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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 5, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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this stuff from al jazeera is mobile app available in your favorite app store. just set for it and tapped are made and you opt from al jazeera new at your fingertips. ah, this is al jazeera ah, there i'm terry dunst and this is the news our life, and i will coming up in the next 60 minutes. ukraine reports more fighting around the besieged, still works, not in mario, but russia insists a ceasefire to now is holding. meanwhile, ukraine's president addresses and international donors conference included just seeking more help fordable talk also ahead
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tensions rise at alex and mosque compound and occupied east jerusalem. but jewish visitors have been granted access for new estimates. show nearly 15000000 people have died. cope with 19 or duties impact on overwhelmed on systems. hi, i'm sorry to hide it later in 4 times more withdrawals from the long awaited class against old fe novak chocolate class and football. one of the most dramatic nights and champions league history. israel madrid, deliver houdini eliminates manchester city. ukraine is again accusing russian forces of storming the besieged steel plant in maria poach. the civilians are trapped. russia earlier announced a ceasefire at the sight and insists it is abiding by it. will these pictures show fighting there? in the past few days, the un has been working with both sides to get civilians out. people are in the as
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of star plans with ukranian soldiers who vowed to make a last stand into mana and reports. ukrainian fighters have been holding out an underground bunkers in the sprawling steel works for months and for the past few days, it's been the scene of heavy fighting as russian force has tried to capture the last pocket of resistance in the strategically important city. but despite running out of food and ammunition, the soldier se they've no intention of surrendering for gray near, ruddy. oh, but it's good news. on the mario post garrison for 70 days has resisted the overwhelming forces of the enemy by itself. since the 25th of april, we have held a circular defense of the ever stole fun. it is the 2nd day the enemy has broken through into the plant. there i have a bloody battle side. but it's not just soldiers hold up. here are hundreds of civilians remain trapped, report others have been evacuated recent days,
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ukraine's president in appealing for help to get those who remain to safety. when you're going to run it today, i spoke to you in secretary general, antonio gutierrez, and we discussed what we have already achieved and what is still necessary to do to save mary paul and the defenders of mary paul city. there is not a single day that i and my team wouldn't do this, and i'm grateful to everybody who helps russia has promised to cease fire 3 more days to allow the last of the women and children to escape. if the promises kept, it may be their final opportunity before the russians move in to end resistance and merciful wants. and for all sins, monahan al jazeera authorities in the crematorium, se 25 people have been wounded in russian, shedding the eastern city is near the front line of fighting in don't yet province . russia has increased its from bob and of ukrainian positions as part of its dumbass offensive trial struct. for this, near where one of the strikes hit have
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a look at the size of this crater that's got to be 10 to 15 feet deep. now, local residents are saying that the building, the destroyed building that you can see here was an abandoned building that was still under construction. and look at the thickness of the, of, of the masonry. you can see obviously how powerful that, that bomb attack was. right? it's going to pan out and you can see the residential buildings. this is a so, so the military says a is a purely residential area. there are hundreds of flats that sir, i've had their windows destroyed. and as you can see, pretty much completely devastated. and this area is right pans, round sweep round to there's a playground here in the park. and you can see obviously the trees there have been completely shredded. this was an incredible, incredibly powerful explosion. residents are saying that they heard this is one of
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3 explosions. they heard in this area last night at around 5 am. it is incredible that nobody was killed in these attacks. we're hearing that at least 25 people were injured. and as i say earlier on this morning, we were at another attack. nothing like on, on this scale. what we do know though, is that russian forces, certainly, according to the ukrainian military, russian forces are building up the reinforcements of god in north of kraemer tours . indeed, north of the neighboring cities, a slab dance around a town called is yeoman. away from the front lines. international donors are in poland. capital warsaw, fame is to raise money for ukraine's. my terry needs which are growing more desperate are the day. once bustling towns and cities now thine ruins pounded my monster russian bombardment. that's led to a refugee crisis, which has grown to become at you. it's worse since well, who
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t has cost his dominant kane now, who's in burly in for a dominant ukraine's president address the name of the don't a conference via video. i think what did you have to say? one of the things that the ukranian president was keen to stress to those at the conference in warsaw physically there was the plight of his people and the need for the sort of assistance which monetary incense will help to rebuild his country. over the course of the last few months, we've heard him repeatedly calling for military assistance, but that was not his message, mainly today. instead, it was humanitarian. this is what he had to say. the armed forces of ukraine and all of our heroic defenders bravely and firmly defend our freedom on the battlefield. but how this proof of war will and is decided not only on the battlefield, there's also the economy and finance humanitarian force and the ability to ensure
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normal life and liberated territory and rebuilding what was destroyed by the russian army. freedom must demonstrate that it protects people, provides better than tyranny. that is why this conference is so important for everyone in europe. there are 2 other points to make on the basis of what has already been spoken of and suggested intimated by leaders at that conference. the 1st is that president funder lion of the european commission, spoke with some emotion about her feelings, having beams to butcher in ukraine and having seen in her words, war crimes that had taken place there by in her opinion, russian forces. and she said that she believed that russia was carrying out war crimes in ukraine on a daily basis. that was why she said it was very important for the e. you to provide all the assistance that can in the humanitarian sense,
