we are going. if the line is going to be further blurred between fact and fiction and you know regina, when we talk about those lines being blurred, ah, it's interesting to me and maybe i'm wrong, please correct me. the philippines doesn't really have any sort of rules or regulations on social media. it seems that they have regulations,
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like most countries do in terms of campaign spending for media for mainstream media . but that there's almost an exception if i'm not mistaken for social media that there's no, there's no way to govern that that you absolutely, and that is why some academics and critics have definitely called out the commission on elections because of the outdated rules that surround the social media competing in the philippines. one thing that we know is definitely that a lot of campaigning. advertising is a hid then through influencers it's made or this guys to look like it's organic. and there's basically no way to know whether and webster is on the politicians payroll on or not. so unlike if an influence through sped laying skin care products for an instagram, you'd see that, that sponsored. but then they can, in politics when they're their marketing. a 3rd and politician, they can work that into any of their spills, any of their content, it will look re guy. but actually that person could be on the politicians payroll
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and there is no way of measuring up or finding that out in the current system. yeah, i mean lots of criticisms of the current system, not just the candidates from each different party i do. and also share with you on youtube. some comments that have been coming in one from dot. let me just read it to you right here. the philippines used to know actually this one's better. this is just the sad state of the world in general with the rise of all right. authoritarian popular to territory bung bung. trump for exit la, la pan or a bad movie, both so narrow. so listing leader is right, that seemed to represent this sort of deepening divide. richard, what can you share with us about the geopolitical implications? what might marcus juniors rule actually look like if he does? in fact, when yeah, i mean the philippines is now actually kind of open system, right. i was quite shocking an interview with the spokesman of the commission elections of yours. but to know that we don't really have a kind of
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a real boss mechanisms to make sure that there is no foreign interference in our elections and, and the concern over for inter friends, especially by authority, in super powers, by china, russia, among others, has been something that mentioned by a lot of experts all but you know, we don't have a smoking gun because we don't really have a clear supervision of what's happening and it's 6 are extremely high, extremely high. the philippines is a u. s. street the low but monday president of the 30, it has been acting like, not an alley at all. right. much my alley of china and the war is that a bumble marcus becomes the next president. he referred to killed the country in the direction of trying to add the expense of our tradition at lions, this with america. now that is warning for a lot of because we actually up territorial disputes. we china not with the americans, while i regret the opposition candidate, has emphasized the importance of revitalizing our alliance with the west and fell democrats nations. so did you want to go or also stream the high and there are many power swap. also speaking, who becomes the next president of the philippines?
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you know, it's interesting, we have a comment that was sent to us and you really laid it out there in terms of what's at stake for the world. sort of brought out the conversation. let us know what dr. jose ramon albert had to share with us. he had some deep insight and we will find is, are bracing the senator for the non mater. marcos junior high school longbow is leading by a very wide margin across the economy. groups. however, i'm not because he has a very strong ally, ends with sarah the, the, the daughter off the current president with a popular what's the marshal break, and to me, he's leading even larger among the educate the group. and i think what we have to watch out for whether those who are treating behind would be withdrawing in the next few days because that could be a pain changer, but likely to happen. and it seems almost, i mean, is that viable?
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is that just like hopeful that that could be a last minute game changer a candidate dropping out? what do you think leann i think it's very much between roberto and marcos now and i think all of the support there's a vice president or read or accounting that the surveys have a blank but that at regina said that they haven't taken into account the unprecedented ground movement of doing house the house nationwide. that's never been done before. usually you do house to house for local elections and so maybe we're in for a surprise. maybe not. but one thing that i can foresee in the future, whoever, when it's going to be a bullet, the 1st, the one month or 2 months, if marcus wins all those thousands of people that showed up for a bred though, are going to make their voices heard. if not read the when the 56 percent lead, the people that make up the lead of markets are going to have their voice carried. so we're in there right. in the next month to month, new months. you know, we have
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a lot of people on youtube commenting. for example, jeff, is he saying we should stop calling him bong bong, and call him only as ferdinand marcos junior. to remind every supporter who they are. voting for trying to say that perhaps even just that is, is in a way, you know, focusing on the personality rather than the politics. i mean, if i'm not mistaken, under his father's rule, that thousands were, were tortured, were disappeared, were murdered, and you know, it's, it's struggling to imagine that that's just being jailed over. i do want to say on the actual policies, we've talked a lot about, you know, the politics of all of this, but it seems both candidates have made sort of vague pledges. if i'm not mistaken regina to improve health care and fight poverty. that's kind of the overriding issue or has been for many, many elections in philippines history. is that true or? or is there a clear sort of difference between the 2? like what leon and yeah. the earlier. yeah. the, there's
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a very vague promise of you and that the, but the platforms actually have not really been fleshed out partly because marcus, junior and tired that they're, they have really refused to participate them to be repressed and answer any questions that includes both regarding controversies and basic policies like economics and demick responds, etc. so they haven't been question there in terms of been that make respond. brad, the has had a bit of a track record with being very active in terms of her programs and a lot of her biggest endorsement. now a lot of the people who really testify are people who have benefit from her various programs over the years while she was kind of working silently. definitely one thing that we're seeing with a red this campaign is that it's actually borrowing from the radical love model we've seen in 30 back in 2090. and when our position went up against the gun, one thing that we can learn from that particular campaign is about the camp really
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year, back. these populace out there, right, right. have the k through the got issue and basically court the, the electorate, based on things that are, that are basically closer to their heart than the drug guar or human issues or social issues where they can be more, more or less thick. right? i want to share with you very quickly. something that ferdinand bung bung marks junior. how to say on facebook just yesterday. take a look. i get none. i'm crazy. in the middle of a crisis, we should brace and prepare for a better tomorrow. what us, where we are united london, let us turn our backs on disagreements into patient and let us embrace a unifying lita can will bring us a bright future. happy. so daughter thing the my, you and we're be like a long and then put that on may 9. we also need to be vigilant about votes. let us protect our decision and let us not allow it to be stolen again from us. i am willing so richard watching that we don't have much time left. i just want to get
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a quick take as that is that campaigning is bad disinformation and of itself. i mean, just look at the video. it screams nostalgia, it makes you think of his father. i mean, the, the way he dresses the way he looks, he's hairy style. i mean, the unity kind of a vague mater would statement. it's something that his father also use the say, you know that if you put someone like me, someone be political will, whatever that means someone with strong, we'll then automatically and magically all of our problems are going to go away. that's why they want it all with policy, because this is all about right. putting our confidence in some sort of father would figure, and that's what he's doing by earring lashley trying to look like on fodder. and perhaps we should have talked about. the patriarchy always seems like a very relevant topic when discussing politics in this day and age. richard leon, ha, regime, thank you so much. that's all the time we have for today. thanks for watching at home and see you next time. you can always follow us at streamed on al jazeera dot com. ah,
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dismantle the misconceptions and debate. the contradictions. do we have a real democracy here in the united states? it's not a political florida. that's a radical insurgency. are mark lamarr hill, and it's time to get up front right here on out 0. ah, russia promise as a cease fire to freeze of indians hold up with ukrainian soldiers in a sprawling steel works in mario poll. class poland and sweden haste, a dentist, conference in warsaw seeking more international support for ukrainians. ah, hello there, i'm laura kyle. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up tensions rise again.


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