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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 5, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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is not sufficiently regulated, they don't want people to know what's happening on their platform. and when will society catch up? 10 people that i knew in high school that may suicide full lines investigates, a toxic feed, social media and teen mental health on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hi there, i'm kimbell. this is news ally from dough are coming up in the next 60 minutes. the world health organization says nearly 15000000 people died because of the koran of ours pandemic, almost 3 times more than previous estimates. scores of civilians remain trapped in bunkers at a steel plant, and mary paul bratia says, is observing a ceasefire. ukraine says attacks continue. israel's highest court upholds,
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in order that could leave nearly a 1000 palestinians homeless expelling them from lands that lived on for generations. and inflation in turkey hits new highs with prices almost 70 percent more than a year ago. and his boreal madrid celebrate their great escape in the champions league. they set up a final day to liverpool after a dramatic match against match the city. ah. the world health organization says covered 19 is linked to far more depth than originally thought. it's new estimates show almost 15000000 people died directly or indirectly from virus between 20202021. this includes what's known as excess deaths . that means fatalities above what would normally be expected in an area before
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a panoramic stroke, linked also to the pressure covert 19 coals on health care systems and society. most of the exist if 84 percent were concentrated in southeast asia, europe, and the americas. how did your castro was alive from washington d. c. heidi, these, it seems like a staggering number. 50000000. our analysts surprised by that. can it is a staggering toll and the fact that it is nearly 3 times that of the reported number of deaths coming from governments. indeed that is catching many people off guard or see much of this discrepancy falling from middle income countries. in all there are some 9500000 deaths attributed to cove it or linked to cov id that are simply have not been reported officially or seen in places like egypt, according to the w. h o. the number of deaths attributed to coded 12 times higher
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than what was reported in pakistan, 8 times higher and in india nearly 10 times as high. and in fact there in india is where we've gotten some pushback already. if run against this report coming from the minister of health of india saying that the methodology, the w h o used in having statistical models and home surveys, not applying quite well to india and questioning just the accuracy of this report. but again, the w h o being transparent and saying that this is an estimate. there's a range, but coming out at very close to $15000000.00 deaths attributed to coven. what's the situation then in the us now, which i believe had the largest number of confirms deaths caused by coven 19? how has the, the health care system managed? right is the largest by a large margin. and right now, in the us, we're approaching 1000000 deaths attributed to cove. it at any moment that
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threshold expected to be crossed, which is a devastating number that few would have thought was even imaginable at the beginning of this pandemic. even this said at the death rate though in the u. s. has fallen dramatically, even though still to day more than 300 deaths a day are being reported in the country as more and more places continue to open up . mask mandates being ah, being overturned, ah though there is some people now we thinking that is more sub barons of omicron, i still are still infecting people across the country. right. how did your castro thank you very much for that. ah, ukrainian officials are accusing russian forces of resuming their attack on the besieged steel blanton. mario paul west civilians. a traps lasha has denied this moscow had earlier announced to cease fire at the site and insist it is abiding by
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it. katia, lovers, haughty on with this report. ah, it's considered the last pocket of ukrainian resistance in the shattered city of mateo pool and the scene of heavy fighting for weeks. ukrainian forces, the russians are attacking the aso stall steel factory, were civilians and soldiers are sheltering. an underground bunkers. well it's gonna burn bear some of the estimate, a 2000 beseech fighters, including women sing in the dark and wait for me, there's not enough food or ammunition. even if out numbered, they say they have no intention of surrendering. rentable boiled waterford was a little heavy with bloody fighting his going on for 71 days. the defenders of the city has been fighting and single handedly with overpowering enemy forces. a 3 day
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sees fire was promised by russia to allow civilians to escape. ukraine says the promise has been broken. some women, children, and elderly managed to make it out earlier this week, but others remain trapped alongside ukrainian soldiers. i shall which this divine humans already won my family to get out. but not the way we did. it was a miracle we managed to live on the verge of life and death. ukraine's president is appealing for help to get the others to safety. oh, it is showing is going on today. i spoke to you and secretary general antonio gutierrez and we discussed what we have already achieved and what is still necessary to do to save mary paul and the defenders of mary paul city. there is not a single day that i and my team wouldn't do this, and i am grateful to everybody who helps the kremlin, says accusations of broken promises or propaganda naturally. and she is the cranium side. and especially those who are hiding in the as old style plants are well known
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for producing an enormous number of lies and fights every day. so we should carefully filter all the information we get from them. ukraine says russia is trying to destroy the strategically important city in the south. the ukrainian counter offensive is unlikely before the middle of next month, when it hopes more weapons from allies will have arrived. castillo priscilla young al jazeera, while serrano a bell is the spokesman for the un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs. he told us earlier, some of what the, as of sal survivors have gone through people, there are completely traumatized by the situation which i think none of us can even imagine. what is it being to be underground for more than 2 months without seeing the sunlight for 2 months and not? and having done this sounds of the shelley on your heads every day without access to water, proper water without access to food,