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to ukraine, whilst ratcheting up the level of sanctions against russia. to try to deter russia from carrying out the sorts of acts she says it has been doing. and one other thought here, we know that the german chancellor, all our shots is also addressed to conference and said the germany intends to provide 125000000. further euros in humanitarian assistance as fast as possible to the ukrainian government. that comes after the knowledge that the e you council president sha michelle had said that he wants to see a sort of marshall act marshal plan bring being brought in for ukraine. you might recall a marshall plan. the 1st was brought in by the united states of america after world war 2 to reconstruct europe. that's the sort of sense that e leaders and member state leaders have brought to this conference. what they
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really want to do to help the president zelinski in give prominent cane live in berlin for us. thank you. now at least 16 palestinians have been injured and dozens arrested by a very security forces that the alex the most compound and occupied these jerusalem needed for se elderly men and young children are among those detained. israeli police fire put it up, palestinian saying they threw stones. the confrontation began not jewish worshippers were allowed on the side for the 1st time since the end of ramadan accept compounds is one of the most volatile flashpoints in occupied east jewison. 967, jordan and israel agreed that the works or is not to trust with control. the compound with israel responsible for external security temple mount has it's called by jews, is presented by worshippers who press the western wall. it also contains 2 of his arms holy sites. the kidney mosque on the dome of the rock showing only muslims are
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allowed to pray inside the compound. jews can pray outside of stephanie decker is in occupy these jerusalem with more details on the latest trouble. it is the 1st day since the end of ramadan and ead that non muslims are allowed to enter again into the alex a most compound to time slots. alligators during the week 3 hours in the morning, one hour in the afternoon. there's actually now one group touring if you will, the site. this is something that's been agreed upon between jordan, the custodian of the site in israel, under a long agreed status quo that non muslims, ah, can visit, and muslims pray. this is what's changed over the years policy, it will tell you that the nature of these groups have changed, calling for the right to prayer, actively trying to pray on the site. and this is what is hugely provocative to palestinians. in fact, many, unless we've spoken to have said that even the police who escort these groups often
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turn a blind eye to prayer and there's even actively members in government that support jewish prayer on this site. however, every his railey government has maintained and that they want to maintain the status quo that there are no plans to change the status quo, but certainly palestine on the ground will tell you it is a very different story. just to give you a sense of the, a, of the complete sort of inflammatory nature when it comes to these kinds of visits to the side you're looking at, you know, could be mosque. now behind the mosque, you have the western wall. this is the only area that jews can pray at the of the alex the most compound. it is the holy site for jews known as the temple mounted is the 3rd wholly a site for islam. of course it drew slim is wholly to 3 abrahamic faith. so this is the situation why you've seen tensions escalate in the last couple of weeks. hamas also saying that this is now a red line that more needs to be done to stop these kinds of groups accessing the
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site provoking palestinians, particularly with those calls. and right to practice, the world health organization says cover 9 teens associated with far more deaths than originally thought. it's new estimates show almost 15000000 people died directly or indirectly from the virus between 20202021. well, this includes what's known as excess death. now that means fatalities that link to the panoramic drain on health care systems and society. well, most of the excess deaths, 84 percent were concentrated in southeast asia, europe, and the americas. let's say i get more on this with charlie angela in london. now, how definitive are these figures? well, it is interesting considering that this figure of 50000000 is more than double the
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6000000 official death toll that we previously had. but as you said, the w h o seems to have lumped together both those direct and indirect deaths. and i think that will be cool for them to break down those figures and make it a little bit more granular, but accurate reporting of covey death numbers has been very problematic throughout the pandemic. and that's partly because of the way different countries have been allowed to report over death differently. for example, here in the u. k. anyone who dies if they are testing positive with cove it at that point of death, that death is reported as death from coven 19, even if they were terminally ill and, and only had a few weeks to live prior to contracting the virus. and that it does not compared to other countries reporting like an india, a cos, eddie ending india and across africa as well. but the w h. i figures have been backed up by
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a scientists at the university of washington who estimate that more than 18000000 people died of covert related death between january 2020 and december 2021. and that was in a study published in the lancet recently. but obviously the purpose hair of the report is to galvanize countries just as they are. feel like they are coming out of the pandemic and maybe dropping their god a bit, galvanized them to invest, not just in their recovering economy, but in future preparedness future proofing against those pandemic. making sure that there is money invested in not only in health care systems, but in planning systems, coordinating with all the governments. and interestingly, we heard from bill gates today, he's doing the media rounds touting his new initiative, which has cooled, the global academic response, mobilization, or german. he's proposing building a team of global epidemiologists and verona jests. and that will need to be that we
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need funding not just from the w h o, but also from member countries. that seems very timely, this report, but yes, that number of 15000000 deaths from cobit, that's going to be the number that children in the future will be learning in the history books about how many people died during the 2020 over ok. trolley answer live 1st in london. thank you. a fan to morehead on the news, including he's described as one of the most dangerous criminals in the world. a colombian drug is sent to the us to face several challenges. we look at what fuels record profits, one of the world's biggest energy companies and my daughter jersey fetches, and i watch any amount adoption. what the details is ah, the u. s. said it's preparing for
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a world of both with and without an iran nuclear do. the state department concedes it's not sure there will be a mutual return to compliance with the 2015 agreement between iran and well powers . since the u. s. withdrew in 2018 and then president donald trump. iran has been ramping up. it's nuclear program, talks to salvage the deal had been dragging on for months. we're now preparing equally for either scenario that scenario in which we have a mutual return to compliance in which that breakout time is elongated. we are also preparing with our allies and partners for a scenario in which there is no energy. and we will have to turn to other tactics and other approaches. one of columbia's most notorious drugs, katia bosses has been extradited. united states, as well as being one of the biggest cocaine traffickers in america's antonio. as his men, he's also wanted for murder, extortion, and kidnapping. the harding is more he was the most wanted man in columbia until
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his arrest in october. now wearing protective military gear. dido antonio saga, also known as o tony l, has been flown to the united states, charged with drug trafficking, murder, extortion, and kidnapping. gas c o x that i thought i'd like to inform you that dial antonio sugar. yes or or tone yell was extradited. is this criminal is comparable only to pablo escobar, killer of social leaders, abuser of children and boys, girls and teenagers alike. the killer of police officers and one of the most dangerous criminals in the world. atanya is widely considered to be the boss of the cleanser golfer, a powerful drug cartel that controls cocaine roots into mexico in the united states . is there one view this band? it was extradited to serve drug trafficking sentences in the us. but i want to be
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clear, you know, that once he serves those and he will return to columbia to pay for the crimes he committed in our country. who toenails lawyer argued against his extradition, seen, he should be allowed to confess his role in columbia as nearly 6 decades of internal conflict. but that request was denied with the $5000000.00 bounty on his head, or tonia is now at the mercy of us court to decide his faith. leah harding al jazeera guinea has oakland, an investigation into for president of a condo and 26 of his officials. he's been investigated for alleged crimes while in office, including complicity and murder, torture and illegal detention con. they was ousted from pal and arrested after military coup in september. when nicholas hika joins us live now with more on this form back are so nicholas, why all these arrests now that well,
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for con they was in exile. i've been tell a few weeks ago where he returned to the country. you remember he was supposed to qu, back in october, and it's because he's in the country that the attorney general and the prosecutor, a very young prosecutor in his 30. his name is alfonse charles wright took charge and started legal proceeding against a man that appeared before then untouchable above the law and powerful the former president of guinea alpha cons. now he's charged with being behind a rafter of murder, sexual abuse, torture during his time in office. the 84 year old is what among 26 people that have been accused of all of this, including 26 members of his former governments. so this is quite an incredible moment for a country where there's, there has been very little justice for the people and it was, in fact
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a civil society group that brought this to the court during alpha conduct rule. and now we're seeing hopefully the beginning of a proceeding taking place in guinea. kerry and the has what of the fates of the former president then if he's found guilty, well, he's above 84 years old, and he re spending the rest of his life in prison. but what's extraordinary, and what we're seeing right now is not only the level of impunity that was previously in this country. and justice. similarly starting to being served is the circumstances in which this trial is taking place. why? well, because since october military genta has taken over power, mama, the duke, young colonel, and just a few days ago, he went on national television saying that he would stay on to power for another 39 months. so this is a step back for democracy. but
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a step forward for justice at least justice for some, because there are members of the current military, june tech, who have also been accused of killing of murder. remember, all of these crimes were committed at a time where there was protests on the streets of the capital of guinea. could cree against alpha con day, who tweaked at the time the constitution to allow him to run for a 3rd mandate. and the security forces fired live rounds on protesters, and this is why we are seeing this court case in place. now. some of those that were allied security forces that were allied to help accommodate or facing justice as well as politicians. but those that are close to the current men in power dubia are not facing just so people here waiting in getting, waiting to see what kind of justice will be served. but this is an important moment for getting a country where most people live on less than 2 dollars a day,
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but extremely wealthy. it has the highest reserve of bach site and it has incredible potential. and there's a feeling among many young in that they want to see a state that serves not the powerful but their own interest. carry nicholas huck. thanks indeed for that update are studying in us. johnston has killed and injured the dozens of people damaged homes and drowned livestock. heavy rain hit 11 provinces, killing 18 people, and the other 2 are missing. disaster management officials. so 100 homes are known to be destroyed. tornado warnings have been issued in the united states. fire and damaged to homes and businesses through so some people will truck, her twister, stroke buildings, no oklahoma city on a time to talk to have a look at the weather. now. his car, how low there was that in south america and from the satellite image, you can see the concentration of cloud across the very north of the continent,
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bringing some intense downpours to the likes of columbia severe storms rolling their way into ecuador and northern areas of peru in the days to come. now from those very heavy rains, we could see flash flooding and the potential for landslides. by the time we get into friday, it will be southern areas of venezuela that see the more intense rains pick up. now further south of this, it is drying up the east coast of brazil as that weather system pulls away, leaving behind clear skies but a dip in the temperature for the likes of rio. and there are some wind warnings out for the very south of brazil. now was we had further south of this, we are going to see an improvement in the temperature for the likes the santiago as the wind changes. and that's the head of kula conditions that will creep in by the time we get into sunday. we will see the temperature dip down and some cloud cover roll in. as we move to central america from the satellite image. we can see the dense cloud sitting across the very north and the south, heavy down ports for the likes of costa rica and panama,