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without being able to talk to shower every day or not even shower more than 2 months. so you can imagine how it can be actual being the situation. i think the suppression of people deck. and yesterday i was in the, one of the equations and that we went to close. my polling out there to bring people to safety. here i could talk with some of the different areas, could see how we teach that for been taught to being an added it cannot meet. i met one women yesterday and tony and she is an old women and she has to say with by 4 to have children, children. i was there when they jumped into the bus to come here for the thought to the bridge. and these women and all the lady, she doesn't want to leave the audience. so we're talking about family separations. she has to see the children that you get onto the navy. and she is being a, not that spanish intensive ip and still it is. she doesn't know about how it's going to be for her to be bad with her husband, but she does not know either. she's going to be able to see it got you. and i think it's a very dangerous environment where operating
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a wash on and going there and going to my all going to august. how is a very complex and then to creation. we have to think about every movement. and i agree on these movements ot us to the conflict. ukrainian officials and comma taurus st. 25 people have been wounded in russian shelling the eastern city is near the front line of fighting in don't ask province washer is increased is bombardment of ukrainian positions as part of its don boss, offensive child trying to fit it near where one of the strikes hit have a look at the size of this crater. it's gotta be 10 to 15 feet deep. now, local residents are saying that the building, the destroyed building that you can see here was an abandoned building that was still under construction. and look at the thickness of the, of the masonry. you can see obviously how powerful that, that bomb attack was, right, is going to pan out. and you can see the residential buildings. this is a seller. so the military says, or is
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a purely residential area. there are hundreds of flats that i've had their windows destroyed and, and as you can see, pretty much it completely devastated. and this area as right pans, round sweeps round to there's a playground here in the park. and you can see obviously the trees there have been completely shredded. this was an incredible, incredibly powerful explosion. residents are saying that they heard this is one of 3 explosions they heard in this area last night at around 5 am. it is incredible that nobody was killed in these attacks. we're hearing that at least 25 people were injured. and as i say earlier on this morning, we were at another attack. nothing like on, on this scale. what we do know though, is that russian forces, certainly, according to the ukrainian military, russian forces are building up the reinforcements of god in north of kraemer tools
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. indeed, north of the neighboring city to g slab danced around a town called is you a correspondent? ha, the anthony. this falling developments near the her son region in southern ukraine . what about 2 kilometers from the front? lie north of the region. that's an area that has been occupied by russia. we met some people this morning who had just arrived here on the ukraine inside. and they told us that they had to actually walk up to 20 kilometers under cover of darkness. simply because the russians wouldn't allow them to come to the ukraine in the side. they told them if you want to go to a safe area, then you should head south to the crimea, will insula that the defense minister in keith is saying that russia is preparing for a big push on the southern front in 2 directions to the west, to the city of nikolai, of, and to the north, to the city of creevy,
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re susan, the people here said to have been more shelling. there was this morning as some of please don't. the mayor tells us that gloucester bulbs were found. he showed us some pictures. we cannot confirm that independently, but certainly when you walk around again, this scene, a village is completely abandon people left people do. this bush will come sooner rather than later. those coming out of her. so i say when they're coming out as quick as possible because life there has become unbearable, they lack everything, food medicine, water in many areas, and also the occurrences about to change from the thing and even to the russian ruble. when you asked them, what about talk about imminent annexation of the region. when man told us he didn't
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know exactly what word plasma certainly is you thought that those were happening. but she did say that the russians will find no one there because most of the people are trying to leave as quick as possible. voice in the van lines. international don as are in poland, capital was all the aim is to raise money for ukraine's humanitarian needs. but to growing more desperate by the day, once bustling towns and cities now lying villains pounded by months of russian bombardment. and said to a refugee crisis, which is grown to become europe's worst since world war 2 da mccain has more on the donors conference. over the course of the war in ukraine, the president in kiev volunteer zalinski has repeatedly appealed to the wider world for military assistance to help his forces try to ward off the attacks of russian forces. but vast idea was not at the forefront of his approach to the warsaw conference which took place in the polish capital on thursday. rather,
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it was the humanitarian effort that is required in his country. he particularly talked about the plight of his people. oh, the armed forces of ukraine and all of our heroic defenders, bravely and firmly defend our freedom on the battlefield. but how this brutal war will end is decided not only on the battlefield. there is also the economy and finance humanitarian support and the ability to ensure normal life on liberated territories and rebuilding what was destroyed by the russian army. a succession of european leaders and elected politicians then talked about their experience having been to ukraine and seen for themselves. the effect of the fighting. certainly president funder line of the european commission said that she believed that what was taking place from the russian perspective in ukraine. in her eyes was a war crime, and she said that she believed again her words that russian forces carrying out war
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crimes every day in ukraine, which is why it was so important for financial help. but the overarching theme in so far as this reconstruction effort, europeans are proposing came from her cali, president sha michelle, the presence of the e, you council of ministers. he talked about a reconstruction effort and he evoked memories of the reconstruction provided by the u. s. government, after world war 2 had ended this issue with a strong vote for richard lawson. 43 with the people of great, huge money through me. there's no question that the ukrainian government is crying out for financial assistance for humanitarian assistance. but one question must be that given that many buildings, many communities are still facing shelling,
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bombing, and where there are battles taking place. the question must be, how easy will it be to rebuild buildings which are still in the line of fire? that was not particularly addressed by delegates at this conference in warsaw. but the question, though, their intention is to provide as much financial and human monetary and assistance they can to the government in key if and my head on these are including as good news for energy giant shell as profits have shown up despite the big cost of pulling out of russia, the size of history and women's tennis and madrid open, santa will explain more. ah,
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the spokesman for the un secretary general stefan jour. it says the escalation, escalating while the tensions at the holy sites is disturbing. we remain deeply concerned about the ongoing tensions in jerusalem, particularly around the holy sites. we once again repeat really a rate for our position at the status quo at the holy sites must be upheld and respected. no excuse for any violence, no excuse for any provocation of the holy esplanade, and they must stop. now to prevent any further escalations, our representative on the ground tore venice lawn remains in touch. oh, with all the relevant parties to urge her to urge calm and urge her restraint. so asked if on europe there was talking about what's been happening in occupied
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east jerusalem because israel, israel supreme court has upheld and expulsion order against 8 palestinian villages in the occupied west bank around $1500.00 villages. face being made homeless. have been fighting to stay in their homes in the muscle for ya to region for more than 20 years. these ready on the designated the area military training zone in the 1980s show more. liquor is an attorney. he filed a petition together with the association for civil rights in israel, on behalf of some effected palestinian families. he says the court decision violates international and humanitarian law. it's really the worst decision i have seen. and so many years since i represent the dentist and in many of the more very bit this one is even worse because it, it didn't take in consideration at all the rights of the indians that the
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physician is who not only lived there for generation, but they also owned the land, it's private land with doesn't do number rather than and didn't take in consideration at all the international law. terry law we filed with the petition. we add the opinion by 3 major experts when the measure on the monitor in law say that the, the state cannot, the area is the firing zone. and the judge who gave the ruling. he himself is settler, an ideological settler, who lives in the westbank, a totally ignored the opinions. he told me, not the rights of the stallions. and actually he allowed transfer of hundreds affirmative from their little villages where they live and why they own the land. the meaning of the decision from yesterday is that the right,
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the high court of justice and i emphasize the word justice because there's no justice here. it gave the permission of the state to evacuate them and actually to to move them forcibly out of where they live. i'm not sure that it's going to happen or not. so the emphasize at the moment is that them it, given by the high court of justice. and i mentioned the one the, the judge who wrote the decision. but the 2 other judges, including one of them, a mid to it's going to be in the, in the year the president of the icon just signed and approved the decision. now we're getting reports of a stabbing attack in central israel. this is just coming into us here and i'll just there, let's speak on the phone now to stephanie deca who then occupied east jerusalem for us staff. what more do we know? well, that he's coming in just in the last hour. it seems a combined attack from initial report to getting to the police now of 2 men,
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one carrying an axe, one carrying a gun in the central israeli city of a lad, which is an ultra orthodox city. from what we understand at the moment, 3 people have been killed and have been multiple injuries. and the attackers seem to be on the run. there is a man hunt underway. so this is all the information we have at the moment. certainly, you know, we've seen attacks of this type in the last month or so one in the one in black and one in the share. and you know, it led to man home predicting the west bank. it really is to or you can tell who is behind this, but certainly at the moment. so just to recap, as you said, it seemed like it was a jewel attack on one street in the central city of atlanta. 3 people killed multiple injuries, believe to be 2 men, one with an one with a gun and a man hunt is underway. fish. just remind our view,