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as well as for the bahamas. by the time we get into friday, it'll be santo domingo. let's see the thunderstorms. now the head of the world health organization appears to weighed into the 1st debate of access to abortions in the us. why not explicitly mentioning the u. s. supreme court hedges and panam give her yes said safe pregnancy, terminations save lives and opinion leaked from the court this week suggests it will seem end nationwide, illegal abortions and is now protective barrier at the supreme court because of the volatile abortion she. offense was built on wednesday for in protest from both sides of the debate. but if the court does overturn the constitutional right to abortion, about half of us states will restrict or banished others though, put themselves for the so called sanctuaries. while reynolds has more from los angeles, oh, california governor is in
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a fighting move. i think jill should really be pissed off. at this moment, gavin newsome says california will be a sanctuary state for women's seeking abortions from around the country. he will not be defeated. we will stand tall, we will stand firm, and we will affirm the constitutional currently, constitutionally protected rights of women. girls. ah, protesters gathered in los angeles and other cities around the state. newsome says he will propose an abortion rights amendment to the state constitution for a state wide vote in november. we look forward to going front of the voters affirming is constitutional right in our state in the constitution, not just statue. because we now recognize the vulnerability of the moment we're living in california is the least restricted access to abortion in the us. it covers the cost of how we're just going to break out of that to report that to
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bring you lose sector in tunis, tennessee, head of the opposition coalition that parties has been reacting to, to me. apparently, the tennessee president, dissolving unethical parties. unrest in that leaders. let's have a listening to that now, rocky with all freedom in order to get rid of our political and social problems. and we will keep going. and i hope we're not alone in the field of are you hope a lot of those a lead and the so called political elite, the need not to just watch and see people take into the modem called civil courts. and with no charge is the only chart is they are trying to change the regime. and they are drawing a sort of a cool data. because of these political situations, the pendulum about our people is great. our people considers all the exceptional
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procedures illegal on the parliament that he was what they should be. also part all these calliah national, this dialogue i think is l and have good who handle the we need not on was that these acts of the president. we need not to suffer from these acts and this procedures, lawyers and, and members of parliaments and political figures are in prison. because i think that they don't know how to her had them do with the people. how to, how to do with the political system had. this is too much. this is too much, we will continue our resistance for the thought is escalating. do you think they want to change
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your viewpoints? oh, what do you think would the position will be sure sure. well, thank you for the question. i need to say that the salvation front has a been targeted by the head of their, of the regime by the president. we don't care about this. we have our own issue. we have our own political doctrine. we only want democracy, we want to democracy. other than democracy, the tennessee people when the, sorry that that's why the salvation front is a targeted and is being targeted. and we know that the president does not understand any one even there. there's no sort of understanding of different statements and different declarations, and i think there is a deadlock,
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a series deadlock, even this morning, statements or people say we will never participate in such a crime, a crime of preventing the political parties this morning. and we will never agree that all the political parties will be the sold or will be canceled in order to find political solutions. so i, i swear to god that he has something in his mind. i'd all know even those, his entourage, i know the situation or not we consider this threat is against every one we call upon every one to work together. we call upon all of you to work together and to confront these procedures. well that was a flood that g, a choppy,
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there are talking the head of the opposition coalition parties live in to this to nice. yeah. and now he's been reacting to the chinese in president, apparently dissolving political parties and arresting their leaders. of course, we'll be looking to get our reporter in tennis with more on that as soon as we can, we'll bring that to when we can hear on al jazeera or returning to our top story. now ukraine is again accusing russian forces or storm that receives steal, found where civilians are trapped. russia earlier announced a cease fire at the sight and insists it is abiding bite. sedona i brew is a spokesman for the un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs. he told us earlier that some of the foster, stout survivors, what they've gone through people, there are completely traumatized by desecration, which i think none of us can even imagine what is it being to be underground for more than 2 months without seeing the sunlight for 2 months and not, and having the sounds of the shelley on your heads every day without access to
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water, proper water without access to food, without being able to, to shower every day or not even shower more than 2 months. so you can imagine how it can be actual being the situation. i think the suppression of people deck and yesterday i was one of the variations. and that we went to close my polling now the artists to bring people to safety. here i could talk with some people could see how we teach for venture to, to being an added at cannot meet. i met one women yesterday and tony and she said no, well, we mine and she has to say good bye for to have children, children. i was there when they a jumping to the bus to come here for 2 parties and these women and all of a lady, she doesn't want to leave the audience. so we're talking about family separations. she has to see the children that you get onto the navy, and she is being an added a dispensing pensive itin and still it is. she doesn't know about how it's going to be for her to be bad with her husband. but she doesn't know either. she's going to
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be able to see it. how got you? and i think it's a very dangerous environment where operating a wash on and going there and going to my all going to august. how is a very complex and then to creation. we have to think about every movement and i agree on these movements with us to the conflict. high oil and natural gas prices of field record, the 1st quarter profits for british energy dimes. show says it made more than $9000000000.00 in the 1st 3 months of the year. that's triple reported the same time. last year. company took a $3900000000.00 hit from everything russia, but saw no costs elsewhere. the healthy earnings pumped sell stock price up by more than 3 percent to in the morning trade in london. rising fuel costs behind higher inflation around the world, turkey for $1.00, so consumer price is jump almost 70 percent last month compared with a year ago. she knew cassiano is in istanbul. turkey citizens have been overwhelmed
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with rising prices, especially in energy and food. in the last one year, the annual inflation has reached nearly 70 percent is expected to continue this way a but for the regular turkish citizens. the rising prices, especially in food, is making their lives more difficult. the reason the of the, the price hikes and turkey is one, the regional problems like the war in ukraine, a between here and moscow. and also turkey is domestic monetary policy. turkey central bank cut interest rates from 19 percent to 15 percent last september, which caused occurrences crash and because of that turkish near our loss valley. and it is this meant for the turkish citizens that they can buy less with the same amount of money. the government has tried to improve the living conditions of the regular turkish citizens by increasing the minimum wage and the pensions. however,
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people we have spoken to tell us that despite this increase in their wages, it is difficult for them to deal with the prices that are changing nearly every day . cash. you're cutting an all cash and buying cheaper, otherwise it's impossible to survive. i checked around today and all prices have risen, but i guess we will get used to us because i believe prices will eventually come back down. partially. turkish policymakers will believe that this high inflation is a temporary problem for the turkish people and the turkish economy. by keeping the interest rates low and a turkish me raw week against the us dollar turkey will bruce, it's for cent production, and will it create a budget surplus by the end of the year? this is what the turkish economy administration things. however, the spike, the military of finance, believes that this problem will be overcome by the new year. many experts warn that
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the impacts of this high inflation will be felt among the residents up to 3 years. some of the residents believe that the government is going to overcome this crisis as there is an election coming up in 2023. but experts warn this may not be possible on the cost of paying off mortgages, credit cards, and all other loans has jumped in the us off the steepest interest rate rise in 2 decades. federal reserve went with half a percentage point increase as gabriel and his on the report start from washington . for ricardo a good, a business is good at his beloved food truck, he calls tamales packers pueblo. but when he needs to restock the trucks, refrigerator, with ingredients he had to a local market, realizes everything has gone up in price by a lot, $6.00 for that before you could get it for 299 double in price,
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even the oil he uses to cook with instead of being $40.00, now we pay $84.00 to ricardo is not alone. millions of americans are struggling to get by with inflation reaching the highest levels in decades. which is why better reserved chair, jerome pow announced wednesday in aggressive interest rate hike of half a percentage point. we understand the hardship it is causing and we're moving expeditiously to bring it back down. the u. s. benchmark or target inflation rate is about 2 percent. he rate at which the fed believes a normal healthy economy can function without too much strain on consumers. in march 2019 before anyone had heard of corporate 19, the u. s. economy was humming along inflation was at 1.9 percent. basic interest rates were also low, but then march 2020 hit. and so to do the pandemic,
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the u. s. economy began to shut down the federal reserve slashed interest rates to near 0 to keep the economy from total collapse. it worked. but since then, supply chains have become clogged while consumer demand has increased along with energy costs with rushes, war and ukraine. goods and services have become more expensive. inflation kept creeping up last year and has been over 6 percent for 6 straight months. it's now at a 40 year high, so interest rates are going up to put the brakes on an overheating economy. left unchecked in ation can lead to an unsustainable cycle of prey. sikes that directly affect consumers and business owners, just like ricardo the food truck owner. have a business run in the family to support you not to raise the price is one. unfortunately, i don't have a way around it. the government hoping this latest interest rate hike will provide
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the economy with what the fed calls a soft landing for millions of americans. gabriel sandow. i'll just ita, washington. and british interest rates are going up to a 13 year high bank of england. increase them by a quarter of one percent to one percent. it's also warning the u. k. risks a double whammy of a recession and inflation above 10 percent of schools in china's capital have in order to remain closed for at least another week in a further effort to contain colona, vars instead of students returning to cross off the holidays streets and facing quantum and billions of employees or be encouraged to work from home. of the 50 you infections were reported. shanghai with 4 to 4 and a half 1000 on kong has relaxed some koby 19 restrictions. after the 5th wave of the panoramic ease limits on the numbers of diners allowed to eat together . restaurant tables have been raised from 4 to 8 swimming pools and beaches have
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reopened, unmasked. i no longer needed while exercising or the 20000 people have been rounded up in el salvador latest suite against suspected gang members. although the arrests huh. popular among the public human rights groups had its tensions. are often random on homeland as well. this is the image that the out salvador government wants to transmit. another suspect to gang member of the streets, his tattoos giving away his affiliation to a criminal band. they were arrested more than $20000.00 people in the last month and a half as they seek to clean the m. s 13 and barrier away teen gangs out of neighborhoods . they've ruled for decades. but this also is an image of the crackdown. one of many women sang good bye to a husband or a son, as a disappearance of the salvadoran prison system. here are others. i love you son.