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as you sort of mentioned that there, that there have been a number of attacks over the past few weeks. sort of month or so, and the reaction from the israeli security forces in the occupied with bank has been, has been severe. tell us a little bit more about sort of what's been happening there in the past month or so . yes. will you has a separate incidence as i mentioned there till i leave brain brack. and also there shave shooting until i be another into the which then were the perpetrators were identified. and then these really military launched look out for them in the areas that they were used to being in the occupied was fine. and the key is really of carrying out collective punishment, but he had a lot of raids going on in the city of genie in the occupied west bank. and want to do that, could you can there you have, you know, you don't usually see arms on the street, the west bank but in that area and those kinds. ringback a lot of the young men are
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armed, so you then had that as lead to an escalation, if you will, in the sense of tension. now in the last week or so in the last 10 days ramadan, also with you know, we also have situation on the compound which we've reported on this consecutively. these things all have a way of linking in to each other and things have been relatively quiet. i can say in comparison to we have the escalation a couple of weeks ago rather than just finished either just finished, you have the 1st name. again, let's say that the allowance of non muslims to enter the most compound today that went with minor minor classes. but nothing major. so this again now of course is major concern in terms of it's unfolding at the moment. the news is still sketchy as we know. but certainly as again, as i said,
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3 killed confirmed by the police. 2 people on the run. one will be the one wielding a gun and a bad haunt is underway. so to already to. 5 what kind of consequences there will be, but certainly it is. again, a major attack is really i will be checking back in with you. i'm sure steph, as more information comes to hand for now. thanks that stephanie decorative markets in the us are in the red de offer. central bank announced its most aggressive interest rate hike in more than 20 years to tame out of control inflation. let's go live to kristin's lou. me, who's in new york christian. tell us more about how the markets are responding. yeah, well they're not responding. well, the dow jones industrial average is down about a 1000 points. that's 3 percent. the nasdaq, the tech heavy stock index is down about 5 percent, and it's been a very volatile day. as you said. this comes one day after the federal reserve
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decided to raise interest rates a half a percentage point that increased was widely anticipated, and the market actually rallied after the announcement. it seemed to take comfort in the fact that the federal reserve chairman jerome powell promised, i should say, promised. he said that there were not planning to raise interest rates more than 5 percent going forward. and in a bigger chunk that they will keep this kind of pace going forward and markets were reassured by that it rally. but today we're seeing all of those games erased. and investors seem to be having 2nd thoughts about where the economy is going and renewed fears that a recession could be looming. one key indicator that came out today is productivity . u. s. productivity declined 7 and a half percent in the 1st quarter. that's the most, it's declined in many, many years since 1947. so that's a big concern out of time when labor costs are up and that's
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a combination that is going to weigh on profits for companies. and so investors are concerned and, and pulling back. so today's declines have completely erased the games that were made yesterday, indicating a very volatile market in a very concerned group of investors. kristen salumi, thank you. hi, prices of oil and natural gas and boosted record 1st quarter profits for british energy giant shell. shell says it made more than $9000000000.00 in the 1st 3 months of the year. that's triple earnings, that it reported the same time last year. so company took a $3900000000.00 hit from exiting russia, but so lower costs elsewhere. healthy earnings pumped shells, stock price off by more than 3 percent during warning trading in london. i'll be raj and drawn is director of research at energy intelligence. he expects shell to continue making huge profits. you have to take that scene,
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notably from the more degree from others as well. you know, again the exit is sort of a one i think, i think the focus is on the, on the underlying strength and resilience of the business. you know, really going to be a very strong 2nd quarter as well. oh, hi. world prices, high gas prices, but also very strong. we're finding margins and, you know, and also in petrochemical racks as well. i think i think the concern correct no more than your term is profit should continue. i think the concern is around, as long as i cannot make activity, your brain, you know, negative, certainly in the euro zone in europe, in russia. but risk of spreading over the world. and so i think there are questions around the, the process, the 2nd half the on which is why the companies are enjoying the profits. but, you know, but still saying about the still had on al jazeera human rights group,
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say, innocent people have been rounded up and a crackdown on gangs and el salvador. and i from fault with santa action from the n b a playoffs, including a veteran who continues to deliver ah hello, there. the wind is dominating the story across much of africa and the middle east. at the moment we've got blustery conditions affecting the levant, knocking temperatures down here, unsettled weather, pushing its way further east. and some of those winds are kicking up dust affecting visibility for the likes of to wait saudi arabia and katana. we are expecting these conditions to last for at least the next 2 days we'll see temperatures down to the mid thirties as well in places like re add and go out and the days to come. that was a move across to north africa. we'll see temperatures down as well,
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coastal areas of algeria. antonia, thanks a low pressure that's bringing some really wet and windy conditions across the mediterranean. the wind dominates as well for libya kicking up. that's the horror. sand pushing it to southern areas of europe. it's looking unsettled as well around the coastal areas of the gulf of guinea. we've seen some flooding in a buddha. in nigeria. we will see those thunderstorms dominate across southern areas in the days to come and that rain runs its way all across the bound of africa . towards southern areas of somalia, we've got a wind warning out along the coast of tanza, near wind warnings for s were teeny, and some fire one warnings across the west to fill africa. the wet weather will arrive on saturday. ah, the african story from african perspective, short documentary from african filmmakers from ivory coast,
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just to last year from chauffeur deployed with the bus for from bra his school here just to inform you that listing for home ad south africa fina i would change and it shows me that i am actually trucking and fire with africa direct on al jazeera alongside the conflicts in between india and pakistan. pristine kept mounting. one on one least, the kashmiris i live on al jazeera ah al jazeera, where every ah ah
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ah, ah, watching on just a reminder about top stories this hour is re, the news outlets say at least 3 people have been killed. in a stabbing attack. had happened in the central city of a lads while a group of people with celebrating israel's independence day. ukraine is again accusing russian forces of storming the besieged steel pond where civilians had trapped. russia earlier announced a seas far at the site in the city of maryville. it insists it is abiding. bias won't. organization says only 15000000 people have died uncovered 19 in the past 2 years. more than 3 times the number originally estimated new numbers in from dazzling to the pandemic strain on health care systems. or dr. eric
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fielding is an epidemiologist and chief of coven task force at the world health network. he joins us now from washington. d. c. thank you. very much for joining us on the news hour. so 15000000 deaths. it seems like a lot from cove at 19, but others say the figure is even higher. that's correct to 15000000 is actually on assets and excess mortality. and ex mortality being like how many more pen don't dest total does have we see during the 2020, and 2 and 21 years compared to historical averages. but we think it's even higher because the wi made some very conservative estimation methods. the economist thinks it's actually 18000000 by the end of 2021 and already 20 over 21 people are today. so i think the bottom line is a lot more people die than justice. 6000000 official deaths that we currently have . tell us, what is the,
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the world health organizations report sort of tell us in terms of the lessons that need to be learned hair about, i guess, the way that we collate and record information so that we can best kind of tackle if, if another pandemic was to happen? yeah, i think i receive, pending mccarren is something we definitely need to do. but also that many countries don't have really good, timely reporting on deaths and many countries. you don't, we actually have almost no precise numbers. for example, india of 13000000 w to estimate india is estimated to contribute what we're quite 7 know, almost 5000000 people of the 15 know and, and the, the tragedy there is just so, so huge. and the broad, a numbers of them we think are actually low income countries. only 2000000 of the 13 are in high income countries. and we're,
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so the problem is that we just don't have enough precise deal because only now can we look back over the last 2 years, but had we known deaths are rising quickly, we could react faster and trying to save more lives. was it all kind of, in a sense, do you think the, the under reporting of the deaths attributed to corvette what this is, obviously the reporting is as a combination of not enough testing, obviously. and i just delays out many local and middle income countries have very poor, provide all statistics because this excess mortality is based on total dis, how many total dust do we, how now, compared to what wish expected, based on past years pre pandemic. a if we, if those pretend mach years health, and the problem is a combination of i was testing, but also just many countries just don't have the basic of vital statistics infrastructure and fast reporting system to hold the government accountable and
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allow the w h o and other countries respond and send a, there's almost no live news feed of the deaths in most countries, and that's the tragedy. there were regional differences, hair as well, according to the w h o of the say, a lot of deaths in the lower and middle income countries. we surprised at all to see that well, i'm actually not surprised because the, the truth is of course, vaccine equity is one. the key thing back scenes. how we're rolled out in the wealthy countries 1st. so some of the, you know, premium em already, vaccines are very, very difficult, but because of their whole cold chain on to do, and of course, co back says completely been under delivering terms of back scenes too many low income countries. and of course, there's always the actual logistics in many countries to roll them out where
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they're citizens, it's, it's, it's a flu of failure, of epidemic proportions that cause all these does in so many lower middle countries . and again, most the death, 13 out of 15000000 deaths are in non hiring some countries. but eric fagel, they ne'er and epidemiologists in chief of called the task force at the world health network. thank you. infection is on the rise in turkey, one of the worst effect countries in the world. consumer prices increase some 70 percent last month compared to a year earlier. said him coffee, all the rewards. from his stumble on the rising cost of living turkish citizens have been overwhelmed. with rising prices, especially in energy and food in the last one year, the annual inflation has reached nearly 70 percent is expected to continue this way a but for the regular turkish citizens. the rising prices, especially in food,
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is making their lives more difficult. the reason the of the, the price hikes and turkey is one, the regional problems like the war in ukraine of between kia and moscow. and also turkey's domestic monetary policy took his central bank cut interest rates from 19 percent to 15 percent last september, which caused occurrences crash. and because of that turkish near our lost valley. and in this meant for the turkeys citizens that they can buy less with the same amount of money. the government has fight to improve the living conditions of the regular turkish citizens by increasing the minimum wage and the pensions. however, people we have spoken to tell us that it, despite the increase in their wages, it is difficult for them to deal with the prices that are changing nearly every day . cash you're cutting all cost and buying cheaper,