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she sank in march after a murder spike. the country declared a state of emergency that many people could be arrested without a warrant. the salvadoran congress has extended that state of emergency to late may, please continue to round up young men or mess. inevitably, along with the guilty human rights groups, i be innocent. have been taken martha and the loose, cold out da, 0 her sons. one of the latter, he sells face mouse to hospital. she says and helps her get by now she's used a quarter of what she makes in a month at a market still to try me free him on july, 2nd. 100 percent that under handing offensive. but i don't know why the president is doing this to innocent people. people that aren't guilty, i can find someone's done something they should pay. but the not guilty. yeah. lee, she knows where he is. other women going from prison to prison, trying to find their relatives, look at the crowd here. and the crackdown goes on in the italian district,
4:41 pm
well known as 13 stronghold. so just question search everyone going in and out. but an overwhelming number of salva warrens, approve of president night bu kelly's actions. muhammad boredom, we have stopped bain extortion. we're not being anything now. the gang members have been being seen. they have practically disappear, and business is flowing. people are longer afraid to come to the city center and walk the streets so many have suffered extortion rape, killing that even if some innocence have to suffer others believe that surprised worth paying if they can simply be free. the question is, if at the end of all the arrest confusion of brutality, this will actually work. john hallman al jazeera, the u. s. embassy in cuba is again, issuing visas for the 1st time in 4 years. former president donald trump, close of course, the service is in 2017 of the allegations of sonic attacks and embassy staff and
4:42 pm
their families. number of cubans trying to enter the u. s. has surged, more than 78000 crossing from mexico in the past 6 months. okay, but is one of the 3 countries excluded from the upcoming summit of the americas in los angeles. us says they don't meet the necessary democratic standards. well, in an artist or exclusive, our latin america editor, lucy newman, got reaction from cuba as deputy foreign minister. as the name implies, the summit of the americas is the only venue where leaders of north central and south america gathered to confront pressing problems. this year the theme is migration, but the host to president joe biden has unilaterally decided to exclude 3 countries, including cuba, viola, thank you. thank you for. i met cooper's deputy foreign minister catalyst finance. the go seal. a van is point, man for us affairs, to talk about the implications of washington's controversial decision. or we have said that a summit that excludes some countries of the region. it's an exclusive
4:43 pm
summit, but if you're going to have the summit, you're going to spend money on it. if you're going to go to the trouble of convening, heads of state and government, it would be to discuss the difficult problems that we have in our region, which are difficult. some of them are controversial and for the summit to be successful. the useful thing to do, and the fair approach to take would be to have everybody in have everybody put forward their point of view, even if you don't like, as we all know, tuba is undergoing a huge exodus of its citizens right now, the largest since the 1980 is actually why do you think that is one of the basic reasons that is pushing migration is people saw that the policy of the biting government is exactly the policy of the government, which is maximum pressure toward cube the policy of the us against cube in economic turns today is nothing short of criminal. it's
4:44 pm
a criminal policy to punish the livelihood of people while i've heard i asked for an undesirable seal. if the suggestion was a biden administration, the head of the summit of, than up my grant, an amnesty to protest his sentence, the harsh prison sentences for taking part in last year's anti government protest. why would cuba have to make concessions for us to stop applying a policy that is criminal? and that is clearly unfair. what would you say to president biden if you had him on the phone right now, about the fact that he doesn't want to invite cuba to the summit of the americas when that was one of the things that the vast majority of the countries of the region fought for, for so many years, i doubt that he would speak with me. but i would say that if you're going to call in a summit color summit of a part of the america, you cannot colony some of the americas. if you go to school some, you should not fear having frank dialog,
4:45 pm
even when there are differences. and there are differences in the region. and there are problems. immense problems or regions that the countries need to talk about. the countries, the region are claiming that it be an inclusive summit and that cuba be included. the u. s. should pay attention to it. south korea is setting an example of what can be done to revitalize forests as it hosts industry leaders from around the world. it's reconnecting with nature to decades of exploitation, and it's providing a model, a could help others address climate change. while mcbride replace it's a gathering that brings together thousands of experts on forests meeting after a one year delay because of the pandemic. organizers say that's a timely reminder of how humanity and nature are so interconnected, and reiterate the importance of healthy forests to limit global warming. taurus are absolutely essential to climate stability. if we have any hope of stain below 1.5