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otherwise it's impossible to survive. i checked around today and all prices have risen, but i guess we will get used to us because i believe prices will eventually come back down. partially. turkish policymakers will believe that this high inflation is a temporary problem for the turkish people and the turkish economy. by keeping the interest rates low and a turkish me raw week against the us dollar, turkey will boost its exports and production, and will it create a budget surplus by the end of the year. this is what the turkish economy administration things. however, the spike we of finance believes that this problem will be overcome by the need here. many experts warned that the impacts of the high inflation will be felt among the residence up to 3 years. some of the residents believe that the government is going to overcome this crisis as there is an election coming up in 2023. but
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experts ward, this may not be possible. and beg is an economist and professor of the london school of economics, european institute. he joins us now from london. thanks for your time. how has turkeys? inflation gotten so bad? some will try to claim the coven crisis. ukraine tries has other things, but the simplest answer is that the turkish lira is devalued massively over the last 5 years and more so over the last year when you develop your currency more than 2 thirds is no surprise for the price of important goods, particularly energy and food rise quite disproportionately, and that's why you see in your picture, right? taking up to 70 percent me turkey for it. so maybe 8910 percent and other countries of a similar level of development present owens response. a suggestion, i guess,
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to the central bank has been to lower interest rates. why would the government look to lower interest rates to deal with this? it seems like the opposite of what every other nation does. some rather strange. what would, what can we call the air nomics going on here? where he believes that you can curb and inflation by lowering the interest rate, which is country about hearing earlier in the program. but other countries rating interest rates to curve inflation is one rather unlikely scenario that could work in bits, which is that turkey depends very heavily on tourism tons of economy. and if you have a very low lira, it's attractive to foreign visitors, particularly from other european countries to come in to holiday in turkey. the catchy, the lead, what they're paying in turkish lira is going down rather than not in terms of the foreign exchange. and turkey already has a balance of payments deficit, which means that in the perilous position,
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i would not like to be in the shoes or the finance minister, or the governor of the turkey central bank. no, indeed. no one recently visited saudi arabia, which was the 1st visit since the killing of journalists remark. shock gee, in the eastern bo, started concert and stumble, obviously, that very badly damaged relations. so off he went now to saudi arabia, and he talked about the kingdoms potential investment in turkey. what does that all say to you? but to me actually smack for desperation if, if he thinks that by going to the gulf, not just the saudi area, and hoping to drum up investments into the surface economy, i think he's deluding himself. so he's in for a difficult shock on this hits. and this is going to be one which is one will probably have a disproportionate effect on the poorer members turkish society because food prices and energy prices have been rising more than average inflation. and that tends to hit the core. so that's going to turn into a political problem fairly soon. protecting. all right, thank you very much,
9:42 pm
your time in bag there, an economist and professor at the london school of economics. let's go back now to the stabbing attack in central israel. let's go straight to stephanie decker, who is an occupied east jerusalem for us. what else do we know now? steph? well, not much has really been updated since we last spoke. the only thing that's come out is he seems to have praised the attack, linking it to the events happening on the alex a most compound. but again, what we know so far is that 3 have been killed or multiple injury. a bit of mine hunt is underway. for 2 suspects, believe to have been carrying an x and a gun carrying out this attack. this happened in the central israeli city of a lad, which is an all to orthodox city. and it follows really a couple of other incidents,
9:43 pm
attacks of different natures. but in other is ready cities over the last sort of march, april. if you will. we had one and had dera. we had one in burcham brack till i b. and just last week in the occupied west bank in re l. a. security guard was shot dead by 2 gunmen, which they have been arrested by the israeli army. but at the moment, man hunt is under a preliminary report coming out again, not confirmed that it's believed that the 2 suspects the northern part of the occupied west bank. but we cannot confirm this. again, this is happened in the last hour and a half or so, so the information is coming out. but certainly what is clear at this is another attack in an israeli city that is managed to kill at the moment 3 israeli civilians . it seems and injured multiple and staff just explain for our view as what has been happening separately. be all ok,
9:44 pm
so mosque all recently and why home us would link this with with what has happened the most come out. yes. i think we need to be clear in terms of our own reporting, that there is absolutely no link that we are aware of to these 2 things. but how mass has called before for people to come out in support of a lock. them all scan what they call these incursions of the jewish ultra nationalist groups. that according for the right to pray on the compound, which is of course in violation of the status quo. which means that you can pray on the compound, the non muslims can visit. so you can see this as a threat to the muslim identity of the compound. now, i had called for people to come to support and even, you know, some calls for people to carry out attacks. i think we can absolutely not link that at the moment we do not know who's carried out to talk loud, but certainly just give you a sense of the atmosphere here. so you know,
9:45 pm
it was the case here. things seem to have been coming down somewhat in the last 10 days in the last stage of ramadan we had eat today we had the 1st time that the group, the non muslim visiting hours, were allowed to get today. the pos, there were some, you know, stand off, but for those about to cover this for a long time, it was them to the extent of what we've seen in the past. relatively speaking, you could say things were coming down. so of course, this now is a major development, and again, we're going to have to wait and see the by the way, the way the, the dent fi or find them. and again, the initial reports are that they are from the northern part of the occupied with bank, but again, it's the early days and we can confirm that for now. thanks for that update. stephanie decker in occupied east jerusalem u. s. senate majority leader chuck schumer says the senate will vote next week on putting a woman's right to seek an abortion into federal law. there have been more
9:46 pm
demonstrations of the potential overturning of the $973.00 rover's way judgment, which currently allows abortion, and follows the leak of a draft supreme court opinion. gabriel, arizona joins us now live from washington, d. c. gabriel. so what's expected to happen with this vote? well, it's important know what this vote is, but just as important to know what this boat isn't or what it won't accomplish, what it is is the senate majority leader checks, humour calling a vote. we think it will be next tuesday or wednesday of next week, where all 100 senators will have to cast a vote if they think that abortion should be enshrined in the federal law. but it is going to be a procedural vote. you say, well why? that's because, in order for this to pass, it would need 60 votes in the senate right now. the senate is equally divided between republicans and democrats at 5050. and so the democrats simply do
9:47 pm
not have the 60 votes they would need for this to pass. that is almost certain, but he's calling this vote anyway. why? because in his words, he wants every senator to be on the record on how they stand on this very controversial issue that is now gripping america a woman's right to choose abortion. roe vs wade. this will be where all of the senators now will have to make a stand and be on public record on this. and this will be important for democrats because they want to run on this issue in the november mid term elections. so that's why this vote is being asked. is it an important both? sure, definitely. it's a little bit unprecedented in the words chuck schumer, he said it's the most important both the senate has ever taken it. those are his words, but clearly this will not pass. and so it is going to be mostly procedural,
9:48 pm
important to point out to that when it comes to public opinion and united states, the most recent poll coming out 54 percent of americans think that roe v wade should be upheld only 28 percent. think it should be overturned in 18 percent. have no opinion. so essentially what you got is 72 percent of americans right now. even though this is a very controversial issue. 72 percent of americans think it should be upheld or they don't have an opinion on it. and gabriel, we can hear a little bit of activity there behind you. you're near the supreme court protest is on both sides of a gathering there since this draft opinion was leak. so what's happening there? now we've been here of a, this protest is very small, quite frankly. it's less than a dozen, less than a dozen people. but why i want to show you this is that black fence that's new. that was put up in the last 24 hours. it's all the way around the entire supreme court building,
9:49 pm
and that's there for security reasons. this is all very quiet and peaceful, but fences like this were put up around the capital and other places in dc after the january protest and riots by trump supporters that overtook the capital on january 6th, of course, we all saw images up. now, capital security, not taking any chances, putting up this fence around the supreme court because they expect more protests in the coming days, weeks and months as the supreme court is really the epicenter of where these protest potentially could be happening. however, i was under there in washington, d. c. thank you. a government defensive in el salvador against criminal gangs. the scene, the arrest of around $22000.00 suspects. though the crank town has popular support international rights group say innocent people are ending up in jail tube. jon homeowner polls. this is the image that the salvador government wants to transmit. another suspect to gang member of the streets,
9:50 pm
his tattoos giving away his affiliation to criminal ban. they've arrested more than $20000.00 people in the last month and a half as a seek to clean the m. s. 13 and barrier way teen gangs. out of neighborhoods. they've ruled for decades, but this also is an image of the crackdown. one of many women saying good bye to a husband or a son, as a disappearance of the salvador and prison system. here are others. i love you son . she sang in march after a murder spike, the country declared a state of emergency that many people could be arrested without a warrant. the salvador and congress has extended that state of emergency to late may, please continue to round up young men or mess. inevitably along with the guilty human rights groups. i be innocent, have been taken martha and the loose code out to 0. her son's, one of the latter he sells face must to hospital. she says and helps her get by now
9:51 pm
she's used the quarter of what she makes in a month at a market still to try me free him. don't get a 2nd 100 percent on the hunting offensive, but i don't know why the president is doing this to innocent. people have people that aren't guilty. i can find someone's done something they should pay. but the not guilty now li, she knows where he is. other women going from prison to prison, trying to find their relatives, look at the crowd here. and the crackdown goes on in the italian district, a well known m. s. 13 stronghold. so just question and search everyone going in and out. but an overwhelming number of salvadorans approve of president night bu kelly's actions. hamilton, we have stopped bain extortion. we're not being anything now. the gang members have been being seen. they have practically disappear, and business is flowing, bullard, and longer afraid to come to the city center and walked the streets. so many have suffered extortion rape,
9:52 pm