4:46 pm
degrees warming, we need forests. there sinks for carving, so they sat carbon out of the atmosphere and all of the scenarios. they all have forest in there as part of their models that bring that temperature down. the host south korea offers important lessons on forest management. it's stripped much of its wooded hill sides in the 1st half of the last century and during the korean war, but then embarked on an ambitious reforestation program. the amount of land that's covered by forests has roughly double to more than 60 percent in the past 6 decades . that periods also seen south career, transform its economy into an advanced one proving it seems that economic progress and good forestry management can and do go hand in hand. in contrast, the mountains of north korea have been relatively stripped of trees. after years of economic hardship, it means bigger summer storms and floods because of climate change,
4:47 pm
inflict more damage. and the changing climate is also causing more damaging forest fires in south korea. i'm a cuban all right, young. they went on figure. this year we had the largest ever wild fire that burned continuously for 213 hours, and that was made worse by global warming. so we need to improve our system for forestry. disaster management is another indicator of a changing climate. the cherry blossom season, which has just ended on the peninsula, comes earlier each year of visual reminder of the delicate and shifting balance between trees and the environment. robert bride al jazeera so well artists and designers also believe they have a role to play in tackling a ton of change. jessica baldwin went to an exhibition in london to see how at 65 meters this capehart tree, grows in the columbian amazon rain, forest visitors pier through the layers into the trees inner system. see the
4:48 pm
oxygen released into the air, the nutrients coursing through the structure. a dining table set for 14, including a b, a bird, and a snake. a mushroom sits at one end, the human at the other. all species are equally important to the earth survival by hopefully presenting a story of. wow, isn't this incredible to be living within this living planet? it can therefore engage on a slightly more emotional level and therefore develop that sense of m b rather than shame and paralysis. each flash of belief marks 128 square meters, a brazilian rain forest destroyed. so we're looking at winter, winter bring to life and the 1st station that's happening right now in the amazon rain forest. so when kofi began, there was
4:49 pm
a 71 percent increase in the for station and nobody was there to watch. so i made a piece that disappears at the rate of the d for station, and everybody can watch what's actually happening right now in the amazon futurists to imagine re wilding in our cities, trees taking over roads, or even just one city on earth with 10000000000 inhabitants as well as raising awareness and futurists predicting what our planet will look like in decades. the exhibition also includes real life current solutions aimed at stopping the destruction. using rice terrace irrigation in an urban environment. clothes made from micro seaweed or mushrooms, visitors, or challenge to connect with nature to consider the soil trees plant, other species. despite hard data warnings from the un and scientist,
4:50 pm
there has been limited action. could the imaginative, collaborative show by artist and designers from around the world help in some small way to spark a reaction for people to make the changes needed to help save the planet? jessica baldwin al jazeera london were next and spoke with sar or the n b a playoffs, including the veteran who continues to deliver ah
4:51 pm
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah,
4:52 pm
what type of sports needs now his are like very much, hey, well, real madrid we'll play live a pool in the champions league final off to coming through a dramatic 2nd leg of the semi with manchester city. city lead for 3 from the 1st match and looked to be heading through. when rod marez extended their advanced in golf with 17 minutes to go, then came the drama reale gave themselves hopefully, substitute rodrigo scored in the 90th minutes, and in the 1st minute of stop his time, the brazilian made it to one on the night, 5 all on aggregate the home crowd was stunned and disbelief and the match went to an extra time beyond the dread than moved in front for the 1st time in the time when carrying benzino with thousands of heresy area else he given and converted by this season's score. oh, well real madrid,
4:53 pm
a going through see the final author of 65 when across the 2 legs another great night for the club off to winning the spanish league title at the weekends. now they had to paris to play liverpool in the champions league to cider, and that's on may 28th. but i got others that people that bought deals i'm going to delegate to win the match like this. you also need a bit of luck. we never gave up off to cities go despite the match, becoming a lot more difficult for us. we had everything to not sacrifice a bit of luck and strength. it was a very intense match to you guys tough for us. so we can open eyes who are so close to river chambers like final ah, will play much food in the for have with them fall now our, our game, but it's normal. you know, in this competition to norma in the 2nd half as much better. yet unfortunately, we could not hear. you can finish when we're close. the argentine a jersey warned by diego mar,
4:54 pm