killing that even if some innocence have to suffer others believe that's a price worth paying if they can simply be free. the question is, if at the end of all the arrest confusion of brutality, this will actually work. john hallman al jazeera santa fe, bought herself, thank you very much, came wall rail madrid coat. calon to lottie says that the great history of the club helped inspire his place to pull off a dramatic come back against matches the city in their champions league semi final city were heading her in the 2nd leg before such 2 or 3 go score 2 goals in 2 minutes to take the tie into extra time, top scorer, cutting benz emma, and then score the penalty. the extra period to complete a $31.00 when on the night and $65.00 aggregate victory. 7 ah, another great night for the real madrid players after winning the spanish league
9:53 pm
title and the weekend they had to paris to play liverpool in the champ is the final pass on may 28. but i got others that people that bought deals on beando delegate to win a match like this. you also need a bit of luck. we never gave up after cities go despite the match becoming a lot more difficult for us. we had everything to night. sacrifice a bit of luck and strength. it was a very intense match. what do you guys have for i so we can hunton eyes who are so close to river shamelessly. fine. oh ah. we then play much gluten the 1st cause we didn't fall now our, our game, but it's normal. you know, in this competitions normal in the single house was much better. yeah. unfortunately we could not. now you gonna finish when working to other days to go until the start of the wall copping cutter. but there is a question been raised over with ecuador, should be at the finals,
9:54 pm
which leon football association have asked fifo to investigate whether ecuador filled it didn't, in legible appear and qualifying. they claim that byron castillo is in fact, colombian, and is giving a false age. she lay say there are significant evidence that castillo was born in tamaqua in july 1995, not in ecuador, in november, 1998. if the claims are found to be true, ecuador could have to forfeit their place at the torment where they are set to play, host katara synagogue, and the netherlands. and there was a slice of history of 4 onset jabber at the madrid opened tennis on thursday, tennessee became the 1st player from africa to reach the final of the top tier 1000 tournament on the women's tour. deborah was too good for russian qualify. it had been alexander over in their semi, taken in streets at 6263. the highly anticipated 3rd rama to madrid between no back
9:55 pm
joke of it, and andy murray was canceled. the after mari withdrew due to illness. it would have been the 1st meeting a more than 5 years. i found the doll was given a scare black w to go fast hog it's a fixed title at this tournament. number 3, see that saved for match points and one of the siding set tiebreaker to secure his place in the quarter finals. and it was a much easier time for the current defending champion alexander's vill ever. he was a set up against lawrence, almost city. when the italian retired to pull a match with an entry and succeed and that a lever secured his face in the quarter finals with the straight sets went over dan evans, the russian took this 176754. now face, finance cit surpassed to make it through to a 7 atp or master's 1000 little caught a final course ball turns a 37 this week,
9:56 pm
but the n b. a veteran shows no signs of slowing. the phoenix guard delivered the sensational final quarter in game 2 of the western conference and finals against the dallas mavericks who had that 14 points in the final term. and top scored for the game with $0.28 winning by 20. and now lee the sears to nothing. 7 watches, phones are 2 years old. oh, wow. wow. well, you know, just more than what he's doing in court, just watches, you know, i courage itself and just being a sponge to that, you know, soon as routine i takes care of his body, you know, his die, his strength and conditioning. you know, i mean, he can tell you, man, i can eat, he's feeling young about a day. and it's fun to be a part of the eastern conference, the philadelphia 76 is i in desperate need of their main menu. and we wish out with
9:57 pm
a facial fracture from last week to have lost the opening, 2 games against miami, the heat led by van. i did bio with 23 points from the key ingredient. i q sacrifice from one another. i like this. that's the biggest thing is stay connected. so i will all together. we're going to have our see, you know, asked when it brings out to true character. and that's when we got each others back . formula one has landed in miami, has the city proposed to stage? it's long away to debbie race at this weekend. the drive is joined at fans on wednesday for the opening night party at the track, which is built around the hard rock stadium along with austin, texas. this is the 2nd us race on the f one calendar. with fed being added next season in las vegas. this is what for me can thanks very much for that soft. but that for me, kim, for now for this use ella,
9:58 pm
but lauren taylor will be with you from london in just a moment. we'll place more of today's used. i'll see you next time. ah mm. with mainstream coverage of big stories because sometimes deliver more heat than lights in any waters scenario. there's always a push to simplify. narrative nuance is always called for, even in the case of an aggressive war, the listening page, delve into the news, narrative, and dissect them. there is not our great deal of subtlety. we're talking about the barbarism that is unfolding as though roscommon how unique it's not unique covering
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the way the news is covered on al jazeera, natural capital, his capital, which nature created us when nature is transformed into a commodity. big business takes a new interest by landscapes protecting landscapes. it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature. but at what's risk, banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart, protection of nature. they do that because to see your business in pricing, the planets on al jazeera, full of struggles, full of pleasure, fancy play. when police look at it via video or would assisted in lowville lot of the going this up with us about, i mean, we were trying to what an intimate look life in cuba and work a mom military like i say i came up with the government that live video to my cuba
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on al jazeera we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home will be either news and current affairs that matter to you. or at least 3 people are killed and 4 others wounded in a stabbing attack near tel aviv. ah, i warn tatum's. his al jazeera alive from london, also coming up. ah, ukraine says russia continues to attack the besieged. maria po, still works despite moscow announcing a c spy to allow more civilians to leave 25 people injured in homes.


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