don't know any school is infamous. hands of god. gold. in the 1986 world come against england, a sold for record $8900000.00 at auction is the highest price ever paid for a single piece of sports memorabilia. marianna thorpe shot sitting and playing the hold at the end of the game. and it's been on display in football, museums for the last 36 years. my daughter who died in 2020 la dodge and siena to a world cup victory at the tournament and mexico after winning the controversial march with england in the quarter finals. and the madrid masters, the much anticipated match between novak jock eviction and the murray has been cancelled off tomorrow, withdrew due to illness incredibly. they haven't played each other more than 5 years. or if an adult will feature in the round of 16 on thursday, he got that off. the winning is opening match of the tournament, the straits that win over serbia's. meal merrick has minova it. this is her 1st event, fracturing his ribs in march. now the women in madrid are up to the semi finals and
4:55 pm
is in on stubborn as the highest seed left in the draw on the 2nd semi is between jill for man and jessica. peggy la now chris paul turns 36737 rather this week, but the m b a veteran continues to prove he still has the goods. the phoenix gone to live at a sensational final faltering game to the western conference semifinals against the dallas mavericks. pool had 14 points in the final term and top score for the game with 28 songs winning by 20. and now leave the series to nothing. standing watches on 7 or 82 years. oh wow. but you know, just more than what he's doing. hm. court just watches, you know, i courage itself and just being a sponge to that, you know, soon as routine i takes care of his body. you know, his diet is strength and conditioning. you know, i mean, he can tell you, man,
4:56 pm
i can't eat, he's feeling young about the day. it's fun to be brought out in the eastern conference to philadelphia. 76 is, are in desperate need of their main man, joe and b who's out with a racial fracture from last week. for the last 2 games against miami, the heats were led by a bomb as a bio with 23 points. victor would be a key ingredient. i q sacrifice from one another. i've like this. that's the biggest thing, a stay connected. so i will all together. we're going to have mercy, you know, asked when it brings out a true character. and that's when we got each others back. now it's round one of the n h l. playoffs and carrying are a leading boston to nothing over in toronto bay and now level with him. a police officer, 53 victory, also in canada, edmundson goals and might have made an incredible 1st he said, and nothing victory,
4:57 pm
los angeles kings, and in minnesota, lowe, who fun for joe or school trick. so they, through they counseling the i to celebrate problem life. the goal was over turned off the video review thoughts. thankfully, this whole thing of didn't go twice because later on in the game, another minutes i play at school hot tricks. and in major league baseball, a young new york yankees, son was brought to tears for a 2nd time this week when he met his hero, r and judge the day before he was caught on camera hugging. it's ron, so blue jays fine who handed over the ball from a judge home run the yankees, went on to invite the young sir in this ron so supporter to meet the baseball stall . well, that's where your sports from me and the next day is at 15. 45, gmc, sorry, thank you very much. indeed, we can find out much more on our website. the address for that is al jazeera dot com, but fit for me here johnston for this news. i'll be back in
4:58 pm
a few moments more of the day to, to stay with us to be a join the debate. there is no, he, tom bad, little eunice. i mean, if anyone here talks about women that i was a, does this, this bill seem to have been says notes off because of the table we were taught to see abortion had a one way ticket street to help all of the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources and the power to fix that we're a global audience, becomes a global community. the comment section is right here. the part of today's program . this stream on al jazeera, it's rush hour at the local community center in lou batch of 15 kilometers from the border with ukraine. that note that got jack is a retired russian language teacher and is collecting goods donated by people from
4:59 pm
all over europe. thought i agree are helping people on the other side of the board . the ones who stayed behind who can lead since russia invaded ukraine, done to, has been driving across the border every day. crossing the border is always tricky, but the women say that today they have a lucky day because the border guard is someone they know and it's going to be hopefully much easier to bring the goods in donato. if we leave to find a less chaotic situation, that in the past few days, people seem less exhausted just i'm, i'm not crying. as you can see. the new dos mission has been accomplished for now, but you will return with more goods, as long as russia's missiles and rockets forced people out of ukraine. african stories from african perspective, short documentaries, from african filmmakers from ivory coast. just feel as soon from school for the bus
5:00 pm
for fun, for a new thing for home and south africa. tina i would change and, and show me that i'm actually tracking and fire with africa direct on al jazeera ah, the world health organization says nearly 15000000 people have died from cobit 19 or due to its impact on overwhelmed health systems. as more than double the official toll, ah, our carry johnson, this is al jazeera life and also coming up ukraine reports more fighting around the besieged, still works part in mario pope, but russia insist ceasefire. it announce.


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